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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm AST

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slow down in april of this year that didn't happen when the 4th wave started. and now when the government's only responds to locked down with tighter and tighter restrictions, people are still able to go out in the daytime here in bangkok. but i think if they can't get even these numbers under control, those, that freedom might be restricted in the weeks to come. because you can find out much more of the story that we're covering here on out there by logging onto our website down there at dot com. of course the top story is what's going on into nicea. the president has removed to the prime minister more than half an hour. ah, what's out there with me? the whole rom, the reminder of all top news stories trinity as president, has now sent the ministry of defense and the minister of justice. after dismissing the prime minister earlier and freezing parliament the 30 days, the biggest political group, the another party is calling to coo and security forces dressed in civilian
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clothing, stores filters of al jazeera in the capital tennis. all staff were told to turn off their phones with them removed from the building, press freedom advocates of condemned. the false closure of al jazeera is offices in the capital. midville has more in a normal situation, the defense minister, when his armies are through the streets, should be in charge. if he is replaced, it means there's probably some disagreement between him and the president. the president is unhappy with him or he's afraid of him. so this, this is a fine of the president being very much concerned about the continue with the of his presidency and about the army staying on his, on his side. so he's, he's in his actually inaction behind the scenes. and you know, on this, you know, well, trying to consolidate his place and to make sure that the da stick measures that he has taken do not affect him. in other news, lebanon's and g mccarty has killed enough votes to become the country's next prime
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minister designate he's meeting with president michelle. our own before hill officially accept the new role. well, he's already wall, that t does not have a magic wand and comp for miracles. it's the 3rd attempt with an ear to form and government. lebanon has not had a functional administration for almost a year, and it's experiencing it was equal with crisis in milton history. 2021 is set to be the bloody su on recorded have got his phone. the un says nearly $1700.00 civilians were killed in the 1st 6 months of the year. that's the highest death toll since it started keeping records in 2009. almost 10000 families have been evacuated in sudan floods. continue to devastate the godaddy region. it's the only state can be effected by officials expect other areas to be hit in the coming weeks, including the northern state of river nile because of the heavy rains in the highlands headlines. i'll be back with more news in the news are in half now. to
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stay with us here announces era. after a one year delay, the tokyo olympics finally did, despite growing opposition and spiraling costs, thousands of athletes are competing in empty stadiums. amid the corona virus and demick algae here, it will be inside the olympic bubble. bringing you the latest from again, right? no other mm. the the people have a fun, have seen turmoil and conflict for much of the past. 40 years given by internal divisions and foreign interests. the soviet invaded in the late 1970. the taliban rose to power in the 1990 s and then there was the u. s. envision in 2120 years on the american still there. and by then, his promise to mission will finally end on august the 31st 15 elections and
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initiatives aimed at bringing peace and stability to run sun. but without success. after years of trying to facilitate political reconciliation between the dollar bond, the government, united states and other countries, the rest i'm in agreement with the taliban in dover to withdraw its troops. in exchange, the taliban agreed not to support any of the groups or attacking the forces or the allies. but after years of conflict with civilians are often the victims are the different sides within have gone to stand ready to move forward. we've been quite flexible and also tolerance since the top of the pool. we have a new generation of who has experience the highly languishing. so we need to be adaptable to, to this new young generation of half a day for the sooner we stop fighting the sooner we concentrate the focus in reaching a deal where international community e g, and the way to,
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for us to work together and to reach a compromise with us troops gone by the end of august of understands affairs and have to be sold internally can be overcome the wounds left by years of disagreement and security and division. after months of in truck on talks, as they build trust, about the taking of 193 districts that we have taken during the past 28 months. and it's not by military port. year 14 carbon in indecision courses have joined us because they are fed up with the fighting and also the slow progress in the process. but we're out of it. it's painting our to not taking once again. both sides met at the negotiation table in dover. and that's where we caught up with the chief of the high council for the national reconciliation of the lab dollar talks to out there. ah. dr.
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de la de la gibbon. how council for national reconciliation. thank you very much for talking to us there. you're welcome. it's been 48 hours since you've been in doha. we last met 10 months ago. describe to us what has happened in the last 10 months and how closer are africans defining piece. i can say that to begin with, that it was really 48 hours. and to yes, from a finest on the delegation from senior leadership of upon the stand where he is together with us. and to the idea behind us was that be, become here and but his entire unified view and support of peace. because the choice is not between one side overtaking militarily and then there will be peace.
