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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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that in any negotiation, the dignity of this nation should not be hers, is already made large, sweeping promises including fighting corruption, improving the country's economy and maintaining your own interest. in negotiations the wes, but it's not clear yet if you will be able to deliver on his promise. ah, the president suspends parliament and dismisses the prime minister a day after a day of mission. why protests against the government? ah, i'm about this and this is a life from also coming up. emotional scenes is 28, kidnapped nigerian children are reunited with their parents, but 87 more remain captive migrants from me and my who side the military crackdown
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at home faced huge challenges in thailand due to the cobra pandemic. russia shows off x amount of time. fire par with president putin talking tough on his country's navy de. ah, trinity as president says he dismissed prime minister, he shall miss she. she and suspended parliament for 30 days. moved the speaker of parliament says is unconstitutional. the ruling enact party has labeled it a qu, extra security force units have been deployed around the parliament building. it follows nationwide protests over the handling of the corona virus pandemic and struggling economy crowds in june as have been celebrating after the president's announcement, president guy said he says he's taking over executive powers and will appoint a new prime minister. i don't, i don't, i wouldn't you have to have
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a sudden the 1st decision is to freeze all the powers of the parliament. if the constitution does not allow the parliament to be dissolved, but it does not stand in the way of freezing all its got said, the 2nd decision is to lift the immunity of all members of parliament. and for those of whom a cases related, i will take care over the public prosecution. they didn't allow anyone to enter this place. the whole area was closed by police. in every state, you see 100 police officers standing by why all this? we are defenseless citizen. we have come to protest against injustice, oppression, and the high cost of living. and we want to dissolve parliament. and we have come down today to resist this regime. they take our money and curse us. they have not done anything to the people, always fighting. it is enough. how can 9 ministers rule an entire country? we have starved and the people are last friday or the other is or is editor in
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chief of michigan, genesee and news and analysis website. he explains the reaction from protesters and politicians. the speaker of parliament rushed to her new. she will be head of the party and not the which is the biggest party in parliament, also stands the most to lose from the decision that the president has just announced. he is freezing, the parliament is what the president said. of course, the canoe she had had a parliament and that the biggest party in parliament that had been supporting this government liberty there also losing their prime minister. he shouldn't be she, she has been dismissed by the president as well. and not that was the biggest supporter of this prime minister and his government. so it makes sense that the head of parliament would have a criticism. there are other party would also said they call that even a coo and that's certainly something that the president will have. one of the
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criticism the president will have to deal with. however, i can tell you, i've just been out in the streets and there are thousands of people celebrating in the streets. there are fireworks. we've had another correspondence in another part of today's. also sending footage, people cheering as military vehicles have moved in downtown tunis, but just thousands and thousands of people who have really been fed up with the way that the government has handled. not only the corona crisis, but a series of crises over the last several months, whether it's in the economy, whether it comes to prices, have you seen the price of daily goods go gone up? you've seen also locked down that have been really quite punitive for people that people haven't been able to to have economic activity. and yet these lockdown haven't really done much to stem the tide of this. so quite a lot of factors that have put come together at the same time. parliament has been a very unpopular head of government has been very unpopular. and so this is with
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may explain why people are celebrating the street today. there's one center left party that is the 3rd biggest party in parliament. their leaders have come out until they actually support what the president had said. he had said the business, the temporary measure. but this is, according to the article, 80 of the constitution he himself is called to show a law professor that was what he did before. he became a politician for decades. so he certainly will make it oh, legal case where that an article does mentioned that the constitutional court should have a say. unfortunately, there is no constitutional court bickering between politicians between political parties, has resulted in years without filling the positions of the constitutional court. so unfortunate, there is no independent arbiter in this situation to decide on this. it will just have to be sort of thought out through the media through different decision. there is some, some people who are concerned that there may be of violence. the president himself warned about it in his address saying that he won,
