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shapes a generation and their policy and then their life has been shame. why vitamin the in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera ah, the trying to keep the peace. she knew a month long curfew is imposed. following a day of political upheaval, ah, how am i here? and they seize al jazeera life unto home. also coming up back in touch, the leaders of north and south korea are communicating again in a page to improve relations. veritext you on the motorcyclist who's the 1st to be
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charged under hong kong, strict new national security law. and my only osaka lives, the olympic flame. and her games are already over. japan's tennis star is knocked into kil, ah. as the world watches on the political crisis in june, his year continues to deepen, the president says and pulls the nation wives nighttime curfew for a month. and the army is on the streets. on sunday i said dismissed the prime minister and put a freeze on parliament. he shook his she says he's willing to hand over responsibility to whoever the president chooses. guys said also the fact the justice and defense ministers or a burden. manley begins are coverage. the
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wible camps from different sides of the political divide have been protesting outside to new jersey as parliament. so man goes spilling over into violence. once again, the country is in turmoil. on sunday, people took the streets and several cities in mass, anti government protests. less than 2, the 4 hours later president case said, made a bold decision. he froze parliament and ousted prime minister, hitch m a chichi adagio. i find it surprising how some people are talking about a so called cou, i have followed the constitution. the conditions were met and among these conditions there were procedural terms and all of these conditions were respected. i've been invited the prime minister that i have dismissed and informed him that i call the house speaker. and i told him that i will be resorting to article 80 of
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the constitution after which i declared the exceptional measures and the presence of permanent danger. and you said, my son is 70, but there was no constitutional court to decide whether the move was legal under article 80 on the street tennis in the cooling for change. many fed up with a brutal cellmates and economy in crisis. high unemployment rates. and the mishandling the pandemic, the in the party, which holds most seats and parliament has recently pull the brunt of their anger. we have this political crisis. mitch was conscious that we have ever had international have one how many people dying everyday from growing numbers? and then we have also a huge crisis. so this one you can try me because you know, are exhausted, they are scared and nobody knows exactly where we are heading in the political tom
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or civil rest security for the stormed without a warrant. the offices of al jazeera in tunis, unexposed stuff. what they closed the office without providing any reason. a group of men came in wearing security in civilian clothes. they broke into the office and took the keys and said, they were instructions. a spoke spencer, you inspector general, gave his reactions were dismayed by the usa reports. and we hope that all reporters, including the ones that al jazeera will be able to go about their work without harassment. and we want to make sure that as we have the situation on the ground in tunisia, that press freedoms are respected. with the fear that if you could slide back into full revolt, similar to the 2011 jasmine revolution, the e u. n. a u. s. a calling for com and the un is following the situation closely.
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bought a decade home from the revolt. the brought democracy to his hands are defined is direction that country should take longer than than the out there are. well, let's get more know from robin louis. she's a journalist based into this and joins us now by skype. rebecca, it's just after 8 o'clock in the morning where you are, what i watch it is you're waking up. see this morning? good morning, so geez, in the morning and i am waiting for the next mentor to present real estate kids today. afternoon, i met with the national organization and he delivered there should be assuring that you all live back into the state or she, but at the same time, some journeys in our grade. so democracy today is in the balance. we've also become becca dictatorship. so we still don't know, don't know, angelo,
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whether the president side will appoint you minister today or even if you day but the same time it's an emergency today to have a new prime minister. just a reminder yesterday at night, the former prime minister, you should see the statement, he said that he accepted the decision that he and he accept the demand off of the people. so we should know ways to do, do know what the next decision that we think the president valued at the same time as a journalist, we are feeling stressed and especially yesterday, after the police are there in the office and just show them. so the situation is liberal confuse and in the future, and that today is the blurring. democracy is said in the biggest
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day with enough time you will wait to hear you and you. you've raised a lot of interesting points that it doesn't sound like much of a democracy engine is the right now with media offices rated the media islands. we hear the army is on the streets, and the branches of governments are being dismissed unilaterally. i made it to new scenes. we're very proud of the fact that their democracy was installed. i mean, is there a real fear that she misses hard one democracy? is that risk or do people feel that they're democracies not really delivering what it's supposed to? whereas some people, somebody not feeling that the migration is at risk. so especially after what happened today with the clash in between with the protesters in front of the parliament. when we are leaving under a political aggression the social crisis,
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we have the detention between 2 parts that are supporting the side decision and the other. the other 5 who are supporters often not the party. so democracy is accurate because that's what we need to keep visual and i and we need to see concrete decision. that's why i think the most important thing now is to find the new prime minister and after that or know what will happen. but no, we really need to extra order any decisions. we really need your degrees in order to rule the country because today we don't have a problem and we don't have a prime minister. we are called use very confusing situation. thank you so much for laying it out for us. that's a rub. louis, a journalist based in genius. thank you for joining us and al jazeera
