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causing trouble, hale conforming at them enormously causing some damage, but yet more flooding and parts of england. it doesn't look as though it's moving slow, even us 24 hours worth of moving cloud. and these sensitive lo give you an idea when you see lots of these dos around nothings moving very quickly and those tend to enhance was falling out of the skype. so once again, full constitute se simply being showers in northern italy. the same is true, the smaller ones, i think, in northern fast or of the british isles, low countries. i'm particularly scandinavia. now if you're not in this area or around the edge, for example, it's quite hot there warnings of hot heat in parts of italy and in hungary for example, temperatures in the middle to high thirties, quite often. not quite as hot nor as bad as it was, but it's quite pleasant, i think, as it should be. budapest shows more or less maintenance of that level of temperature, not a record, but above the average for the next 3 days. now in addition to the slide weaving thunderstorms, persistent rein could well be a problem. once again, we're talking about the southern part of scandinavia, southern baltic states,
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maybe not necessarily in this uranium or latvia where the sun is. i but even here the temperature dropped the twenty's high twenty's, but not the thirty's. and the more the new generation of young people and making demands to we balance the welcome to generation contains a global theories that attempt to understand and challenge the idea that mobilize you around the world in london to activate tackling the root causes of youth violence. many young people that perpetuate and violence again of the young people themselves have also been victim multiple times. my generation can try me design the shape. this generation change on al jazeera, with sandy beaches. judy, free shopping and low taxes could probably go island of high non become china's new hong kong. 11 east investigate on iraq.
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i will just hear what ever you. ah ah, ah ah, welcome back. you're watching all the reviews are with me. so romney reminder of our top story. as soon as he has the biggest political group, the another party called the dialogue to and the ongoing political crisis. it's accused at president saeed of staging a coo after he dismissed the prime minister and put
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a freeze on parliament. first person to face trial. and hong kong, national security has been found guilty of infecting secession and engaging in terrorism tonguing kit was prosecuted for riding his motorcycle into a. the police officers last year. and soul says the leaders of north and south korea has agreed to restore communication channels and improve relations. the agreement follows the exchange of several letters between south korean president moon j. n. a north korean leader kim jong. on this return to the political crisis in tennessee, maximilian made a political analyst, especially scientists. pardon me, you are an analyst on specialists to max. specialize the middle east and north africa, the university of the 6 institute of development studies. joining me now from fly back in germany, i got my teeth in properly for this interview. i promise you an order as you've just heard, a pop song on your y, as has said that they really want to discuss more and open the dialogue with the
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president. and those are in charge of the country right now. that kept pretty quiet for the last 24 hours. yes, i mean, you can only begin to imagine that this must be an incredibly worrying situation. why not on multiple levels? obviously a lot of the members of the party have experienced extreme oppression at the hands of the last 12 regime in smith. yes. so a return to oppression has always been a concern that a so much driven the politics of the party in the last decade. so this has been an agreement, extremely worrying situation for them. also get the power base, the parliament, which is very much at the height of this kind of attack from the executives that we've seen over the last 2 days. their statement now is in a way on surprising and, and classic and not the kind of reaching out for dialogue and for a kind of political compromise solution which again, and in many ways has characterized new politics in the last 10 years of this,
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this search for consensus of bringing as many partners into government as possible in one way that that's a relief to hear. it is the kind of thing we want to hear at a moment when everybody is on edge. but it also begs wider question of where son is your system going to be after these events and how is it going to be different and what led to this about the prospects did? we're hoping to speak to another in the coming hours. i mean, the military is not blind and it's not death. they can see what the public have been upset and angry about for months now. so how difficult a decision would it have been to ignore the protestations of the prime minister and speaker of parliament and removal in terms of being legal illegal? i mean, i think the military has experience kind of connotations over the last decade. i think it's important to highlight that the events of the last 2 days are not existing in a vacuum. we've seen protests and we've seen unrest, and we've seen constitutional crisis after constitutional crisis for the last
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couple of years. so of course, this is, this is i started to exacerbation about. so i think the military is, is not entirely unfamiliar with the existence of protests and engineers. the fact that we're now wondering how they evaluate their position right now and that this is potentially perceived as a key factor in the coming days. isn't itself incredibly worrying. but being that i think they're really not the only to look out here. it's not egypt and the military is not the only ones calling the shots that's currently following the orders of the president. and i think looking at the wider domestic political sphere is really critical. says really they just want stability across the country. but one does wonder why they are willing to give the president the time and allow him to have the approach that he has had. they're not the only ones doing that. i mean, we've also seen a statement from the largest union in the country used to which is an incredibly powerful political act. and i've been very darned in the, in the protest been in 2011. that is taking a courses position,