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that no one should take up arms in this moment, otherwise the state would respond very forcefully. so clearly there is some tension about where this might be going in the future. turn here in julian children have been reunited with their parents weeks after they were kidnapped by armed men. that have been emotional scenes is the children return to their child in kaduna state on sunday, 33 students have not been released but 87. i still in captivity. i already do reports from a boucher the not after 3. and i think an emotional reunion for parents whose children over pierre's and hawk greed, the youngsters now free and safely back with their parents the like the joys too much. i can't quantify the joy, god has done it. we said that if we go,
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we will see our children and we have seen them as he has brought this child. he will bring the rest the but many of the parents have to return home and all the painful images for parents wondering if their children will ever be who is not something that he will even your enemies will experience will still have interest. i went to an audio back. so as lead us we attention should be on the annuity back. and independence of district its children should not take the edge within 2 till we are playing with them. we believe in that it will get well. but really, it is not something that you will want to see, but as a situation we find ourselves and we just have to ticket the student had been taken from the bethel high school, in the 10th must abduction from a school in northern nigeria in the past 8 months, nearly 1000 students have been kidnapped from boarding schools in nigeria. north in
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may, gunman invaded and islamic school in central nigeria and keep not 136 students in broad daylight. only 5 of them have so far been relieved. officious have denied paying ransom for kidnap victim, but many nigeria has done believe that some parents are known talk, negotiated directly, and paid rent them to the kidnappers. kidnapping for ransom is nigi. this past has growing criminal enterprises carried out by gangs, and i'm gross including how many degrees of which are the army of democratic republic of congo says troops of feed, more than 150 people, taken hostage by a militia called the allied democratic forces, or 80 f, a spokesman said they've been freed, following army offences against the group in a truly province. the hostages, including women and children for center, been used as human shields. adf has been blamed for thousands of deaths and eastern
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d. r. c is suspected of ambushing and killing 16 civilians as a return from market and thursday. the battle, the territory between the taliban and the afghan government is continuing local, military sources, told odyssey that the taliban has taken nigh district, including our province close to the border with pakistan. if that's confirmed, it'll be the latest advance in 2 months. but you've seen that the taliban capture at least half of the district in the country for the east and had our life is going to hold because of what i'd curfew brought in this weekend. the government's hoping the restrictions will hinder the taliban advance and help control security. but it's left small business owners struggling to make ends meet. diplomatic editor james base is incredible. where he reports the taliban has been gaining momentum. it seems more bad news for the afghan government, nor i district in tune. our province in the east of afghanistan appears to follow to the taliban. no official confirmation from the government side or the taliban.
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but which is there is spoken to local sources, spoken to military sources who prepare to speak of the record. now, a districts in afghanistan are about $400.00 of them, a relatively small box. this is important, i think strategically, because a mountainous area but is right close to the border with pakistan. afghanistan also is planning to impose curfews across the country in all, but 3 of the provinces. and we hear from overnight the in helmand, one of the provinces. that's going to have a curfew. 25, a taliban were killed according to the african government in african air force as strike. we're also hearing of developments in cobble province overnight in the city, the capital city in the province around it will not be subject to a curfew, but we hear that just north of the city in cobble province. there were 5 intelligence officers who it's been reported have been killed. i can tell you
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officially on the record though. cobble police simply saying that they have found 5 bodies on they're investigating who they are. hi to jo castro's good more from washington dc on us support for afghan forces. 95 percent of the u. s. u. s. troop withdrawal has already happened and president biden remains very much politically committed to meeting that august 31st deadline of getting all us boots out of the ground there. but there is concern, of course, that the vacuum that the u. s. leads behind is fueling some of this taliban insurgency and the top us general in cobble spoke with reporters on sunday saying that the u. s. has been supporting afghan troops with air strikes. so he would not say how long that support will remain. the united states has increased airstrikes in the support of afghan forces over the last several days. and were prepared to
