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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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shift the focus, the pandemic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext for the prime minister to clamp down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered for listening post on i just i so the braces engineers. yes, the president dismisses the prime minister, but i i remember i'm calling this live from joe hall. so coming up, one is the hope and house breaking area is 28 kids children are united with their parents. 87 law related captain on the us says
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it could increase as strikes. again, you can tell about if it's fight continue their offensive russia china. busy and the us and united terry of a latin america, a region hard by the creative artist. ah, janet is president says he's dismiss prime minister in mississippi and suspended parliament and a move the head of parliament says is unconstitutional. it follows nationwide protest the handling of the cry of ours pandemic and struggling economy. alexia bryan reports the celebrations on the streets of june of the as capital t unit. and the hours after the president dismissed the prime minister and suspended parliament, the 30 days is the 1st time in my life. i've heard the
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head of the state make a wide decision. we've taken our country back the 1st time we are out on the streets to celebrate the president, kyle said supporters made their way through the streets, welcoming news of political change. earlier thousands had protested and several cities about government failures and crippling corona virus. right. the crowd shouted slogans against the ruling inductor, pansy and prime minister his machine, she calling for the dissolution of chrome and, and channeling found with the regime the my partner with them. we have come down today to resist this regime. they take our money and curse us. they have not done anything to the people, always fighting. it is enough. how can 9 ministers rule an entire country? we have starved and the people are loss of the shot. the police blocked all streets
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leading to the city's main thoroughfare using t again to break up the crowds. it was a key site that you know in revolution a decade ago, that toppled long time president zane elaborate banashali and unleashed the arab spring uprising. soon after the president called an emergency meeting, saying the measures when needed to save the country. i don't, i wouldn't. you have to have a sudden the 1st decision is to freeze all the powers of the parliament. if the constitution does not allow the parliament to be dissolved, but it does not stand in the way of freezing all its got said, the 2nd decision is to lift the immunity of all members of parliament. and for those of whom a cases related says, i will take care over the public prosecution. critics, including the speaker of parliament, has called the president's actions, a qu, senator, no decisions have no basis in the constitution, nor in the law,
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and we are against them. because in short, it is against the constitution against the revolution and accrue against public and private liberties in the country. the president meet misinterpretations that actually clashes with the reality about call you and let's suggest a rivalry between the president prime minister and speaker has prevented action to tackle surgeon unemployment and crumbling state services. the navy has also been overwhelmed by the corona virus facing one of africa's worst outbreaks. hospitals are overcrowded and under resolved on saturday, reported a record 317 deaths from the virus to many, the country, deepening, economic and social problems had undermined support for democracy. some critic say that very democracy is now in danger. alex here brian al jazeera
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nemo, there's been a stand off outside the tin is in poland. the gates are locked and speak at russia . no, she has been told he's not allowed in the nurse. she has said he still considered as chinese is institutions to be standing and can called on m p. 's to consider themselves still working for the people haven't jump. james reported many times from june as yet he joins we now. mohammed, we were, we did see the tensions within the government for a while now, but no one was expecting this kind of escalation. you're right, this was a huge escalation and i've been speaking to contact in june as and they said that this did come as a surprise. although it was a welcome surprise to many because there have been repeated protests over the past several months. people in geneva have been so fed up with the political stasis in the country. the fact that parliament has not been able to get anything done, especially at
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a time of crisis like this. when covered 19 is ravaging the country. when the economy just seems to get worse and worse unemployment, especially youth unemployment, is so high. so that's why you had the celebration that sprang up in parts of eunice and other parts of the country. when the announcement was made, the parliament was suspended. the question right now is, are there going to be further demonstrations or they're going to be of demonstrations for what happened in demonstrations against it, because you had rush to the new shoes, the former speaker of parliament, at least in this calculation. right now, he's been fired and he's called on supporters of another. he's the head of that party to come out and to protest what he calls a coup against the revolution. so if you then have another supporters coming out into the streets, the next 24 hours the next few days, and would there potentially be clashes with those who are supporting the president? it's all very murky right now. we just don't know how exactly it's going to play out. it is very lucky because we can't quite call it a coop, right? but it's not completely constituted illegal either. and what makes it trickier.