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us secretary of state and city blinking has urged that you know, the president to respect democracy in a phone call. he asked case i used to maintain dialogue with all sides. earlier white house press secretary jen, saki struck a similar tune. we are concerned about the developments in tunisia which come as a chinese authorities are seeking to stabilize their commie french resurgence, and the coven 19 pandemic. and improved living standards for all tunisians. we are in touch at the senior level from both the white house and the state department with denise and leaders to learn more about the situation, urge. com and support tunisian efforts to move forward in line with democratic principles. heidi joe castro, half more from washington dc. those developments are under close watched by the us and today and a phone call between us state department secretary, antony boynkin and the president of tunisia. lincoln told sides that he should
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adhere to the principles of democracy and human rights and said that open dialogue was needed between all political actors and the technician. people. lincoln follow that up with a tweet, saying that this was a good phone call and that he was able to express his support for to easy as democracy. now the u. s. has been hesitant to call this a qu, whitehouse spokeswoman said that a thorough legal analysis would 1st be required. but that if this is determined to be a coo then us a to, to need, you could be on the line that totaled one point. $4000000000.00 since the countries revolution in 2011, much of that money going toward the military and security expenses was bringing some breaking news. now, the 1st person to face trial under hong kong, national security law has been found guilty of inciting secession and engaging in terrorism. tony can't was prosecuted for raising his motorcycle into
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a group of police officers last year. law was introduced by mainland china in 2020, in response to pro democracy protests. it gives authorities a wide range of pars to cracked and what they call subversive acts. thing in asia and saw says the leaders of north and south korea have agreed to restore communication channels and improve relations. the agreement follows the exchange of several letters in south korea and present when jane north korean leader kim jo moon. when officers communication channels between the 2 careers were tested on, she's say, let's get more of a rock with bright c joyce's life form. so i wrote, this is a surprise announcement. i significant, would you say this is that's right. it has come as
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a surprise. no career quite often use it and it has in the past use the hotline. it's severing and then it's restoration again as a way of showing its displeasure. but said the restoring of it now comes after a year of virtual silence. when the relations basically across the dmc, you have been at a standstill, so it is, it is a significant this line was cut last june when relation solid. and in fact, they got so bad that no career actually actually destroyed a liaison office that was set up the meant to improve relations. it is also come to a significant date. this is the 68th anniversary up the signing of the armistice. the broad fighting in the korean war to an end. it's been marked in north korea with kim jong and the lead to the visiting a cemetery to his country's war dead. so it seems as though this is meant to coincide with that. and also with the announcement has come the confirmation that although that has been officially, you know, dialogue across the d,
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m z. and the 2 leaders have been exchanging it seems multiple letters, which apparently has now led to this breakthrough moon j. and the president here in south korea has made restoring relations with the north, really a corner stone of his administration. he's now into his final good in office and with daily love to get relations back on track and roll. are there any indications before this could lead? see in the longer term i'm thinking of restarting dialogue or talks that certainly the hope here in south korea, we've had statements from the south korean government, talking about the 2 leaders seeing eye to eye and about the need to restore trust. similarly from the north koreans, we have had a statement talking about the whole korean nation, wanting for relations to recover from what it calls that back and stag nation. what could also be driving the north koreans?
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that could be the multiple crises that the country has been facing. we've had the ongoing effects of international sanctions for many years. that's old. now being compounded by a storms which have gone erect harvests, which have produced food shortages. and on top of this, of course, you've had this isolation cutting itself off from the outside world by the pandemic . it seems as though it does no harm, at least in picking up the phone with your neighbor to the south. but there is also the hope in the long term, the possibly that the united states is handled open the door to dialogue at some level. there's no talk yet that there might be even talks on the horizon without the, the us or south korea. but the south koreans at least, would look at this announcement as being a possibly a step in that direction. ok, rob mcbride, that brings us the very latest form. so rob, thank you. there's lots more still ahead fear on al jazeera, including sure lank and narrowly avoid default on
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a serious financial problems remain. we'll have the details from colombo, cuba remembers fidel castro's revolution celebrations are quieter than usual. ah, ah. hello nessa, serious and severe thunderstorms gave us a deluge in london in some spots of london reported about a 100 millimeters of rain and just a single hour. so you see water log streets like that. it's track where this energy is right now and where it's going. we see it hanging out toward the british shells . western france, the boat countries, southern portions of scandinavia, the baltic states rate down into the elves. and particularly for the northern outs, i think that's where you're going to see some intense weather. same goes for
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lithuania into areas of bella. ruth on tuesday. now it is smooth sailing. as we look towards spain, we've got some high temperatures here as well. cordova, 38 degrees, you know, where else heat is building as we get toward the bulk and look at some of these temperature in belgrade. 37 at serrano, 37 degrees and you know, for turkey. unfortunately, this is not the news. i want to share more heavy rounds of rain toward the black sea region in places that have already been impacted big time a by flooding there in the forecast on tuesday. and for africa we have heavy rain through sudan moving through shad into areas of northern nigeria into southern balis. so bama co hi of 30 degrees for you on tuesday with heavy rain in the forecast. ah, a year ago, one of the hard on you clear blasts in history kills more than 200 people and
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injured 1000. the victims families still need answers. we want to compute justice. how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby support? let's be professional. it was not intended for them. and was the whole stockpile unloaded from the ship? the missing amal and it wasn't all in one way or another. membership in italy. good . wait for join me for their, for the full reports. on receipt of the the, me just a quick reminder on the top stories for you know, june izzy as president has improved the nationwide nighttime curfew for a month in the armies on the streets. on sunday i said dismiss the prime minister.
