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me play an important role. protecting human. i don't. i ah . the junior year in terms of the present announces a month one, curfew a day off the firing farm and i'm freezing parliament. ah. come without their life from the holes coming back in touch north and south korea. restore the hotlines a year off. the radio silence a quiet revolution. cuba marks one of the most important dates and political calendar without the usual funds. i will tell you which countries just one that 1st
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gold medals and olympic history, ah, unity is facing is worth crisis and a decade of democracy after president ty side sees to control and dismiss primary mission. the presidents impose a nationwide nighttime curfew for a month, and the armies on the streets side has also removed the defense minister am the acting justice minister out 00. and eunice has been rated by security forces and its journalists have been barred from their offices. the armies stopped parliament speak up from getting into the building to hold a meeting. he's accused the president of stating a qu, but chi said says he's following the constitution and his actions were necessary. after a day, a violent protest over unity is economic crisis. and the handling of the pandemic, lower burden monthly reports,
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the demonstrators rival camp from different sides of the political divide have been protesting outside to new jersey as polymers. the, some anger spilling over into violence. once again, the country is in turmoil. on sunday, people took the streets and several cities in mass anti government protest. lesson 24 hours later president case said, made a bold decision. he froze parliament and ousted prime minister hitch emma chichi dash him. i find it surprising how some people are talking about a so called cou, i have followed the constitution, the conditions were met. and among these conditions, they were procedural terms and all of these conditions were respected. i then invited the prime minister that i have dismissed and informed him that i call the
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house speaker. and i told him that i will be resorting to article 80 of the constitution after which i declare the exceptional measures and the presence of permanent danger. and you said my son to 78, but there was no constitutional court to decide whether the move for legal under article 80 the on the street tennis in the cooling for change. many fed up with a brutal cellmates and economy in crisis. high unemployment rates. and the mishandling the pandemic, the in the party, which holds most seats, and parliament has recently pulled the brunt of their anger. we have this political crisis. mitch was conscious that we have ever had international, have 100 people dying every day from grown numbers. and then we have also a huge crisis. so at this point you could kind of excuse me because you know, are exhausted,
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they are scared and nobody knows exactly where we are heading. need political time and civil rest. security forces stormed without a warrant. the officers of al jazeera in tunis, unexposed the stuff. what they closed the office without providing any reason. a group of men came in wearing security in civilian clothes. they broke into the office and took the keys and said they were the instructions. a spoke spencer, you inspector general, gave his reactions were dismayed by these reports. and we hope that all reporters, including the ones that al jazeera will be able to go about their work without harassment. and we want to make sure that as we have the situation on the ground in tunisia, that press freedoms are respected. with the fear that lizzie could slide back into a full revolt, similar to the 2011 jasmine revolution, the
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e u. n. a u. s. a calling for com and the following situation closely bought a decade home from the revolt. the brought democracy to nathan's, defined is what direction that country should take lower. but among the out of there are there's been international condemnation of the force closure of out there is officers, reporters without board. it says a denounces the actions in june is by security forces and calls on the authorities to respect, press freedom and pluralism. then to the actual press institute says the rate on out there is office is a gross violation of press freedom, an act of intimidation to sons independent media. your secretary of state entity, blank, and reserve, the changes in president to respect democracy and a phone call. he asked say, to maintain dialogue with all sides. earlier whitehouse president, press secretary jennifer lucky start a similar time. we are concerned about the developments in tunisia which come as
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a ton asian authorities, are seeking to stabilize the economy to front a resurgence in the coven 19 pandemic, and improve living standards for all tunisians. we are in touch at the senior level from both the white house and the state department with denise and leaders to learn more about the situation. urge. com and support tunisian efforts to move forward in line with democratic principles. i deserve castro law from washington. d. c. those developments are under close watch by the us and today and a phone call between us state department secretary antony blinkin. and the president of tunisia, lincoln told sides that he should adhere to the principles of democracy and human rights. and said that open dialogue was needed between all political actors and the 2 knees and people. lincoln follow that up with a tweet, saying that this was a good phone call and that he was able to express his support for to easy as democracy. now the u. s. has been hesitant to call this a qu, why,
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how spokeswoman said that a thorough legal analysis would 1st be required, but that if this is determined to be a qu, then us a to, to need, you could be on the line that's totaled $1400000000.00 since the countries revolution and 2011 much of that money going toward the military and security expenses. now how much, how is a professor of conflict resolution, george mason university. he says the next few days will confirm if the dismissal of the government is a coo or political crisis. i think that has a lot of me think are going around as far as optical. and the what is, in piper's rhythm, said whether what he has decided, so one of them is of 2nd parliament reason to debate inside the house and also put in a read they made them. is this going to be something probationary position of