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but certainly not straight condemning the president's actions, but you know, contentedly calling for some limits, but partially going along with it. and we've also seen reactions from the international community that has been lukewarm and best. so the, the army, the not the only the taking awakens the but cautiously going along with that stance this morning. so how long do you think the public are willing to allow the military under the president stewardship, or to roll out these perhaps essential services that the public want, whether it be a better economy, old, or the vaccine roll over the coated cove? it pandemic within the next 30 days. how short is the is that patients, that string of patients that the public might have? i think the 30 days are other one time period to look out here and they will certainly be characterized by more protests and also by monica oceans. about how this, how this will shake out. but i think the key time period to look at,
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we need the next couple of years. i mean, i cited in a variety of ways that has made this promise to the people that centralization of executive power through him can resolve the economic and political deadlock can really improve people's lives. and that is why we seen people protesting and in favor of these actions as well, because it has been an incredibly dire situation that has led to where we are today . that has been incredibly gamble to take whether with a little bit more of the executive control, he is an, a stronger position to reform economic mishaps to really move against crony leads to really negotiate a better deal with, with international actors is, is questionable. so i think looking a couple years more forward is really owning everything that happens from now on and whether you'll be able to improve that situation. of the people who are protesting street today is very uncertain. that's kelly and thanks very much for your insight. mccleary and then from the university of sussex me
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case of current virus of some to a record daily high in the host city of the olympics. they've been almost 3000 new infections in japan's capital token process of being held against the games with concerns. it'll become a super spreader event. russia has reported another 23000 new cases in almost 800 death. there's been little improvement in the high infection and death rates in the past week. it's been blame to on the fast spreading delta variance on the countries slow vaccination rollout. algeria has had, it says night under a new pandemic caffeine to stem the spread of the delta variant. it's in effect in most of the countries 58 provinces. additional measures include a band on all gatherings, james beaches, and many of the public places are closed. public health officials say 71 percent of new infections in july are linked to down to the white house is refusing to buckle the pressure to live cave. in 1900 travel restrictions. the non americans,
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the delta variant appears to be spreading yet 3 out of 10 people in the u. s. haven't had the cro virus vaccine. mike, who has more from washington d. c. domestic trouble has returned to pre pandemic levels. but with a spread up, the maryland delta variant and the low rates of vaccination in many states, this has become a threat rather than a cause for celebration. despite pressure from the travel industry, the white house says existing restrictions on travel from abroad will be maintained . the more transmissible delta varying spreading, both here and around the world, driven by the delta various cases are rising here at home, particularly among those who are vaccinated and appear likely to continue in the weeks ahead. in new york, a cobra 1900 vaccination will become and day 3 for all the city. $350000.00 workers for those who refuse would have to wear masks when at work, and also be tested once
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a week in september. everything's going to come together. september is the pivot point of the recovery september is when many employers are bringing back a lot of their employees. september is when school starts. full strengths. september is when people come back from the summer. september is when it will all happen. the greatest serge of infections is in states with the lowest grade soft vaccination, and some districts are not waiting for state guidance to take action. the city of saint louis and missouri is re introducing a mosque mandate, despite significant opposition from some elected officials masked to become a symbol of a political divide in our country. but they're not a bridge too far. as some, i'd say, rather they put the virus in the slow lane and give us time to get more people back to needed. and on a national level, more than 50 medical organizations have issued a joint statement saying a vaccine should be federally mandated for all health professionals. with the
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knowledge of veteran affairs department became the 1st federal body to formally issue a vaccine mandate for it's more than a $100000.00 and health care workers a sign the biden administration is prepared to flex its muscle in combating colbert 19 despite the real political risk of being accused of federal overreach. mike, hannah, august era. washington for rank, as government says, it's repaid a $1000000000.00 bond before tuesday deadline, but concerns continue to mount over the nation's financing and its ability to meet major foreign debt. sir lang, because economy was already struggling before the pandemic, but lockdown measures and border closures have caused the vital tourism industry to collapse. and that's led to a shortage of foreign currency. government now only has enough to pay for 3 months of impulse. it's cut back on bringing in some items from abroad. pushing price is higher for consumer goods. payments of $500000000.00 and $1000000000.00
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a june next year. but now funders has moved from columbus. the shank and government painted a confident picture. they said they have never defaulted on any of the international debt before, and they don't intend to stop. now. this, despite the fact that their foreign reserves had fallen to $4000000000.00, which was just enough to cover up to 3 months of import. now, having paid out one 4th of that amount on that international sovereign bond, yes, the depth, it obviously is in a week position, but they do say they have a plan that they're going to consolidate the inflows. the income which have so badly been affected 1st by the 29 east. the bombings when tourism got hit. and then for literally the last one and a half or 2 years by the colonel, nevada, spend demik. not emily. see what is key for the government at this stage is not just to look at handout ad bailout, but to get
