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ah hello, nice to see you. already waterlogged areas of belgium and germany. they're getting more brain. look at some of these pulses here through belgium. the disturbance is pushing further to the north. so denmark and scandinavia now getting into some of these showers and at times. feisty thunderstorms, so we'll pull out, we'll give you a wider look right now because the energy is moving to the east as well. so some doubts of heavy weather toward the czech republic. heavy rain i should say. and for areas of poland in and around warsaw you know, spain over the last few to his we've been talking about high temperatures. they're coming down a bid cordoba 35 degrees. but we've also got some turbulent weather in and around valencia, some showers for barcelona. next we're going to turkey and the black sea region has just been hammered by some heavy rain. but we're just starting to see some showers
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now on monday. otherwise, across most of the country it's looking good, is stem bull, $31.00 degrees c resort city of on talia. 36 degrees the high for you. on monday, it has been particularly what, what surround the gulf of guinea, conic re picked up a pretty close to 150 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours. and look at this . it continues on monday, ivory coast, liberia rate, through to sierra leone free town, a high of $27.00. the the new generation of young people and making demands to we balance id, welcome to generational teams. a global theories attempt to understand and challenge the ideas that mobilize you around the world in london to activate the tackling the root causes of youth violence. many young people that perpetuate and violence, again of the young people themselves have also been victim multiple times. my generation can try me design and the shape. this generation change on al jazeera,
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the former finding harmony in pursuing his passions, my passions, finding young and keeping cultural tradition and nurturing the musical talents of his community. had been playing to dream music from monday morning to outside world tenzing, his families land multiple thing that club brought to my mind in actually doing that. hector mcgovern, the music man, my son, bob, we own our just the euro. ah, i
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come back and look at lane stories now. typhoon in fine land in eastern china again in the coming out of the already causing heavy flooding in the coastal province of judge young and disrupting shipping into shanghai. a group of 20. i cannot my jury in school children have been reunited with the parents 2 weeks off. they were taken . one of the parents told out there a ransom was paid for their freedom. and after a day of angry protest, tunisia government handling of the pandemic and the economy president has suspended parliament. in fact, the prime minister we've been getting conflicting reports from afghanistan as the battles, the territory between the taliban and the government goes on. local minot resources told out there the taliban has taken now, right. districts including the province close to the border with pakistan. if that's confirmed, it will be the latest advance in a 2 month period that seen the group capture at least half of the countries
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districts for the east and herat working has working life is ground to a halt because of an overnight curfew that was born in this weekend, government is hoping the restrictions will hinder the talent management and help control security. but it's less than the business owners also struggling to make ends need diplomatic edison james base is in combo. it seems more bad news for the afghan government, nor i district in tune. our province in the east of asking the stone appears to follow to the taliban. no official confirmation from the government side or the taliban. but which is there is spoken to local sources, spoken to military sources who prepare to speak of the record. now, districts in afghanistan, there are about $400.00 of them, relatively small spots. this is important, i think strategically, because a mountainous area but is right close to the border with pakistan. afghanistan also is planning to impose curfews across the country in all,
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but 3 of the provinces. and we hear from overnight that in helmand, one of the provinces, that's going to have a curfew. 25, a taliban were killed according to the african government and african air force as strike. we're also hearing of developments in cobble province over night and the city, the capital city in the province around it will not be subject to a curfew, but we hear that just north of the city in cobble province. there were 5 intelligence officers who has been reported have been killed. i can tell you officially on the record though, cobble police. a simply saying that they have found 5 bodies and they're investigating who they are. or you ask, amanda says the united states will continue to carry out as trying to support afghan forces facing attack from the taliban audio. castro's life for us now in washington, and really not us as support will be essential to slow. the taliban advanced me to stop them from accessing provincial capitals and biggest cities in the country.
