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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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to our around the globe on al jazeera, the showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera ah, the president to suspend the parliament and dismisses the prime minister after a day of nation wide protests against the government. ah, about this and this is ally from also coming up emotional seems is 28 kidnapped nigerian children are reunited with their parents. that 87 more remain captive
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migrants from me and mar who side. the military cracked down at home faced huge challenges in thailand, jews. the cobra pandemic and russia shows off. it's me out of time. fire pie with president putin talking tough on his country's navy de. ah, trinity, as president says he's dismissed prime minister his i'm a she, she and he is suspended. parliament moved the head of parliament says is unconstitutional. it follows nationwide protest over the handling of the corona virus pandemic, and a struggling economy crowds in june as celebrated after the president's announcements. president high side says he's taking over executive powers and will appoint a new prime minister vital other. this is editor in chief of michigan. it's a changes in news analysis website. he's joining us by skype from the june is in capital june it's, it's good to have you with us analogy 0. the parliamentary speaker is accusing the
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president of launching a crew against the revolution. and the constitution is this a qu well, certainly the speaker of parliament rushed anew. she will be had the party and not the which is the biggest party in parliament also stands the most to lose from the decision that the president has just announced. he is freezing, the parliament is what the president said. of course, i knew she had had a parliament and that the biggest party in parliament that had been supporting this government that lucy, they're also losing their prime minister, shouldn't she? she has been dismissed by the president as well. and not that was the biggest supporter of this prime minister and his government. so it makes sense that the head of parliament would have a criticism. there are others. and his party was also said they'd been called that even a crew and best certainly something that the president will have. one of the criticism
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the president will have to deal with. however, i can tell you i've just been out in the streets into this. there are thousands of people celebrating in the streets. there are fireworks. we've had another correspondence in another part of today's. also sending footage. people cheering as military vehicles have moved in downtown to nist, but just thousands and thousands of people who have really been fed up with the way that the government is handled. not only the corona crisis, but a series of crises over the last several months, whether it's in the economy, whether it comes to prices, have seen the price of daily goods go gone up. you've seen also locked down that have been really quite punitive for people. people haven't been able to to have economic activity, and yet these lockdown haven't really done much to stem the tide of this. so quite a lot of factors that have put come together at the same time. parliament has been a very unpopular head of government has been very unpopular. and so this is,
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this may explain why people are celebrating the street today. the prime minister might have gone parliament might well have been suspended, but the problems that you've just outlined still remain. what does the president or another parliament have to do in order to try to fix this? well, be we'll have to certainly deal with the cobra crisis in a better way than the previous government has or the people who are previously making the decisions already in the lead up to this we had heard just a few days ago, the president saying that he would like the military to, to take control over the cooper response. so this may have been a preemptive measure that he was taking before he took tonight to dismiss the prime minister and to give himself the power of ruling by decree using article 80 of the constitution. so in the case that the been military would have to prove that it can do better job than the current officials and the current health ministry. they have done some very well publicized vaccine rollouts in much quicker form than we've
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seen previously. but definitely all eyes will be on them to see whether they can handle this immediate crisis. and certainly if you'd, like you said, the longer crisis of trying to solve some of the bigger economic challenges. if i understand correctly, there is some debate about whether or not in implementing article 80 of the constitution was applicable in this case. is there a suggestion? is there a chance that the president is actually using this opportunity and using the dissatisfaction of the people in tune as to essentially centralize more power in his own position? let certainly what his critics are saying, particularly the not the party. we haven't seen, other parties come out with official statements or reactions to this. although we can expect that probably tomorrow or in the next couple of days. brabs, even in a few hours, we'll see what other parties reactions have been. there's one central left party that is the 3rd biggest party in parliament,
