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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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dollars space industry on taos, been you call why rich nations of emitted agriculture for climate change and how flowering call life in iran? counting the cost on al jazeera i typhoon in far, drench is heavily populated areas of eastern china routing trees and grounding flights. this is falling, boulders kill 9 terrorists and destroy a bridge, and flood had india ah, lo, marianna was in london watching alger 0 that coming up on the program, the emotional scenes in nigeria is 28
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school children kidnapped earlier this month. release. but $81.00 are still being how the angry protest in several canadian cities is corona mars cases, serge and the economy deteriorate from isolated islands in the pacific. the countries counted as covered success stories infections keep on rising across asia . ah, welcome to the program. a powerful storm is set to land in eastern china again in the coming hours of the already doing widespread damage. typhoon info caused heavy flooding in the coastal province of jang. and it's bringing more disruption it skirts around. the busy commercial have of shanghai. it's comes days of to a record sad,
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kill dozens of people in central china. so our high right reports it's been a difficult week for people in many regions of china. first, 2 years worth of rain in just 3 days to get floods that killed at least 63 people and hen on province and displace more than a 1000000 others. and now a tie food has hit the eastern coastal province of jose young, bringing more rain and high speed winds. more than 300000 people have left their homes off to offshore. wind speeds reached a 100 kilometers an hour and an emergency. le was issued at its highest level, we've got a kind of a psychological trauma going on here as well as disruption. but there's also political significance and the on to that is possibly, you know, going to play out. overcoming mumps, local authorities, have close schools and businesses. transport systems have been suspended to enable shanghai. china is largest city and commercial hub. all international and domestic
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flights have been cancelled. activity at the busiest port in the world has shut down with large containers, removed off ships, it's going to be a really, really difficult going to be a difficult time for the shipping traffic. i would say ideally it should see at least a week or more. busy delay all things even going to be normal. high food info is the 6 storm to hit china this year and has already cause chaos and several other regions nearby. the storm headed there from taiwan, leaving a trail of destruction. but no one was hut. it also dumped wrench rains in the philippines, and this is heavy monsoon season has made things worse, flooding thousands of home sheltering people has been a challenge during the pandemic later on in the water. and we made sure social distill thing is being implemented and we have they smoke for everyone. so if they
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forget that as we're able to provide for them, meteorologist say typhoon in far is weakening, but it's still threatening. motor rental rain in the coming days. so to hide algebra. meanwhile, in northern india, 9 people there has been killed and 3 others injured by. a landslide. large boulders rolled down a mountain in him. charlotte position state striking line, carrying 11 tourists. a bridge collapsed when one bolder crashed on to it. rescue workers and clean clean up team has been sent to the scene. elsewhere in india, more than a 125 people are now known to have died in long soon floods in the western marsh dress state. many were killed when land life destroyed their homes. the west coast has been battered by torrential rain since day, and even more downpours are expected to be. the goal for do has recovered 42 buddies, and then today we have found another de villages has
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a up to 80 people are missing, silica shopping, have all of that number of people will be traveling under the degrees already or we move to europe. now another belgian town has been hit by devastating floods. just days after 1st he says and people were killed in the south of the country. cars and sections of pavement were washed away in dinner and some homes were evacuated after a wall collapse, but no one was reported injured and intense to our thunderstorm cause the heaviest floods the towns seem. for decades, cleanup effort will likely be hampered by even more heavy rain, which is on the way. and then a huge wildfire raging in northern california has destroyed multiple homes often merging with a smaller blaze. the dixie fire is one of more than 80 now burning across the western united states. it already destroyed a number of other homes and buildings before reaching the community of indian falls
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. meanwhile, the country's largest wildfire, the boot like fire in oregon is now more than 40 percent contained. some residents who evacuated have been returning to find their homes gone. and we're just going to try to band together as a community and rebuild and get people's lives back in order is, i mean they'll never be back to what it was, of course, but we got to try to do what we can because we all still on our property and a lot of people don't have anywhere else to go on to eve after they would take a group of nigerian children who are abducted by armed kidnappers, have been reunited with parents who feared they'd never see them again. the leaves with some of the emotional scenes is the 28 traumatized children returned to that town in kaduna state. one of the parents
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told out there a ransom was pay for that freedom. in total, $121.00 students were taken. and now the group was released after 2 days. the $87.00 children still being held the name of the joy too much. i can't quantify the joy, god has done it. we said that if we gone, we will see our children, and we have seen them as he has brought this child. he will bring the news from the democratic republic of congo now in the army that saying that its troops of freedom more than a 150 people, taken hostage by the allied democratic forces militia spokesman said they were freed, following army offences against the group in a teary province. the hostages included women and children who have been used as
