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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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taken from their homes and executed under pressure, venezuela's, defense minister by the me to the armed forces were obliged to defend that country from irregular groups that added the human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated. the news the soon as he is president, thanks the defense and justice ministers to dismissing the prime minister pro and anti government demonstrators of clashed outside parliament and security forces storm out. is there a bureau in tunis or real stuff out of the building? ah, how many watching i was they were like my headquarters here in the hall also coming
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up levels that not, gee, but mac countries, the kills of majority to become prime minister designate, offering hope to a country struggling and economic crisis. also the human cost of the african conflict, the un says a record number of women and children are dying and fighting. ah, welcome to the program to 0 is facing its biggest political crisis since the 2011 revolution that introduced democracy on sunday night president chi saeed froze parliament. and as did the prime minister with the help of the army. here were the latest developments on monday, the president announced that he sank the defense and justice ministers and name replacements that were being clashes between rival campsite side government building blockaded by security forces. and those security forces have also still the offices of al jazeera in tunis and expelled the staff. the european union has
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called at all parties in tune as yet to respect the constitution, the rule of law, and to avoid violence. hire. it begins our coverage with this report. the gathered outside of parliament, now to service for a month demonstrated from different sides of the political divide, refuse to lead. once again to nicea isn't home on the support is the largest main book and not all angry at president quite side decision to sac the government including prime minister the she she as well as the justice and defend ministers, were paid by the president's choice to overthrow the constitution, which took place on the day, the technicians people celebrated republic day, the republic through which the monarchy was overthrown. the was the largest main block and not all angry at president clay site decision to sac the government, including prime minister machine parliament speaker, russia. that notion,
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head of the party staging is sitting in his car, refusing to move until politicians are allowed back in earlier. he called it a qu, sent me not. his decisions have no basis in the constitution, nor in the law, and we are against them. because in short, it is against the constitution against the revolution and against public and private liberties in the country. the president to meet misinterpretations actually clashes with the reality. the announcement from president clay side came off the mass, anti government protest in several cities at the store. last, the constitution does not allow the parliament to be dissolved, but it does not stand in the way of freezing all its work. i will set the 2nd decision to lift the immunity of all members of parliament and for those of whom a cases related i will take care over the public prosecution set up with
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a political, cellmates and economy in christ. hi, unemployment rates on the mishandling of the pan demik denise is are again calling for major change my partner with them for where we have come down today to resist this regime. they take our money and curse us. they have not done anything to the people, always fighting. it is enough. how can 9 ministers rule an entire country? we have starved and the people are lost. in tennessee, both the president and parliament are elected by popular vote on the constitution. the president, only overseas military and foreign affairs side says he will now govern alongside a new prime minister. i say the heavy presence of military and security forces in the capital tune is where the adjustment revolution promise to change the lives of millions of a decade later. and it remains divided what the future holds for the country. so
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the height of, i'll just 0, the sexman for the un secretary general gave his reaction to the raid on alger. there is offices in tunis were dismayed by these reports. and we hope that all reporters, including the ones that al jazeera will be able to go about their work without harassment. and we want to make sure that as we have the situation on the ground into nisha, that press freedoms are respected, closes their amidala, gave us the latest from tennis. there is, 1st of all speaking about what happens to you. there is a kind of an official sign and so far on who is responsible for the break into and they shut down. and for what reason? why a lot of the reaction from, from organization protect thing, the people of the press, the government headquarters right now. totally blow could by army checkpoints
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and no news yet about the prime minister mission mission. she was in the day why the president, the very fish moving to the international reaction got 30 point affairs to be called, or all the pointing party to reach an agreement with diana and you called avoiding elation and to maintain the ability in the country and also the ministry of germany to express concern over the political need and the same ability and they said, you know, they, they don't computers but have been as close to moment velo corresponded his cover 2 new extensively ma'am. there was a meeting we knew of between the president and the very strong unions that are
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always very influential in the politics of the country. what's the outcome of that meeting being this? so they made a statement after the meeting and apparently they are supportive between the lines and even, you know, by every means they have that statement supports the president. it is not criticize the measures the president took over the night. it called for every party to stick to the constitutional legality. no explanation of what they meant by that. considering that many should be, many sides have accused the president of violating the constitution. they also called for every fight to stay away from violence. they wanted the court on the president to stick to the deadline he gave of 30 days and should not extend the emergency measures beyond that. so i mean, the president came out stronger certainly from this meeting because of what the work questions about what, what the reaction of the, of those unions be they, they have a history of support and that isn't. and also the military,
