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sadie rayburn, particular is looking particularly hot. young, chill, brazen levant keeps things a little cooler here. quite a breeze is blowing out of iraq and that'll be a dusty went down towards re, as you'll notice, nothing in the gulf. so the temperature in their heart $43.00 is just surprisingly humid. $43.00, you know this time of year 3. and we're not quite getting the record. it is $48.00, but we're getting close. and like most, some places in this part of the middle east, it is warmer than average by at least 3 degrees. and that will persist. the horn of africa is a little damp and optically went this time the year. it is the big thunderstorms. are these you can highlands maybe an area trailer a trail all the hell is held about here. so the south is sedan and north south sudan is where does it meets green and is particularly wet of the moment the when a french soldier was murdered in a so called terrorist attack,
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his mother retaliated with love, speaking out against intolerance and alienation. she travels the world with the result of a grieving mother who lost her son, but adopted a generation latifah. witness documentary on al jazeera. we town the untold stories. ah, we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes a police, we offend you. guys, were my empowering in pasha. we tell your story, we are your voice. you knew your net back out here. oh,
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i hear what you know. just a reminder about top stories. the sour typhoon keeping heavily populated regions of 8th in china. it come days after flooding forth a 1000000 people from their homes and killed at least 50 thousands of people have been moved to emergency shelters. they've been phase fighting between afghan forces and the taliban group has reportedly taking control of the district in non province and is trying to hold the taliban advise a military ceremony is being held in at gabby and had the 2 turkish soldiers killed
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in northern syria. the vehicle was attacked on saturday in the area. the defense military forces immediately 5 the u. s. deputy secretary of state wendy sherman is heading to china. she'll be the highest ranking biden administration official to visit the country on the eve of her visit china, on the eve of her visit. rather, china's foreign minister had this warning for washington, because i'm sure the u. s. has been using its strength to put pressure on other countries and thinking it's superior to others. we need to tell us clearly there's no country in the world, but it's superior to others. and there shouldn't be one. china will never accept any country that claims to be superior to others. if the u. s. has not learned to treat other countries equally, china and the international community have the responsibility to help us learn this lesson properly. graham on web is
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a research fellow at the institute for defense and strategic studies at nan yang technical university in singapore. he says there are areas where washington empire gene could improve ties. ms. sherman is up for an uphill battle coming into chant tinge and today to, to meet her chinese culture partner to try and set the tone of this highly deteriorating relationship, right? if at all possible right now, that's the narrative that's coming out from washington. that china is really in a country or a government to to be suspicious of. and right now i think in se asia, the region to withdraw, lloyd austin will be visiting by tomorrow. first op singapore is to remind all partners here in the region that day should really be more watchful or not take, you know, chinese support that's coming into the region. types of capital,
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chinese businesses coming into the region for granted the be, you know, the sort of get an agenda behind that. and everyone should be more vigilant at this point in time. it all up to, you know, both aging and washington and officials and both sides of the fence to not to be you know, sort of distracted from what's really important, what's really common between all parties and to get caught up in these issues about it's all trying to see and also of course, by espionage and all and, and the like me, these things are clearly important. but i think we also need to look at the more the, the areas of which more that cooperation can be forged right now in terms of these hotspots. i think that's not where i think we'll find the on food. russia has held its annual show of naval strength, it displayed, it stays of the war, ship submarines and weaponry in a parade on the neva river in petersburg and in the gulf of finland. president of
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let me have her to attend the event. navy day is a public holiday, but there are no spectators this year because of the pandemic. pavel fell again. now i. e commerce, stone, defense and military matters for new via gazette. he explains the political significance of russia's naval show for well, this was basically about showing off and showing off really for one person. for the webinar butcher, by the reporting was born in saint petersburg some 68 years ago. he grew up, there can be very much like the navy maybe in the dreamt of being a day or something. and so the, he likes it, then he was the military display good for him because the military right now are in some of a station with more liberal konami, the block of coaching government, which one of the defense spending demonstrate the military. my,
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it's very important for that, and of course it's good for the public, which officially was not the wow. but in fact, in moscow, i mean in st. petersburg and, and roscoe, the people, came to the embankment. the police does not interfere. and so there are lots of brain more infection because roger now to the russian population, the majority are not next to me. and there was a lot of people there. russia was selling and trying to sell different kinds of weaponry, submarines and some ships. joseph in the nation. but the nuclear ships are not for sale and nuclear strategic. absolutely not for sale. but there's a lot of internal conference they should not seen from the surface. there's also a very, very serious confrontation between the russian navy and the russian army,
