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said, well, i'm tending his family's land, the most important thing that club is brought to my mind. you actually start doing this hector mcgovern, the music man, mice and bob, we own our just the euro. ah, the term on the president says among one curfew a day after firing the prime minister, suspending haldeman. ah, i've been wrong. com. this is their life and also coming up lebanon's, parliament uses a billionaire to form the next government as it battles its worst economic crisis in a 150 years. a quiet revolution. cuba marks when most important dates and political
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calendar without the usual fans. busy i'm going to tell you which countries just one of the 1st gold medals and then pick history ah junior is facing it's worth crisis in a decade of democracy after president ty site sees control and dismiss prime minister his mission. the president imposed a nationwide at nighttime curfew for a month, and the armies on the streets side is also remove. the defense minister and the acting justice minister out there is bureau in tunis has also been rated by security forces. and these journalists have been bought from their office and the army has stopped to parliament speaker from getting into the building to hold a meeting. he's accused the president of staging a q, but sky side says he's following the constitution. his and his actions were necessary after a day a violent protest over chinese is economic crisis and the handling of the pandemic,
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lower bed and manly reports, the 2 nicea parliament suspended for a month, demonstrators rival camps from different sides of the political divide have been protesting outside the saba and go spilling over into violence. once again, the country is in turmoil. on sunday, people took the streets in several cities in mass, anti government protest. less than 24 hours later president case said, made a bow decision. he froze parliament and out the prime minister, hitch emma chichi, a dash. i find it surprising how some people are talking about a so called cou, i have followed the constitution, the conditions were met. and among these conditions that were procedural terms and then all of these conditions were respected. i've been invited the prime minister
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that i have dismissed and informed him. then i call the house speaker. and i told him that i will be resorting to article 80 of the constitution after which i declared the exceptional measures and the presence of permanent danger. and you said, my son is 78, but there was no constitutional court to decide whether the move for legal under article 80 on the street tennis in the calling for change. many fed up with the boot who cellmates and economy in crisis, high unemployment rates. and the mishandling the pandemic, the party which holds most seats and parliament, has recently pull the brunt of their anger. we have this political crisis. mitch was conscious that we have indonesia have 100 people dying every day from grown and buyers. and then we have also a huge economy crisis. so you could kind of excuse me because you know,
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are exhausted. they are scared and nobody knows exactly where we are heading. in the political tom or civil rest security forces stormed without wines. the offices of al jazeera in tunis, unexposed stuff. what they closed the office without providing any reason. a group of men came in wearing security in civilian clothes. they broke into the office and took the keys and said, they weren't instructions. a spoke spencer, you inspector general gave his reactions were dismayed by these reports. and we hope that all reporters, including the ones that al jazeera will be able to go about their work without harassment. and we want to make sure that that as we have the situation on the ground in tunisia, that press freedoms are respected. with the fear that if you could slide back into
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a full revolt, similar to the 2011 jasmine revolution, the e u and the u. s. a. calling for com and the un is following the situation closely . bought a decade home from the revolt. the brought democracy to museums, a defined is and what direction that country should take lower. but among the out of there are there's been international condemnation of the force closer to their offices. reporters without boot is says, it denounces the action inch unison by security forces and cause on the authorities to respect press, freedom, and pluralism. and the international press institute says the right on i was is, there is office is a gross, a violation of press freedom. and an act of intimidation to sons independent media . us secretary of state entity blinkin as urge that union president to respect democracy in a phone call he off site to maintain dialogue with all sides. earlier white house press secretary jen fecky is struck
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a similar tone. we are concerned about the developments in tunisia which come as a chinese authorities are seeking to stabilize their economy in frontier resurgence in the coven. 19 pandemic, and improved living standards for all tunisians. we are in touch at the senior level for both the white house and the state department with denise and leaders to learn more about the situation. urge. com and support tunisian efforts to move forward in line with democratic principles. and hardy jo castro has moved from washington dc. those developments are under close watched by the us and today and a phone call between us state departments. secretary antony blinkin and the president of tunisia, lincoln told side that he should adhere to the principles of democracy and human rights. and said that open dialogue was needed between all political actors and the technician people. lincoln follow that up with a tweet, saying that this was
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a good phone call and that he was able to express his support for to easy as democracy. now the us has been hesitant to call this a coo, why, how spokeswoman said that a thorough legal analysis would 1st be required, but that if this is determined to be a qu, then you as a to, to need, you could be on the line that totaled $1400000000.00 since the countries revolution in 2011 much of that money going toward the military and security expenses. let's bringing david mack also in washington dc. he served as a former u. s. deputy chief of mission and schunover uneasily. and then buffer for the u e. he joins us live via zoom. david, let me just put a working theory to you. consider this a qu, if you're part of the elite, if you're part of the rich of chinese. yeah. but if you're part of the people outside of the big cities and you're poor and you're living in the countryside,
