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zambia have to propose as a company to define the future. august on a job. there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media. on audi 0, government shut off access to social media, me the news. an uneasy. com, the sens into nicea with the president is urged to consider political dialogue after he fact of the prime minister and froze parliament. ah, hello barbara, are you watching al jazeera life from london also coming up? the indifference shown to my colleagues is disgrace, anger, and disbelief from police officers testifying at the select committee investigating
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the day the us capital storm. the 1st conviction under hong kong national security law. the writer of this motorbike is found guilty of inciting secession and terrorism. and we go inside the ancient forests almost untouched by human hands, which has now been added to you. next goes with world heritage lace. ah hello. thank you for joining us, tennessee. as civil society groups have warned, the president case said not to extend the emergency measures that he impose that just 24 hours ago. the groups including the countries powerful labor union, have called on the president to establish a roadmap, out of the country's worst political crisis since the 2011 jasmine revolution on
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sunday said, backed by the army fact to the prime minister and froze parliament, leading to clashes in the capital between his supporters and opponents, after accusing him of staging a coup to his he is biggest political party is now calling for com and dialogue laura burden. manley reports happy bird gave avenue. in the heart of 2 nieces, diplomat, guerria has known the stage for protests and political change. and this week with no difference or security forces, lying the streets and the army. his setup, barricade locking people, and politicians from access to government buildings. president said sucked the prime minister of the prominent capital members and denounce a freeze on parliament's 30 days. he says the decision was taken after following the process laid out by the constitution. but the move was divided opinions. and i'm a local. if the people see that kind of said wants to become
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a dictator and work against the revolution, of course the people rise up against him and overthrown him. so, you know, i don't know, cause it is really a rescue operation because lately alternation have seen that the economic and social situation has deteriorated. a lot under the government's policies, the biggest political group, the, and the other party is calling the presidents, move a cou. but says it's open and ready for dialog. we reject the unconstitutional announcements. and we welcome all the rejections that have come from most of the, the political party, as well as some of the organizations. and we call the changes in people to the com and vigilant, and you ready to defend that democracy really, really must protest, were held on sunday with many,
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focusing at the not the party. a long struggle with cooper 19. and an economy in decline has become a perfect recipe for unrest. the then, on monday, a face off in tunis between those for and against the president. the same streets were filled during the 2011 jasmine revolution that led with decades of democracy with the people now in power of being accused of corruption and incompetence. and the president is accused of establishing an authoritarian governments. the many people here. so hard to read of a decade ago. for now, what is important is that the decision for all the political acts up to fit together, that we are no longer within to return and resume internees yet. but we're in democratic, are you into an epic and has to happen within the mac graphic process and democratic framework. so now tunis is com many don't know whether it's fragile
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democracy can be saved by dialogue, or whether the streets will once again become a stage for a nation demanding change lower but manly out. there are the january, 6th, the attack on the u. s. capital building was a clear plan to disrupt the moxie, according to one police officer present that day. he was one of several officers testifying before house select committee in washington, d. c. they told of the verbal and physical abuse that they say they suffered during the insurrection. one likened to the attack to a medieval battle and said that he feared that he would die. the committee was set up by the house speaker and nancy pelosi, after efforts for a bipartisan commission failed, former us president donald trump was accused of inciting the writers in a speech and through social media. one officer who was hospitalized after being attacked by rioters lashed out at republican politicians, accused of downplaying,
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the attack on the capital. the indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful by law enforcement career prepared me to cope with some of the aspects of dick's experience. being an officer, you know, your life is at risk whenever you walk out the door, even if you don't expect otherwise, law abiding citizens to take up arms against you, but nothing truly, nothing is prepared. me to address those elected members of our government who continue to deny the events that day. john hendricks is on capitol hill for us now. i guess we could hear it there. i mean, the tone of the testimony there is, is very strong. it when urging dramatic and even pleading and right in that sound bite that you just played. it was so
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angry and we heard that over and over not just from the for police officers who were testifying about their experiences during the january 6 insurrection, but also from members of congress. adam kinsey, are a republican congressman from illinois was clearly choking back tears as he was telling the officers that they succeeded in holding back the insurrection. and then there were the officers themselves. one of them wiped his eyes several times as he spoke. he said he never been so afraid in his life, including when he had served as a soldier in iraq. then there was another officer who said that these writers were routinely using the n word against him because he was african american. so a lot of deep emotion going on there. you had congresswoman was cheney one of the 2 republicans on that panel who are defying their party in order to
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participate because their party doesn't want them to. she asked one of the officers how it made him feel when donald trump said that was really happy, up lifting, gathering, one full of love and, and the officer said that he thought that was pathetic that donald trump had been responsible for what he called the monstrosity that happened, so a lot of emotion, a lot of anger in one officer, 2 officers in fact, directly asked congress to take action to find out if someone who was in a position of power was participating. that was clearly a shot across the bow. a then president donald trump, who urged his supporters to march toward the capital on that day, of course, because that's key to this really donald trump, himself has been accused of inciting the rises. but when it comes to the role of, of the former president, is that specifically going to be considered during these hearing?
