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can you hold the naming ceremony for its magnificent, giant witness showcase the award winning documentary that bring word issues into focus through human stories with political and economic tension. writing down be a hope to propose as a company to define the future. august on a job. i typhoon in far east in china with wind speeds up to 137 kilometers an hour disrupting funds also from the region. ah, i'm just here alive from dell hall. so coming up, the us says f count forces must slow the bonds. the bond to the government imposes the nighttime curfew. desperate for help,
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we need migrants. men motto floods the military jones but are facing a virus hardship and growing grief on a remote pacific island to contain covey 19. ah. a typhoon has been hitting heavily populated areas in east in china. it comes just days off. the devastating floods killed 58 people, enforced a 1000000 people from their homes, hyphen in fall packed winds of more than 130 kilometers an hour. is it made line fall in the coastal province of jo. j. young. thousands of people have been moved to emergency shelter. typhoon has also hit taiwan, causing major damage in some areas. wind gusts reach a 191 kilometers an hour, even though the eye of the storm save more than 300 kilometers out to sea.
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more downpours forecasts in the philippines where the typhoons added to the heavy monsoon reign. 15000 people have moved the safe ground. in manila, the government says it's having a hard time opening emergency shelters because of guidelines prevent covered 19 as get more with our weather presented. jeff harrington is here in the studio. very difficult pictures to look at coming in from the region. any ray of light of hope for people they, you know, send me those pictures that we're seeing right now. i think they're about to get a lot worse. and here's why. currently winds a 120 kilometers per hour with typhoon info. this puts it equivalent to a category one hurricane. but we also have to talk about tropical storm. no partic, it is the less search serious if the 2 storms, but it will still have an impact. we're going to go run through all of this right now. so we'll give you a closer look at where a typhoon info is right now. it need landfall about 300 kilometers south of
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shanghai and you know, the waves on long, the east trying to see 10 meters. but here's the biggest threat, storm search 3 meters high. that's the ocean being picked up and shoved into the shoreline. there. i want to track this out where it's going, it's going to fall across the yangtze river valley, so we'll talk about that in one sec. but here's the threat in terms of rainfall, a 116 millimeters of rain. keep in mind, this is 2 days a boat sunday and monday we will feel the impacts of this wind gusts, ok, 96 kilometers per hour. this is going to snap trees like twigs and that is more than likely going to cause some power disruptions. we know the ports rail, both international airports, closed in shanghai, so a big impact. indeed, there it is, moving across the yangtze river valley. now the good news is, look at john joe, there it will throw some rain to the north, but it looks like his young joe will be spared the worst of this. there is an a part tack, it's looking to impact north of tokyo. so the good news in terms of the lympics,
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the worst impact will be toward the north. we look, we'll get some rain and some strong winds, though in tokyo. sammy, thanks so much. jeff now typhoon in far forcing the shut down of transport in eastern china. authorities have canceled flights in the chinese commercial hub of shanghai and neighboring coastal areas. they've also suspended railway services. large contain the ships have been removed from the ancient port. that's one of the world busiest shipping centers. so really, ronnie is a ship captain and the managing director of a shipping firm cold constellation during services. he explains the impact on trade and supply lines caused by the storm. those stacks of containers which are in the board already. so the 1st, because a couple of days ago, which would have already been done in black now, i expect as much as possible. again, 3 again to greenwich, stand up when,
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when there is no way of these, again, things are going to remain. so you would see some guarantees collapse, etc. if you ask me, it's going to be a really, really difficult going to be of a difficult time for the shipping traffic. i would say ideally it should be at least a week or more. busy deliberate ball, things even going to be normal. lot one being a lot of data center. i wouldn't be the chairman parish goggles, biggest liability, the refrigerator meats and fruits and medicines, chocolate coming out of regions in every day that can these huge deal because of the container in from the board in after they be stuffed and coming into the hall. but they're not able to get on the ships and move to the destination from the live off,
