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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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over 19, but our tech solutions, the best solutions we're starting, something that seems like it's in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring people what day they're being collected. whereas it being for holly re, looks at the limits of the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face target when tech to go viral, episode 3, of all hail the lockdown analogy. 0 ah the gold crisis in to new year, rival sides protest after the president impose is a freeze on parliament and the prime minister. security forces storm the al jazeera bureau into nist impulse, all the staff out the building ah,
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on sam is a damn. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up the human cost of the afghan conflict, the you and says a record number of women and children of dying in the fighting. they call the students those who are trying to learn knowledge. they told them i will begin with tennis is biggest political crisis since the 2011 revolution that introduced democracy president, ty side has sacked the government including the prime minister. he sharma, she, she and frozen parliament for 30 days. the military have been deployed to the government palace and stopped all work as mentoring the building,
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the biggest political group. another party is calling it a qu. this is the scene in the capital tunis demonstrators from both sides of the political divide. we're outside parliament in the past, our security forces storm the offices of al jazeera and kicked the staff out of the building. the military is blocking the speaker of parliament rush to know she from entering the building. he remains in his car, surrounded by supporters, thought a higher begins coverage for this report. the celebrations on the streets of tennessee as capital soonest in the hours after the president dismisses the prime minister and freezes parliament has 30 days. oh, what is the 1st time in my life? i've heard the head of the state make a wide decision. we've taken our country back the 1st time we are out on the streets to celebrate the president quite side. support is made their way through
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the street welcoming news of political change earlier, thousands and protested in several cities about government failures. encrypting corona virus rate, the ground shouted snowden against the ruling. and the policy and prime minister has a she, she calling for the dissolution of parliament and chanting down with the regime the we have come down today to resist this regime. they take on money and curse us. they have not done anything to the people, always fighting. it is enough. how can 9 ministers rule an entire country? we have starved and the people are loss that show the police, look through the streets leading to the city's main thoroughfare using t gas to break up the crowds. it was a key sight citizen resolution a decade ago. that top was long time president then and i've been been alley, and on the,
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our spring up climbing the soon after the president called an emergency meeting saying the measures were needed to save the country. i don't, i wouldn't. you have to have a sudden the 1st decision is to freeze all the powers of the parliament. if the constitution does not allow the parliament to be dissolved, but it does not stand in the way of freezing all it's all said. the 2nd decision is to lift the immunity of all members of parliament, and for those of whom a cases related says, i will take care over the public prosecution. by critics including the speaker of parliament, have called the president's actions to cut out sen. decisions have no basis in the constitution, nor in the law, and we are against them because in short, it is against the constitution against the revolution and accrue against public and private liberties in the country. the president meet misinterpretations that
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actually clashes with reality about call that has been a rivalry between the president prime minister and speaker that's prevented action to tackle surging unemployment and crumbling state services. the news is also been overwhelmed by the corona. virus pandemic, facing one of africa's worst outbreaks. hospitals are overcrowded and under resource. and on saturday, the reported a record 317 death from the virus to many countries. deepening economic and social problems have undermined support for democracy. some critics say that's very democracy is now in danger. so to have to, i'll just 0 security forces dressed in civilian clothes, storm the offices of al jazeera in tunis. they asked the old journalists to turn off their phones and then removed the staff from the building. it spoke to serious tunis bureau, bureau chief,
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looked for haji about the situation. what had happened is to how much the security forces of jazeera opposite. when the tunis man, i toss the stuff in to leave the office. they prevent the stuff from even taking that personal belongings. and they said that they represent the security that defense in which he needs. yeah, i asked him if he had this repair met and he said, no, we don't have this. but these are the instructions of the, the home ministry, despite the fact that we have no incentives yet. and they cannot do that. our conception, this is not, this is a game, is this because it doesn't depend on judiciary routing. now
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we don't know the faith of us, they're not, they have the opposite, they have the keys, and we will go to the judiciary and we will see what will happen later. so here's the puzzle. rounding the office of the office and the upstairs as well. they prevent any one to enter the office of 0 as they prevent us from even having our personal belong lives on the computers. they prevent anyone to take anything from the office . there is a new decision which is not fair and this might develop into other action because into news during the last 10 years, we get used to the freedom of press freedom of work,
