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and the surrounding area of where you are right now. just tell us what the situation is like on the streets where you are and the whole me, you thought was worth all the time being the so here to puzzle rounding the office that the senator of the office and the upstairs as well. they prevent any one to enter the office of a jazz era, as they prevent us from even having our personal belongings of the computers. they prevent anyone to take anything from the office. ok, in terms of what you as i'll just say are, are seeing on the street with the public, with security officials. we're seeing a range of pictures, people demonstrating some people fighting with each other with trying to clarify which group saw you might say in clashes with each other. they are minor clashes.
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but what are you hearing from your contacts around the capital about the situation on the streets? what will be my dollar will be was regarding the stuff of the year that we prevented the not to talk to and the ones they think they are trying to go through our even the more bio mo bile and within the visit of the parliament, there were clashes between the pro and the and the president said, let's look at the end to these the lashes with stone. but we now concerned because with in these illegal decision we tend to work. we cannot convey our message. we'll see what can we do with the rest of the
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kids into these? yeah, we'll see what we can do with the judiciary in order to know what about everything . do you feel uneasy, uncertain unsafe? speaking to us live on television at the moment. thank you. oh, so i have that sort of feeling because there is a new decision which is not fair and this might develop into other action because into news during the last 10 years, we get you. so the freedom of press freedom of work, the specter of low. but now this means this means that there are certain new things . c and of course mister g, just tell us how many staff there our team. no,
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i think i'm safe. yeah. just tell us the, the numbers of stuff we're talking about in the bureau and where they are now and almost outside the office. all the stuff outside the office, no one is allowed to go into the office or even to take his blood. and until further notice, according to what we have been told by the security, are you allowed to me leave the vicinity? are you allowed to go home? move to other parts of the city, or are you being told to stay where you are? no, no. oh no, we were allowed to leave until now we are allowed to go. but it's a very ambiguous situation. we have no detail. the security officer said,
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these are all those we have to apply these old is it's very exceptional situation. you can not even talk to any political senior officer oh, secure to senior officer. that's why we need to let the cation in this regard. we need to be safe and we need to pick what is the future. we will leave it with you for now, obviously, to assess the situation and try to get in contact with you. later, i figured to speak to you and know that you are all safe. look, the hot g is the al jazeera arabic bureau chief mas as the channel speaking to us from tuning. let's go over to liverpool, where i'm joined by elizabeth, which will and she is at the impunity campaign consultant up the committee to protect journalists and joins revise sky. miss rachel, thanks very much for joining us. obviously about the fluid situation at the moment
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we just heard from our bureau chief from us the channel out there arabic, they have been told to basically not communicate with the outside world. and they are locked out of our bureau in that unity and capital just wondered, ready what your reaction would be to that. yes, so i think it's the shocking development. and as i see in it's the latest of what's really been a increasing raised in this by state, in how they're treating journalists and escalating acts against them. whether that takes the form of hunting down and killing, or general journalists who are already overseas. whether that takes the form of repressive laws managing the current
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situation or whether it's using spyware. i think we're seeing a kind of escalation in how they are treating the crowds and doing so increasingly flagrant, decreasing any place which we've had to get in the, at the moment when these sorts of scenarios happen. if we just focus on what's going on in to nicea, the 1st stage is trying to silence the journalists wherever they are from. in this particular case, the authorities, according to our bureau chief, has told us that they have locked them out of the office and told them they can't take their electronic equipment out with them and they can't communicate with us. so they found a way to tell us what's going on. well, how, what stage do you as a, c, p, j start to get worried? for journalists at the moment it seems that i say it, you know, non violent. but 11 does that situation can change very quickly. yes,
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i just have to make a small correction only because i'm i'm an independent consultant, so i am although i have been affiliated with cb day for well over a decade. i am not speaking directly on their behalf at this moment. but i will say, from my experience, anything any attempts to cut off communication for cut off, the ability to witness what is happening happening is, is only an indication of a desire to to, to keep the message quiet, to control the message, to center the news and indeed, the journalists are cut off. there is a it's very worried about what could happen next. how do you, how do you then, as a consultant actually advise journalists to, you might say,
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protect themselves in this sort of situation. and what would their next safest move be? i don't know all the details of what's happening there now, but i think there's a couple of areas that journalists are clarity for journalists in terms of safety. so of course, there's protecting sources. and so taking all necessary steps to protect contact from sources and securing the data and to take measures to make sure that that information is not acceptable. and then in this case, if i'm understanding situation correctly, i think making sure that's as much information as possible as getting to the outside world about their circumstances where they are. what's happening is
