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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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miss lack of babies to death. people in power investigate, exposes, and questions. they used to be of power around the globe on al jazeera. ah, me. the demonstrations in turn is off to the president, dismisses the prime minister and freezes parliament the biggest political parties calling it a qu. ah, i'm sam is a dan. this is al jazeera alive from the hall. so coming up, remembering assist killed in a school attack. the un says a record number of women and children are dying enough. they call the
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student those who are trying to learn knowledge. they killed in protests against the deadly war on drugs and the back to the economy ahead of the philippine president, final state to the nation address and japan's youngest gold medalist a 13 year old skate border adds to the host countries whole at the tokyo olympics. ah, 2 in his ears, president has dismissed prime minister, his sham, chichi, and frozen parliaments the 30 days. the opposition is calling the move a qu, taking some live pictures coming from outside parliament. that's where the speaker and president of the ruling and the party, russia. if i know she has just arrived, the move follows nationwide anti government protest over the mishandling of the
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panoramic struggling economy and the political style night. i like say o'brien begins, are coverage celebrations on the streets of june as he his capital tunic. and the hours after the president dismissed the prime minister and suspended parliament for 30 days. it's the 1st time in my life, i've heard the head of the state make a wide decision. we've taken our country back the 1st time we are out on the streets to celebrate the president kai said supporters made their way through the streets, welcoming use of political change. earlier thousands had protested in several cities about government failures and crippling corona virus, right. the crowd shouted slogans against the ruling enough to pansy and prime minister his machine, she calling for the dissolution of parliament and chanting down with the regime the
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partner with them. as we have come down today to resist this regime, they take our money and curse us. they have not done anything to the people, always fighting. it is enough. how can 9 ministers rule an entire country? we have starved and the people are lost. gotcha, the police blocked all streets leading to the city's main thoroughfare using tear gas to break up the crowds. it was a key site that you know the in revolution a decade ago, that toppled long time president vain elaborating banashali and unleashed the arab spring uprising. soon after the president called an emergency meeting, saying the measures when needed to save the country. and i warn you after the 1st decision is to freeze all the powers of the parliament. the constitution does not allow the parliament to be dissolved, but it does not stand in the way of freezing all the word said. the 2nd decision is
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to lift the immunity of all members of parliament. and for those of whom a cases related, suddenly i will take care over the public prosecution. the critics, including the speaker of parliament, has called the president's actions, who senator, con, decisions have no basis in the constitution, nor in the law, and we are against them. because in short, it is against the constitution against the revolution and accrue against public and private liberties in the country. the president meet misinterpretations that actually clashes with reality about call endless suggest a rivalry between the president prime minister and speaker has prevented action to tackle the surgeon unemployment and crumbling state services. the junior is also being overwhelmed by the corona virus facing one of africa's worst outbreaks. hospitals are overcrowded and under reserved, and saturday reported
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a record 317 deaths from the virus to many, the country, deepening, economic and social problems had undermined the port the democracy. some critics say that very democracy is now in danger. alex here brian al jazeera hammer. jim, jim has reported many times from tennessee. he joins me now live here in the studio . huh. let's start by the basic question. what exactly happened? is this a qu or not? so this is the question of the hour, and you will get different answers depending on, on who you ask, the head of another party speaker, parliament, russia dylan. lucy, he calls us a qu, many of his compatriots call this a qu. they said to call against the revolution of cool against democracy. the president says that he has power to do this by article 80 of the constitution which was enshrined into law in 2014. and that he can suspend parliament that he can
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suspend parliament for up to 30 days. that it is his legal right to do so. and that within that timeframe he is going to appoint a new prime minister and that also he may go ahead and prosecute members of parliament who have been accused of corruption over the past few years. so it's a very murky question. and right now, at this hour on this day, depending on who you asking to and as you would get a very different answer as to whether or not this is right and it's on sale. what could happen next? right? because of the whole constitutional situation with the constitutional court. tell us a little bit about that. what we're yeah, last time. what makes it even fournier is the fact that you have this body that was supposed to have been set up this constitutional court, which was supposed to arbitrate these types of things when it comes to legality. governance, when it comes to constitutional questions, a constitutional court was supposed to have been set up after 2014. but because the political divisions and to needs have only been deepening over the last few years, nobody has actually been appointed to that body. now there are different forums within the justice system within tenicia that perhaps members of another other
