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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2021 12:00am-12:31am AST

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on its own but for some who are in the villages traversing one of the world's most dangerous way is a risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of the people as they get the all to survive. risking it all peruse on allergies era. the news this is al jazeera. ah hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the i'll just newer news our live from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes to easier on edge out. the president fires hope, government ministers and fries this parliament,
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sparking accusations of a power grab. he is now imposed at night time curfew and band public gatherings, but denies launching of qu, president biden and iraq's prime minister seal an agreement formerly ending the u. s. combat mission in iraq by the end of the year, and flooding devastates to dance, gathering region, leaving almost 10000 families in emergency accommodation. i'm devin ash, with fort brushed either tom daily ends, a long white limpid gold and wild celebrations from the cage of draining around fitness he wanted the 100 me to freestyle ah, kenesha is facing its biggest political crisis since the 2011 jasmine revolution, which brought democracy to the country president case said has imposed
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a nighttime curfew and band more than 3 people from gathering on public roads or squares. this after he froze parliament and fire, the key government figures sparking claims of a crew. of the 1st person to go was the prime minister. he show the she she from an after the leading party in parliament. so he says he will assume executive control with a new prime minister. also out on the defense minister abraham burton g. and the justice minister has not been the money. there have been clashes between supporters and opponents of the president outside government buildings which were blockaded by the army. the security forces also stormed al jazeera offices in tunis and expelled the staff. move that al jazeera has condemned as a troubling escalation. set a hide. it reports the gathered outside to parliament. now to service for
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a month demonstrated some different sides of the political divide, refuse to be once again to nivia in term, the support is the largest main bulk and not all angry at president quite side decision to sac the government including prime minister hisham the she she, as well as the justice and defense ministers, were paid by the president's choice to overthrow the constitution, which took place on the day the technicians people celebrated republic day, the republic through which the monarchy was overthrown. the water, the largest main block, and not all angry president clay site decision to sac the government including prime minister machine, parliament speaker. russia knew she and head of the party staging is sitting in his car, refusing to move until politicians are allowed back in. earlier. he called it a coo sent me not. these decisions have no basis in the constitution,
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nor in the law, and we are against them. because in short, it is against the constitution, a coup against the revolution and against public and private liberties in the country. the president meet misinterpretations that actually clashes with the reality on the announcement from president clay side came off the mass anti government protest in several cities. 2 at the last hope and the constitution does not allow the parliament to be dissolved, but it does not stand in the way of freezing all its work. i will set the 2nd decision as to lift the immunity of all members of parliament. and for those of whom a case is related to, i will take care over the public prosecution. put up with a political style made an economy in crisis. high unemployment rates on the mishandling of the pan demik denise is, are again calling for major change incentives. the both the president and parliament are elected by popular vote on the constitution. the president only
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overseas military and foreign affairs side says he will now govern alongside a new prime minister. i say the heavy presence of military and security forces in the capital tune is where the jasmine revolution promised to change the lives of millions of to a decade later and to new remains divided. and what the future holds for the country sort of hide. i'll just 0. well, as well as imposing an immediate nighttime curfew. the president has also banned the people moving between cities and vowed that any violent proposition will be met with force. but he insists that this is not a qu, mohammad valez coverage can easy extensively for al jazeera. he says, presidents the eat has imposed the measures out of fear of worsening unrest. of course, he has his own supporters in the street, but also there is a big chunk of the population that are against him on i've been,
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have been to demonstrating this morning. they represent from large blocks in the, in the, in the political class like another forest. and so he's, he's not taking that lightly. and the measure that he took his taken about, you know, the 4 beating. the gatherings on the phone is probably a way to block the possibility of more escalation of seeing his opponents filling the streets. because he doesn't know how to what extent that's that situation is going to escalate. i mean, looks like he's afraid of something serious because he has also removed his defense minister today. and that's unusual when you half the army, the streets and so on. and that the military is supposed to be protecting the constitution and the president. and he moves the defense minister in that particular moment. so base i, it is very concerned about the consequences of his actions. he has been explaining some of those actions today when he said that people have understood him wrong when,
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when they thought that he's, that he has stage a coup or can easiest form a president, one segment of key says supporters of k said might not realize they're supporting a new dictator, we have this political crisis and that's the worst process that we have ever had. indonesia, we have 100 people dying every day from corona virus, and then we have also a huge crisis. so this one, if you could kind of excuse me because people are exhausted, they are scared and nobody knows exactly where we are heading. i know this is not exactly what we would say, a wise man, and i'm afraid what his reaction the next few days when the face and the opposition growing from the bottom from the suicide. i don't know exactly what my main concern is. how was the army out there that the military would react?