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put a freeze on parliament's soul says the leaders of north and south korea have agreed to restore communication channels and improve relations. the agreements exchanges several letters which were sent korean president and north korean leader kim jong. the 1st person to face trial under hong kong national security law has been found guilty of inciting secession and engaging in terrorism totally in kits, was prosecuted for rising his motorcycle in group of police officers last year. we'll get more on the story and i, we can join adrian bryan, whose life for as a hong kong, adrian, what more can you tell us a bite there? hello, we now have a verdict. in this landmark case, the child has been going on here at the high court in hong kong. for 15 days. now
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we have a verdict. the 3 judge ruling in this case have given their decision. they say that tongue in kit 24 years old, a waiter was guilty of inciting edition and also engaging in terrorism. so in the views of the judges, he wanted to be, he was promoting the idea that hong kong should be separated from the main. and that's the essence here. now count young was the course accused of riding his motorcycle into a group of police officers on july, the $2020.00. that was just ours off the new national security little came into for the following months of up to and violent unrest in hong kong. now attached to tongues motorcycle was a flag bearing the slogan, liberate hong kong revolution of our times. and the corner stone of his case has really come down to the argument of whether that amounted to
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a cool for independence. but just to have now decided that that slogan was a cool for independence. he is facing a charge of rec, causing injury. why reckless driving and we're still waiting for the vertical mat charge. certainly, i think, you know, paging will be pleased with this with further means that he's facing the prospect now of life in jail. but you also need to point out that sentencing will actually come at a later date. interesting will happen later. there is so most, it's a keep an eye on here, but adrian and in the why says just high significance is, this is this trial. and indeed, the guilty verdict because as you said, this is the very 1st case to be prosecuted under that national new national security law, which is behind so much of the, the recent on rice in hong kong. after what we
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have now is, is a legal precedent. so we have more than a 120 other people before the call for the moment who being charged with violating national security. so people who are facing charges of terrorism, of inciting petition will now possibly face the same sort of convictions and sentencing down the line. remember, as i say, more than a 100 people have so far been charged with violating national security. those cases have got to be process. and of course we have a huge factor now and it could be years before all those cases are finally clear. ok, adrian now live from outside the high court in hong kong. adrian, thank you for line, because government says it's repaid a 1000000000 dollar bonds before, which is a deadline. the concerns continue to minds over the nations financing and its ability to meet major foreign debts. so lancaster economy was already struggling
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before the pandemic, but locks and measures on board closures, of course, the vital tourism industry to collapse as lead to a shortage of foreign currency. the governments and i will, may, has enough to pay for 3 months of in ports. is cut back on being some items in from abroad. pushing price is higher for consumer goods. payments of $500000000.00 and $1000000000.00 that you next year. madell fernandez, has war from colombo, the shank and government painted a confident picture. they said they have never defaulted on any of the international debt before, and they don't intend to start now. this, despite the fact that their foreign reserves had fallen to $4000000000.00, which was just enough to cover up to 3 months of import. now, having paid out one 4th of that amount on that international sovereign bond, yes,
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the depth, it obviously is in a week position, but they do say they have a plan that they're going to consolidate the inflows. the income which have so badly been affected 1st by the 29th easter buildings when tourism got hit. and then for literally the last one and a half or 2 years by the colonel, nevada, spend demik. not emily. see what is key for the government at this stage is not just to look at hand out of the bailout, but to get a proper picture to analyze where it's in fluid come up with a clear, unrealistic picture of where things stand. then to develop a proper road map of how it will deal with the future. they see that these 2 will effectively build confidence of the international community. they might need to use the good offices of the i m f to be a sort of a broker of trust. what would they use? but she long or so far doesn't intend to do that. even for voters, they're feeling the pinch. i mean, i spoke to one importer who said he goes to the bank,
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he needs to open the sort of documentation. the bank says it has no dollars. so these are ongoing issues. the government says it's aware of the problem that there's all going to be tough times ahead and they need to sort of type in their best to deal with the crisis japan, supersonic tennis player. no, me or soccer has been eliminated from the tokyo olympics, or soccer was no excites in the 3rd range of tennis tournaments against former french open finalist market vander silva. of the check republic. human bermuda has won its 1st ever gold medal. 33 year old for a duffy taking the women's triathlon aster, dominating the loving leg of the race from you to premier said duffy had made an entire islands proud. duffy as the british island territory. second ever olympic medalist and bermuda. and they said where it's a small country, but it's very passionate about it score and yeah,
