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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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years just in the inability to, to create the constitutional court. and obviously there is no way in the next couple of days and i'd love to do this. and it, it obviously plays a key role in article 80 as it is set out in the constitution. i think the reaction of parliament pending on where they're going to meet depending on how they can react to the situation if it's critical, especially given that case site does not have that just put a basis in parliament. all of this is happening to some degree outside of the scope of article 80 at the as of yesterday already. i think the thing to look for here is not just the constitutional text, but i think the ability to political actors. and that's been something we've seen repeatedly in the last decade to still negotiate to still find common ground. and i think the common ground that will need to be found in order for some of the to be walked back over the coming days, will be outside of the strict boundaries of the constitution. hopefully within the boundaries of politics, we brought back self say you're still with us and those joining us here and i'll
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just there is, it is 10 gmc, you join us on the news. i or as to nicea seems to go from one disaster to another . it seems that a 2 has occurred through the president mex gillian joins me now. we continue to talk electra at the university of sussex in the middle east of north african politics in terms of the military. now initially i was told that the military were not involved, may not get involved, but now was surrounding lots of the government buildings across the country. what would the role of the military be and how difficult to position all they in if they have public sentiment. so vehemently against the politicians and yet the president calling all the shots, are there an incredibly difficult position and in a position not in some way potentially recalls that their position about a decade ago. i think the 1st thing to say on the military, and this is really,
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really crucial because comparisons are easily torn with egypt, is that trinity has not egypt. and that's in the military traditionally has played a less active role in the countries politics. now we've seen an increasing politicization of security forces, not just the military, but also the police, which i think is the key actor, to keep an eye on here in the last couple of years. and they are now going to be increasing the position. now that between a rock and a hard place where exactly they're going to fall or not, i think is it's difficult estimate. but i think it is important to remember that they're not going to be the actor that i think that and then people are necessarily going to expect to play a major role here. max, just stay with us for a little while. let's try and get the latest from a correspondent we can speak to now. in tunis, m ed la ali jones, me now from the tennessee in capital. obviously a very fluid situation at the moment. what do you know is happening?
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ok, so since the early morning hours, both supporters and the supporters of another gathering in front of the parliament in small classes in the beginning. and the police was in the middle of the 12th dispersing the 2 groups. but now things got worse. and then i mean, then both groups are back in each other using stones and bottle and we go to long the people right now we didn't see the president as well. today night when he visited the main street capital and he met with the supporters. also the former prime minister even show up yet in yesterday and the bad time right now the bad thing happening is that policeman just broke
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into into this and they shut it down and they get all the colleagues to leave which is really, i mean, the best time they 1st came and said it's a decision we need to shut down. and then when did she for the bureau look for a document from from the code. they said no, we are police man, we are just from the ministry of interior. we are and they mentoring orders, and this is what we should do. i mean without any notice without any warning that didn't communicate with the. ready chief of the bureau and now you know, you know, that media is, is all the way to the corner store of any democracy succeeds. and now you see, this is a very bad time that i mean media efficient. so
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the 1st time, something like that happened to the collusion those practices. i mean they're the, the operator id is not the same as the practices, but now we are watching these practices again and you know, it, they can be a source of fear. ready among the journalist for the very latest, thanks very much. i'm at the lee that joining us from janice. let's give you some background to what's been going on in tune this year. and all of this political turmoil in 2011, tennessee is 1st free and fair elections sold. the islamic and honda party, when the majority in parliament, with one statement suki as president. and i protest started again the following year and a half periodically, ever since people have been unhappy about the high levels of unemployment in 2014 parliamentary elections didn't help fix the economic woes. and you're still trying to secure a new loan from the international monetary fund,