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iran is the fact that at the moment, the real arbiter of all of this is the president, because there is no constitutional court, the new constitution came into being and 2014, a constitutional court was supposed to have been set up. there's been a lot of disagreement about who would be appointed to that court and because there is no constitutional court. you have all these questions right now as to the galaxy of this move by the president. he says he's invoking article 80 of the constitution, which allows him to do this. he says he is lifting the immunity of members of parliament which he is allowed to do. and then he is also indicated that because he has lifted the immunity of members of parliament that he can then go after them for corruption and for other violations. and so it's going to be very interesting to see if prosecutions happen, if arrests happen, or if this is essentially a lever by which he is going to see who supports him and who he can work with going forward. now, in the last that we had a guest goggle. will you morris? very interesting. what he was saying is that he's looking towards the king make
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because the so called king lake is the businessman, the people with influence, the people who own the media to bring this to a peaceful resolution within the constitution. but a lot of other people are saying, like you just mentioned that if an auto support does come out on the street, right, we may will see clashes and that means the army getting in. so there are 2 paths that you know, you can take, right? yeah, and it is very interesting when it comes to the military because the army in tunisia does have a lot of popular support. and one of the reasons for that is because when the revolution happened, 20102011, the army was supportive of the people. whereas the police went after protesters, so one of the questions that comes into play the next few days is, would there potentially be a split amongst the various security forces? we just don't know at this stage. at this point, it looks like the army is remaining neutral, although one thing that was mentioned in that guest segment last hour was the fact
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that the army did not allow a no she was, they had a parliament to inter parliament. he tried to do that. a few hours ago, and so it comes up now how much it is going to be based on political divisions. is the army going to play more of a role? is that going to add fuel to this fire? i will say this from speaking to the people i've been speaking with into nisha. there is a lot of fatigue in that country. they just want to have a functioning government and it doesn't seem at this moment as though people want to see violence scenes play out. so that might be a saving grace going forward. but again, this is all very much an open question and because so many people are referring to this as a coup against the revolution. what's the perception of that going to be? it is going to be seen as a power play or is just going to be seen as something essentially, to save the country. great to get your thoughts for how many he'll be with us. for the next few hours, now, 20 nigerian children have been reunited with their parents weeks after they were kidnapped by armed men. that have been emotional scenes as the children returned to
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the town and could do in a state. on sunday. 33 students had been released but 87 are still in captivity. army dangerous reports from boucher, the after 3, a grenade and emotional reunion for parents whose children over pierre's and hawk greed the youngsters now free and safely back with their parents . the joy too much. i can't quantify the joy, god has done it. we said that if we serve god, we will see our children and we have seen them as he has brought this child. he will bring the rest the but many of the pairings, and have to return home and all the
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painful images for parents wondering if their children will ever be who is not something that your enemies will experience will still have interest. i went to the one year back. so as lead us we attention should be under a $100.00. and then the parents of the student, its children should not take the edge. we didn't want to. we are playing with them . we believe in that it will get well, but really it is not something that you will want to see. but as a situation, we find ourselves and we just have to ticket. the student had been taken from the bethel high school, in the 10th must abduction from a school in northern nigeria. in the past 8 months, nearly 1000 students have been kidnapped from boarding schools in nigeria. north in may, gunman invaded and islamic school in central nigeria and keep not 136 students in broad daylight. only 5 of them have so far been released. officious have denied being ransom for kidnap victim,
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but many nigeria has done believe that some parents unknown talk, negotiated directly, and paid rent them to the kidnappers. kidnapping for ransom is nyja as fast as growing criminal enterprise carried out by gangs. and i'm gross including how many degrees algebra the erotic state says it could increase as strikes against the african taliban if its fight has continued the offensive general care for mackenzie who overseas combat troops in afghanistan says the u. s. is carrying out enough air strikes to support the african army. but he did declined to comment on how long that is simple would last. now with the official end of the us military mission set for the end of august prison biden, to set a date of 31 august for the association of our of our campaign. here, after that date, we will still provide significant logistics support to the afghan military. we will still provide significant logistics support in particular to the afghan air force