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i'm just so grateful that i can achieve a personal dream here of winning and olympic metal. but i think it's bigger than me . it's going to inspire the use of bermuda and everyone back home that i'm competing on the world from a small island is really possible. i will. let's get more day from, i'll just, there was an richardson, he joins us no live warm. so q and, and we have to start off with the heart break. yeah. that the hosts are suffering after the surprise, the departure there is no way a soccer. yeah. it wasn't journal in big story that was meant to and this way was after we saw her, like, seem the cold and the opening ceremony and then going on to saga her 1st olympic title. she has got a couple of months away from the game. she stepped aside from the french opening from wimbledon, such as suffering a little bit from, from the mental and physical exertions of being on the tennis treadmill for so long
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. wanted to just take a bit of time away from the spotlights. you could hardly come back into a, into a biggest spot live in here at home or lympics, but the big picture for japan is, is really good in terms of sport. they've already won 8 gold medals. the most japan as ever want to know in pictures back when they hosted in 964, that was 16 and the wrong course to go way past that and not is helping in some levels. so just shift the needle of public opinion back behind these games. i think a lot of people have have enough existential crisis. if yes, we want to support our athletes. but at the same time, we still want to question whether or not it was wise to, to proceed with these olympics during the middle of a global pandemic. perhaps some of those would be wise, the smaller nations seems to be doing rather well, not least, bermuda, tiny islands nation. and they're getting their 1st gold medal.
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yeah. and an incredible effort. and we've been talking the last couple of days about the typhoon and the tropical storm, depending on how you, how is being interpreted, coming into tokyo and the conditions for that race this morning we were watching were pretty wet and wild. but yeah, as you say, yeah, florida winning been you to 1st have a gold medal also late last night and the weight, lifting hill in the philippines winning her countries 1st i'll in pico might say some, some groundbreaking performance is taking place as always happens at the lympics, if we think back to 2016, one of the great stories that was the fuji and rock the 7th team who won the gold medal, the 1st gold medal for their country. they all going again that going well, they absolutely have the great britain seen this morning in that final pool game. they play australia and then later on in the quarter finals. so tomorrow they could well be going for a 2nd. go might keep close eye on that one and eventually, and that live for as it took you and the thank you very much in deeds that one of
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the most important dates on keepers revolutionary calendar has been marked quietly this year against the backdrop of the pandemic. and its recent mass anti government protests, its the 68th anniversary of the cuban revolution. but 1st, let's see, and human reports was little to celebrate this year. for the 1st time in 6 decades, there were no national abrasions to mon cubis, most important revolutionary holiday. only posters of former president fidel castro, looting to the need for national unity. july 26, march the anniversary of the 1953 attack on the government to barracks that eventually led to the overthrow of cuba, former by piece the dictatorship. authorities of cancel the usual committee celebrations, claiming a severe spike in covey, 19 infections,
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and death. but this month, unprecedented anti government protest, also a factor. i will probably talk to a whole and there are many young people that didn't live through what i lived, who've seen better times. they want to live better, given the propaganda of the enemy. politics is like that. there are reports of hundreds of so called counting the mission, detained and being held in prison throughout the island. over the weekend, the government confirmed the 1060 protests as had been sentenced in summary, was accused of inciting public disorder. one of them was artists and yellow troy, yet whose mother was salish since of her son and it doesn't. others was sentenced to a one year prison term without a lawyer present me. hold on. i'm on a bit of a mason mortgage. my son raised his hand and told the judge that he had the right to an attorney, he had the right to be defended and that he had not been given the opportunity. it
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was very angry and then they immediately came up to him and i said, please shut up, please shut up. then they put the handcuffs on him. those kind opposition lawyer, lawyer, was now living in canada. says he's trying to silence the voice of defending it. they are trying to eliminate all the facts, all your arguments, that again a speech or that can be say, you know, position to the, what the government is doing right now. that's why they are trying to month, the lawyers out of the process. meanwhile, hundreds of cuban americans supporting the protesters in cuba, most the july 26 anniversary in front of the white house. but on the streets of cuba, capital demonstrations of any kind or conspicuously absent sea in human al jazeera. ah.


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