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but it should be the biggest challenge. and then of course that is what damage and also physical damage to the covers up get the highest respect, high up and collapses of what that means. and what along the board, because maybe downfall. so then what absorption so that my son damage to cobble. now there's been fierce fighting over the past few days between afghan forces in the harley bond. the group has now taken the nabi district in our province, according to local military sources. it's close to the border with pakistan, the african army is trying to haul to turn the bomb and farms. meanwhile, afghans of ended the 1st neither because you imposed by the government for that cold security reasons. all but 3 of the countries $34.00 provinces will now be subject to due restrictions. us defense secretary lloyd austin says he believes the african government plan is to consolidate security forces and major cities could
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help quell the to the bomb search. and i think the 1st thing to do is to make sure that they can slow the momentum and then and then be able to put themselves in a position where they can re take some of the games that the taliban, that some of the ground that they've lost so i think, i think from my engagements with the afghan leadership, they are committed to that and. and so we look forward to, to them making progress, they have, they have the capabilities, i have a capacity to, to make progress and to and to really began to blunt some of the taliban advances. i'll diplomatic editor jane's phase, joins us out live from cobble, james afghan officials in the past. have been talking about they've been saying, hey, look, you know? ground gets traded all the time in this conflict. when you listen to what lined
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austin says that's quite the sobering assess, and it sounds like they've lost more than they've been gaining. how are afghan officials reacting to that sort of message? well, i've got officials privately will agree with that. they believe that they are in some trouble that the taliban certainly have had the momentum on the ground in recent weeks. and that affects what's happening on the battlefield. it affects the perception among the african people and the afghan security forces. that being places where control has been transferred from the government to the taliban. just because people, when the taliban arrive put down their arms are not prepared to fight. so the african government, i think needs to get some more morale. and by doing that, it needs to consolidate its forces and try and move forward. initially though they've got to consolidate those forces to try and protect key urban areas. and that means they are likely, i think, in the near future to lose some more of these districts like nor i in, in coon,
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our province that we believe now has fallen to the taliban. and that's as a result of local sources. we've spoken to also some military sources who won't go on the record, not the taliban or the african government, talking about it at this stage. districts and i've got to start a pretty small places are about $400.00 of them. but this is somewhat important as a mountainous area, and it's strategically important because it's on the border with pakistan. and james has the curfew that sam poses help the government to toll and pose. it's controlled at night time. certainly that's the plan going forward. somebody, but to be honest, i think although the curfew was announced, it's going to take a few days for them to inform all the people in these $31.00 provinces. i don't think they're going to go out in a heavy handed military operational way until they make sure the people actually know about the curfew. and we understand that in the various provinces they're trying to inform people that there is going to be this curfew now. so although the
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curfew has been announced, i don't think it's really active right now. but certainly the reasons for the curfew. evidence overnight, there were 25 taliban killed in helmand province, according to the government in a government, an african air force, as strike, an incomparable providence. and remember, cobble, and the province around it is not going to be covered by a curfew. we have reports of 5 intelligence officials being killed in the province north of cobble city. we don't have confirmation official confirmation of that. although the african police a simply saying they found 5 bodies, they would say who they are. all right, thanks so much jane. the space there now military ceremony is being held in god's the antenna for the 2 turkey soldiers killed in northern syria. the vehicle was a tank on saturday in the back area. the defense ministry says turkish forces
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immediately 5 back turkey launched across border operation in 2016 to drive out iceland. kurdish, why fi? g fighters? turkey continues to maintain a heavy military presence in northwest syria. get more now with our sol, solved the joins us from a stumble. so is this operation? well, we could call business as usual, part of a big move going on. well, some of the reason has been cleared by the turkish army in 2016, 16 during the, during its 1st major military incursion into syria, a guest ice. since then, there have been several attacks on the turkish military forces. you know that there are many of the turkish military positions gathered across east and north pole. but recently we can see that why did the peach care affiliate group y,
