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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2021 3:30am-4:00am AST

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they very much use this occasion of this naval the special day to vent their disappointment and disapproval of the military command and himself. it is more than just a matter of pride, but perhaps also of a legacy of his own making. sonia eagle hodges era. ah, this is all, these are the top stories. genesis president says he's dismissed by mr. haitian machine and he suspended parliament for 30 days. the speaker, the parliament says the move is unconstitutional. really enact a party, has labeled it coo, extra security for units have been deployed around the parliament building. president guy said, says he's taking over executive powers and will appoint a new prime minister. i don't, i wouldn't. you have to have a sudden the 1st decision is to freeze all the powers of the parliament. if the
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constitution does not allow the parliament to be dissolved, but it does not stand in the way of freezing all the word. and i will said, the 2nd decision is to lift the immunity of all members of parliament. and for those of whom a cases related, i will take care over the public prosecution. 28th nigerian children have been reunited with their parents weeks after they were kidnapped by armed men. the children returned to the town and could do the state on sunday. at 807, others still in captivity. the army of democratic republic of congo says troops of feed, more than a 150 people in italy, province. they were taken hostage by a militia called the allied democratic forces, or the adf adf, been blamed for thousands of deaths and eastern v. r. c. are suspected of ambushes and killing 16 civilians. as it returned from market on thursday. united states
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says it will increase its air strikes and the taliban if they continue with it. offensive new reports suggest the taliban has taken control of another district, including our province in afghanistan. at least 9 people have been killed and 3 others have been injured during a live site in the indian state, i saw pradesh, large boulders rolled on a mountain striking a vine carrying 11 to this. a bridge collapsed when a massive rock crashed directly on top of it. vehicles underneath were badly damaged. belgium continues to baffled floods. a week after nearly 40 people died in storms. this was the scene in saturday as a flash flood, washed away cars. roads remained closed and several homes have been evacuated. after all, wal collapse more heavy rains forecast and that's expected to make the cleanup effort even more difficult. and those are the headlines. more details, of course in the website are disease dot com. we're going to be back in about half an hour with more news. fine, ah,
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ah, ah, tell about fighters in afghanistan has made significant gains in recent weeks, as us forces and their allies withdraw. afghans who worked with them say their lives are at risk. so what's being done to protect them? this is inside store. ah, ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm huh jim john. nearly all foreign troops are expected to leave afghanistan by the end of august. most american and nato forces
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have already departed. the taliban is rapidly filling the power vacuum taking huge swaths of territory with little resistance from afghan forces. in response, the government and cobble has put all but 3 of afghan, or stands 34 provinces under a nighttime curfew. us defense secretary lloyd austin says this will give african troops a better chance to fight back. i think the 1st thing to do is to make sure that they can slow the momentum and then and then be able to put themselves in a position where they can re take some of the games that the taliban, that some of the ground that they've lost so i think, i think from my engagement with the afghan leadership, they are committed to that and. and so we look forward to, to them making progress, they have, they have the capabilities, i have a capacity to, to make progress and to,
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and to really began to blunt some of the taliban advances the taller bonds, rapid advances, particularly worrying for afghans who worked with foreign forces, translators, interpreters and contractors say they're extremely vulnerable to attacks. many have applied to be resettled in the u. s. canada, europe, and australia. but the procedure is often long and complicated. the u. s. congress is passing legislation to speed up the visas for afghans who worked with american forces. in the meantime, as many as 35000 afghans may be temporarily housed on us basis in the gulf, this would keep them safe from attacks until their immigration process is completed . canada is also seeking to do more. it withdrew from afghanistan in 2011, but it's now taking steps to protect afghans who previously worked with its forces . australia is facing calls to resettle around $1000.00 afghans and their families . european nations are also being urged to do more germany in britain or among
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those seeking to expedite the relocation of hundreds of africans in danger. ah, all right, let's bring in our guests in new york, adam weinstein, a research fellow at the quincy institute for responsible state craft. in couple ours who marry a former translator for the u. s. army in afghan. stan and in london, william petty, a former british ambassador to afghan, stand a warm welcome to you all and thanks so much for joining us today on inside story. ours do let me start with you. where do things stand right now when it comes to the application for yourself and your family with regard to the special immigrant visa and just how much of a threat do you and your family face at this time? i really appreciate. thank you so much for your question. i would like to say that i have served alongside the or use government for 5 years. and i have applied for
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a special emigrant visa on 2017. and at that, it has been really long time, which i'm waiting to get the approval. actually, it's not easy for us to work alongside with the foreigners and afghans on especially for the female n j budget. fortunately, i had this chance to serve for us government and during my employment for youth government and i face loss of stretch which, which i am farm, my office and my manager, my supervisor. and i am facing lots of stress has i'm also female and it is dangerous for me to survive here. so my manager mostly was advising me to change my place. so my level, i used to change my place and hide myself. i'm somehow to hide my cell, my kids in my family, it was not easy for me and i'm sure it's not easy for everyone,