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members of parliament could take a case to, but they're not really empowered. they don't really have the power to render a verdict that would have to be implemented by some real gray area. very, very gro was so what happens then? also, i think that the president had later tweeted or posted on facebook, saying that palm is going to resume off to the days. so what, how i mean, is it with the same prime minister, the same cabinet? does the government looks like the president has said that he's going to be appointing a new prime minister and based upon my conversations with contact into leisure, they expect that somebody will be announces the next enter. and that's going to be disputed for sure though, because is that even clear in the constitution that the president has the right to just dismiss the prime minister and appoint a new one? well, within this article, 80 of the constitution, it does say that he has the power to dismiss of my minister. whether or not he has a power to just unilaterally appoint a prime minister that ought to be disputed because the way that the government is
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set up into nisha within the constitution, it's supposed to split the powers between the president, the prime minister and parliament. now you have somebody who has taken all executive powers and that is one members of another, which is the ruling party. it's a fragile coalition, but that is the ruling party in nature. that is why they are calling this because they are saying that one person has made a unilateral decision to take all executive control when it comes to what is going on in the country. and it's going to be very difficult for the president to get a lot of the members of parliament behind whatever idea he trots out as to who should be the next prime minister. at the moment. you also have raj, a new she who we spoke about a few moments ago, ro saying members of parliament, you have not been dismissed. the president does not have the power to do this. and we're going to set up another parliament in another venue in another part of the capital, and we will do our work there. so this is going to be very tricky as to how it unfolds in the next, in the next few days. speaking of another. so they're going to try and resume the work of parliament. we're not waiting for 30 days. are they also going to mobilize
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the street? how are we going to see things play out in the birthplace of the, the arab spring, where st revolutions began. you know already in the last several hours we have seen various factions, groups of people, not huge group, smaller groups of people that have come outside of the parliament in tunis. and they are either supporting what the president has done, or they are supporting the members of another who called for their support is to come out and to protest with their calling a qu. now the big question is going to be how large do these protests get? there were some minor scuffles earlier in the day, and the security force has got that under control pretty quickly. but is this going to lead to mass demonstrations in the street? i can tell you that, based upon the conversations that i've had with people tune as they believe, that the population there is very fatigue. you've got the coven, 1900 crisis. you've got the economic crisis. you've got political polarization, huge numbers when it comes to unemployment. and because of that,
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they say that they believe that the population will give the president a chance to try to form a more functional government. but again, it's all gonna depend on what the other members of parliament do. and at this point, that's a very big question. all right, thanks for coming in with pleasure to talk to. i'm a jim as you talk to you to now record number of women and children have been killed or injured enough can stand in the 1st 6 months of this year. the un says navy, $1700.00 civilians died during that period. it says i've gotten a status on calls to see the most civilian deaths since it started keeping records in 2009, which all about us joins us now from cobbled so, charlotte, why are we seeing these record numbers of civilian casualties? well, lot of this comes back to the critical month of may and june. those 2 months really thought spike in civilian casualties. they were the same amount as the 1st 4 month combined. and that really correlated with the us withdrawal starting in earnest in
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april us prison by the us. troops will be out by september 11th. so they really sort of picking up their withdrawal. and at the same time, the tele bond really not a beer offensive in flight and picked up substantially across the country in rural areas. another part of this report is that as you said, records have been kept since 2009. this is the 1st time that no casualty has been attributed to international military forces. this is purely african on ask and you in saying that about 2 thirds of the casualties came from the taliban from i school . non government groups about a quarter came from the government itself. the risks were on identify. now the worst incidents in this report came from here and cobble that was the most stately . it was a bombing at a school. we have the story now of one of the victims. her name is ray honda. nobody it's been less than 3 months since mohammed nobody's daughter.
