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one, thousands of lee piers of water are necessary to pump pop the frying research to the surface there later on, distributed in evaporation pools communities around this area are concerned that few extraction could complicate their access towards ah, the political turmoil into the president ordered the sacking of the defense and justice ministers just hours after imposing a freeze on parliament and security for his store manager, there is offices in tunis overall stop out of the building. ah, hello. hello rob. and you want to know if they were like my headquarters hearing coming up in the next 30 minutes left on the g. mccarthy skills i majority to
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become prime minister designate, offering hope to a country struggling under economic crisis. also the human cost of the ask and conflict view and says the record number of women and children are dying in the fighting. they call the student those who are trying to learn knowledge. they killed in a book into the program, tennessee was facing its biggest political crisis since the 2011 revolution that introduced democracy to his president and now sacks the minister of defense of the acting minister of justice. after dismissing the prime minister, what earlier he prose parliament for 30 days, as soon as his biggest political crisis since the revolution of 2011 that introduced democracy and security forces of stormy officers of al jazeera and kick
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stuff out of the building. the military had been deployed to the government palace and stopped all workers from entering the building, including the speaker of parliament, rashid canoe, she now the biggest political group, the and hotdog party, is calling it a qu, thought of higher up against our coverage. with this report, the gathered outside to parliament, now to service for a month demonstrated from different sides of the political, divine refuse to lead. once again to nivia is in turmoil. the support is the largest main block and not all angry. at present christ sides decision to sac, the government including prime minister hisham a she she, as well as the justice and defense ministers, were paid by the president's choice to overthrow the constitution which took place on the day. the technicians people celebrated republic day, the republic through which the monarchy was overthrown. the was the largest main
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block and not all angry president clay site decision to sac the government, including prime minister machine, parliament speaker, russia. the notion head of the party is staging is sitting in his car, refusing to move until politicians are allowed back in earlier. he called it a qu, center. he's decisions have no bases in the constitution, nor in the law, and we are against them. because in short, it is against the constitution a coup against the revolution and against public and private liberties in the country. the president meet misinterpretations that actually clashes with the reality. the announcement from president clay side came off the mass anti government protest in several cities. 2 at the store last year and the constitution does not allow the parliament to be dissolved, but it does not stand in the way of freezing all its work. got idle said the 2nd
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decision is to lift the immunity of all members of parliament. and for those of whom a case is related, i will take care over the public prosecution. put up with a political, cellmates and economy in crisis. high unemployment rates on the mishandling of the pandemic. denise is, are again calling for major change. i'm a partner with them for me and we have come down today to resist this regime. they take our money and curse us. they have not done anything to the people, always fighting. it is enough. how can 9 ministers rule an entire country? we have starved and the people are lost in tennessee, both the president and parliament are elected by popular vote on the constitution. the president only overseas military and foreign affairs site says he will now govern alongside a new prime minister. i say the heavy presence of military and security forces in the capital tunis with adjustment revolution promise to change the lives
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of millions of a decade later, antony remains divided. what the future holds to the country? so high to i'll just 0. no security forces dressed in civilian clothing, store meal vouchers. they were in tunis and asked all of the journalists to turn off their phones and then removed all staff from the building. we spoke to out there as tunis bureau chief luthey her g, about the situation. not had that what's happened is the security forces stormed out there is officers and tuners, and asked the staff to lease they prevented staff from even taking personal belongings. and they said that they represent the security services in tennessee. yeah, i asked them if the average disarray permit and they said no, we don't have one. these are the instructions of the interior ministry. that despite the fact that we have laws into this year and they can't do this, we see this is unfair. it's against fairness because it doesn't depend on you to re ruling. so don't know our faith. we have the office, we have the keys, but we will go to the history and we'll see what happens with the security forces
