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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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when trying to begin island building activities in the south trying to see what i'm worried now is that we've the collection of so many military ss in this region. that's going to be the higher chance of miscalculation the u. haul recently announced it will permanently deploy to warships in asian waters after the so tell us hail to japan in september, the deployment is part of the british governments tilt towards the endo pacific, much like the u. s. pivot to asia and the former us president brock. obama, it's his in part a response to china's growing influence. and that's makes the south china sea, more of a potential flashpoint. florence louis al jazeera qualify for, ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines she does. he has presidents as imposed a nation wide nighttime curfew for a month,
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and the army is on the streets on sunday. so he dismissed the prime minister and put a freeze on parliament's. the 1st person to face trial and hong kong from national security law has the and guilty of inciting secession and engaging in terrorism. tony kids was prosecuted for wising his motorcycle in so group of police officers last year. even brown has more from outside the high court. the judges rule that the defendant understood that the words on his protest banner, acquainted with the idea of independence, the hong kong. in other words, the idea that hong kong should break away from the mainland. the judges rule that he knew exactly what he was doing, any encouraged others to feel the same way, but he will not be sentenced until thursday, but it's quite possible indeed, very likely. now that he's going to spend the rest of his life behind bob sole 1st, the leaders of north and south korea have agreed to restore communication channels
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and improve relations. the agreement follows the exchange of several letters between the south korean president. when j. n and north korean leader kim jo moon cases of corona, virus serge, to record daily high in the host city of the lympics, have been on the 3 phases you infections in japan's capital. tokyo protests have been held against the games of concerns that could become a super spreader events. and almost 10000 sudanese families have an emergency accommodation as flood devastates the guitar of region in the sense east of the country. officials expect the various to be hits in the coming weeks, including the northern river and all states because of heavy rain in the e. c o, p, and highlands. well, those are the headlines to stay with us here on al jazeera witness is up. next. i am sorry,
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should be about raising prices and harley down to the government. we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world. we live in time in that says, i don't have the baby has the task of fixing a war torn economy, counting the cost on al jazeera. ah, then i don't mind. i'm telling you that i like our time, our video sean melody.
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look on the magazine. then we need to create as we can, we have so many groups it is not for you and you get how much do you love or love but live with
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me and then i can i wish you know me on this or lasting in some people, any kind of fine place people in the country one day me
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all the patient, me all the same to we manage was these? yes. was it if you to go on the, on the globe which we have with the with the like the, the community don't take 25 percent. assume normal. if we know we will pass and we get we take on do development, which we're not calling, if you please, our community, then go to the community, go lima, will you please no problem. not because of the well no. on the development i got, when i did get out, then you got up to me. i won't get everything for me. so now why not wash? i've done that. i ended up on him. i would bump. so you got to send
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the bent and then is and i will hello will be back from the new google back. i know they see some they've ever used a wednesday. and then i decided, i said okay, that's i hope i will let you know unless i i yes i, mr. shane, this is no problem about if you want me to inform them, yes,
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i'll be able to inform them. i'm just wondering, read all the people asking what will happen in the club up at home. don't get an invitation of the club for the d. c. and then only allow the monday for travel and which vehicle was going to go? what was going on with that there? it's got another conflict, you know, and they took off what you know, what another go, what don't will not belong to them. 5 by stuff you know, i was, i didn't, and i got, i know i'm not, you know what i see. i know by look,
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i know i do i me in my number one team. absolutely, absolutely. yeah. got you the issue of middle about 2 or more more than that. i mean don't do some ox acid without actually down when you go out of the group association. and he said my question of is if we may do, he says 50. and as i said, thank 1111 not talk like money
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in such as i gotta make them before they come back and then i could come back. you get this, are you on the back? what if you're not in a body to do while you've been done it up that's coming up as well as you can make music 100 times. it all depends on what to make mister wonderland. mister personally or to the money made mistake too, because i know you discussed brit into talk you know, listen to the, to talk talk you talk, you'll get your me to you. wondering, i think is all i say we go to the governor and get out of the region does in the water, nobody does burger and discipline, but not to me. what is the new modem of what you don't can do?
