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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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sherry rain in pakistan, so really iran in the middle east and levant, we're talking about dry weather, which is fairly normal. temperatures have been as high as 51 for a couple days and parts of eastern iraq. so they're coming down a little bit and they're 46 in baghdad. the wind still strong and it's a dusty one that comes out of iraq and down towards saudi might in fact reach as far south as caps from the u. e. which means 45 will be a dry 45 or quite a dusty one all the time this as reflectance, lala and exceed a shadow here. means is overcast and drizzly on the coast of among the seas. no rains are certainly picky up in the for sandstone to the if in highlands, and also in southern sudan and further west. this is normal. they go through in clumps with the journey to work can be a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villages,
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traversing one of the world's most dangerous is a risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of the people as they get the all to survive. risking it or peruse on allergies, era with energy and change to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your bill ah
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ah, watching algebra reminder of our top story. they fell to new z, a civil society group of all presidents side not to extend the emergency measures imposed on monday groups, which include the main trade unions, hold on the president to establish a road map out of the crisis. the january 6th attack on the u. s. capitol hill was a clamp trying to disrupt democracy. according to one police officers testimony from the president. donald trump was accused of inciting the right to the 1st person to face trial. under hong kong, national security law has been found guilty of inciting suspicion in engaging and terrorism. tongan kit road is worse article into a group of police offices. well, it's returned to our top story,
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the political crisis inter nivia. it says use if is a senior member of the democratic association of indians in france. he joins us now from paris. thank you very much for joining us here on al jazeera. you believe the president did the right thing in dismissing the prime minister and freezing the parliament? why is that to his face in great difficulties knowing the comic and political functional we have the parliament tweed corrupted to 1130. we have to do our cheating with the corruption we do when embezzlement and it's so it's the best way to stop all of this to avoid the bunker with like the case of lee been on. do i did fortune is yeah, it's the best the best way to to do we good
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e and we are asking the president to to preserve the democracy and to present the freedom for the people and to do the best to, to stop the corruption and benjamin ok, well talk a little bit in a moment about what that might look like. but 1st i want to ask you about the criticisms that the president's move wasn't constitutional because he didn't coordinate with the prime minister or the speaker. and because in the constitutional court to rule on this, what do you make of that we have not a constitutional court who have to be made this to, to, to many years ago and, and not the, and their, their colleagues and department that they start the process of the constitutional court. so now those are the president to have the have all the right
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to, to, to, to deal with with our constitution. ok. sure. you see it has and not as far that there is no constitutional course. i want to move on from that and ask you how you envision things are going to play out over the next month. do you think that the president will gain consensus? try and get support across the political spectrum. negotiate away out of this. we have a good problem in our parliament. you who you are you hear about the court of the account quality engineer. yeah. they are what they are saying about the election parliament election and in 2009 you know, you have the reports, you know that the election was, was not, was not good the some, some,
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some party exceed the election or dispense and they not, they have a lot of problem in our parliament. and so i think that the president, i've done them the best thing and we are waiting for what what other decision he read done essentially the to come by the the correction ok. i will have to live at that time. thank you very much for your time if and use if they are a senior member of the democratic association of tuned his ends in france. the world trade organization is expected to discuss global demand for a vaccine patient waiver, as its general counsel meets in geneva. the u. s. south africa and india have led cause for the suspension of intellectual property rights from several jobs. they say it would allow local production of vaccine and hasten an em and in it. but it's opposed by several wealthy nation including the u. k. and the european union. donna
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hall is monitoring events for us from london, jonah. so how is this request to way the backseat patients likely to go down? i think it will meet a divided audience in the world trade organization among its membership. as the general council meets over the next 2 days, they're going to address it. they're going to look at it, we're going to hear from them either today or tomorrow about their conclusions, at least that conclusions for the time being. the issue here is about the so called trips waiver, as you said, they're waving the intellectual property rights held by the big pharmaceutical companies over there, vaccine product, so that those vaccines can be manufactured locally in factories locally on the ground in developing countries where they're needed most where populations have seen only tiny percentages of those populations have seen vaccines or are likely to see vaccines in the near future. while, of course, the developed world richer countries have been racing towards maximum or full