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through maintenance here on the ground as well as maintenance at advanced bases in our, in the central, in the central command theater. so all of those things will continue. so we will continue to support the afghan forces even after that 31 august date. it will generally be from over the horizon. her dish or cash has more for washington dc. 95 percent of the u. s. u s. troop withdrawal has already happened. and president biden remains very much politically committed to meeting that august 31st deadline of getting all us boots out of the ground there. but there is concern, of course, that the vacuum that the u. s. leads behind is fueling some of this taliban insurgency and the top us general in cobble spoke with reporters on sunday saying that the u. s. has been supporting afghan troops with air strikes. so he would not say how long that support would remain. and general kenneth,
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mackenzie said that it was not inevitable that the taliban would claim victory. he said that it would be clear in the next days and weeks whether the afghan army would be able to defend the country. though he said that would be a difficult road and he still voice confidence that there is a political solution still possible even though peace talks have stalled between the 2 sides. still a head out is there. a chinese thing use has high level talks of the us have opened with a and exchange and still waiting for help. why mexicans caught in a criminal careful feel more isolated than ever. ah
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hello. notice you over the last few days, we have been talking about the buckets of rain falling in costa rica, take you to the ground. now we see those water levels rising rapidly, and it's just because of how intense that rain has been. now unfortunately, on monday, it's still in that red zone, costa rica right through to panama, the darker the color, the more intense the rain is where we are seen some showers in storms for the you could tam peninsula that includes can coon, also for his van, you'll rate through to cuba. next for go into the u. s. gulf states into florida where we've also seen some heavy rain, tampa orlando rate down to miami. now if i take you toward the bat, i want to give you an idea of what crews are up against. it has been a very active wildfires season. you know, further to the south where rain could be used here. we're starting to see it with a north american bon soon, particularly for arizona, which will help with some of the wild fires burning dare elsewhere across north america. we are watching some instability through tennessee pushing into the
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carolinas out toward the mid atlantic. next, let's go to south america, and we're talking about temperature as an assault beyond $32.00 degrees. enjoy it. because your temperatures are going to fall off quite quickly. just tuesday, a high of 13 degrees. ah, becoming a living legend to the young age with simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clouds. the brought peace to the ivory coast. posted by eric comes to football rebels, the life of drop by the football who succeeded with politicians, but not the da dropped by the boy and civil war on i was just there ah
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ah ah ah, you're watching. oh, is there a reminder of all top stories? junior, he has president says he's dismiss prime minister his she she and suspended parliament for 30 days. the speaker of the parliament says the movie is unconstitutional, labeled it as a coup. extra security force units have been deployed around the apartment building and 20. jerry and children have been reunited with parents weeks after they were kidnapped by home when the children returned to the town in kaduna state on sunday, 87 others remain in captive. and ascending us general says, strikes in support of the government will continue for the next few weeks. but if you decline to say how long that support will last with the us postal set to
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complete the withdrawal for the end of now the rocky progress that must have caught me is set to meet us president joe biden at the white house later on monday. high on the agenda is the u. s. troop withdrawal from iraq. pence, again, officials maintain support will continue as combat troops leave, like hannah has more from washington dc. i. 7 be aftermath of a recent explosion in a busy bagdad market. some 30 people were killed and dozens more injured in a bomb attack for which i saw claimed responsibility. graphic evidence of the presence security threat in iraq as preparations continue for the withdrawal of all us combat forces. but pentagon officials maintain that us assistance to iraq will continue as well. a military presence that is transitioning from a combat role. busy to an advisory, one, the strategic importance of the relationship between the 2 countries made clear at