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a tax on foreign taurus in 2015, the tourism reliant economy even more. and by 2020 after months of failed attempts to form a government, a new prime minister elias was brought him. he was forced out later in the year over a corruption scandal and anti government protest as were back on the streets again . on sunday. the miss handling of the pandemic because exacerbated the difficult living conditions for millions of people who been calling for support from those in power. let's go back to the next gillian from the university of sussex who i was speaking to a short time. yeah, we talked about the role of the military macs in previous disputes. we have seen the very powerful unions themselves, pops more powerful into nicea than any of the other north african states. come into play, be able to active mediators along with the military, to speak sense and talk sense into very you might say intransigent politicians who got very fixed views about what a post revolution tune is yet,
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should look like. that's been that debate for nearly a decade. it has and it is continuing that this kind of triad between the unions, between employers association between political parties, the president, the, the, the office of the prime minister is a complicated political setup that will, i think, continue to dominate the search for wider political settlements. it's in the end, so we also expect the union to play a role in how this is going to play out over the next couple of days in, you know, trying to position themselves and be it as a mediator or be it as, as an air force that can get, can put pressure on some of the actors involved and potentially also put, you know, have a, have a voice in what we're seeing on the streets these days as well. to try to. certainly during his a short tenure swear, rain ministers that he wanted, but the president continued to refuse. now he brought in
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a prime minister that he didn't have any sort of political power base as a neutral when the prime minister tried to do something the president got in the way. i mean, i think the question of political power basis you're highlighting isn't more on the mental one here. i mean, fight, it obviously was, was elected with substantial mandate, but it is an executive position. he was not elected with a party in parliament that supported that mandate. so a strong president that has an interest in expanding the power of the presidency and a parliament that is fractured without a party that has a minded, in the legislative agenda, really has been the ailment. that is the politics that's been stuck on since the vast selection. and what we're seeing now in, in a way is, is another attempt to try to, to break that contradiction. however, it is very unclear whether the actions of, of yesterday and today i really going to need to a stronger political settlement that can, that can push to a meaningful agenda put in the politics or whether it's not can lead to further
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fractures. we've seen civil society groups across the world this past 18 months during the cove at pandemic go to the streets because it's so sick to death of lockdown or what the freedom or whatever the excuses or reasons may be for the opening up of societies in the economy chinese has been quite interesting in the, in the fact that the politics people seem to have been used to politicians coming in and out of power. they've had a few demonstrations on the streets. they've continued to voice that complaints. but the hasn't been the vehement anger of a change cove. it seems to have pushed them to fall. uneven was only last week. the incumbent prime minister actually sucked his health minister over the rollout of vaccines. it seems to be the final push you might say over the cliff, people have just had enough. and that was, you might say a turning point. i think you can say that i would still say that anger intent is the frustration that's in a good living class. has existed for longer than the pandemic. economic situation
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is been incredibly dire. frustration with corruption and the inefficiency of the political class has been very prevalent for the last couple of years and have been big protest before this one. so, so i don't think colbert and the management of the pandemic is if the only factor here. but it is really important to put this in the context of the pandemic. we're going to look at the actions on the street today. we will look at the reaction to the police and hope that none of these will be violent. that being said, we have had 231 deaths yesterday because of it that's been the highest number of daily death into the during this pandemic. and it's on the highest rates on the continent near that is going through a very, very serious health crisis in the middle of the political crisis. and it's one of the reason why this is such a particular tragic moment. and it is another point where the international community that i think is going to be desperate for ways to react to this. and that coming day really can make a contribution by supporting the vaccination reluctant nivia. getting to stay with us. we'll get some more analysis from you as the day progresses. just more news
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coming in that the security forces of told al jazeera that they have no right to enter their office in tunis, showing them any court order stating that in particular they can go back to our offices. security forces have confiscated the keys to our office and tunis and our personnel. following those instructions for the moment, we're also getting more news in his insecurity. volts is the master al jazeera stuff to turn off the phones and computers and remove electrical connections for no reason whatsoever. not just a few moments ago, i was expecting to speak to our arabic bureau chief from our sister channel out there arabic. and that could be the reason why we are unable to contact our staff and our colleagues, as correspondents and producers in tunis. so it seems to be a little bit of a black out there. we will try and find a way to contact our stuff. mohammed volleyball, correspondent who has actually come to nicea extensively for us, but it's quite