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the it was i was out come with would open the one of the process. again, this is going to be one man, one show in a way that the space is, i mean i am the. so this is not a different. so now also another reason why we have this constancy. there hasn't been any calls, of course that would or that should oversee this argument requested to all of the state because the presidency and the house of representatives. therefore, i think it's still present in one way or the other. and i think i said has denied that it was a call yesterday, but we should both say came saved by the service to most of the new games and those a lot of following the scenario. but i think the next 2 days before really by
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thursday or friday, i'm sure it will be something the case as well. if they did with the process of blocking the native process and also kind of trying to become the new prime minister as well as the look the there hasn't been one capital in the west. at least that has called the good it up. everybody is waiting to see exactly what, what is next on the wizard. i think they know i can. nation says that a 57 people died after a migrant boat capsized of libya. it happened near the city of homes on monday survivors, se 20 women and 2 children are among those who lost their lives. warmer weather has seen an increase in the number of migraines traveling from europe, from europe rather, to libya, engineers here and so says that leaders of north and south korea have agreed to restore communication channels and improve relations. the agreement follows the
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exchange of several letters between south korean president in j. n and the north korean nita came john and cleans office of communication channels between the 2 curious were tested on tuesday. now robert bride joins us live from sol. rob, is this a significant development sounds like it is? or is it a confidence building measures? it does come as a bit of a surprise. north korea has in the past disconnected and then reconnected this hotline as a way of showing its displeasure. but this reconnection does come after what's been a year with relations pretty much at a standstill. and at times, even slipping back into some of the old acro, many of the past the hotline was disconnected way back last june. at the time when relation soured. and when we also saw the north koreans destroying with explosives, the liaison office that had been set up to try to improve relations. it does come
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with a significant date. this is the 68 anniversary of the signing of the armistice. the brought to an end, the korean war. it's been marked in north korea by leader kim jong on visiting the cemetery to north korea. is, was that. so this announcement does seem to be timed to coincide with that. and although that hasn't been any official talks for the past year, it has been confirmed that north korean and south korean leaders have been exchanging letters over the past year. and this seems to be the result of that exchange. south korea leader and moon j and of course, has made it a cornerstone of his administration to try to improve relations. he has yes, in less, less than a year left in office and would daily love to see get talks back on track before the end of his term. well, let's talk about those talks. getting back on track. is this going to restart? i look there has been no specific mention of that, but that must surely be the hope certainly here in south career. in fact,
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the south korea is a presidential offices, said that the to lead as do see i to why and that they want to help develop really trust and relations. it's also been matched by similar noise is coming from the north, a statement from north korea saying that the whole korean nation wants to see relations recover from what he calls set back and stagnation. and he does coincide with diplomatic moves being made by the united states, wendy sherman, who is the deputy secretary of state, has been in the region, having talks with a south korean and japanese allies and also with a counterparts in china. one of the seems that it's been common at all of those discussions has been a still moving towards the d. nuclear is ation of the korean peninsula and pursuing dialogue. and that does fit in with the biden administration since coming to power . they have stress that they want to follow the line of diplomacy when dealing with north korea. certainly there's no mention of possibly having more meetings,
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summit meetings between the us president and the north korean leader as in the past . but certainly the left the door open to talks at some level. and this would seem to be a step in that direction. robert pride that live for us from sol. thank you very much. hello, hello. this is era. if he'll see them walking around kindly sealed them dead ending as he began the philippine present face true to form and its final state of the nation address at its britain's largest and most powerful warship. why is b h m s elizabeth heading to the south china? ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello
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from dough her nice to see you. here's the weather forecasts for the middle east. we've got a wind blowing down from iraq into saudi arabia, so that swirling around the sand in dust in places like re add where we've got a high of 45 degrees. also dealing with some briskin fear. swain's, as we head toward southern portions of pakistan. so the risk of sand and dust storms for grouchy pretty well. almost every day this week we've got rain toward the north, impacting the horn and is warm, evolved in the forecast on tuesday. you know, for turkey, once again, the black sea region getting hammered with some heavy range here, but across the rest of the country. a nice run of sun it, it stumble over the next several days after africa. and we've been dealing with flooding in sudan about 10000 families we know impacted by the floods. here we see those heavier pulses of rain sudan pushing into chad and a cluster of cells for areas of northern nigeria in the forecast on tuesday. further to the south, we will see some rain move in to the western cape,
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but you know what, this isn't a whole lot for cape town. really, the bigger story will be the winds on tuesday. so show you those guys thing to about 55 kilometers per hour and keep till we've got you in for a high a 15 degrees on tuesday that your weather forecast season sponsored cattle airways. when freedom of the press is under threat in, oh, you just con, thought genuinely about your thoughts toward the bacon government step outside the mainstream. the has been a implement. here's just some of access court to shift the focus. the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext for the prime minister to clamp down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered for listening post on jazz. ah, ah