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mariam the u. s. a certainly concerned about the taliban advances that really started after the u. s. announced that's true. withdraw with 95 percent of us troops already having left the country. president biden is politically committed to making all the having all us boots out of the country by august 31st. but certainly there is this concern about the taliban. the latest advances and a top us, generally speaking in cobble on sunday, said that the u. s. is stepping up its support for air strikes to cover, ask in the military forces. he did not voice regret for the withdraw, but he also did not say just how long this stepped up air support would continue. the united states has increased air strikes in the support of afghan forces over
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the last several days and were prepared to continue this high level support in the coming weeks. if the taliban continue their attacks. we continue to provide contract maintenance and logistics support here in cobble to maintain afghan defense capabilities, including our ation capability. what does this mean for the taliban? right. that was general kenneth mackenzie speaking and he went on to say that victory for the taliban is not inevitable. he said that in the coming days and weeks it would likely become clear whether the afghan government would be able to defend the country against the taliban. but he said that would be a difficult road, and he said that he thought a political solution still remains possible, even as peace talks between the 2 sides last weekend failed to reach an agreement. all right, thank you very much from washington dc, hydro castro. now
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a vigils been held for a woman who was found, beheaded in a case, which has provoked anger in pakistan. 27 year old nur look had, i mean, was the daughter of a former senior pocket. donnie fit for matt. she was brutally beaten before she was held earlier this week. a son of a wealthy industrialist has been arrested, finished and charged with her murder. the mexican state of michigan has seen some of the countries was license in recent months. a local gang has been trying to fight off an invasion by a rival criminal organization out there visited the at the center of the battle earlier this year. and now our john holman, has this update on the situation. in a pro al jazeera visited the mexican town of ag aliyah court between 2 criminal groups and over cut off from the rest of the state of mitchell county. it was so i slated that we were the 1st journalist to get there since the fighting between
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holly's co, new generation, cartel and cartel is needles intensified food. petra medicine was scarce, would the cost will continuing. we wanted to check how the villages were doing now . the answer worse, all the people are leaving the town, leaving us more and more isolated. we can't get down the highway to the town. so we stuck up in groceries and work materials. it's hard to get food medicine and the government doesn't respect the agreements that they've made. raphael owns the local carpentry workshop, but doesn't know how long you can keep it going. even the internet and cell phone signal are on the blink, kept cutting out. last thing, because the tech services are non existent, nobody can give maintenance to those services or the internet, or even the electricity plan. it shouldn't have been like this. back in april we heard the police promise. they cleared the gang blockades of the only paved road connecting glee with the nearest town, a puts and gun. i asked villages if that's happened,
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this one wanted us to blow his face, the fear of reprisals. he doesn't know whether it's a fos alive. the government hasn't done any of the things that promised this sleeping easing by the side of the road. they're like iguanas, in their trucks. we go past and they look at us like zombies. you'd think that the national guard is there to serve us, not the other way round. in fact, what villages and journalists who tried to travel to actually recently tell us is that there are now 5 checkpoints, all belonging to the war and criminal groups, down the road. in the middle of the mow, there's actually an army check point. we told it's just round the corner, just a couple of 100 of me is from one of the criminal ones. but the army either calm or doesn't want to clear the road. and that's why we haven't been able to get there. and that's why we're reporting this from mexico city. actually you became a national issue before the midterm elections. the president himself said he visit . he must pass and this is yes, i will bit it just out for the electric really?