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a meeting between the us secretary of state and the iraqi foreign minister. we are course closer to partners in the fight against basis. and we can take tremendous pride in the work we've done together to defeat isis, and to make sure that it's safe defeated. but i think what today is demonstrating is that the partnership between the united states and iraq is much broader and deeper than even the common fight against places. this series of decisions by the trump administration massively complicated iraq ties with the u. s. chief among them, the abandonment of the nuclear deal with iran in 2018. last year. it was us assassination of iranian general customs. so the money while he was visiting baghdad, iraq effective b became a proxy battle ground in the increasingly volatile relationship between the u. s. and iran. and they have been repeated calls by she affections in iraq's parliament
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for the expulsion of us forces with parliamentary elections in october, the iraqi prime minister most if i could be me, is desperately trying to balance his need for us support with the political consequences of antique us sentiment and complicating this further are continuous attacks on us spaces by iranian, in fact, she, a militia based in syria and iraq. and they, in turn pressured the u. s. president, to order military strikes against the militia, bases at the same time as attempting to resuscitate the nuclear deal. this while maintaining a strong relationship with israel, that is deeply opposed to it. what i can do ran will never get a nuclear weapon on my watches. and they say, the plan to publicly announced the withdrawal of all us combat troops from iraq is perhaps an attempt to de escalate. the ongoing political and diplomatic dilemma was
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faced by both countries and as the leaders of iraq and the us meet to discuss the way forward. it's the issue of iran that will be looming over the white house by kind of era washington, tony states, he is reporting a 10th exchange at high level talks involving the u. s. deputy secretary of states, wendy sherman. this did several regional allies before arriving in a change and she's meeting a foreign minister. why me and vice foreign minister she thing who is reported to a blamed america for stalemate and relations. adrian brown has moved from hoko. the good news is the 2 sides are sitting down to talk and remember when the showman won't just be meeting one me, the chinese foreign minister should also be meeting sure. fine. who is the man in charge of us? so i know relation. so yes, it's good that they're facing each other, but the fraction relationship cannot be denied. they are fraught to the moment.
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they are in free fall. they were bad under us president donald trump. they are in many ways even worse under president joe biden. so when the showman has to do, i think is to try and see if there's a way that the relationship can be better managed. ahead of these talks, a state department official said that they wanted to create a level playing field. they said that we welcome competition with china, but we want to avoid that competition veering into complex. so we want to see if there's a way of establishing guardrails. why are they meeting? well, just a few months from now rob. the g 20 summit will be held in rome, and of course it will be impossible to imagine the president joe biden and president changing would not sit down in such a setting and talk. so these talks in a way, i think, aimed at paving the way for that meeting with
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south africa is lifting crone of ours restrictions after a drop in coded 19 cases, schools will reopen. alcohol cells will resume and small gatherings will be allowed, but president thorough refer, says an overnight curfew will remain the latest figures against that we have largely passed the peak of the 3rd wave of infections. although that are areas in the countries where we still need to be concerned because the rates of infection have not yet showed signs of decline, travel for leisure may resume one small non essential establishment such as restaurants, top and bombs and fitness center may be opened. the u. s. has heading in the wrong direction, a warning from the white house chief medical adviser as kind of in 1900 cases,
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rise among the unvaccinated dr. and to the thought, she says, the highly contagious delta, the variant, is driving the spike. the shelf is the increases and coven, 1900 cases, or in states with low vaccination rates, such as florida, texas, and missouri. health officials are considering revising, loss guidance, and booster jobs for vulnerable people. and russia has sent more than 80 tons of humanitarian aid to cuba. after the caribbean nation was rocks my anti government protest. 2 weeks ago. it's the latest nation sent to last in america, a region hit particularly hard by the pandemic rival superpowers, the united states and china have also been sending vaccines and authorizing the production of vaccines in the region. the new schwab, the report from gwen is aries. the, the 8800 nation from russia contain food medical supplies to help a nation hit hard by the pandemic. cuba has seen its tourist industry collapse. the
