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who love to sun, but adopted a generation latifah, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello. hello, rob and you are watching the algebra news. i live my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes type in. in fact, it's eastern china with wind speeds up to 137 kilometers, now disrupting transport across the region. also, the us says as gun forces must flow the taliban advance as the government imposes a nighttime curfew. desperate for how we meet migraines from me, emma who fled the military genta. but now facing corona virus, hardship and growing grief on the remote pacific island that battles to contain
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cave in 1900. i'm john ross over all the latest news from the tokyo lympics is the golf tournament, loses to its biggest names while no one john raman, number frightened, a sham by both test positive cove at 19 and out of the competition. ah, welcome to the news. we start in eastern china where we're typhoon has been hitting heavily populated areas. it comes just stays after devastating. floods kill 58 people and full a 1000000 people from their homes. typhoon in far packed winds of more than 130 kilometers. now, as it made landfill in the coastal province of georgia, young, thousands of people had been moved to emergency shelters. the time thing has also hit taiwan, causing major damage in some areas. gusts of winds, reaching
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a 119 kilometers. now, there was while, even though the eye of the storm said more than 300 kilometers out to see more down . paul's, a full cost in the philippines where the typhoons added to the heavy monsoon reign . 15000 people have been moved to safe grounds. in manila, the government says is having a hard time opening emergency shelters because of guidelines to prevent the spread of cov, at 19 officials say years of illegal logging in nearby mountains have contributed to the devastation caused by the rain. well, let's get more on this law whether presented jeff harrington. just not looking good at all. is that no sir hale and millions of people in the line of fire right now? so let's show you what's happening. so these are the wind gusts right now. a 120 kilometers per hour for typhoon. in fact, we've also got to talk about tropical storm to partake. it is the weaker of the 2 wins about 75 kilometers per hour. so come, we'll check this out together. we'll go over exactly pinpoint what we're thinking. so the landfall was about 300 kilometers south of shanghai. and we know that the
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waves and the east trying to see 10 meters right now. but here's the thing. this has the potential to be deadly. the storm search 3 meters high, that's the ocean being picked up and shoved into the shoreline. we'll track out where this is going in a sec, but 1st we've got to talk about a balance. so to de project it rainfall in shanghai, keep in mind, this is a city of more than 25000000000 people. ports rails. both of the international airports in shanghai have cancelled all flights. you know, it's going to be bad $160.00 millimeters of rain. then we got to talk about the winds. this is going to snap trees like twigs when you consider the gas will be close to 100 kilometers per hour. so where is it going? we see it move to the west along the gang c river valley. i want to point out, you look a bit further north jungle. we know that that area is still recovering from devastating flooding. based on this computer model, it's not going to see major impacts from this, but i want to peel out now and give you a wider look. i because we got to talk about in a partic,
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as it moves closer to han shoe. we know already this will have an impact on the olympics. some things are being cancelled or give you a closer look in effect. but by tuesday we see it moving to the north of tokyo. so tokyo should be spared the worst of it. it will still see rain and some pretty gusty condition, so here's a closer look. you can really get an idea of just how far north it is of tokyo, but so it's still going to happen impacts. so we'll continue to track this one out in the hours ahead into thanks very much. just got it. no typhoon involve forcing the shutdown of transport and east and china ortiz of council flights in the chinese commercial hub of shanghai and neighboring coastal areas. they've also suspended railways of large containers. ships have been removed from the engine force, one of the busiest shipping centers. well sorry ronnie, his head to explain to us in more detail the impact on trade and supply lines caused by the storm. he's a ship captain and the managing director of the shipping time. coal constellation
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marine services and joints you know, from to buy could help you with the, from the program. so i mean ships in the region can be given sort of weather warning through official shipping channels. but what's the protocol for moving to a safe haven when a typhoon approaches? thank you very much. let me tell you the protocol to follow that one is what shifts which are outside of the very ready, busy shopping dining area. those ships, usually controlled, would have given instructions to lift up the anger and start steaming it safer when the ships are moving on and then drop, then go. usually the anchors, drag, enormity become bought the anchorage area and then the rest inside the port rich. also, if not, we need to call and say to the c,
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it's safe to say a lot rather than in hobble and or anchor, which should be busy shipping like the one is going to be drawn with the a course with these alerts happen that is a huge impact on trade and no supply chains. i mean, we saw recently a ship getting stuck in the sewage canal and not cause havoc for the global shipping movement to such when it comes to something like to tie food at the natural disaster. we say, oh, how long do you have to wait before you got to start moving once again? because that's all about timing, isn't it? it's all about driving in this one spot thing right in the green bar and showing that it's already made last fall as we speak. so when that happens, the, the stacks of which are in the board already one little. so the
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1st, but gosh, in a couple of days ago, which would already be done in black stacks as much as possible. but i think greenwich stand up when there's no way these guys are going to manage. so you would see some of these collapse because of the other end to keep them stable. so if you ask me, it's going to be really difficult. going to be difficult for the shipping traffic, i would say question i really should see at least a week or more. busy delay all things even going to be normal. so the one being a lot of data center wouldn't be the challenge from your past experience and these sorts of weather scenarios. how much does it cost your business alone?
