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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm AST

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civil war and i was just there. oh, you know, just bear with me for ron. and reminder of our top news stories. typhoon in far is hitting heavily populated regions in eastern china. it comes days after studying for the 1000000 people from their homes and killed at least 58 thousands of people have been moved to emergency shelters. the typhoon has also hit taiwan, causing major damage in some areas. gusts of wind reach, 191 kilometers. now, even though the eye of the storm states more than 300 kilometers out to see there's been more fighting over the past few days between african forces and the taliban. the armed group is now taking control of the naughty district in coon or province.
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according to local military schools, it's close to the border with barcus on the african army as trying to hold a taliban of vance while diplomatic added to james bathing. cobble where he says the taliban has been gaining momentum. there been places where control has been transferred from the government to the taliban, just because people, when the talent arrive, put down their arms and prepared to fight. so the african government, i think needs to get some more morale. and by doing that, it needs to consolidate its forces and try and move forward. initially though they've got to consolidate those forces to try and protect key urban areas. and that means they are likely, i think, in the near future to lose some more of these districts. security is being boosted into his capital. had a plan to protest against the government activists. one changes to the political system, including the removal of the parliamentary speaker. there's also been anger over the extension of a corona virus state of emergency until january. a military ceremony is being held
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in god's in time for the 2 turkish soldiers killed in northern syria. the vehicle was attacked on saturday in the l. bob area, the defense ministry, says turkish forces immediately 5 bag turkey launched a cross border operation in 2016 to drive out iceland, kurdish y p g fighters. the french president has demanded an explanation from israel after an investigation revealed it. spyware was found on his phone, and michael, sewn along with other french government officials, is reportedly hacked, using pegasus spyware, developed by the israel base to an a. so group. those were the headlines. i'll be back with the i was there a news, our interest and a half, and i will return to somali footballs golden girls to stay with us here. and i'll just sarah the
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really good. i got the and maria rule not quite a lot either my country been invested, they have it. i don't wanna go to then if you consider the see my show that you're going to call column or the exam because down for monday morning ticket. is it considered because it kid is out that does go with the new
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duty can fit in dallas for to go to that i had to go to rock and i had to go inside and out thing about to get it back to you because you ab center has a demo with the number to call you. this is getting a gala de la la. i'm calling because the morgan in it. i got it all together and i had morgan did get in as he said. so they said it could be when my bill showed up to the banality, look at the car kind of in the month and then they just started to get into what in their care, my dad, but currently hadn't been on school, but in in it what concerts but they go to see why they said we didn't consider the go ahead. i said me, you know, and i thought i'll look, i'm going to be doing
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a how i do. then i'll call on a man in our family a newer boon our nation or all that. and i don't even know what you want to do in that room and he didn't, i think the house i at when they get it, how of them again and i guess talk token, how many movies you had on the understand how the way that i can almost
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the someone doesn't want to tell us at me or asia thin, although shame out of the whole noodle came on the harness. and as long as you know what the moment the him look at them the done hand to the lad lucian, and all the bishop could be humble, said she, mom, you haven't had the job put on and it will be to come by them. so who had toy in the very last i even in the hey doing, i didn't get hanging behind. let's let me take
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a whole 2nd. what's called the for multi communal, have seen, had been another motel. i told them that there's some according to some money and i wouldn't say i guess i was to say that i didn't, but it looks good and bad schooled away. and so the social a and a good phone number to pull out to you
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the system though for them on the bottom of the column, the focus option in button on their either degree in golf. and so up to him on tests that i'm ryan in. i'm not with the news other to do about it, and i didn't get a respected in sen. hannah's father africa landscape with the letter supposed to come live it can someone come, helen? what will it it's christine. good. i suppose you can like senate connie to have been the one in the middle about the suitcase. now go ahead and call her in and i
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was just hoping to see that you could see the whole class in the same i was in the so my late autumn camilla does not shut off with. and so i'm on a shuttle in international i've gotten the money to sank a little when i looked. ringback at the stuff going on, boom to the golden bon, bons when last, after we juice, when can we do the bank? it will come up. but actually they in a block i didn't or is that it was doing it in order to commit
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to say in her face, oh, yankee olivers and and how this was broke up when i got you all cuz she was in that night i use so so the yeah, i my so so, so, so could it be done there?
