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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, and al jazeera, with every ah, no, i a puzzle, typhoon hits, eastern china floating home businesses and stalling one of the busiest transport hubs. ah, the whole run and you're watching all their life, my headquarters here and coming up in the next 30 minutes. the severe weather is also disrupting the tokyo lympics when a top athletes already feeling the heat. and the u. s. s. can pulses must slow the
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taliban advance as the group continues to gain cherry tree. also growing green for the remote pacific island. does it battle to contain cave at 19 ah, to the program. but tony soon has been hitting heavily populated areas and eastern china with thousands of people already displaced from severe flooding in far has made landfall in the coastal province of joy joining. but it's already effecting shank highs. china as busy commercial hub as i require at reports. it's been a difficult week for people in many regions of china, fast a years worth of rain in just 3 days to get floods that killed at least 63 people and hen on provence, and displace more than a 1000000 others. and now a tie soon has hit the eastern coastal province of jose young, bringing more rain and high speed winds. more than 300000 people have left their
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homes off the offshore wind speeds reached a 100 kilometers an hour and an emergency alert was issued at its highest level. we've got a kind of a psychological trauma going on here as well as disruption, but there's also political significance and the point of that is possibly, you know, going to play out, overcoming mumps, local authorities, have clay, schools and businesses transport systems have been suspended to in nearby shanghai, china is largest city and commercial hub. all international and domestic flights have been canceled. activity at the busiest port in the world has shut down with large containers, removed off ships, it's going to be a really, really difficult going to be a difficult time for the shipping traffic. i would say ideally it should be at least
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a week or more. busy delay ball things even going to be normal. high food in for is the 6 storm to hit china this year and has already cause chaos and several other regions nearby. the storm headed there from taiwan, leaving a trail of destruction. but no one was hurt. it also dumped a wrench rains in the philippines, and this is heavy monsoon season has made things worse, flooding thousands of home children. people has been a challenge during the pandemic later on in the water. and we made sure social distill thing is being implemented. and we have they smoke for everyone. so if they forget that as we're able to provide for them, meteorologist say typhoon in far is weakening, but to, to still threatening motor rental rain in the coming days thought a height of algebra. the typhoons also full cons to hit the turkey lympics. it's already for the rescheduling of some events such as rowing, but it's not the only extreme with the athletes. it had to endure. all gains
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reporter and richardson has more on japan's heat wave. it's not just elim peon stating the heat in tokyo. the locals make sure they get up early for their sunday morning game of tennis. on friday, a russian archer fainted. an intense heat midway through her events and tennis willed number one. never jock, of ich said the sweltering conditions during his opening match with a toughest it ever experienced. i think some people from all other color country, i'm not good for playing outside in such a you know, very hot weather go singles. it's takes over 3 hours or more so it's too hard to play. i agree with him. organizes insist athlete help is paramount, but the daytime events are sometimes necessary for you. a lot of the competition schedule has been built where possible, depending on the, on the sport to, to accommodate that. they will avoid the hardest part of the day,
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but that's not possible with every sport. and on top of that, there's really extensive heat counter measures across all of the training and all of the competition. the 1964 took his lympics took place in the cooler month of october. but the demands of tv networks mean july and august. and now the preferred time for the games organizes use of measurement koby wet, spoke globe temperature. it's effectively a combination of heat and humidity. anything over 28th experts. i can be stressful for an athlete. and that number's been hitting 30 and 31 in tokyo. the japanese environments agency naturally issued a hate stroke warning, telling the public not to exercise during the middle of the day. that is not an option for many olympic athletes. competitors did know they were heading into stream conditions and many have spent time preparing in heat chambers like this one . when somebody is closing in the heat. davey after one to 2 weeks. so we've
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already be some very clear changes. if an ascii do not prepare for the heat before the keel on before any competition in the heat. so the same thing you would experience must dick remind in his performance of the heat is the only weather related concern. at these games, a typhoon is approaching, and some events have already been rescheduled. as a precaution on the richardson al jazeera tokyo, now the death toll from monsoon floods in india has risen to 127. dozens of people are still missing. many of the victims and roster straight were killed when landslides destroyed their homes. now the west coast has been battered by torrential rain since thursday or dawn. polls are expected in the coming days, and as parts of europe continue to battle with floods, the weekend's almost 40 people died. this was seen in belgium on saturday. a dramatic flash floods washing calls away. roads remain closed and several homes reevaluated. after a war class,
