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and i said, please shut up, please shut up. then they put the handcuffs on him. those guy and opposition lawyer, lawyer viet up was now living in canada. says he's trying to silence the voice of defenders. they are trying to eliminate all the facts, all your arguments, that again a speech or that can be said in no position to do what the government is doing right now. that's why they are trying to month, the lawyers out of the process. meanwhile, front bridge and cuban americans supporting the protesters in cuba, most the july 26th anniversary in front of the white house. what on the streets of cuba, capital, demonstrations of any kind or conspicuously absent sea in human al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines soon as he is president,
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has imposed a nationwide to nighttime curfew for a month. and the army is on the streets. on sunday, you said dismissed the prime minister and put a freeze on parliaments. the 1st person to face try london, hong kong national security law has been found guilty of inciting profession and engaging in terrorism. tony and gifts was prosecuted for writing his motorcycle into a group of police officers last year. adrian bryan has more from either side. the high courts, the judge's rule, that the defendant understood that the words on his protest banner, acquainted with the idea of independence, the hong kong. in other words, the idea that hong kong should break away from the mainland. the judges ruled that he knew exactly what he was doing, any encouraged others to feel the same way, but he will not be sentenced until thursday, but it's quite possible indeed, very likely. now that he's going to spend the rest of his life behind bob souls as
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the leaders of north and south korea have agreed to restore the communication channels and improve relations. the agreement follows the exchange of several letters between south korean president mu jane and north korean leader kim, german. till he was daily coven, 19 cases there surgeon, to almost 3 functions of record high that says japan's capital horse, the tokyo games that have been the ongoing protests against the olympics, being held with concerns amongst the japanese public. the super spreader events, japan superstore tennis player, no mere socket has been eliminated, form the olympics. she was knock sites in the 3rd rounds of the tennis tournaments against former french open finalist marchesa sofa of the czech republic. and that's you up to date, keep it here. and i'll just 0, the stream is next. ah,
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when ever you ah, all the hi, ask me okay, you're watching the stream on today's episode. i'm going to take you to indonesia. yeah. which is currently recording. the highest number of coding is covert infections and anywhere else in the world, i want to start with a personal story and a little 10 year old boy. this is vino, last week reno last teeth mom and his dad. his mom was 5 months pregnant. she died last monday and then the following day. his dad died of covert that venus family story. but of course in denise medical, but also struggling to get
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a handle on the cobra. 19 delta variant. this is a program about them. and what indonesia is going to do about that region within badly because every source can we get to back up in java and bali where they have a lot of resources the situation still chaotic and cannot be handed. well, what about the people on the other islands? our resources are not as abundant as java. hospitals suggests 40 hours a week. that doesn't work because we are short on people. now we weren't able to 100 hours per week because yet to be one of my friends went on my colleagues to the doctor. as the way because of corporate and it just so you know, it's just like moving home right in a battle. i think it's hard because i kind of feel like we are
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fighting the whole phantom in all my friends. what would you like to know about india's cofi crisis? what would you like to share about indonesia discovery crisis? excuse me? youtube comment section is right. have to be part of our program. anytime you have questions, i will do my best to put them into our conversation. so let me add guess. we have tiara. we have dr. berman and we have jessica sierra. welcome to the strange place in great international audience. tell them to you on what you do. thank you. me. hi everyone. i'm here at martinez. i'm a health systems researcher based that the jama university, but during covey it i'm based in the car to i it's good to meet you. all had to am in the morning into carter. oh, good morning. that's commitment, right, dr. but a man. thank you so much for getting up early, staying up late for us as well. appreciate you. introduce yourself to our global
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audience by me. good morning everyone. ready i'm, if you would, you mind give ologist and this is on me to be know i'm in when and almost. ready yes now and. ready i cannot go back to god that i but still have government dealing with. ready me come back to me just a moment dr. jessica. if you've been watching out a 0, you know jessica really well, jessica, just remind audience who you are, what you do. hi sammy, good morning. good evening, everyone. wherever you are, i'm part of the out of the asia pacific team and i'm the correspond to based in jakarta. jessica, if you would finding a story today, what would be your headline? what would be your lead? what would you say? this is what the world needs know about indonesia right now. was very difficult to say because there's so much happening and it's sort of just been this relentless