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coverage. and at the same time, say campaigners, they've been over ordering vaccines, in some cases, even bending vaccines that they can't use, or vaccines that go out of date. is it likely to be endorsed overall by consensus? this is a consensus body after all, probably not at this meeting. i think those are the signs. anyway. there's a lot of opposition. the u. k. germany on the part of the e. u is opposed as well as other rich countries. japan, australia, norway, switzerland. these are countries that believe that if you simply do away with intellectual property rights, you set a very poor precedent in terms of future investment, risk research innovation by these big pharmaceutical companies. they'd rather see a system of licensing rights handed out to developing countries. technology transfers so that you can manufacture those vaccines on the ground, but you don't do away with the will important profit principle. so without consensus, there's unlikely to be agreement. it may be pushed down the road to another meeting
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in october to too late, of course, say activists, and campaigners who will and many more people will die in the meantime. infection rates arising foster the developing well then as they do so to will rise the risk of the emergence of yet more dangerous variance undermining further the world's ability to escape this pandemic. all right, thank you for that hole in london. one person has been killed and 4 others in the same house or an explosion in the german city of liver kristen. it happened that a tank farm town industrial facility, at least 16 people injured germany federal office. the civil protection and disaster assistance for the explosion is an extreme threat. donor cane is monitoring developments from an explosion such as this taking place in a venue such as the one involved. industrial and chemical plant really had the potential for very serious damage. indeed. and that's why the opportunities were
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very quick to say that all those people living in the surrounding area and that area, extending to a considerable parts of the country, should go in doors and closed the door, close that windows and wait for further information from the authorities. in so far as those who happy and we know that multiple casualties have been caused in this incident, and the number of people injured more than a dozen people injured, some differing outlet, saying different numbers be clearly more than a dozen people to a certain extent. you have people who are already very concerned, and then why people see the footage depictions of what actually happens. and they've been using lots of people on social media. been posting a video of the billowing clouds of smoke. and of course, the concern was mixed in with that smoke might be some potentially particularly poisonous chemicals that might have been released at the time of the explosion. that's why the officials in labor keys and, and elsewhere, as i say, were very keen to stress that everybody anywhere near the incident go in doors. the
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united kingdom is carrying out its most extensive naval deployment and generation. the aircraft carrier, h m. s. a queen elizabeth is being accompanied by a flotilla of navy ships and its presence in dispute. and parts of the south trying to see is called and confirmed florence. though it reports me, is the british navy biggest and most powerful war ship the h m. as queen elizabeth aircraft, carrier is leading of the tiller of navy ships on its maiden deployment, the largest concentration of british and maritime power in years. prime minister bars johnson says that deployment will help to strengthen british soft power such as belief in democracy. and the rule of law. analysts say, joe politics is at play. it's also doing it because their attention over taiwan and britain like the you and other major powers have an interest in not seeing that
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become an armed conflict. and so they have to demonstrate that their country is willing to stand up against the use of force against it. and i also feel it says that early signals are the biden administration that britain is a player, an ally, no longer trapped in europe, but able to act independently. the tiller is expected to sail through the south china sea. a large part of which china has laid claim to part of its mission is to demonstrate freedom of navigation in the south china. the chinese government sees this as a provocation. in recent years, it has increased its military spending and growing more assertive in its claims over the south china sea entrance are already heightened, seems to be in when china begin island building activities in the south trying to see what i'm worried now is that we've the collection of so many military s as in this region,
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that's going to be the higher chance of miscalculation the u. haul recently announced it were permanently deployed to war ships in asian waters after the so tell us hales to japan in september. the deployment is part of the british government tilt towards the endo pacific, much like the u. s. pivot to asia on the former us president brock obama. it's his in part a response to china's growing influence. and that makes the south china sea more of a potential flashpoint. florence louis al jazeera qualify for us defense secretary lloyd austin has arrived. and singapore was part of a week long tour of southeast asia. austin is expected to rally for a joint effort against what he's described as regional chinese aggression deputy secretary of state when sherman of visited china relations between the 2 largest economies is at an all time low bridges. kona is from sidney university's united states studying center. he says,
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the trip is part of the binding administration's plan to strength and ties between the 2 nation i think has been important to the united states, to show its allies and friends in se stager and he stays, you're in general in a strategy as well. where i live, that america is listening, that america wants strong alliances. that america is not just going to get drawn in, in this region of the world, into a us versus trying to conflict that it's, if it's involved, it's going to be involved with a range of like minded nations, a nation to want to share particular sort of ventures, and this is i think, necessary to visit after the shangri la summit was called off and jane austin, coming to strengthen those relations. but in some ways were frayed during the trump presidency. as donald trump didn't invest that much more data kind of connection across the asia pacific families in the syrian city of rocca and living in ruins
