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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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programming, go live on the, on the go live, the were another story that may not be me, cream is happening. more number 50. the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. me i'm in ron calling into the top stories on al jazeera kennedy is president of fact the justice and defense ministers. the nighttime curfew has been extended and gatherings have been limited on sunday. he dismissed the prime minister and put a freeze on parliament adagio. i find it surprising how some people are talking about a so called cou, i have followed the constitution, the conditions were met. and among these conditions, there were procedural terms and all of these conditions were respected. i've been invited the prime minister that i have dismissed and informed him,
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and then i call the house speaker. and i told him that i will be resorting to article 80 of the constitution after which i declared the exceptional measures and the presence of permanent danger. security forces dressed in civilian clothing have stolen your fears about them and shook his press freedom advocates of condemned the closure. and so has the un spikes person for the un secretary general were dismayed by these reports. and we hope that all reporters, including the ones that al jazeera will be able to go about their work without harassment. and we want to make sure that as we have the situation on the ground in tunisia, that press freedoms are respected. secretary of state and the blanket has urged that unity and president respect democracy and a phone call. he said to maintain dialogue with all sides. i do so castro has more from washington. those developments are under close watched by the us and today and
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a phone call between us state department secretary antony blinkin. and the president of tunisia, lincoln told side that he should adhere to the principles of democracy and human rights. and said that open dialogue was needed between all political actors and the 2 nation people. lincoln follow that up with a tweet, saying that this was a good phone call, and that he was able to express his support for denise ias democracy. now the u. s . has been hesitant to call this a coo, why, how spokeswoman said that a thorough legal analysis would 1st be required, but that if this is determined to be a coo, then u. s. a to, to need you could be on the line that's totaled $1400000000.00 since the countries revolution in 2011 much of that money going toward the military and security expenses. so says the leaders of north korea and south korea of agreed to restore
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communication channels and improve relations. the agreement follows the exchange of several lessons between the south korean president moon j n, and the north korean leader kim jong. and the announcement coincides with the 68th anniversary of the arm assist ended. the korean war 11 on parliament has chosen billionaire and the g. mccarthy as the new prime minister designate. he's the 3rd leader to be asked a former government since the beirut explosion. just under a year ago now, because he says his top priority will be ensuring unity to help ease the financial crisis earlier this month, thought hurry, step to side. after failing to reach a deal, chicata for 100. while i had went to school, i thanked his excellency of the presidency on i'd like also to thank all the members of parliament. i wished to cooperate with those who did and did not. and they me to find the necessary solutions. vital as for the constitution together m p 's confidence. but also in real life,
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i want to get the confidence and trust of the people and of every single man and woman because i don't have a magic one and i cannot create wonders on my own. present, joe biden says the u. s. will no longer have a combat mission in iraq. by the end of the year, buttons been hosting prime minister mr. academy at the white house. he says us will continue counter terrorism cooperation with the rocky troops. japan superstar tennis play, a nomi, a sock, has been eliminated from the tokyo olympics. and soccer was knocked out. in the 3rd round, she was one of the favorites and seen as an icon of the games. after lighting the torch of the opening ceremony, those are the headlines. news continues here on out there a world and a reminder. you can keep up to date with all the news on our website. or is there a dot com ah
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am from i will give you documents sending it back in to the doctor today and for monday i know it will be i'm available. so but, but it could, it could me and can you how and it was a holiday for them or just says add to see news as an add on, but essentially less than what they gave me
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way to the lab. yeah. a hotel. could you see the whole there out on the never had money to go to the to the like level who is the city that a with a day to get in. it will hello. hello. hello. by me the good that i have been a and i'm going to put him in the beginning and so of the overlap. and how can we listen for the in school from to hello. i'm a lonely break templates up and headed to the fact that i did
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hockey and i had food in that, but the dial below because good to do, how did the has and so that was my dad with the adobe or anything. but since you got it yet, i mean, i don't know what it says that that passion lesson. so yeah, let me get in the the molly in the color, could you give me a call the doctor and see how this somebody okay. on their land. i love put from young tide, but i know having in,
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in the flat mac family playing for a gun, everyone and reject reject. but with all my passion i never gave up. i sent one to plan become the best i showed them was play football my whole journey. i tried. c my best to keep it. i know i'm in the play family bothering me to place a book that don't have any problem with it. as long as i'm wedding my, my address good way to get it done. i do my thought, the whole thing is so money, a good team player and how that golden girls, golden gob, dad to have a name, a bit of medical su, sorta own payment, but he was good that somebody does that i did and how we behave and then guys the