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that if things f like further, whether that takes the form of some sort of arrest or humans show that the international community can respond information. very great, good. take your inside. thanks very much, elizabeth, which will last for all this campaign consultant to the c p. j. the committee to protect journalists. let's try and recall to be on the he's the project director for north africa, the international crisis group. joining us now via skype from lisp and the picture that we all see actually this to be on the all of people gathered on one side of a barrier. we're not quite sure exactly where that location is. of the heavy police presence from what we can see, what we do know is that it seem very likely this is now a qu, being instigated by the president and worrying development for to nicea just your
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initial reactions to what you've had these past few hours as a story has developed i think, i think we have to take in consideration here that there are 2 conflicting narratives. one of this day is the narrative supported by the president and his supporters and their idea. and their view of this situation is that this is an, an announcement with a series of emergency measures that in that are all within the boundaries of the constitution. and in particular, article 80 of the, of the charter. we have then another, a competing conflict thing, narrative obviously supported by now and the other political and some of the other political parties that see this as a qu, that actually violates the constitution. now the point here is that we don't know at this stage what trajectory the situation will take. we don't know yet what the international reactions will be. and most importantly,
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we don't know what the political parties and the cause the say, the people who oppose the groups that oppose this announcement will do well. whether there will be a strong counter mobilization to all of this or not. and others, the in all of these factors are extremely important because they could fuel or not the risk of violence. we had already seeing some clashes and some possible, as i said, a moment of tension between the 2 sides. and all of this could actually escalate or be contained depending on what will happen in the next hours. indeed though to, as you say, there's lots of narratives going on at the moment. and we wonder whether, firstly the president is going to, you might say, speak to the nation, and talk about what his plan is politically and why he would use security service
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has all the military on the street. certainly when it comes to making sure that government premises are surrounded, protected, all the media is shut down. and i'll just, there is particular case also when one does where the opposition parties are right now. they've been very quiet. what would your analysis of that be? while to me, it's quite evident that this announcement of these emergency measures actually enjoy the support of a large section of the population. we don't know whether this is a majority opinion, whether this is just a section of the population. but what we saw yesterday, and what we continue to see is that there were scenes of job related relation of support of people celebrating the announcement made by the president. and the silence of some of the opposition groups opposition parties may indicate passive support for 4. does announce one for these measures. likewise, we all were also waiting to hear from some of the international regional partners
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of tunisia and again silence, even though it is not clear at this stage, but silence might again indicate that at the end of the day, these actors are ok. are happy. with this outcome, a previous speaker to a program such bayers and international lawyers suggested as you say, regional neighbors or allies of the president on the international front might be complicit or supportive of his actions. is there a real international input into that? the scenario that has unfolded into nicea, certainly of the last 18 months, sort of the lack of you might say political progress has it been pushed and cajoled and manipulated by outside forces. i think that regional tensions have to an extent played out indonesia context for the past 18 months,
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2 years. let's say we have seen quite clearly the rivalry in the gulf being played out in the traditional context as well with, you know, particularly the mirror and the color is supporting opposing. so in this, in this dispute, whether this was an input, i don't think we can say with certainty, especially in this age, especially in light of the latest events. but i would say that they definitely contributed to fueling this tension up to feeling this crisis. we have seen tunisia effectively become a little bit of a of a playing ground or order proxy. let's say contract for the sensors that were taking place elsewhere. so yes, i think they did, they do factor in what is, what has be happening over the past month. if you're going to put the military out onto the street, surround government buildings,
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close the media down. you have to explain yourself what, what and when do you think is the president going to explain himself? what's the timeline? do you think? i think it's honestly impossible to tell. right now it's quite clear that that would be further announcements. it's quite clear that a lot will depend on so on the counter. my bid is ation that the responses coming from the other political and social groups with the waiting for example, for the trade the ship to express. it's after waiting for clear to understand what the various political parties will do, and we'll say about this, but it's quite obvious that the presidents will communicate further on this. we're still waiting to what example to know who we are. we will take consecutive for the position of prime minister. so there is still a lot of communication to be made, i would say, by the president. but for sure, he must have felt,