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the military apparently are supporting the president, so he's come out stronger after hours of suspense, several hours of suspense. people didn't know what the situation was when he did not address phoenician. he hasn't yet done that. tunisia are waiting for the president to give some explanations for his actions and also lots of questions about the future. the next few days and a few. the next few weeks. those large blocks mike and not going to be marginalized for over. they have, they have a very huge presence in the parliament, normally, in a, in a, in a parliamentary democracy. they should have se, in the formation of the cabinet law didn't happen last year and not expected to happen. now, as the president has only consolidated his his powers further, i mean in many respects and according to many analysts, tunisia is not going into the right way of democracy under the president, reverse of some of his decisions and listen to all of the blocks in the in the,
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in the, in the political cloth moment. well, thanks very much for the update. while earlier we spoke to tennessee, a former president moles at missouri. he told us supporters of car site might not realize as supporting a new dictator. we have this political crisis and that's the worst process that we have ever had. international have 100 people dying every day from corona virus, and then we have also a huge crate. so this one, if you could kind of excuse me because people are exhausted, they are scared and nobody knows exactly where we are heading. i know this is not exactly what we would say, a wise man, and i'm afraid what his reaction the next few days when we faced the opposition growing from the bottom from the suicide. i don't know exactly what my main concern is, how to work with the army out there that the military would react. i know very closely
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this to me because i have been, have been in the head of state 2 years though. i know peter very well. i know that they have protected lucian constitution at that time and i do hope that they will get this attitude. people are expecting enough from the democracy from the from the problem. and that is extremely important. this is why, for the moment some of the population, it's important, but they don't understand that. in fact, they are supporting you in decatur. and this movie will never be able to make the social problem. and because he was part of the system political system, i think he's responsible for, for the government. well,
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following the stormy or the offices of val just or into this, we spent challenges there as soon as bureau chief, lucy, hunt g, about the situation not had that. and what's happened is a security forces stormed out. there is offices and tune is and asked the staff to leave. they prevented staff from even taking personal belongings. and they said that they represent the security services in tennessee. yeah, i asked them if the average destry permit and they said no, we don't have one. these are the instructions of the interior ministry. that's despite the fact that we have laws in tennessee and they can't do this. we see this is unfair. it's against fairness because it doesn't depend on the district ruling. so don't know our faith have the office. they have the keys, but we will go to the history and we'll see what happens. security forces are surrounding the office and the facility upstairs. they prevent anyone from entering our office and preventing us from using our computers for hope. this is a new decision which is unfair and it might development other action because to news. yeah. over the last 10 years we've gotten used to freedom of press of work
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and the specter of law shod regarding the staff voucher 0. we are prevented from talking to anyone today. i think they're trying to even go through our mobile phone with are concerned because within this illegal decision we cannot work because i cannot convey our message. so the thing global condemnation by press freedom advocates of the false closure vouchers, there is officers reported without borders, says it denounces the claims revolved as their office in tune as by security forces and calls on the authorities to respect press freedom and pluralism. the international press institute says the raid on out there is office is a gross violation of press freedom and an act of intimidation to silence independent media. pauline ned as the valets, a spokesperson for reporters without border. she says this thing, vigilant of any attacks on media outlets into nicea. the most important thing is to say that the stage reports without border is
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a bit different and looking at the situation and the potential aspects from press freedom in the country. as we said yesterday evening after the 1st and last month my, the president. yes, the security for the internet. and we are looking carefully at least to ation. we denounced the move and we consider that the garage of press and the freedom of the press has to be respected by the treaty during the time when the political crises ongoing since yesterday night in the country rock sun for months. here is a lecture on modern, middle east politics of the university of cambridge and joins me now via skype from new hampton in new york. could help you with this on the program. how would you assess the president's position?
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at the moment he seems to be perhaps in a stronger position with the unions of the military behind him. he is, but it's a very volatile situation and it's very clear that the opposition is well and not has presented a strong counter force to him. they're sitting and they've got to sit in front of the parliament. they've issued a very strong statement and it is not very clear, even though it's a moment the military is behind the president. the, the issue is not clear whether the military to support him at this stage varies, contributed to al jazeera throughout the day, about their own opinions about the military and where they position themselves during this scenario, as it's unfolded in less than 24 hours. what's your opinion about the military before and after? we might say this impasse that the president has created?