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a serious development, muhammad, if we can't get in touch with our staff and security per se. now, a basically blocking al jazeera and perhaps other media outlets from communicating the reality on the ground for the about through. so, and it's, it's even more dangerous considering that we can't get in touch with them. not, not only they offered to have locked down the bureau of understanding, but now that they are preventing out of stuff from getting in touch with often calling us on the phone. that's, that's, that's even more dangerous. now, why are they in incarcerated? are they detained? actually, because we don't know we're not hearing from them. this is dangerous because it's also a signal, as we said before, of something ominous in the country. we have seen that in other countries, whenever the situation deteriorated gravely. we've seen, i've just got a bill is being locked down because this is the voice of,
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of the fax and transparency is needed in democratic countries. and when there is something going on that's being hidden, the 1st casualty, the 1st victim is prosperity and that's what we are seeing now into nisha. we hope that our bureau staff are safe. we hope that you will be able to get in touch with them soon. and we know that this is about fine. indeed, mohammed, when you are actually in tunis when you have been in the past, not just with our colleagues, al jazeera, what are the media agencies are normally? i mean it's, there is a small country is perhaps not always on the international gender in terms of breaking news, but there's always representative various media groups that fry tenisha. as you know, tennis is almost a part of europe and it's the half of many events. it's of the house, particularly of the events in the audible. so there has been international focus on denisia for many years. particularly when tisha became the beacon for the world when democracy seemed to function in 10 years just in the spring. so it was the
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focus of arabs, the focus of the europeans. i mean, could an up country really be a democratic country, but was it that was the question. and you know, there were fines of hope there were moments of, of success in asia. so it's widely and highly covered by the media and the exist functions really, there are just, has never seen something like this for up spring and even before the spring just existed in tenisha during the time of former dictated denali. this is, this is on almost unprecedented in tenisha fall 0, and it's about finals. i said, moment thanks very much calls will continue to get more analysis from mohammed as the morning progresses. we still got a course max saw university lecturer in north african politic standing by 2. but let's cross over to such a bar in london. he's an international lawyer and a political analysts joins me now on the phone. thanks very much for joining us from london. what's your understanding of whether the president of 2 nicea
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can do what he's done? remove the prime minister and freeze parliament i. i remember the tedious system coffee jeanette system. he's a parliament the why? he's not, but he doesn't the power. so for the president out of very, very limited so much so you should look easy to get us on the bottom. that meant we shouldn't be sense the people. so i think this is my status for my conclusion. is that the she's who could come by stephen, because the president has been preparing without a reactionary force, i believe that forces behind in, including egypt. and that's what i'm a look to answer because the french, i think what i'll just bring them to take care of them. actually. what about he
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gives the impression, the option and impression that he is in this system is because he does. and by held that the united states should get the use, the good offices that would influence to who tend to the attempted cool of these early stage in terms of the scenario of parliament being frozen. and this whole situation being able to be resolved without to sitting parliament in parliament itself without a prime minister. if you say the president really is in charge at the moment, he's only in charge because he has the military behind him. how low with last, if, if he has a very angry public on the streets, demanding the very opposite when you could see the time so
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cool a lot in the last few days when they showed some doctor saw to have that extra. so of course with us because of lack of got oxygen hospitals and you know, if you can to pave the way for the decision of the president that i know there was no reason for the president to resort to such. and that accordion measures, if it's a quote on the quote on a promotional, it's any promotional phenomenon which old company's big words couldn't get controlled if it is a market off to reason yes, quote on the quote, on lack of today's refugees in economy sales, please choose like many dictators, like the fact she's getting the 2nd before the 2nd go, the play or the emotions of the people on the misery of the people and the old way find the property to you know, to, to play. and in this instance the but he didn't want to share the crazy doesn't