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ray han dykes. she was 16 and an identical triplet with his sisters in yellow or bray. her wanted to be a doctor, but she was killed in an attack at his school and may well enough for the moment was issue the one what i was the 1st one to get to the bomb was really horrible. it's always on my mind. when i got there, it was chaos. there was screams, cries, and morning. there were father's picking up. the daughter's brother's picking up the sisters. the attack on say it or she had a high school, was cited as the worst incident in a new you in report, tallying civilian casualties and the 1st 6 months of this year. no group has claimed responsibility for it. but very hon assisted has a message for her killers. don't tell your brothers or sisters. because sir, you're also from this country. the bombing heron may killed 85, mostly young school girls,
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and injured about 150. they are among 783 civilians killed in afghanistan and just may and june. it is the highest number for those months. so you and started keeping records 12 years ago. the you and also says a record number of women and children were killed or injured in afghanistan in the 1st 6 months of this year in dusty bouchee, the victims names have been painted in murals on the schools perimeter where they dies. they call the suiting those who are trying to learn knowledge. they killed in my message or in this part is days that we as students the just have one pin or hand and no guns. no another thing, sir, in our hand to fight with them. i asked her in the games,
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do you think the pain will be stronger than the gun? course curse. i believe in this the you in says f canister is on course to witness its highest number of civilian casualties in a single year. we need the parties to step back and away from the battlefield because otherwise we do think based on the data that and the figures and the record levels that we've seen the 1st 6 months of this year. that these will just keep increasing the number of the family emphasize with the thousands of vaskins who's also buried a love one this year. but they cannot empathize with the perpetrators never show the limit on the mobile russian. no, i cannot forgive them. my wife cannot re, 100 sisters, cannot forgive. it's something unforgivable. he says, after re hon,
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his death and his security worsens. the families looking to leave s canister, the you in is also worried, saying is fighting lose rule areas into cities. the results could be catastrophic. charlotte, heartbreaking report bad do people given everything that you've reported to people still have confidence in authorities to keep them safe. morale is certainly waning with civilians and also with the african military because the taliban is just taking such large for the peer tree at the moment. they now controlling more than half of us going to sums about $400.00 districts. that's why you've seen over the weekend the us saying that that increased the strikes in support of the military across the country, trying to slow the telephone. and that was part of the few when report to was that right now? the taliban is in circles, cities across the country, the casualties you see coming from kind of low density rural areas. you in really
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worried the us military war. the government worry that if the telephone into the cities and increases it's offensive into more populated areas and the you wins words, the result could be catastrophic. right. charlotte bonus that live from cobble still ahead on al jazeera tent talks in beijing. china blames washington the strained relations during a visit by a high level of us envoy, i hope and heartbreak in niger area as 20 a kidnapped children are reunited with their parents. 87 more remain captive. ah, ah, hello, nice to see you already. water logged areas of belgium and germany. they're getting
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more brain. look at some of these pulses here through belgium. the disturbance is pushing further to the north. so denmark and scandinavia now getting into some of these showers and at times feisty thunderstorms. so we'll pull out, we'll give you a wider look right now because the energy is moving to the east as well. so some doubts of heavy weather toward the czech republic. heavy rain i should say. and for areas of poland in and around war thought, you know, spain over the last few to his we've been talking about high temperatures, they're coming down a bid cordoba 35 degrees. but we've also got some turbulent weather in and around valencia, some showers for barcelona. next we're going to turkey, and the black sea region has just been hammered by some heavy rain. but we're just starting to see some showers now on monday. otherwise, across most of the country it's looking good, is stem bull, $31.00 degrees c resort city of on talia. 36 degrees the high for you. on monday, it has been particularly what, what surround the gulf of guinea,
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conic re picked up a pretty close to 150 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours. and look at this . it continues on monday, ivory coast, liberia rate, through to sierra leone, free town, a hive $27.00. the becoming a living legend of the young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch, its political clown, the piece to the ivory coast posted by eric comes to no football rebels, the life of the talk, but the football are seated with politicians had not dropped the boy and civil war on i was just there oh