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yeah. i know. i believe i know all of the municipalities in mexico. i spent the night there, mickey, that i can tell you that in front of the main square, there is a hotel where i've stayed. you'd have trouble staying at the hotel now. it's been burned out. but 2 days later he changed his mind. anyway. boy, yeah, it is a bundle where i'm not going because i don't want to stare the pot with the sensationalist press and our adversaries. while he worries about the politics of a visit, the inhabitants of the town, just hoping that someone, anyone can come and help them, john home. and i'll just say to mexico. washing president has held his navy's ability to own shameful strikes and another show of military might. a demon person was in st. petersburg to watch an annual parade of worship, submarines and weaponry. but as soon gave reports, appearances may not complete a reflect reality. ah daymark,
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the national tried not to subtlety a chance to display russia's naval might even boast about it. specially president vladimir putin. he would new way. and i'm gonna go for that. i see the russian navy today has everything i needed for the guarantee defense of the motherland on national interest. we are capable of detecting any underwater above water avalon enemy. and if required to carry out an unpreventable strike against it, what you mean that the annual procession of war ships and submarines from the new river infant petersburg to the naval island to crunch dot takes about 2 hours an opportunity to show off russia's navy federal rouse the nation self esteem from the mother. she was the nationalist that i feel nostalgic, happiness, pride for states that it has 6 ships. we knew 1st hand how we americans,
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and europeans are scared to them. what, what, what are others as well as pride. there is concern that i need to put the video we printed off to know me build the other hand, i would not like to rattle the same. i mean, we can show that we are a powerful state, but not the attack and demonstrate the aggressive behavior like it just stays before military officials had announced tests of new weapons designed according to putin to be invincible. advances that have been critical for a full stop sign into disrepair after the cold war. but yet lacking strategy, russian federation has for the sleep. yeah. and sleep specific sleeps baltic, sleep, and lexie flips, and they're not connected in one system. and she cannot reach from the one sleep to another. well, sunday's naval display is about proving,
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otherwise it comes a month after russia said it had fired warning shots and dropped bombs in the part of a british worship. in crimean waters. britain denied the incident saying it had been a gunnery exercise, and a comparative displays may be more about pleasing. a domestic audience is also a very, very serious confrontation between the russian navy and the russian army, which controls the entire military time generals. the naval commanders are very, very baker, and they very much use this occasion of this naval special day to vent their disappointment and disapproval of the military command and put in himself. it is more than just a matter of pride, but perhaps also of a legacy of his own making. sony, i'll go, i'll just narrow down to on in norway for the remains of what's been called an unusually large meteor. parts of southern norway will let help in the early hours
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of sunday by a fireball st. you across the night sky pictures captured by security cameras. now, all low scientists tracking the pass beneath parts of it might have landed in a large wooded area west of the city plan on the program general will be here with the board and the perfect preparation for the olympics. the list australian goal, which now head to the tokyo games is a major champion. and v a mom of this last and ivory co tells us why it should be declared in mexico wild heritage vine. ah. becoming a living legend to the young age with simply not enough, he transformed his influence on the pitch into political cloud piece to the ivory coast. posted by eric comes to the football rebel,
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the life of the football who succeeded, where politicians had not dropped the boy and civil war on out. there we town the untold story. ah, we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sign ah, no matter where it takes a police finn and your guys were my empowering in pasha, we tell your story, we are your boy. you knew your neck out here. oh ah,
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she has more than pix action. i have got a lot of elliptic fraction for you mariam. the us men's basketball team, went into the tertiary games, our favorites to a full straight gold medal. but now they have it all to do after a shock, 8376 feet by from the 1st much. they've lost analytics since 2004. they'd have $25.00 straight to victories since they were last be in athens. 17 years ago in arkansas, 92 and the next 2 games against iran and the czech republic. for the 2nd time in less than 2 months. the, well, it's number one goal for john ross has tested positive for cove at 19 ending. his olympic dream responded twice tested negative after playing the open earlier this month. but aside, came back positive before he sets off for japan in june, he had to pull out of a tournament. he was leading off to contracting the virus and potentially last at $1700000.00 in prize money. he says, this is
