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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm AST

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where the heat prevails in idaho and montana cooper sponsored pay cut on airways. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, hello raman. you're watching the all their news, our life, my headquarters here in the coming up in the next 60 minutes. the political turmoil in tune as the president ordered the sacking of the defense and justice ministers just hours after imposing his freeze on parliament, also security for his stall mileage. is there a bureau in tunis, ordering old stuff out of the building? in other news, the human cost of the afghan conflict, the one size a record number of women and children are dying in the fight. think they call the
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students who are trying to learn knowledge they killed. i'm joining real care with all the latest news in the tokyo olympics. dive at home, they finally win gold and he's full game on a great day for great britain, i'll have the best don't the action in the next hour they go. we know ah, welcome to the news to his he is president has now thanks to the minister of defense and the acting minister of justice. after dismissing the prime minister earlier and freezing parliament for 30 days in tune as his biggest political crisis since the 2011 revolution that introduced democracy, security forces have stolen the offices of al jazeera and kick the staff out of the building. the military had been deployed to the government palace and stopped all
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workers from entering the building, including the speaker of parliament, russia gonna show the biggest political group and nanda party is calling it. a qu, sarah claret has more the gathered outside to parliament. now, for a month, some traces different sides of the political divine refuse to once again to nivia the she was the largest main block and not all angry at president site decision to sac the government, including prime minister machine parliament speaker, russia the notion head of the party is staging assistant in his car, refusing to move until politicians are allowed back in earlier. he called it a qu, center. he's decisions have no bases in the constitution, nor in the law, and we are against them. because in short,
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it is against the constitution. against the revolution and against public and private liberties in the country. the president meet misinterpretations that actually clashes with the reality about you know, from president clay side came off the mass anti government protest in several 15. 2 at the store last night, and the constitution does not allow the parliament to be dissolved, but it does not stand in the way of freezing all its work. said. the 2nd decision is to lift the immunity of all members of parliament. and for those of whom a cases related services, i will take care over the public prosecution. i put up with a political style made some economy in crisis. high unemployment rates, and the mishandling of the condemning needs are again calling for major change. i'm a partner with them. we have come down today to resist this regime. they take our
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money and curse us. they have not done anything to the people, always fighting. it is enough. how can 9 ministers rule an entire country? we have starved and the people are lost in tennessee, both the president and parliament are elected by popular vote on the constitution. the president only overseas military and foreign affairs said, says he will now govern alongside a new interior in prime minister. i say the heavy presence of military and security forces in the capital tunis with adjustment revolution from us to change the lives of millions of a decade later remains divided what the future holds for the country sort of there. because over $2000000.00 in dough corresponds whose cover to nazir extensively for us over the last decade. and ma'am, it, of course that news about the defense and the justice minister's being replaced more clarification. ready coming out of judas from reuters and it does seem that
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that's what the president does intend to do. a huge move. that's right. we'll have seen him dismissing the said the government by way of dismissing the prime minister and usually in democracy life, tunisia which is a parliamentary democracy. the decision he took over the night should be enough, i think, to, to save or to dismiss the whole government. but now by this decision, the president is taken over also that the responsibilities of the prime minister himself without a prime minister, there should be no government in a democracy like denisia parliamentary democracy of the said. but now the presidency to take in all those powers. yes, i mean i'm seeing that he's, he's like taking the power of the prime minister, he's dismissing from ministers and leaving others in the, in the, in the opposition. and these are the ministries of 480 of, as we call them, defense, justice and interior. thus were the powers of the executive are concentrated mostly,
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and this move should be one of several moves that alex, but the ice remains as paul for those he is now with the military on his side and labor unions on his fight, obviously. and with people in the streets also supporting his decisions. if, if this situation continues, if, if he's able to push all his decisions without major problems, probably he's going to be in charge is going to be able to do what he wants. indeed, i mean, yeah. so yeah, just within the last hour, obviously we heard news that the president was speaking to the unions with this announcements about defense and justice ministers and certainly the defense portfolio and wondering what sort of conversation he's been having with military leaders as well. that's right. i mean, well, still in the realm of speculations about what he said to the labor unions, what they said to him, how much support they offered. usually they spot him. and i mean, to talk about the military support, we should only look up the situation. i mean,
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if a situation remains as it is, if they got him, if they keep things from deteriorating, escalating, that means they are at least still not, not opposed to the president. so he can go out, go on and, and take more diffusion of the same of the same nature. so i mean those discussions, usually the labor unions, even though they supporting, they sometimes also play a role for that's what's expected. now from the political class, i don't think, yeah. and so, yeah, and if that's it, that's the case that the unions are on the side. how, how strong all the unions implement and placating civil society and the public as a whole. because unions represent the public in certain sectors of work, so therefore they have influence over the public. but what, what, what areas of the public, what parts of the industry do the unions have a hold on? mostly the non politicize population, which is supposed to be the majority of the solutions. i mean, and that's not,