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but it is between that scenario which will not lead to peace, which will lead to the front innovation of the war for many, many, many years to come. and further complication of the situation and the potential civil war and all of that involvement of other countries and between in an inclusive peaceful settlement. so we came here to present our unified view that to get it. this is that booked unity to seize it. and to capitalize on it, and of course, pete piece will not materialize overnight, but to, to, to give them not i, shoulders that we are serious, worse and save. meanwhile, to assure them that there will be no military solution. and insisting on a military solution will lead to 2 different innovation of the setting. i thought
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people, it was an opportunity to know one another better. because in the earlier situations, with the beginning in the collision of the talks, we had only species from both sides. and then later on there was an opportunity for me in moscow, but that was a short approach unity and in between the delegations have met in different not so it was important for us now i have much, much more clarity in my mind and also danger that they should be very clear about our positions and suddenly i see there are a lot of common points which need to which need to work on it. speaking to you, you are always an optimist about the success of dialogue and negotiations. but 10 minutes have passed in trying to know each other. the positions that both
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sides had for each other remain almost the same. what gives you hope that there is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing otherwise. all the, the reason for us coming here was not to present our position and say the take it to leave it at the i'm not commenting on their to, to the fur island deadlock with dish, but this was not odd. had to do b. c. we came here to tell them that piece is difficult, more difficult than war. and we are here with flexibility to, to find the common grounds and then in didn't in the move on towards a peaceful settlement. and also, if there is any illusion, such as that one side can win militarily,
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we argue that this was not going to happen. yes, of course, personally as a person was sure. now i have this responsibility. but apart from that, which has been drawn there in the was in, at least in the past 36 years of my life. i've been involved in the politics of are fighting f, harness on one another. so you were the defense minister and $996.00. i was the spokesperson for the defense ministry. and later on i was, i was the chief of staff for that minute stuff defense and also the spokesperson for the ministry of defense. and later on, the minister on her face in earlier indeed is a sense in your heart that gives the soviets. so they took up, she had a provision of on that to see different envision of suffering of our people, to see the countries which we helped to achieve. peace like tajikistan upon the sun was instrumental and to in achieving that settlement between,
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between 2 sites in project or start and to see them develop, developed and to see the opportunities which are that for the people of afghanistan and for the region. and we cannot utilize it because of the continuation of the what it is disappointed. one day more as one missed one more missed opportunity. but it takes what sites it cannot happen with the goodwill in intention of one site. that's what i was going to come towards because it takes 2 parties to reach. so you say that you've presented the options military military solution is not viable, it will not be in peace. but the situation on the ground is the developer not making advances. they've taken no more than $200.00 out of the $400.00 districts and have gotten this done. their surrounding population centers and provincial capitals. and they seem to have not moved from the demands whether it was the
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release of prisoners, whether it was the listing from the un list. so many people are left wondering than what is the point in talking and including people from your side and who have been asking this question that, you know, we've been at the same place for the last 10 months. unfortunately, the negotiations was the start of it was, it was a good point that the fact that we were head and we started negotiations after many, many is a fighting with one another. that was, that was good. that is the good buck in the fact that the door for the negotiations is not is not shut at the moment. that's also important. in spite of the differences, as in spite of white gaps which exist between the views of both sides. so sweet thing that pieces a peaceful settlement is much, much better option than different immunization of the water be continued. we will continue to make these efforts. we will lead say, okay, now,
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no negotiations. the reality is that the water is intensified as intensified the level of violence as is intensively high in the people are suffering on daily basis, days in and out. so in this sort of situation to say, okay, because there is no significant progress to stop, we stop talking to one and that that, that will not be date that adoption as well. what about your arrest and partners and expectations from because of the afghan government has achieved what it has with the help of its western allies. first, i would like you to touch upon the role of the united states because the sentiment from amongst your team members is that they feel abandoned by the united states. it hasn't given the gone government, the kind of support that it needed to establish peace. and if you betrayed that, there are different feelings about it. but the fact of life is that they decided
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what they wanted to to decide about 10. the previous administration had made that decision at the current administration and continued on that basis and the withdrawal will be completed in a few days to complete withdrawal of the troops. so that's a fact of life. but to it's not like abandoning upon the sun. that's it. that's also a butcher need, an oppertunity, and that's also about unity. not just just what as for the turn about if you want to be part of assess them and work to get at it for a peaceful settlement. that's to be forward. the support unity will be there for them. idea of the lifting, the minute did is peaceful sutherland, the listing will take place. that's what they think that it has to happen before as conditions because they think that this was promised to them. and according to the high event between the taliban and united states and the united states is also