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p g is increasing the frequency of its attack on the turkish military target. so in that sense, it was a little bit unexpected, i think from on cut out. all right, thanks so much so, so sorry about the security is being boosted into new jersey as capital out of plans, protest against the government activists. one change to the political system, including the removal of the parliamentary speaker, is also anger over the extension of a current of virus state of emergency until january the local officials have closed roads in an effort to prevent protesters from gathering. so i had an al jazeera show of military my, the russia put the naval fire power on display feeling the heat. we look at the latest challenge proven. i says, no, come tokyo and i,
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i, it's time for the journey to with sponsored by capital airways. once again, there are 2 site loans in the west pacific. this is the major one in far as the strength, the typhoon is making land full now and east in china is going to affect shanghai or areas around about is going to be there the next day. or 2, at its worst at about now, i think, but it bring to the storm surge, which is a very high one of 3 meters. well above high tide level, that is, and way 5 to 10 meters. see, i think what is going to be the real problem with this one? it's already caused something anyway. the rain bands ahead of it as it makes dental than widespread funding. some wind damage, but i think was going to be the killer here. as for japan and the pack a much, much smaller store, this looks worse, it is going to be it will make landfall during tuesday. dorothy tokyo with widespread in rain and wind for back gale force would touch itself probably gets
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away with very little in the way of potential damage. completely opposite was happening on freight in eastern china. now in western india, you know, it's been raining heavily. there's been a huge amount of studying and land slides. one example raton. gary's had 1800 millimeters of rain. that is almost twice as much as the average for a normal july. the rain still there, but it's gone further north as well. sponsor cut on airways? ah sure about their sport and determined to succeed, it can be on your side to keep on training by obstacle. i'll just they will, will tell themes fine story of the booth of the money when the future, their dream of playing football for that country. despite its culture and traditions, we are in the money and it's difficult the people to accept the money goes and go
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on just in me. ah the me while come back here watching, i'll just time to recap. those headline typo in fall is hitting heavily populated regions of eastern china. it comes days off the funding for the 1000000 people from their home killed at least 58000 people have been moved to emergency shelter. has been fierce fighting between afghan forces in the tale bonds beyond group is reportedly taking control of nodded district include on problems trying to hold the phone on the phone mandatory ceremonies being held in guardian tap for the 2 turkey
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soldiers killed in northern syria vehicle was attacked on saturday in the 5 area. the defense ministry says, forces immediately find the us deputy secretary of state, wendy sherman is heading to china. she'll be the highest ranking by the ministration official to visit the country. on the eve of her visit, china's foreign minister had this warning for washington to j. u. s. has been using its strength to put pressure on other countries. i'm thinking it's superior to others. we need to tell the us, clearly there's no country in the world, but it's superior to others, and there shouldn't be one. china will never accept any country that claims to be superior to others. if the u. s. has not learned to treat other countries equally. china and the international community have the responsibility help us learn this lesson properly. graham on web is a research fellow at the institute for defense and strategic studies at 9 young
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technological university in singapore. he says there are areas where washington and beijing could improve ties. miss sherman is up for an uphill battle coming into check engine to day to, to meet her chinese culture partner to try and set the tone of this highly deteriorating relationship. right? if at all possible right now, that's the narrative that's coming out from washington. that china is really in a country or a government to to be suspicious of. and right now i think in se asia, the region to withdraw, lloyd austin will be visiting by tomorrow. first op singapore is to remind all partners here in the region that day should really be more watchful or not take, you know, chinese support that's coming into the region. terms of capital, in terms of chinese businesses coming into the region for granted the be, you know,
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the sort of get an agenda behind that and everyone should be more vigilant. at this point in time. it's all up to, you know, both the aging and washington and officials and both sides of the fence to not to be you know, sort of distracted from what's really important, what's really common between all parties and they get caught up in these issues about, that's all trying to see and also of course, by espionage and all and, and the like me, these things are clearly important. but i think we also need to look at the more the, at the areas of which more cooperation can be forged right now and come to these hotspots. i think that's not where i think we'll find the food. the french president has demanded next. phoenician from israel after an investigation revealed it. spyware was found on his phone, the manual microns phone, along with other french government officials, is reportedly hacked, using pegasus spyware, developed by the israel based, and group 10 governments,
