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it is building as we head toward the balkans. look at some of these temperatures belgrade, 37 at serrano, 37 degrees and you know, for turkey. unfortunately, this is not the news. i want to share more heavy rounds of rain toward the black sea region in places that have already been impacted big time a by flooding there in the forecast on tuesday. and for africa we have heavy rain through sudan moving through chad into areas of northern nigeria into southern balis. so bama co hi of 30 degrees for you on tuesday with heavy rain in the forecast. the news the farmer finding harmony in pursuing his passions. my passions finding young and keeping cultural tradition and nurturing the musical islands as his community had been playing to dream music filled in money, money to outside world, tending his families land. the most important thing that coffee brought to my mind
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. i truly sketching doing this hector mcgovern, the music man, mice and bob, we own our just the euro. the latest news as it breaks agriculture production across the north nigeria, greens, a serial production about events to decline with detailed coverage that demands or not you've been made and ignored many times before or now that allowed a death because they say that situation, this much work from around the world and these external affairs, spokespersons is the government as follow in due process in the case and that authorities act against violation of law. ah a
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back is a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. there have been clashes between supporters and opponents of to museum president after re alford, the prime minister and froze parliament on sunday. buildings have been blockaded by the president case said has imposed a nighttime curfew and band travel between cities and more than 3 people gathering in public. he has denied accusations of a president. joe violence in the us will end this combat mission in iraq by the end of the year, but continue in counterterrorism operation spite and made the announcements at a meeting with the iraqi prime minister to be me at the white house at least at 57 migrants and refugees have drowned in a ship wreck of libya. they're both went down. not far from the town of coons. survivors told the us international organization for migration that 20 women and 2
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children were among those who died. that a weather in recent months has seen a rise in the number of lines went boats the parting libyan can easier for italy and other european countries in the middle of its worth. the economic crisis in modern history, lebanon's parliament has chosen a billionaire. as the new prime minister designate veteran politician and nat geo me, cathy scene on the left is a businessman who has been prime minister twice before. he's promising to save lebanon from its crippling financial crisis. but critics have previously accused them of cronyism, and getting rich by illicit means the charge that he denies. chicata. why had one? why thank his excellency the president john. i'd like also to thank all the members of parliament. i wished to cooperate with those who did and did not, and they me to find the necessary solutions. it's vital as with the constitution
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together, m p, 's confidence but also real life. i want to get the confidence and trust of the people and of every single man and woman, because i don't have a magic one, and i can not create one that is on my own difficult. st hotter has more on that story from baby lebanon has a new prime minister machine, but me as the he received the majority of votes from parliamentarians. he is the 3rd prime minister to be nominated, appointed since august last year, when the government resigned in the wake of the baby with port explosion. it's still not clear whether or not he will be able to reach a deal with the president, michelle, on forming a new cabinets his predecessors. 2 of them stepped aside after failing to form a government at 11 on needs, a government in order to rescue the country because the economy has all the collapse, the currency has collapse, the state is close to bankruptcy. it is no longer able to import medicine,
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medical supplies, fuel diesel fuel states, electricity provides power 2 hours a day. hospitals aren't able to cope because they need to run their generators and generators need diesel fuel. and the, the, the new government will need to reach some sort of a bailout plan with the international monetary fund. because without that, the, they can, they're unable to, to start the economy. but so far, lebanon's politicians have been focused on their own personal interests and not the interest. in fact, the international community has been very frustrated with the political class. continuously criticizing them for not working for the interests of the state. and instead, having their eyes focused on the upcoming parliamentary elections next year. so the country now has a new prime minister, but whether or not he can form a government, it is still unclear. let's go to the philippines now where the president has
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delivered his final state of the nation address rodrigo to terry. this spoke about his achievements, while thousands protested in the streets. jimmy ellen, doug and reports now from many residents, rodrigo rolla, that, that it was almost inevitable. he didn't want to be, you would be good. the 3rd is last to the nation address. as president of the philippines. it was going to be his longest. but for 2 hours and 45 minutes, his focus on compensations for the military and the police, increased pensions for government workers and his administration shift in foreign policy partnership from traditional allies like the united states, the building closer relations with china. and he knew he would be criticized. i did that sub them to do that. and i did. i hello criticisms. ho ever in then jump in my