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you consider this a decisive step in the right direction. well, there are a couple of things involved here in ron. and i think you did a good job in your, in laying the story out of quoting both white house spokeswoman jim saki and the state department with the emphasis they have placed on protecting tunisian democracy. and that's very different from what president chrysler has decided. he has emphasized the provisions of the constitution and particularly article but article 80 is subject to a lot of conflicting interpretations by his rivals. and the number of them would not accept his interpretations, which sounded a little bit like a constitutional nit picking on his part. the fact is,
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the united states does support the general idea of democracy supports the idea that citizens should be able to gather as long as it's peaceful and definitely support press freedoms. so i think we see an emerging difference of perspective on the part of washington and present case said i read also what part of the speaker and the leader of the map, the party rushing the new she has have the say. and i would say he's played a pretty smart and has laid out his positions in the way. there was appeal to people in washington, including an indication of his willingness to have early elections for both the parliament and the president. if it's necessary to get matters back on track,
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what washington would very much like to see is the kind of cooperation between ideological re polarized elements that has occurred since 2011. i know both benji guy deception and russia gunner shoot. and i can tell you that these are 2 men were radically different ideological views. and yet they reached compromises. good enabled them to name a prime minister would set up a government to carry on the business of trying to help to nations get back on their feet small. that would it would be really important here. present said, can show a willingness to have the same kind of cooperation that he's not showing any kind
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of willingness. is he? this is the problem. he's just fact the defense minister, the acting justice minister. and he's not showing anything. i would agree and dis shows, i think the fact that he is a college profession, university resident, nothing against university professors is very interest fingers in that field. but he doesn't have the kind of practical political experience that people like best guard to except she had and enabled them to deal with the not cardi leadership. and you know, for a lot of people and not that may look like mohammed mercy in egypt or look like turkey. but i can tell you that on the scale of political movement, she is pretty moderate islam. it's
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a little bit late to lesion quibble, end of the christian democratic party in germany. if you want to make that kind of comparison, david mark, thank you very much. it was great to get your thoughts. all right, in the middle of its worst economic crisis in modern history, 11 on the parliament is chosen a billionaire. as a new prime minister designate veteran politician and the g, because he's a business man who's been in progress the twice before. he's probably the thing to save love not from his crippling financial crisis, but critics of previously accused of cronyism and getting rich by questionable means a charge. he denies chicata for a while had one asked me why thank his excellency the president. i'd like also to thank all the members of parliament i wished to cooperate with those who did and did not, and they me to find the mississippi solutions. it's vital as with the constitution
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together, m p 's confidence. but also real life. i want to get the confidence and trust of the people and of every single man and woman, because i don't have a magic one, and i cannot create one that is on my own. now, that holder has more from barriers. lebanon has a new prime minister machine, but me as the he received the majority of votes from parliamentarians. he is the 3rd prime minister to be nominated, appointed since august last year, when the government resigned in the wake of the baby with port explosion. it's still not clear whether or not he will be able to reach a deal with the president michelle, on, on forming a new cabinets his predecessors. 2 of them stepped aside after failing to form a government 11 on needs, a government in order to rescue the country because the economy has all the collapse, the currency has collapse, the state is close to bankruptcy, it is no longer able to import the medicine medical supplies fuel
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diesel fuel states, electricity provides power 2 hours a day. hospitals aren't able to cope because they need to run their generators and generators need diesel fuel. and the, the, the new governments will need to reach some sort of a bailout plan with the international monetary fund. because without that, the, they can, they're unable to start the economy. but so far, lebanon's politicians have been focused on their own personal interests and not the interest. in fact, the international community has been very frustrated with the political class. continuously criticizing them for not working for the interests of the state. and instead, having their eyes focused on the upcoming parliamentary elections next year. so the country now has a new prime minister, but whether or not he can form a government. it is still unclear. the united nations as least 57 people died after
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a migrant boat color cap sized of libya. it happened near the city homes on monday survivors say 20 women and 2 children are among those who lost their lives. woman weather has seen an increase in the number of migrants traveling to europe from libya. engine is here. fil a head on out there. a president joe biden knows his the future of us forces in iraq after a meeting with prime minister to me at the white house. i will tell you what's emerged in court as an ally at donald trump, faces charges of a legal lobbying on behalf of the us. i hello nice to see you. look at this video out of utah one to start the weather forecast with this. this is all the results of the north american monsoon. we see river levels as well, gushing water,
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carrying some of the debris. and if we look at the forecasts on tuesday, can see that monsoon rain popping up toward nevada, new mexico, utah, and also colorado. next to the u. s. calls states where it has been particularly wet as of late, i will see some intense rain through the florida panhandle. southern areas of the state, georgia into south carolina is wal, give you a wider look because here's what else we are tracing. a disturbance rolling through the great lakes that kicked, found the temperature and toronto to 23. when you consider just a 4 or 5 hour drive away in detroit, you're at 31 degrees. central america. we have some rain for the pacific coast of mexico. so that's going to impact that poco also some heavy rain for nicaragua, costa rica into panama, and we're tracing out this front and south america toward the south. look at that cool pool of air toward the north. we still got high temperatures, will go in for a closer look. this already kicked down the temperature and associates by half.
