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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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so we've already made some very clear changes, if enough to do not prepare for the heat before the keel on before any competition in the heat. so the same thing you would experience must dick remind in his performance of the heat, isn't the only weather related concern at these games. a typhoon is approaching, and some events have already been rescheduled. as a precaution on the richardson, al jazeera, tokyo, ah, let's take you through some of the headlines here now, just here, now, typhoon in fall is eating heavily populated regions of east in china. it comes days after flooding 4000000 people from their homes and killed at least 58 thousands of people have moved to emergency shelters. the typhoon is also hit taiwan, causing major damage in some areas when gusts reached 10921 kilometers. now,
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even though the eye of the storm save more than 300 kilometers out to sea. and more downpours are forecast in the philippines where the typhoons added to the heavy monsoon reign. 15000 people have been moved to safe ground. in manila, the government says it's having a hard time opening emergency shelters because of guidelines to prevent the spread of coven 19 has been more in fighting over the past few days between afghan forces and autonomy bomb. the group is now taking control of the not a district in canada province, according to local military sources. it's close to the border with pakistan. the african army is trying to halt a tawny bon advance. diplomatic editor james bays is in cobble where he says the tardy bond has been gaining momentum. there been places where control has been transferred from the government to the taliban just because people when the taliban arrived, put down their arms and prepared to fight. so the african government,
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i think, needs to get some more morale. and by doing that, it needs to consolidate its forces and try and move forward. initially though they've got to consolidate those forces to try and protect key urban areas. and that means they are likely, i think, in the near future to lose some more of these districts. a military ceremony is being held in ghazi and tap for the 2 turkish soldiers killed in northern syria. vehicle was attacked on saturday in the back area. turkey launched the cross border operation in 2016 to drive out iceland, kurdish y p g fighters. the french president has demanded an explanation from israel after an investigation revealed it. spyware was found on his phone, emanuel microns phone, along with the french government officials, was reportedly hack using pegasus spy was developed by the israel based and so group as the headlines, ah,
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ah ah, ah, ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm hammered. jim john tiffany: as main opposition party is demanding answers after police arrested its leader freeman, my boy, and at least 10 today. my party members were detained during a night rate. police accuse my boy of conspiracy to commit terrorist facts and kill government officials. but human rights groups denounced the arrest as a crackdown on democracy president sammy as to who hudson had promised to defend
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basic freedoms when she took power 4 months ago. after the death of her predecessor, the today, a party was organizing a rally to discuss constitutional changes and reducing the president's powers. when move away was arrested. the constitution we are fighting for is not just for us, but for everybody. it is to foster unity and make sure few individuals do not make decisions to hurt the nation. the constitution will hold leaders to account when they overstep their mandate. just after the arrests police insisted the party was breaking. cope with 19 rules by holding public meetings. so much traffic, but we're just making sure people are here to the laws of the country that invited many people who are turning their plan, meeting from a party meeting into a public line, even though their plans before an indoor meeting. when president john michael fully died in march, sammy asked lou who has stepped into his position making history as townsend. he is 1st female head of state. she became
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a member of parliament in 2010. then 5 years later, vice president hudson reached out to the opposition and pledged to defend democracy and basic rules when she took office. the opposition wants constitutional changes including reducing presidential powers. in one policy shift hudson has announced a cobra 1900 vaccine rollout in tampa. nia bug fully had called vaccines dangerous and didn't release data on the outbreak often says her 1st priority is to grow the economy. but critic stacy is not implementing changes quickly enough. ah. all right, let's bring in our guess in kampala, orient nicole townsend the researcher at human rights watch. in most times in the i can require you political analyst and an honorary research fellow at the university of wisconsin, madison and in tina and belgium turned the list to vice chairman of dema, townsend. he has main opposition party, a warm welcome to you on thanks. so much for joining us today on inside story to do,
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let me start with you. what's the latest you know about freeman my boy's condition as well as the other members of today who were arrested. do you have any idea of what will happen next to them and how concerned are you for their condition? thank you very much for having me. the last test information that we have is 5 of those that were being denied with the city of wanda web. web traveled organized a yesterday to data alarm at this time, so, but 1200 kilometer. and one of them has was released this morning for the remaining policy, custody in dallas alone. i got the other 9 who remained in was out. we 3 have been relieved, so they are about 6 walked in in police custody. as far as chairman mo,