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including the united arab emirates, of alleged, bought the surveillance device to track activists, journalists, lawyers, and politicians the hamid has more from west jerusalem monday would have us fairly bennett to make sure that there's an investigation that would be happening. that certainly is well, should look a bit more closely into licensing at the moment the licensee for any of these sort of cyber weapons companies are given by the ministry of defense and all any contract that the company like. and so there are several others that are based in israel. they do exactly the same thing. well, any of those lies is, or any of the deal they gave has to be agreed upon by the ministry of defense. now it seems that the really government is going to look into that
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a bit more closely. a committee probably is in the words to see out, to review really all the life of how the licensing process goes on and to review. really, the scope of these companies, whether they should be able to sell that kind of software to any country in the world or not. and saturday, it says it's intercepted and destroy drones. launched by emens, whose rebels towards the kingdom south. saudi coalition has shut down dozens of drums in recent weeks. yemen has been engulfed by a civil war since 2014. saudi arabia supports the exiled government. the war has killed more than 130000 people and created the world's worst humanitarian crisis. russia has held its annual show of naval strength, displayed as state of the art war, ships, submarines, and weaponry, and a parade on the never river in saint petersburg and the gulf of finland. president
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putin attended the event. ne, today is a public holiday, but there are no spec faces this year because of the pandemic. dmitri jarvis called as a naval historian, he says that due to russia's vast geography, it maybe has a unique structure. we need to remember that russian fleet is not a whole like a circle. we have in fact for fleets and leads will cast them for celia. so know who fleets, one of the most powerful is c, g agents in the arctic ocean. and it's shapes can not fastly move to baltic sea or black sea or pacific ocean. the 2nd fleet by power of russian federation fleets is pacific lead. but its shapes should go through the arctic to reach the nose and fleet, alteration, or zone. so in fact, russian federation has for b fleets. yeah. northern fleet,
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pacific leads baltic fleet and lexi fleets. and they are not connected in one system. and she cannot reach from the one sleep to another. that is why, when we compare fleets or its power, we should remember this fact in now my room workers from men more living in thailand, border areas of facing increased hardships, locked down. there means there's less work even many to rely on donations. and people still flee the time and to escape from military rule back home, florence louis reports now says usually no shortage of work or laborers for farms in pop products. strict in western thailand. many farmers here employ migrants from across the border in myanmar to work the field. but the
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surgeon corona virus cases in the 2 countries has made life more difficult for migrant workers. thailand has imposed a nighttime curfew and travel restrictions. this lady who doesn't want to be identified had gone back to me on my last year to renew her passport. but she couldn't return to thailand, eagerly after the borders were closed and ended up paying brokers to sneak her back in illegally got on the load him away. i mean, in many migrant for me and my in trouble. now, many of us have to hide an escape to thailand, to find a job. some of us got caught and was sent to prison. more watson, johnny id carey, is also a migrant from young man who has settled in thailand for many years. he helps run a local charity. there are a lot of children also come along with the parents and some parents. they don't have a document. so they had a, a lot of, you know, issues to going around. and if the parents get arrested,
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the children will be left behind in a hot or in houses and who is going to take care of their children. he says, live here is also getting increasingly difficult for migrant workers because of corona virus restrictions. when a new infection is reported in a village, no one is allowed to leave unless they can show this tested negative for cove at 19 . many are unable to find work and has been relying on donation. but supplies are slowly dwindling, as continued restrictions cause economic hardship for everyone else. the struggle for survival is also made was by a sense of frustration at what's happening back home. me my vision. i want the manmohan touch relief and sun city and focus on helping the people from the crisis . i want democracy in men more than the country can move forward to develop. but there's no indication the generals in myanmar are ready to give up power. florence
