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welcome to from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax, enjoy a break in your journey. ah, and when you leave with a smile, we know our day's work is done. katara always welcome to our home. ah ah, he'll watching me all the news with me so he'll rob the reminder of all top news stories. soon as he is president has now stuck the ministry of defense on the acting minister of justice. after dismissing the prime minister earlier and
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freezing parliament for 30 days, the biggest political group be another party is calling it a qu. the security forces dressed in civilian clothing, stormy offices of al jazeera in tunis. all staff were told to turn off the phone and were removed from the building, press freedom advocate, have condemned the false closer of their offices in the country. the president chi sides says article 80 of as soon as he is constitution essentially gives him the power to push out the prime minister. well, according to the article, the president may take any measures necessary in the event of imminent danger that threatens a nation's institutions, security or independence. however, the clause also states that before extraordinary action, the president must 1st consult with the head of government and speaker of the assembly. it states that after 30 days, the speaker may reach out to the constitutional court,
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which can then determine if the president's actions were warranted and constitutional. william lawrence is a professor of political science and international affairs at the american university. jones cannot via skype from washington. d, c could tell you it's on the program. mr. laurence is always, this seems like an absolute mess, no matter which way you look at it, democracy has worked. the politics is not working too busy either. does exactly correct and politics has also failed to produce a constitutional course court. so there is no recourse constitutionally to review the president's actions, which if you look at that article closely, do not allow him to do what he's doing. and certainly not the ways doing it. there's no mention of removing immunity for parliamentary and there's no mention of it take over. ready a full executive authority and fire it administers all that improvisation by the president who is a constitutional expert but doesn't even have a ph. d with sort of
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a low. ready level lecturer at the university and often portrayed it as a constitutional scholar of some, some notes. but in all of the meetings today, people are coming and explaining the constitution to serve. so it all remains to be seen how this can be turned around if it will be turned around right now. you know, i've been talking to constitutional like since yesterday. and no one really sees either that the constitution allows them to do this, or that there's a way out except for a political negotiation like we had during the right of 2013. so obviously, you know, things quite a mass on the, on the constitutional front. so we have to talk slightly in hypotheticals, because how did you get out of this mass and still keep face? one way we've been discussing through the hours of this crisis, has been the conversation. he must be having because we know he's had it now with the very powerful unions. they have often been mediators in these crises within the country. what's your impression of those unions and whether they really do have the
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influence that is needed both by politicians and by the public at large as pap saviors of this crisis? well, ok, so he won the presidential election in a landslide and huge a t. t is the most powerful institution in the country. and the commonality there is that they're both sort of from the arab nationalist side of politics. so there's this overlap there. but up until now the u. t. t has been the guardian of the democracy in the guardians of the constitution, where they seem to want to rule by decree, and by a plebiscite almost to the napoleon 3 sort of way. and every revolution hasn't nicoli a moment. so we're, we're waiting to see, you know, is this going in egypt, 2013 direction or 2 needed 2013 direction and behavior of the largest institutions, the labor union and the military,
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which we need to talk about as well. after that picture of the general and the threat by the president to use force, those are the big questions right now. so, you know, with those 2 agencies on one side, where do you think you might say international stakeholder sit in all of this because some of our contributors, 12 is there earlier in the day suggest states that that were mutterings and perhaps infiltration or interference from other stakeholders, whether they be neighbors or other international actors, would you agree with that in some shape or form? there's definitely been meddling for years now. and it did have been married scandals reported. and the th impressive foreign governments paying political actors and politicians intimation that sort of thing. but i don't think that and the protest yesterday words, genuine, for the most part and the frustration of the population. the pandemic in the economic crisis is real. and the opposition to the nad,
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the party by one segment of commission society is real. what, what's not quite real is the way in which the president interpreted the top the constitution, the actually taking i. then i found a very interesting as the americans prepare their statement this morning that the germans came out and said, this is not a crew, which seems sort of wishful thinking because we don't know whether it's a qu yet or not. but what the germans were trying to do is, is offer the president a face saving way back from the precipice, saying, look, you can get out of the crisis. you created. interesting to see what certain governments the saying the by william lowers. always good to get your insight. thanks very much for your time and joining us from washington. d. c. thank you. now, the philippine president has given his last state of the nation address before he's due to step down next year. well triggered had used his speech to address criticism
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of his so called war on drugs. today said that he didn't let his critic stamp and his determination as president and told people to shoot drug dealers dead. more than 6000 people have been killed during anti drug operations of a rights group. say that figure is much higher. she will, i'll in duncan is all correspondence in the capital manila with the very latest. what else do the president have to say? while the hill, this is by far his long guests as speech ever. i mean over the past 5 years, it's been expected that the pastor then goes over time. but this is nearly 3 hours of the precedent. mostly veering off. script repeating lines has said over the past few years and talking about and defending his so called war drugs, which has killed nearly 30000 filipinos according to activists. now it was a much more here our program compared to over the last few years,