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and dia, conditions, 4 years after it was recaptured from eiffel or port from safety. children says there's limited access to electricity and clean water, leading to an increase of water born diseases. welcome was the self proclaimed capital of vices. half an hour before the war, life was good, but then war started, an armed groups came and stopped us from going to school. danny, i studied till 2nd grade and then school was no longer open as they turned it into an armed group. they had a 112 years old and i'm supposed to be finishing 6th grade, but because of the war, i am still in the 2nd grade. as with the fighting, i forgot what i learned from cuba have both condemned to petro obama tank on the cuban embassy in paris. cuba says 3 melissa coattails were thrown at the building just for midnight on monday. says no one was hurting to embassy staff, put the fire out themselves. the french from ministry says an investigation is on
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the way. cuba is foreign minister called it a terrorist attack and blamed the united states for encouraging such act. the mexican president of manuel lopez, abra doors says a cuba, a suffering, a lack of oxygen for covered patients. as a result of the us embargo, the president says mexico was dispatching oxygen supplies and other medical equipment, as well as food aid to the island and south to keep his own oxygen production facilities failed. he called the u. s. blockade against cuba, inhumane in medieval for president elect pedo cathedral has suffered a setback just a day before he's to be sworn in a line of centrist and right. when politics docked his party candidates from forming the new leadership of congress, the representatives of castillo the left wing free peru party were ruled out on a technicality. the new parliamentary speak, it comes from the former governing upper party with all the supported father, by a kicker for g mori castillo narrowly defeated in the election. the unesco world
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heritage committee is making to discover which places to designate a special status. for most countries, having a spot on the list gives natural and cultural thought protection. but as charlie angela reports, some are on the thresh down a long, bumpy track. like one of you nest goes newest sites, the young primeval forest, and indigenous forest of beach, fer spruce trees, some stretching 50 meters high, protected locally since 1954. this ecosystem is part of a sprawling ancient woodland. almost 12000 years old, covering almost 300 hector's ecologist kirsten stuck has been guarding the forest for years, preserving the landscape and preventing man may damage. he considers unesco decision recognition of his team's work, but i'm not near those roles. this in odyssey all are, even in these turbulence times park administrators did not allow the structure of the reserve to be disturbed. so that it as such, survived,
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and became interesting for further studies. this is the newest part of a growing world heritage site without borders. last extended in 2017 to encompass 78 primeval beach for us across a dozen countries. rare areas on the content, almost unaltered by humans. however, unesco status does not always offer the protection it deserves. in poland, protected trees under continuous threat from illegal logging in an area so vast. it's almost impossible to in yan forest, scientists have discovered an ecosystem almost untouched. rich in flora and fauna or below theater. mom was in the plant world. we have the protected species. lillian, marty, gone from the animal world, also protected quiero, and biz you're protected from hunting. in the nearby town of pover, their hopes the new forest status will help attract more tourists, which numbered only 20 last year. me said neither what is current that we hope that
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this new unesco status will be like opening a window to the world to show off on natural threshold so that we can reveal how nature regulates itself and solve certain challenges and problems. our vision. one problem is helping to solve is climate change. with the forest storing millions of tons of carbon in the soil and biomass as unesco acts to preserve its future. it helps to preserve oz charlie angela al jazeera. still ahead on al jazeera in sports, we hear from synagogue java middle host, with others not to hide behind. med disability. ah, brought to you by accenture, that there be change the
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use with me duties by extension that there be change? oh,
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a sport. if peter can thank you very much, the feature of rainy olympic gymnastics champion simone biles, is in doubt at the games she was forced to pull out of the team. finally went into it with an apparent ankle injury. the 34 year old american left the floor with a team doctor, often lending her 1st vote even so the official reason, given for her withdrawal is mental health. the us seems to manage the silver metal competing without biles for the rest of the rotations. the event was one of the russian olympic committee, if the 1st gold medal in the event since $992.00. now in the building, this final things haven't gone absolutely personally for bile. she's made some uncharacteristic mistakes during qualifying. she posted on instagram in the build up to this final that i truly do feel like i have the weight of the world on my
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shoulders at times. song which expectation for biles coming in to these olympics. but let's just remember why we talk about a so much. she's a 19 time world champion. no female gymnast is everyone more than the for a limpy gold medal. she won in re our 2016. so even if she never competes again, she's already one of the all time greats of her sport. she's due to compete for 5 more metals in tokyo on thursday, she set to go in the individual all round event. but of course, that will all now depends on if she's fit to go ahead and compete. japan store tennis playing a mio soccer has been eliminated from the tokyo lympics will. number 2 was knocked out in the 3rd round, coma, french open finalist marquetto blunder silva of the czech republic winning and straight fits in just over an hour. that crushed the soft streams of winning and the limpid golden home soil. she struggled in an arrow strewn display that lasted 68 minutes and the whole nation and 2nd,