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saying that taliban have not wholesale promises. and i mentioned that this is between noon tonight in the states and we respected him and envy supported this hagney ment incorporated with it. but we're not here to clarify. the united states has very valid points saying that taliban has not implemented what dare promise to do. so nissan decided that the type of discussions that we have we were having. but the good thing was that we decided to continue at this level as well. why did meanwhile affecting negotiation negotiating teams to expedite data for, to find ways, innovative ways that if out of many, many agendas, we have only addressed 4 of them if out of network pretty agenda
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items when the food is being addressed and the war continues. that's not the pace that will, that will get us there because the war will create its own momentums. obviously it requires both sides to come together, trucks. but the talks that can be a one way street coming back to expectations from the west speaking to diplomats, who have been closely monitoring and not involved in the process that is taking place and advanced on there was a sense that they felt that there needs to be a sobering of the reality on the ground on part of the african government, which hasn't happened. there is still talk about, you know, within 3 months we're going to retake all the areas that have been taken by the taliban. we will teach them a lesson and we will take them back to where they were. and that seems to be the rhetoric coming from cobble as well. so as long as there is no real sense of realization that they have the momentum of the fighting behind them, they've taken that many areas. then they might be time to concede, to concede,
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to what to concede to what there is that is that a viable option? no, absolutely not. that will never happen. the in the war in the fighting you will have upsets you said back to have back in fort which jason the because of the, the way to do the withdrawal of the international troops of police talk. taliban took advantage of that. today's not just the army is the people which are resisting . yes, of course, they saw the vacuum this gap and then date of the advantage of it now that people are resisting can when group in afghanistan, polls is, it's well upon the whole nation by force through fighting. it will never happen. that's why i said that to weekend yet to say that, look from one side, get an opportunity to our peaceful southern from the other side. if the thinking is
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that we will, we will capture alias district offered after district. and that will lead to as the posing a military solution. and that meant to solution. we want to get it through the talks that will not happen. we need to have inclusive baseball set them. and so the topics one vote, i know that i'm not that mentioned favorite of the topics that to the fact that to the army in the army said mission is not to is not to to, to say that. ok, let's come and take us and they will, they will, they will, they will talk according to to their, to their mission. now let me quote, present actual going just a few weeks ago saying that the us decision to leave a gun on is a decision moment for the taliban, the region an african themselves. the choice ahead is clear. core less around and acceptable and state and gornstein or continue the dangerous power grabbing
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alternative who is continuing on the path of the power grabbing alternative. because if you speak to the other side, we have gone government, you look at it from the human show that they have captured, they have captured so many districts in the past in the past few weeks or months. but does that mean? what does that mean? when that is, when there is an opportunity for talks, why not to get seriously into the issues which of which are that and find, find the way for solving it. so it's, it's very clear, but is being said in also the situation is very clear. on the ground in afghanistan, you've been seeing all of the concerns which have been raised by the international community. the article is being put forth and the research by think tanks, talking about timelines of the collapse of cobble. once again, the government is going to fall, do you think that it is a realistic assessment and how hopeful are you that the off on government in its
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current shape and form will be able to protect all of the hartford freedoms that people have achieved in the last 2 decades. so indeed years which are and as a college and control at the moment and fraternity, those freedom to the those right was there, people were enjoying in that you've been, which were made to as been to reverse. that's also a fact of life. and the point is that, that the, in our side, the where we presented in the past 40 to 40 and 48 hours was that we have different opinions about the way of life, of the governance and all of that. can we get together while maintaining our views about human rights, women's rights, freedom of speech. they should be here. they should have learned from
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a jersey to dizzy to being here. it's. it's meant that quote, as being here and that's what, what is going on when new talk about freedom of speech. so we have different opinions about these things. can we find ways to not to fight for imposing. we have life upon the but but to, to compete for it. to contest it. to civilians through peaceful means. that's the whole thing. taliban cannot convert the whole population of upon a son into taliban taliban a zation of her finest. son is not acceptable. yes, of course, they feel at this moment that they have that hand militarily on the ground too. and that will not last that way. i'm sure. i'm not talking about days and weeks
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that we're talking about the course of time because that's the lesson from out. his state, so the sooner we get to the other fact in reality of life, the death to you cannot, you cannot impose, you are well upon the whole nation through military might. even if you have that opportunity that should compel them. and also, as i mentioned, we're ready to, to talk about but my question was, how confident are you that the african government is going to be able to prevail, to protect those freedoms and assure the african people that it is here in the long run. and it will continue to be there as, as i mentioned, if there is no, there is no peaceful settlement. unfortunately the world will continue. and as a result of the war, tinge will change and areas will go and to hand. that part.