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well, that i think is why the question is open as to where they're going to stand, because the military was certainly quite strong. after the revolution that overturned the 90, but they had chosen to step back and they have been very good about being in the, in the background during the period of the effort a democracy over the last 10 years. so they have not been axes. they've instead been very much more focused on containing terrorism in, in the country. and so they've not been political and one of the other elements in each role of the parties led by the new stock, who is the old need a tune your party, which is very much where the forest was the upper class a meet saul. and he is very against my plate. and so it is not clear at
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all whether there is not several courses at the moment competing for power here he's very and he's not had a background in politics. he's very unexperienced in this type of thing. and what we're seeing is a very delicate and very volatile situation, which he's not well trained to deal with. will of course one the issue that or 2 issues that the president of the government were unable to control when he would be the economy and health matters. when it comes to cov, it has, it's been a situation that the president has been able to take advantage of. and this is why we're in the position we are right now. well, that's absolutely correct the president had it has been, sir. mine's been planning on trying to do this kind of for some time, it is possible that he discussed this on his trip to egypt just a few months ago to see president tc, a very similar life in egypt. and he was just waiting for him to take care moment,
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which is very much the whole cobit situation, which has been very badly handled by the governor simply because of the standoff between the prime minister and the president, the prime minister. of course, now they've been let go by, they are fired by the president. but this situation really throws another span or into this works. because if the new program that that played is fine to set up and take control over does not well handle the situation which is skyrocketing. and then that could cause further demonstrations and opposition against him by those who are supporting him at the moment because they want some kind of change to take place in the way that the cobra is being handled and certainly by fluid and developing situational rebels. come back to you for more analysis in the coming days for the by bit roxanne, for man, for my he and thanks so much for joining us from cambridge university. thank you.
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thank you. while still ahead here on out there a little fine of a thought as told between china and the us get off to a testy star. ah, such seasonal ranges that on middle east, particularly dandy, given, have been really quite extensive this year. this is the southwest of young, just north of aidan, called extensive rain. yes, you could call it flooding. it's probably welcome and it's quite warm here, the man quite hot. so it's being used to cool down now of the full cost period next day or so we'll see more rains creeping up along the southern coast of yemen. of course is that time the with said alice overcast time and drizzly on the edge of the monsoon. the shadows might extend the southwest to sadie. otherwise of course, the pictures are largely dry. what is the found or east of turkey and west and
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georgia? this car was over the next day, or same time she was in the middle of iraq, sidney, down the east. dana was foster of been in excess of 51 that continues in that hot, dry with a wind, which has been bringing sandstone perilously down as far south as re out. it might do the same thing can come wednesday. it's very dry and very hot air. fatty, obviously, the seasonal rains in ethiopia, and in sudan and further west of also been quite extensive that the more flooding iraq to me and for the south and east in sudan and the orders talk shares all the forecasts for the next day or so. big clubs, heading slowly west the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all
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around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. ah ah, welcome back. you want me to run the reminder of all top stories, trinity as president of the fact the minister of defense on the acting minister of justice, of to dismissing the prime minister earlier and freezing parliament for 30 days. the biggest political group, the hotter party, is calling it a coo and security falls,
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is dressed in civilian clothing storm. the offices of al jazeera in tunis, holostar were told to turn off the phone that was removed from the building press freedom advocates have condemned. the false closure of al jazeera is opposite. let's bring you some other news now. and lebanon's new prime minister designate the chief mccarty has promised to form a new government and implement a french plan to save the country from its crippling financial crisis. this is the 3rd attempt within a year to form a government. the country is experiencing its was economic crisis in molten history and say no quarter has more from beirut. lebanon has a new prime minister machine, but me as the he received the majority of votes from parliamentarians. he is the 3rd prime minister to be nominated, appointed since august last year, when the government resigned in the wake of the baby with port explosion. it's still not clear whether or not he will be able to reach a deal with the president,
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michelle, on forming a new cabinet his predecessors, 2 of them stepped aside after failing to form a government at 11 on needs, a government in order to rescue the country because the economy has all the collapse, the currency has collapse, the state is close to bankruptcy. it is no longer able to import the medicine, medical supplies, fuel diesel fuel states. electricity provides power 2 hours a day. hospitals aren't able to cope because they need to run their generators and generators need diesel fuel. and the, the, the new governments will need to reach some sort of a bailout plan with the international monetary fund. because without that the, they can, they're unable to start the economy. but so far, lebanon's politicians have been focused on their own personal interests and not the interested stays. in fact, the international community has been a very frustrated with the political class, continuously criticizing them for not working for the interests of the state,