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i would say quite delighted by the scenes of support that accompanied. i would say his announcement yesterday, but again, this was only one part of the story. and as i said at the beginning, there are competing narratives. and i think the bustle of the public opinion of the narrative here will be a particularly important one for the president, next hour to be able to actually follow this. we will, of course, continue to speak to you as the hours progress to stay with us. regardless of the army, the joining us from lisbon. let's cross over to max gallia and the physical scientists speaking to earlier as well, middle east and north africa, expert institute of development studies at the university of sussex. joining me from fryeburg a in germany to actually get the narrative out max and to explain your position. obviously, you need to be able to communicate if at the moment what we understand, if the president himself has cut those communication lines, certainly to the international media. how did the domestic politics,
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the politicians that don't agree with the president? how are they going to get that message out? how are they going to ask questions? yeah, that's exactly the question. and i mean, maybe 1st of all, just process the best thing that i hook your team into this is okay. and that it's incredibly worrying what is happening on that front. i'd also say that i think yes, we've seen demonstrations in, in favor and generations in public, in favor of, of the fact that the president but i would be very cautious in interpreting that, especially in terms of interpreting that in terms of wider public opinion after the coup in egypt, we saw massive public demonstrations, but that again, wasn't necessarily an indication that the majority of the people supported happened . and i would not identify these protest in to be on the stipulation as an indication that the majority of people agree with us being silent right now, given how quickly the things happening and given what is happening to keep like your colleagues and tunis is not consenting. to what is happening,
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i think for position parties right now for, for, for the labor unions right now to take a couple of hours before coming out more aggressive. the statement is not assign, endorsing what is happening. it is a sign of, you know, getting ready to, to engage with us and processing what is happening potentially also ensuring the security of, of, you know, including including your colleagues to know. and so i think that's really important to highlight. and the other is that i'm going to carto, right, analyze that there's, you know, the to discourse this, that, of course, by the president offense. and you know, this is an act entirely within the constitution, an opposition. and of course, there's 2 really big problems for the discourse, the president. the 1st is that what he's done is not within the agreement of article 80. the mind of the constitutional professor should not be a discussion about that. it's not meant of article 80. and the 2nd is that closing the local office, it's about 0 and not allowing journalists to accept that phones. it's certainly not within the range of anything. and so i think these are some really,
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really worrying science, but really pushed us discussion beyond constitutional issue. and really looking a very close and yet how security forces, especially, are acting today. and if we're talking about, you know, protest and violence, and at the last couple of last, you know, couple of days now watching his protest now watching the old, the police will be really, really critical. yeah, the course. i mean, the latest picture that we're seeing is of the security forces embody, operate, must be, must be saying, not actually being violent in any way, but trying to repel or stop. and he misses all things that are being thrown at them . they're not going after the public and we're certainly not seeing anything go any of those sorts of pictures. but just going back to your mentioning the unions just for all global audience, unions are strong for themselves. but why are they so strong into nicea and what sort of influence do they have on the politicians? and striking incredibly strong force engineers. yeah, they are,
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by far the largest and most politically relevant labor unions in the region and particularly huge. they have played a large role in the post 2011 democratic politics as a mediator, as a political actor, as an actor, the able to bring parties together as an actor, that able to put pressure on politics. and as an actor, the able to mobilize the st. it's about. so i agree with, you know, one of the colleagues i had you had on earlier that they will be the critical actor in, in that kind of coming days going forward. it doesn't necessarily mean that they will be the only critical actor that will be the kind of king maker here. but especially given that they also have a large, you know, finger on the pulse of the part of the canadian population that they're able to mobilize in large numbers. and that they've played a large or not just in 2011, but also in the constitutional crisis that follow after they're certainly a key actor to look out here. we're getting word as well. max. solely, i think from the french foreign ministry telling it citizen to be wary and aware of
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what's going on into nicea. obviously, you know, it's one of the may believe countries that has influence across to natalia as well as its neighbors. slow solely, it seems word is getting what it is is coming out, but it's not really the, the words where we're waiting for when i'm not quite sure what we're waiting for. i'm not waiting for french action. well, i did leave the president of friends to say something by now. yeah, i mean, i would imagine that people are analyzing the situation as well. i not holding out particularly large hope for the type of statements that might come from, from international asters at this point. and also be a little bit cautious, especially in the light of one of your early i was pointing out. i think it's, there's always the risk of over internationalizing political conflict. benton is,