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determination and initiatives because my boss was bueller and unbelief did. but he quickly fear dog gripped cursing and altering lines that have been an almost guaranteed steeple in his previous state of the nation. speeches, especially when he talks about this fight against insurgents fees. if you see them walking around kindly shoot them dead, we will be happy for his supporters. this last speech is celebrated with nostalgia . but for the thousands of protesters who took to the streets, the end of his term just get come soon enough. i mean, there are 2 promised unprecedented change when he became president in 2016, but many of his promises remain unfold. in the past,
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the president rodrigo did often said that he is reluctant to pay in power, but over the past few weeks, he admits the seriously considering to run for the vice presidency hoping to be immune from cases he will most likely phase when he steps down from office enough enough towards the end of his speech to tear to said he would have to stop talking soon. because he needed to go to the bathroom. as if on cue, the crowd in congress laughed at an irreverent president. they still continue to support. what's the big deal? the state of the nation speeches and, and we'll report cards of an administration achievement to the filipino public. but sometimes it also highlights it's an adequacy jamaila bargain, jazeera manila colleagues over lake st. avowedly se rushes internet watchdog to shut down his anti corruption website, as well as 48 websites of people and organizations affiliated with him. in june and
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russian court declared organisations linked to the kremlin critic extremists that move the outlaws. them, they've only was jailed for parole violations for missing of court appearance. why was she been treatment in germany for the nerve agent, novel chalk? one of his allies says this team has plans to sidestep the blocking. they are continuing to promote a so called smart voting for strategy to back the ruling united russia party, strongest opponents in every constituency in september as parliamentary election. very simon has officially been sworn in as canada's 1st indigenous governor, general simon and a new leader in former diplomat was accompanied by a traditional in you with drummer. as she made her way into the senate chamber for the 1st time, the swearing in ceremony was conducted in both english. and in fact,
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simon was chosen by prime minister just into the earlier this month to be the queen's representative in canada. her appointment follows the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves relief to belong to business children, forced to go to government funded residential schools. i am honored, humbled and ready to be canada's 1st indigenous governor general. i have heard from canadians who describe every new sense of possibility for our country, and hope that i can bring people together. a long time ally of former us president donald trump is pleaded not guilty to legal law being thomas barrack is charged with working as a foreign agent. on behalf of the united arab emirates, he entered his lead to 7 that criminal counts in a new court barrack chaired thompson, all gear fund that helped him get elected. it was left out on there last week while he awaits trials. one of haiti's most authorial gang leaders as the
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rallied hundreds of demonstrators to honor the assassinated president, driven in mice. crowd the crowd gathered in a seaside, slung, the porter prince and cheered the jimmy she res year. a former police officer, now known as barbecue. he leads g 9, a federation of 9 gangs, which has been blamed for a spike in violence and kidnappings. in recent months, he told everyone to wait for his orders before responding to moses killing. well, it's the $68.00 oliver, 3 of the start of the cuban revolution against us. back to dictator if we can see, but the stub but his this year there is no big official celebration. the government says an increase in covert cases for canceling plans. cuba reported the highest rate of infection per capita in latin america last week. the pandemic and us sanctions of cause the unequal on the spiral and shortages of basic goods leading
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to anti government protest earlier at this month. now there have been sharp war words during talks in china between the us they pursue secretary of state. when the sherman and their chinese counterpart, she fang, it started their session by accusing the us of creating an imaginary enemy to distract from domestic problems present. and joe biden has largely kept sanctions on china that were imposed by his predecessor, donald trump. adrian brown reports from hong kong. these were high level talks with low level expectations. a trip with none of the trappings of a state visit. the setting was not the capital beijing but a resort hotel in the nearby port city of t and jin. foreign media were kept it a distance, but chinese journalists were permitted on the premises. the fractious state of us, china relations was apparent as wendy sherman met china's vice foreign minister.