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that's well, they take the sent from. and that's where the president also takes his his think from he's talking about the property of the people of tenicia saying that this property is enough for him to take decisions of the type he took over night. so i mean both the president and the labor unions, they can see that, but they have the streets on their side because they present the non pull up the white glove. and the politicized glass political class is accused both by president and really be innocent. and by majority of the people of being corrupt, so in these are very strong cause in their hands. now, of course we, the announcements came very late on what sunday evening when the president dismissed the prime minister. there's been no address to the nation on television. so far, how long can he keep you might say his silence with the tune as he and people they will want clarity as to exactly what's going on and who's in charge of the country
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. well look, i mean his speaking by way of action right now for people are getting the message from his decisions, getting a message of power of strength. i mean, so far he has to speak. he knows how to, he knew he knows how to be. he's used to speak a lot and he speaks in classical ought to be. so i mean, expected to speak, but probably he's too busy to do that right now taking decisions. but he's taking those decisions. he may have to speak to the public sooner rather than later. of course, we'll come back to him how to get more analysis from you as we get that needs that says join. amen. ali. he's on the line for from june. it's been monitoring the situation on the ground through the day. what's the latest that you're hearing about? well, i'm just here that the, the, the major labor union has just finished the meeting. and now
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i know you statement of, i saw you decisions. and i mean, i, everybody, you know, saying let's wait and see, let's wait and see. i mean, nothing is clear yet. and right now close by, you know, i had made a decision to, to track the prime minister officially and the minister of defense and the judge minister. this is what is happening so far. the situation in the parliament mean, it's a table as well. let's wait and see. i mean, everywhere for the, for the very latest. thanks very much. amen. l ali, they're joining us for from tina. so those, the latest pitches were seeing those disturbances earlier in the day, waiting for more to set me hear from the government. but what led to this political turmoil in 2011 to new jersey?
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it's 1st free and fair elections saw the islamic and not our party when a majority in parliament with months as much as looking as president protested again. the following in and have happened periodically ever since people have been unhappy about the high levels of unemployment. 2014 so parliamentary elections and that really didn't 6 economic was either to this year. the still trying to secure a new loan from the international monetary fund. while the tax on foreign tourists in 2015 hurt the tourism reliant economy even more by 2020 after months of failed attempts to form a government to new prime minister elias was bought in. he was forced out later in the air of a corruption scandal. anti government protest, as we're back on the streets again, on sunday, with handling of the pandemic has exacerbated the difficult living conditions. the millions who been calling for support from those in power recorded from jani is the project director for the north africa at the international crisis. group join us
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now via skype from lisbon could target and get all the program. so, i mean, how much of a crisis is this, or is this really just internal domestic politics that needs to play out? i think this is the very major crisis in tunisia, probably the biggest crisis since at least 2013 if not 2011. and you know, denisia democratic experiment has already gone through several major moments of tension, take ups and the show downs. but this is, i would say different, this is particularly significant because he comes at the end of a 10 year experience with the chronic institution that has slowly, i would say created some backlash and some resentment within the population within possibly established. and there is a feeling that the, the crisis of the past 2 years in particular has really been at the results of this
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paralysis. the decision making type of paralysis that has really meant that the democratic institutions have been unable to take the decisions of many tunisian people. expect that particularly when it comes to economy development and economic growth. now this is the issue here right now, is that obviously the natives, the seizure, the letter announcement? not non, don't necessarily address this crisis, but they have just, they just, i would say a further episode in this long history of tensions and these agreements that we are seeing this in the fact that we have to power competing narrative around the announcement made by the president yesterday and the countries as polarized and divided. how do you that assess the scenario that's at the moment. many
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parliamentarians who don't like what happened certainly within the last 24 hours have been able to say anything called voice that concerns about what's going on. what they've kept silent and also the fact that any sort of discourse but create such a fisher between presidency and parliament, requires the constitutional court to try and help mediate help sought out the problem. there is no constitutional cause at the moment. this is absolutely, i would say the biggest issue here, the donation political system, and particularly the constitution that was born out of the 2011 uprising that's never been completed. it's never been fully executed, implemented, the constitutional court was, i would say, a key institution, a key element in this complex architecture. bucks of divisions and disagreements within the political class. men have meant that this institution is,
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buddy has never been appointed. so the whole architecture has remained, i would say hollow to an extent or incomplete. now the point is that some people inevitably and, and obviously we don't know exactly how much silence within the political class and within the general population mean support. this remains unclear, but it is, i would say, possible to say that from people, affection of population and section of the political class actually welcomes these development. thinks that the only way forward is for some, i would say for, for, for some strengthening of the political architecture around the president. and for some, i would say, a more forceful intervention in this crisis in order to put an end to it. but obviously, what remains extremely and clear right now is whether this is the last episode in a long string of crisis indonesian political system. or there's just another episode and we will see further tension in the next few hours with mobilization and