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barely just have come out and could they actually support what the president had said. he had said that this is a temporary measure, but this is according to the article, 80 of the constitution he himself, is it constitutional law professor that would what he did before he became a politician for decades. so he certainly will make it oh, legal case where there's an article it does mentioned that the constitutional court should have a day or 2. there is no cost to show court bickering between politicians between political parties, has resulted in years without filling the positions of the constitutional court. so unfortunate. there is no independent arbiter in this situation to decide on this. and we'll just have to be sort of thought out through the media through different decision. there is some, some people who are concerned that there may be of violence. the president himself warned about it in his address saying that he wanted no one to take up arms in a moment, otherwise the state would respond very forcefully. so clearly there is some tension
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about where this might be going in the future. as far as the state of the economy was concerned, i understand that there were talks under way to try to get a loan from the international monetary fund in order to try to alleviate some of the problems the economy was going through. given the fact that june, if june is, is now going through a period of instability until another government is put in place. is there any risk? do you think that those talks, those negotiations could directly be derailed because of this instability? that's a very big question. i'm sure there are many people asking this question at this very moment. probably a lot of the diplomatic corps and international development agencies in tune as you're asking them to self. the very question right now, junior, has quite a lot of public debts that are due this year. the loan that it has been speaking had been mainly to pay off if other people would point to this and say that this is a crisis of debt at that cycle. so what solution is the president may offer maybe
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a different solution than what the prime minister had been offering. we'll see if the talks, the discussions which have been underway for more than a month, whether those will continue. they have been hoping that they would assign a deal by the end of the summer, perhaps early september, but we'll just have to see that is an open question for you. is editor in chief of michigan institute is yet news and analysis website. and we appreciate you being an all just a thank you very much. indeed. thank you. 28. my gillian children have been reunited with their parents weeks after they were kidnapped by armed men that have been emotional scenes as the children returned to their tongue and could do the state. and someday. 33 students have not been willing for 87, a sterling captivity, a digit support from a boucher the not after 3. and i think it's an emotional reunion for parents whose children over
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p. s. and hawk greed the youngsters now free and safely back with their parents. the like the joy too much. i can't quantify the joy. god has done it. we said that if we serve god, we will see our children and we have seen them as he has brought this child. he will bring the rest the but many of the parents have to return and all the painful images for parents wondering if their children will ever be who is not something that even your enemies will experience will still have interest. i went to the one year back. so as lead us we attention should be under a $100.00. and then the parental district its children should not take the edge.
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we're going to do. we are playing with them. we believe in that it will get well. but really, it is not something that you will want to see, but as if it was only find ourselves and we just have to ticket the student had been taken from the bethel high school, in the 10th must abduction from a school in northern nigeria, in the past 8 months, nearly 1000 students have been kidnapped from boarding schools in nigeria. north in may, gunman invaded and islamic school in central nigeria and keep not 136 students in broad daylight. only 5 of them have so far been released. officious have denied being ransom for kidnap victim, but many nigeria has done believe that some parents unknown talk, negotiated directly, and paid rent them to the kidnappers. kidnapping for ransom is nigi as fast as growing criminal enterprises carried out by gangs. and i'm gross, including how many degrees of which are the army of democratic
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republic of congo, says troops have feed more than $150.00 people taken hostage by militia called the allied democratic forces, or 80 f. a spokesman said they've been freed following army offences. against the group in italy, province hostages, including women and children, who are said to have been used as human shields. adf has been blamed for thousands of deaths in eastern d. r. c is suspected of ambushing and killing 16 civilians as the return from market on thursday. the bottle fatality between the taliban and the afghan government is continuing. a local military source was told to 0. the taliban has taken not i, district, and cannot province close to the border with pakistan if that's confirmed, it's going to be the latest advance in 2 months which have seen the taliban capture at least half of the districts in the country for the east and had to life has grown to a halt because of an overnight curfew brought in this weekend. the government's hoping the restrictions will hinder the taliban advance and help control security.