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continue this high level support in the coming weeks. if the taliban continue their attacks. we continue to provide contract maintenance and logistics support here in cobble to maintain afghan defense capabilities, including our ation capability. and general kenneth, mackenzie said that it was not inevitable that the taliban would claim victory. he said that it would be clear in the next days and weeks whether the afghan army would be able to descend the country, though he said that would be a difficult road. and he still voice confidence that there is a political solution still possible even though peace talks have stalled between the 2 sides of rituals being held for a woman who was fond beheaded in a case which has provoked anger in pakistan. 27 year old know to look at the mean was the daughter of a former senior pakistani diplomat. she was brutally beaten before she was killed. earlier this week, a son of a wealthy industrialist has been arrested and charged with murder. several examples
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of violence against women and politicians reactions to them have led to protests. top lebanese sunni leaders have given their approval for former prime minister nation majority to create a new government if the governments confirmed and seen here on the left is going to become prime minister designate lebanon's, last government resigned in august last year, following the debbie bay lute port explosion. israel has reduced the fishing limit for garza boats to just 11 kilometers from the shore. it says it's in response to in century balloons, which have been launched into israel from gaza. the fishing limits already been cut by israel from 27 kilometers to 22 kilometers. during may's 11th, a conflict is really air strikes of also hit a hamas training site after the balloon sparked 3 fires. in israel, no injuries have been reported on either side. still had an odyssey at a superpower plate, russia, china, and the us since humanitarian
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a to latin america or region hit hard by corona virus. time denny, and still waiting for help. why mexicans called in a criminal tough work field, more isolation than ever before. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. the western indian state of mahar roster is still recovering after deadly land sites were triggered by the southwest monsoon. the danger zone will move to good rights straw just on west, not to protest as we head toward monday. next, i want to take you to the bay a band goal because a disturbance swirling around there. it's going to throw intense rain through bangladesh and the west coast of myanmar. you know parts of the mar over the past. 24 hours have scooped up more than a 100 millimeters of rain. we are getting into some dry spells across southeast
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asia, sumatra, java, most of borneo, but intense rain for the northern islands of the philippines. and this is all influenced by the southwest monsoon asia pacific. a lot going on hang tight, we're going to cover all of it. ty, phone info is gonna give you pretty close. shanghai wind gusts to about a 100 kilometers per hour. that's going to stop trees like twigs and over the next 2 days about a $160.00 millimeters of rain. here's a pass west along the yangtze river valor. it's going to kinks to river valley and it's going to throw some rain toward the north. next, let's talk about that tropical storm departure because it will have an impact toward han shoe, but it looks to stay north of tokyo, but still tokyo, we'll get some rain and some gusty winds as we head toward tuesday. that's your weather update. sponsored cut on airways about the board and determined to succeed. it can be on your side to keep on
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training. i obstacle, i'll just say we're healthy inspiring story of the group of money women into the future. their dream of playing football to that country. despite its culture and traditions, we are in the somalis authority and it's difficult for people to accept tomatti football, golden go on me the auto reminder of a top so is this option is his president. it says he's dismissed prime minister december c c and he's suspended parliament the 30 days. a speaker of parliament says the move is unconstitutional. really enact that party,
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has labeled it to extra security force units have been deployed around upon the building. 38th julian children have been reunited with the parents weeks after they were kidnapped by armed men. the children returned to their time and could do the states on sunday, but 87 others are still in captivity. united states says it'll increase that there starts on the taliban. if it's fighters continue with an offensive new report suggest the taliban is taking control of another district in co, not problems in russia has sent more than 80 tons of humanitarian aid to cuba. after the car to be a nation was rocked 2 weeks ago by anti government protests. it's the latest donation to send to latin america by region hit, particularly hard by the covered 1900 pandemic rival superpowers. the united states and china have also been sending vaccines and authorizing the production of
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vaccines in the region and the swine that reports from but to say this, i, the 8800 nation from russia contain food, medical supplies to help a nation hit hard by the pandemic cuba has seen it tourist industry collapse. the help from moscow will be warmly welcomed, a reminder of the decades of support. it gave cuba until the collapse of the soviet union 30 years ago. so to will these supplies and a 2 by cubans living in the united states. and then we'll see that we have a lot of needs when it comes to health medicine, medical equipment supplies in general. russia has been active elsewhere in latin america. it's the vaccine, one of the most widely used in the region where vaccine supplies have been sparse. sporadic unfortunately of course latin american, the cur, been only 15 percent of people have been funded, vaccinated against over 19,