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the clean up efforts is set to be hampered by more heavy rains forecast. at least 400 people have been evacuated from the italian island of santia. after wildfire zone, gulf engulfed over $10000.00 acres of land firefighters are using aircraft to push out the flames. from above. those efforts are being hampered by a hot southwesterly wind, causing fire to spread on the danger level. on the island is described as extremes . another 28th of these students kidnapped by gunman in northern nigeria several weeks ago have been freed an official from the school and could do this, that the children have been reunited with families more than 80 of the 121. they would taken a still being held by the kidnappers. it's one of the spate of abductions, the ransom in the region in recent months has been face fighting over the past few days between afghan forces and the taliban. the armed group has now taken the naughty district in coon, or province,
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according to local military source. if it's close to the border with boxes on the african army is trying to hold a taliban advance. meanwhile, afghans have ended the 1st night because he imposed by the government for what it call security reasons. all that 3 of the countries $34.00 provinces will be subject to new restrictions. us defense secretary lloyd, often since he believes the african governments plans to consolidate security forces and major cities would help quell the taliban search. and i think the 1st thing to do is to make sure that they can slow the momentum and then and then be able to put themselves in a position where they can retake some of the games that the taliban. some of the ground that they've lost. so i think, i think from my engagements with the afghan leadership, they are committed to that and. and so we look forward
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to, to them making progress, they have, they have that capabilities. i have a capacity to, to, to make progress and to, and to really began to blunt some of the taliban advances to get it a james bathing cobble where he says the taliban has been gaining momentum. it seems more bad news for the african government, nor i district in tune our province in the east of africa. the stone appears to have fallen to the taliban. no official confirmation from the government side or the taliban. but which is there is spoken to local sources, spoken to military sources who prepare to speak of the record. now, a districts in afghanistan are about $400.00 of them, a relatively small box. this is important, i think strategically, because a mountainous area, but it's right close to the border with pakistan. i've got the stone also is planning to impose curfews across the country in all but 3 of the provinces. and we
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hear from overnight that in helmand, one of the provinces, that's going to have a curfew. 25, a taliban were killed according to the african government and african air force as strike. we're also hearing of developments in cobble province overnight and the city, the capital city in the province around it will not be subject to a curfew, but we hear that just north of the city in cobble province. there were 5 intelligence officers who has been reported have been killed. i can tell you officially, on the record though, cobble police, a simply saying that they have found 5 bodies under investigating who they are. a military ceremony is being held in gaussian temp fully to take his soldiers killed in northern syria of a vehicle was attacked on saturday in the barb area. the defense ministry says turkish forces immediately fire back turkey laws to cross border operation in 2016 to drive out iceland, kurdish y p g fighters. turkey continues to maintain
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a heavy military presence in northwest and syria was also the house more from a stumble. the turkish officials are confirming that they're coming from the y p g . but when it comes to way pages, distribution is a little bit complicated because y p g is enjoying the support from both russia and the usa was 2 companies are being considered by turkey as allies just the attractive to please if they have been carry those from total funds, which is under the protection under the control of russia and the syrian government, which means that the 2 actors also protecting a white piece by the turkish foot administration for the ministry under department so far didn't national russia because it has concern that any escalation between uncle and moscow called have a negative impact on the delicate st in it live where 4500000 people living there. and that is potentially quickly got anyway, with the refugees over turkey was turkey. hosting already for media theater effigies all the other hand the the attack has been carried out by an anti tank