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human shales. the adf has been blamed for thousands of death in the eastern d r. c. i was recently that's distractive ambushing and killing 16 civilians as a return from a market on de me. now protest as have been throwing stones and police have been firing tear gas demonstrations against the government handling of the time. demick took place in tunisia and actually this has been happening in several cities in the country. hundreds of people gathered in the capital tune is calling for the prime minister to resign and dissolve parliament. their angry offer surgeon cases while upon damage is already hit. the country's economy hard demonstrations will also help though in the cities of gaster want to hear and new bill. i know they didn't allow anyone to enter this place. the whole area was close by pulling in every street. you see 100 police officers standing by. why all this weird, defenseless citizen,
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we've come to protest against injustice, oppression, and the high cost of living. and we want to dissolve parliament. partner with them . we have come down today to resist this regime. they take our money and curse us. they have not done anything to the people, always fighting. it is enough. how can 9 ministers rule an entire country? we have starved and the people are lost. meanwhile in the asia pacific region, the delta varies have covered 19, is spreading rapidly. people have been carrying out for vaccines in the philippine capital y restrictions have been re imposed until the end of the month. philippines is also binding travelers from malaysia and thailand to try and hold spreads of virus elsewhere in the region. even remote island nations that remained isolated for much of last year. and now seeing infections rise out there is tony chang has more on that. now grieving relatives watch as the body of them mothers remove from
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the hospital in fiji. the cause cove at 19 the pacific nation has seen a significant rise in daily cases in the past week to more than a 1000 a day and a rising death toll. the curve at $900.00 delta variant is now widespread in fiji, even though 70 percent of the population has received one vaccine chart. and there's widespread cooperation with the vaccination rollout for the benefit of everyone else. and they've got your family. busy and friends, the neighbors a, some of the most remote islands in the world. many of the pacific nations have been under strict locked down for the past year. and in some cases recorded 0 domestic transmission of cove at 19. but the delta variance has changed all that, and it's clear the only way out of vaccines. and that's the only way i don't think goes we have any other option then try to actual term. anyone, we can of course,
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subject to, to what is, what is safe with there is i don't really think there is any other way for us to, to get out of this crisis in vantage are through the vaccine rollout has just begun quite a challenge in a nation of 83 separate islands as part of the global kovak specs a nation initiative. but who are to has now received several shipments. but with cases rising in the region many award, that won't be enough for the 1000 tossers. and it's not the really not for the hubbub. listen. so we still need more packets in mainland southeast asia. there was a feeling that the worst of the pandemic was passed here and thailand, they only had 61 cove in 19 death in the whole of 2020. now there are more than that. every single day they vietnam was talented as another cove at 19 success. strict controls who kept early cases isolated and transmission well under control.
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now the vietnamese authorities saying thousands of new cases every day, a 3rd of the countries under locked down conditions. and despite talks to produce vaccines domestically, at this stage, less than half a percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. tony cheng elders, there will now to me and mother military gent, her in charge of the country's towns accused of using the uncontrolled spread of corona. vars as a means to exercise control the minister of international cooperation. as spokesman of the ousted national unity government told al jazeera that at least 40000 people have been infected. and just the last few days, while that tragedy is unfolding, soldiers are attacking medical staff. the military miramar that we have facing they are not. they're not attacking the people of me, emma,
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by the attacking the hospital facilities. doctors the nurses and i can tell you from you that they have been at peck of 250 medium at least the last 4 months by the me sending me to all medical doctors and nurses, medical and motor medics who have been saving people for the last 7 days, what we have seen in mir mom is they have arrested the doctors who have the dying haitian at home. because those doctors, they are not in the hospital anymore. the hospital by the minute watching al jazeera alive from london more still ahead on the program,
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intense heat and humidity take that toll on the athletes. at the tokyo olympics, the russian military might take to the water, but just present a crew to need more joined up thinking if he wants to rule the waves. ah hello. next i see you already water logged areas of belgium and germany. they're getting more brain, look at some of these pulses here through belgium, the disturbances pushing further to the north. so denmark and scandinavia now getting into some of these showers and at times feisty thunder strong. so we'll pull out, we'll give you a wider look right now. because the energy is moving to the east as well. so some bouts of heavy weather toward the check republic. heavy rain, i should say. and for areas of poland in and around warsaw, spain,
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over the last few to his we've been talking about high temperatures. they're coming down a bid cordoba 35 degrees. but we've also got some turbulent weather in and around valencia, some showers for barcelona. next we're going to turkey and the black sea region has just been hammered by some heavy rain. but we're just starting to see some showers now on monday. otherwise across most of the country it's looking good is stumble, $31.00 degrees, c resort city of on talia. 36 degrees the high for you on monday, it has been particularly white surround the gulf of guinea, conic re picked up pretty close to 150 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours. and look at this. it continues on monday, ivory coast, liberia, right through to sierra leone, free town, a hive 27. the talk to al jazeera, we roam, did you want the un to take and who stopped you?