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of course, there is an international influence on political conflict smithy and the regional interest. and there will be regional and national interest in what is happening right now. but i think it's also attendance issues and i think it's, it's important not in the kind of internationalization of what's happening in the us to, to deny the agent you have to know the political forces. i think the american security forces have an important role to play here. i think the trade union have an important role to play. i think how different factions and parliament will be able to come together a couple of days has a critical role to play here. i'm not sure any of them awaiting orders from a chrome. so while yet it will be important. international positioning on this, especially in international courses, we've enjoyed commenting on, on democracy nivia. i do think that fundamentally it's the domestic issue, and they will say what happens is that it wasn't the leading to any sort of a dick tab for paris at all. but certainly waiting for comment. you might say from global leaders as to what they might think,
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of course max will continue to talk with you as the hours progress. thanks very much, amex give enough need of sta, sussex. let's join pauline at s marvelle. she's a spokes person for reporters without borders, joins me now from paris, by phone, by you could have you on, i'll just miss at this battle. just your reaction to news that we have just had here. apologise error that our bureau has been closed down by what seems to be the interior ministry and our staff are unable to communicate with us freely as to what the situation is like and what is going on in their location in the capital tunis. good morning and thank you for welcoming me. i think the most important thing is to say back to the stage a report with the border is a bit you didn't and looking at the situation and the potential attacks on press
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freedom in the country. as we said yesterday, evening after the by the president. yes, the security forces that form the 0 increase and we are looking carefully absolutely. situation. we denounced the move and we consider that the currently isn't of press and the freedom of the has, has to be respected by the authorities. that during the time when the political crisis on going to deny the country. indeed, without jeopardizing the security of your contacts or other media organizations that you might be talking to in tunis. what your contacts telling you? well, at the stage, looking at the situation and confirming this that the office of have been
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closed by the police forces on the ground. it seems that the other network, international networks are still casting and tv working in normal condition at the stage. but we are looking carefully at the situation and not making any worrying comments at the stage. we hope that the d o. c. so that would be able to reopen soon. and we called on the authority to respect the freedom of the press. that is the main thing and the probably them of the press. indeed you just mentioned other arab channels that seem to be operating as normal. can we talk about any of your contacts in the french language channels? are they effective at all?
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as you said, we have no information, no time, no, but we are no people to monitor the situation and we will be international including the french speaking media and we will be inform, i think the kweisi has provoked some very quick change on the field. so we have also to be extremely ditching and on the information and double check everything that is coming to the social networks. and so we are relying on the reliable information of our tunic bureau of interest. indeed, we are actually told by our bureau chief into nicea that they are in fact safe well, but they are locked out of the office and they have been told that they cannot report. obviously we'll get more detail. we'll say all free to talk when the situation is actually a car. how do you actually investigate? how do you actually monitor what is going on when communication can be stifled by
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the government? all the regime in power? well, the 15 years, as you probably know in the $130.00 countries that covers the world, we have the number of contacts on the ground. we also have to equal the seem to nice and our colleagues in touch with on, on the field and also checking by themselves and situation, getting, making calls, etc. so we are double checking all the information. that's the reason one being extremely careful implementing what's going on a talk from the the timing of the earlier today. indeed, pauline at this level. thank you very much for joining us from paris, from reporters without boy does he want watching? i'll just, there are continuing coverage of the military and perhaps presidential coo of tunis,
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more coverage on the other side of the break with some is that do stay with us here on out there are will shortly back with you. ah, news news, news, news news. when the news breaks and its complaint systematically and the story needs to be told, we watched the last helicopter leave the roof, the end of the city with exclusive interviews, and in depth report. if purple is your thing, this is the place. al jazeera had teens on the ground over night to help to bring
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stored highly re, looks at the limits of time and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face. target when tech to go viral. episode 3 of all hail the lockdown analogy, 0 ah, the political crisis in to new zia, rival sides protest after the president impose is a freeze on parliament and the prime minister security forces storm the al jazeera bureau into nist impulse all the staff out the bill.


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