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ah, the order out is there a reminder of all top stories? jen is he has president, in fact, the justice and defense minister, the nighttime curfew has been extended and gatherings have been limited on sunday, he dismissed the prime minister and put a freeze on parliament and us secretary of state and to the blanket has urged that you need the president to respect democracy and a phone call. he asked high fight to maintain dialogue. and so as the leaders of north and south korea of agreed to restore communications channels and improve relations, the agreement follows the exchange of several letters between south free and president moon j n. a north korean leader kim john in the middle of its worst economic
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crisis in modern history. lebanon's parliament has chosen a billionaire. as the new prime minister designate veteran politician g mcafee is a business man who has been prime minister twice before is probably the thing to fav lebanon from its crippling financial crisis. but critics of previously accused him of cronyism and of getting rich by questionable means that's a charge he denies chicata for a while. when asked why thank his excellency the president. i'd like also to thank all the members of parliament. and i wished to cooperate with those who did and did not, and they me to find the necessary solutions. it's vital as with the constitution together, the m p 's confidence but also real life. i want to get the confidence and trust of the people and of every single men and women, because i don't have a magic one and i cannot create wonders on my own. the difficult present,
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joe biden says the u. s. will no longer have a combat mission in iraq. by the end of the year, buttons been hosting a rocky prime minister must have caught me at the white house. he says the us will continue counterterrorism cooperation, where the rocky troops and families in the syrian city of rocha are living in ruins and di conditions for years after was recaptured. from eiffel reports from save, the children says there's limited access to electricity and clean water leading to an increase of waterborne diseases. rucker was the self proclaimed capital of eiffel. have good luck to you before the war. life was good, but then war started and armed groups came and stopped us from going to school. danny, i studied till 2nd grade and then school was no longer open as they turned it into an armed group. they had a 112 years old and i'm supposed to be finishing 6th grade. but because of the war,
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i am still in the 2nd grade. as with the fighting, i forgot what i learned, that the united kingdom is carrying out its most expensive naval deployment. in a generation, the aircraft carrier, h m. s. queen elizabeth is being accompanied by a flotilla of navy ships and its presence in disputed parts of the south. china sea is causing concern florence louis reports from carlinville the british navy biggest and most powerful war ship. the h m, as queen elizabeth aircraft, carrier is leading up the tiller of navy ships on its maiden deployment. it's the largest concentration of british and maritime power in years. prime minister boys, johnson says that deployment will help to strengthen british soft power such as belief in democracy. and the rule of law. analysts say, joe politics is at play. it's also doing it because their attention is over taiwan
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and britain like the you and other major powers have an interest in not seeing that become an armed conflict. and so they have to demonstrate that their country is willing to stand up against the use of force against it. and i also feel that early signals of the biden administration, that britain is a player, an ally, no longer trapped in europe, but able to act independently. the tiller is expected to sail through the south china sea. a large part of which china has laid claim to part of its mission is to demonstrate freedom of navigation in the south china. the chinese government sees this as a provocation. in recent years, it has increased its military spending and grown more assertive in its claims over the south china sea. i mentioned already, height them seems to be in when china begin island building activities in the south trying to see what i'm worried now is that we've the collection of so many military
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s as in this region. that's going to be the higher chance of miscalculation the u. haul recently announced it were permanently deployed to war ships in asian waters after the so tell us hail to japan in september, the deployment is part of the british government tilt towards the endo pacific. much like the u. s. pivot to asia on the former us president brock obama. it's his in part a response to china's growing influence. and that's makes the south china sea more of a potential flashpoint. florence louis al jazeera qualify for view and climate. she says, well, needs to change course urgently to get global warming under control. that's a scientist for more than $200.00 countries meet virtually to finalize. what's considered the world's most important climate study? it comes amid weeks of record, floods, drought heat waves across 3 confidence. now the i p c. c report is expected to
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influence the direction of global policy. when will lead as meet in goals in november. and a large wall fire is tearing his way through northern california and has become more dangerous. dixie is the largest of the fires burning in the state right now. it's merged with another one nearby it. it had already in federated large parts of woodland and taken down power lines in the north of sacramento. dixie is now so large, it's creating its own weather, pardon, which could lead to lightning storms and more fires this year is going to be the worst wildfire zone record. it used to be something we, we kind of almost choked about. it's not anymore because it actually is becoming that way. we're seeing almost every year. this is the biggest fire in california history. this is the biggest fire in california history. one of haiti's, most notorious gang leaders, has rallied more than