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a great reminder for all of us that we are still in a pandemic and things and not over rums, not the only top 10 go for to test positive ahead of the games and the richardson reports from take care. well, number one, john rom and american bryce and sham by both rules out of the golf tournament. having tested positive coven, i think both testing positive just before the departure for tokyo. i guess if you're looking for some solace for those golf is involved. that is, that they're all for the major tournaments and they're involved in every year, which perhaps still have more prestige in the limping events. but, but so many of the athletes in tokyo is the constant cloud that they live on. the constant fee they live under the 5 years of hard work and preparation could just go up in smoke if they do test positive or identified as a close contact with somebody else's tested positive for corona bars. move been used to the ios. he has come in the form of 2 new sports that of my pig debbie's on sunday,
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surfing and skateboarding. skateboarding particular was designed to be held in the middle of tokyo with fans up close and personal for the athletes. and of course, that is not possible due to coven 19. i'm very fortunate. i'm a journalist, i'm able to go into some of the venues. and i was able to see that the great big story that is, of the japanese suna e k. rebecca, who had leukemia in 2019 spent 10 months in hospital amazingly, got a self healthy and ready for these games. now unfortunately, in the opening, really adventure team couldn't quite make it through to the final. and you just wonder how different that might have been if you had been full of in cash and home support. you had andy mentioned skateboarding there in the 1st ever olympic gold medal in the sport was won by a japanese skater, 22 year old. you told me so many st. title for time while champion and favorite night to houston, the usa struggled with the heat. i'm finished 7th. that was also good news for japan in women's tennis with name your soccer,
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winning her opening match in straight sets of soccer elim pick coltrane, haven't played in nearly 2 months after putting out of the french open it to protect mental health. one of her biggest rivals, while number one i'm recent wimbledon champion, ash bossy is out of the singles competition. her campaign was cut short when she lost to spain's sorrow cerebus tomo in her opening match. in swimming, there was a massive shock on sunday when 18 year old ahmed half new one. the men's 400 me to freestyle. he was the slowest, qualify for the final half. neary is just the 2nd unit in it to win gold in the pool, and becomes the 4th and then pick champion from the north african nation. i did the gate to all the unique people. i say to them, you get your, get the champ. now i'm so happy to get a gold medal at performance caught the attention of the most decorated olympian of old time when that michael phelps, unbelievable. so he jumped almost 4 and
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a half 2nd, 5 seconds of his tv to video. and i don't want, i don't want it to me. that's what i've been talking about it. i think pretty much all morning. the difference in this is the, the lympics compared to ones in the past. in my opinion, is every single person in the finals has a chance to go about and these are the family and friends of american summit chase, kayla. she won gold in the $400.00, meet the individual medley. they were unable to watch live in tokyo because foreign support is of course not allowed in japan for the games. the us men's and women's teams want to take the 6 medals in the 1st session on sunday, australian women. the 1st 12 record is the competition in the 4 by 100 meters free saw relay. this is a bronze. the and kate campbell were part of the team. i know these other girls are like my family and we've really grown up together, but. okay, literally my family. so to stand up with my sisters,
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it's pretty incredible. every single career has a journey to go on and for us being in the real, i has always been a high point and we've always really loved that. i think up sat in the women's road race with amateur cyclist, an a keys and hall for taking victory. the 30 wrote him without a professional team finished 75 seconds out of 2019. well, champion the enemy, van blues and she's the fest austrian to win a cycling gold medal for 125 years that try to of unbelief and actually thought she'd won the race when she crossed the line on the way that keys and offer had already finished in the most important race. you're not allowed to ride with communication, what we normally do. it should make the race more interesting. i think it's made the race very confusing. and i think also when i was alone in the front, i had to oscar tv, motor person, what was happening,
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what was the event is what was the times. so i think that was far from professional and very disappointing with if have this situation the most important race of their yeah, in months, in 4 years, history was made on sunday as to siblings, one gold medals on the same day. japan's of a triumph in the women's 52 kilogram judah, competition. just hours before her brother had for me to go in. the mens is 66 kilogram final. very talented family. that wouldn't be a 3rd gold medal date for british tennis play on the murray. this year, the tucson defending champion has pulled out of the men's singles torment because of a right called strain. he'll still play in the double day and disappointment for another british meadow. hopeful this time in tae kwon day to time and gold medalist j. james was beaten by kimmy eliza day in the round of 16 and as a day a bronze medalist in regard for iran is now competing for the refugee team off the defects in germany. this is how the metal table looks and off the day to