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me in calling gal coming home with a lot like you to do for me when i seen because and, and not his in, in financial support on his and, and how to do to go online and who am i done on that? and i can hold on, let me know how to turn in a head to august 20 1800. so africa
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international tournaments, worries ahead while i go to national so that i can talk to a new suit. so to new, to, to have man and his son and financial tickets and you need you to set your team with whom do we do to do with the in the thing that is mentioned glenn. oh god, i think that enough, that's a monday to did i on the last name on it? she guys put it in the car to get help on a month or 2 ago,
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back in the locker door. not going to get anything to do to get my son and can you did a physical for the doctor. you know that the what caused that i did not know the unit to move the sentence kinda to have to how to add to what is going to turn on and off on. 1 december and i can turn it on in charlotte i
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had the us and i didn't get the bubble either with the to the the little the good, the bad in the motor lab for her in rosky. what did he say family got local madonna. to me about it you could see in the building and that is ah, the way the castle was in
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the school godson is the addison because had them turned out for the bad. and i don't know if you need to have any medical lacking in touch and then also control our ducks up to the judge. you could send them at a hotel. so we're going to go get to know how to how do you, what do i see? what, what that central thought that you did on the billing. oh, i bet he's done that. and yeah, i don't know how to turn it because i need to know we are back again. god that does that again. the
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you and i didn't know what i could do. that's good. then i will go take a holler and school but go look you. ringback know it's an app in their own courses who
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knew you were like can you get involved in a whole new job in but i had to get a phone off on the pay and how i had to be happy with them. well then it was not for the summer. okay. well, so i thought he did, he just had the technician, he's gonna come across. you're going to measure
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hey man
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i bla less than love the key man. you got most. wow. look i just gotta give me some of our do the was july the to wiley high. were collapsing a mid you didn't have the leader, isn't it? while you can see that it will be lucky. i'm going to go up some ice out on the bottom and i did my hand. i think it was about in that i told them to get the team like i had to
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a high would you have a shuttle hasn't shown commuter battle, monica gimler, and then i got it. good. i don't know. we'll go on the hold on oklahoma. gotta go lose national honor to go to going to look to see the little girl, julie, monica bland, her to other kinds of mind. this is why i'm a new learning how to get them the how do you understand your machine? you found the product and in fitting. so i could do it showed you the guy was kept him or not can how but the judge in the
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me look i have a stuck with the honda la. hi, just i'm going to spell my local judith my new job on the state because big, but then i got a big on wednesday cuz a lot of holiday follow that to be at school where i got the money and that's gonna have to go down the money and live below sheesh i
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actually look up hello hello. i bought i. 8 bought the insurance i had done up on hold. uh huh. but then i have to the why fi and i can work on the screen. 17 small but no that should. okay. and then take a look at
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us given and documented. so the total of what i was going to be locked in from would you have my i'm available. ok in this kitchen smith secured them. i do the algebra a j o looks like it's okay. not a lot of that. like you know, the
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light wow. the the month so we'll have bought it up to the little banana when you any wound in holiday balloon . and lucy, under the front of the blue ha, this is a little you know, what goes to the balloon model isn't hydro baloney? but i don't know me, so do the, why are they when do they give you lyla, how can i get an a la kin hallett, i ballooning, i'm a middle. ringback go countryway,
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gothic and blue bill leg until i went to it into the tow. but i hi double quick to tell him de la la la. so i love them. welcome to restore them because of the head block up to honda. what so percent? so don't as in holiday mac, no sco, so low, good dog. i'm going to ha, look, i can get him when i look us all up. didn't have that in the see or blue neglect. i get out for any let the look at that and i just don't know grown level, but you don't know how to get the journey to work can be a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villages, traversing one of the world's most dangerous road is a risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of the people
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as they get to survive risking it all peruse outages era. oh each and every one of us have a lot of responsibility to change our personal space for them. or we could do this experiment any of us could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, always incredibly recipe for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here and kidding, this pick up the collect, the segregate, to say the reason this is extremely important. service that they provide the city we need to take america to try to bring people together and trying to deal with
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people who've been left behind me. oh, i'm calling in the top stories on al jazeera junior. he is present his fact, the justice and defense ministers and nighttime curfew has been extended and gatherings have been limited. on sunday, he dismissed the private and put a freeze on parliament. the secretary of state and the blanket has urged that unity and present to respect democracy in a phone call. yes, car, sorry, to maintain dialogue with all sides. are these are castro, has more from washington, lincoln told side that.


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