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a proper picture to analyze where it's in fluid come up with a clear, unrealistic picture of where things stand. then to develop a proper road map of how it will deal with the future. they see that these 2 will effectively build confidence of the international community. they might need to use the good offices of the i m f to be a sort of a broker of trust. what would they use? but she longed for so far doesn't intend to do that. even for importers, they're feeling the pinch. i mean, i spoke to 140 border who said he goes to the bank, he needs to open the sort of documentation. the bank says it has no dollars. so these are ongoing issues. the government says it's aware of the problem that there's all going to be tough times ahead, and they need to sort of type in their beds to deal with the crisis. united nations as at least $57.00 people died after a micro boat capsized off libya. it happened near the city a homes on monday survivors 820 women and 2 children amongst those who lost their
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lives. while the weather has seen an increase in the number of migrants traveling from or to europe from libya and to nicea. peasant joe biden says the us will end its combat mission in iraq by the end of the year. by them has been hosting the rocky prime minister for the me at the white house. he says the us will continue. it's counter terrorism cooperation with iraq and assist local troops. alan fisher has more 18 years, more than 4000 american lives. a war that divided one country, devastated another. but in just one moment, at the white house, the president called for an end to us combat missions and iraq. our role in iraq will be as a dealing with not just to be available to continue to train to assist to help and to deal with isis. whereas is as arrived. iraqi prime minister says us fits are no longer needed to
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fight their battles, but their expertise and their support is america. they help together we fight. as i'd like to thank the american people that we have all iraqi people. george w bush launched the water and iraq the assault in baghdad brought shocking off a deadly attack. aimed at removing saddam hussein from power. he had weapons of mass destruction was the argument. none. whatever phoned george bush declared mission accomplished in may 2003. it was the fighting continued more american lives when rocky lies were lost. i still grew in strength in the area, a new enemy, a new challenge, and you fight. donald trump push hard against deisel, cutting its land, killing its leadership, reducing its influence. and then he cut trip numbers to $2500.00. i saw remains the
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threat, the group killed 30 people when it bombed the bag that market last week. jo biden's decision on combat missions in the us won't be leaving, but it's clear, priorities lie elsewhere. i don't think any plausible reasonable policy y'all is ever going to be achievable by this crazy invasion. and so it's a matter of trying to find a reasonable way out of i'm one of the worst foreign policy blunders and us history filling curb side of afghanistan, scaling back in iraq. joe biden is recalibrating us involvement in the region for the 1st time in more than 2 decades. he sees the bigger threat to us national security coming from cyber attacks and china. but he's been around a long time. and you'll know that while he can scale back, he can fully take his eye off the middle east. alan fisher, i'll do it at the white house. families in the syrian city of rocca living in ruins and di conditions full years after it was recaptured for meisel report and said the
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children says there's limited access to electricity and clean water leading to an increase of waterborne diseases. rocca was the self proclaimed, click proclaimed capitol of iso. had a good, i need to talk to you before the war. life was good, but then war started, an armed groups came and stopped us from going to school. i studied till 2nd grade and then school was no longer open as they turned it into an armed group. they had a 100. i'm 12 years old and i'm supposed to be finishing 6th grade. but because of the war, i am still in the 2nd grade as of the fighting. i forgot what i learned. well, still had all knowledge there in fort athletes from russia when another gold medal as anti doping officials question with a serious reform has taken place. ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah me
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ah ah a book about the type of photo. it's far. i the face of the tokyo olympics, naomi or saga has crashed out of the games. after losing in the 3rd round of the tennis tournament, osaka struggled to find her rhythm against former french open finalists. mark had the wanderer silva, the world number 2, hitting 8 teen unforced errors 3 times as many as your checkpoint. and we'll talk a knocked out in st that and just over an hour and a tropical storm that has caused some olympic events we postponed,
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has created great conditions for the 1st ever surfing metals. to be handed out result tallow. ferrara broke his board with his 1st wave before winning golds. world number 2, chris more is the 1st women's surfing olympic champion. flora duffy is made olympic history. she won bermudas 1st ever. gold metal. the 33 year old clinch victory in the women's trial long had a great britain's georgia, taylor brown. the only other metal awarded to the nation was the boston bronze, the montreal games back in 1970 and bermuda. and they said it's a small country, but it's very passionate about it, sport. and yeah, i'm just so grateful that i could achieve a personal dream here of winning and olympic metal. but i think it's bigger than me . it's going to inspire the use of bermuda and everyone back home that competing on the world from a small island is really possible. and the japanese mixed doubles pair seal their
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countries for several in pic, table, tennis gold metal june mid to tiny and me, my ito, put on a come back to span china, ending the countries dominance in the sports british swimmer and tom dean has come back from having corona virus twice in the lead up to the games when gold and the 200 meter freestyle ill at home, his teammate duncan, scott, for brandon 1st. britain is 1st swimming 12. over a 100 years, dean has described the win as the single greatest achievement of his life. the 2nd time, much west and the 1st i was quite ill for about 10 days. and i set the whole isolation period and it's a slow build back up because of the nature of the school we do. and the nature, the disease consciousness straight back into the long training. sir, quite a few weeks of building back up. and that was around january, february time and you know, 23 months out harley charles, i'm stuck inside unable to even exercise and into my flat. so it was, it was tough to kind of wrap my head around that. getting real love has become the
