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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2021 5:00am-5:30am AST

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what day says being collected, whereas it being stored highly re, looks at the limits of time and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face. target when tech to go viral. episode 3 of all hail the locked down. when i was 0, ah, few into news you have a day after the president sees is control fires, the prime minister and suspends parliament. awe about this, and this is a live from doe have also coming up was rising covered cases and around 30 percent of americans, unvaccinated. the white house refuses to ins panoramic travel restrictions. if you see them walking around kindly shield them. ending
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as he began, the philippines president stays true to form and its final state of the nation address. cuba remembers fidel castro's revolution, but celebrations are more muted than usual after recent political unrest. ah kennedy, a widely regarded as the only success story of the out of spring a decade ago is now facing its biggest political crisis. president chi said dismissed prime minister, he sent a message she late on sunday. now i'm a he, she says he's willing to hand over responsibility to whoever side chooses to replace him. the president is imposing a nationwide nighttime curfew for amongst the army is on the streets. president said, says he's fallen trinity is constitution, but he's being accused of a qu,
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said has also removed the defense minister and the acting justice minister. odyssey it is bureau, and tunis has been rated by security forces, and his journalists have been borrowed from the officers, the speaker of the parliament, as well as the deputy speaker and other leaders attempted to hold a meeting, but the army has stopped them getting into the parliament building, i said, stepped in after a day of violent protests, overton, easy as economic crisis, and the handling of corona virus. laura burton, money reports the to new jersey as parliament is suspended for a month. demonstrators, rival camps from different sides of the political divide have been protesting outside the mangas spilling over into violence. once again, the country is in turmoil. on sunday, people took the streets and several cities in mass, and the government protest less than 24 hours later,
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president case said, made a bold decision. he froze parliament and ousted prime minister, which i'm a teaching adoption. i find it surprising how some people are talking about a so called cou, i have followed the constitution, the conditions were met. and among these conditions, they were procedural terms and all of these conditions were respected. i've been invited the prime minister that i have dismissed and informed him that i call the house speaker. and i told him that i will be resorting to article 80 of the constitution after which i declared the exceptional measures and the presence of permanent danger. and you said, my son is 78, but there was no constitutional court to decide whether the move was legal under article 80 on the street tennesseans, a cooling for change. many fed up with a brutal cellmates and economy in crisis. high unemployment rates. and the
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mishandling the pandemic, the in the party, which holds moose seats and parliament has recently pull the brunt of their anger. we have this political crisis. mitch was conscious that we have ever had international, have 100 people dying every day from growing numbers. and then we have also a huge economy crisis. so at this point you could kind of just because people, you know, are exhausted, they are scared and nobody knows exactly where we are heading. need political time or civil rest. security forces stormed without a warrant. the offices of al jazeera in tunis, unexposed stuff. what they closed the office without providing any reason. a group of men came in wearing security in civilian clothes. they broke into the office and took the keys and said they were the instructions. a spoke spencer,
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you inspector general, gave his reactions were dismayed by the usa reports. and we hope that all reporters, including the ones that al jazeera will be able to go about their work without harassment. and we want to make sure that as we have the situation on the ground into nisha, that press freedoms are respected. with the fear that to this he could slide back into full revolt. similar to the 2011 jasmine revolution, the e u. n. a u. s. a calling for com and the un is following the situation closely. bought a decade home from the revolt, the brought democracy to his hands defied is direction that country should take lower, but among the al serra well, there's been international condemnation of the forest closure of all ages. it has offices reporters without borders. it says it denounces the action in units by security forces and calls on the authorities to respect press freedom and total ism
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international press institute says the raid on all diseases office is a gross violation of press freedom and an act of intimidation to silence independent media and i did jo castro's in washington, d. c. she has the u. s. s. reaction to the situation engineer. those developments are under close watch by the us and today and a phone call between us state departments. secretary antony blinkin and the president of tunisia, lincoln told sides that he should adhere to the principles of democracy and human rights. and said that open dialogue was needed between all political actors and the technician people. lincoln follow that up with a tweet, saying that this was a good phone call and that he was able to express his support for to easy as democracy. now the u. s. has been hesitant to call this a qu, whitehouse spokeswoman said that
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a thorough legal analysis would 1st be required. but that if this is determined to be a coo then us a to, to need, you could be on the line that totaled one point. $4000000000.00 since the countries revolution in 2011 much of that money going toward the military and security expenses. and how much i was joining us live on skype from washington d. c. he's a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university. it's good to have you with us and i'll just as old as mohammed and how he was just saying they're the u. s. is hesitant to call this a coo and there is a certain amount of confusion isn't there? because the president, on the one hand, is saying that the constitution allows him to take this action because the country as he sees it was in danger. and yet the opposition is saying no, he is interpreting it wrongly. and this is a qu, yes, the white house, for example, as well as the in other western cup not being able to