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it is concerned. since yesterday the police have prevented his lawyer. they have prevented member of his family, his children in this cafe to see him. so we have not seen him, but he has not been seen. no one has, has talked to him. and therefore we do not know what his condition is. and the police have said nothing about their plans, what they plan to do next. and so that is fine as far as the the lead test updates. ah, i can the, the fact the tanza me as main opposition leader has not just been arrested, but also accused of terrorism. what does that mean with regard to democratic reforms in tanzania? thank you. very much this me, it's not that it's punching
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a fee from the previous regime whereby we saw said bath repression against the mo, cressy and le open position packee. and in particular, the change in my practice has been talking about the fact to them both the lead data from main buy and the party is an institution. so we saw that track down from where we can trust feedback from 2016 have severely. but the position has been operating in the very restricted space, but in the fullest administration, the extent of left restriction increased. and we thought that maybe there is some lycos change when the new administration following the
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bible fully. but we have realized that people just pretend and only rhetoric which prevents me, i have not been able to sustain for so long. ringback and already we are starting to see the same approach that have been used to crack down opposition leaders to frustrate what the hell backing yes or him. president hudson had made gestures that indicated that she would be potentially moving away from the heavy handed leadership of former president mago fully from your perspective, what do these arrests signify when it comes to her presidency? the idea of her potentially inactive reforms because you heard icon. did there say that these arrest essentially mean that there's going to be continuity between the previous administration of president mago fully in his repressive tactics and now the presidency of president has one. yes,
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i agree. i think best very troubling and it indicates as she described to continue to refund october not doing the the general election. ringback where arrest opposition, members were meeting, heightened was extremely commonplace during that period of time. i think that it's and she have an opportunity to really bad tied. and i really pointed out it looked like that was going to be going to be some level of change in terms of the repressive tactic government was taking again, it's critic but we dismantle that idea. and i think that she, she, she and her government really ought to take
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a step to, to address that attend. do let me ask your opinion when it comes to this issue because it was just a few months back that president hudson had reached out to members out of the opposition. she had pledged to defend democracy when she took office. have you been hopeful at that point that things might change and are you at all hopeful now? well, we were the 1st to make the move whether fed to extend an olive branch immediately after she was wanting, as president. i personally met a call to ha, i spoke to one of our systems telling, telling him to convey my message to i haul that administration would move away from the toxic legacy of john palmer. busy and fully now my phone call was immediately followed by an official letter from my party in
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which we requested to invite us to a meeting in which was top of that dialogue with big country away from 5 year old repression. it was africa. i was extension of olive branch and asked when she meant that public stopped meant that you would be speaking to be opposition. now that was for low. my goal in between, she has had meetings with all and sundry, but she has not fulfilled her pledge to speak to the opposition and is now all we are getting now is more of the family, more of what we got doing 5 years of them, of a fully tyranny and therefore at this is that is difficult to
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be helpful. that, that this some, yeah, administration is going to be different from battle defense. in fact, there is a reason to fear that we may be even worse depression, even though the present moment fully was was that a group on his treatment of the opposition? he never bad to chat with as serious offense as, as the president. yes, no. no, said pet are easy and that's, that's harold that we aim for bed a tough day that we ahead. i kinda, it's only been a few months since president hudson took office and obviously there was some hope from some quarters there that perhaps things would be different under her stewardship. perhaps there would be more of a push for reform. let me ask you this. what would you say to those who might suggest that perhaps it was too soon to be holding these types of gatherings that
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you damn party were planning on holding? i mean, should more time have been given, or would the result have been the same from your vantage? point i think that it would have been the same. we actually had given her the benefit of a doubt. we is on the list that she may really mean changed. but actually we knew from the back ground that she is actually a result of the legitimate election that was characterized by, by suv. did you like it a lot, it is valid, set it up. thank you. thank. so we need to understand back to c m field read expressed in and some yeah, some yeah, hudson herself is not conflict especially because she knows that they're really better. but also she feels like she needs still to be true as