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respect of lo. let's go to mohammed valve cover, tune as extensively for us to join us now. well, how much? let's start with the question of the constitutionality of the situation. does it give the president the right to do what he's done? well, sammy, according to if you look at the article 80 of the constitution, it allows the president to take from emergency measures. if the security of the nation is our threat is on the 3rd. and if the distortion is deteriorating for the country as a whole, the interests of the nation on the security of people and so on. however, the president cannot take those measures without consultation with the government, without consultation with the, with the other branches of the government, including the parliament for what we have now. it's right now is the president has frozen the parliament, still socks the government,
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and there was no consultation prior to that. so this is why the opponents of the president say that this is unconstitutional. positive and she the speak of the parliament described this as a court order for the body that should be allowed. that is, you know, empower to resolve this kind of disputes doesn't exist. the constitutional court has never been formed. so these are aspects of the, of the crisis in tunisia that have been accumulating over the last few years. and actually over the last decade that we can say, and now they've reached the head. and most concerning in this, the gob is the final. yesterday nights of the president himself will have them reflections in the states. we have the military out in the streets on the block, an entry to buildings through government buildings. we have acts of final thing,
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the media like what happens to 0. lots of spots of final sale that are very concerning to the public and to the international community as well. what's going on, something is going on behind the scenes and we don't know about it. amen. and that's very, very dangerous. i'm home and i'm going to ask you to stay with us because we've got on the line, we're going to go to the langley. he joined us on the line from tune. this looks like the situation is deteriorating since the last time we spoke what's happening. yeah, absolutely, i mean now and there are classes in between the both sides, both groups. we got people wanted and we can, we can watch, we can see blood. and this is a bad time really. and he, the other, i mean really show can use it. the shut down, open it so it's a bad sign. it's very bad sign. so i mean,
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the journalist we had lots of acquisition since the pollution they're reporting freely. i mean sometimes problems occurring, but nothing gets way really never here. i mean, we belong to been, i mean when to shut down media bureaus and, and now i mean we are asking ourselves who are wondering, what will happen next. i mean, the 3rd in the bud sign. i mean, shutting down the deal. maybe, you know, we don't know what the, what the intention behind it. so everybody is concerned for the, for the freedom of expression and i med, i just heard you say you were referring to clashes and you said we can see blood.
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can you please explain what you meant by that? ok, i because we so i mean blood, i mean people were attacked and each other, we've gone bottle of water and local people go 21 bit. i mean no casualties. so bar. and this is a good thing, but you know about clashes between the different protested civilians or ok. so you know, between the civilian, this is the police man. i mean, in the early morning hours, you did to disperse them to be in the middle to calm down the situation. but now it looks like the situation is also control. and the longer you see it is, i mean that i look for concern. ok,
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that was the only that explaining to us the latest escalating situation on the ground where apparently we're now hearing about clashes between rival protesters that seem to have heated up. when my aunt was led to this political turmoil springs, some background on this in 2011, tennessee is 1st free and fair election. so will be another party. when a majority in parliament with months of mozilla, as president protest started again the following year, end of happen periodically ever since people have been unhappy about the high levels of unemployment. 2014 parliamentary elections didn't help fix the economic woes soon as it is still trying to secure a new loan from the international monetary fund. a tax on foreign tourists in 2015, the tourism reliant economy even more. more by 2020 after months of failed attempts
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to form a government, a new prime minister vs fox was brought in. it was forced out later in the over a corruption scandal though anti government protestors were back on the streets again on sunday. the mishandling of the pandemic has exacerbated the difficult living conditions for millions have been calling for support from those in power, max kelly, and is a political scientist specializing in the middle east and north africa. the institute of development studies at the university of sussex joins us by skype from freeburg in germany. good to have you with us. so this lines talk about how the speaker of parliament has been calling on the president to reverse is decision. do you think the president will be listening to that? i imagine he'll be listening it to i doubt he'll be following it. i don't think that is an unsurprising call, but it is the logical call for the speaker parliament to make it a logical cause, a parliament to not accept it. it's 3 thing, but there seems to be
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a larger kind of plan in place and including obviously the a worrying attack against your colleagues to know that does not make me think that this will, this will be walked back too quickly. that being said, there are political forces with and near the and i think the labor union, this includes wider society organization and includes the remaining force parliament that can push back against us. and i think that can still affect how this is going to play out. so this is still very much a developing situation, or i think it will be important to keep that in mind the next couple of days. how worrying is it now when you look at the escalation that's happening. that now, i'll just eras offices have been, shall we say visited by the authorities close down. the journalist kicked out the sort of posture that we're seeing being taken on the streets at old. doesn't bode well for a sort of, shall we say civilian, normal, civilian evolution,