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will they can, they're certainly gonna look into it. they could ask him to testify, but he's never complied with any of the subpoenas that have been issued by congress before. it's pretty clear he would seek not to do so here. but there are other people who have information about what donald trump was up to. and those are people that the committee could call if it's so chose, do that includes people in the white house and it includes the republican minority leader, kevin mccarthy, the leader of house republicans because he was on the phone with donald trump. as the insurrection was going on, leading with trump to take some action, to stop those rioters from entering the capital and have them leave. but mccarthy so far has never cooperated with any previous questioning about what he had to say . it is, it is reported that he was yelling at trump urging him to take action. but we don't know what, what the conversation was specifically. and we don't know, particularly what donald trump had to say at that time,
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and that would bear on his culpability. so a lot of these people are definitely interested in finding out what the president was up to at the time whether they'll find that out if not yet clear. john hendrick with the latest from capitol hill. john, thank you. the who's the 1st person to be charged under hong kong as national security law has been found guilty in what's being seen. as a landmark ruling tony kit was convicted of inciting, secession and terrorism. after riding a motorcycle into a group of police officers and displaying a banner that called for hong kong liberation, adrian brown reports now from the city. july, the 1st 2020. and one of the last big protests in whom come a gathering held in defiance of social distancing rules and sweeping new national
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security law. the same law under which tonguing kit has now been convicted. it was the day disobedience accelerated. these images capturing the moment tongue drove his motorcycle towards a group of policemen, attached to his machine, a banner proclaiming, liberate hong kong revolution of our times. that was a cry heard constantly during the unrest. tones that pleaded no guilty to both charges on which he was convicted. his trial happened without a jury. instead, the verdict was delivered by a panel of 3 judges, appointed by hong kong chief executive carry, alarm. the reasons the judge gave the verdict runs to more than 60 pages, but in essence, they say the tongue fully understood that the words on his protest banner, acquainted to a call for independence, and that the slogan was capable of inciting others. he'll be sentenced at a later date, but faces
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a lifetime. more than $120.00 people have so far been charged under the national security legislation, including the publisher, jimmy ly, who was also in court on tuesday. like tongue he to face is spending the rest of his life in jail. adrian brown al jazeera hong kong, about 200 people are now known to have died in flooding in the indian state of le her astra. 100 villages are under water and hundreds of thousands of people have been moved to safety. or india correspondent, elizabeth parent reports from new delhi. both are the only way to get around much of mot. austria stays after. last week's torrential, rain. 900 villages have been effected. $100.00 and now submerged. rescue teams have evacuated. hundreds of thousands of people, many from the rooftops of their flooded homes. go of a guy. we have evacuated,
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a covert, $900.00 patient from dani village was oxygen level and carried him towards the bridge from where he'll be taken to hospital by ambulance. it's reported around 200 people have died in the flooding and landslide and doesn't remain missing. lots of us, there were 5 people in sight. my mother, my brother, his wife and my brother's 2 children. only the boy's body has been recovered. the rest of the poor family members still haven't been traced. flooding and lance lives . the common in india during the monsoon season, but scientists say the frequency and intensity of heavy rains is increased because of climate change happening in mud. austria has seen its heaviest rainfall in the month of july. in 40 years, the district administrators said illegal construction along the rushes, the river and discharged from the cold water dam. court added problems and environmentalists agree
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or expired. all. busy of this some of it really a job in the water which is not coming up on the floor plan. my us just a lead it with i've talked a has been visiting the worst effected areas and has promised compensation. but environmentalists say the government's priority must be to deal with the impact of climate change during the annual monsoon and to stop human development from causing more disasters. elizabeth moran and al jazeera new daddy still to come here on al jazeera north korea. reconnect its hotline with the south after cutting the line
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more than a year ago. and the master of ariel displays simone biles pulls out of the olympics teams final saying that she feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. ah, ah. well the rainy's back the summer never went away. the center of pivots more or less going to be of us gotten to the next 24 hours with a cloud extends all the way down. know literally the been pretty big thunderstorms . there is encroached into the hot air is still around in eastern europe and persistent rain is going to be along this line. i think here in the southern part of got a navy and scuttle extract. there you are. that's the big circulation taking place during wednesday. the dr. blues would suggest biggest showers and usually they don't extend down seriously. don't go to the balkans and they're not really that