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determine what exactly whether we call it a call or something else. this conflicts, it, it seems to be because this is a crisis. it's neither a corrective action according to the portal. and i said neither it could. it's as if we have a copy paste example of what happened in the summer. so it's neither more, but it is a political crisis depending on the outcome of how the believe in me will respond in the midst of this prize and also the interaction between the parliament and the what is it going to see also it's still another question and i think also we need to focus more on the civilian military relations within us as well as with how what extent but this is going to say you will also consider it
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also another. anybody in which is what he likes to know inside the media. and how was that? i'm and the united nations for him and the caution him and not to call in the stop of made it. i've been doing this at this point of the only hope in the out on board with the just mean 340 ocean and the rest of the 40 of the out of 3. and it's under easy to understand, isn't it? why people would make the assumption that this is at least some sort of power grab because he's got rid of the prime minister. he's frozen the, the parliament, as we said, is also removed. the defense minister and the acting justice minister needs taken away the, the protections from prosecution that a lot of the politicians had. and of course we had be tracking down on the freedom of speed, but certainly tracking down on the offices of media organizations. was ingenious as well, it is very difficult not to regard this as having all the hallmarks of
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a qu. well, it depends on what we make of door specific articles in the canadian constitution, 80 versus 70. and i think that has been a lot of may think of things going around as far as it could be under was the title for the site is where the what the site and so for a 2nd, the problem and threes in the debate inside the house and also put in a they made them say, is this going to be something probationary transition of the one outcome and with you would open the whole process again, all this is going to be one man, one show in a way that the state is a me i am the state, so this is not a different. so now also another reason why we have discussed are there any
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cost, of course that would or that should oversee this argument. we went through all of the states between the president and the house of representatives. therefore, i think it's less so intensely thin in one way or the other. and i think i said have be my was a call yesterday, but we should take him by the oh, it is in the service to more than you can. and there was a lot of for way to say now, you know, but i think the next few days, probably by thursday or friday, i'm sure it would be something the case where they did with this process of blocking the native process and also kind of trying to become the new prime minister as well as the president of the i think the next 4 days are very critic and given us enough to indicate whether we should go to the call or this is just a decision that can be corrected and can be balanced within the context of
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the interaction also with the got to goes on, i think so there hasn't been one capital in the west. at least that has called the doc. by the way, things is exactly what, what is next on the, as in the office, i say near as we heard and report a lot about mandy's report earlier on, she was pointing out that this all stems from protests that traditions were coming out on the streets because of the way that the government to be handling to call the crisis because of the economic situation in june as the president has actually put an awful lot of pressure on himself, hasn't he? because essentially he's put himself right at the center of all of this and has essentially said, i'm the one that's going to fix this. so now all the technicians are going to be looking to him to do that. and if he doesn't do it, or he doesn't do it quickly enough, that's going to be a serious problem for listeners. definitely the implications of the court on
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infections. catching up with roses. and i say that he has been in the office for more than a year and they think also we have had a government waiting to be nominated for the summer for 3 months more. ready than that, so now the 1st day that would make it for break. so i don't want to jump to conclusions and call the school as if it's a minute. the full fledged goal and that set and ready now, visits in the you can say, now you're at the same time, i don't want to be don't want to be the significance of these measure. basically really did they have no parliament has no for the presentation. and everything is for the data that the hand of the this is something that is a lot of me, but at the same time, i rather call it a constitutional crisis depending on how the process is the,
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all the acts as well as the signal society will respond and also this, the between what the principal wants and what the rest of the museum hoping for somebody to take into consideration. and i think it's a matter of, you know, they really figured out, is it going to be a really and oriented to me, or it's going to be towards a kind of scenario. so i don't want to scare you. you know this, i'm, but let me open up more and let's get more reactions and i'm sure he can not got as much how much chicago we're going to have to leave it because unfortunately time is against us. but we do appreciate you being with us and i'll just, you know, thank you very much indeed. while in the middle of its worst economic crisis in modern history, lebanon's, parliament has chosen