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a china out in front with 6 codes and 11 metals, a row. japan sits and 2nd one go to head of the united states. but it's south korea, the russian olympic committee, italy, australia, and from australian gopher. mindy lee had to take you as a major champion. she returned a 7 shot deficit on the final day of the abbey on championship in france, but in full of her loft. 5 hope to finish 18 on the part that put her in a playoff with not leader john in the 6 on the south korean found was on the 1st extra ho leaving lee with a 2 part for buddy. and the title, the 25 wrote is the 1st australian to win the tournament since the legendary economy web in 2006 we do, i never li, like thought about it. when i was playing, i just tried to make as many bodies as i could, you know, i think i saw the lead about like maybe once or twice i just tried to play the best
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of my ability and you know, it's really great to me. yeah. it's just really amazing. well, one of her has got to be one of the favorites heading to they didn't pick socially good on her. thank you very much. jammah. thank you. i told you one of the story now several last in ivory coast could soon be declared unesco wild heritage sites. one of these historic buildings in the village of sorta bongo, is inspired by sudanese architecture and tradition. the among told is why it's so important to the community. me for my name is mohammed what? we are in ivory coast in the village where most of the muslims gather all on the 11th and mom, here i have been leading this mosque for 25 years on here we live in perfect harmony. i give people my support so that they will be blessed and everything they do. i always teach them to follow god's will. this mosque has
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existed since the 16th century and we all pray here. all those who built the mosque gone. now it's us who take care of it. it says m mosques like these and other villages have all been destroyed because of a lack of maintenance. and this is the only one left in the region. and what europeans come here for blessings, as well as those who want to travel to europe. this pushes us to maintain our mosque so that grace accompanies those who need it. all. those who come to see blessings in this most always testify to the success that follows. even the current president allison with tara came here to pray with us. if we do not take care of this mosque when we are no longer here, our children will miss out on the benefit level. this is a heritage that we must protect by the there's more in
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everything right? al jazeera dot com. we're going to bring you more on our top story there actually, teenagers, president taking action in response to protests in the country across several cities, including capital tune as he fact the prime minister and also frozen parliament will bring you some analysis on that. but also following developments in nigeria, and they've been these emotional scenes, really of parents after that, children were released from a ransom was paid, but 28 not shown her and has been reunited with that parents. but it was mentioning, the other agent children are still missing and efforts being efforts are on the way to try and get them released earlier. i spoke to reverend joseph high on who's been involved in those efforts. and he told me that actually they've had no help from the government in terms of those negotiations with the criminal gangs and in terms
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of organizing around not fit for the news out, but i'll be back in a couple of minutes. ah, in news news, news news with energy to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity.
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we can make it work for you and your focus on just the united states is ending in 20 year military present enough kind of done with what it meant for the country. one of the one piece showcases new zealand trailblazing environmental policy aiming to with the country of all predators. bringing awareness to conservation. if it hit hard by the pandemic, can you hold the naming ceremony for its magnificent, giant witness showcase of award winning documentary that bring word issues into focus through human stories with political and economic tension writing down be a hope to the pope as a company to define the future august on a job. on counseling with cost, be on the tourism, the world's richest men making a grab to control access to the trillion dollars space industry on taos than you
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call. why rich nations of emitted agriculture for climate change and how flowering call lives in iran? counting the cost and i'll just use the emotional scenes in nigeria is $28.00 school children kidnapped early this month released, but $87.00 children, a still being health ah low. i'm mary, i'm tomorrow and you're watching al jazeera also coming out. often angry protests across tunisia, the surgeon co cases and the struggling economy. president, fax,
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the prime minister.


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