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guide to which many. busy of the expertise that is is provided by the u. s. to the y p john the washington continue that continuous support y p g is also another major reasons for the friction between and cut and washington took. it says that washington to immediately stop the supporting y p g, because it is a pizza case in officer, which is on the terrorist in the u. s. the european union and turkey. but the u. s . it says that the white piece has been an effective instrument against its it's in its fight against iso. so the reason a tags is not when the going to going to further the string, the relations between uncle and washington. but also it is going to determine the relation between ankara and moscow as well. security is being boosted into initiatives. capital had of planned protests against the government activists. one changes to the political system, including the removal of the parliamentary speaker. there's also been anger over the extension of a crone of ice curtis virus state of emergency,
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until january local officials and plays roads in an effort to prevent protest. this gathering well still had here on their allegations and recrimination trying to issue the firm warning to the united states. the head of a high level talks meeting, protest is evolving, cube is empty government demonstrations earlier this month and now facing challenges this story after the break. ah ah, once again, there are 2 tropical storm of co cyclades in the western pacific. one is a, ty, food, and this is the most dangerous one. mary's maid landfall, already nice and tribe is over very wet and low lying. lance is still going to be qualifying. at least a tropical storm. i think for a couple of days yet. it's brought with it huge amounts of water from the ocean
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itself. storms are 3 meters way height, 10 meters less than the 2 stories once the north and once the surface, shanghai. but rain, all that water along the river will make it of course, a very dangerous storm birthday is going to be, i think the north shanghai will come on in the pathic in a 2nd. this is focus on this eastern china situation construct choose. they'll still be named a revolving storm. the orange is the heavy rain shanghai to the north, up through nudging. not so much the south is whether we're studying has been up until this point. now as to here to be the north and course along the young c as well. the passat is like mate landfill during tuesday. north the take have as a much smaller store winds, probably gale force, a lot of rain with it, the potential for land slides. i think and certainly huge amounts of potential flash flooding north and turkey took itself windy and sherry
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the when freedom of the press is under threat in, oh, you just cause thought genuinely about your thought toward the making government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here, some of access points shift the focus, the pandemic that's turned out to be a handy little prefect. the prime minister clamped down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered. so listening post on r o a book about want to go to 0 with me. so he'll rama. reminder of all top stories
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trying to in far is getting heavily populated regions of eastern china that come days after flooding for the 1000000 people from their homes and killed at least 58000 people would be moved to emergency shelters. also there's be more fighting between us can pulses and the taliban beyond group has proposed to be taking control of naughty district and coon our province desk. and me is trying to hold the taliban advance. and the military ceremony is being held and guardians have full. the to tech is soldiers killed in northern syria, very tact on saturday and the above area. the defense ministry says ticket forces immediately fired back. the u. s. deputy secretary of state, wendy sherman is heading to china. she'll be the highest ranking biden administration official to visit the country on the eve of her visit. china's foreign minister had this warning for washington. the u. s. has been using its
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strength to put pressure on other countries. i'm thinking it's superior to others. we need to tell us clearly there's no country in the world, but it's superior to others, and there shouldn't be one. china will never accept any country that claims to be superior to others. if the u. s. has not learned to treat other countries equally. china and the international community have the responsibility to help us learn this lesson properly. graham a web is a research fellow at the institute for defense and strategic studies at non young technological university and singapore. he says there are areas where washington and basing could improve ties. miss sherman is up for an uphill battle coming into check engine today to, to meet her chinese culture partner to try and set the tone of this highly deteriorating relationship, right? if at all possible right now, that's the narrative that's coming out from washington that china is really
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in or a country or the government to to be suspicious of. and right now, i think in se asia, the region to withdraw lloyd austin will be visiting by tomorrow. first op singapore is to remind all partners here in the region that day should really be more watchful or not take, you know, chinese support that's coming into the region of capital in terms of chinese businesses coming into the region for granted that the be the sort of get an agenda behind that and everyone should be more vigilant at this point in time. it's all up to, you know, both aging and washington and officials on both sides of the fence to not to be you know, sort of distracted from what's really important, what's really common between all parties and they get caught up in these issues about, that's all trying to see and also of course, by espionage and all and, and the like, i mean these things are clearly important. but i think we also need to look at the more the,