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eventually it will make its way to rio de janeiro. so you go from 31 degrees down to 17 by thursday. the new generation of young people and making demand to be balance society. welcome to generational change. a global theories attempt to understand and challenge the ideas that mobilize you around the world in london to activate tackling the root causes of youth violence. many young people dot perpetuated violence again of the young people themselves have also been victim multiple times. my generation can try me design and shape this generation change on al jazeera. ah,
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the me watching out. is there a reminder of our top stories this? our unity is present to the fact that justice and defense ministers, nighttime curfew has been extended and gatherings have been limited. on sunday, he dismissed the prime minister and put a freeze on parliament. us secretary of state antony blanket has the unit in present to respect democracy in a phone call. he said to maintain dialogue with both sides. lebanon's parliament has chosen billionaire. the g kathy, as its new prime minister designate, is the 3rd leader to be off the whole months in the bay route explained just under a year ago. and president joe biden says the u. s. will end its combat mission in iraq by the end of the buttons made the comments during a meeting with the iraqi promise that must have caught me at the white house. he says the us will continue its counter terrorism corporation with iraq and assist
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local troops. alan fish reports from the white house 18 years more than 4000 american lives. a war that divided one country devastated another. but in just one moment, at the white house, the president called for an end to us combat missions and iraq, our role in iraq. b as a dealing with not assessed to be available to continue to train to assist to help and to deal with isis, whereas is as right. iraqi prime minister says us trips are no longer needed to fight their battles, but their expertise and their support is america. they held their own together. we fight, such as, i'd like to thank the american people that we have all iraq. george
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w bush launched the board in iraq. the sultan baghdad brought shocking off a deadly attack aimed at removing saddam hussein from power. he had weapons of mass destruction was the argument, none whatever phone george bush declared mission accomplished in me. 2003. it was the fighting continued more american lives were a rocky lives were lost. i saw grew in strength in the area, a new enemy, a new challenge, a new fight. donald trump push hard against deisel, cutting its land, killing its leadership, reducing its influence. and then he cut trip numbers to $2500.00. i saw remains, the threat group killed 30 people when it bombed the bank. that market last week, jo biden's decision on combat missions in the us won't be leaving, but it's clear it's priorities lie elsewhere. i don't think any plausible reasonable policy y'all is ever going to be achievable by this crazy invasion. and so it's a matter of trying to find
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a reasonable way out of one of the worst foreign policy blunders in us history. filling curb side of afghan, a stan scaling back in iraq. joe biden is recalibrating us involvement in the region for the 1st time and more than 2 decades. he sees the biggest threat to us national security coming from cyber attacks and china. but he's been around a long time and you'll know that while he can scale back, he can fully take his eye off the middle east. allen fisher, i'll use it up at the white house, a former associate to present donald trump has denied allegations he secretly served as an agent of the united arab emirates, told us, brock says he'll prove his innocence in court. chris until him, he has more from outside the court house in new york. the judge and the court house behind me spent a lot of time looking for assurance, is that tom barrick, a wealthy businessman and long time associated a former president donald trump, would not flee the country while waiting for his trial. he asked
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a lot of questions, and tom barrack himself pleaded not guilty to the 7 charges against him that are related to violating us lobbying laws and obstructing justice, essentially lying to investigators who say that he was secretly trying to influence us foreign policy. while at the same time serving as the chairman of president thompson, now duration committee, essentially raising money for the president. at the same time, he was pushing the agenda. they say they allege of senior officials of the united arab emirates, as you'd expect, the system is working and it will take some time. but i think which will all find is the evidence will be absolutely. and concretely to prove that i'm a 100 percent. and now president trump himself has not been charged with any crime . he does remain the subject of several criminal and civil investigations here in
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the united states, one of which recently ensnared the chief financial officer of the trump organization who has been charged with criminal violations as wow, tom barrack had to put up $250000000.00 an asset to guarantee his next quarter parents. i should also mentioned to other people charged in connection with this. casey 27 year old business associate who worked for tom barrick, as well as a foreign national who has apparently left the country the leader of townsend. he is main opposition party has been charged with terrorism related crimes following his arrest on wednesday. freeman, m. bowie was detained ahead of a conference to demand a constitutional reforms. his party to dev is accusing the president some. yes. hello, who have fun of authoritarianism? the opposition says that the constitution should be changed to protect democracy. thousands of rallied and hungry over alleged illegal surveillance by the government
