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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up for the love of his homeland football rebels. delves into the realm of footballing legend. rashid mac luthey for to the cheery and national liberation front. with his feet. rashid mackenzie, and the f. l. n. team on al jazeera ah, to news in turmoil after president said, fires hop, government ministers and freezes parliament sparking accusations of a power grab. he has now imposed the nighttime curfew and band public gatherings of more than 3 people. ah,
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hello barbara. so you're watching al jazeera life from london also coming up. president biden says the us will end it's combat mission in iraq. this year, as he meets iraq's prime minister, i will tell you why, despite their corona virus fears the japanese public may finally be warming to the tokyo ah, couldn't easier is facing its biggest political crisis since the 2 $1011.00 jasmine revolution, which broke them or proceed to the country. president k said has just imposed a nighttime curfew and band more than 3 people gathering on public roads or squares . this after he froze parliament and fired key government figures sparking claims of a crew. well, the 1st person to go was the prime minister. he shall miss she,
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she from alaska, the leading party in parliament said, says he will assume executive control with a new prime minister. also out on the defense minister sebra him, but g and the justice minister hasn't been sleeman. there had been clashes between supporters and opponents of the president outside government buildings which were blockaded by the army. the security forces also stormed the al jazeera offices in tunis and expelled the staff. move al jazeera has condemned as a troubling escalation. set a hide. it reports the gathered outside of parliament now to service for a month demonstrates it from different sides of the pity. school divides, refuse to lead. once again to nicea isn't the support is the largest main block and not all angry. at present quite side decision to sac, the government including prime minister, the she she,
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as well as the justice and defend ministers. were painfully the president's choice to overthrow the constitution, which took place on the day. the technicians people celebrated republic day, the republic through which the monarchy was overthrown. the was the largest main block and not all angry at president clay site decision to sac the government, including prime minister machine parliament speaker, russia. that notion, head of the party is staging, is sitting in his car, refusing to move until politicians are allowed back in. earlier. he called it a coo sent me not. these decisions have no basis in the constitution, nor in the law, and we are against them. because in short, it is against the constitution a coup against the revolution and against public and private liberties in the country. the president meet misinterpretations that actually clashes with the reality on the announcement from president clay side came off the mass,
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anti government protest in several cities at the store last night. and the constitution does not allow the parliament to be dissolved, but it does not stand in the way of freezing all its work. i will set the 2nd decision is to lift the immunity of all members of parliament. and for those of whom a case is related to, i will take care over the public prosecution with a political style made an economy in christ high unemployment rates on the mishandling of the pan demik is are again calling for major change incentives the both the president and parliament are elected by popular vote on the constitution. the president only overseas military and foreign affairs side says he will now govern alongside a new prime minister. i say the heavy presence of military and security forces in the capital tunis with adjustment revolution promise to change the lives
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of millions of a decade later. and it remains divided what the future holds for the country. so high to i'll just 0. i'm 0 mohammed. john has covered denise extensively for the channel. he's live for us now in doe has some home it tell us a little bit more about these latest announcements from the president, the curfew. and crucially, obviously the inability of people together now. well, barbara, it seems that these are the natural completion of his decisions yesterday night because he thought he probably, he realized the level of gravity of his decisions yesterday, according to the reactions from his opponents today, he has seen the demonstrations, of course, he has his own supporters in the streets, but also there is a big chunk of the population that are against him on have been, have been to demonstrating this morning. they represent from large blocks in the, in the, in the political class like another forest. and so he's,
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he's not taking that lightly and the measure that he took his taken about, you know, for meeting the gatherings on, on, is probably a way to block the possibility of more escalation of seeing his opponents filling the trees. because he doesn't know how to what extent that's, that's the tuition is going to escalate. and probably those parties are thinking of large turn out in the streets and he's going to show that he's decisions are not popular tenisha. so this is the natural way for him to, to, you know, block that thing. and also apparently he knows what we don't know about the situation. because those mrs are really drastic in the eyes of his opponents. and even from other observers, i mean, looks like he's afraid of something serious because he has also removed his defense minister today and thus unusual when you half the army, the streets and so on. and that the military is supposed to be protecting the
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constitution. and the president and he moves the defense minister in that particular moment. so base i, it is very concerned about the consequences of his actions. he has been explaining some of those actions today when he said that people have understood him wrong when, when they thought that he's, that he has stage a coup. and the moment just stepping away from the immediate politics right now, can you 0 was of course, still is facing a coven crisis, one of the worst infection rates in the world, and still very few people, relatively speaking, vaccinated. what is happening on that scale? while we're seeing the politics controlled and of course continuing demonstrations or at least until before the curfew. well, that's very interesting because, you know, when you look at the degree of the crisis, now that i mean that in this 24 hours, i mean, we have been talking about coffee. 19 pandemic reaching unbelievable