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it really doesn't. and i think that's why looking at these developing events, it's mainly be critical. there is one discussion around what the president and yesterday and whether that is legal within the article, 80 of the constitution which it's not. but that's one discussion. and then i think there's what's happening today and very, very few good events start with plain clothes security officers taking away the phone. so people are there. and so i think looking at that today, looking at the behavior of security forces today will be really, really critical. especially as we talk about clashes on the street, it's also important to mention that the, to the police has a history of violence against protest and bonding, and billions, which is seen protests about in the last couple of days as well. so i think looking at the, at the role, the security forces here, it's critical. it's also we need difficult and important to be cautious and how we interpret these events in the streets. in the coming days. there's support for what's happening by some protesters. and i think that that isn't important to
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recognize it is an indication that the political systems so far as fail, tennessee, and on the absolute did he disastrous kobe crisis, that the country's going through right now is an indication about, alongside high unemployment and a deep economic crisis, but also not everybody's on the street and not being on the street right now is not consenting to what's happening. so i think evaluating more deeply how the sits and public opinion, but also in the opinion often of your key institutions is going to be the key thing that determines how this development board i thank you very much. good to get your analysis on that as go to to the space journalist revolved, alorie now joins us from there. so now we're looking at a situation where we're hearing of clashes between processes on the street indicated perhaps of how deep divisions run with intimacy in society. towards what the president has done. yeah. so right now the situation is so critical, especially right now while flushes are,
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are between the protestors who are supporting the majority of the things in the parliament and doing this and cut on the correlation. and on the other side for this, there's who are supporting decisions to follow up with the government. so i think the situation is so critical. we need to be more vigilant at the same time as a journalist. afraid i'm confused when i saw the police officers who stormed the office and said he channels. unfortunately, these images are remind me but not least regina, when he used to imprison the journalist and who when use are used to private international channel. so i'm little bit confused. now i think the freedom of expression and freedom office is really direct and right now. and at the same time, some journalist, i don't,
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i don't have them this morning. they told me that they find it difficult to do some pictures of the protesters. so i think we need to be more vigilance right now. and that segue into what i was going to ask you this. the clamp down that's taking place against journalists, the closure of ounces era's office is that indicated that the army is not going to try and remain neutral in this, that it is taking, if not a stance that, that can be described as very big tutorial. but at least the stance that is favorable towards the president. until now, the army are neutral objective and when i talk to some of them, they told me we are just executing what i saw. you said we don't take any parts or any political parties, but at the same time i, i thought you witnessed it this morning. i saw that they are trying to stay just in the middle between the protesters between not and i decided to park there's
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an in the classes aren't, aren't between the army and the officers. the classes are between the both sides of the processors. and what about the role of the national labor union? how critical is that right now? so they are now hang hands in a meeting. we don't know their reaction, but i think they, we do support. i cited decisions, they always supported him. and when they called for a national dialogue last november to solve the political question, they said that they will stay and to the prison, then fund started against another party and the majority leading partners in the parliament. i think probably that we think also the client side side, but at the same time i'm surprised because some political party was you posted
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president. i cited during the elections in 2019. no, they are against them, like the democratic for and to speak to will talk to, to expect their disappointment, to see this decision chapter 18 from the constitution inactive. right now they describe it their reaction shock. and so i think they also division in the opposition, but for the labor neuberger that know they are in a meeting so we don't know yet, but probably they really take the position with the science. all right, thank you very much for giving us your observations of what's happening there. thank you. show a while ago scared the forces dressed in civilian club storm. the officers of al
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jazeera in tunis asked old journalists to turn off their phones, removed everyone from the building, and we spoke challenges here as tunis bureau chief of the time looked, we had about the situation. my had that happen is to how much the security forces assumed of 0 opposite when the tours and why my, i toss the stuff and to leave the office, they prevent the from even taking that personal belongings. and they said that they represent the security that defense in which he needs. yeah, i asked him if he has judiciary permit and he said, no, we don't have this. but these are the instructions of the, the home ministry despite the fact that we have no incentives. yeah. and they
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cannot do that. our conception, this is not, this is a game, is this because it doesn't depend on judiciary ruining that we don't know the faith of us. they're not, they have the opposite. they have the keys, and we will go to the judiciary and we will see what will happen later. so here's the puzzle. rounding the office of the office and the upstairs as well. they prevent any one to enter the office of 0 as they prevent us from even having our personal belong lives on the computers. they prevent anyone to take anything from the office . there is a new decision which is not fair and this might develop into other action.