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are surrounding the office and the facility upstairs. they prevent anyone from entering out here is office preventing us from using our computers. this is a new decision which is unfair and it might development other action because in 10 years. yeah, over the last 10 years we've gotten used to freedom of press work and the specter of law shod. regarding the staff of al jazeera, we are prevented from talking to anyone today. i think they're trying to even go through our mobile phone with are concerned because within this illegal decision, we cannot work because we cannot convey our message. i am the ally, join us now on the line from today's the a very busy day in to desi, especially in the capital. what's the latest? well ok, so right now that our position both calling for national probation government and they can consider it as the only solution for the political crisis. there are,
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there are from the chief major union labor union to keep the army in position. and they ask the president to provide some constitutional guarantees following that decision. also, i mean back to the neighboring countries, our neighborhood year. yes. the julian, president, i mean, and the museum president had the phone call today to speak about the situation intermedia. and following up with the engine break into the s n g, which is the indicate the national indicate opportunity and you're on the list. and really another statement condemning on them like what happens in those just you and one, the president l not making further and breeches to the to the freedom of
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expression. lee, thanks so much for joining us from the tennessee in capital. let's cost over $200.00. val corresponded who's covered to nicea and the revolutions since 2011 extensively for us here on the channel. but obviously a very busy day for the president had a lot on his plate besides speak, you obviously now to build jerry and president in the unions which, you know, he's been talking to in depth. he's now taking the decision to replace the defend son. justice ministers gives us the impression now that he is in charge and he's moving forward. obviously yours. that's, that should be the message. but also remember that replacing a defense minister at this time of crisis when the army is in the streets, is a sign of something wrong going on. is at least a sign of the president being gravely concerned about his situation and about his own safety. with regards to the military, i mean in a normal situation,
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the defense minister, when his armies are in the streets, should be in charge. if he is replaced, it means that there is probably some disagreement between him and the president. the president is unhappy with him or he's afraid of him. so this, this is a fine of, but it didn't being very much concerned about the continuance of his presidency and about the army staying on his, on his fight. so he's, he's in his actually inaction behind the scenes and, you know, on this, you know, well frank, to consolidate his place and to make sure that the das 2 measures that he has taken do not affect him or not affect the status quo of he as you as like once it to be the technician, people are waiting for more from the president. i think he owes them more x. he owes them explanations of what of what happened. he needs to address the public to explain his decisions. he needs to convince more people he needs to to convince the
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police complaint at the party is these other components of the political class to come probably for a kind of unified action. and that's something i think it's going to be a long way for him to go because they are very angry with him. we have seen the criticism today by the, by the speak of the parliament to represent one of the, probably the biggest party tunisia, another party. the other parties are unhappy as well. so he has a lot of work on his hands before he manages to really return the situation to back to normal intonation. manuel hinder, ha, thanks very much. well, president guy's side says that article 80 of tennessee is constitution essentially gives him the power to push out the prime minister. but according to the article, the president may take any measures necessary in the event of imminent danger threatens the nation's institutions, security or independence. however, the clause also states that before extraordinary action, the president must 1st consult with the head of government and speaker of the
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assembly. it states that after 30 days, a speaker may reach out to the constitutional court, which can then determine if the president's actions were warranted, unconstitutional. let's go straight over to santa jabar in london, he's the international. he is an international lawyer and political analyst and joins us again here when i was there. mr. jabar, thanks so much for joining us again on the program. it seems that the president is going ahead, rough shod through the constitution and not really following it the way many analysts would have thought he would. well, he's a very bad course, it's, you know, professor, he was a professor the constitution at low, but it seems that he has to learn the lessons he was teaching to the student. firstly, how, why you later, blatantly grossly one of the most institutions or organs which he's not, he's moving against an independent judiciary, which is the constitutional court. he's moving against one of the most sensitive