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even for male or female. as you know, we have religious people and here in afghan, beside this taliban and al qaeda who are against this to work with the foreigners and to in and did as the be viewed is that we clothing with an enemy and you're supporting the enemies off islam was actually, it's not like that, but we cannot change their mind. this is the way the thing. so i feel i feel lots of threats and i received mostly calls from people. and also when i was coming home and doing my job. so it was not easy for me, but anyway i could accomplish my job and i had really good achievement, doing my employment. so i never gave up for the services i had to do for the youth government. and so i never gave up which still i never gave up. and yes sir, it was not easy for us. adam, when you hear what ours, who was just saying that she applied for herself and her family for this special
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immigrant visa in 2017 still isn't sure where things stand as somebody who previously served and afghan a stamp. what does that, what does that mean to you? how does that make you feel? can you put this into words for our audience? i mean, is what we're seeing right now a moral failing? well, i think it's, it's that will be determined by the way, the administration handles the situation and in the coming weeks, this is a classic case of something that is totally within the control of, of the u. s. government in afghanistan. and there are very few things that are actually within the control of the u. s. government there for 2 decades, we've had quite lofty goals, enough honest on. and i think that led to the, the, the inability to achieve those goals lead to the withdrawal. just the decision that the by an administration made. but what is important now is not to disengage from
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afghanistan and to, to re focus on things that are achievable and resolving the i v issue is the 1st step william britons, a ministry of defense, has previously acknowledged that they have an obligation to protect afghans who had worked with the british government where, where does that efforts stand right now? well, they've finally come to the conclusion that they do. we do have a moral obligation. and since, from april this year, april 2021, the british government is taking the decision to allow any afghans who work directly for the british government or agencies to apply for asylum status in the u. k. from afghanistan. and there may be up to 3000 afghans who would qualify. so i think after a long debate and taking a while,
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they've come to the right decision. so i hope that anyone who's worked for the british government and that's going to stand, who's on the threat and who wants to relocate to the u. k, will be able to do so. ours, who it's clear that any afghan who worked for either the u. s. or other coalition forces is currently under threat. they've been under threat for quite some time. but how much more dangerous is the situation for african women who worked with us forces and other coalition forces? so have, you might have been an and now last be getting one of outcome enterprises. his name was by there he was beheaded by the solomon. has the talent promised that the will not harm the translators, but we all know and i believe that the us government just will aware of the situation of the afghan is done. and everybody understand that they never stand on their promises and the continued distractions. they don't care who is male and
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female, but especially yes or defeat him as, as a really difficult. and we are really an emergency critical situation right now. my . so i didn't feel fair right now in an even, i'm not sure which i would be included in this evac written list or not. because i expect from you government. and because i served really good services for the government at the end of the day. if i died, that's too late for them. so they should take this to you at this point and give the priority to the female at this stage. because it's not only me as my who, family and i would be blame in everybody in my family would blame me that you worked with the foreigners now we, we should take this course. so i would be blamed for that. and really, really i sometimes wonder people talking with me, especially my family telling me that hey, because you,
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we all will be died. and i really feel that how i can help them. i should do something for them as a team, it's, it's easy for me and ask amazon. we don't have the equal rights for the male and female in afghanistan, you might have been the witness through the social media. it's really, it's really, it's really difficult even to survive here. but if you work for the foreigners, of course it's not easy. and for me, the situation, the way i live in these days at this, i don't know what i'm doing. i'm, i'm about to lose my mind of what would happen to my future. and i really, i really kindly dick with, and i would appreciate if the pay attention to the female. this is face. and this should include the females in this evacuation list pass. they are not like too many, it would be less than $500.00, less than $400.00. they have not too many female who sir, for the us government. so i really, i really request them at this situation and we are really close to the end of july
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. and as they promised to buy them, administration promise they start evacuation at the end of july. so we are, we are at the end of july right now, so i am waiting everyday. i am checking my emails, but unfortunately, i don't receive any, even any feedback from the embassy. and it's making it really hopeless. are you? let me just ask you also. i mean how scary is this for you and how worried are you for your family as well right now, sir? you, you might have seen in the social media like the more than 29 provinces under control of the taliban has most of them did not say the social media. but we hear from our prince and our families from different provinces that you're controlling the provinces. they continue, the war never gave up for this issue, and this is the way they are. and also they never gave up for the distractions. and