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a billionaire. as the new prime minister designate veteran politician nigi mccarty is a businessman, who's been prime minister twice before. he's promising to save lebanon from its crippling financial crisis. but critics have previously accused him of cronyism. i'm getting rich by questionable means a charge he denies. united nation says at least $57.00 people died after a migrant boat capsized of libya. it happened near the city of comes on monday. survivors say 20 women and 2 children among those who lost their lives. warmer weather has seen an increase in the number of migrants traveling to europe from lydia and june. his ear still ahead on algebra. it's breaking the largest and most powerful worship of why the ancient nice elizabeth is heading the china sea. ah,
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ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello nights su up until recently it was a west coast of india getting lashed by the southwest monsoon. the danger zone now has shifted toward good rod east just on west much per dash. so, 120 millimeters nearly scooped up in good rats over the past 24 hours. and there's that. those darker colors, the more intense the rain is falling on tuesday. next, i do want to take you to me and mar, because we have also been lashed by the monsoon here. this is a 4th largest city in the country, 236 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours. that continues for southern areas of bangladesh and the west coast of me. i'm are in the forecast on tuesday, se asia, it's looking good across most of indonesia and also malaysia. but if i take you into the philippines,
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it has been particularly white. all of this influenced by the southwest monsoon for manila, and we know the mera keena river has swell to dangerous levels. about 3000 families of force from their homes. asia pacific were tracking out were info is going toward the west along the yangtze river valley. but also throwing a lot of rain toward the north and were looking for an apartment to make landfall toward northern areas of horseshoe on tuesday. tokyo will get some rain and went. sponsor cut on airways besieged by violent crime and drugs. confronted by racism and integration. era traces the history of 1st generation lebanese australians, exploring the conflict and the struggle for except once upon a time in punch bowl on our 0,
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i me, the the, me, you're watching all just a reminder, i tell stories, this is the as prime ministers as she's willing to hand over responsibility to whoever the president chooses to replace them. fish and machine was removed from the post late on sunday after violent protests, so that you can only crisis on the government handling of the time demick. she dismissal has triggered the countries worst political crisis and the out of spring revolution a decade ago. president case said is accused of carrying out a qu. he's a post a month long nationwide curfew lebanon's parliament has chosen
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a billionaire as a new prime minister, desiccant veteran, politician, nice. even mccarthy is promising to save lebanon from its crippling financial crisis. but critics have previously accused him of getting rich by questionable means to charge. he denies. in the white house is refusing to buckle under pressure to lift covered 1900 trouble restrictions for non americans. the delta variant appears to be spreading yet 3 out of 10 people in the u. s. haven't had the corona, virus vaccine. my county has more of this from washington dc. domestic trouble has returned to pre pad demick levels, but with the spread of the barrel and delta variance and the low rates of vaccination in many states, this has become a threat rather than a cause for celebration. despite pressure from the travel industry, the white house says existing restrictions on travel from abroad will be maintained
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. the more transmissible delta varying spreading, both here and around the world, driven by the delta various cases are rising here at home, particularly among those who are vaccinated. and appear likely to continue in the weeks ahead. in new york, a cobra 1900 vaccination will become mandatory for all the city. 3 150000 workers. for those who refuse, we'll have to wear masks when at work, and also be tested once a week in september. everything's going to come together. september is the pivot point of the recovery september is when many employers are bringing back a lot of their employee september is when school starts. full strengths. september is when people come back from the summer. september is when it will all happen. the greatest serge of infections is in states with the lowest rate, soft vaccination, and some districts are not waiting for spec guidance to take action. the city of saint louis and missouri is re introducing a mosque mandate, despite significant opposition from some elected officials masked to become
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a symbol of a political divide in our country. but they're not a bridge too far, as some might say, rather, they put the virus in the slow lane and give us time to get more people back to needed. and on the national level, more than 50 medical organizations have issued a joint statement saying a vaccine should be federally mandated for all health professionals. within hours of veteran affairs department became the 1st federal body to formally issue a vaccine mandate. or it's more than 800000 health care workers a sign the biden administration is prepared to flex its muscle in combating colbert 19, despite the real political risk of being accused of federal overreach. mike, hannah, i'll just 0 washington families in the same city of rock up are living in ruins and
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dire conditions for years after it was recaptured. from iso report from save, the children says there is limited access to attic tricity and clean water leading to an increase of waterborne diseases. rocca was the self proclaimed capital of ice on the latter kingdoms, carrying out his most extensive naval deployment in a generation aircraft carrier, h. m, as queen elizabeth as being accompanied by 6, while navy ships a submarine, 14 naval helicopters and a company of oil marines. but its presence especially in disputed parts of the south china sea, could lead to tensions with china. long sleeved reports from calling them for the british navy, the biggest and most powerful war ship. the h. m, as queen elizabeth aircraft, carrier is leading the tiller of navy ships on its maiden deployment, the largest concentration of british and maritime power. in years. prime minister