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louis al jazeera elsewhere in the region, even remote island, nations that had remained isolated for much of last year. seeing infections right now. tony chain with more grieving relatives, watch as the body of their mothers remove from the hospital in fiji. the cause cove at 19 the pacific nation has seen a significant rise in daily cases in the past week to more than a 1000 a day and a rising death toll. the cove at $900.00 delta variant is now widespread in fiji, even though 70 percent of the population has received one vaccine chart. and there's widespread cooperation with the vaccination rollout benefit of everyone else. and they've got your family. busy and friends, the neighbors of some of the most remote islands in the world. many of the pacific nations have been under strict lockdown for the past year. and in some cases,
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recorded 0 domestic transmission of curve at 19. but the delta variance has changed all that. and it's clear, the only way out of that seems that's the only way i don't think goes. we have any other option then try to maximum anyone. we can of course, subject to, to what is, what is safe with there is i don't really think there is any other way for us to, to get out of this crisis in vantage our to the vaccine rollout has just begun quite a challenge in a nation of 83 separate islands as part of the global kovacs vaccination initiative . but o r 2 has now received several shipments, but with cases rising in the region many award that won't be enough 420001000. it's not really enough for the hubbub. listen on all the so we still need more packets in mainland southeast asia. there was a feeling that the worst of the pandemic was passed here in thailand. they only had
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61 cove in 19 death in the whole of 2020. now, there are more than that every single day. vietnam was talented as another cove at 19 success. strict controls had kept early cases isolated and transmission well under control. now the vietnamese authorities a st. thousands of new cases every day. a 3rd of the countries under locked down conditions and despite talks to produce vaccines domestically, at this stage, less than half a percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. tony cheng l. desert. ah. extreme heat is the latest challenge facing athletes and organizes at the tokyo olympics. some competitors, competitors rather, have collapsed because of conditions. so tennis players now being given extra time to recover between sets and the richardson reports from tokyo. it's not just
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elim paeans feeling the heat in tokyo, the locals make sure they get up early for their sunday morning game of tennis. on friday, a russian archer fainted. an intense heat midway through her events and tennis willed number one. never jock, of ich said the sweltering conditions during his opening match with a toughest it ever experienced. i think some people from other color country is not good for playing outside in such a you know, very hot weather going singles is it's takes over 3 hours or more so it's still hard to play. i agree with him. organizes insist athlete help is paramount, but the daytime events are sometimes necessary for you. a lot of the competition schedule has been built were possible depending on the, on the sport to, to accommodate that. they will avoid the hardest part of the day, but that's not possible with every sport. and on top of that,
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there's really extensive heat counter measures across all of the training and all of the competition. the 1964 took his lympics took place in the cooler month of october, but the demands of tv network x mean july and august, and now the preferred time for the games organizes use a measurement koby wet, spoke globe temperature. it's effectively a combination of heat and humidity, anything over 28th experts. i can be stressful for an athlete. and that number's been hitting 30 and 31 in tokyo. the japanese environments agency actually issued a heat stroke warning, telling the public not to exercise during the middle of the day. that is not an option for many olympic athletes. competitors did know they were heading into extreme conditions and many have spent time preparing in heat chambers like this one. when somebody is phasing in the heat. davey after one to 2 weeks. so
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we really need some very clear changes, if enough to do not prepare for the heat before the kill or before any competition . and so the same thing you will experience, must dick remind you, step 4 months of the heat, isn't the only weather related concern at these games. a typhoon is approaching, and some events have already been rescheduled. as a precaution on the richardson, al jazeera, tokyo, ah, let's take you through some of the headlines here now, just here, now, typhoon in far is getting heavily populated regions of east in china. it comes days after flooding 4000000 people from their homes and killed at least 58 thousands of people have moved to emergency shelters. the typhoon is also hit taiwan, causing major damage in some areas, wind gusts reach $100.00.


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