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a 1000 demonstrators to honor. busy assassinated president, german mois. the crowd gathered in the seaside slum near porter print. at the call of former please of jimmy teresa. he leads genoing a federation of gangs which has been blame for spike in violence and kidnappings. in recent month, he told everyone to wait for his order before responding, told me to moses killer and one of the most important dates. a cube is revolutionary calendar is being quietly marked to share against the backdrop of the pandemic and recent last anti government protest. it's the $68.00 that of history of the cuban revolution. but as lucy newman reports, there's little to celebrate this year. for the 1st time in 6 decades, there were no national abrasions to mon cubis, most important revolutionary holiday. only posters, a former president, fidel castro, leading to the need for national unity. july 26, march the anniversary of the 1953 attack on the government to barracks that
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eventually led to the overthrow of cuba as former by peace, the dictatorship authorities of cancel, the usual committee celebrations, blaming a severe spike in 19 infections and death but this month, unprecedented anti government protest, also a factor. i will probably try to hold and there are many young people that didn't lived through what i lived, who've seen better times. they want to live better, given the propaganda, the enemy politics has like dots. their reports of hundreds of so called counter revolution, detained and being held in prison throughout the island. over the weekend, the government confirmed the 1060 protests had been sentenced in summary, tries accused of inciting public disorder. one of them was an artist and yellow troy, yet whose mother had been salish says of her son and
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a dozen others was sentenced to a one year prison term without a lawyer present. yeah, me hold on that. i'm on a bit of a mason. my son raised his hand and told the judge that he had the right to an attorney, he had the right to be defended and that he had not been given. the opportunity was very angry. and then they immediately came up to him and i said, please shut up, please shut up. then they put the handcuffs on him. those kind opposition lawyer was now living in canada. says he's trying to silence the voice of defending it. they are trying to eliminate all the facts, all the arguments that again a speech or that can be said in no position to the what the government is doing right now. that's why they are trying to maintain lawyers out of the process. meanwhile, hundreds of cuban americans supporting the protesters in cuba, most the july 26 anniversary in front of the white house. but on the streets of
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cuba, capital demonstrations of any kind or conspicuously absent sea and human jazeera, russia looked access to alexi, nevada. these anti corruption fund and other websites linked to the job of position leader there among the fortino and website restricted after prosecutors said they were being used for propaganda by extremis groups, nevada, having 2 and a half years on fraud charges, which he denies members and sponsors of navarro, and these organizations are banned from running and parliamentary elections by september. and the president of the philippines has delivered his 6th and final state of the nation address. rodrigo detect spoke about his administration's achievements, while thousands protested in the streets. that's as the country continues to bartlett's way out of the pandemic, and its economic hardships. gyla gollindo got reports from manila resident rodrigo
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rolla, that it was almost inevitable. he didn't want to be, you would be good. the 3rd is last seat of the nation address. as president of the philippines, it was going to be his longest, but for 2 hours and 45 minutes, he's focused on compensation for the military and the police increased pensions for government workers and his administration shift in foreign policy partnership from traditional allies to like the united states building closer relations with china and he knew he would be criticized. i did that sub d abouts, and neither did i hello criticisms. however, in then jump in my determination and initiatives because my boss was bueller and unbelief. but
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he quickly fear doc quint cursing and altering lines that have been an almost guaranteed steeple in his previous state of the nation. speeches, especially when he talks about this fight against insurgencies. if you will see them walking around kindly shoot them dead, we will be happy for his supporters. this last speech is celebrated with nostalgia . but for the thousands of protesters who took to the streets, the end of his term just get come soon enough. i may not be there too, promised, and president did change when he became president in 2016, but many of his promises remain unsolved. in the past, the president rodrigo did that. they often said that he is reluctant to pay in power, but over the past few weeks, he admits these seriously considering to run for the vice presidency hoping to be
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immune from cases he will most likely face when he steps down from office. in napa towards the end of his speech to tear to said he would have to stop talking soon because he needed to go to the bathroom. as if on cue, the crowd in congress laughed at an irreverent president. they still continue to support. what's the big deal? the state of the nation speeches and, and we'll report cards of an administration achievement to the filipino public sometime. it also highlights it's an adequacy. jamaila. jazeera miller. ah, me does one. it's 1st had a gold medal of the limpid games in tokyo. 33 year old flora duffy, one the men women's triathlon. off the dominating the running leg of the race they need is premier said duffy, he may be an entire island. proud. duffy is the british,
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tertiary 2nd ever olympic medalist and is taken 97 years. but the philippines finally won their 1st olympic gold medal hill in diaz won the women's 55 category weight lifting competition. she secured the victory on a final left with a total of 224 kilograms. she was a silver med list of the rio games in 2016. that was her country's 1st appearance on olympic podium for 20 years. ah. nice the top stories, jenny is present a sack for justice and defense ministers. a nighttime curfew has been extended and gatherings have been limited on sunday. he dismissed the prime minister and put a freeze on parliament. x ray of state entity blinkin has urged the units in.


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