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those who built this mosque gone. now it's us who take care of it. mosques like these and other villages have all been destroyed because of a lack of maintenance. this is the only one left in the region. and what europeans come here for blessings, as well as those who want to travel to europe. this pushes us to maintain our mosque so that grace accompanies those who need it. all. those who come to seek blessings in this most always testify to the success that follows. even the current president allison with tara came here to pray with us. if we do not take care of this mosque when we are no longer here, our children will miss out on the benefit level. this is a heritage that we must protect the by the i this out there and these other top stories ginnie's,
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his president has dismissed the prime minister and suspended parliament for 30 days . i said, made the decision after protests, over the handling of the current of ours pandemic and a struggling economy took place. the head of the ruling party is describing it as a to, but slave in 5th, the movies legal. and i don't, i wouldn't. you have to have a sudden the 1st decision is to freeze all the powers of the parliament. if the constitution does not allow the parliament to be dissolved, but it does not stand in the way of freezing all its got said. the 2nd decision is to lift the immunity of all members of parliament, and for those of whom a cases related i will take care over the public prosecution. tolerance capital is running out of hospital beds. the new covered 19 cases. the situation in bangkok is forcing health officials to dismiss patients before they are completely recovered except more severe cases. now, more than $15300.00 cases were reported on monday. the highest figure since the
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pandemic began a malaysia's parliament is holding a special session to discuss the government's corona virus plans. after 7 months, suspension due to the pandemic, the country is placing a new wave of infections fueled by the delta variance. 28 nigerian children have been reunited with their parents. they were held for several weeks by all men and could do no state. the children returned to the town on sunday, 87 others remain in captive. and a senior us general says as strikes in support of the afghan government will continue for the next few weeks if the taliban escalates is offensive. but he declined to say how long that supposed will last with us force is sent to complete their withdrawal by the end of august. those are the headlines. news continues, hey, i was 0. after the listening post from talk to al jazeera,
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we roam, did you want the un to take and who stopped you? we listen. you see the whole infrastructure and being totally destroyed. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on our sierra, 17 media organization and investigated, the israelis type or surveillance company. with a figure by god, the fiber history may be the list of more than 50000 phone numbers. this includes john, i mean had the pick up by way, shouldn't be afraid, and nobody is safe at the 5. hello, i'm richard gilbert and you're at the listening post where we don't cover the news . we cover the way the news is covered. here are the media stories we're examining this week, user warning for activist dissidence and journalists, the world over your mobile phones may have been compromised by spyware. that one company is selling. and authoritarian governments are by
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a match made in face rockets there. billionaire payload, you said in the jeff bezos or the news outlets the cannot get enough of the story. there is a crucial election coming up in germany, and the most widely read newspaper is building up its coverage, trying to maintain its influence and cranking anti lockdown protesters in the u. k . can you feel the hand of the new builder upon us with a fake news reporter and trolling the tabloids driving the store? it has been a week now since a global consortium of media outlets blew the lid off a huge surveillance scandal revealing how the hacking to pegasus has been used by governments around the world to spy on dissidence and journalists via their mobile phones. this is not the 1st time the spyware has made headlines. pegasus is the brain child of an israeli tech company, and so it came up in the investigation into the murder of saudi journalist jamal
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shoghi, what is different this time around is the scale of the story, the leak of 50000 phone numbers belonging to some big name politicians, corporate figures, and nearly 200 journalists reportedly identified as targets of n. s. those clients. the evidence would suggest that the company has been all too willing to sell it spyware, to repressive governments known to crush the st. ultimately, this is the story about privacy, the vulnerabilities of modern technology, and the lack of regulation of a surveillance industry that's on the rise. our starting point this week is the malware that's infecting people. and once you sign it, they get everything. they go to your voice, actually could kenora, they can when you're like the person that is over your shoulder and you're reading