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cycle of news where there are so many various angles. so many things that we could focus on on any given day because it's not just about the immediate health implications. but beyond that, you know, what happens to the families who have lost their only bread winner. what happens to the children who have lost both their parents? and so this is a story that is very much one that keeps us busy because there is so much to explore. and i don't know that we'll ever have the time to do all of it. and then what's worth keeping in mind is indonesia geography, that what happens in java, what happens in bali does not represent the whole of the country. and so we need to be mindful of what's happening, not just here in the capital, but across thousands and thousands of islands. so it is difficult to say what we would focus on on any given day, could be vaccinations, could be the impact on children. but there's always something that keeps us very
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busy. i'm just going to share on my laptop, jessica, this this image here of indonesia because i 6000 islands or she say that it is a vast area that we're talking about not just valley that people may know. i wouldn't bring you in tiara here because they're all locked down and downs. have happened that being multiple meltdowns, what is the locked down situation right now? how effective are they paying since last year we have had around $23.00 locked downs at different scale. and also different scope. the current one might be one of what we like to say is the chick this one. but it's not really effective, as we can see in the streets in jakarta. guess some activities have half slowed down. malls are close, but a lot of people are still walking around and that doesn't help really with the
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transmission of cobra. 19. a lot of it are due to economy reasons, but also the, the inefficiency in polishing the community. does abraham and i deliberately didn't start the show with numbers, and this is the number of people who be an infected this number of people being tested. because it's very difficult to do got into the geometry. it's difficult for any place in the world because we don't always know who has been infected. they even come to the hospital where they tested. can you explain what the problem is? in particular for indonesia, for getting a grasp of the true number of people infected as you number, who passed away. yeah. ready miss, so classic problem for me says since the beginning of week, because then we don't have enough capacity for the past. actually at this, at the beginning stage, actually we shouldn't do this one. i mean,
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this testing and pricing capacity. but now the, the complex, 50 of probably already be huge enough. and as me, she says many island, huge population around 270000000. and the disparity of how system among the island also remained problem, especially out of the island. and as i say to me, i should say that there was that we talk about, you know, nice and we really are. and among the island we have let's say i meet island. so currently what happened in the lease contribute by on the job, la, bali and my island that contributed the peak. now the peak of indonesia. so
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i'm assuming because that's where the population is concentrated on those ideas. collect yes. okay. yeah, and, and if, if we talk then about the next day, then you don't learn from what happened in java, then not so use a situation we will happen in so much and even in our play, what they already started now. and no problem now is about the again, the best thing, because then without the enough intervention on testing that we don't have enough data. and we don't have, we didn't know what the teacher like, like most of us around the if you don't know who's infected because they how can you tackle it? how can you keep separate? jessica, go ahead. yeah. the thing is with what, what you were talking about with, you know, why testing is so important and what the doctor put him in referred to in terms of
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not really knowing the scale of the outbreak. because testing has been so consistently low that the impact on the ground. and what we've seen without reporting is you have these field teams as sort of roving medics who are trying to capture some of the overflow of patients who can't get into the hospitals. and increasingly, some of the people that they're monitoring, what they have told us is they've sort of grown sadly accustomed to finding people dead in their homes. because in one sense, people never got the opportunity to speak to a doctor. and other people may have been sick with some sort of symptoms, but never had the opportunity to be tested for coven 19. so what that means is, so many people are dying and i don't think we'll ever have a sense of how many people we lost to this current search or the outbreak as a whole. because we never really had the testing mechanisms that we needed.