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and several countries back on your son. he have yet to reach even one person to help rectify that balance. russia is also authorizing the production of its maxine in countries like argentina will. chilly, has signed to deal with the chinese companies. c novak to make their product in the northern city of until forgot stuff. we get media if this plant is built, it would allow us to distribute vaccines all over latin america with perhaps more to come and not just the duration of the pandemic. so we are look really looking forward to long term collaboration in this country. the russian and chinese authorities were quick to deliver millions of doses as the united states or donald trump was president, appeared unwilling or ready to supply them. president biden has since he came to office, so i to make up for lost time. last week. millions of doses of the us will do the vaccine with a native to watch and tina peru, brazil,
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and columbia. this week the u. s. center. so the one and a half $1000000.00 on doris, under the kovak scheme, that's up to ensure coded relief, which is less well off countries. here in latin america don't much care where the vaccines come from. they just ones a safe, effective job, and then to the cove it 99 nap. however, russia, china, when the united states are aware that in the region in which they've all long courted influence, many will remember who was there when they needed help. done with one of their houses era when cyrus well as several countries in se asia reimpose, corona, virus restrictions, things are getting tougher for migrant workers. a long time in thailand means as no work for people from me in law who have been leaving the country to escape from military rule. foreign st. louis reports says usually no shortage of work or laborers for farms in pop prod, district in western thailand. many farmers here employ migrants from across the
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border in myanmar to work the fields. but the surgeon corona virus cases in the 2 countries has made life more difficult for migrant workers. thailand has imposed a nighttime curve. you and travel restrictions. this lady who doesn't want to be identified had gone back to me on my last year to renew her passport. but she couldn't return to thailand, eagerly after the borders were closed and ended up paying brokers to sneak her back in illegally got on the load him away. i mean many migrant for me in my in trouble . now, many of us have to hide an escape to thailand, to find a job. some of us got caught and was sent to prison. more watson, johnny id carey, is also a migrant from me. and mom who has settled in thailand for many years. he helps run a local charity. there are a lot of children also come along with the parents and some parents. they don't have a document. so they had a, a lot of, you know,
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issues to going around. and if the parents get arrested, the children will be left behind in a hot or in houses and who is going to take care of their children. he says, live here is also getting increasingly difficult for migrant workers because of corona virus restrictions. when a new infection is reported in a village, no one is allowed to leave unless they can show their tested negative for cove at 19. many are unable to find work and have been relying on donation, but supplies as slowly dwindling as continued restrictions cause economic hardship for every one else. the struggle for survival is also made was by a sense of frustration at what's happening back home. me my vision, i don't, i want the manmohan touch release and santucci and focus on helping the people from the crisis. i want democracy in men more than the country can move forward to develop but there's no indication the generals in myanmar are ready to give up
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power. florence louis al jazeera. at least 9 people have been killed and 3 others have been injured during a landslide in the indian state of home. i shall for dash, large boulders, volved on a mountain striking of vine carrying 11 tourists. a bridge collapsed when the rock crash directly on top of it. the gulf has recovered, $42.00 buddies, and then today we have found another. the villagers has a up to 80. people are missing. perhaps also that number of people will be trapped under the degrees. belgium continues to battle floods a week after nearly 40 people died in storms. this was the scene on saturday as a flash flood, washed away, cars, roads remain closed, and several homes have been evacuated after the wall collapsed, or heavy rings full costs, and that's expected to meet the cleanup effort. even more difficult. the mexican
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state of michel con, has seen some of the countries was to violence in recent months. a local gang is a tough war with rival criminals from a neighboring state. i'll just say to visit the center of the battle earlier this year. now john holmes has this update on the situation. in a pro al jazeera visited the mexican town of ag leah court between 2 criminal groups. nova cut off from the rest of the state of michu account. it was so isolated that we were the 1st journalist to get there. since the fighting between lisco new generation cartel and cartel is metos intensified food. petra, the medicine was scarce, would the cost will continuing? we wanted to check how the villages were doing. now. the answer worse, all the people are leaving the town, leaving us more and more isolated. we can't get down the highway to the town, so we stuck up in groceries and work materials. it's hard to get food medicine and