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what, what you're reading and watching what you're watching live, just by in your pocket a global journalistic consortium. more than 80 reporters, 17 different news outlines in 10 countries porting over 50000 phone numbers to confirm what had long been suspected. that pegasus, my spyware tool, developed in israel, is being used by multiple governments to target the phones of opposition, figures activists, and journalists like bribery hope and rocking the thing. i'm an investigative reporter, i writing 30 people. i don't stories on the 8th grade will be written on. i'm in charge of the the 2nd 13, and so this be the god we would not want story. so it makes me angry and i've been
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very, very barbie, this whole investigation and revelations and all these newspapers, what it shows is that this is something that widespread, we've seen in the past. lots of individual cases of journalists are dissident evidence. that is, software has been huge, but what's so powerful about this reporting is that we're seeing massive abuse of this kind of technology that was meant to be used for national security. pegasus was created by an israeli tech firm. and so, and 1st surfaced in news stories in 2016. then came occasional reports of rights activists. and journalists in countries like the united arab emirates, morocco, and mexico. having their phones infiltrated, suggesting the spyware was growing popular with more and more government. the consortium proved that its work began when a list of 50000 phone numbers identified for targeting by pegasus users was leaked to paris based
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n g o forbidden. stories was compromised. working along with amnesty international security, the n g a was able to identify some of the targets, including political leaders and opposition figures, as well as dozens of journals. just pretty much automatic. the 1st vacation was to identify the ne, who was to be under the everything that's happened on the phone with some julie's human rights defenders. and we told them we have reasons to believe that you have been to the civilians. and would it be possible to check your form? and this is where i'm going to be focusing job because they were able to set up a process to know if your phone is infected by that because it's software and we found traces infection inside the phone. so many people,
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and those traces into the software packages. there weren't the governments that have done business with an s, so have a lot to answer for, but most have either denied buying the spyware or are staying silent like saudi arabia, which relied on pegasus to infect the phones of people close to your mouth. shoghi, before the journalist was killed by saudi opera, i know india were prime minister modi's chief political rival, raoul gandhi, has been targeted as have reporters, including from the new site the wire. then there's mexico, its former government use the spyware on its critics, including dozens of opposition, politicians, some of whom are now in power. that started in 2017, the same year that a journalist, cecilio ping, yetta, was murdered. his phone had been hacked. we found the phone numbers and some mexicans on it,
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and one of them was only 2 months after we see the numbers in your, in the us kill. we lot of case even worry with our colleagues or your services in india while you were investigating people to, to, to my checklist modem, back numbers to see if this is not checked. all right, so the b to b and this is very fast. the break government i'm seeing and so was last friday when it's all by weight really, you know, like i just saw where i'm having come up with a peer explanation. and so has been critical of the consortiums reporting calling aspects of an erroneous and false. but the company doesn't help its case,
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it says that its clients are contractually compelled to only use pegasus to fight serious crime and terrorism. but then admits we do not operate the system, nor do we have access to the data of our customers. and it won't even confirm or deny which governments it sells pegasus to bombarded with questions from journalists all week. it sent us an email saying enough is enough that it will no longer be responding to media inquiries and will not play along with this vicious and slanderous campaign. they have no credibility because ultimately to say a country is contractually bound not to abuse them. are you now going to shut down like all these countries that we now know we're abusing their? their contract though is a leading technology developer would really harm their business because the countries that really needed the country's most likely to abuse software. so we