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i know very closely this to me because i have the, i have been, have state 2 years though. i know the very well i know that they have protected lucian constitution at that time. and i do hope that they gave me this attitude. people expect them to not, from democracy, from the, from the ultimate effect is extremely disappointed. this is why for the moment some of the population, it's important, but they don't understand that. in fact, they are supporting the kato and this movie, it will never be able to make up the social problem. and because he was part of the system political system, i think he's responsible for,
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for the national government. well, president said has been in office since 2019 when he was elected as an independent social conservative, despite having little political experience and no party backing. he's a jurist who specialized in constitutional law and says article 80 of canisius constitution essentially gives him the power to push out the prime minister. well, according to the article, the president may take any measures necessary in the event of imminent danger that threatens the nation's institutions. security or independence, but it also states that before taking extraordinary action, the president must 1st consult the head of government and the speaker of the assembly. it states that after 30 days, the speaker may appeal to the constitutional court which can then determine if the president's actions were warranted and constitutional. well, william laurence is a professor of political science and international affairs of the american
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university. he says the actions taken by seed are not in line with the constitution . there is no mention of removing immunity for parliamentary and there's no mention of it take. ready over a full executive authority and firing administers all that improvisation by the president who is a constitutional expert, but doesn't even have a ph. d with sort of a low level lecturer at the university and is often portrayed as a constitutional scholar of some, some notes. but in all of his meetings today, people are coming and explaining the constitution. i'm sure it all remains to be seen how this can be turned around if it will be turned around. right now. you know, i've been talking to constitutional experts since yesterday, and no one really sees either that the constitution allows them to do this or that there's a way out except for a political negotiation. like we had during the crisis of 2013. while the dismissed
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prime minister, he shim machine, she had called for protests against his ousting. but he now says he will hand over responsible if he to whoever the president chooses to replace him. she. she released a statement saying he would not be at the srp development in the country and was ready to serve tenicia from any location. use rod her new. she is a spokesperson for in that that that's the biggest party into noisiest parliament. she is also the daughter of the speaker, she says the move is a power grab, it is a coo and this is how folks into the suspension of the rule of law, especially of democracy, a suspension of all the rights and freedoms and trying to the constitution or the freedom and gains for which to sacrifice so much over generations and over the last 10 years. and we are not ready to gain anything that will
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be undertaken by, by the president of police from the school is equal and against the constitution and will be rejected. and we continue to call on him to re both the great violation of the constitution and to restore democracy. and we cool on all supported of democracy and our international office to can firmly against the school and to support in it's in democracy because nothing justifies the suspension. optimal christie and this struction of the last hope in the region. while earlier security forces dressed as civilians, a storm, the algiers office in tunis and removed all staff from the building, al jazeera, as soon as bureau chiefs. lucy had g says they still don't know what will happen to
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them. what they closed the office without providing any reason. a group of security men came in in civilian clothes. they broke into the office and took the keys and said, these were the instructions. i asked for legal justification, but they did not have it. and they said they were from the ministry of interior. we carried out their instructions, like they asked us, and my colleagues were prevented from take in their computers or other items. that this procedure is arbitrary. fear is meant to bring us back to the previous measures that were against freedom of the press and freedom of expression. let's speak now with penny z and based activist marianne la honey. she joins me on the phone from neville. madam, thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera, you are an activist. you have been opposed to the handling of the government of various crises. for example, the way that covey has the no sir, to me, has skyrocketed, infections have skyrocketed into new z recently. so you were opposed to some of the
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actions of the government before sunday. how do you feel now? hi, barbara, thank you for, for having me. first of all, let me say again that what happens to me last night was cool and we can not be on the side of things that i'm local. would something that reaches a video and violates our rights. i can understand that people are frustrated with the current situation of hospitals would be going on like and social situation, but never seem to improve and portion of the top of that political scene. the sued by chaos at barnum, and that is almost paralyzed barnum. and then buried wire keep will keep impeding the work of the parliament. but at the same time, this will not make me support a decision was taken by the prison last night. so what do you plan to do now? because there is a curfew in place,
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any gathering of more than 3 people has been banned. and if you have any plans on how to act, to show your displeasure of what is going on, ok, basically the prison i sigh, you see all power. today there is no more separate, no more separation between the branch of power. and this could be asked to nothing but it's only 30 new. and it has already started using that in the day, the police thomas. i just did a bureau in geneva and expect joy from it today. some journalists and the capital calls were taken away from then you said the business and now it was you, i 7 and my business send you more than 3 people in the streets. so we are seeing our right of expression and somebody being violated and for all of our i and believe me, this is just the 1st day of post school to me. they said that we cannot live something worse than what we are already living. and i tell them all on the worst