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also they are against the woman. if they find out that you have a background of working with the us military with the government, for sure, they will not let you like that. even not only you probably, you know who family you are, father, your mother, your brother. even your cousin did not give up for that. and besides this, if, if i tried to change my place to go somewhere at the provinces, even i'm not able at the moment to do this, because province is also not safe. if i go to one province, didn't it to be really difficult for me to change it to another province. so everywhere like surrounded by the taliban. so i totally, totally, i'm not feeling secure here at all at all. we're at the high risk i one or one become that we get our visa and we wouldn't be able to go to the airport and we'd be hunted down at tara, it would be too late. yeah, adam,
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let me ask you of course, one of the big issues right now is if there is actually enough time to carry all of this out. why was there no real plan in place before now? i mean, why, why did it take so long? the warnings have been out there for, for months and months. why don't we now is there this big rush to try to evacuate interpreters and others who worked with us and coalition forces? yeah, well. busy i think some of the delay as a consequence of this, back and forth in the decision making process about whether to withdraw from our honest on. and it might even be the case that the pentagon itself was dragging a seat on a decision that it might not have agreed with. but now the decision has been made to withdraw from last time, which i think was the right decision. it's important that do united states follow
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through on its moral responsibility to assist those who directly helped us. and i do think that where there is a will, there's a way and i have confidence that the bided administration and the state department are and the pentagon are able to pull those will be able to pull this off if they make it a priority. and it must be a priority, not only for the, the, the fact that we have a moral duty to those who directly assisted us. but because it's simply, it's, it's a, it's the kind of foreign policy that was promised to the american people. it's something that's clearly in the u. s. interest. it doesn't place americans at risks . it's attainable, it's achievable. it's the, it's the kind of foreign policy that, that secretary blinking her has promised the american people. and that president biden has promised the american people. and, and so i don't see any reason that it cannot be achieved,
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even though we find ourselves in the, in the final weeks of july. but i do understand why off guns who are vulnerable. why right now, c, c, this is the 11th hour and, and don't feel secure in until they until they set foot on a plan. william disease country involved in trying to either grant visas to afghans or to evacuate them, have their own processes when it comes to this. or is there any kind of a coordinated effort going on here and also from your perspective, what more needs to be done? well, i don't think there's any sign of a coordinated effort. i think every one in the rest of nato was taken by surprise in a way, by how rapid the u. s. draw that was the original, the original agreement in may, there was an extension to september and then it was brought forward. so everybody else's plans were brought for. i don't,
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i don't think will be any plans to evacuate afghans who qualify for peace as i think the, the issue will be granting the visas and then the afghans who give him visas will estimate their own way to the various countries. but there's a much wider problem here. while we have a clear and unambiguous moral duty to those like us who, who worked for the american government, the british government and other natal natal forces with a clear and biggest majority to accept them as legitimate asylum seekers in our countries. there are why they're group of africans who will feel unsafe and persecuted in afghanistan. and then the way the question will be, what will, what will happen to other afghans who want to, to, to leave the country. and i fear it may be more difficult for them. i think, you know, part of the broader policy, the u. s. government based and other governments, we have a duty to continue to support the african government in trying to resist. the
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taliban tries to resist the faith. i mean, i'm, you know, i, i deferred to bob who she's there. but i hope that the forces of the african government with international help mit, perhaps not direct military help, can resist the taliban. because i agree with those who in terms of what sort of regime they, they, they offer, it's not a, it's not a, the sort of regime the african women could be confident about. so there's a way to picture here. i think the ad there'll be there'll be a bigger flood for of, of african refugees. if the taliban do take power. we've seen that in the past. and we can expect more asylum requests and more more afghans fleeing the country. if the tele bandu takeover are you, the u. s. has said that for those who want to be evacuated, essentially they need to come to cobble in order to do that. do you know anybody
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who wants to be evacuated but is unable to get to cobble? because as i understand it, it's quite dangerous trying to travel. and especially if you already have the added threat of being known as somebody who had worked with us or other foreign forces, sir. and has a, we are in a one group of the applicants and facebook. and mostly i followed the that page and i, and i'm the witness. and i see that there are some of the guns, like they are living in the me and law got and moslin benjamin places. and they are all complaining that. okay. imagine that we got, we get our visa in few months or few weeks how we would be able to live displays and how we can travel. because you know the f d become by the car, they would be stopped by the chick once and deal with the 100 down. so the way is not security tall and did not confident about the issue. a thought i thought there
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is, there is totally problem here and demand to get how they can, they can come here at the airport to get out of this country. so every, every part of this country is a problem with the security. so they have to go to that there should be like, there should be something a plan for that. that's how we can help those people who are far away from the causal province. and then the government should work alongside to us and should make a plan for that. how to evacuate them 1st from the province to dig, gobbled and evacuated them from color to the safe places. adam, are you hopeful that these evacuation flights that are supposed to begin at the end of july or actually going to start then or are you fearful that there could be further delays? i'm confident that the evacuation flights will begin. i think the question is,
