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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2021 1:30am-2:01am AST

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shane people were really geared up and pumped up, actually, you know, to welcome people from all over the world. but unfortunately, considering the very conservative nature of japanese were the most risk of boarding type of people in organization in the world. and for that reason, having another big wave of coven 19 coming through, especially it's very tight. it's also understandable that people are also backing off at the same time. fancy should have been keeping up to watch sports left to make what memories they can of vanilla picks that remain tantalizingly out of reach . and richardson al jazeera, tokyo ah timed off the top stories on al jazeera tenicia is facing its biggest political crisis since the 2011 jasmine revolution, which for democracy to the country. there have been clashes between supporters and the opponents of tennessee,
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as president factory ousted the prime minister and froze parliament on sunday. the government buildings have been blockaded by the army or president case said has imposed the nighttime curfew and ban traveled between cities and more than 3 people gathering on public roads or squares. he has denied accusations of a qu and says he is enforcing the constitution. the former prime minister, he shall, she, she says he will not be at the srp development and will hand over power to whomever the president chooses. meanwhile, security forces dressed in civilian clothing, stormed the offices of al jazeera in tunis. all fat foretold to turn off their phones and were then removed from the building. was closed the office without promising any reason. a group of security men came in in civilian clothes. they broke into the office and took the keys and said these were the instruction as i asked the legal justification, but they did not have it. and they said they were from the ministry of interior. we
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carried out their instructions, like they asked us, and my colleagues were prevented from taking their computers or other items that this procedure is arbitrary. fear is meant to bring us back to the previous measures that were against freedom of the press and freedom of expression. in other news, president joe biden says the us will end it's combat mission iraq, by the end of the year by then met iraqi prime minister move stuff. i've had the me at the white house. he says the u. s. will continue. it's counter terrorism cooperation with iraq. switching its role to advising and training iraqi forces. almost 10000 sued any families or emergency accommodation as floods devastated together the fridge and in the southeast. it's the only states affected, but officials expect other areas to be hit in the coming weeks. those are the top stories they with us witnesses next to more news from though and half an hour, and i'll see you tomorrow. thanks for watching. talk to al jazeera,
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we roam, did you want the un to take and who stopped you? we listen, see the whole infrastructure and being totally destroyed. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on our sierra. ah ben, i don't mind. i'm telling you that i know you are our video shawn meadows.
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look on the magazine then we need to create as we can. we have so many groups it all you gotta do if you love or well, but a little bit about that me
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and then i can i wish you know me on this last thing. some people in the globe, gang is fine, place people in the country. that's why it was somebody call me to buy so good
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as all the fish and all you seem to we want our manage was nice. yes. was it if you do a little on the on the glove which we have with the with the leg like the community. don't think you want to emphasize. i said, i'd ask you normal, if we know we will pass and we get, we take on do development, which we're not calling. if you please, our community, then go to the community, go kalima, you please. no problem. not because of the will no want to development. i got when i did get out anytime you got up, would you want me? i want get everything for me. so now what i thought it was, i found that i ended up on it by wood or bump woodland. so you just sent
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the event that they're going to me and then is, and i will hello will be back from the new google back. i did notice some these as a wednesday and then i decided i so okay, so that's that's and i hope i will let you know unless i i yes i mr. shane, this is no problem about if you want me to inform them. yes,
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i'll be able to inform them. i'm just wondering read all the people asking what's up on the board in self closing up at home. don't get an invitation of the club for that is d. c. and then we only allow. 5 6, monday will work out the going to go, what was it was there tell it's got to put another conflict, you know, in america what you know what another go what don't will not belong to them. 5 that was my hey, i was, i didn't and i got, i know i'm not him. i don't go vision by local. what do i see? i know by look i know i do,
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i me in my my one team. i've tried it again. that would be, i guess the answer to the issue of middle, about 2 or more, more than that. i mean go do some act without acting like you go out of the group association. and he said, my question of, he says we may do, he says 50. and as i said, thank one why one is i would not talk like money
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such as i gotta make because i'm an owner but and then i could come back and get it on the back. if you're not in a body to do what you've been doing that's coming up as well as you can make music 100 times. it all depends on what to make mister gwendolen. mister personally or to the money mister. because i know you discuss brit into talk. you know, listen to the, to talk, talk to you and talk. you get your me to you. i'm going, i think is all i say we go to the governor and get out of the meeting with us in the water. nobody did burger and discipline, but not to me. what is reminded me of what you don't can do. yes. if somebody will
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not know, desegregate what it does, it just does have to because i just missed the clean up again. if not to hear. and i will go to look in the loop that way you don't want to that's what the signal was when you get the welcome, it was small as a leg member of with those of love. thank you very much for your apology. very much . yeah, i don't want to do what i would want to everybody today i get to the list now. so we
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go and now us the names of people. there we go before travel decide that the following 6 will go to about sport. libya. the 1st boss in any what up or seen? i don't know. my call it a deputy manager john small child down by small chevy plumber i got in the executive board meeting. decide to to take on one sofa extra. i seem to know it was, you know,
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more made by the make when i way to go it will make when able to present a lot of work. i'm going to put a blessing on over. i wanna do things, don't have boxes for things. we have to go all the way in which you didn't leave that say, well, you know, we'd like to leave for the the room for sound, which i bet i may be careful. i will be in may when