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there were less protest outside the house of congress and limited members of his cabinet and lawmakers in side the hall of congress. now for those to continue, please support the president. they look back at his state of the nation speech, this last one with nostalgia. but those so protests or criticize he's administration. they say they can't. the end of this rule just can't come fast enough as you know. so he'll, when he was sworn in the office, he promised and present a change you promise to, and the presence of crime and corruption in country. within the 1st 6 months in office. he promised the insurgency a decades old insurgency by 2018 to and social injustice in the 1st 2 years of his office. so many of these promises have not been made. and instead to tear to host the distinction. in fact, of being the only philippine sitting president being examined by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity because of a so called war in drugs. and currently,
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the country is facing its worth economic recession. in decades with nearly 3000000 more filipinos without jobs at this point. so, despite that, the president remains popular. based on the late late the service will not lead, remains to be seen, whether there is really enough time with less than a year in office. and with elections coming over soon in terms of campaign actually . and he also lastly talked about so here which really very surprising because the 3rd, it always said that he was reluctant to stay and hold on to power. but over the last few years, he talked about possibly running for the vice presidency in order to avoid and have immunity from cases he will most likely phase when he steps down from office. it's about that thanks very much of a lot. and daniel corresponded in min and i thank you that china's blaming the us for a stalemate and relations are accusing it of creating an imaginary enemy that says the u. s. equity secretary state me to count pounds in town gin. wendy sherman is
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the highest ranking official to visit from the bible ministration. now the us president has largely kept sanctions on china that were placed by his predecessor, donald trump. china has asked the us to remove these restrictions on chinese students and communist party members. adrian brown is following the story for us from hong kong. this is a low key visit with low expectations. i mean, look at the backdrop relations between china and the united states are really at the level they were under president trump, there's been no real improvement in fact, under buys. and you could argue, relations have actually got a lot worse. so when the sherman has arrived in china to see how the relationship can perhaps be better manage, but they do have a common name both sides. and that is to try and ensure that president changing thing and president joe by and get to meet at some stage. the chance for that happening is possible in rome. when the g 20 summit happens in october,
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the hope is they can meet on the sidelines or perhaps not. this meeting that's happening in t engine today, i think will give us indication as to whether there is a hint of an early reproach. in the relationship between the 2, there is a lot on the table to discuss. i don't think there are any hopes of any sort of breakthrough at these talks, but the fact they're sitting down and facing one another across the negotiation table is an encouraging a hopeful sign. but you know, there are plenty of things on the table to be discussed that have to be discussed to me. the united states wants to talk not just about the state of the global economy, but also climate change. what is happening here in hong kong, the human rights situation, and shin jang, the south china sea, where the military brinkman ship is threatening to get out of control. now, the united states said ahead of this meeting that they welcomed competition with china, but they wanted to prevent that competition veering out of control into conflicts
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of what they want to try and establish says the us state department official guard rails. so that doesn't happen when they just parliament held a special session on monday. the 1st time it's convene this year. it's been suspended since an emergency was declared in january to deal with the surgeon crow virus cases. but the country is now in the midst of its my serious ways of infections, politicians and public a questioning, the government's response from st. louis has more from calling them for parliament in malaysia is reconvening after 7 months and emergency declaration in january gave the government wide ranging powers including suspending parliament on monday. politicians questioned, not just the need for an emergency declaration, but also the government's corona virus response. there's been double standards and following the procedures that the government itself is laid out for corporate 19 is also been whitening trust, which is actually difficult to manage because the government faced is when it came
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into government. but it's actually like the course of the long, extended code, 1900 management, much of the country is still under a lockdown imposed last month. it has caused great hardship for many. yet, corona virus cases keep climbing. malaysia has not recorded more than a 1000000 poet 19 infections. since the start of the pen demik, the number of active cases is that record levels within the health care system under severe strain. public health care practitioners say malaysia, lost an opportunity to beef up health care resources when it experienced a lot of new infections last year. there should be a lot of focus on the expansion. the one thing i think august, the measured precinct testing could be you know,
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the government is now also having to deal with contract doctors who are unhappy with the terms of employment across the country. thousands of doctors station a walk out on monday, demanding permanent postings and better pay. c florence lee al jazeera column for the lincoln government has bound chemical fertilizer impulse to save millions of dollars. yet the strict clamp down comes at a time when the country's foreign reserves fallen dangerously low. and it's been l fernandez. report some over the news impacting the livelihoods of farmers. john, cuz my son pays worried the potato for my entry long because we're putting a gun, the region says he used less than half the usual amount of chemical fertilizer on his crop. i'm often they've, i have the buying and the phone a lot of the plans was effected usually by this time the harvesting about do once or $75.00 days after planting the area is covered by the plants. but this time growth is far less. yeah. across the country have been