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at the areas of which more that cooperation can be forged right now. and come to these hotspots, i think that's not where i think you'll find the food. the french president has demanded an explanation from his room after an investigation revealed at spyware, was found on his own amenable macaroni, sewn along with other french government officials, as reportedly hacked, using pegasus spyware, developed by the israel based and a. so group, 10 governments, including the united arab emirates, are lead to a volt surveillance device to truck activists, journalists, lawyers, and politicians are the dilemma has more from west jerusalem. my new i like whole would have us enough fairly bennett to make sure that there's an investigation that would be happening. that certainly is well, should look a bit more closely into licensing. at the moment the licensee for any of these sort of cyber weapon companies are given by the ministry of the fence
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and all any contract that the company like. and so there are several others that are based here in israel. they do exactly the same thing. well, any of those lies is, or any of the deals they gave has to be agreed upon by the ministry of defense. now it seems that the really government is going to look into that a bit more closely, a committee from the, unless it is in the words to see out, to review really all the license, how the licensing process goes on and to review, really the scope of these companies, whether they should be able to sell that kind of software to any country in the world or not. saudi arabia says it's intercepted and destroyed drones, launched by evans, who the rebels towards the kingdom south. the saudi coalition has shut down dozens of trains in recent weeks. german has been in gulf by a civil war since 2014 saudi arabia supports the exalt government and the war has killed more than
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a 130000 people and created the world's worst humanitarian crisis. russia has held or has held an annual show of its naval strength. it displayed it, states of the war ships, submarines, and weaponry in the parade on the never river. in st. petersburg and in the gulf of finland, president vladimir putin attended the event. navy day is a public holiday, but there are no spectators this year because of the pandemic. me. more than a 1000000 people in malaysia have had cave at 19 since the start of the pandemic. the country passed the milestone after reporting another $17000.00 cases on sunday . malaysia's government has better per faxing roll out to the strict lockdown is in place. is a really, really an alarming number to, to be taken lightly off. because we have seen, must have been the united states,
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the neighboring country are seen so many countries who will talk default. and right now, when i see malaysians that you do at the very relax case, the current virus restrictions and indonesia are being extended for end of the week . but even as infections and hospital administration, admissions of me falling in some areas present jacket, we do, they said that some measures would be adjusted to allow traditional markets in restaurants to open the outdoor areas. migrant workers from me and my living in thailand, border areas are facing increased hardship locked down. that means that it's less work, leasing many to rely on donations. yet people feel free to thailand, to escape from the military rule. back home from st. louis reports says usually no shortage of work or laborers for farms in pop prod, district in western thailand. many farmers here employ migrants from across the
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border in myanmar to work the fields. but the surgeon corona virus cases in the 2 countries has made life more difficult for migrant workers. thailand has imposed a nighttime curfew and travel restrictions. this lady who doesn't want to be identified had gone back to me on my last year to renew her passport. but she couldn't return to thailand, eagerly after the borders were closed and ended up paying brokers to sneak her back in illegally load him away. i mean, in many migrant for me and my in trouble. now, many of us have to hide and escape to thailand to find a job. some of us got caught and was sent to prison. more watson, johnny id curry, is also a migrant from me. and mom who has settled in thailand for many years. he helps run a local charity. there are a lot of children also come along with the parents and there's some parents, they don't have a document. so they had a lot of you know,
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issues to going around. and if the parents get arrested, the children will be left behind in a hot or in houses and who's going to take care of their children. he says, live here is also getting increasingly difficult for migrant workers. because of corona virus restrictions. when a new infection is reported in a village, no one is allowed to leave unless they can show their tested negative for cove at 19. many are unable to find work and have been relying on donation. but supplies as slowly dwindling as continued restrictions cause economic hardship for everyone else. the struggle for survival is also made was by a sense of frustration at what's happening back home. me my views, he said, you know, i want the manmohan to release on sun city and focus on helping the people from the crisis. i want democracy and men more than the country can move forward to develop