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have a lot of explaining to do and so group has simply given us no reason to trust them . we, we have cotton and in lives over and over again. and last of all, government describe opposition to them as furious crime and terrorism all. but one of the hallmarks of authoritarian government is that to oppose that government is to commit a serious crime or to commit terrorism, or saying your software is only going to be used to fight terrorism, or serious crime is absolutely not a bulwark against obese. remember when one sure fire way to prevent malware from infecting your device was to spot that dodgy looking link sent to you, and deleting it, those days are gone. pegasus is click free spyware. all it needs is your mobile number, and you can be compromised. that is why investigative report is meeting with sources
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if they do not want revealed in danger. now say they will leave their phones at home. the journalists who have been targeted by the pegasus face or real dilemma because they know that they're being actively targeted by a government. it becomes much more difficult for them to do their journalism and to find people who will trust them and communicate with them over the phone. so i think we're going to be looking at a lot more face to face meetings, a lot more sort of alternative methods of communication more than they get into trouble. that's a risk taking i, i'm not going to be very sensitive stories getting the like you could be with you wherever you are. 30 years into the digital age. more than 10 years after citizen journalism changed the way stories are told,
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reporters and their sources are seeing their mobile phones turned against. low tech journalism is making a comeback and companies like and so. and the governments using pegasus against their own people are the ones to blame. american media outlets have been feasting on a story that's more of a spectacle. the billionaire space race monoxide, robbie's been examining the coverage. mean, there's a reason that american journalists called the hot months of summer. the silly seas isn't there? absolutely. and this story fits the bill. we have 3 billionaires, british businessmen, richard branson, the founder of amazon, jeff, pathos, and pick on to printer, ilan musk, all 3 of them raising to reach the fringes of space in rockets developed by their teams. blantan one that contest a couple of weeks ago, but this past week it was jeff is off turn. this is the world's richest man, and most of his wealth comes from the mega corporation that he founded amazon. a
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corporation avoid tax on the world. it's been criticized for not paying blue collar workers living wage and not even giving them enough time for bathroom breaks. but put bays off in a rocketship, and u. s. media outlets tend to lose their faculty. this interview that he did with cbs this morning news show is just one example. so what's next? because just you don't have to do anything, but you choose to do one of the hardest things. well, you do the things that you're passionate about these homes and you see for the washington post, one of its op eds describe the billionaire space flights as important milestones. bear in mind that human space travel began 60 years ago, while another op ed told leaders that this benefits the rest of us. let's compare and contrast the coverage of that, against the coverage of another story also about the planet that is far more consequential. climate change and what we see there, richard is indefensible. according to media matters for america, a u. s. based non profit. the morning news show is spent 212 minutes covering jeff
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is also launched in one day. that's almost as much time as they spend covering the global climate crisis all of last year. one example of the way in which the networks handled these stories comes in the case of climate scientists, captain he hold. she was due to appeared on cnn to discuss the record breaking heat . we across western north america, but her segment was dropped in order to make room for more coverage on jeff is just the space launch. ok, thanks. when germans go to the polls in september, they will be taking part in a watershed election voting in a new chancellor, after 16 years of anglo merkel. a major media player in that process will be build a tabloid paper that for nearly 70 years has been a shrill and provocative constant in the german political landscape. love it or hate it. few germans are ambivalent about built the influences wheels. it remains the go to site for quick bait headlines and political scoops for readers from all
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walks of life. but like most legacy media outlets build is struggling to maintain its relevance. it's dealing with declining circulation, some internal upheaval, and has invested heavily in online streaming. and a new tv network, but listening posts flow phillips now on build. and the efforts underway to preserve the papers place at the heart of german politics. mm hm. you could say union, right? health was born for the job, a child of build. his parents met with the paper. he says that by age 13, his ambition was to become its editor in chief. build has been a companion for people over almost 70 years, describing their mood, catching what they care about catching what they feel about strongly describing that in words, people understand and giving people unique voice,