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oh look, but our business actually says the bottom to do actually to give reveal of a lot of claims. so when, when, when we get to the monsoon, the ship's getting better to come into the go off of that matter. that would be clearly consultants, insurance like our sales in the area and they wouldn't really be a busy time because everybody would want to know what's gone wrong with their their, their ships. so that would be extremely busy. and i had time for 4 people in the shower and i post this this, the state food. and so what sort of problems does the supply chain actually experience from as ships not being able to reach their destination?
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but if you got those biggest liability, pretty good meats and fruits and medicines, chocolate coming out of regions in relief every day that can these huge because of data from the board in offer. they be soft and coming into the hall, but they're not able to get on the ships and move to the destination from the land . but it should be the biggest challenge cause that is what damage and also to do that because of the highest respect and the collapses of what made them what along the board, maybe downfall. so then what options so that my son damage to cobble, especially lecture because the site doesn't grow 44. i'm talking about because we are only not to mention which is i know the goal and center which,
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which already remains in stock by the board. and that's going to be usually than by be every downfall with the weight of the car. what not so much material damage as the duration of the weather rules follow the open air, but i was especially motivated cobble and it was good. the biggest one did a bill commodity in this, in this kind of scenario, which will continue to watch what happens in the coming hours as this where the front to hits asia pacific for the moments every. rodney, thanks for joining us from dubai. thank you very much. bye bye. the guns have ended the 1st night of the curfew imposed by the government. what it calls security reasons. all but 3 of the countries $34.00 provinces will be subject to new restrictions fighting started again. after a quiet few days during the muslim either at the holiday,
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the army is trying to hold a taliban advance us defense secretary lloyd austin, sense he believes the government's plans to consolidate. security forces in major cities could help quell the taliban serge. and i think the 1st thing to do is to make sure that they can slow the momentum and then and then be able to put themselves in a position where they can re take some of the games that the taliban, that some of the ground that they've lost so i think, i think from my engagements with the afghan leadership, they are committed to that and. and so we look forward to, to them making progress, they have, they have the capabilities, i have a capacity to, to make progress and to and to really began to block some of the taliban advances that we were together. james base joins been from cobbler and james lloyd austin
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with them. so bring assessments thereof, the situation, me, what's a reaction that those words getting well, there is some fresh news in the last couple of hours, which still take some confirmation, but we're hearing it al jazeera, that it's more bad news for the government, nor i, district appears to fall to the taliban. we're getting this from local sources and from some military sources who spoke about is there a but don't want to be named now right. district is a mountainous area, but it's important because it's on the border with pakistan. put this into some context. i've got a son is divided into 34 provinces. each of them have a number of districts. the total number of districts in afghanistan is 419 will tell about already control over 220 more than half or understanding is the new telephone strategy is to consolidate their forces to further protect the key urban
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areas. but that means that rural areas like the district of nor i, more of them are likely to fall. and it's not just the military implications of this. it's the implications in terms of the perception for the afghan people. it's going to affect how old re civilians see the situation. it's also going to affect the morale of the african security forces. because in some districts we've seen that hasn't been much fighting the taliban of turned up, and people have surrendered and put down their weapons. so of course, while lot scenario unfolds and the government did try to curtail the taliban movements by installing a curfew. it was some sort of night, was wilson to dave and i was it effective? i think it depends from province to province when it actually starts to be honest that not short started in all of these. so he won provinces $31.00 out of the $34.00. ready are going to have this night time curfew. a lot of the fighting has