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boys, johnson says that deployment will help to strengthen british soft power, such as belief in democracy. and the rule of law analysts say, joe politics is at play. it's also doing it because their attention was over taiwan . and britain like the you and other major powers have an interest in not seeing that become an arm conflict. and so they have to demonstrate that there are countries willing to stand up against the use of force against it. and i also feel it says that early signals of the buying and ministration that britain is a player, an ally, no longer trapped in europe, but able to act independently. this will tiller is expected to sail through the south china sea. a large part of which china has laid claim to the part of its mission is to demonstrate freedom of navigation in the south china sea. the chinese government sees this as a provocation. in recent years,
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it has increased its military spending and grown more assertive in its claims over the south china sea. i mentioned already, height them seems to be in when china begin island building activities in the south trying to see what i'm worried now is that we've the collection of so many military ss in this region. that's going to be the higher chance of miscalculation the u. haul recently announced a will permanently deploy to war ships in asian waters after the so tell us sales to japan in september. the deployment is part of the british governments tilt towards the endo pacific, much like the u. s. pivot to asia and the former us president brock obama. it is in part a response to china's growing influence. and that's makes the south china sea more of a potential flashpoints. florence louis al jazeera qualify for the president of the
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philippines has delivered his 6th and final state of the nation address. diego detachment spoke about his administration's achievements, while thousands protested in the streets. the country still battling his way out of the panoramic and it's economic hardships, humana, and doug and reports from manila president rodrigo rolla, that it was almost inevitable if it wants to be you would be good. the 3rd is last seat of the nation address as president of the philippines. it was going to be his longest, but for 2 hours and 45 minutes, he's focused on compensations for the military and the police, increased pensions for government workers and his administration shift in foreign policy partnership from traditional allies like the united states building closer relations with china, and he knew he would be criticized. i did that sub. did that. and neither did i. lo,
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criticisms ho ever in then dump in my determination and initiatives because my boss was fewer and unbelief did. but he quickly fear dot quint cursing and altering lines that have been an almost guaranteed steeple in his previous state of the nation. speeches, especially when he talks about his fight against insurgencies. if you see them walking around kindly shoot them dead, we will be happy for his supporters. this last speech is celebrated with nostalgia . but for the thousands of protesters who took to the streets, the end of his term just get come soon enough. i may not be there to promised, and president did change when he became president in 2016,
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but many of his promises remain unfold. in the past, the president rodrigo did often said that he is reluctant to stay in power, but over the past few weeks, he admit fees seriously, considering to run for the vice presidency, hoping to be immune from cases he will most likely face when he steps down from office and towards the end of his speech do, terry said he would have to stop talking soon because he needed to go to the bathroom. as if on cue, the crowd in congress laughed at an irreverent president. they still continue to support. what's the big deal? the state of the nation speeches and, and we'll report cards and administration achievement to the filipino public. but sometimes it also highlights it's an adequacy jamaila dog, n g 0. mila, one of the most important dates on cuba is revolutionary calendar is be marked
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quietly this year, against the backdrop of the pandemic, can recent mass anti government protests. it's the 68th fan of our theory of the cuban revolution. but as the sea and human reports celebrations are muted. for the 1st time in 6 decades, there were no national abrasions to mon cubis, most important revolutionary holiday, only posters of former president fidel castro, looting to the need for national unity. july 26, march the anniversary of the 1953 attack on the government to barracks that eventually led to the overthrow of cubans. former but peace share. the storage ease of canceled, the usual can lead to some abrasions. blaming a severe spike in code 19 infections, and then put this month, unprecedented anti government protests. also a factor people got to hold and there are money,
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young people that didn't live through what i lived, who've seen better times. they want to live better, given the propaganda, the enemy politics has like that's their reports of hundreds of so called counting the mission, detained and being held in prison throughout the island. over the weekend, the government confirmed button 60 protest years had been sentenced in summary trials accused of inciting public disorder. one of them was artists and yellow troy . yeah. whose mother, rachel, and salish says that her son and it does, and others was sentenced to a one year prison term without a lawyer present me. hold on to them on the be me. so my son raised his hand and told the judge that he had the right to an attorney, he had the right to be defended and that he had not been given the opportunity. it was very angry. and then they immediately came up to him and i said, please shut up, please shut up. then they put the handcuffs on him. those gun opposition lawyer,
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lawyer viet up was now living in canada. says he's trying to silence the voice of defending this. they are trying to eliminate all the facts, all the arguments that again a speech or that can be said in a position to do what the government is doing right now. that's why they are trying to month, the lawyers out of the process. meanwhile, front bridge and cuban americans supporting the protesters in cuba. most the july 26th anniversary in front of the white house was on the streets of cuba, capital, demonstrations of any kind, conspicuously absent see, and human al jazeera. ah, this is all these are the top so it's chinese is prime minister says he's willing to hand over responsibility.


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