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issues or institution, which is the army. he's weak against the justice ministry these that according to measure, he's acting a little bit because they might know and he should be stop here. the party, you know, the major parties how to get the parliament gives him. he is acting as if the 2 nice teeth please see, can you see him seems to be the problem in the system. so he's missing the point in what he has been doing at least expertise. he didn't go and he came to power after them dependency. the, it's very elegance mine of the position except we can president. and after he's been cutting out the, could you look up to see because he should man up nice. guy
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has a mess, you know, the history over the expertise. and so if this is the case now the scenario got the tendency people actually facing. he does seem to be able to move forward by obviously wanting to appoint new defense and justice ministers. we've heard earlier in the day that he's been speaking to very powerful unions who have great influence across trinity in society, but also to the military as well. and he's been speaking to his neighbors, such as the president of algeria, and had comment from germany. what to read into all of this is this sort of an innate sort of rubber stamp that yes. go ahead with what you are doing. we will support you julia and the idea of the g 7. never like the spring or pizza results, but the co exist with the situation in the want to be to stay stable and where things are moving from the way the police and he's doing doing good. this
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is could you thought by steve? and now we have become open, could about using the coffee to sion and using the power from she hasn't got to do it has value later in chemical procedure and tells us the cost. it's the same. so julia couldn't help you because you have what, let me leave you to me and said, yes, that's the trade union. the trade in, in today's is very part 40 piece to the left. wait and see. because the trade you're going to need to play the goods on in terms of good offices. we didn't crisis before. tell. i hope that the alignment which pleases to create, know, was sure the board these today because if it will end up, you know, big crash. where does this leave the opposition parties? because obviously they would have normally turned to the constitutional court. they would have even turned to the speaker of parliament. neither exist right now. what
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do you tell them so did you or maybe they don't exist in the mind of this month, but it is a t p actions wouldn't qualify him to be a prison. i think but legally the problem is tell you should all school should request, you know, medical examination of you know, the mental according to the well should see what happens when i see it. i think major powers. ok, well we will have power. i think the united states should lead on the president now and i was leaving into the actual power. so did you not power school never want to be out of screen today to succeed for, to get to its destination. right. so that we do have to leave it by, we said he just done what's happening and we'll certainly monitor with you and get
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more inside to answer the situation develops. thank will still ahead here on i'll just there are times covered 900 emergency escalates with 20000 people waiting for a hospital bed in the capital bank comb. ah, ah, it's time for the perfect journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. we still got 2 side things to look at, but in far was the tie food went on land yesterday, just south of shanghai. acid tyson is now tropical storm, but it will rapidly no longer be named as such, easter evolving storm that the strength of the wind brought down to like $30000.00 trees. obviously, as you know, public transport was stopped the time being. but the real problem is going to be still to come, i think extensive flooding this amount of rain ever low lying gravity is already
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sudden it's a river valleys, the young see. and of the next day or so it will keep moving stallion and expanding its rain bands, whilst the other one makes land fall and she is our 1st of all then the remains of in fire overnight. and during wednesday we'll do this. the orange bands are bounds of rays of running up to the same area that was flooded extensively just a couple of days ago. so there's a lot worse still to come. it looks like this one, the bit concerned about in the lympics venue in tokyo is going to be a long way. no small tropical storm. it make landfall in hong shoes, a few shout, maybe in tokyo, a bit of an increase in when know was not i think there's more rain to come to lose on but know from in the la mos come and me and ma. but science is that threat related in the area, not many showers at all. sponsored call cut on airways. talk to al jazeera, we roam, did you want the un to take and who stopped you?