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1st russian man when his swimming gold medals since he atlanta games in 1996. he said a european record in the 100 meters backstroke officially, russia's ban from katy competing at the olympics because of doping violations. athletes instead, participate as the russian olympic committee. they won 5 gold medals so far, but anti doping officials are unconvinced. that serious change has been made and richardson is in tokyo and explains why they're being allowed to take part in 29, seen the world anti doping agency band. russia from all sporting competitions before i found was reduced on appeal. but it's still in place to these lympics. so in theory, russia isn't here. the reality is they have more athletes in tokyo than they did at the 2016 games. any athlete has not been implicated in doping, is still allowed to compete. any differences that represent russia, but
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a team called the russian olympic committee? i think the whole russian affair has been a soft, a weak response to a major institutionalized doping program. in russia, the world anti doping agency has fallen short. the international committee has fallen short, and the court of arbitration has fallen short when it comes to making the country accountable. if you're not, if this scandal wasn't going to require that most heavy sanction possible, then what will ever require that. now you won't see the russian flag or have the countries johnson inside yogurt. national colors are allowed on athletes. uniforms track and field is one of the few sports who can post extra doping checks on the athletes. taking part to the chairman of that school anti doping unit says he's unconvinced. the meaningful reforms have taken place in russia. that means that a number of russian athletes have to die not being sanction for probable
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anti doping offences. and that's, that's all the concern because there was a lot of hope that in dealing with these matters, the russians would show a new attitude toward anti doping. and they run up to 2 character russian. swim is what bands the doping offenses. and a pair of ro is also tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. but there are more than 300 russian athletes here in tokyo. and the r o c is, will come to know them why they expect you to finish the in the metals table. now to an athlete preparing ticket here in the paralympics in tokyo, which starts in late august, but to hit in ga, ga polio at age 5. and developed bo legs considered an outstanding javelin thrower . she's just entered the international stage this year. now she's cynical hope for metal. here is her story. her words, when you find a my name is spelled,
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took in and jain, i'm representing senegal and the 2020 perla, big games in tokyo when it's through the c. m. all i want to do is when i was 10, when one day i woke up and i couldn't walk anymore. i had polio, believe me, my disability is no obstacle. i believe in god. this is what i got. i started juggling only some months ago and already one some competitions. it takes a lot of effort. i have to wake up early in the morning, get the kids ready for school, go to the train and take care of the household. my coach helped me a lot, he most facing me to continue training after the death of my mother and whether it's thanks to him and all the people who supported me, that i am going to tokyo. but when i believe in myself,
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i told net my disability gets in the way you see me speaking softly now. but at the competitions, i become another person. i take pride in representing my country abroad and i want to tell others like me not to hide behind that disability. go out there, do whatever sport you like, it will be good for you and for your health. when i 1st started sports, my friends were mocking me. they wouldn't believe me, that i was taken abroad to participate in competition. they couldn't imagine that the disabled person could be an athlete, and my family thought i was brought to those countries to beg. because that's what many disabled people end up doing, begging on the streets. it was only of 2, they saw my success that they started to understand and support me. my hope is to win the gold medal in tokyo, bring it back here to senegal. and that's what i'm training for. ok,
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and that is all your sport now back to you. so how, thanks very much for watching i was. is there a nice with me? so robin as far as smile with more news on the other side of the break with alex to stay with a noun frank assessments. no given the suggesting that no ministrations playing a long game. it's very much of a warm embrace of the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and their policy and then their life has been shaped by vitamin the in
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depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera, becoming a living legend of a young age with simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clout, the brought peace to the ivory coast. posted by eric comes to the football rebels, the life of drop by the football who succeeded, where politicians had not dropped the boy and civil war on out there. it's the case, biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covered 19 patient built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are underway. the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertise
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researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close. extrapolate that across the country. and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. ah, called for dialogue. soon as he has the biggest political group says it wants to see an end to the ongoing crisis. the president dismissed the prime minister and fruits parliament. ah, hello hey dean. this is al jazeera my from dough home, also coming up. the 1st person to be charged under hong kong, strict national security law of being found guilty of inciting secession and
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terrorism. reviving the whole lines, the leaders of north and south korea are communicating again and a bit to improve.


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