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she phung no smiles for the cameras, at least from her side. according to an official summary of his remarks, phung said the us should stop demonizing china and treating it as an imaginary enemy, and there were other demands too long i turned in may. we express strong dissatisfaction with the us regarding its wrong words and actions on issues such as the origins of cobra. 19 taiwan jones is on the hong kong and the south china sea. we demanded the us immediately stop interfering and try and internal affairs. you talk damaging chinese interest, stop stepping on red lines, and playing with fire, or engaging and provocation during talks with china's foreign minister, one ye, sherman says she stressed the u. s. commitment to healthy competition. the u. s. had expected candid talks and it seems to have got the final us ties under president joe biden appears bad now, as they were under his pre to assess
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a donald trump. the question now is whether in spite of all of this, a meeting is still possible between biden and china's president teaching thing possibly. on the sidelines of the g. 20 summit in rome. later this year, adrian brown al jazeera hong kong typhoon, in fact, has grounded planes, stopped trains, and continues to pose may him along china's east coast. the storm made its 2nd land fall on monday morning. a she's young province. strong winds and rain are battering villages across the coastal area and some 1500000 people have been moved to say for areas. most forms of transport have been suspended in the usually busy commercial. habersham guy were roads filled with water. almost $10000.00 sudanese families are in emergency accommodation as floods devastated together if region in
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the southeast it's the only state affected by the officials, expect other areas to be hit in the coming weeks, including the northern river nile state because of heavy rains in the field. and highlands environmentalists say that intensive agriculture has made the flooding worse this year. he but morgan has more now from gathering people. he was supposed to say that they've waited for at least a week for any kind of a to reach them. and they say that they've just started to see government response and it organizations pausing to deliver a just yesterday. and the situation is already dire. they saying that to begin with, they had very little and most of their properties have been washed away by the flash flood. now let's make it clear. it's not what's that coming from the rivers that have caused the flood. now these losses are coming from the european highlands due to heavy rent in the highlands. usually what happens is that these waters just slow down the, the mountains from if you're interested down and then into the river nile. but most
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of the draining system and most of the valleys and river ways are pathways that these was used to take, have been clogged by. they say waste materials as well as by farm lands. and so people have blog these they say for the interest. so the water was able to flow, and as a result, it had flooded into this district, this locality here and go out of state. a large wildfire tearing its way through northern california has become even more dangerous dixie, the largest of the fire is burning in the state right now has merged with another one. it had already incinerated large parts of woodland and taken down power lines in both county, which is north of sacramento and its now so big its creating its own weather pattern which could lead to lightning storms and more fires. and some bad news for coffee drinkers. the cost of their favorite hot beverage looks set to rise
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because of another extreme weather event. a 2nd week of crops threatening frosts in the top producer, a brazil. as pushed off a rabbit, a coffee prices to a 6 year high. it's the worst frost there since $994.00, and it's impacted 11 percent of coffee aerobic a farms in the country. brazil accounts for roughly 40 percent of the global coffee trade. toki, there's no coffee seedlings recovery will not be into years. the market needs to be aware of that the situation is much more serious than it appears. still ahead in this news hour, the british mountain biker, who went from the operating table to the top of the podium in jen love will have all the details coming up in sport. ah, ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah. okay, now here is gemma with the sport. thank you barbara. we start with one of the most anticipated races of the tokyo games. australia is the area on tit miss nicknamed the terminate that i'm for good reason. chase down defending champion and wild record holder, katie deducting to clinic to 400 meter freestyle gold. but it was a coach, dean buck, so he really grabbed the attention with his wild celebration. solving that victory is emotional reaction, unsurprisingly, gone viral. like i would not be here without him. so i think for him it was very exciting moment as well. and classic dane reaction. but the thing that made me quite emotional is actually seeing him watch my mental ceremony. he was crying and
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i was trying to contain contain the emotions that just to see how much it made his eye to 97 years. but the philippines finally have limpid gold battle. it was highland d as he won the women's 55 kilograms weight lifting competition. she secured victory on have final left to win with a total of 224 kilograms. she was a silver med list at the rear games in 2016, which was at the time a country's 1st appearance on on and then pick podium for 20 is not quite the same weight for british diver tom daily. but after fortress to the limpid games, he finally got his hands on a gold medal. he had up with mighty lee in the men's synchronized 10 meter platform to meet the favorites, china by left. but a point lee went to go then at the 1st attempt, it's been a long time coming today. you may say via the beijing game in 2008 when he was just 14 years old from the gold medal. been an incredible amount. you know, we put in all athletes in such hard work efforts,
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sacrifice and dedication into our performances and to be able to finally become a pick champion of the 20 years. and 4 attempts out it. it feels incredibly special . that was some daily husband celebrating the gold medal alongside the dailies mother . it was an error code for team g, b at the aquatic center, added p. c, powered to victory in the 100 meter restaurant final to become the 1st british method offend olympic. ty, so he's not lost over this distance in more than 7 years. he's been hailed out the successor to the most decorated olympian of all time michael phelps and fellow americans mer. caleb dressel is off the market. these games helping usa when the mens fall by 100 meter freestyle relay wrestles, also hoping to engage in 5 other events in tokyo. there were more gold medals of