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system is the best because he own waste declared that he wanted to cease to be because he was notified by high percentage. therefore, he should have supremacy of a problem. and i was a professor, he said, of course you should look no, this is not the case. i thought it will be able to change that unless he, he does become a dictator as you suggest and that we have to wait for. but at the moment, we'll wonder how the other political parties, whether they be the government, till the opposition, and now going to react. because obviously we haven't heard from them in several hours. we don't know what the location may be in or around the capital tunis. what do you think they might be planning? what do you think they might be discussing now about the way forward clocks that he had as the most important player will be. the 2 need 3 union,
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junior, for the union of he needs it is very powerful, more powerful than the army and even the policies if the trade union denise, you trade union allies. he said with the policies, we could find the formula. because before that, when it was the the trade union, which broke to div between the president and parliament between but let me tell you. and so, so the key factor to watch that the watch is the trade union into nice. can i turn your attention to the, the news that we're also getting that media outlets, namely, as a result, says, have been closed by security services. our personnel had been told to either switch off their phones or remove the electronic equipment so that they cannot communicate with the outside world and certain they'll be able to communicate with us. here al
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jazeera does that concern you because the, the most, that's the, the, the new system, all of the regina are coming in the pretty there's the president is adopting fees the level of c. c, which we have been supported by the united. i mean, it's that each reactionary products, and that's why i said the united states and which has some, if you will always have some influence, which means, yeah, i think julie has no us to have any crisis which might affect you to tell them i li, gina yep, you might stay should move fast to really use that to get good offices or influence in order not to allow us to work or 14 easy to become. another said state, indeed, we're still waiting to get to international reaction. it has been remarkably quiet
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. i have to say, since it's actually began, what about 15 hours ago? one does really about the public sentiment. you know, we've talked about cope with, we talked about the anger on the streets in the economy where it's an easy question to say, where did it all go wrong? was it at the beginning of the arab spring, or was it really when political parties try to get round a table and talk about what the future of this country is all about? when you look, what do you think come them scape was a product is very, very minute parties. we have 7 members in part of that they got ally to extend the powers who have put a lot of money into to me in order to that mine democracy. it's unique. yeah. because julia could have become a yearly re contagious thought of all the more i was actually the to need you to give can you give them was feel by god,
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me to come to the gym in the blood. you know, those are excluding cup. how poor the money we have used networks in the house, but i mean to have repeats or repeated seniority or egypt and the same size. but i hope the spot said to because they have very small parties or students in chinese. yeah. that's the majority in tunisia for government because however, because you can use the gym, how to use the dependence on one minute please. you don't the out of me what always kept out of the you know, the problem is that's what that's a real concern. now that we will leave it with you for that, i've been such a bother international lawyer and a political analyst joining me from linda. thanks very much for your time, sir. and so those view, joining us across the globe here on out there are english,
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he's all the latest pictures coming out of the tennessee and capital tunis were around about 15 hours ago. the president of the country dismissed the prime minister froze parliament. and it seems now that the military is out onto the streets, guarding all government building. civil servants are not allowed to enter the offices of al jazeera, have been closed. our journalists on contactable, we've been told from several sources that our staff in tunis were told to switch off the electronic equipment and remove that belongings from the office and then it, we believe it's been closed. we haven't got any clarification as to exactly the circumstances. we're trying to get in touch with our sister channel out there arabic as well. in tunis we've heard nothing so far. this news broke just was an hour ago. val. it's our correspondent, tyrann doe ha,