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the gold medal in softball. japan beat the u. s. one, nothing in tuesday's final to take 1st place. this is the 1st time since 2008, that softball has been played at the olympics. the tropical storm that caused some limping events to be postponed as create great conditions, but that sort of thing metals to be handed out. brazil vitaly ada brodis board with the 1st waves before winning gold. will number 2, chris is the 1st women surfing world and then pick champion. benito has claimed it 1st and then the gold medal. 33 year old flora duffy winning the women's triathlon of the dominating the running leg of the race. the only other middle awarded to the island nation was a boxing bronze at the material games in 1976 and bermuda. and they said where it's a small country, but it's very passionate about it score and yeah, i'm just so grateful that i could achieve a personal dream here of winning and olympic metal. but i think it's bigger than me
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. just going to inspire the use of bermuda and everyone back home that i'm competing on the world from a small island is really possible. british swimmer tom dean has come back from having to run about twice in the lead up to the games to win golden. the 200 me to freestyle, he led home is team i, duncan, scott, for britain and 1st swimming 12, and over 100 years. the has described the win as the single greatest achievement of his life. the 2nd time, much west in the fact of my l for about 10 days. and i set the whole isolation period and it's a slow build back up because of the nature of the school we do. and the nature of the disease consciously straight back into the long training. there are quite a few weeks of building back up. and that was around january, february time and you know, 23 months out harlem charles, i'm stuck in size unable to even exercise and into my flat. so it was, it was tough to kind of wrap my head around that if getting at
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a low fares become the 1st russian man to win the swimming gold medal since the atlanta games in 1906, he said to europe and recorded the 100 meters backstroke officially, russia is banned from competing at the olympics. the doping violations athletes in fed participate as the russian olympic committee. switzerland claimed all the spots on the podium in the women's cross country mountain bike event. it's the 1st time the 3rd manage the clean sweep since 1956 now to an athlete is preparing to compete in the paralympics in tokyo, which starting late august, 4th through keenan jai, got supposed at age 5 and developed bowed legs. considered an outstanding javelin thrower, she's just into the international stage this year. now she's cynical hope for javelin middle, his, her story in her words. well my, my name is far too can n g i. i'm representing senegal in the 2020 paralympic games in tokyo. is
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a movie when i for the spear, all i want to do is when i was 10, when one day i woke up and couldn't walk anymore. i had polio. i'm in for me, my disability is no obstacle. i believe in god. this is what i got. i started javelin only some months ago and already won some competitions. it takes a lot of effort. i have to wake up early in the morning, get the kids ready for school, go to train and take care of the household. my coach had to me a lot and he motivated me to continue training after the death of my mother. it is thanks to him and all the people who supported me that i am going to tell you what i believe in myself. i don't let my disability get in the way you see me speaking softly now, but after competitions,
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i become another person. i take pride in representing my country abroad, and i want to tell others like me not to hide behind their disability, go out there, do whatever sport you like, it will be good for you and your house. when i 1st started sports, my friends were mocking me, they wouldn't believe that it was taken abroad to participate in competitions. they couldn't imagine that a disabled person to be an athlete. my family thought i was brought to those countries to beg because that is what many disabled people end up doing, begging on the streets. it was only after they saw my success that they started to understand and support me. my hope is to win the gold medal in tokyo, bring it back here to senegal. that when i'm training for okay, we'll leave it there for now. i'll be here again in a couple of hours with most sports. nice kim, inspirational, young woman, incredible story. i think, peter, that's
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a news for now. don't go away though. i'll be back in just a moment. more of the day's news, including the latest on the political crisis. i'm reading a to z, a, a in a low just big news in libya. but staging cholera by credit here comes with his own particular read. our club couldn't take part in the 2016 valley because we were fighting a war. and i'll just do a world travel to the libyan, just to see how we can be a unifying, pull water on the country. lydia. a rally for home on al jazeera,
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the farmer finding harmony in pursuing his passions. my passions, finding young and keeping cultural tradition, nurturing the musical talents of his community. had been playing to dream music filled the minded money into the outside world and tending his family. the most positive thing that brought to my mind, i'd surely scotch him doing this. hector mcgovern, the music man, my son, bob, we are now just the euro. the broker started cheerfully in front of the next meeting. him in amsterdam. hundreds of protesters scattered to the man, the government is locked down, restrictions and lift the curfew. the 1st in the country since world war 2, the threat is that we lose our freedoms. the protest us who are not following social distances rules are repeatedly ordered to disperse by police. police is
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trying very hard friends. the scenario that happened last week when thousands were rioting and sitting across the latter, after some protest and started throwing stones. and that's enough for your work. police on horseback moved in to clear the area. ah, trinity is biggest political party urge is protested to stay off the street. the call for talk to preserve a decade of democracy. ah . other and kim developed this, is there a law from also coming up what i witnessed and experienced on january 6th, 2021 was unlike anything i had ever seen us police officer.


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