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control motivations and pos, potential even violence in data. and that's the real concern, isn't it? and i wonder whether we already waiting for the president to take to the way to explain what he's done, why he's done it and who he's been talking to in the last. certainly what 18 hours since his announcement late on sunday evening, because as we know, he has been speaking to the unions. very powerful body within tennessee in society . but also he must have had, we're assuming some sort of conversation with the military because i guarding all of the main government and military ministry installations with his blessing. it is possible. and again, this is one of the many, unfortunately many elements that we don't know. we don't know enough about to speculate, but yes, it's very well possible that the president has been coordinating, you know, his actions with some of the key players and institutions in the state. the issue. he remains, however,
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that i'm sure that there would be further announcements for the communication by the president. so far he has preferred to speak through actions or rather than through public announcements. and his actions have been, i would say quite effective with powerful delay. this apology is the dismissal of the, the prime minister and the defense, municipal justice minister. so again, at some point, i do expect the president to speak. but in the timeline of this announcement of this communication right now is completely clear in terms of public policy. you know, we've seen what g d p contracts, my 8.8 percent unemployment console according to the well bank. hitting something like 15 to 20 percent in the last year and all that to the employment 24 percent a quarter of the population. a women that are unemployed and nearly 40 percent young people between 15 to 24. this is
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a very young society and to nicea that have aspirational hopes for a better future. they thought that was going to happen in 2011. the president is slightly a bureaucrat, but also a very senior academic who knows what he's talking about when it comes to the law. but does he really know his people well enough to locate them at this moment in time? i think the president here is interpreting or trying to interpret the resentment and the frustration of a section of the population has been witnessing the past 10 years of democratic a pollution that unfortunately has not been able to produce sufficient socio economic benefits for the majority of the population, and we know that to new jersey under a lot of pressure domestically, of course, with a lot of unrest and obviously discontent with the current situation. but he's also
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under pressure externally from creditors. and he's in going through a very difficult process of negotiations with the math regarding the renewal of a very important loan that is necessary for tunisia to be able to continue to meet the team ports. and most importantly, fix that note that liability is now d, i, it would seem. and again, we are speculating here. so because we don't have the information, i would say that obviously the president is trying to write this, this, this wave and trying to respond to, to provide some form of response to the kind of discontent that has been brewing with international society for years regarding the steady, i was a deterioration in living standards, but whether this tactics, whether this approach will succeed or not, that's i would say steel. extremely clear, because we don't know yet what kind of responses counter moment edition we will see . and what kind of international reactions most important they most importantly
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there will be that is announcement, we still don't know what the you front and the u. s. for example, think of the latest events. indeed, we have been commenting on how quiet has been from the international community for the moment and for the moment because i'll be on the. thanks for joining us from lisbon. like you said, the security forces dressed in civilian clothes, storm the office of al jazeera into this, not all of the journalists to turn off their phones and then removed all of the stuff from the building. we spoke to al jazeera as soon as bureau chief. let's see how she about the situation. not had that. what's happened is the security forces stormed out there is officers and tune is and asked the staff to lease. they prevented staff from even taking personal belongings. and they said that they represent the security services in tennessee. yeah, i asked them if the average destry permit and they said no, we don't have one. these are the instructions of the interior ministry. that's despite the fact that we have laws in tennessee and they can't do this. we see this is unfair. it's against fairness because it doesn't depend on as district ruling.
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so don't know, our faith have the office, they have the keys. but we will go to the history and we will see what happened. the security forces are surrounding the office and the facility upstairs. they prevent anyone from entering our office and preventing us from using our computers . this is a new decision which is unfair and it might development other action because in terms of the last 10 years we've gotten used to freedom of press work and the specter of law is shot. and regarding the staff of al jazeera, we are prevented from talking to anyone today. i think they're trying to even go through our mobile phone with that we're concerned because within this illegal decision, we cannot work as we cannot convey our message. now the thing global condemnation by press freedom advocates of the false closure vouchers, there is officers, reporters without borders. they denounces the closure of their office in tunis by security forces and calls on the authorities to respect press freedom and pluralism . the international press institute says the raid on alger there is office is a gross violation of press freedom and an act of intimidation to silence
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independent media. polling adair smith. l is a spokesman for reporters without borders. she says her team a staying vigilant of any attacks on media outlets into nicea. the most important thing is to say that the stage reports without border is a bit didn't and looking at the situation and the potential attacks on press freedom in the country. as we said yesterday evening after the 1st and last month my, the president. yes, the security 40 form the says the internees and we are looking carefully at the situation. we denounced the move and we consider that the the currently isn't of press and the freedom of the press has to be respected by the authorities. that during the time when
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there is a political or crisis ongoing since yesterday nights in the country at the stage looking at the situation and confirming the fact that the office of era has been closed by the police forces on the ground. it seems that to add their network international networks still put casting and tv working in normal condition at the stage. but we are looking carefully at the situation and not making any worrying comments at the stage onto the news now. and the 2021 is set to be the bloodiest. and if god is found since the un begun keeping records 12 years ago, almost $1700.00 civilians, many of them women and children have died in the 1st 6 months of this year.