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i use . ah no, no, no, no one. 0, she had an issue. so my name is mr. schuman, i was told by somebody in michigan, how i like to get it done . also saw it on most on my la
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didn't get a little tentative because i knew and i love government never gets at them, but i haven't, i don't do not call me because it's, you know, good to know somebody gets to
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the actual like i i, i don't know how much i love you. i shouldn't in me, melissa. my mom the law whole life. but none the other little this middle house go into shopping. i on it's a really good i am looking for me on my remember the open, the, the old for us and i going to come with the initial goal i am calling in the community to to get and i am the need to put on the support
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and i am headed for us and i about the middle, the last but some of the modem, the middle in the middle. but when it was a month grown, i got offered the kids can go in and be in. i'm gonna had them how, what social media did not move follows to how sally, come and pick a different afternoon which means, but i'm kind of support too high to come in for how do i have done this in the
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the i think the think with and i had had a renewal due to had the i haven't heard a, the need to send my son on the back up with a new suit in the family and i seen that i am has she's missing her father. and i look in my heart in the then don kane and that's why any d then? okay, no sport back in honda cooler now for different basketball. somebody
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didn't really just like to have that can be legitimate. why? but i'm blue was magic marker. how high my have a basketball balloon. you have a good, a cough that did it just took a bad way just like in the before i have was with him on
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my way to get him to go to dc purpose because they are in my room and how long it wasn't in the last month i had
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to have mine had to be going to do moon. imagine the onto the how to do it in the clear coat with a shake it and gotten hung t sugary over at the home. but the level of ally and how can i said i'm on to in, in the door. if it's open to a level, see i'm not get sooner and i've been in the hotel africa that he didn't call that i knew how she hasn't really
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has a little bit alaska enough really to speak to me in a circle for the and also the rest know him hard because he was in a moment the shuttle come, i can assure you, good luck to move stuff to do for the last one that was, you know, highlighting. i'm not sure who did what scott, i'm going to go in and i'm a last i use
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ah ah, the front of the school side and i still kid is not on my the mac. i lanka. so cuz i like to the new are learn how to then this car and
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i landed on somali america different than me as a model. and i was, i don't know, i don't miss out on the boat at atlanta got us can, i can handle high school alleged why see the law here like law hey or so very see my so oh oh. c i see the look. i la hey or so gay. my go good. oh whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, gold, good?
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oh yeah. oh oh, yeah. how you are. who you know further? ela, nada. oh, he's alone. 2 done like in the news, the with
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with motorcycle is big news in libya. but staging car and by credit here comes with its own particular red club, couldn't take part in the 2016 rally because we were fighting a war. and so i'll just do a world trouble libby. and just to see how fault on 4 wheel can be a unifying, pull water country, lydia, or rally for her on our 0. did you know you can watch or english streaming live on? i do channels. plus thousands of our programs. award winning documentaries. and get you to a subscribe to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english.
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ah ah ah ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored like cattle airways, but as cool down in santiago, that was a shock from 28 down to about 13 degrees bit below average. now in snow, 2, the size in the andes is much warmer. further north, now since young, we could be knock on the door of a new record july record $3.00. the forecast is $34.00. it's probably not going to get there, but it shows you well above where it should be. the seasonal rain's, been particularly heavy in panama, columbia, and costa rica has been flooding, particularly in costa rica and panama recently,
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poor pictures. i know you can see that his have braces just water running through the streets, and that'll do the same again. i think it's these orange talks going anywhere near the same place, but they are focusing more on panama. certainly like to be in northern columbia, to cuba, his band, nearer and the smaller items in the car been daily sha seemed like the mexico for fear of them, but more likely on the pacific coast anywhere else. and although they spread across into arizona, said the north, the story is hot and dry, nevada isn't late. is just the latest place to get a fire and given it, although you get the wet weather in, arizona spreads up towards nevada. it's the dry light, which is more of a risk to setting offers and is to helping keep in under control with the rain. but that's how it is. and the range has spread up through the mountain states and across the middle. sponsor cut on airways. oh, there's a young virtuoso racing console and dominating international competition. when i
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went south korea's musical prodigy, one out of 0 after days of rare freezing temperatures blanket, the 2nd largest state in the us power stations are all back on line. that after unusually high demand lead to rolling blackouts, texas hasn't seen a storm system like this in 35 years, and it's clear it's system simply weren't up to the task. transmission lines taken down by ice still has left nearly 200000 without power. but now jackson's face a new crisis, 7000000 people a quarter of the state were being asked to boil their water if they hadn't at all. because the cold weather has let broken pipes and taken water treatment plants offline. grocery store shelves are largely they're leaving residents lined up in their cars for food and water. presidential biden says he's declaring the entire
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state the disasters declaration there is hope sustain temperatures above freezing beginning saturday. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello sir. hey robin. you're watching the out the renews on life headquarters here in how coming up in the next 60 minutes, a powerful typhoon hits,


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