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protesting the shortage of chemical fertilizers since the government been employed in me in because the sun ica successful greenhouse farmer has had to cut down his crop as well. he says farmers should have been consulted about the ban. evan oscar level when asked when things are being changed, they must consult us. make us aware of how things will change, discuss how this is going to be done. the bedroom fertilizers come during an economic crisis that has like a badly. it's 4 in reserves have fallen below $4000000000.00. people incomes has suffered since easter bombings 2019. and the corona virus pandemic as well. in the situation the government is under pressure to find the money to pay back billions of dollars in debt. shaw, that's one of the reasons present, good or bad? roger says he's government ban the import of doesn't the items including agro
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chemicals and also 80000000000 re piece. 80000000000 re piece is what this country spends just to import fertilizer. who does it's money? go to the money goes to companies abroad. there are only 4 to 5 local companies making money from this. but the decision we talk will make this industry into a local industry on the, on. the president says he will not back down on the fertilizer ban, which he says is also aimed at improving the heads of citizen, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet. a government blitz of money printing has driven up inflation, which is the central bank put at 6 point one percent daily. the journey roster income, because of the pandemic issue out of pension, that the interest rates are low and your income has gone down. you're lucky if you have a permanent job, but without 11th is to get an income. income is limited, expenditures are rising leak and on the situation is creating
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a challenge for millions of she lanton might be able to find out it's very difficult to survive because we have to spend more than what we own back in forming country communities. a bracing the smaller harvest and a major impact on income. one firm, a leader as an even more di, warning on the america farmable manage the season with whatever fertilizer and chemicals they bought, a higher prices. but i say with responsibility that we clearly going toward food shortages, that's a certainty. even god can't prevent that. most farmers agreed. the plan to cut down on chemicals use is a good thing. but say the sudden decision is not practical. the ban on agro chemicals is part of a government clamped down on what it cause non essential import during a serious foreign currency crisis. farmers said the hope for savings will be challenge by food shortages. minute fernandez, o 0. valley meadow will be 10000 families have been evacuated in sudan floods.
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continue to devastate, they get on to the region. it's fairly state covered may affected, but officials expect other areas to be hit in the coming weeks, including the northern state, a river nile because of the heavy rains and the e. c. o, p, and highlands still have here on out there. the coaches, while celebrations go viral, will show you what cold things coming up with job in full. got a the news news.
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news with me. oh, a
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book about his joke. ah, thanks sir. yes. let's start with tom daily. the british stiver who has finally won and the limpid gold medal at his 4th attempt. he pad up with my c lee and the men synchronize 10 meter platform to beat the favorite china by less than a point. a great achievement for lee who is competing at the time, the daily who is only 27 years old. it has been a long journey to realize history. well, it was back in 2000 nights at the beijing games when he 1st competed at just 14 years old, but didn't finish in the metals. he returned at his home games in london, 2012 where he won bronze in the 10 meter platform. another bronze followed 4 years later in rio. this time in the sing crow with teammates daniel goodfellow. and now thanks to today's incredible performance,
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he's finally got his hands on that elusive goal. this gold medal means an incredible amount. you know, we put in all actually put in such hard work effort, sacrifice and dedication into our performances and to be able to finally become a then pick champion off the 20 years and for tempt it. it feels incredibly special . was in the early british gold at the aquatic center. adam p. t successfully defended his olympic title in the 100 meter brush stroke. in the 5th time in history, australia is pittman. speak, american great. katie le becky, to clean the $400.00 meta free soul goals. but it was her coach the box, so you really grab the attention with his while celebration following the victory. his emotional reaction is gone viral on surprisingly, turned him into names like a show like i would not be here without him. so i think for him it was very
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exciting moment as well. and classic dane reaction. but the thing that made me quite emotional was actually seeing him watch my mental ceremony. he was crying and i was trying to contain, contain the emotions that just, it's good to see how much it made him to. and just in the last few hours, the russian olympic committee clinched f. first gold of the gymnastics competition . they sort of a late challenge from defending champions, japan and china, when the men team of in there were more gold medals, the host japan on monday in science, public opinion may be warming to the olympics on the 70000000 people in the country . what's the opening ceremony? because 19 infection rates in the city remain high and the bridges and reports from tokyo, the official requests the people in japan see, watch the olympics at home. many at taking any chance they can to witness some action. here a cycling race that went outside official venues can get in my life,