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the whole nation. japan on monday, and finds public opinion. it may be warming to be lympics more than 70000000 people in the country. watch the opening ceremony. because 19 infection rates in the city were made high. and the richardson reports from tokyo, the official requests the people in japan see, watch the olympics at home. many at taking any chance they can to witness some action here, a cycling race that went outside official venues can get in my life, but they're not allowing fans. but this road raises happening where we can watch it outdoors. i thought this might be the last chance in my life to see the olympics and tokyo. thank you. as it always is, i never got to see the 1960 for tokyo olympics. i thought, well, this time i definitely have to see it too bad back. tate is a band. there's been a rush of feel good stories involving japanese athletes, including a gold for 13 year old skateboarder major nysha. and that's helping to lift online
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support for the games. the day before yesterday was the best day in the history of this the platform of the olympics. the day after was 20 percent more than the day after he was 20 percent more hired than what we had expected. so clearly the interest in the games is he's a, he's, he's booming. there were 16 new games related, copied 19 cases on monday, but organizes insist the athletes village is the most tested community in the world . the conflict in sentiments felt by many japanese people was reflected in a survey taken at the start of the games. nearly 90 percent were worried that the olympics would cause a search and infections, but more than 70 percent said, they were looking forward to watching it. this is a city with a rich sporting culture, but it's also one that still under a state of emergency, due to curve at 19 people were really geared up and pumped up. actually, you know, to welcome people from all over the world. but unfortunately,
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considering the very conservative nature of japanese were the most risk avoidant type of people in organization in the world. and for that reason, having another big wave of cobra, 1900 coming through, especially it is very type. it also understandable that people are also backing off at the same time. fancy should have been keeping up to watch sports left to make what memories they can of an elim picks that remain tantalizingly out of reach. and richardson, al jazeera, tokyo, some fans were allowed to attend the mountain bike competition, which was held about 2 hours away from take. and they would have seen at great britain's tom pitcock when gold he finished and 20 seconds clear of the field on the toughest course. and then pick history his when all the more impressive considering he was hit by a car. while training last month, i needed surgery on a broken collarbone. i can't really imagine what it's like the least this to be the goal for 4 years. i mean, this is kind of my goal was in the 8 months,
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9 months. one thing is incredible to every other thing is incredible. yes. finish and finish the journey and yeah, the emotions of kind of the relief, i guess the rational impact committee ended age as dominance of the men's gym, gnostics team event. they held off a late challenge from defending champions. japan, china, the time gold for the 1st time in 25 years. no way claimed it 1st and in pitt gold since london. 2012 thanks to christian blooming out in the trial. long after 1500 meters of swimming and 40 kilometer the cycling through and found break away during the 10 kilometer run to finish at a time of one hour, 45 minutes and 4 seconds. is that how the metal table looks off the day? 3 heist japan out in front with 8 golds that's one more than the united states. china, he was top now in said the russian olympic committee and for the head of great
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britain who surged out the table after winning those 3 goals we just told you about . on monday, germany's women's gymnastics team has chosen to wear full body suits to push back against the sexualization of female athletes. they competed in units hards, instead of the traditional more of eating leotard, one by other teams. they want to promote freedom of choice and encourage women. why? what makes them feel comfortable? these are the 1st picks since the us team, dr. larry nasa was sentenced to 176 years in prison, sexually abusing hundreds of gymnast. what we can do is to make sure that our coverage does not highlight or feature in any particular way. you know what people are wearing and whether these are the clothes that they are wearing. whether they highlight any particular elements of the body that have to do with studio thanks. so you will not seen our coverage. some things that we have
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been seen in the past, you know, with details and close out in the parts of the body are elements that really speak about sexuality or any other type of stereotyping of gender and origin. tinian fence that maria bell and her as we say, may have lost a match in the same competition. but it looks like she wouldn't be changing coaches anytime soon. as she was giving a post much interview after the defeat coach, hey, she's been dating for 17 years. how about the sign? which said, will you marry me please? and luckily for him, she said yes, this time. after previously knocking back his 1st proposal at 11 years ago, i love that story. i think it was safe to propose in public like that because you got less chance of being time down. eric and they that jim on not necessarily. thanks for his for now. that's it from me barbara sarah for this news hour, but i'm going to be back in just
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a few minutes with more of the use to join me. then bye bye. i news news, news, energy to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all around shape my technology and human ingenuity.
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we can make it work for you and your business. the story that need to be told find away and demand to be had opening the window into another light and challenging perception and personal endeavors in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey with new showcases, inspiring documentary, the change the word on al jazeera, he added to the fashion, the success and the popularity, and then he gave it all up for the love of his homeland football rebels. delves into the realm of footballing legend. rashid mac luthey for to the jury and national liberation front. with his feet,
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rashid mackenzie and the f. l. n. team. on al jazeera. there are some of the media stories of critical look at the global news media. on audi 0, government shut off access to social media. oh, i yeah. on edge after president said fires top government ministers and freezes parliament sparking accusations of a power grab. he is now imposed a nighttime curfew and band public gatherings but denies launching a cru. ah, hello barbara, are you watching al jazeera life from love that also coming up? president biden, and the racks prime minister seal an agreement formerly ending the us combat
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mission in iraq by the end of the year. the and why.


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