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especially people that feel that they're not being hurt. but there is no question that this is also a very controversial brand, that the people who strongly disagree with our inventory positions who don't like the overall job of a tabloid journalism, who quite frankly despised billed. it was under the sh, bitty, nice mil either. i don't read filter anymore, i simply refuse to bid aims to emotional lies to sensationalize and from time to time to demonize actual news, information that is useful and relevant appears in the margins, but the rest is how do i say it meaningless? stories about affairs and sex of crime and so on. my time is too precious. so this is many tied to shot it. the problem is for the more than half of germany that doesn't like it, filled it everywhere. kiosks, train station, laundromat, anywhere germans spend that time with
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a daily circulation of $1200000.00 and roughly $25000000.00 online view as a month billed is more widely read them papers like f said, deutscher and vel combined. it's a tabloid full of gossip and google, but it does politics to and its ability not just to report on events, but to influence them is why it's read by both builders on that break and government ministers in berlin. bit of minor, this anika, this appointed to build, had a certain political agenda that it wants to achieve. and currently, for obvious reasons, the pandemic is a big topic. bills have played a remarkably significant role here because the tried once again to influence politics was very clear messaging. so not always successful, but every now and then bill do manage the shape. the national discourse with reporting that suits their own agenda doesn't understand stronger length word. that for the most part is a center right populist agenda. take for example,
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a stream of anti immigrant coverage over the last few years. it's narrative around greeks out to steal german euros in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. or its depiction of german welfare recipients as lazy and parasitic. and the paper has the kind of political clout that cannot be ignored. take it from 3 from a chancellor of germany in 1909, got shrewder, announced during his 1st time. all i need to govern his build build on sunday and the tv. he then hired a build editor. it says press secretary, true to the predecessor, how much cool on another full moville that a ton will best manage each other's wedding. and chancellor, helmut schmidt once said that starting an argument with build would be an act of political suicide. that's how much power the paper has wielded as a german politic square foster for the mightiest doppler. the ceo of springer,
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one said that whoever goes up and an elevator will build, needs to be prepared to go down with them as well. a good example of this is christie and wolf. during his time, as a regional politician, he had a very close relationship with building, offering up exclusive stories about the political elite in exchange for positive coverage. however, when he became the federal president, he made it very clear to the editor at the time, but he no longer appreciated what built with doing. and that's when bills started, the kind of witch hunts against him and their reporting would turn even the slightest thing into a huge scandal. got off about for the last f soil and i presume this guy doing a blue box. i don't a tabloid, doesn't just grown someone celebrity status for no reason why. it's not the best interest to just help a politician gain popularity. there in it for the circulation on the moment it became more attractive to scandalize both. that's what happened and his reputation
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was permanently destroyed, has called upon buddhism, incredibly powerful organization. and the fear of being targeted by bid still influences the actions of almost every politician in the land. in their bonus police, none of the in the king making power off build has always been a myth. and it would be foolish to follow that myth a couple of years ago, bill was too much part of you know, that whole favorite game between john list and politicians that lead to, you know, misreading our respective societies. and we've changed that some times reporters go under cover to get the real story. that's what going to while rested in 1977. only he was pretending to work as a build reporter in order to reveal the way the paper operated. his expose a day off marker, the lead uncovered a number of dubious journalistic practices. the picture he painted was not pretty, does not enter out. did it tell us, do you back then?