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we listen. you see the whole infrastructure and being totally destroyed. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on our era. we understand the different cultures, the cost around what movie we've been using, kind of that master to you. oh the ah, the book about what you all just bear with me. so he'll run the reminder of our top story as soon as he is president, has now sat the minister of defense and the acting minister of justice. after dismissing the prime minister earlier and freezing parliament for 30 days,
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i think its political group and not a party of calling it a coo and security for his dressed in civilian clothing store mil volunteers. their interior of staff were told to turn off the phone with them removed from the building, press freedom advocate to condemn the false closure of their offices. well on to other needs now would lebanon's naji. mccarthy has been secured in a votes to become the country's next. prime minister designate he's meeting with president b shallow before hill officially accept the new role. this is the 3rd attempt within a year to form a government. the country would replace san jose, the who stepped aside last week when his government wasn't approved. lebanon has not had a functioning administration for almost a year, and people are struggling under economic crisis center. he has bought from beirut. lebanon has a new prime minister machine, but me as he received the majority of votes from parliamentarians. he is the 3rd prime minister to be nominated, appointed since august last year,
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when the government resigned in the wake of the baby with port explosion. it's still not clear whether or not he will be able to reach a deal with the president, michelle, on forming a new cabinets his predecessors. 2 of them stepped aside after failing to form a government at 11 on needs, a government in order to rescue the country because the economy has all but collapse. the currency has collapse, the state is close to bankruptcy. it is no longer able to import medicine, medical supplies, fuel diesel fuel states, electricity provides power 2 hours a day. hospitals aren't able to cope because they need to run their generators and generators need diesel fuel. and the new government will need to reach some sort of a bailout plan with the international monetary fund because without that the, they can, they're unable to start the economy. but so far, lebanon's politicians have been focused on their own personal interests and not the
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interested impact. international community has been of very frustrated with the political class, continuously criticizing them for not working for the interests of the state. and instead, having their eyes focused on the upcoming parliamentary elections next year. so the country now has a new prime minister, but whether or not he can form a government, it is still unclear. 2020 which is set to be the bloody sphere and got his phone since the u. n. began keeping records 12 years ago, almost 1700 civilians. many of them women and children have died in the 1st 6 months of this year. charlotte bellis has more from cobble its been less than 3 months since mohammed nobody's daughter. ray han dykes. she was 16, an identical triplet with her sisters in yellow or bray han wanted to be a doctor. but she was killed in an attack at his school and may well enough for the moment was issue. the one i was the 1st one to get to the bombing was really
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horrible. it's always on my mind. when i got there, it was chaos. there was screams, cries, and morning. there were father's picking up. the daughter's brother's picking up the sisters. the attack on fatal she had a high school was cited as the worst incident in a new you in report, tallying civilian casualties. and the 1st 6 months of this year, no group has claimed responsibility for it, but very hon. a sister has a message for her kilobytes, and don't tell your brothers or sisters. because sir, you are also from this country. the bombing heron may killed 85, mostly young school girls, and injured about 150. they are among 783 civilians killed in afghanistan and just may and june. it is the highest number for those months since the us started keeping records 12 years ago. the you and also says
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a record number of women and children were killed or injured in afghanistan in the 1st 6 months of this year in dusty. but she, the victims names have been painted and murals on the schools perimeter, where they dies. they call the suiting those who are trying to learn knowledge. they killed in my message or in this part is days that we as citizens, the just have one pending or hand and no guns, no. and other things in our hand to fight with bins. i asked her in the us, do you think the pain will be stronger than the gun course curse. i believe in this the you in says if canister is on course to witness its highest number of civilian casualties in
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a single year. we need the parties to step back and away from the battlefield because otherwise we do think based on the data that and the figures and the record levels that we've seen of the 1st 6 months of this year. that these will just keep increasing the number of the family empathize with the thousands of vaskins who's also buried a love one this year. but they cannot empathize with the perpetrators never. she's a limit on that mobile russian. no, i cannot forgive them. my wife cannot re, hon. assistance cannot forgive. it's something unforgivable. he says, after re hon, his death and his security worsens. the families looking to leave f canister, the you in is also worried saying is fighting loose rule areas into cities. the result could be catastrophic. charlotte bellis al jazeera cobble talks