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and instead having their eyes focused on the upcoming parliamentary elections next year. so the country now has a new prime minister, but whether or not he can form a government, it is still unclear. 2021 they said to be bloody is here and i've got his phone since the year and began keeping records 12 years ago. almost 1700 civilians. many of the women and children have died in the 1st 6 months of the year. charlotte bellis has more from cobble its been less than 3 months since mohammed nobody's daughter. re hannah dykes. she was 16 in an identical tripplet with his sisters in yellow or bray. honda wanted to be a doctor, but she was killed in an attack at his school and may well enough for the moment was issue the one what i was the 1st one to get to the bombing was really horrible . it's always on my mind. when i got there, it was chaos. there was screams, cries, and morning. there were father's picking up. the daughter's brother's picking up
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the sisters. the attack on fatal she had a high school was cited as the worst incident in a new you in report, tallying civilian casualties. and the 1st 6 months of this year, no group has claimed responsibility for it, but very hon. a sister has a message for her killers. don't told your brothers or sisters. because sir, you're also from this country. the bombing here and may killed 85, mostly young school girls and injured about 150. they are among 783 civilians killed in afghanistan and just may and june. it is the highest number for those months since the us started keeping records 12 years ago. the you and also says a record number of women and children were killed or injured in afghanistan in the 1st 6 months of this year in dusty, but she,
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the victims names have been painted and murals on the schools perimeter, where they dies. they call the students those who are trying to learn knowledge they killed in my, in my surgery, in this part is days that we as students the just have one pending hand and no again, no another thing, sir, in our hand to fight with them. i asked her in the games, do you think the pain will be stronger than the gun? course curse. i believe in this the un says if canister is on course to witness its highest number of civilian casualties in a single year. we need the parties to step back and away from the battlefield because otherwise we do think based on the data that and the figures and the record
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levels that we've seen the 1st 6 months of this year. that these will just keep increasing the number of the family empathize with the thousands of vaskins who's also buried a love one this year. but they cannot empathize with the perpetrators never show the limit on the mother russian. no, i cannot forgive them. my wife cannot re, 100 sisters, cannot forgive. it's something unforgivable. he says, after re hon, his death and his security worsens. the families looking to leave s canister, the you in is also worried saying is fighting lose rule areas into cities. the result could be catastrophic. charlotte bellis al jazeera cobble. the philippines president has given his last state of the nation address before his due to step down next year. what triggered atlanta used to speech to address criticism of his so called war on drugs to test. he said he didn't that his critics damn by his
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determination as president and told people to shoot drug dealers dead. bolden, 6000 people have been killed during anti drug operations. however, writes group, say that figure is much higher. correspond to melinda, and has more from manila with the latest. this is by far his longest as speech ever. i mean, over the past 5 years, it's been expected that the president goes over time. but this is nearly 3 hours of the president, mostly veering off. script repeating lines has said over the past few years and talking about and defending his so called war drugs, which is skilled, nearly 30000 filipinos, according to activists. now it was a much more tier program compared to over the last 2 years, there were less protest outside the halls of congress and limited members of his cabinet and lawmakers in side the hall of congress. now for those who continuously
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support the president, they look back at his state of the nation speech, this last one with nostalgia. but those so protests are criticizes administration. they say they can't. the end of this rule just can't come fast enough. talks between the united states and china began with sharp words as assistant secretary of state. wendy sherman met her counterpart in the city of town gin, china's vice foreign minister, she thing told washington to stop demonizing china. china has asked us to remove these restrictions on chinese students and communist party members. adrian brown has moved from hong kong. these were high level talks with low level expectations. a trip with none of the trappings of a state visit, the setting was not the capital beijing but a resort hotel in the nearby port city of tin jin. foreign media were kept at a distance, but chinese journalists were permitted on the premises. the fracture state of us
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china relations was apparent as wendy sherman met china's vice foreign minister. she found no smiles for the cameras, at least from her side. according to an official summary of his remarks, phung said the us should stop demonizing china and treating it as an imaginary enemy, and there were other demands too long. i turned in joe, may we express strong dissatisfaction with the us regarding its wrong words and actions on issues such as the origins of cobra. 19 taiwan jones is on the hong kong and the south china sea. we demanded the us immediately stop interfering and try and internal affairs. you can stop damaging chinese interests. stop stepping on red lines and playing with fire. we're engaging in provocation. during talks with china's foreign minister, one ye, sherman says she stressed the u. s. commitment to healthy competition, the u. s. had expected candid talks, and it seems to have got the finer us ties under president joe biden appears bad
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now, as they were under his pre to assess donald trump. the question now is whether in spite of all of this, a meeting is still possible between biden and china's president teaching thing possibly on the sidelines of the g. 20 summit in rome. later this year, adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. ah, you will see on there with me the whole rom, the reminder of all top stories and his he is president is outside the minister of defense on the acting minister of justice. after dismissing the prime minister earlier and facing parliament for 30 days, the biggest political group, the entire party is calling it a qu, the white house. of course, the common to is that the u. s. government has not yet determined if it was a coup or not. and security forces dressed in civilian clothing so.


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