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which controls the entire military time generals. the naval commanders are very, very better. and they very much use this occasion of this naval special day to vent their, this appointment, and disapproval of the military command and pushing themselves the french president has demanded an explanation from israel after an investigation revealed. spyware was found on, he's fine, and menu on the crumbs form, along with other french government officials, was reportedly had, using pegasus spyware, developed by the israeli, based in a. so group 10 governments, including the united arab emirates, our ledge to have bullet this violence device to track activists, journalists, lawyers, and politicians. hota abdel, how made has more from west jerusalem. monday we're like, oh would have us enough,
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fairly bennett to make sure that there's an investigation that would be happening. that certainly is well, should look a bit more closely into licensing. at the moment the licensee for any of these sort of cyber weapon companies are given by the ministry of the fence and all any contract that the company like and so, and there are several others that are based here in israel. they do exactly the same thing. well, any of those lies, or any of the deal they gave has to be agreed upon by the ministry of defense. now, it seems that the really government is going to look into that a bit more closely. a committee from the is in the works to see out, to review really all the like how the licensing process goes on and to review, really the scope of these companies,
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whether they should be able to. so that kind of software to any country in the world or not. emanuel mac crone is in ty haiti for his 1st official trip to the overseas territory of french polynesia. he visited healthcare staff and prize them for their work. during the pandemic. later he's expected to discuss the legacy of french nuclear tests carried out in the region from the 196-2900 ninety's. a recent study showed france vastly underestimated the impact on the island. his health was going to him on department. we expect the president to ask for forgiveness, just as he recognized the colonization that took place. and now jerry, as a crime, we also expect him to declare that it was criminal in a form of colonization. that's linked to nuclear power here in the pacific. it's not a question of money above all. they try to present us is permanent, biggers, but this country needs to be pacified. be reconciled with itself and its people.
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the french state is to blame. and naked mcclellan is the correspondent for islands . business magazine explains why the nuclear issue will overshadow this is in i think it's unlikely that president micron will talk about the issue of colonialism . even though the united nations general assembly relisted french polynesia in 2013 before the un special committee on the colonization of president, a macro hopes to raise the issues around climate change around the ocean management around economic and coven problems facing principal in asia. but the nuclear issue won't go away. and at the recent round table in paris, his ministry minister for memory said that there was no need for an apology. many molly people, the polynesians who staff, the test sites during 30 use of nuclear testing was not only an apology,
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but much better improved systems for compensation for clean up and remediation of the pissed sides and medical studies on intergenerational effects that might affect their children in the future, they were a few protesters carrying flags out on private land near the airport. but this is a sign that this nuclear legacy from the cold war era of nuclear testing is still a hot issue in french polynesia, particularly for opposition groups and the community associations. the represent workers who stop the test size, neighboring communities, and church leaders who see this says very much a moral issue that still outstanding in relations between the molly people and the french government. his attorney general says 59 people who took part in anti government protest have been prosecuted. their actions were described as
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disturbances. the charges include a public disorder and closing non serious injury rights group, say more than $600.00 people would attain during and since the july 11th demonstrations, where lindsey is a journalist base in cuba with the media organization belly of the based. he says the government is responding to criticism for the trials and they have that they have not been fair. there was a pushback against what is really been the big story in the international news media. and definitely a been all of our social media in recent weeks, which is that number of people detain, which as you mentioned, may, may be over 600 according to les, compiled by a list compile by journals and activists here they or they did a press conference it's quite rare members, high ranking members of the justice system generally don't talk to journalists but it. ready was clear, they want to sort of get, get their, their side of things out. a lot of the accusations against the government for
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people detained beyond the tensions that there been trials. they said it's in summary trials without a lawyer. the this list that has been compiled more than 600 people detain, includes 14 people who have been sentenced to or between 8 and 12 months. and so they. ready at the press conference that was the, the president supreme court as well as 20 general. and they base or they quite said there were not somebody trials. they said that brief trials and that they would fit the judicial process with ongoing. but at the same time they, the admitted there might have been mistakes made and if these mistakes could be corrected, so they were leaving some room open for, for people at the timely being relieved. but it's, it's very. busy hard to stay. busy at this initial stage, or what will be the result of these, of the people of these trials and what will happen to those people who are detained
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. the mexicans, david mitchell con, has said some of the countries worst violence in recent months. a local gang is in a turf war with a rival criminal organization from a neighboring state. 0 visit to be at the center of the battle earlier this year. now john holman, has this update on the situation? in a pro al jazeera visited the mexican town of ag aliyah, caught between 2 criminal groups and cut off from the rest of the state. mitchell county. it was so isolated that we were the 1st journalist to get there since the fighting between holly's co, new generation, cartel and cartel is needles intensified food. petra, the medicine was scarce, would the carter will continuing? we want to check how the villages were doing now. the answer worse and all the people are leaving the town, leaving us more and more isolated. we can't get down the highway to the towns where