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cover tunis and to nicea. since our spring extensively, we talked about obviously the radio silence that we're not hearing from tunis when it comes to developments. we've had various speakers telling us what the situation is like on the streets. the latest pictures still show a very angry public as post they don't know the real picture at the moment. they might not know mohammed, the military is out on the streets and they may be heading towards another more formal military coup and perhaps even a dictatorship. so so let's talk about the fines that we have. now. we have several signs. the par, unsettling. we have no information about the prime minister. the precedence was yes to the night. we have the military in the streets blocking the presidential police and other government buildings. we have the media being filed and we have confrontations between the components of the society of civil society. and we have
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political leaders, including the speak of the parliament lawsuit law, knew she who elliot, they appealed to the, to the army, to, to help put his arms. it's not, he didn't ask the army to interfere in by the way, by, by way of a cool. but you're just the army and the city. significant one come when leaders of the civil society talk directly to the army in any, in any shape or form, it means of the army is the, the main hope remaining for the people. so it's like, it's like the country's is sitting on a powder keg, right? now politically and even security wise, no one knows what's going to happen during the next few hours. we have to hear people have to hear from the leaders, particularly from the president and the prime minister, all the present, or at least to be able to assure that that there is hope for, for, for resolution of the, of the problem. now we have to hear from our stuff the media has to speak out. so i mean lots of files that are accumulating and you know, giving
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a reason for anyone to be concerned about tunisia like now. also let's discuss the lead up to the president, dismissing the prime minister. that's been a great deal of friction between the 2 of them. certainly over several weeks. that's right. and let's talk about the caution the government so. so the appointment of his, i miss you, she himself and he was by the way appointed by the president himself, not, not according to any consultations with other party leaders. so i mean, since the appointment of his, i'm a she she a year to go to the day not to the day, but he was appointed on the 25th of of july last year. 2020. that's all. that's a year now. and one day, he was appointed in that way, and people commented on his appointment saying that the president has appointed a presidential government. he has initiated
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a presidential regime. even though tunisia is parliamentary a system of government. he did not consult with about it. he did not choose a man who has a political base in one of the parties and the crisis has, despite this, the crisis began because he did not accept to listen to the, to this, the prime minister whom he chose. and the situation was always a situation of conflict between them. and he refused to swear in love and ministers . so i'm in the government was only how functioning there was half a government functioning into media and many blame that situation. i mean they, they consider that a situation of this functional government. they say that's one of the reasons why thinks deteriorated. the one of the reasons why the country isn't such a crisis now. health wise and kind of clinically speaking goes well mom as well. thanks very much, i see where just seeing the latest pictures from tennis in the past hall file.
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those security forces dressed apparently in civilian clothing, storm the officers of al jazeera in the camp into this nest, all gen mr. turn off the phones and then removed all staff from the building looked very hard. g is always there is tunis, bureau chief, joys now on the line from the genus we're speaking to him via a civil tiniest translation. so do bear with us with the time delay. let me just talk us through exactly what happened. but as the next 30 my had that happen is how much this is good to pull. jazeera, opposite when the tours and the stuff and to leave the office. they prevent the from even taking the personal belongings. and they said that they were present the security defense
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in which he needs. yeah. i asked him if he had additional repair met and he said, no, we don't have this. but these are the instructions of the, the home magistrate despite the fact that we have nose incentives. yeah. and they can not do that. there are media institutions, and that's only allowed to tell us about the whole situation though we have the additional roses that those people can apply the ruling of the sensitive in our conception. this is not, this is a game, is this because it doesn't depend on judiciary ruining that we don't know the faith of us. they're not, if they have the office, they have the keys and we will go to the judiciary and we will see what will happen
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later. so in terms of where your office is and the surrounding area of where you are right now, just tell us what the situation is like on the streets where you are and me, you thought was for the time being. so here to puzzle rounding when the office of the office and the upstairs as well, they prevent any one to enter the office of 0 as they prevent us from even having our personal belong lives on the computer. they prevent anyone to take anything from the office. ok, in terms of what you as i'll just say are, are seeing on the street with the public, with security officials. we're seeing
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a range of pictures, people demonstrating some people fighting with each other with trying to clarify which groups.


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