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but it's left small business owners struggling to make ends meet diplomatic at a james base is in a couple where he reports, for taliban has been gaining momentum. it seems more bad news for the afghan government, nor i district in tune. our province in the east of afghan stone appears to follow to the taliban. no official confirmation from the government side or the taliban. but which is there is spoken to local sources, spoken to military sources who prepare to speak of the record. now, a districts enough going to stop there, about $400.00 of them, a relatively small spots. this is important, i think strategically, because a mountainous area, but it's right close to the border with pakistan. afghanistan also is planning to impose curfews across the country in all, but 3 of the provinces. and we hear from overnight that in helmand, one of the province is going to have a curfew. 25,
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a taliban were killed according to the african government and african air force as strike. we're also hearing of developments in cobble province over night and the city, the capital city in the province around it will not be subject to a curfew, but we hear that just north of the city in cobble province. there were 5 intelligence officers who has been reported have been killed. i can tell you officially on the record, the cobble police, a simply saying that they have found 5 bodies and they're investigating who they are. let's pick now to hydro castro. she's joining us live from washington dc hydro . as we know, of course, us troops in the main have pulled out of afghanistan. but i understand the u. s. has been making some statements about the action that's still going on there. just talk us through what's been going on. that's right. and as you know, 95 percent of the u. s. u. s. troop withdrawal has already happened and president biden remains very much politically committed to meeting that august 31st deadline
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of getting all us boots out of the ground there. but there is concern, of course, that the vacuum that the u. s. leads behind is fueling some of this taliban insurgency and the top us general in cobble spoke with reporters on sunday saying that the u. s. has been supporting afghan troops with air strikes. so he would not say how long that support will remain. the united states is increased airstrikes in the support of afghan forces over the last several days. and were prepared to continue this high level support in the coming weeks. if the taliban continue their attacks. we continue to provide contract maintenance and logistics support here in cobble to maintain afghan defense capabilities, including their ation capability. and general kenneth, mackenzie said that it was not inevitable that the taliban would claim victory. he
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said that it would be clear in the next days and weeks whether the afghan army would be able to defend the country, though he said that would be a difficult road. and he still voice confidence that there is a political solution still possible even though peace talks have stalled between the 2 sides. i do thanks very much. indeed, heidi joe castro, talking to us from washington d. c. a visuals being held for a woman who was find beheaded in a case which has provoked anger in pakistan. 27 year old know to look at the mean was the daughter of a former senior pakistani diplomat. she was brucely beaten before she was killed. earlier this week, the son of a wealthy industrialist has been arrested and charged with murder. several examples of violence against women and politicians, reactions to them have led to protest. still ahead on algebra, eastern china and hit by a typhoon causing widespread flooding. i'm hitting busy international transport
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hobbs. this comes as only boulders, kill 9 tourists and destroy a bridge in india. ah hello. notice you over the last few days, we have been talking about the buckets of rain falling in costa rica, take it to the ground. now we see those water levels rising rapidly, and it's just because of how intense that rain has been. now unfortunately, on monday, it's still in the red zone coast rico right through to panama, the darker the color, the more intense the rain is where we are seen some showers in storms for the you could tam peninsula that includes can coon, also for his spaniel rate, through to cuba. next for go into the u. s. gulf states into florida where we've also seen some heavy rain, tampa orlando rate down to miami. now if i take you toward the bat,
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i want to give you an idea of what crews are up against. it has been a very active wildfires season. you know, further to the south where rain could be used here. we're starting to see it with the north american monsoon, particularly for arizona, which will help with some of the wild fires burning dare elsewhere across north america. we are watching some instability through a tennessee pushing into the carolinas out toward the mid atlantic. next, let's go to south america, and we're talking about temperatures in a salt piano. 32 degrees, enjoy it. because your temperatures are gonna fall off quite quickly, just to stay a high of 13 degrees. ah, with a bag energy and change to every part or universe or small to continue the change all