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proportions in indonesia. very dangerous proportions and how to talk about now we have moved into something very completely different. i mean, the question now into nisha, according to some of the sources, whether this is whether this is really the right, the right reaction to the, to the pandemic. i mean, the country is now very, i mean, everyone is not talking about the, find them any more. nobody is talking about the pandemic anymore. it's not going to be the solution. or is it a small, a smoke screen for people to distract them from this tuition to the health situation in the country? it's a very good question. i mean, nobody, you know, has the time to talk about coffee. 19, even though the tuition is completely completely out of control. absolutely, just a few days ago you were reporting on stampede, the vaccination centers and teenagers. obviously it is a critical le mohammed fall with the latest on that from the home. a home at the thank you. well, the man behind uneasy his latest political crisis is present. we've been hearing
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case said the 1st president, born after independence from france in 1956. he's office since winning the 2019 election said ran as an independent social conservative, despite having little political experience and no party backing. he's a jury's who specialized in constitutional law, serving for 5 years as the secretary general of the countries association of constitutional law. open easy as former president, msf murray, who keesa supporters of k said might not realize they're supporting a new dictator. having 100 people dying every day from corona virus and then we have also a huge crisis. so at this point you could kind of excuse me because people are exhausted. they are scared and nobody knows exactly where we are heading. i know this is not exactly what we would say, a wise man, and i'm afraid what his reaction the next few days for the moment
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some of the population is supporting the school. but they don't understand that. in fact, they are supporting you in decatur. and this is, it will never be able to make the social problem at all because he was part of the system political system. i think he's responsible for, for the government, the indonesia or use rock. well, she is a spokesperson for the enact a party. she's also the daughter of the parties leader, the parliamentary speaker, rashid knew she. she joins us live now. madam, thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. first of all, i'd like your reaction to the new announcement that we've had from the president. so a nighttime curfew just announced and also crucially, the banding of more than 3 people being able to meet in public roads and squares
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effectively binding any kinds of demonstration. what will you now do if you can't demonstrate they, like all previous announcements made by the by 5 or less any legal basis. they are agreed by a nation of the constitution that was approved unanimously by the 2014 . we reject the unconstitutional announcements and we welcome all the rejections that have come from most of the political party as well as some of your patients. and we call the changes in people to the call and vigilant, and you ready to defend the democracy. while speaking of defending democracy, what do you make of the role of the army? and all of this, especially seeing as the defense minister raheem pathology has actually been fired
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. yes, this pulls from from because this is a coo and this is how it unfolds it into the suspension of the rule of law, especially of democracy and suspension of all the rights and freedom and trying to the constitution. all the freedoms and gains for which tends to sacrifice so much over generations. and over the last 10 years. and we are not ready to abandon their game. do you feel arrests, potentially in the future? anything that will be undertaken by, by the president of police from the school is equal and against the constitution and will be rejected. and we continue to call on him to the great by a nation of the constitution and to restore democracy. and we cool on all supported
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of democracy and our international to can firmly against the school and to support in it's in democracy because nothing justifies the suspension. optimal christie and this struction of the last hope in the region. i mean, you've been using the word qu, you and your party since the event on sunday, there has been talk from other international actors, perhaps not using that word, but what would you want to see them do? now? this description is not used by and not by a number of prominent constitutional experts. there was a new basis for the announcement, including the article 80 which the president tried to appeal to for equal justification of the school of 18 does not provide for any suspension of the
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assembly or dismissal of the government. in fact, it requires that the assembly continued to be in the permanent session and which is why we keep an empty try to access parliament. and even without the parliament, it continues to be in prominence session and held a meeting on line and will continue to fulfill it. because because the announcements to is equal and voice user her knew she spokespersons for the enact the party and daughter of the party founder and parliamentary speaker, rashid her, knew she. madam, thank you for joining us. fisher. well, as we mentioned earlier, security forces dressed as civilians that stormed out there is office and to this and removed all staff from the building, ultra 0 as soon as bureau chief luthey had g says they still don't know what will happen to them. what they closed the office without providing any reason. a group
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of security men came in and in civilian clothes. they broke into the office and took the keys and said, these were the instructions. i asked the legal justification, but they did not have it. and they said they were from the ministry of interior. we carried out their instructions, like they asked us, and my colleagues were prevented from taking their computers or other items. this procedure is arbitrary, fear is going to bring us back to the previous measures that were against freedom of the press and freedom of expression. so to come in this half hour, the un says a record number of afghan civilians were killed or injured in the 1st half of this year. and flooding devastates to dance together, each region leading almost $10000.00 families in emergency accommodation. ah