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between the united states and china began with sharp words as assistant secretary of state, wendy sherman matter counterpart. in the city of tinge and china's vice foreign minister, she fang, told washington to stop demonizing china. adrian brown has both the hong kong. these were high level talks with low level expectations. a trip with none of the trappings of a state visit. the setting was not the capital beijing but a resort hotel in the nearby port city of tin jin, foreign media were kept at a distance, but chinese journalists were permitted on the premises. the fractious state of us china relations was apparent. as wendy sherman met china's vice foreign minister, she found no smiles for the cameras, at least from her side. according to an official summary of his remarks, phung said the us should stop demonizing china and treating it as an imaginary
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enemy, and there were other demands. duvall, i turned in may. we express strong dissatisfaction with the us regarding its wrong words and actions on issues such as the origins of cobra. 19 taiwan jones is on the hong kong and the south china sea. we demanded the us immediately stop interfering and try and internal affairs. you can stop damaging chinese interests. stop stepping on red lines and playing with fire. we're engaging in provocation. during talks with china's foreign minister, one ye, sherman says she stressed the u. s. commitment to healthy competition, the u. s. had expected candidate talks, and it seems to have got the final us ties under president joe biden appears bad now, as they were under his feet assess. donald trump. the question now is whether in spite of all of this, a meeting is still possible between biden and china's president teaching, paying possibly on the sidelines of the g. 20 summit in rome. later this year,
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adrian brown al jazeera hong kong kobus 10000 families have been evacuated in saddam and floods. continue to devastate the good r a f region. it's the only state currently affected, but officials expect other areas to be hit in the coming weeks, including the northern state of river nile because of heavy rains in the highlands . the treason trial of an i, jerry and separatist has been adjourned until october, after prosecutors failed to bring the accused to court. nom de connie is the leader over secessionist group called the indigenous people of biafra. the government blames him for inciting violence in the region. he's charged with 11 kinds of treason, but his lawyers say that they've not been granted access to that client. the philippine president has given his last state of the nation address before he's due to step down next year. but we get to 20 used to speak to address criticism of his so called war on drugs to tattoo. he said he didn't let his critics dampen his determination as president and told people to shoot dead drug dealers. more than
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6000 people have been killed during anti drug operations. however, right group say the figure is much higher in thailand's capital is running out of hospital beds and new cove at $900.00 cases. hospitals in bangkok, having to discharge patients before they're completely recovered, and that frees up space full severe cases. people have been reportedly dying in their homes because there's no space to treat them. more than 15000 cases were reported on monday. the highest figure in the pandemic began. teddy chang has more from bangkok, this 4th wave is really hitting thailand much harder than has been hit in the past . as you said, medical services are under extraordinary pressure at the moment. we've seen, in some cases, hospital spilling over their, their covert wards out into the car, parks of those hospitals until they can get people into the facilities to be
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treated. in some cases, people who are positive but not symptomatic of being told to remain in the homes of the people who have been treated and don't have severe symptoms of being sent home early. but told to isolate it's really a big problem for the government to fight in some cases we've, we've also seen very well documented on social media here in town instances when people have dropped dead in the street, were then tested positive for cove at 19. it's putting a lot of pressure on the government. they have asked in the short term for a new airport terminal. it's one of them. apple bank oaks international airport to be opened early and turn into an emergency feel hospital. that transformation is under way at the moment. we're not sure when it will be opperation, but i think the feeling is here. the government could have done something much earlier. there were calls for serious locked downs in april of this year. that didn't happen when the 4th wave started. and now when the government's only
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responds to locked down with tighter and tighter restrictions, people are still able to go out in the daytime here in bangkok. but i think if they can't get the, even these numbers under control, those, that freedom might be restricted in the weeks to come. because you can find out much more of the stories that are covering here on algebra by logging onto our website boundaries there at dot com. of course on top story is what's going on into nicea. the president has removed to the prime minister more than half an hour. ah. what else is there with me? the whole rom, the reminder of all top news stories to as president has now sat, the minister of defense and the minister of justice. after dismissing the prime minister earlier and preaching parliament the 30 days, the biggest political group, the another party is calling to coo and security forces dressed in civilian clothing, stores filters of al jazeera in the capital tennis.


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