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around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your ah the me the watching. oh, does it reminder of our top story is this our trinity as president says he dismissed prime minister and he suspended parliament, had a parliament is calling it unconstitutional, enticing to says he's taking over executive power point, a new prime minister, 28 and i,
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gillian children have been reunited with their parents weeks after they were kidnapped by arms. men. a children returned to their town and could do an estate on sunday, but 87 others as still in captivity. united states says it will increase its air strikes from the taliban if they continue with their offensive report suggests the taliban has taken control of another district in the province. in in malaysia, the delta variant of over 19 is fueling a new wave of infections even as the government accelerates its vaccine program. 17000 new cases have been reported on sunday. that's the highest daily spike since the outbreak began. covered 1900 infections in malaysia have no risen above 1000000 and national lockdown in place in areas severely hit by the virus of facing strict measures is a really, really an alarming number to,
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to be taken lightly off. because we have seen, must have been the united states. yes. in neighboring country. i seen so many countries who, who took the fall. and right now, when i see malaysians that you do at a very relaxed case for several countries in the southeast asia, a re imposing corona virus restrictions, migrant workers in border areas are facing increased hardship. a lockdown and thailand means there's no work for people from me. and mom who been leaving the country to escape from military rule phones, louis reports, there's usually no shortage of work or labor as for farms in pop products. strict in western thailand. many farmers here employ migrants from across the border in myanmar to work the field. but the surgeon corona virus cases in the 2 countries has made life more difficult for migrant workers. thailand has imposed
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a nighttime curfew and travel restrictions. this lady who doesn't want to be identified had gone back to me on my last year to renew her passport. but she couldn't return to thailand, eagerly after the borders were closed and ended up paying brokers to sneak her back in illegally got on the loading. mom a, i mean in many migrant for me and my in trouble. now, many of us have to hide an escape to thailand, to find a job. some of us got caught and was sent to prison. more watson, johnny id carey, is also a migrant from me. and mom who has settled in thailand for many years. he helps run a local charity. there are a lot of children also come along with the parents and some parents. they don't have a document. so they had a lot of you know, issues to going around. and if the parents get arrested, the children will be left behind in a hot or in houses and who is going to take care of their children. he says, live here is also getting increasingly difficult for migrant workers because of
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corona virus restrictions. when a new infection is reported in a village, no one is allowed to leave unless they can show that tested negative for cove at 19 . many are unable to find work and has been relying on donation. but supplies are slowly dwindling, as continued restrictions cause economic hardship for everyone else. the struggle for survival is also made was by a sense of frustration at what's happening back home. me my vision. i want the manmohan touch released on sun city and focus on helping the people from the crisis . i want democracy in men more than the country can move forward to develop but there's no indication the generals in myanmar are ready to give up power. florence louis al jazeera turkey security voices have killed 7 men. they've described as terrorists in northern syria and follows the killing of 2 turkeys soldiers in
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northern cities. all bob area, turkey launched across the border operation in 2016 to drive out isis, and cody's y. p. g fighters, turkey continues to maintain a heavy military presence in north by syria, top lebanese city leaders have given that approval for former prime minister and nigi mccarty to create a new government. if the government's confirms mccarty seen here on the left will become prime minister designate lebanon's, last government resigned in august last year, following the daddy bay wood port explosion. israel has reduced the fishing limit for gaza boats to just 11 kilometers from the shore. it says in its in response to in century balloons, which have been launched into israel from garza. the fishing limit had already been cut by israel from 27 kilometers to 22 kilometers during may's 11 day conflict is where the air strikes have also hit. how much training side after the balloon spots
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3 fires in israel? nail injuries have been reported on either side. a typhoon has been heading heavily populated areas in eastern china, with thousands of people already been forced from their homes by severe flooding. in fi has made landfall in the coastal province of she jang, but it's already affecting shanghai, china's busy commercial hub. so hierarchy has this report. it's been a difficult week for people in many regions of china. fast a years worth of rain in just 3 days to get floods that killed at least 63 people and hen on province, and displace more than a 1000000 others. and now a tie food has hit the eastern coastal province of jose young, bringing more rain and high speed when more than 300000 people have left their homes. also offshore. wind speeds reached a 100 kilometers an hour and an emergency was issued at its highest level. we've got a kind of a psychological trauma going on here as well as disruption. but there's also