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if you're talking about the survival of the state, i should say that yes when, when the slot makes it public, that is opposition. there are different roofs which are not happy with our conduct, but a day courtesies as they are unhappy. but they're the same time a deputy with the principles in the principle of at a public one person one vote. and so to another principles. and if you're talking about the survival of the state, yes. but how, how cohesive is that is, is that a coalition? so to speak of people in cobble because as you were coming here we saw those differences. once again you, you weren't able to convince the president cars. i go with the heck, but they are to come and join you in. these talks with the taliban to convince the taliban that there is no military solution. and the principle of i have no doubt and you can ask it under that one principle the did is no military
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solution. they have given the message, yes, you referred to farm at present cache. a will refer to him assess the enigma deal that said this. the other stated that and in the discussions which were going on that in cobble as well did with these these, these issues. but meanwhile, it was expected, i'm not saying that it, it was a clear promise. it was expected that some other senior leaders of taliban also come from from pakistan. those were based impacts them. and that was one of the main reasons that those leaders didn't participate. but talking about prison cars, he accompanied me up to the airport and to his support. and he spoke
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before us before departure. so that on the issue of peace will set on that. i don't think that those who have not participated. that's because they don't, didn't believe in it or the believe that did as a military solution. very, very clear, very quickly. we need to discuss about what is happening in the region as well. the taliban have not just taken areas inside the sun. they've taken at least 4 major border crossings into the sun. again, we're seeing a lot of rhetoric unit, a man who supports rhetoric from cobble about how they are being supported from outside powers and how they're getting support. what is the role that the region is playing and you hopeful that there is a positive role that can be played by regional? i was in a band. i will be very brief. it is randolf that did, did he did, asian can play in it will be in the legitimate interest that support for a peaceful settlement. the inclusive peaceful set. okay. different id to
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different, different contacts and no time to comment on them. but to there's only one way forward to support inclusive peaceful settlement. this will be in the intercept that he can treat his back as a conference. there was a conference in tashkent. how the ideas of those conferences like that that conference was on connectivity railway between and from central asia to, to, to pakistan from from, from was becky done to pakistan on a sunday either going to do with the projects which it was an important event. how do say those ideas will materialize without piece and you have been riding on a lot of hope from the african people ever since these talk started. this was a unique opportunity in 2 decades that i've gone finally are sitting across the
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table. the video cons. this is going to be looked back by people in history. they are going to say, this is a pivotal moment where peace could have been achieved and have got to stand. how hopeful are you that those expectations are going to be met? and you are going to be able to convince the other side that piece is the only solution, and without it, there is going to be for the suffering of the can people. one thing that can, i can say in this respect, that this is the ratio of the absolute majority of the people of us. and this is the only way forward, which is in the interest of death on this desk. and people in high interest of country in to run one thing which i can assure can to men, men and women that love to spare any moment to make it 1st. it is a small port unity. we need to, we need to, we need to capitalize on it. and to as guarantee that
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all these efforts will produce the same result that the people are expecting. even in the past 10 months. part of our population are disappointed. why these things have not have not happened. one thing which i can say is that they will spend no a foot in and trying to build consensus around it and move forward in make sure that no opportunity is mist dr. of the chip and how council for national reconciliation. thank you very much for talking to out there. take a the focus on just the united states is ending its 20 year military present enough kind of done with what is for the country. 11 piece,
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pacific. to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. ah, one of one eastern on out there. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello. hello robin, you're watching now. is there a news on life? my headquarters here in the hall? me up in the next 60 minutes, the trinity as president, the defense and justice ministers after dismissing the prime minister pro and anti
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government demonstrators of clashed outsides. the parliament also security for his store mileage. and there is.


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