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we stock up and groceries and work materials. it's hard to get food medicine and the government doesn't respect the agreements that they've made. raphael owns the local carpentry workshop, but doesn't know how long you can keep it going. even the internet and cell phone signal are on the blink. i call kept cutting out. hello, so they cause the tech services are non existent. nobody can give maintenance to those services, or the internet, or even the electricity plants. it should have been like this. back in april we heard the police promise. they cleared the gang blockades of the only paved road connecting glee with the nearest town, a puts in gun. i asked villages if that's happened, this one wanted us to blow his face, the fear of reprisals. he doesn't know whether it's a foss allies. the government hasn't done any of the things that promised this sleeping, eating by the side of the road. they like iguanas, in their trucks. we go past and they look at us like zombies. you'd think that the national god is there to serve us. not the other way round. in fact,
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what villages and journeys he tried to travel to actually recently tell us is that there are now 5 checkpoints, all belonging to the war in criminal groups down that road. in the middle of the mo, there's actually an army checkpoint. we told it's just round the corner, just a couple of 100 me is from one of the criminal ones. but the army either con or doesn't want to clear the road. and that's why we haven't been able to get there. and that's why we're reporting this from itsco city. actually you became a national issue before the midterm election. the president himself said he visit, he's not the person. this is philip ralph. yes, i will visit just after the election. i know, i believe, as i know all of the municipalities in mexico, i spent the night there. mickey, i can tell you that in front of the main square, there's a hotel where i've stayed. you'd have trouble staying at that hotel now. it's been burned out. but 2 days later he changed his mind anyway. boy, yeah. bundle. well,
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i'm not going because i don't want to stir the pot with the sensationalist press and our adversaries. while he worries about the politics of a visit, the inhabitants of the town, just hoping that someone, anyone can come and help them, john home and i'll just say to mexico. to united states now and wildfires continue to ravage west in parts of the country crews have come from across the country to battle. the 5 blamed on drought and reco temperatures. thousands of people have fled their homes and many more preparing to lays hydro. castro reports from washington basing smoke gusting from the other side of the country, turn the full moon over washington. d. c. orange on friday. wildfires to the west have now chewed through 5 and a half 1000 square kilometers of land. more than 70 homes have burned in thousands of people have been told to prepare to flee. i've got everything backed up by the
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door and i'm ready to go. as soon as the word comes until then i'm going to stay here and keep watering on 5 fire fighters were injured in montana after a thunderstorm blue flames toward them. in oregon, weaker winds allowed firefighter to slow ablaze that has expanded by 6 kilometers a day. right now we're kind of in the sense and they're pretty much upfront is where you get the live action, bigger flames more more, he more general. and so far the fires have been limited to mostly remote areas, but this blaze at the california nevada border now threatens a community of about $1200.00. we saw smoke coming over the mountain. smoke has made it difficult to fight the flames from the air. the california governor has nevertheless ordered more aircraft to be ready to join the battle. it's what little can be done in the face of extreme heat and drought. as the u. s. wildfire season
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burns on hydro, castro al jazeera washington. still ahead on al jazeera japan tennis returns to the court for the 1st time in almost 2 months. i will tell you how she got to her and i've been out. ah, the state of mind sits at the mouth of the radian golf and the eastern end of the era peninsula. if you look at the raven peninsula as a whole, the essentially, to the ancient countries to the east, to west it's sometimes known as the switzerland of the gulf because of the important regional role. it plays in the gulf cooperation council. the gcc
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mon long history is not well known outside the gulf region before oil was discovered in 1962 fishing and prototyping words, main sources of income. in this film we go back over the last 500 years of all money, history of tribes, boars, rebellion and colonization, and explore how and why man still plays unimportant regional role today. oh, a time for sport now he's joke. ah,
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thanks, emily. yes. let's start with a big shock in tokyo, us men's basketball team has lost their 1st much an olympics since 2004. they'd had 25 straight victory since i lost the faith in athens 17 years ago. but on sunday they will be by france. 83.76 us can still win their full straight gold medal, but they need to win the next 2 games against iran and the czech republic. raining olympic all around gymnastics champion, simone biles remains on track for 6 gold medals. these games, the american who won for golds in rio, qualified for all of her finals on sunday. although the team event, the usa, qualified behind russia, the one the one go for john rom has been ruled out of elim picks off the testing positive for coven 19. the spaniard twice tested negative off the playing the open early this month. but a 3rd came back positive before he set off for japan. it's the 2nd time in less