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hello, nice to see you son. severe thunderstorms gave us a deluge in london, and some spots of london reported about a 100 millimeters of rain and just a single hour. so you see water log streets like that. let's track where this energy is right now and where it's going. we see it hanging out toward the british shells. western france, the boat countries, southern portions of scandinavia, the baltic states rate down into the elves, and particularly for the northern alps. i think that's where you're going to see some intense weather. same goes for lithuania into areas of bella. ruth, on tuesday. now it is smooth sailing. as we look toward spain, we've got some high temperatures here as well. cordoba 38 degrees. you know where else heat is building as we get toward the balkans. look at some of these temperature as belgrade 37 at serrano, 37 degrees and you know for turkey. unfortunately, this is not the news. i want to share more heavy rounds of rain toward the black
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sea region in places that have already been impacted big time a by flooding there in the forecast on tuesday. and for africa we have heavy rain through sudan moving through shad into areas of northern nigeria into southern balis. so bama co hi of 30 degrees for you on tuesday with heavy rain in the forecast. ah, the besieged by violent crime and drugs confronted by racism and integration 0 traces the history of such generation lebanese australians, exploring the conflict and the struggle for except once upon a time and punch bowls on al jazeera, i ah,
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ah, ah, ah, reminder now the top stories on al jazeera, there have been clashes between supporters and opponents of canoes. yes, president, after he ousted the prime minister and froze parliament on sunday, the government buildings have been blockaded by the army. president, case said has imposed a nighttime curfew in band travelled between cities and more than 3 people gathering in public. he has denied accusations of president joe biden says the u. s. will no longer have a combat mission in iraq by the end of the year by didn't made the comment as the medi rocky prime minister move stuff. i'll be me at the white house. he says the us
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will continue. it's counterterrorism cooperation with iraq and it's role will shift to advising and training the iraqi forces. alan fisher is live for us at the white house of the island. what else was said in the meeting? well, let me things now over. i can see that job. i'm no longer in the oval office. we knew this was coming. we suddenly had a telegraph. and the whole idea is that the u. s. will start dealing back is operation in iraq by the end of the year, the new more combat operations. you remember it was march 2003 that the war against saddam hussein was launch george w bush, donald rumsfeld and others tried to convince the world that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. none of course were found. it was in may 2003 that george bush then declared that mission accomplished in iraq. but of course, there's been another 18 years of american troops there more than 4000 american
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deaths, certainly many more iraqi deaths. and it was a war that divided public opinion here in the united states and devastated iraq. many people would say it caused a great deal of upset in the whole region itself, the prime minister himself. he said that when he was leaving rock, that it was clear that the iraqi forces no longer needed the us to fight this battle. but the still need them to help some important issues such as intelligence and training. and that is why around 200-2500 us troops will stay in iraq, but after 18 years of involvement in iraq, it was a very low key way that joe biden made the announcement. our role in iraq will be as a dealing with not just to be available to continue to train to assist to help and to deal with isis.
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whereas is as right, but we are not going to be brought in here in a competition. and alan, we're also in the final weeks of the u. s. withdrawal from afghanistan that you to happen fully in september. so what does this say really about us priorities? well, if you look at afghan, it's done and you look at the scale back in a right, you also look at the fact that joe biden plans to scale back operations at guantanamo be in cuba. the camp that has been used to all day teen ease, in many cases with a chart for almost 20 years. you can see that he is trying to step back from what many people would consider us with adventures in that region. over the last 20 years, suddenly, joe biden himself sees the middle east, not as the mean threat to the united states. he doesn't believe that terrorism coming out of that is the biggest threat, the u. s. spaces. instead, he believes it is cybersecurity, and also the growing rise of china. and that is where he would like to concentrate
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his focus. but your biden's been around washington for a very long time. 50 years. he was beside george w bush when he decided that he was going to go in to iraq to try and deal with saddam hussein in 2003. what he's a nice today is perhaps rowing a bit back on that. but he knows that while he may be scaling back operations in that region, it's not a region that can take his i o. l and fisher with the latest on that from the white house. allen, thank you. a record number of women and children were killed or injured in afghanistan in the 1st 6 months of this year. that you and says 1659 civilians died between january and june. and more than 3 and a half 1000 were injured. that's a 47 percent increase on the 1st half of last year. almost 2400 afghans were killed or injured in may in june alone, as foreign forces. it started withdrawing and fighting,
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intensified charlotte bellis reports from cobbled it's been less than 3 months since mohammed knows that his daughter re 100 dikes. she was 16 and an identical triplet with his sisters in yellow or bray her wanted to be a doctor. but she was killed in an attack at his school and may well enough off putting on was just what i was the 1st one to get to the bombing was really horrible. it's always on my mind. when i got there, it was chaos. they were screams, cries, and morning they were father's picking up their daughters brothers picking up the sisters on the attack on say it all. she had a high school was cited as the worst incident in a new you in report, tallying civilian casualties and the 1st 6 months of this year. no group has claimed responsibility for it, but very on a sister has a message for her killers. don't told your brothers or sisters