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it was a completely authoritarian system where the editor chief made all the decisions the headlines would come from the headquarters of those of us on the ground were then tasked with going out into the research. no one wanted to come back saying things were different. and that the headline was completely follwich. those who tried it once would be gone. the day me start, i ended up after my investigation. the new editor in chief described it as having your time provided off and to time post. and he emphasized wanting to keep him open mind this really did lead to a more moderate style of reporting. but now it has returned to being a powerful smear sheet of michigan head slotskum. and there are many germans who take issue with the paper. i'm with right helps himself. some of them even come from within his own organization. but those points of contention. just add to the myriad challenges build faces as it tries to rectify it's 75 percent drop in
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circulation. over the past 20 years. when publisher axle should bring a founded build back in 1952, he intended it to be the printed answer to television. on the right house, it isn't just print, it's online, it's like, and it's very soon to be television to build live has more than 500 reporters history, news and information. sometimes for up to 14 hours straight. when news breaks, build live is there. an anchors light pool runtime have been known to flow that access to the powerful, sometimes reading out the text messages they get from politicians live on the at most i'm a fall isn't. because our most of the sudden the home phone elite and fattano reveals the kind of elite ism, i find it ironic that booth critic of the elite and the self proclaimed voice of
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the common man. both about its close relationships with those very same and needs. it says something about the balance and accumulation of power. and this is highly problematic from the democratic perspective. democrats to let us hope problematic. we're very clear about not doing any access to this. you know, you, you can talk to us, you will not get any favorites for us. it's your role. it's your duty as a politician to be in touch with us, to talk to us to explain what you're doing. and it's our job to not fall for political spin and narratives, but to tell people our own analysis. busy of what our own report us see on the streets find out in the research and all that. so from the beginning, i felt that built has to be more political again and has to find its whole own way . a new way of telling political stories and covering politics. ah, this is an important political moment for germany and for boot whatever union,
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right, has professors build currently is or isn't the paper clearly wants to make a splash in this watershed election? germany, how are you doing? that's the strap line of its election coverage. the question remains is billed asking germans, how they feel, or telling them. ah, and finally this past week, the british government lifted almost all corona virus restrictions in england, which given that the u. k. has europe, highest rate of new infections is a controversy or move prime minister boris johnson has taken a lot of heat over the handling of the pandemic, including his decision to delay lockdown. it's one that scientists say, undoubtedly, cost lives. according to a former colleague, johnson's dithering can be traced back to the anti locked down crusade in sections of the you case, right wing press newspapers like the daily telegraph,
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where johnson used to work as a reporter and the tabloid, the daily mail. which brings us to dale maley. he's a fake journalist character, created by an actor comedian, joly, and rubenstein. maley is a correspondent for the fictitious good british news. that's a play on the u. k. new right leading channel, g b news. he went to a protest held by colbert skeptics in london. he trolled the demonstrators on their beliefs and the tabloids on their so called journalism was the next time here at the listening. mommy, what's the chin? don't be surprised if you have a child to play that because they've been looking to many of the, i don't know about you, but i'm sick of the scientific sticking a cotton ball down approach society and telling us how to live on a bunch of time in the ferry, and i'm going to bring them damn well do that. you have it. and as you're here, you know, signing into paul with the freedom of saying whenever you want,
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can you feel the hand of the new well border upon us? yes. and can you still feel like the hand of the illuminati here upon us? definitely, you know here, right here, but in general that but just here over that, i definitely over that. now it says my boss never wash, managed to save you 2 minutes. none of it, i mean i actually actually went to the toilet 5 minutes, go to wash my hands, but you do like you do. so i can i just confirm you are what is it a public health emergency? are you concerned today an are you working with george stuart? about you all actually, you won't speak about what continue wild order. you can see here, you can see more police, but more toward sources on the people i've had enough of when people have had enough. we do not taken freedom. 2 this free 2020 year of locked downs and social distance saying you can't reach across the
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screen and get someone to re explore one of the global pandemic. biggest side effects loneliness, everyone who lives alone has been forced to be socially isolated for the 1st time ever highlighting its effects on physical and mental health and discovering unique ways of coping control and being alone together. episode of all hail the locked down on al jazeera, the new generation of young people and making demands to be balance society. welcome to generation contains a global theories attempt to understand and challenge the ideas that mobilize you around the world in london to activate the tackling the root causes of youth violence. many young people that perpetuate and violence, again of the young people themselves have also been victim multiple times. my generation can try me design and the shape this generation change on al jazeera, me play an important role,
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protecting human ah doctor's face. ah ah celebrations, ingenuity as the present dismisses the prime minister, but some say it's a qu ah other mon column, is there a life and times coded emergency escalades which 20000 people waiting for a hospital bed in the capital bank of the hope
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and heartbreak and jerry, as 20 i kidnapped children, are united with their parents 87 more than they kept.


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