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is yet to come, and there is no county that so prosperity, development, and well being on the back of the cool nothing. i think nothing grades can come from. and i know i'm actually in my opinion, what should happen now is that all political garcia should come together since most of the political parties left and rights have agreed that this is a cool and they are against what's happening. and i think that we should request an elections and the upcoming period, the parliament should remain functional because that's what the constitution say. and he said that his decision is suspending the parliament and dismissing the prime minister where based on article 8 the you, i can be on a very important think the parliament should keep keep working, interrupt you there. i mean, can, is, even before the events of sunday night was facing a cobit crisis,
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one of the worst rates of infections in the world, the economy is under enormous pressure corruption. the president himself used politicians of plundering the country. who do you blame for the situation and can easier be in the way it is now? and i guess the promises made in the 2011 jasmine revolution being effectively broken. certainly not lived up to ok. i'm not going to say the same sentence off. i mean everyone because at the 1st place i, i think that we as people, we take this consulate if the people who are now in power wait a democratically elected 2 years ago. if you will, as i said, there's a new overs keep on the elections. if you don't vote, and by the way to turn out and the last election was about 40 percent smokeless, you can tell me that you want to change the name. that's not democracy. shoot me that you want to, that's your choice. then this is not how democracy works. this is not the way to go
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about this about things. mariam, the hani, an activist, and write her a based in canoes. you're joining us on the phone from the madam. thank you. of coming up on this news hour from london, the un says a record number of afghan civilians were killed or injured. in the 1st half of this year, ty hospitals run out of beds to treat new cobit patients leaving some dying at home . and the japanese fans defying the rules to get a glimpse of the olympic games. we'll have more of that in sport. ah, president joe biden says the us will end its combat mission in iraq by the end of the year. biden made the comments as he met iraqi prime minister to fall cadina's
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at the white house. he says the us will continue. it's counter terrorism cooperation with iraq and continue to assist its troops. alan fisher reports from the white house 18 years more than 4000 american lives of war. that divided one country, devastated another. but in just one moment, at the white house, the president called for an end to us combat missions and iraq, our role in iraq. b as a dealing with not just to be available to continue to train, to assist to help and to deal with isis. whereas is as right, iraqi prime minister says us trips are no longer needed to fight their battles, but their expertise and their support is america. they sell their own. together we have quite a few as i'd like to thank the american people that we
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have all iraqi people george w bush launched award and iraq. the assault in baghdad brought shocking off a deadly attack in removing saddam hussein from power. he had weapons of master. was the argument. none. whatever phoned george bush declared mission accomplished in me. 2003. it was the fighting continued more american life were iraqi lies were lost. i saw grew in strength in the area, a new enemy, a new challenge, a new fight. donald trump push hard against deisel, cutting its land, killing its leadership, reducing its influence. and then he cut trip numbers to $2500.00. i saw remains the threat group killed 30 people when it bombed to baghdad market last week. jo biden's decision on combat missions in the us won't be leaving, but it's clear it's priorities lie elsewhere. i don't think any plausible reasonable policy y'all is ever going to be achievable by this crazy invasion. and
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so it's a matter of trying to find a reasonable way out of and one of the worst foreign policy blunders in us history . filling curb side of afghan, a stan scaling back in iraq. joe biden is recalibrating us involvement in the region for the 1st time in more than 2 decades. he sees the bigger threat to us national security coming from cyber attacks and china. but he's been around a long time and you'll know that while he can scale back, he can fully take his eye off the middle east. alan fisher, i'll do it at the white house. a record number of women and children were killed or injured in galveston in the 1st 6 months of this year. the un says 1659 civilians died between january and june and more than 3 and a half 1000 were injured. that's a 47 percent increase on the 1st half of last year, almost $2400.00 afghans were killed or injured in may in june,
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a low as foreign forces started withdrawing and the fighting intensified. sharla bellis reports from couple its been less than 3 months since mohammed nobody's daughter. ray han dykes. she was 16 and an identical triplet with his sisters in yellow or bray. her wanted to be a doctor, but she was killed in an attack at his school and may, i didn't know if i put him on one issue, the one what i was the 1st one to get to the bombing was really horrible. it's always on my mind. when i got there, it was chaos. there were screams, cries, and morning. there were father's picking up the daughters brothers picking up the sisters. the attack on say it all, she had a high school was cited as the worst incident and a new you in report telling civilian casualties and the 1st 6 months of this year no group has claimed responsibility for it. but right hon assisted has a message for her kilobytes. don't told your brothers or sisters