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. but there's no indication the generals in myanmar are ready to give up. power. lawrence louis al jazeera, the over 19 delta of arion tis, spreading rapidly through the asia pacific region. the philippines is banding traveling from malaysia and thailand. people in manila have been king of the vaccine restrictions have been re imposed and in other provinces until the end of the month. also in the region, even remote island, nations that had remained isolated for much of last year, all seeing infections rise. as tony chang reports, grieving relatives watch as the body of their mothers removed from a hospital in fiji. the cause cove at 19 the pacific nation has seen a significant rise in daily cases in the past week to more than a 1000 a day. and a rising death toll, the curve at 1900 delta variant is now widespread in fiji. even though 70 percent of the population has received one vaccine chart. and there's widespread
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cooperation with the vaccination rollout for the benefit of everyone else. and they've got your family. busy and friends, the neighbors, some of the most remote islands in the world. many of the pacific nations have been under strict locked down for the past year. and in some cases recorded 0 domestic transmission of covered 19. but the delta varying has changed all that. and it's clear the only way out of vaccines. that's the only way i don't think we have any other option then try to vaccinate anyone. we can of course, subject to, to what is what is safe. there is, i don't really think there is any other way for us to, to get out of this crisis invited to the vaccine role that has just begun quite a challenge in a nation of 83 separate islands as part of the global kovacs vaccination initiative . but who are, who has now received several shipments,
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but with cases rising in the region many award that won't be enough for $2000.00 or some, it's not really not for the heart of oblivion for, nor the. so we still need more packets in mainland southeast asia. there was a feeling that the worst of the pandemic was passed here in thailand. they only had $61.00 cove and 19 death in the whole of 2020. now, there are more than that every single day. vietnam was touted as another curve at 19 success. strict controls who kept early cases isolated and transmission well under control. now the vietnamese authority is a sing thousands of new cases every day. a 3rd of the countries under locked down conditions and despite talks to produce vaccines domestically, at this stage, less than half a percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. tony cheng l. desert. another presidential candidate has been detained in nicaragua,
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just days before registration for november election opens on wednesday. the well daughter is the 7th presidential contender accused of undermining the sovereignty of the country. dozens of journalists, activists and position figures have been arrested or placed under house arrest since june international watchdog organizations or condemning the crackdown saying it undermines democracy. cubans, attorney general says 59 people who took part in anti government protests have been prosecuted. their actions are described as disturbances. the charges include public disorder and causing non serious injuries rights groups. same old and 600 people were detained during and since the july 11th demonstrations, that's when thousands of cuban protest is demanded. political change and an end to the economic troubles read. lindsey is a journalist based in cuba with the media, organization, belly of the beast. he says, the government is responding to criticism. the trials have not been far. there was
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a pushback against what is really been the big story in the international news media. and definitely a been all over social media in recent weeks, which is the number of people detain, which as he mentioned a may, may be over 600, according to les, compiled by a list compile by journalist, an activist here they or they did a press conference it's quite rare members, high ranking members of the justice system generally don't talk to journalist but it. ready was clear, they want to sort of get, get their, their side of things out. a lot of the accusations against the, the government for people detained beyond the tension is that there are been trials . they say that the summary trials without a lawyer. the this list that has been compiled more than 600 people detain, includes 14 people who have been sentenced to a between 8 and 12 months. and so they. ready had the press conference that was the,
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the president supreme court as well as 20 general. and they base or they quite said there were not some trials. they said that free trials and that they would fit the judicial process with ongoing. but at the same time they, the admitted there might have been mistakes made and that these mistakes could be corrected. so they were leaving some room open for, for people at the time being relieved. but it's very. busy hard to stay. busy at this initial stage or what will be the result of these, of the people of these trials and what. ready will happen to those people who are detained. the me you want to know is there with me the hill rom, the reminder, volatile stories typhoon in far is getting heavily populated regions of eastern china. it comes days after flooding falls, the 1000000 people from their homes and killed at least $58.00. thousands of people have been moved to emergency shelters. the death toll from months in floods in


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