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let me just go to youtube, guess i have so many questions for you. i'm going to use life. while i have you. this is likely we are going to put left. the question to you. let's is interested in how the government is helping the very poor to so many things are closed. the financially well off a fine. but what about the poor tiara? that's a very good question and that's, i think, relevant, not just seen an easier but a lot of low middle income countries facing this pandemic. the government has set up some social assistance programs, but the number of coverage and also the amount of money being given out, or direct. for example, for food supplies and stuff. is there a minimum, for example, one of the largest programs has been subsidizing one family for a route $30.00 to $45.00 per month. it will not be enough to subsidize for the loss of income faced by
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a lot of people working in the formal factor which is around 30 percent in indonesia. and we have also seen the rice in unemployment by 1800000 people during the covey panoramic. yes and that's, that's a lot to do with also in the centralized system in indonesia where we have the central government, the province and the district government. so some of the districts are doing well because they might be able to mobilize extra funding or convert hospitals and more support to the people. but then it also means there are a lot of other provinces and districts that cannot cope due to limited funding or weakness in the governance system. i have to thought see that they think the same. i did doctor, so on you choose the religious people, indonesia. i don't believe in covert it. and then this thought from a video comment that jessica helped us actually drill down into so we were getting
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a sense of how the people in denise we're dealing with the whole idea of covered 900. have a look, have a listen, dr. and then react of the back of a place mister permits, a slight hospital will enforce copies 19 percent of status or any patients. our interactions will kill a patients instead of 5 only do you make people hesitant to see the depth of the article course because some of the people that believe to dismiss information's died because getting laid up in the friendships we are looking for. we have to counter this dangerous misinformation. it is something that, you know, appear in homeless. i'm 67 mom and one of the reason this, but the communication strategy that was in earlier stage of is fund on the
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government don't play. it's which asian. and this, this impact very, very much and then even the got one try to fix the decide to do, but then we need to be missing when a case and the missing information already spread among the community. and the fact that honestly because they did the how the quality is dealing with the under make is not strong enough. and what's. ready the kind of thing in the life of control in good, i mean like that because the best thing that you know, and then now we so many cases, infection in the hospital and also the number of days case among the community also increasing. so the panic in community now is that ice and easy when people pammy the information,
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the country is easy to spread and this is sufficient is happening in indonesia. and of course, there's the responsibility for all to deal with these and, but then again, we thought, you know, a strong in the vanish and by the government to deal with these again. but as thing, because that the testing is, should be free for them. so it will also minimize the burden, as we said in the low economic status. and so then we have to, to give these you know, the missing information. so we use the local language, indonesia as main language. then we have mechanical money. then not only use social media because this is the information spread.
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it's not only by at least maybe as a social media, but this is among much the most and which is the complex if the situation is lisa, that's why based on my class working for government use this home when the money is the local leaders, we use the context to deal with the issue also then local languages and this is some things that have to use. ready now, let me share with our audience this, this picture, jeff, on our company and just a moment to share this picture. because we started out in discussion with medical professionals talking about how strange they were. this is a cop out of a hospital and they are using the car park outside for hospital bags. another challenge right here. this comes from louise hunt who had a question for you. panel austin supplies, health workers,
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vaccines. the urgency needed the province's when is the national committee going to step up to properly respond to this quite says, before i put this to you get, i want to have a listen to a leaf. he talks more about this problem with oxygen and not having enough and then what it is available. the police gouging, have a listen. a new needs that it has no producer for, for the oxygen thing, all of the border, the 2nd one. the 2nd challenge is how to be feeling the oxygen and every day our falling is joined with the company, the joint to be, to agree that have getting station and they brought about maximum to 10 because feeling stays and doesn't allow the people who brought already to things and the regular most of the students
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this, the regular price now is about $300.00. they had a fence higher than the normal and tell what it be fair to save the government. 16 months into a level pandemic should have a source of oxygen and shipping out to control price gouging of oxygen tags. would that be a fair critique? tiara? definitely, i mean, the, it didn't just happened with oxygen supply, but we also see it early at the pandemic where p p masks are like 400 percent higher. that it shouldn't be because people are hoarding the supplies and taking advantage during the crisis. what else besides a strong government and a strong enforcement of the law are really to help ensure that the distribution on the supplies are going to places where i need it. but also like
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least that the supplies are in very short supply. anyway, and i think it's a good question. we should see a more hand in hand collaboration across nations in facing this global pandemic. jessica, you're one of the few english speaking reporters. he's still actually in, in denise you're telling the story. so when one of our few said, what is the international community got stuck in one of the, what are they going to help? what's your response? i mean, i think we have seen some assistance already from, from singapore, from australia, from the us. and obviously that's welcomed. but the reality is that so far that hasn't been enough that people are struggling. and a doctor that we spoke to recently said to me, she never imagined that she would be in a situation where she would have to ask patients to b, y b,