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much evident in spain or portugal. either. in fact, by the time we get to 30 more or less a north south spit if you ignore what's disappearing out of eastern europe into russia, which has dropped temperatures a bit. so all around the edge of what's currently revolving, it's quite hot. in fact, the heat, warring guys for hungary to serbia for bits of italy, for example. and there's a reason for that. the attempt is on record breaking. they went above normal, the average is 29 in belgrade got about 38 on friday if it shines the record you can see with quiet sunshine, with little wind as well, because his houghton pot in north africa, but seasonally we get the big raises tom, the there they're in chance nigeria, and more especially down in the far west of molly the who's welcome to do from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the
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scenes. so you can relax, enjoy a break in your journey. ah, and when you leave with a smile, we know our day's work is done. the counselor anyways, welcome to our home. oh i reminder now the top stories on al jazeera can easy as civil society groups have worn to president. k said not to extend the emergency measures that he imposed that just 24 hours ago. the groups which include the country's powerful labor union have
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called on the president to establish a roadmap, out of the present crisis. us politicians, i've heard dramatic testimony from police officers concerning the january 6 pack on capitol hill. one officer said it was a clear plan to disrupt the proceed. another lie can do for medieval battle and fear that he will die. the 1st person charged under hong kong as national security law, has been found guilty tonguing kit was convicted of inciting, succession, and terrorism. after riding a motorcycle into a group of police officers and displaying a banner that hold on combs, liberation, the united kingdom is carrying out its most expensive naval deployment. the in a generation, the aircraft carrier, h m, as queen elizabeth, is being accompanied by a flotilla of navy ships and its presence in dispute. parts of the south china sea is causing concern flooring st. louis reports me. the
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british navy, biggest and most powerful war ship, the h m, as queen elizabeth aircraft, carrier is leading a pillar of navy ships on its maiden deployment. the largest concentration of british and maritime power in your prime minister johnson says that deployment will help to strengthen what's known as british soft power. the term used to describe a belief in democracy and the rule of law. analysts say joe politics is at play. it's also doing it because their attention over taiwan and britain like the you and other major powers have an interest in not seeing that become an armed conflict. and so they have to demonstrate that their country is willing to stand up against the use of force against it. and i also feel it's a, it's an early signal to the biden administration that britain is a player, an ally, no longer trapped in europe,
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but able to act independently. the flotilla will sail through the south china sea. a large part of which china says is its territory. tonight, malaysia, the philippines, taiwan and vietnam contest that the u. s. which is not a claimant, has consistently dismissed china's claim. aging claims of the vast majority of the south china sea has no basis and international law that assertion treads on the sovereignty. other states in the region. we continue to support the regions coastal states and upholding their rights. under international law, the chinese government views freedom of navigation operation, often conducted by the u. s. navy, as a provocation. in recent years, china has increased its military spending and grow more assertive in its claims over the south china sea entrance already height them seems to me when china begin
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island building activities in the south trying to see what i'm worried now is that we've the collection of so many military accessing this region, that's going to be the higher chance of miscalculation that you told recently. now, it will permanently deploy to warship in asia waters after the flotilla sales to japan in september. the deployment is part of the british governments tilt towards the endo pacific, much like the us pivot to asia and the former us president brock obama. it's his in part a response to china's growing influence. and that's makes the south china sea, more of a potential flashpoints, florence louis al jazeera calling for north and south korea are back on speaking terms with the restoration of a special hotline between the countries. this follows the exchange of several letters between south korean president j in and north korean leader kim john roper
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bride reports from sol connected again after more than a year of silence and within 2 korean relations at a standstill. north korea cut the line last june in protest against defectors, launching propaganda balloons from south korea. relations hit such a low. the north destroyed the liaison office which had been set up with the south . but its been confirmed. the leaders of north and south of state in touch throughout exchanging multiple letters. none the young tongues on the 2 latest also agreed to work to regain mutual trust and foster progress on relations again. south korean president, moon j. n has made restoring relations with the north, a cornerstone of his administration, and with less than a year left in office, he's determined to get dialogue back on track a sentiment the south korean shared with the north. in this 1st phone call. since
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the inter korean communication liaison lines where restore today, i hope we can continue to deliver good news to the rest of the world. this announcement coincides with the 68 anniversary of the signing of the armistice. the brought fighting and the korean war to an end and event marked by north korean leader kim junglin. visiting a cemetery for his country's war dead. north korea has in the past, used the cutting of the hotline as a way of showing its displeasure with its restoration. now it seems similarly upbeat on the prospect of improving ties, stating the whole korean nation once relations to recover from what he calls, setback and stagnation. also motivating north korea could be the multiple crises. it faces. years of sanctions compounded by food shortages from damaging storms and isolation because of the pandemic provide compelling reasons. it seems to pick up