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help from moscow will be warmly welcomed. a reminder of the decades of support it gave cuba until the collapse of the soviet union 30 years ago. so to will these supplies the native by cuban living in the united states. and then we'll just know if you got, if we have a lot of needs, when it comes to health medicine, medical equipment, supplies, and general russia has been active elsewhere in latin america. it's the vaccine, one of the most widely used in a region where vaccine supplies have been sparse and sporadic. unfortunately, of course latin america, the cur, been when the 15 percent of people have been funny, vaccinated against over 19, and several countries back honduras. and he have yet to reach even one person to help rectify that balance. russia is also authorizing the production of its maxine in countries like argentina, while chili has signed to deal with the chinese companies. c novak to make their
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product in the northern city of anti forgot stuff. we've been media if this plant is built, it would allow us to distribute vaccines all over latin america with perhaps more to come and not just the duration of the pandemic. so we are look really looking forward to long term collaboration in this country. the russian and chinese authorities were quick to deliver millions of doses as the united states or donald trump was president, appeared unwilling or ready to supply the president bite. and since he came to office to make up for lost time last week, millions of doses of the us during the vaccine with a native to watch and tina peru, brazil, and columbia. this week, the u. s. center. so the one and a half 1000000 vaccines to hong doris under the kovak scheme, that's up to ensure coded relief, which is less well off countries. most here in latin america don't much care where the vaccines come from. they just once a safe,
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effective job and then to the cove it 90 night map. however, russia, so either in the united states or whereas it's in the region in which they've all long courted influence. many will remember who was there when they needed help. don was one of their elses era. when cyrus the mexican state of michigan has seen some of the countries worst violence in recent months. a local gang isn't a turf war with rival criminals from a neighboring state out there visited the central battle earlier this year. now john holland has this update on the situation. in april al jazeera, visited the mexican town of ag aliyah, caught between 2 criminal groups and cut off from the rest of the state, mitchell county. it was so i slated that we were the 1st journalist to get there since the fighting between holly's co, new generation cartel and cartel is metos intensified food. petra, the medicine was scarce, would the carter will continuing?
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we want to check how the villages were doing now. the answer, worse and all the people are leaving the town, leaving us more and more isolated. we can't get down the highway to the town, so we stuck up in groceries and work materials. it's hard to get food medicine and the government doesn't respect the agreements that they've made. rafael owns the local carpentry workshop, but doesn't know how long you can keep it going. even the internet and cell phone signal are on the blink. i could kept cutting out. hello, so they cause the tech services are non existent. nobody can give maintenance to those services, or the internet, or even the electricity plants. it should have been like this. back in april we heard the police promise. they cleared the gang blockades of the only paved road connecting glee with the nearest town. a puts in gun. i asked villages what's happened this one wanted us to blow his face, the fear of reprisals. he doesn't know whether it's
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a fos alive. the government hasn't done any of the things that promised this sleeping easing by the side of the road. they like iguanas and their trucks. we go past and they look at us like zombies. you'd think that the national guard is there to serve us, not the other way round. in fact, what villages and journalists who tried to travel to actually recently tell us is that there are now 5 checkpoints all belonging to the war in criminal groups down that road. in the middle of the mo, there's actually an army checkpoint. we told it's just round the corner, just a couple of 100 me is from one of the criminal ones. but the army either calm or doesn't want to clear the road. and that's why we haven't been able to get there. and that's why we're reporting this from itsco city. actually you became a national issue before the midterm election. the president himself said he visit, he's not the person. this is really ralph. yes, i will visit just after the election. i know, i believe, as i know all of the municipalities in mexico, i spent the night there mickey,
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that i can tell you that in front of the main square, there's a hotel where i've stayed. you'd have trouble staying at that hotel now. it's been burned out, but 2 days later he changed his mind anyway. boy, yeah, it is bundle. i'm not going because i don't want to stir the pot with the sensationalist press and our adversaries. while he worries about the politics of a visit, the inhabitants of the town, just hoping that someone, any one can come and help them john home. and i'll just see the next code. ah, there are, and these are the top stories. kennedy is president, has dismissed the prime minister and suspended parliament for 30 days. guy said made the decision after protest over the handling of the current of ours pandemic and a struggling economy. the head of the ruling party is describing it as a qu, played, and says.


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