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in what number will they happen and then did the issue of the provinces that was just spoken about it. there are provincial airports that could provide flights to cobble or perhaps use some of those provincial airports even provide international slides. but there needs to be organisation and collaboration there. and i think we also have to remember that these flights are combat or prohibitive costs for many of the the applicants. so there needs to be some, some us leadership here in which we provide a safe route from per site. the applicants from the provinces to cobble or directly outside of oscar, honest on. and the flights need to happen in a volume that is meaningful. it's not enough just to say that began right william, you know, the u. s. is talking about potentially taking many of these applicants or evacuation to 3rd countries until their visas are processed. when it comes to the u. k. for
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those whose relocations are currently being fast tracked or are under consideration, will they potentially be taken to 3rd countries as they await a decision? is that known at the stage? i don't think so. i can't say with any certainty, i think the, the u. k. will expect the anyone who's granted the visa to make their way to the u . k. i don't see any plans for evacuation so that so the u. s. are actually physically evacuating people. they've given visas to then that doing more than, than they do more than other countries. i think, i think the, the, the british application process shouldn't be betty lend say for those who have work directly for the british government, because we know who they are. the embassy will know who they are and it shouldn't be too, too, too cumbersome process. we're talking a maximum of i think about 3000 people here that shouldn't take too long. so i
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don't think there be any, any prospect of taking them to 3rd countries. i would hope that the african government and the, the african forces. they're not going to collapse within a few weeks. i don't expect that to happen. i don't expect us fears to happen, but it does need. they do need to get on with it. i don't think the end a july, you know, a few weeks is the deadline. i don't see the taliban walking into a provincial capitals any time soon, even though they've taken a lot of a lot of districts. so i fear that that is not the case that these, these applications will be dealt with and they will be expected to make the way to the u. k. are you this potential plan on behalf of the us in which they would take people who are applying for visas to 3rd countries while they process those visa applications? is this something that gives you hope,
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or is this something that you know gives you more worry? is there a concern that potentially you could go to a 3rd country and be stuck there for much longer than you had anticipated? it can do a few questions and disregard so ok if they evacuate this, the district has been mentioned, some action countries. okay. other 1st dispatch when they gave us the duke entry the vac withers. ok. who would be and who would be responsible for our accommodation? who would be our living costs? because we have kids, we would have no job on those countries. we would have no house. we have to pay for the rent. we have for many other expenses. aren't we going to get to pick all this is sponsibility? are we going to p as all this living costs? one part and the other part this edkey. evacuate as to the 3rd country,
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can be tell us how long we would, we would be stack and those can crease. there shouldn't be an estimation of the timeframe for that because has we have seen this i, it's been like more than 2 years to wait only for comb approve, but it's my cheek may be too much longer than this to, to get our ve the and we will have no, this isn't in those countries why, why they are not evacuating directly to this bid? if our case is complete, if they're not asking us for any documentation. if this see your documents are all completed, we do not require any document. so it would be not difficult for them to review it quickly and provide them all if they need anything so they can request us. but if not, they should take this serious and processed as soon as they can before it's live in the country. at the last option, that is good at least dose applicants who are here dying,
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dick and survive. and 3rd, countries and kids that if the us government should paid the living cost because they would not have anyone to help them in those countries, besides, they would not be able to talk and deal with the language of that country. probably it would. the effect is, or i be, can treat as you know, it's not easy for us to get talking. those countries and the living would be really difficult or the applicant, ours who we know how much of a risk it is for you to be speaking with this. we really appreciate your time and we wish you and your family all the best we have run out of time. so we're going to have to leave the conversation there. thank you so much to all of our guests at m weinstein. r. as in mary and william p t and thank you to for watching, you can see this and all of our previous programs. again, anytime by visiting our website 0 dot com and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. our
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handle is at a inside story. for me, how much i'm german, the whole team here, 5 for now. the ah ah ah, this lights may look like a city from the sky, but their fishing vessels just outside origin. tina's exclusive economic zone, the united states launched operations southern cross to combat, illegal and unregulated fishing in the southern atlantic. argentina's coast guard say the main task is to control the movements,
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so they do not cross into argentine territory from this home argent time authorities can monitor for what's happening in economics to fit those. but what a 40 here are saying is what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters. ah, i'm roboson in doha. the top stories on al jazeera, kinsey as president, has dismissed the prime minister and suspended parliament for 30 days. i said, made the decision after protests, over the handling of the corona virus pandemic, and a struggling economy ahead of the ruling parties describing it. as a cou, i said, insist move is legal.


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