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than 2 months that he's contract to the virus. in june, he had to pull out of a tournament. he was leading and potentially lost $1700000.00 in prize money. rom is not the only top 10 goal for the test positive ahead of the games, as the richardson reports from tokyo. well, number one, john rom and american bryce and sham by both rules out of the golf tournament. having tested positive cove at 900, both testing positive just before the departure for tokyo. i guess if you're looking for some solace for those gulf is involved, that is that they're all for the major tournaments that they're involved in every year, which perhaps still have more prestige than the limping events. but, but so many of the athletes in tokyo is the constant cloud that they live under the constant fee. they live under the 5 years of hard work and preparation could just go up in smoke if they do test positive or identified as a close contact with somebody else's tested positive for corona bars. more better news to v i o. c has come in the form of to new school that of my pig debbie's on
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sunday, surfing and skateboarding. skateboarding particular was designed to be held in the middle of tokyo with fans up close and personal for the athletes. and of course, that is not possible due to coven 19. i'm very fortunate. i'm a journalist, i'm able to go into some of the venues. and i was able to see that the great big story that is of the japanese swimming k, rebecca who had leukemia in 2019 spent 10 months in hospital amazingly, got a self healthy and ready for these games. now unfortunately, in the opening really advance her team couldn't quite make it through to the final . and you just wonder how different that might have been if you had been full of in cash and home support. well, japanese would have, would have been pleased to see that tennis superstars ambia soccer breathing through her opening much a socket. the limpid coltrane beat, china's jang side site in straight sets, and her 1st much in the 2 months she hadn't played since pulling out the french
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open when she took a mental health break. afterwards she admitted to being really nervous, but one of her biggest rivals. well, tennis number one ash boss, he's going home early, her elim pick singles, campaign was cut short when she logs to spain's sata study as toto in the opening match. that would be a 3rd gold medal for andy murray this year. the 2 time defending champion is pulled out of the men's singles tournament because of a right quote strain. he will still play in the double in the swimming pool. it was a great day for the americans. thomas with chase keyless winning their 1st gold in the form to meet the individual medley. this is his family and friends watching him when go back home in maryland. they're unable to watch in tokyo because phone support is aren't allowed in japan. but the biggest chunk of the day in the pool came in the $400.00 me to free stokes, and it made a half now we taking goals despite being slowest in qualifying i did the gate to
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all but you know, people i say to them, then you've got to get to the champ, now i'm so happy to get a gold middle of that performance caught the attention of the most decorated olympian of old time. so michael felt unbelievable. so i'm just almost 4 and a half 2nd, 5 2nd, se tv severely from that and i don't want it to me. that's what i've been talking about it. i think pretty much all morning the difference in this, these are lympics compared to ones in the past. in my opinion is every single person in the finals had a chance to want to go about. well, let's just bring you up to speed on how the tokyo 2020 metal table is looking china astride out in front with 6 goals out of host japan who have 5 couples football is have reached the semifinals of the coast calf gold cup. the asian champions, the el salvador and the courses with to that goal,
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coming from lowest alley they were 3 mill up, but had to hang on at the end to win $32.00 next for castle. they will face either jamaica, all the united states in the 70s. they are the 1st guest, seems to make it to the last 4 of the gold cup in 16 years. british nitrous lions rugby team have won the opening test against south africa. was the spring box who started strongest in cape town and led 12 points to 3. at half time back came the lions in the 2nd hall and tries. how and dickie helped to 6 true from us because incredibly proud nation and will champions and say next week is going to be even bigger and tougher. i. i would expect that from the point of view, it's when the 1st one and you know, you're going to no matter what happens again to the last week in the, of the series. so you know that kids have a one engaged in and really interested in. well, gemma will have more sports news for you but later but now it's back to emily.
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great day out of the pool. yeah, good to hear. all right, that's so from me for this news, i'll be back in a moment with more of the day a in a new generation of young people and making demands to be balance id. welcome to generational change, a global theories that attempt to understand and challenge the ideas that mobilize you around the world in london to activate tackling the root causes of youth violence. many young people that perpetuate and violence, again of the young people themselves have also been victim multiple times. my
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generation can try me, design and shape this generation change on al jazeera, coveted beyond. well, the taken without hesitation, fulton died for carla. finds out that all this new babies were i didn't think it's neglected babies to death. people in power, investigate, exposes, and questions. they used to be of our around the globe on out there for remediation. molina families, the pain is unbearable for their relatives were killed last week, doing a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government. security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died and come, but with neighbors and family members. and they were innocent,
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taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's, defense minister by the me to pay the reno, said the forces were obliged to the friends that come through friendly, irregular groups that added the human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated. the type phone he's ace in china, flooding homes, businesses installing one of the busiest transport ah, hello, i'm emily anguish. this is al jazeera alive from joe. how also coming up? this is the weather is also disrupting the target lympics, where the top athletes are already feeling desperate for how we.


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