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political significance and that, and that is possibly, you know, going to play out. overcoming mom, local authorities have close schools and businesses. transport systems have been suspended to enable shanghai. china is largest city and commercial hub. all international and domestic flights have been canceled. activity of the busiest port in the world has shut down with large containers, removed off ships. it's going to be really, really difficult. going to be a difficult time for the shipping traffic. i would say ideally it should be at least a week or more. busy deliverable things even come close to be normal. 5 food info is the 6 storm to hit china this year and has already cause chaos and several other regions nearby. the storm headed there from taiwan, leaving a trail of destruction,
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but no one was hurt. it also dumped torrential rains in the philippines and this he is heavy monsoon season has made things worse, flooding thousands of home children. people has been a challenge during the pandemic. re on city water. not we may chill social distance thing is being implemented and we have faced math for everyone. so if they forget, as we're able to provide for them, meteorologist say typhoon in far is weakening, but it's a still threatening motor rental rain in the coming days. thought a height of algebra, at least 9 people have been killed and 3 others have been injured during a landslide in the indian state of how much our pradesh, large boulders rolled on a monthly striking band carrying 11 tourists, a bridge collapsed when one bolder crashed directly on top of it, the gulf has recovered, 42 buddies, and then today we have found another de villages here say up to 80. people are
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missing. perhaps also that number of people will be trapped under the belgium continues to battle floods a week after nearly 40 people died in storms. this was the scene in belgium on saturday. as a flash flood, washed away, cars, roads remain closed, and several homes have been evacuated. after wall collapsed, more heavy rains, full cost, and that's expected to meet the clean up effort even more difficult. russia has held its annual show of naval strength, its paraded warships, submarines, and weaponry on the never, ever in saint petersburg and then the gulf of finland. but experts say this discontent within some of russia's armed forces. sonya eagle reports, ah, a day marked national, tried not to subtlety, a chance to display russia's naval might. i'm even boast about it.
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especially the president vladimir putin, your new way. and i'm going to go for that. i see the russian navy today has everything i needed for the guaranteed defense of the motherland on national interest. and we are capable of detecting any under water above water, avalon enemy. and if required to carry out an un preventable strike against the annual procession of war ships and submarines from the new river in saint petersburg to the naval island of crunch, dot takes about 2 hours an opportunity to show off russia's navy rouse the nation's self esteem from the mother she, i feel nostalgic, happiness, pride for states that it has such ships. we know 1st hand how we americans, and europeans are scared to them or others as well as pride. there is concern with the, with the video we're proud of our fleet an army bill. on the other hand, i would not like to rattle the sabre. i mean, we can show that we are a powerful state but not attack and demonstrate aggressive behavior. i don't like
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it, you know, just days before military officials had announced tests of new weapons designed according to putin to be invincible. advances that have been critical for a full stop sign into disrepair after the cold war. but yet lacking strategy, russian federation has for the fleet. yeah. northern fleet, specific fleets, baltic sleep and lexi fleets, and they are not connected in one system and she cannot reach from the one sleep to another. well, sunday's naval display is about proving, otherwise, it comes a month after russia said it had fired warning shots and dropped bombs in the past of a british war, shipping crime in waters. britain denied the incident, saying it had been a gun re exercise, and comparative displays may be more about pleasing. a domestic audience is also a very, very serious confrontation between the russian navy and the russian army,
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which controls the entire military time generals. naval commanders are very, very baker, and they very much use this occasion of this naval the special day to vent their disappointment and disapproval of the military command and himself. it is more than just a matter of pride, but perhaps also of a legacy of his own making. sony diagonal. i'll just there up. ah, this is all just, these are the top stories june. his he was president says he's dismissed prime minister. she, she and he suspended parliament. the head of parliament is calling it unconstitutional . president said, says he's taking over executive power and will appoint a new prime minister $28.00. and julian children have.


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