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because sir, you are also from this country. the bombing here in may killed 85, mostly young school girls and injured about 150. they are among 783 civilians killed in afghanistan and just may and june. it is the highest number for those months since the us started keeping records 12 years ago. the you and also says a record number of women and children were killed or injured in afghanistan in the 1st 6 months of this year in dusty bouchee, the victims names have been painted in murals on the schools perimeter where they dies. they call the suiting those who are trying to learn knowledge. they killed in my message or in this part is days that we as students the just have one pending
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and no, no. another thing, sir, in our hand to fight with them. i asked her in the games, do you think the pain will be stronger than the gun? course course. i believe in this the you in says if canister is on course to witness its highest number of civilian casualties in a single year. we need the parties to step back and away from the battlefield because otherwise we do think based on the data that and the figures and the record levels that we've seen of the 1st 6 months of this year. that these will just keep increasing the number of the family emphasize with the thousands of vaskins who's also buried a love one this year. but they cannot empathize with the perpetrators never. she's a limit on that mobile russian. no, i cannot forgive them. my wife cannot re hon. his sister's cannot forgive. it's
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something unforgivable. he says, after re hon, his death and his security worsens. the families looking to leave s canister, the you in is also worried saying is fighting loose rule areas into cities. the result could be catastrophic. charlotte bellis al jazeera cobble. almost 10000 sudanese families are an emergency accommodation as floods devastate together if region in the southeast. it's the only state affected, but officials expect other areas to be hit in the coming weeks, including the northern river nile state because of heavy rains in the e. c o. p in highlands. environmentalists say that intensive agriculture has made the flooding worse this year. and hospitals in the tie capital bank call are running out of beds to treat new cobit 900 patients. stop say they're having to discharge patients before they've completely recovered the free up space for more
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severe cases. and there are reports that people have been dying at home because i see use are completely full. more than 15000 cases were reported on monday. that's the highest figure. since the pandemic began. ah, they 3 of competition at the tokyo olympics has ended with the host nation, japan on top of the metals table. one of the 8 gold medals was 13 year old movie genie shia who won the 1st the lympics game board competition for women. the silver medalist race, elio from brazil is also 13. the bronze medalist japan's food in k. yeah. was the most senior person on the podium at 16? well, there are signs the japanese public also may be warming to the olympics. more than 70000000 of them watched the opening ceremony and the hosts, everybody's racked up several gold medals, but covert 19 infection rates in the city remain high and the richardson reports
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now from tokyo. the official requests the people in japan see, watch the olympics at home, many at taking any chance they can to witness some action. he's a cycling race that went outside official. venues can give me my last, but they're not allowing fans. but this road raises happening. where we can watch it outdoors. i thought this might be the last chance in my life to see the olympics in tokyo. thank you. i never got to see the 960 for tokyo olympics. i thought, well, this time i definitely have to see it too bad. that caters a band. there's been a rush of feel good stories involving japanese athletes, including a gold for 13 year old skateboarder major nysha. and that's helping to lift online support for the games. the day before yesterday was the best day in the history of good stuff platforms of the olympics. the day after was 20 percent more than the day after with 20 percent more higher than what we had expected. so clearly the
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interest in the games is he's a, he's booming. there were 16 new games related code, 19 cases on monday, but organizes insist the athletes village is the most tested community in the world . the conflict in sentiment spelt by many japanese people was reflected in a survey taken at the start of the games. nearly 90 percent were worried that the olympics would cause a search and inspections, but more than 70 percent said, they were looking forward to watching it. this is a city with a rich sporting culture, but it's also one that still under a state of emergency due to covet 19 people were really geared up and pumped up actually, you know, to welcome people from all over the world. but unfortunately, considering the very conservative nature of japanese were the most risk aborting type of people in organization in the world. and for that reason,
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having another big wave of cobra, 1900 coming through, especially it is very tight. it's also understandable that people are also backing off at the same time. fancy should have been keeping up to watch sports left to make what memories they can of an elim picks that remain tantalizingly out of reach . andy richardson, al jazeera, tokyo, and you can find that a lot more about the olympics on our website. very days al jazeera dot com. also, of course, the latest on the main story that we're following. the developments in ah and now the top stories on al jazeera tunisia is facing its biggest political crisis institute, $1011.00 jasmine revolution, which brought democracy to the country. there have been clashes between supporters and opponents of community of president have to re ousted the prime minister and
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froze parliament on sunday. govern buildings have also been blockaded by the army or president case said has.


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