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. crowds held signs comparing the current, a government with its communists past the hungarian governments. accuse of using pegasus spyware to spy on critics. it was developed by his really company investigations by a group of media outlets. and i'm, i'm the international to just thousands of prominent people in dozens of countries have been targeted. now, sol says the leaders of north and south korea have agreed to restore communication channels and improve relations. the agreement comes after several letters were exchanged between south korean president mean j n and the north korean leader king joe and loons. office says that the communication channels between the 2 korea's were tested on tuesday and scientists for more than 200 countries on meeting virtually to finalize. what's considered the world's most important climate study into governmental panel on climate change is most detailed report on global heating in 8 years. it comes
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a made up weeks of reco, floods, droughts, and heat waves across 3 continents. the i p. c. c. report is expected to influence direction of global policy. well, mold lead is meet in glasgow in november to discuss climate issues. and a large wall fire is tearing its way through northern california and its become more dangerous. dixie is the largest of the wall fire burning in the state right now, and has now merged with another one nearby its already incarcerated large parts of woodland and taken down power lines in north of san clemente. now dixie is so large, its creates crazy as a weather pattern which could lead to lightning storms and more fires. this year is going to be the worst wildfire zone record. it used to be something we we kind of almost joked about. it's not anymore because it actually is becoming that way. we're seeing almost every year. this is the biggest fire in california history
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. this is the biggest fire in california history and some bad news. real bad news for coffee drink has the cost of the hope. beverage looks like it sets her eyes and it's all because of another extreme weather event. a 2nd week of crop, threatening frost in the talk for and help reduce a brazil as pushed up arabic. a coffee price is 26 years high. is the worst frost there since 1994 and is impacted 11 percent of coffee arabic of farms in the country. now brazil accounts were roughly 40 percent of the global coffee trade is okay. there's no coffee seedlings recovery will not be in 2 years. the market needs to be aware of that the situation is much more serious than it appears. and one of the most important dates on the cuban revolutionary calendar is being locked quietly this year. against the backdrop of the pandemic and recent math, anti government protest is the $68.00 anniversary of the cuban revolution. but as
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lucy and human reports, as little to celebrate this year. for the 1st time in 6 decades, there were no national abrasions to mon cubis. most important revolutionary holiday . only posters, a former president, fidel castro, leading to the need for national unity. july 26, march the anniversary of the 1953 attack on the move government to barracks that eventually led to the overthrow of cuba as former by peace, the dictatorship authorities of cancelled the usual liberal celebrations. blaming a severe spike in covey. 19 infections and death. but this month's unprecedented anti government protest. also a factor. i will probably try to hold and there are many young people that didn't lived through what i lived, who've seen better times. they want to live better, given the propaganda of the enemy. politics has like dots. their reports of
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hundreds of so called counter revolution, detained and being held in prison throughout the island. over the weekend, the government confirmed the 1060 protests as had been sentenced in summary trials accused of inciting public disorder. one of them was artists and yellow troy, yet whose mother in spanish chance of her son and it doesn't. others was sentenced to a one year prison term without a lawyer present. dami hold on that. i'm on a bit of a mason. my son raised his hand and told the judge that he had the right to an attorney, he had the right to be defended and that he had not been given. the opportunity was very angry. and then they immediately came up to him and i said, please shut up, please shut up. then they put the handcuffs on him. those kind opposition lawyer, lawyer was now living in canada. says he's trying to silence the voice of defending this. they are trying to eliminate all the facts, all your arguments that again,
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a speech or that can be said in no position to do what the government is doing right now. that's why they are trying to maintain lawyers out of the process. meanwhile, sunbridge and cuban american supporting the protesters in cuba, most the july 26 anniversary in front of the white house. what on the streets of cuba, capital, demonstrations of any kind or conspicuously absent sea and human, i'll just 0. ah, immune has one its 1st at a gold medal of the olympic games in turkey. 33 year old flora duffy, one the woman's triathlon off the dominating the competition during the running like the race. the media is premier offensive. congratulations. i the twitter saying duffy had made an entire island proud. she's the british island territory,
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2nd ever and pick medalist and he's taken 97 years. but the philippines, and finally of their 1st olympic gold medal hill in diaz won the women's 55 kilograms weight lifting competition. she secured the victory on her final left with a total of 224 kilograms. she was a silverman list in the real games in 2016, which was the time country's 1st country, 1st appearance on the limb, pig podium for 20 years on this out there. and these top stories, genesis president effect the justice and defense ministers, a nighttime curfew. has been extended and gatherings have been limited on sunday, he dismissed the prime minister and put a freeze on parliament. your secretary of state anthony blanket has urged.


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