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charlotte bellis has more than cobble it's been less than 3 months since mohammed. nobody's daughter, right? 100 dikes. she was 16 and an identical triplet with his sisters in yellow or bray. her wanted to be a doctor, but she was killed in an attack at his school and may well enough putting on the issue that i was the 1st one to get to the bombing was really horrible. it's always on my mind. when i got there, it was chaos. there was screams, cries, and morning. there were father's picking up the daughters brothers picking up the sisters. the attack on say it all, she had a high school was cited as the worst incident and a new you in report, tallying civilian casualties. and the 1st 6 months of this year, no group has claimed responsibility for it, but very on a sister has a message the who kill it's. don't told your brothers your sisters.
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because sir, you are also from this country. the bombing here in may killed 85, mostly young school girls and injured about 150. they are among 783 civilians killed and that's going to stop in just may and june. it is the highest number for those months since the un started keeping records 12 years ago. the you in also says a record number of women and children were killed or injured in afghanistan in the 1st 6 months of this year in dusty, but she, the victims names have been painted and murals on the schools perimeter, where they dies. they tell the students, those who are trying to learn knowledge they killed in my message in this part is days that we as students the just have one pending hand and no guns,
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no and other things in our hand to fight with them. i asked her in the us, do you think the pain will be stronger than the gun? course course. i believe in this the you in says if ghana stone is on course to witness its highest number of civilian casualties in a single year. we need the parties to step back and away from the battlefield because otherwise we do think based on the data that and the figures and the record levels that we've seen of the 1st 6 months of this year. that these will just keep increasing the number of the family empathize with the thousands of vaskins who's also buried love one this year. but they cannot empathize with the perpetrators never. she's a limit on that mobile russian. no, i cannot forgive them. my wife cannot re hon. his sister's cannot forgive,
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it's something unforgivable. he says after re hon, his death and his security worsens. the families looking to leave f canister, the you in is also worried, saying is fighting loose rule areas into cities. the result could be catastrophic. charlotte bellis al jazeera cobble was time for the weather. now his rob waste about 2 side turns to look at, but inside was the typhoon that went on land yesterday. just south of shanghai advertising is now tropical storm, but it will rapidly no longer be named as such, stood a revolving storm that the strength of the wind brought down to like $30000.00 trees . obviously, as you know, public transport was stopped the time being. but the real problem is going to be still to come, i think extensive flooding this amount of rain over low lying gravity is already sudden it's a river valleys, the young see. and of the next day or so it will keep moving stallion and expanding
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its rain bands, whilst the other one makes landfall. she is our 1st of all, then the remains of in fire overnight. and during wednesday we'll do this. the orange bands are bounds of rays of running up to the same area that was flooded extensively just a couple of days ago. so there's a lot worse still to come. it looks like this one, the bit concerned about in the lympics venue in tokyo is going to be a long way. no, it's a small tropical storm. it make landfall in hong shoes? a few shout, maybe in tokyo, a bit of an increase in win know was not a thing. is more rain to come to lose on but no from in the la mos come and me and ma, but sciences that threat related indonesia. not many showers at all. thanks very much, rob wilson had held the nissan thailand with 1900 emergency escalate with 20000 people waiting for a hospital bed in the capitol. bangkok ban on importing fertilizer. insur lanka causes anger to grow amongst farmers who say it's killing that livelihood. 100
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pounds st. the ball with another limb. pick gold in the skateboarding joe will have that story coming up in sport straight after the break to stay with. ah, he added to the fashion, the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up for the love of his homeland football rebels. delves into the realm of footballing legend. rashid mac luthey for to the jury and national liberation front. with his feet rashid mackenzie, and the f. l. n. team on al jazeera. losing welcome to from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax, enjoy
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a break and your journey. ah, and when you leave with a smile, we know our day's work is done. always welcome to our home. oh, i was back here watching the als, is it renews with me? the hill, rob and the reminder of all new stories, tennessee as president, has now sucked the ministry of defense on the acting that.


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