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y o oxygen to come with the tank because the hospital may not have enough for them . and we spent a bit of time in our reporting outside an oxygen store talking to some of the people trying to buy oxygen for their loved ones. and some of the people in that line with children. and it is like what, what you just referred to for me, you know, 16 months into the pandemic. why isn't this governments, why didn't they do enough? and i think the response so far from indonesian authorities on, on the central government level has been very much reactive rather than proactive waiting for an oxygen crisis before they address the shortages. waiting for things to really spiral out of control before bringing in restrictions. everything is sort of waiting for the next bad thing, rather than seeing what happened in india, what has happened in brazil and trying to anticipate the next point in the crisis. so i have one here, so i tell you, go, you go 1st, i go 2nd,
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go ahead. just wanted to add that the community participation and collaboration has been vital apparently, and need anesha. and i'm sure a lot of developing countries and developed countries as well. where people are really heavy in hand and not just ensure that people have or at least try to have access to oxygen supplies, but also donating test market allison for example, or just getting drugs to whomever need it. and that's unfortunately it's, it's a tragic thing as well. right? people are taking care of people when the country needs to also take care of its people. and that's, i think when we have another pandemic which we certainly would have. one thing to make sure is, every country should have enough supply in mediating and handling their cobit 19 or pandemic. like what time one for example, have been preparing for less than years just of what tiara was talking about. the
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volunteer culture here is, you know, i think there are very few things to be optimistic about at this point. but really seeing this fall into your culture in action is it's very admirable and it's not just people trying to provide food for their neighbors who may have lost work. it's beyond that, people who are working on a volunteer basis as undertakers, collecting dead bodies, cleaning them for on behalf of the families who may not know the processes or maybe to is sort of shocked and traumatized to do that themselves. so can you imagine, you know, being in a community and volunteering well into the night, we spoke to a woman who volunteers from midnight to morning basically trying to assist these families. and that's something that i think most countries wouldn't have that strong volunteer culture that indonesia has. but also on the same note, perhaps most countries wouldn't need that culture of volunteers that indonesia has
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both of them. and i want to show you the story here from gideon. gideon is on social media. he knew we were doing this program. what is the leadership planning to do in real time? to alleviate the situation is a measurable preventative strategy to cover a lot of lies. got to put him and you handle that one. yeah, this is what daisy calls or the company's the role is very and i'm not the i'd also mentioned but the you know, because the, the problem or the entities are now the complexity of the situation. it's not only impacts the house, but the biggest i already mentioned this earlier on them is that we have to prevent in, you know, need to contact. we have to leave and the complexity of supervision when we have to, to speak with how an economy and knowledge indonesia in this nation complex. and
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then the government didn't choose seem less an option than they have to choose the one to be because then at the start, they need that they just, they, they had the flow is not strong enough in revenge thing need what, what they're watch can be then and now i already the advice of the government that what you know, the ship to maintain this, that be when more should case in high speed and also the number we have to. again, they have to strengthen their as being in placing complex thing testing, testing again and what context they have to do this. we shoot ation home because 80 to 85 percent of cases among many and otherwise we will see
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more big case number income. and now we already see even out of job by now, and i have a family ins surmise that i know some of the name is no, it's not easy to get to the medicine. and in, in lab, and i had my children, the may i solution a program last week or of them what i and you know, you stokes me like the days to get the ladies. thank you. you, you bring us to a close for this part of the conversation on a personal note, which is how we started. we started with a little boy family and we ended up with dr. goodman's family and his story. thank you for sharing that new chief excellent questions. let me share here on our laptop, how to stay on top of the story from indonesia as far as over 19 is concerned. dr.
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berman tiara. my very own out of the correspondent jessica washington. thanks for watching everybody. see you next time. ah. the stories that need to be told find away and demand to be heard. opening the window into another light and challenging perfection and personal endeavours in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness showcase it inspiring documentary the change. the one on al jazeera, the former finding harmony in pursuing his passions, my passions, finding young and keeping cultural tradition and nurturing the musical talents of
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his community. had been playing to dream music filled in mind and money to outside world tending his families land. the most important thing that brought to my mind, i truly sketching doing this, hector began the music man, mice and bob, we own our just the euro vaccines a promising past out of the panoramic. but the implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world. already a clear gap has emerged between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geo politics to the pure economics. the misinformation, the latest developments. what's going on here is very different. first off, the back thing comes in the form of a nasal spray. special coverage of the colona virus pandemic on a jessina. the journey to work can be a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villages, traversing one of the world's most dangerous is
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a risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of the people as they get to survive risking it or peruse outages era. oh, trying to keep the internet a month long lines curfew as imposed following and see all political people. ah, i'm how am i here? this is al jazeera life from home. also coming up a guilty verdict on the motorcyclist who's the 1st to be charged under hong kong. strict huge national security law.


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