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but they're not allowing fans. but this road raises happening where we can watch it outdoors. i thought this might be the last chance in my life to see the lympics in tokyo. think you would always is, i never got to see the 960 for tokyo olympics. i thought, well, this time i definitely have to see it too bad that kate has a band. there's been a rush of feel good stories involving japanese athletes, including a gold for 13 year old skateboarder major nysha. and that's helping to lift online support for the games. the day before yesterday was the best day in the history of it's the platforms of the olympics, the day after was 20 percent more and the day after it was 20 percent more higher than what we had expected. so clearly the interest in the games is he's a, he's, he's booming. there were 16 new games related covey, 19 cases on monday. but organizes insist, the athletes village is the most tested community in the world. the conflict in
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sentiments felt by many japanese people was reflected in a survey taken at the start of the games. nearly 90 percent were worried that the olympics would cause a search and infections, but more than 70 percent said, they were looking forward to watching it. this is a city with a rich sporting culture, but it's also one that still under a state of emergency, due to curve 19 people were really geared up and pumped up actually, you know, to welcome people from all over the world. but unfortunately, considering the very conservative nature of japanese where the most risk of gordon type of people and organisation in the world. and for that reason, having another big wave of cobra, 1900 coming through, especially it's very tight. it's also understandable that people are also backing off at the same time. fancy should have been keeping up to watch sports left to make what memories they can of an elim picks that remain tantalizingly out of reach . and richardson, al jazeera, tokyo. well here's
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a quick look at the metal table and it's the u. s. i out in front of the 1st time with 7 gold medals. japan also have 7 golds, but fewer metals overall in 2nd place. then it's china. the russian picket may see and great britain complete the top 5. once you've been watching them in st. skateboarding on sunday, you would have noticed that one of the borders had a pods in a c competed u. s. a bronze medal his jacket, eat and says without the crowd at the venue he needed music to help motivate him to win a metal. the music i was listening to was a mix of new wrap and old country music. and that makes any sense. yeah it's, it's a weird play was i got and i mean really, the only reason i was listening to music was because there wasn't a crowd and, you know, skateboarders especially we, we thrive off a good crowd. and it was, you know, it was hard not to see that out there, but again, you know, just gives you more motivation for paris. japanese women's gymnastics team has
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chosen to wear full body states to push back against the sexualization of female athletes. they competed in unit hogs, instead of the traditional more revealing, leotard warned by other teams, they want to promote freedom of choice and encourage women to wear. what makes them feel comfortable? these are the 1st olympic since the u. s. team. dr. larry nasa was sentenced to 176 years in prison for sexually abusing hundreds of chima. what we can do is to make sure that our coverage does not highlight or feature in any particular way. you know what people are wearing and whether these are the clothes that they are wearing, whether they highlight any particular elements of the body that have to do with studio. thanks. so you will not seen our coverage, some things that we have been seen in the past, you know, with details and close out being a part of the body or elements that really speak about sexuality or any other type
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of stereotyping of gender, australian gulf men, g lee heads, he took care as a major champion, she overturned to 7 shot deficits on the final day of the championship, and from the budding for her last 5 whole to finish 18 on the part that put her into play off with overnight lead to john lee 6 and the south korean found water on the 1st extra whole eating lee with a 2 puck for birdie and the title. the 25 year old is the 1st strain to win the tournament since the legendary curry web in 2006. i never, li, like thought about it. when i was playing, i just tried to make as many bodies as i could, you know, i think i saw the lead about like maybe once or twice i just tried to play the best of my ability and you know, it's really great to me. yeah. it's just really amazing. all right,
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that is i now have will for you later. so thanks very much to and you have been watching the news i would need to hell rather than to catch raska. i've got more news on the other side of the break until then up to 500 companies. ah, moses is big news in libya, but staging car and by credit here comes with his own particular risk. our club couldn't take part in the 2016 rally because we were fighting a war and i'll just do a world travel to the libyan, just to see how full don't full wheel can be a unifying pull water country. lydia. a rally for home on al jazeera, a new generation of young people are making demands to be balance society. welcome to generational change, a global theories, the attempt to understand and challenge the ideas that mobilize you around the
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world in london to activate the tackling the root causes of youth violence. many young people that perpetuate and violence. again, the young people themselves have also been victim multiple times. my generation can try me design and shape this generation change on al jazeera, lithium extraction is well underway at the all, at full snaps in the province of hopefully in northern argentina. it is referred to as to why gold of renewable energy layer a. we're trying to establish a small supply chain of lithium batteries so we can comply with demands. one of the demands is the transformation of the public transport system origin. tina has one of the biggest in the region and we would try to transform our bosses wanted to system. i didn't know what livia and she'll have a wrong 70 percent of the world's lithium research, the live in liquid brian. we are located in full flat, like this one,
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thousands of liters of water are necessary to pump up the frying research to the surface. there is later on, distributed in evaporation pools. communities around this area are concerned that lithium extraction could complicate their access to what are the political turmoil into the president ordered the sacking of the defense and justice ministers just hours after imposing a freeze on parliament and security for his store manager, there is offices in tune its overall stop out of the building. ah hello, hello rob and what's going on with my headquarters hearing coming up.


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