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because sir, you are also from this country, the bombing here and may kill the 85, mostly young school girls, and injured about 150. they are among 783 civilians killed and that's going to stop in just may and june. it is the highest number for those months since the us started keeping records 12 years ago. the you and also says a record number of women and children were killed or injured in afghanistan in the 1st 6 months of this year in dusty bouchee, the victims names have been painted in murals on the schools perimeter where they dies. they call the suiting those who are trying to learn knowledge. they killed in my message or in this part is dave that re asserting the just have one panel hand
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and no guns. no another thing, sir, in our hand to fight with. then i asked her in the games, do you think the pain will be stronger than the gun course curse. i believe in this the you in says if denise done is on course to witness its highest number of civilian casualties in a single year. but we need the parties to step back and away from the battlefield because otherwise we do think based on the data that and the figures and the record levels that we've seen the 1st 6 months of this year. that these will just keep increasing the now. so the family emphasize with the thousands of vaskins who's also buried in love one this year. but they cannot empathize with the perpetrators never amendment on that mobile russian. no,
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i cannot forgive them. my wife cannot re hon. his sister's cannot forgive. it's something unforgivable. he says after re hon, his death and his security worsens. the families looking to leave s canister, the you in is also worried saying is fighting loose rule areas into cities. the result could be catastrophic. charlotte bellis al jazeera cobble in the white house is refusing to buckle to pressure to ease travel restrictions cases . a rising driven by the delta vary and to yet 3 out of 10 americans have not had the vaccine. why cannot, has worn out from washington dc domestic trouble has returned to pre pandemic levels. but with the spread of the berlin delta variance and the low rates of
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vaccination in many states, this has become a threat rather than a cause for celebration. despite pressure from the travel industry, the white house says existing restrictions on travel from abroad will be maintained . the more transmissible delta varying spreading, both here and around the world, driven by the delta various cases are rising here at home, particularly among those who are unvaccinated, and appear likely to continue in the weeks ahead. in new york, a cobra 1900 vaccination will become and day 3 for all the city, 350000 workers. those who refuse will have to wear masks when at work, and also be tested once a week in september. everything's going to come together. september is the pivot point of the recovery september is when many employers are bringing back a lot of their employees september when school starts. full strengths, september is when people come back from the summer. september is when it will all happen. the greatest serge of infections is in states with the lowest rate self
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vaccination, and some districts are not waiting for space guidance to take action. the city of saint louis and missouri is re introducing a mosque mandate, despite significant opposition from some elected officials masked to become a symbol of a political divide in our country. but they're not a bridge too far. as some, i'd say, rather they put the virus in the slow lane and give us time to get more people back to needed. and on a national level, more than 50 medical organizations have issued a joint statement saying a vaccine should be federally mandated for all health professionals. with the knowledge that veteran affairs department became the 1st federal body to formally issue a vaccine mandate, or its more than 800000 health care workers, assign the bite and administration is prepared to flex its muscle in combating
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colbert 19. despite the real political risk of being accused of federal overreach, mckenna, i'll just 0 washington hospitals in the tie capital, bangkok are running out of beds to treat new cove at 1900 patients. south say they're having to discharge patients before they are completely recovered to free up space for the more severe cases. and there are reports that people have been dying at home because the i see use are completely full. within 15000 cases were reported on monday. that's the highest figure. since the pandemic began. lot more filter. com in this news hour, including it's back to the future for lebanon government, a billionaire business man has chosen his prime minister for the 3rd time. if you'll see them walking around kindly shield them, ending as he began, the philippine president stays true to form in his final state of the nation
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address. and then sport will show you how british and diverse tom daily and did his long wait for him pick, go. ah, hello, nice to see you son. severe thunderstorms gave us a deluge in london, and some spots of london reported about a 100 millimeters of rain in just a single hour. so you see water log streets like that. let's track where this energy is right now and where it's going. we see it hanging out toward the british shells. western france, the low countries, southern portions of scandinavia, the baltic states rate down into the elves, and particularly for the northern out. so i think that's where you're going to see some intense weather. same goes for later when you get into areas, bella. ruth, on tuesday, now it is smooth sailing. as we look toward spain,
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we've got some high temperature. it's here as wal cordoba, 38 degrees. you know where else heat is building. as we head toward the balkans, look at some of these temperature as belgrade 37 at serrano 37 degrees and you know, for turkey. unfortunately, this is not the news. i want to share more heavy rounds of rain toward the black sea region in places that have already been impacted big time a by flooding there in the forecast on tuesday. and for africa we have heavy rain through sudan moving through chad into areas of northern nigeria into southern bali . so bama co, a high of 30 degrees for you on tuesday with heavy rain in the forecast. ah, the farmer finding harmony in pursuing his passions. my passions finding young and keeping cultural tradition nurturing the musical islands if his community had been
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playing to dream music filled him monday morning, outside world and tending his family's lands. there must.


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