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there ought to please. they must go fully had lane as the least who prefer had lying side and even the pilot itself is a 100 percent close to 100 percent. and each member of the problem is that all the in sap alum is actually shell. feel that bubble fully who brought them back and they would like mobile fool is approached to continue so that they can continue to survive. and she has a lot of pressure with that, but she was also part of that. so i would go, i agree with to do that, we might see why actually it's not optimistic. and the more we suddenly that she because of their 1st coming election, which you think that you have and she has to, to survive through that. and he's ready. it seems that he's really any regret,
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repressive approach just so that she can make her presidency beyond the 5 year or am i just like to take a step back for a moment? how much did the human rights situation in tans in the deteriorate under the stewardship of former president muggle fully? what was it like in the country before he took power and then what happened after he took power? i think it's important to point out the best company, like any country in the world and in the region. you know, there's always been a degree off our human rights abuse that that has been, he had in me to be addressed. but i think after, when he came to power in 2016, the situation did period dramatically to such a point that many people just felt that they could not be out publicly.
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we have always be tuned to be a good example of the reprisals against government getting back to play with in being with him almost being native and several instances that took place. we tack on position attack from the media a space with extremely restricted organization, but typically would be involved in speaking out against kinds of abuses, were not able to because they lived in fear all essentially being punished for, criticizing the government. and i think that situation and bad it got seemed to, as we've mentioned, we've all talked about, it seem to be shifting wanting time. but as i said, the recent events indicate but it might actually be getting better to do that to
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them. a party has been calling for constitutional changes like the reduction of presidential power and independent electoral commission. what else would the opposition like to see what other kinds of reforms do they want to see happen in tanzania? where be we have been calling for complete all of our constitutional and legal order in order to give the country a new bad and democratic constitution. and this call have been going on for the past 3 decades, is not jobs. and recently they have been going on since 1991 when a presidential commission recommended that they would need that new constitution and therefore, and therefore the manager will the day is just as close to
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a talk. talk about home office, huge know, and the political order to create a more democratic time. but immediately in the, in the shop truck would like to see eric torres of political freedoms. that's guaranteed by the quote, the kind of persecution we want to see an end to the use of criminal law to punish political opponents. we want to see an end to impunity, to the impunity of the security fossil, which have killed the torture that named hundreds of people in the past 5 years. we want to see a repeat of bad at a press the button better draconian legislation that then acted soon after president before the capital office in 2015. we also want to see an ad at lead. i'm
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conditional and immediate relieve of all political praise and a fashion of legitimate criminal prosecutions that have been going to law against the democratic opposition. so these are the best, the best, the math that we, we, we, we are making. i come to how popular is president hutson and what does the public think of her leadership thus far? what i see and do that, well, she became very popular 100 base because what he called mice in terms of business the barrel made political says even has tweets posts where very encouraging to the public. but after that, when she 1st said that she is not allowing the constitution and then at the public rallies because she wants to move the economy immediately,
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we saw people starting to have reservation. that gets that and also to actually fact. and the standing or realizing that she's more of a teenager you than a chase. and i think right now with a new budget and then you levies and back session. very high, especially on the wall by melissa inception, which is a platform whereby many people watching formulas for what i use the and now the government has introduced that tax which that to everybody. and it's actually a very aggressive taxes and lots of complaints that bobby's egg together with that the big supply mission from their military has not been helpful. is lake. they actually locking their 50 then who are blaming up the new practice they, you can move to, to wound, for example, using what's like that or saying we pass this,
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we can move change. so people have complex times that this government, this administration is not ready to lead to listen and is going to, to your power and fall to do anything that they want. combined with the ad list of their opposition lead as admin buzz as well as now come up chat. did i give you my like his added salt to there will be coming. creepy and popular. if you'd baby. i get this from the talk to you this week. and i don't see that a lot in, in more hit so that, that we're spending but people are talking to people, people about these things. but i also see their social media how people are talking, how people are expressing themselves, i guess you live in. also, i guess that they have their depression. i guess they open that or how much