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because into news during the last 10 years, we get used to the freedom of press freedom of work. the spectrum of low wholly in nevada is spokesperson for reporters without borders. she says they're staying vigilant. veney attacks on media outlets into nicea. you could see the time so cool. lot in the last few days when the show some doctor saw to have that extra so horse with us can i because of lack of oxygen, hospitals, and other units that he can to put to pay the weight for the decision of the president that i know there are no reasons for the present to these 2 sets. that accordion measures, if it's the court on the court, on
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a promotional national phenomenon, which all countries began. some words couldn't get controlled if it is a mouth off to reason. yes. quarter. now, the quote on a lot of today's, especially if you need the economy, so the pre didn't choose, like minis dictate the lack of the 2nd before the 2nd world war, the play or the emotions of the people and on the misery of the people and the old way, find the policy to, you know, to, to play. and in the systems the prison, the want to show that the pretty doesn't system is the best because he always declared that he wanted to cease to play me out. because he was noted by high percentage, therefore he should have supremacy over parliament to professor he said, of course you too low. no, this is not the case of a father that is editor in chief of michigan, a to z,
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a news analysis website. he says it's a big question of debate among tunic ins as to whether the president's move is constitutional. we've seen already both critics and supporters taking to the media and the last several hours who are saying that it's an constitutional, perhaps an overzealous interpretation of article 80 people are reading the article over and over again to see exactly what our president does have at this moment we saw a video shared by the social media it had rushed to you. she trying to get in parliament very late last night about 3 in the morning and they were confronted by a military members of the military. were there, blocking the entrance? there was an argument between them, the military said that they were following orders, that they could not open the doors to them. they had closed off parliament, them in accordance with the president's decision to freeze parliament. the president said he does not the power to the parliament,
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but he did have the power to 3 parliament activities for one month. there is also a question whether it will be temporary and what will happen in this one month period, but certainly enough. and it's supporters who have quite a lot to lose our against that there have been attacks on the headquarters police force is actually defended. the headquarters from people who had gone there to, to attack the headquarters. they had you here guys. we saw the video that our reporter had shared very late at night showing that security forces were trying to protect the you know, the headquarters. so there is a role of the security forces to try and play as much of a new role as possible codes. mm hm. and values covered today extensively for us, mohammad, let's break this down into an awesome basics here. first of all is who does the president represent? is this one of those situations in which you can say, this is an attempt by the old god to try and take back power on semi
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finishing precedent price. it has always claimed, but he presents the people of tenicia and probably this is the, this is what he lies on in what he did yesterday. he relied on this particular aspect of the constitution because the 1st, probably one of the 1st obstacles of the constitution was that the, the source of sovereignty in the constitution is the people of teenagers. so he's using that to say that what he does is for the interest of the, of the people to you and got his support came from the people. often, usually they elect to him from no particular political party. and he's relying on this to interpret every action he takes a constitutionally, but his opponents are saying about yes, that's the broad picture of things. but there are details and he did not stick to those details, including 4 of the fact that he should, he should coordinate with the the other branches of par for taking
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a decision like the one he took yesterday night. article 80 stipulates that he should consult with the government and consult with the parliament before he takes a decision within the realm of emergency. like within the scope of emergency measures, the president is allowed to constitutionally to, to help prevent a problem or a situation that could affect the interest of the nation or the security of the nation. let's talk about another contextual question here. unemployment increased this 100 almost 20 percent poverty remains high at around 15 percent. g d p fell in the 1st quarter of this year. the background to the successive governments. failing to revive the economy. that's absolutely the case. that's where the ice fired takes his powers and his, you know, his let what he considered the legitimacy of what he does. he says that
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the fact that these governments failed to serve the tunisian people is enough reason for him to depose them. he considers that the, the number one criterion for any government, a government is, is appointed in order to serve the people in order to solve the problem one employment in order to prevent a health crisis like the one that tunisia is, is, is leaving now. and he, for him, they failed miserably in that respect, and that's enough enough reason for him to depose them. and to he has announced that he's going to appoint a new government in the next few hours. but we are waiting for him to do that. the people are tenisha are waiting for him and they don't know where is he going to bring the government members from, from which party, from which base. so he's leaving the country, waiting for, for any developments in the next few hours. and if no analysis is made,
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that is going to be a source of grave concern if a person doesn't show up.


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