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the the the in the the and everybody in the ah,
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oh, in i oh, i'd rather me, i am benjamin junior mazda is over several times so you have under elsewhere web developer will follow up so that you need to follow
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up with me i will be out with oh no problem. we actually have with us. all right. well
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we close to what you have it will know at avenue before i live very close to the to the beach like a rabid sense. contin. it's through a little bit and me shave where you guys can send them. i think it is going to going to be in the future the way. no, no, go ahead. well, you know,
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so you live and it only with the water. yeah. so that's always up and you know, we've got like it in me, you know, like as it does with that, you know, like my mom, she's the final and then i find out to the fast unless i have time to visit 1111 and then you know, up and she says they have what would have to live to get you if you need to sleep in terms of use
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me. ah ah, i need to make sure you get that coffee like wow, like that. so you got the quote
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in the got in with the so they would talk with them maybe moment to meet them out the go. what africa if you want it, it will get you what i mean. maybe you know more than happy for me, but if you live in gentlemen, i mean in general, when people are going to you got that idea, robert sport. i mean, you got a, we got a full, a work on the line and will love the point of stuffing and we want to start all passionate everyone. the stuffing is get is going every day and it's something that requires a lot of town and they're very few people that are wonderful stuffing. we want to fire without by 12,
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by 12.3 and our community people. today we are meeting 11 boy, you know, with your nick country and our follow up and we have no wrong or right in suffering . we know just how you doing. good for you. ah, i want to know what's going the it i oh, i see. okay, in order to be a member of a government that has the knowledge that is put in the country, be a member of the ice a. i said the benefit liberia, i've been receiving scholarship for the past 2 years on the eyes. the one is something i educative, i think, support that neutral food i've. we got him up. well, that's our plan. we need to get the $1007.00 library, several books or something like that. and the west african 7 association of
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something that we're going to try to unite the entire west africa. and i'd have it . and have you not as african separate the that was food is not going to be was waste because now weiss all the people that are living or the i've been dead and gone. and what, how was this all right? if they were, my people were having was all right, we're live here. my fin, the marine when, when it came to our sport, they brought on a bush. everybody wonderful me there ought to be. but if, when, when, if you're all wrong, grew up in a, just everybody want to be sure. one of our the one you think it was
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a new what it will be hot. now my boss where you live the yes. and they would carry you where your heart can you that what was there will be had a body will be how do we not time down going to the good job. if you are going to, you have on the what were many or found 11 were many, you won't go down by a dead. go to you. free on a former, gone by the now less will get you will get what her what a one year. 50. very ordinary life. that's i live yell abreast of johnson abroad in our life. with all these on can you think about john? read a. we don't know one of or no, or no, no, no, no, no, no, no knowledge on that way above us. already went johnson, our president, for the 20, when i saw it is doing what you know more of
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a now is very the money is no use, no use suffering when solving not gonna know whether will i be using it when you're in the room and you don't jump in the leg also, don't come on, you know the best of it and then ended return back in return in playing phone is going to continue to be 15 content to prefer you just believe the symbol and go to several possible minute
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as well. that's the ah, ah me i'm doing the
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it would be a long time to have you know, new orleans for well it will go back then. because if we have like slow because we know the advantage of what they get to know. this is what i know and it will cook some minutes of it. so when you call them, when you know i'm i see him when i find
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out that is to you know that so good. thank you. really. thank you, diana, who am i see, you know, please. like i was happy for go back to the news .
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ah, to fuel the dry change following the removal of robert mcguffey than bob way with the country, bringing with it one journalist set out to record the voice of the people. instead of telling people what to think, and that gives them a chance to speak for themselves and capture the haunting, not sure of the power and fragility of hope. born free witness on al jazeera. all this on the united states is ending its 20 year military present enough kind of done, but what it meant for the country. one of the one piece showcases new zealand trailblazing environmental policy, able to with the country of all credit bringing awareness to conservation. if it hit hard by the pandemic, can you hold the naming ceremonies for it? magnificent, giant witness showcase of award winning documentary that bring word issues into
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focus through human stories. with political and economic tension writing down be a head to the pope as a company to define the future august on a motorcycle. it's big news in libya, but staging car and bike rather, it comes with its own particular club, couldn't take part in the 2016 rally because we were fighting a war. and i'll just do a world travels to the libby and just to see how we can be a unifying pull water country. lydia. a rally for home on al jazeera were told technology can help tackle the spread of cov, at 19. but our tech solutions, the best solutions we are starting something that seems like it's in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring what date is being collected. whereas is being
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forward. holly re looked at the limits of the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face target when tech to go viral. episode 3 of all hail the locked down on al jazeera. the curfew engine is a day after the president sees is control fires, the prime minister. i'm suspense parliament. awe about this and this is all just alive from doha. also coming up a billionaire has been chosen as lebanon's next prime minister as a country struggles to find a way i can make melt done with the rising coven cases and around 30 percent of americans on.


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