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the me on come back. you're watching out there a time to recap our headlines now. supporters of to new jersey is ruling another policy all demonstrating outside parliament. the president has dismissed prime minister, his sham she. she and frozen palmer for 30 days. the opposition is called the move . a qu 2021 is set to be the bloodiest year on record enough gamma stand. the un says nearby $1700.00 civilians were killed in the 1st 6 months of the year. that's the highest death toll since it started keeping record in 2009 bang to our top story. and the rest is editor in chief of miss galli. trinity, a news and analysis website. you joined us by skype from the to news in capital in
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to it's good to have you with us. so 1st of all, how constitutional are people seeing this move by the president? there's a lot of discussion over it. sure, that's a big question of debate among perhaps alternately the very moment the president has invoked the constitution article a few of the constitution. certainly there are critics of this. we've seen already. critics and supporters taking to the media and the last several hours who are saying that it's constitutional, perhaps an overzealous interpretation of article 80 people are reading the article over and over again to see exactly what power has been does have at this moment the president did give an interview last night when he went in person to visit cheering supporters who were in downtown tunis. he said, not only that it was not a crew,
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but he also said that he had followed the letter of the law with the article ag, by informing the prime minister in person by informing the head of parliament that is a new she had a party and not that was the biggest party in parliament and also the biggest supporter of what was the government until president i dismissed private last night. certainly the question of constitutionally on everyone's minds. what position will the security forces take? is a key question now. right. especially if or not the decides it's going to try and reconvene parliament and not accept the president's order to freeze its work. certainly. yeah, we saw a video shared by not the social media it had rushed. knew she trying to get into parliament very last night about 3 in the morning. and they were confronted by a military members of the military. with their blocking the entrance,
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there was an argument between them. the military said that they were following orders, that they could not open the doors to them. they had closed off parliament, them in accordance with the president to decision to freeze parliament the president that he does not the power of the parliament. but he did have the power to 3 parliament activities for one month. there is also a question whether it will be temporary and what will happen in this one month period, but certainly enough, and it's supporters who have quite a lot to lose are against that. when you, when you mentioned the security forces, we have to remember also the police, not just the military. there have been attacks on and not the headquarters last night in a couple of cities as per attacks in tunis on their main headquarters. police forces actually defended the headquarters from people who had gone there to, to attack the headquarters. they had you here guys. we saw the video that our reporter had shared very late at night showing that security forces were trying to
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protect the the headquarters. so there is a role of the security forces to try and play as much of a new role as possible. right. what about the national labor union? they've been key in the past. haven't they need to put in governments together or bringing them down? yes, absolutely. the you just to say the main labor union has been a key player and a mediator in a situation like this. we still don't have news from them exactly on what the mission they'll take. they have been discussing it, just like many other institutions and parties have been trying to discuss and come up with their response to, to what the president has announced. but it may be possible that they would try and play mediate role, or they may come out against that. we're still not certain at this moment or i'm thank you so much for your analysis on that. but for the pin price, it will deliver at his last state of the nation address. in the next hour, protesters gathered in manila ahead of the speech, some holding signs protesting,
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rodrigo detach, say so cold war on drugs. more than 6000 people have been killed during that operation. however, rights group say the figure is much higher. last month, the international criminal court top prosecutor called for a full investigation into suspected crimes against humanity. jemma the alan dog is invalid and now with the latest. so what can we expect from to test a well saw me, you know, just where a few kilometers away from the philippine congress and we're seeing less protesters this year. they've arrive in different batches, that is because, i mean the, the recent announcement by the government that there is already a low quote, transmission of the corporate 900 delta via and know that there is expected to speak within the next hour or so. those who is supporters who are listening inside congress and outside they're actually looking at the speech. so they witness being