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yes. if somebody will not know, desegregate what it does, it just does have to because i just missed the clean up again. if not to hear, i will go to look in the loop that way you don't want to. that's what the signal was when you get the welcome. it was more as a full fledged member of with those of love. thank you very much for your apology. very much. yeah, i don't want to do what i would want to everybody today. i get the lease now,
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so we go and now us the names of people that we will therefore travel. they decide that the following 6 will go to about sport b or the false pos in or to any what up or seen? i don't know. my call it a deputy manager. john small child. come back. small. chevy palmer. got in the executive board meeting. decide to to take on one sofa extra. i seem to know it was in
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a more made bunk. the mic, when i way to go. it will make when he's in love with god. bless me on over. i wanna do things back when a 46 you go go into national you way in which you didn't leave that say are you not you? and we'd like to leave for the aka, which i better begin for will be to make use with the
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with the in the, in the and then everybody in the oh, i
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me in i wow. i'd rather me, i don't go to benjamin if mazda, you're welcome to relo, web developers food. thank you. follow up. follow
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up as we will be with oh, all right, well we will start with come up with that got
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me question. can you call like whoever, as you know, before i live very close to the, to the beach like a rabbit says contin, it's through a baby. and me shave my youngest son and my family. so you think it is gonna be in the future the the way? no, no, go ahead. well,
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you know where you live and only with the water. yeah. that's always up and you know, we've got like it in me. you know, like, as is like, does that with that, you know, like my mom, she's the final and then i find out to you all as a time to visit with, you know, and then you know, up and she says they were, would have to leave to get you, if you need to sleep in terms of use
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me. ah, i need to make sure you take that course. you sound like you've got to be in
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the talk with him moment to meet them out the go. what africa? maybe one it, it will get you what i mean. maybe you know what happening for me, but if you listen gentlemen, i mean in general, when people are going to you got that idea, robert sport. i mean, you got a, we got a full, a work on the line and will love the stuffing and we want to start all passion. everyone. the stuffing is get is going every day and it's something that requires a lot of town and they're very few people that are wonderful stuffing. we want to fire with respect to 5.3 and our community people. today we are meeting i was one.
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the want to go, you know, with your nick country and our follow up and we have no wrong or right. and stephanie, you know, just how you doing. how are you good for you? ah, i want to know what's going the it i, oh, i see. okay. in order to be a member of a government has the knowledge that is put in the country. be a member of the ice a. i said the benefit liberia i've been receiving this scholarship for the past 2 years on the eyes. the one is something i educative, i think support that need to pull him up. well, that's our plan. we need to get a video possibly this are what am i burned? several books thought of something like that. the west african 7 association,
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something that we're going to try to unite the entire with africa and, and have not as african separately was food is not going to be was waste because now the way all the people are living or they have been dead and gone and what, how was this? all right? if they were my people were having was, all right, we're live here in the marine when, when it came to our sport, they brought on a bush. everybody want me to order i. but if, when, when, if you're all wrong, europe images, everybody want to be one of our the one you think somebody was in the valley.
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he won't be hot and went by for a lively yes. and they would carry you where your heart. can you tell what one of the will behind a body will be? how do you not time down to the good job if you are going to have on the what were many or found $11.00 with many, you won't go by do the free on for me on button i life we'll get we'll get what, what a one year 50 very ordinary life. that's brentley johnson abroad in our life. with all these on can you think about john? read a we don't know one of or no. or no, no, no, no, no, no, no knowledge on that way above us. already went johnson, our president for the 20. when i was off in the what you were normal
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over now, the money is no use no use suffering, suffering. no good, no edible. ah ah, the eugene, would you go to the room and do me down. jumping on leg also, don't jump in the best of it. and then ended returning back and return and fly income is going to continue to improve and went into prefer you just believe the go to simple and go to several guys. not in and possibly in
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a minute or 2, but the the, with the
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as we would it would be a long time for me for that you know, we'll me back than if we have like slow because we know the advantage of that again, i know when i came and it was grim cooker the minutes of the time when he got it and when you know i'm, i see him when i event
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next month out of that is to you know, that really there were thank you diana, who am i see, you know, please like i was happy for go back the ah
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ah, when a french soldier was murdered in a so called terrorist attack, his mother retaliated with the love, speaking out against intolerance and alienation. she travels the world with the result of a grieving mother who lost her son, but adopted a generation latifah, witness documentary on al jazeera award winning programming from international. so make it one quick. so it's right on the back side of the global discussion, what guarantee debility the right to take the pipeline. getting going to the voice here in california is almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program, but open your eyes to view. well, today, this is what the picture looks like the, the world from
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a different perspective on out is near besieged by violent crime and drugs. confronted by racism and integration, era traces the history of such generation lebanese australians. exploring the conflict and the struggle for acceptance. once upon a time in punch bowl, on our 0, i noticed, is big news in libya, but staging car and bike rather, it comes with its own particular ring club. couldn't take part in the 2016 rally because we were fighting a war in cycle, sir. i'll just do a world traveler for the libyan, just to see how bought on 4 wheel can be a unifying pool. water country lydia or rally on al jazeera
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ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threat to our planet. on al jazeera, the. ready news this is al jazeera ah hello. hello raman, watching the is there a nissan like? well, headquarters here in hall, coming up in the next 60 minutes on the, on the street, and soon as you know, the president announced amongst all night curfew after dismissing the prime minister and freezing parliament also the 1st person to be charged on to hong kong . strict national security loan being found guilty of inciting secession and
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terrorism reviving the hotline, the leaders of north and south korea are communicating again in a bid to improve relations.


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