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we listen. you see the whole infrastructure and being totally destroyed. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on our sierra. ah, a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of our networks, journalists on al jazeera. ah the ah, come back and watching algebra live from london. look at the main stories now. typhoon in fact has that is that hit land in eastern china again in the coming hours after already causing heavy flooding in the coastal province of jet young and
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disrupting shipping into shanghai. protests to the foreign stones and police $510.00 gases. demonstrations against the government handling on the pandemic has been taking place in geneva and a group of 20 a. can not my jury and school children have been reunited with their parents? 2 weeks after they were taken on of the parents told algae, there were a ransom was paid to secure their freedom so he can now speak to reverend joseph high, up, his own san managed to escape, but during the kidnap and thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us, i know this have been a difficult time for your family and for many others. can i start by asking you about the children who's been been released, how, how all day and how they've been affected by the so dale? well, the side of these children is worrisome because the student are looking to seek
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look can week they've gone through trauma and experienced that even are those cannot we spend what is being done to help them now under the rain under this on it is not something that you would is that even your enemy shall experience. this is a situation that is young children. ah, well, we just need to be having some problems with the audio and i will try and reestablish a connection with our gas. reverend, not sure if you can hear me just a bit of inconsistent. yeah, that's great. listen, i was just also, i know that you said that the children are on well,
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obviously that they are psychologically traumatized. what's being done to help them now? well, the parents, i went to pick and all of them straight from the school to the last 2 because we got them last night. it was late. we brought them to school this morning and passed them to the parents. we still have interest. i went to an audio back. so as a lead us we attention should be on the new back and then the parents of do it today. she will not take the actual didn't want to, we play with them. we're believing that they will get well. but really, it is not something that you will want to see. but as if it was, you know, we find ourselves and we just have to take it. and what is being done to try and secure the release of the 87 of the children who are still being held where discussions has been ongoing. well you can see that we have some intimate and audio with the reverend,
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but what we're seeing right now on pitches of parents who are obviously very emotional after the release of 28 children who are abducted in kaduna state and what is becoming a kidnapping crisis in this part of nigeria and reverend yes we having you are, you are back now. so you would just yeah. so we last you said to kids have been taken to help you discuss it with the band this we had discussed with security agencies. we are doing our best to get to him, but unfortunately, you know, the attitude of government special inc. i don't know if it has not been that have been caught, has been nobody. that's right . well, so we were just speaking to reverend that who is in a bu job, but actually speaking about the situation in kaduna state where there has been these very emotional scenes as 28 children who had been abducted from their school were released. but he was just telling us that 87 others still being held and we
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ran some has been paid in order to for the children to be released. but this is a, a kidnapping crisis where criminal gangs and what it was described as bandits regularly and to schools and, and conduct these kidnappings and what has become a part of the economy. we see that there is a financial motive for their so what we'll try to get on this later i want to move on now because they're actually conflicting reports from afghanistan as a battle for territory between the taliban and the government goes on. a local military sources told al jazeera the taliban has taken now ride district and coon, our province, which is close to the border with pakistan. if that's confirmed, it will be the latest advance in a 2 month period that seen the group capture at least half of the countries districts. and then further east and herat working life is going to a halt because of an overnight coffee process in this weekend. government is hosting the restrictions will hinder the taliban at lawns and help control security
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. but it's like small business owners struggling to survive. our diplomatic editor james, bases and cobble it seems more bad news for the afghan government, nor i district in tune our province in the east of africa. the stone appears to a fall. and to the taliban? no official confirmation from the government side or the taliban. but which is there is spoken to local sources, spoken of military sources who prepare to speak of the record. now, the districts in afghanistan are about $400.00 of them, relatively small spots. this is important, i think strategically, because a mountainous area, but it's right close to the border with pakistan. i've got the stone also is planning to impose curfews across the country in all, but 3 of the provinces. and we hear from overnight the in helmand, one of the provinces, that's going to have a curfew. 25, a taliban were killed according to the african government and african air force as
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strike. we're also hearing of developments in cobble province over night and the city, the capital city in the province around it will not be subject to a curfew, but we hear that just north of the city in cobble province. there were 5 intelligence officers who has been reported have been killed. i can tell you officially on the record though. cobble police. a simply saying that they have found 5 bodies on they're investigating who they are. the well to top rank golfer is out of the limbic silence to testing positive cove. it for the 2nd time in 2 months. explains john wrong got the test results surely before he was due to leave for tokyo. us gopher bryce into chicago is also tested positive and been left of the team in sufferings olympic day be brazil's italian, rarer and american clarissa more won. the 1st 2 heats dad, japan, you to how to go mate school. the 1st as a lympics skateboarding victory. and in swimming, 18 year old tunisian i made half now we took