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always in this war taking place at night. the government can control things where they can see what's going on in that district. centers during the day and have no mental control in many places. but in contested areas, the taliban often owned the night. certainly we have some reports from overnight in the last night we the african security forces saying that they killed 25. tell about in helmand. that's one of the places that's going to have a curfew. that was it in an african strike, but also in cobble province, there are reports there and remember, cobble is not subject to the few that 5 intelligence officers were killed. they were killed in the province just north of cobbled city. i can tell you, although we have those reports, they can please at this stage and not confirming their intelligence offices, they simply say that they have found 5 parties and are investigating james, thanks very much for the update james base or diplomatic editor incorrigible. still
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more had hill the i was there and these are including 2 turkish soldiers killed and 2 others injured in an attack on a vehicle in northern syria. we'll be having a live update delegations and recriminations trying to issue the firm warning to the us of a high level talks and a shop in the pool of wind gold at the table. and a story coming up in a military ceremony is being held in gauzy intent for the 2 turkish soldiers killed in northern syria. now the vehicle was attacked on saturday in the olive bob area, and the defense ministry says turkish forces immediately fired back turkey. last a cross border operation in 2016 to drive at iso and curtis y. p g fighters. not turkey continues to maintain
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a heavy military presence in northwest syria. let's get more on this with russell said the in stumble. russell, just bring us up to speed on what we know about these deaths of the 2 military personnel and the exact circumstances of the attack. well, say linda did the tag just replaced yesterday during the evening time. and the minister of defense is the 2 soldiers being killed and to seriously injure their bodies had been taken into the hospitals in turkey. today, as you just said, in the city of john type a military ceremony to place later to be their buddies are green to be taken to the cities of order. and thompson, which are a black sea region, cities to the and the unit of for the soldiers will take place index. it is later today that area that that tax to place above region has been completed by turkish
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army in 2016 during its 1st major military incursion into syria against iso and fins than the turkish military posts which are several post because of their cross east and lord, i left that military posts have been attacked by y p g. but recently we can see that white p g is increasing the frequency of its attacks over the mid 3 posts in that region. the turkish military certainly seems to be pointing the finger at the y p g. they confirmed that behind this attack. well it, having mentioned it but simply imply that so that the one of the reason for that is s way. and when it comes to white pages, story becomes very much complicated because just the attack that took place yesterday was for them had been carried off from terrified and it is under the
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cultural of russia and the syrian government. so it means that the white p g that the region is being protected by russia and the city and government. but then the minister of defense didn't national russia at all because it feels that an escalation between moscow and i could influence the belly constriction in the city of, in the, or 2.5. sort of 4500000 people leave that. and that escalation cooled to be good. i knew it was the refugees, tawbard turkey, which the company already host, roughly 4000000 refugees. and in that sense, and he's trying to avoid an escalation with russia. another important emotional, the story is that's to have the tags had been carried out by the anti tag tank guided missiles, which many of the actually believe that has been provided by the usa and the continued support of the us. it to y p g is also another major reasons for the friction between on credit and worship for. so here is trying to manage
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a very much delicate balance in its relation with moscow and, and washington which both companies are supporting y p g. but turkey says that white p g is a national truck for the next for the, for the security of the company because it is a short of the p tech which currently has been fight scenes for decades. was also there were the update, thanks very much for joining us from stumble. the 30 ravia says it's intercepted and destroy drones launched by humans who the rebels towards the kingdom south. the saudi coalition has shut down dozens of trains in recent weeks, yet has been engulfed by civil war and 2014 saudi arabia. the faults, the exiled government. the war has killed more than a 130000 people and created the world's worst humanitarian crisis. the u. s. deputy secretary of state wendy sherman is heading to china. she'll be the highest ranking biden administration official to visit the country on the eve of her visit . china's foreign minister had this warning for washington. the u. s. has