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his last state of the nascent speech before his steps down from office. but for protesters here he is, and of administration just can't just and fast enough that is because they say the government, but their data from is so much over the past 5 years, he promised and the presence of crime and corruption within the 1st 6 months in office it promised to, and the communist insurgency in 2018 and the new form of parliamentary governments in 20. 19. no, none of this have been achieved instead, president or the good that as a whole. that distinction of being the only philip in 15 president actually facing examination in the, in the international criminal court. the economic, the philippine economy is also facing its worth recession and decades. and there are more than 4000000 filipinos now, me, jobless, by this demick. all right, good stuff. so thank you so much jim, and i'm going china's blaming the us for
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a stalemate in relations, accusing it of creating an imaginary enemy that has the u. s. deputy secretary of state needs her counterparts in town. jan, wendy sherman is the highest ranking official to visit from the biden administration. the us presidents has launched the capt sanctions on china that were placed by his predecessor, donald trump. china has asked the us to remove these are restrictions on chinese students. i'm communist party members. adrian brown is following the story for us from hong kong. this is a low key visit with low expectations. i mean, look at the backdrop relations between china and the united states are really at the level they were under president trump. there's been no real improvement in fact under buys and you could argue, relations have actually got a lot worse. so when the sherman has arrived in china to see how the relationship can perhaps be better manage, but they do have a common name both sides. and that is to try and ensure that president sheeting
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ping and president joe pies and get to meet at some stage. the chance for that happening is possible in rome. when the g 20 summit happens in october, the hope is they can meet on the sidelines or perhaps not. this meeting that's happening in t engine today, i think will give us indication as to whether there is a hint of an early reproach mom, in the relationship between the 2. there is a lot on the table to discuss. i don't think there are any hopes of any sort of breakthrough at these talks, but the fact they're sitting down and facing one another across the negotiation table is an encouraging a hopeful sign. but you know, there are plenty of things on the table to be discussed that have to be discussed. i mean, the united states wants talk not just about the state of the global economy, but also climate change. what is happening here in hong kong, the human rights situation, and shin jang, the south china sea, where the military brinkman ship is threatening to get out of control. now,
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the united states said ahead of this meeting that they welcomed competition with china, but they wanted to prevent that competition veering out of control into complex of what they want to try and establish says the us state department official guard rails. so that doesn't happen. 20 a not jury and children have been reunited with their parents weeks after they were kidnapped by armed men. that have been emotional scenes as the children return to the town and could do an estate on sunday. but $87.00 still in captivity admitted race reports from a boucher, the not after 3, a grenade and emotional reunion for parents whose children over pierre's and hawk greed the youngsters. now free and safely back with their parents the like the joy too much. i can't quantify the
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joy, god has done it. we said that if we have gone, we will see our children and we have seen them as he has brought this child. he will bring the rest the but many of the parents will have to return home and all the painful images for parents wondering if their children will ever be who is not something that he will even your enemies will experience will still have interest. i went to an audio back. so as lead us we attention should be on the annuity back. and independence of district its children should not take the edge within 2 till we are playing with them. we believe in that it will get well. but really, it is not something that you will want to see, but as if it was only find ourselves and we just have to ticket the student had been taken from the bethel high school, in the 10th must abduction from
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a school in northern nigeria, in the past 8 months, nearly 1000 students have been kidnapped from boarding schools in nigeria. north in may, gunman invaded and islamic school in central nigeria and keep not 136 students in broad daylight. only 5 of them have so far been released. officious have denied being ransom for kidnapped victims, but many nigeria has done believe that some parents are known talk, negotiated directly, and paid rent them to the kidnappers. kidnapping for ransom is nigi as fast as growing. criminal enterprise carried out by gangs, and i'm gross including how many degrees algebra which are at the tokyo olympics, there has been more skateboarding success for the host nation, japan, 13 year old mommy g and she at from osaka, took gold and the women st. final following up you took her to gomez.


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