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the government doesn't respect the agreements that they've made. raphael owns a local carpentry workshop, but doesn't know how long you can keep it going. even the internet and cell phone signal are on the blink. i cool, kept cutting out. last thing, because the tech services are non existent, nobody can give maintenance to those services or the internet, or even the electricity plan. it should have been like this. back in april we heard the police promise. they cleared the gang blockades of the only paved road connecting glee with the nearest town, a puts and gun. i asked villages if that's happened, this one wanted us to blow his face, the fear of reprisals. he doesn't know whether it's a foss, alive. the government hasn't done any of the things that promised this sleeping easing by the side of the road. they're like iguanas, in their trucks. we go past and they look at us like zombies. you'd think that the national guard is there to serve us, not the other way round. in fact,
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what villages and journeys he tried to travel to actually recently tell us is that there are now 5 checkpoints, all belonging to the war and criminal groups down that road. in the middle of the mow, there's actually an army check point. we told it's just round the corner, just a couple of 100 of me is from one of the criminal ones. but the army either calm or doesn't want to clear the road. and that's why we haven't been able to get there. and that's why we're reporting this from itsco city. actually you became a national issue before the midterm election. the president himself said he visit, he's not the person, but this is really, yes, i will with it just after the election. i know, i believe, as i know all of them, this apologies in mexico, i spent the night there mickey, that i can tell you that in front of the main square, there is a hotel where i've stayed. you'd have trouble staying at that hotel now. it's been burned out, but 2 days later he changed his mind anyway. boy, yeah, this bundle. i'm not going because i don't want to stir the pot with the
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sensationalist press and our adversaries. while he worries about the politics of a visit, the inhabitants of the town, just hoping that someone, anyone can come and help them john home. and i'll just say to mexico. ross has been holding its annual show of naval strength, its created warships, submarines and weaponry on the naval rivers in petersburg and in the gulf of finland. but experts say this discontent with, in some of russia's armed forces. so gay, go reports. ah, daymark, national tried not to subtlety, a chance to display russia's naval might and even boast about it. especially the president vladimir putin. he would new way and i'm going to go for that. i see the russian navy today has everything i needed for the guaranteed defense of the motherland on national interest. and we are capable of detecting any
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under water above water, avalon enemy. and if required to carry out an un preventable strike against it could mean that the annual procession of war ships and submarines from the new river in saint petersburg to the naval island of crunch. dot takes about 2 hours, an opportunity to show off russia's navy route the nations self esteem from the mother. she, i feel nostalgic, happiness, pride for states that it has such ships. we know 1st hand how americans and europeans are scared to them or others as well as pride. there is concern that it was the would you put the video, we're proud of our fleet an army bill. on the other hand, i would not like to rattle the saver. i mean, we can show that we are a powerful state, but not attack and demonstrate aggressive behavior. i don't like, it just stays before military officials had announced tests of new weapons designed according to putin to be invincible. advances that have been critical for
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a full stop sign into disrepair after the cold war. but yet lacking strategy. russian federation has for b. fleet. yeah, know the fleet, pacific fleets, baltic fleet, and lexi fleets, and they are not connected in one system and she cannot reach from the one sleep to another. well, sunday's naval display is about proving, otherwise it comes a month after russia said it had fired warning shots and dropped bombs in the past of a british worship in crimean waters. britain denied the incident saying it had been a gunnery exercise, and a comparative displays may be more about pleasing. a domestic audience is also a very, very serious confrontation between the russian navy and the russian army, which controls the entire military time general. the naval commanders are very, very baker, and they very much use this occasion of this naval the special day to
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vent their disappoint disapproval of the military command and which in himself, it is more than just a matter of pride, but perhaps also of a legacy of his own making sony diagonal, i'll just there up. ah, this is all. these are the tell stories, genies is president says he's dismissed by mr. haitian machine and he suspended parliament for 30 days. the speaker, the parliament says the move is unconstitutional. the ruling enact a party has labeled it qu extra, security 4 units have been deployed around the parliament building. residents. guy said he says he's taking over the executive powers and we'll appoint a new prime minister. i don't, i wouldn't. you have to have a sudden the 1st decision is to freeze.


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