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power does the president or rather the office of the presidency have in tanzania. i think that, you know, the fact that the, the, the countries shifted up dramatically and he did poll. i'm mostly election is an indication of the kind of power but he had, i think one of the criticism that a lot of people have is that government policy and generally approaches to way to the way the country is run. we're a reflection on cable person. all views, so for example, rather as opposed to the, you know, the way that any of you should come into play, which would be, you know, reflection of a like they're very i want to give an example of the ways in which the government's policy was influenced
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by a personal interview, one of which was inspected on pregnant school growth, returning to school, but don't view that they shouldn't. and that eventually became government policy. that shouldn't be the case. and the lot it felt in the constitutional company equality, but the person of use eventually began to reflect on company policy. and that i think is an indication of the amount of income and then have ideally should in the packet. and i think that's part of the reason why they have been so many calls for constitutional reform to restrict the kind of influence and power . then the president has their to do, you know,
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the government has said that there were covered 19 restrictions that the opposition was in violation of by having this meeting or by planning this meeting that should emma shouldn't have planned this meeting because of the restrictions imposed about covered 19 had members of to the m a. been warned by the government not to hold the meeting and was permission needed festival bahama no carbon 90 was to check in time but that have never been since the outbreak of the damage. as you may remember, the president mother fully taught pallet infused to have, and that is preaches on public gatherings on the policy ben on. and it's sort of public gathering because of my present model of the fuels and the new president and have government have not instituted as being god as christian
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on probably 90. they have not probably be fed and public gathering on it on the day that we have bred to be chucked them out. constitutional form. that was a major part event in the sam c. p, a was apparently a league match between a team from the cost is 2 and a local team which was attend that not only by thousands of sports fan, it was also attended by better government official in the federal city in the same time as they were cracking down on my event saw there is not a single restriction of 19 that is not a single pro. he be sion of public gatherings. again because of public 19. and there is not a single prohibition in any law which require us to seek permission in
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order to hold in time a positive event like the one that we planned. it was not a public riley, it was an in da public event, which is not elected by law, which is not to require any question to the police. and then now you will be covered by team as an x q to crack down on them to crack down on, on, on our meeting at a time when they are holding meetings on a daily basis. all of the come. and that you, that's from the president about all the way down to the junior office at the local level. so ccm. they're willing part it, and the government are free to hold the meetings as they wish. the opposition to their my particular cannot be called all non existent, corbett,
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main restriction. it's nonsense. all right, we run out of time, so we're going to have to leave the conversation there. thanks so much to our guests or m nichol. i come to quote you and to do this and thank you for watching. you can see this and all of our previous programs. again, anytime by visiting our website, algeria dot com and for further discussion, go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash ha, inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. our handle is at a g inside story from him, how much i'm doing the whole team here, bye for now. the news news.
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when a french soldier was murdered in a so called terrorist attack, his mother retaliated with love, speaking out against intolerance and alienation. she travels the world with the result of a grieving mother who loved her son, but adopted a generation latifah, witness documentary on al jazeera. this lights may look like a city from the sky, but their fishing vessels just outside are jin tina's exclusive economic zone. the united states launched operations southern cross to combat illegal and unregulated fishing in the southern atlantic. argentina's coast guard say the main task is to control the movements. so they do not cross into argentine territory from this home arjun,
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time authorities can monitor for what's happening in economic exclusive zones. but what a 40 here are saying is that what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters the. ready news you want y'all just bear with me. so robin in doha, reminder of our top news stories i food has been hitting heavily populated areas in eastern china. it comes just days after devastating floods killed 58 people in 4th, a 1000000 others from their homes. time to involve packed winds of more than a 130 kilometers now or has it made landfill in the coastal province of jos young. thousands of people have been moved to emergency shelters. the time period is also hit taiwan, causing major damage in some areas.


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