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a shock victory and the 400 meter freestyle. despite qualifying slowest for the final on extreme heat is one of the many challenges facing athlete unorganized. tow carolyn picks some competitors of collapse because of the conditions there and tennis players have been given extra time to recover between sets. often novak joke of which said players were constantly d hydrated on richardson reports. now from tokyo. it's not just limpy and stealing the heat in tokyo, the locals make sure they get up early for the sunday morning game of tennis on friday, a russian archer fainted. an intense heat midway through her event and tennis willed number one, no joke of ich said the sweltering conditions during his opening match with a toughest he'd ever experienced. i think some people from other color country is not good for playing outside in such a you know,
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very hot weather go singles. it's takes over 3 hours or more so it's too hard to play. i ugly with them. organizes insist athlete help is paramount. but the daytime events are sometimes necessary for you. a lot of the competition schedule has been built where possible, depending on the, on the sport to, to accommodate the will avoid the hardest parts of the day. but that's not possible with every sport. and on top of that there's, there's really extensive heat counter measures across all of the training and all of the competition. the 1964 to kill him picks took place in the cooler month of october. but the demands of tv networks mean july and august, and now the preferred time for the games organizes is a measurement coby wet spoke. globe temperature, it's effectively a combination of heat and humidity. anything over $28.00 experts say can be stressful for an athlete. and that number's been hitting 30 and 31 in tokyo,
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the japanese environments agency that actually issued a heat stroke warning, telling the public not to exercise during the middle of the day. that is not an option for many a limbic athletes. competitors did know they were heading into extreme conditions and many have spent time preparing in heat chambers like this one. when somebody is closing in the heat, davie asked the one to 2 weeks. so we've already made some very clear check. you fanatically, do not prepare for the heat before to kill or before any competition in the heat. so the same thing you would expect on a massive victory monday, in the 4 months. this heat isn't the only weather related concern at these games. a typhoon is approaching, and some events have already been rescheduled. as a precaution and the richardson al jazeera tokyo, our president has held his navy's ability to launch lee full strikes and another show of military might let him uprooted within st. petersburg to watch an annual
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parade of worship, submarines and weaponry. but as soon again gone our ports, appearances might not completely reflect reality. the day mark national tried not to subtlety. a chance to display russia's naval might and even boast about it. especially the president readiness clinton, he would new way and i'm going to go for that. i junior russian navy today has everything needed for the guarantee defense of the motherland. on national interest, we are capable of detecting any under water above water avalon enemy. and if required to carry out an and preventable strike against it, what you could mean that the annual procession of war ships and submarines from then you have a river in st. petersburg to the naval island to crunch dot takes about 2 hours, an opportunity to show off rushes. navy route was the nation self esteem from the
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mother. she was the, the nationalist that i feel nostalgic, happiness, pride for states that it has 6 ships. we know 1st hand how americans and europeans are scared to them, what, what, what are others as well as pride. there is concern that you push the video with reynold, of offering to know me, build the other hand. i would not like to rattle the same. i mean, we can show that we are a powerful state, but not the attack and demonstrated aggressive behavior like it just stays before military officials had announced tests of new weapons designed according to putin to be invincible. advances that have been critical for a full stop sign into disrepair after the cold war. but yet lacking strategy. russian federation has for b. fleet. yeah, no, fleet specific fleets, baltic fleet and lexie flips,
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and they are not connected in one system and she cannot reach from the one sleep to another. well, sunday's naval display is about proving, otherwise it comes a month after russia said it had fired warning shots and dropped bombs in the part of a british worship. in crimean waters. britain denied the incident saying it had been a gunnery exercise, and the comparative displays may be more about pleasing. a domestic audience is also a very, very serious confrontation between the russian navy and the russian army, which controls the entire military time generals. the naval commanders are very, very baker, and they very much use this occasion of this naval the special day to vent their disappointment and disapproval of the military command and which in himself, it is more than just a matter of pride, but perhaps also of
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a legacy of his own making, sony, i'll go, i'll just around. now the hunters on an away the remains of what's been called an unusually large meteor. parks of southern norway were lit up in the early hours of sunday by a fireball streaking across the nighttime sky. these are pictures captured by security cameras. new oslo scientists are tracking the pass it, but he's part of it might have landed in a large wooded area west of the 50 the an update of our main stories now and a powerful storm set to land in east, in china again in the coming hours after already doing widespread damage, typhoon in fact caused heavy flooding in the coastal province of jung after it made landfall a little over 12 hours ago. now causing disruption to vital shipping. as it crosses hung jo bay, south of the busy commercial of shanghai.


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