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the phone to its neighbor. robert bride al jazeera, sold us health officials have recommended that people of resume wearing masks regardless of vaccination status in some parts of the country. 2 months ago, the centers for disease control and prevention said that fully vaccinated people no longer needed to wear a face covering corona, various cases are climbing in the u. s. as the vaccination rates appear to have towed at less than 50 percent, the country recorded 88000 new cases and 273 deaths in the last 24 hours. cases of corona virus have it or record daily high in the host city of the olympics. now there have been almost $3000.00 new infections in tokyo process have been held against the games with concerns that will become a super spread or event. the prime minister says he's not worried about the games, but his urged people to watch them from home. speaking of the games,
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raining us olympic gymnastics champion, and one of the best known faces of the games that simone biles pulled out of the team finals event in tokyo, due to stress the 24 year old is considered to be the greatest female gymnast of all time and she left the floor with a team doctor after landing her 1st bolt. she later said that she needed to focus on her mental health. the american team won a silver medal in the event. well, balls is not yet decided whether or not she will continue to compete in the gymnastics events still to come out there is and the richardson is in tokyo and is more what's been difficult. gains is so far for the american. now when the builder to this final things haven't gone absolutely personally for bias, she's made some uncharacteristic mistakes during qualifying. she posted on instagram in the build up to this final that i truly do feel like i have the weight of the world on my shoulders. at times,
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song was checked. spec taishan for biles coming in to these olympics. but let's just remember why we talk about so much. she's a 19 time world champion. no female gymnast is ever one more than the 4 limpid gold medal. she one in re our 2016. so even if she never competes again, she's already one of the all time greats of her sport. she's due to compete for 5 more medals in tokyo on thursday, she set to go in the individual all round event. but of course, that will all now depends on if she is fit to go ahead and compete. one person has died in an explosion in the german city of lever qu thin and at least 4 others are missing. it happened at a tank farm at an industrial facility belonging to the company car rent or at least 2 employees were seriously injured. and it's still unclear what caused the blast. germany's federal office for civil protection and disaster assistance says the
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explosion is an extreme threat. fires in greece are burning out of control threatening suburban neighborhoods near athens. they are raging in a forest at the base of mount pen tilly, which is north of the greek capital they time temperatures. they have reached a 36 degrees and could rise to 39 degrees in the coming days. it's going to peru now where the president collect pedro castillo has suffered a setback, a day before being sworn in opponents in parliament, blocked as parties candidates from forming the new leadership in congress. members of casteel free peru party were ruled out on a technicality because he is left to in part he wants to rewrite the constitution of prospect. that is concerned opposition politicians now having a town area or landmark on the unesco world heritage list is a highly sought after status. the world heritage committee is in the process of deciding which sides will be added or removed from the list. surely angela reports
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on one area of unspoilt natural beauty in both in her governor to receive the special honor. down along bumpy track lies one of you, nest goes newest sites, the young primeval forest. an indigenous forest of beach for a spruce trees, some stretching 50 meters high, protected locally since 1954. this ecosystem is part of a sprawling ancient woodland. almost 12000 years old. covering almost 300 hector's ecologist kirsten stuck has been guarding the forest for years, preserving the landscape and preventing man may damage. he considers unesco decision recognition of his team's work, but a lot near those roles this in odyssey all are, even in these turbulence times park administrators did not allow the structure of the reserve to be disturbed. so that it as such, survived and became interesting for further studies. this is the newest part of
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a growing world heritage site without borders last extended in 2017 to encompass 78 primeval beach for us across a dozen countries. rare areas on the content, almost unaltered by humans. however, unesco status does not always offer the protection it deserves. in poland, protected trees under continuous threat from illegal logging in an area so vast, it's almost impossible to police. in yan forest, scientists have discovered an ecosystem almost untouched. rich and flora, and fauna, or below the theater. mom was in the plant world. we have the protected species. lillia mart gone from the animal world, also protected quiero and beds which are protected from hunting in the nearby town of pover. their hopes, the new forest status will help attract more tourists, which numbered only 20 last year. me said neither what is current. we hope that this new unesco status will be like opening
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a window to the world to show off on natural threshold so that we can reveal how nature regulates itself and solve certain challenges and problems. our vision, one problem is helping to solve is climate change. with the forest storing millions of tons of carbon in the soil and biomass as unesco acts to preserve its future. it helps to preserve oz charlie angela al jazeera. ah, and now reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, kinsey, is a civil society groups have worn to president. k said not to extend the emergency measures that he impose just 24 hours ago. the groups including the countries powerful labor union, have called on the president to establish a roadmap out of the present crisis. on sunday said the back by the army fact the prime minister and froze parliament leading to.


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