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been using its strength to put pressure on other countries and thinking it's superior to others. we need to tell us clearly there's no country in the world, but it's superior to others. and there shouldn't be one. china will never accept any country that claims to be superior to others. if the u. s. has not learned to treat other countries equally, china and the international community have the responsibility to help us learn this lesson properly. relations between china and the usaa at one of the lowest levels in decades. it began with a trade war in 2018 under the then president, donald trump. he accused beijing of unfair practices and imposed terrorists on chinese goods trying to retaliate. and by doing the same last year, the u. s. closed the chinese consul office in houston saying it was the hub the spying beijing. don't close the u. s. consular office in chang. do that in march of this year. the 1st high level talks in alaska, senior biden,
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and chinese officials got into an angry exchange of words about policy. and then the us had to pledge to or pledge to raise contentious issues, including beijing's treatment of weaknesses. and it's crack down in hong kong. graham a web is a research fellow, the institute for defense and strategic studies at the non young technological university in singapore joys been via skype program, always nice to have you on the program for your insights. so high level diplomatic meetings to take place in china to pave the way the top level diplomatic talks all under the backdrop of trade and cybersecurity bobs, as well as those attacks too. not going to be an easy visit for michelle when she arrives in beijing. certainly not, i think it's sherman is up for an uphill battle coming into an engine today to, to meet her chinese culture partner to try and set the tone of this highly deteriorating
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relationship, right? if at all possible. so i can be which are all the best in trying to achieve that. of course, the defense actually lloyd austin is also intending to travel to singapore, vietnam and the philippines to gone to support. and this sort of reminds me of the approach we've seen that has similar tones to the support, the u. s. gone from nato in the e. you over cybersecurity accusations against china only last week. they think this is quite a practical approach to deal with china. it seems to be the case, i mean trying to rally partners and allies together to close ranks of the will to have you disconnected front to try and put pressure on china tools to play a ball if you will be a more responsible paula in the international community because right now that's the narrative that's coming out from washington that china is really in a country or a government to, to be suspicious. off and right now i think in se asia,
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the region to which are more austin will be visiting by tomorrow. first op singapore is to remind all partners here in the region that day should really be more watchful or not take, you know, chinese support that's coming into the region. terms of capital, in terms of chinese businesses coming into the region for granted the be a sort of get an agenda behind that and everyone should be more vigilant at this point in time. well, there's arguments obviously will rage for some time. certainly about cybersecurity and human rights and laws of the sea. but there are issues that both countries do want to work together on one assume that climate change and dealing with the cova pandemic. while they might not agree on the exact approach, there is certainly something sort of understanding between the 2 that they have to try and work together for the global. good. absolutely, i think this is really the last hope, if you will,
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in terms of finding the narrow common ground between china and the u. s. right now . and that is both the climate and the global challenges that we'll all facing in terms of putting the climate right. once again, my think both, both sides can see that. and i think that will be the basis to get out of this is clogged maya. you will, that's currently plaguing bilateral relations between the u. s. and china to which everyone in the nation communities this feeding the impact of. so i think this, this will be it, but i think it's all up to, you know, both aging and washington and officials and both sides of the fence to not to be distracted from what's really important, what's really common between all parties and to get caught up in these issues about what's all trying to see and also of course, by your knowledge and all and the like me, these things are clearly and 40. but i think we also need to look at them all the areas of which more cooperation can be formed. and right now comes with these
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hotspots. that's not where i think we will find beyond food. but we're keeping a very close eye on the visiting and show coming back to more analysis graham on web by joining us from singapore. thank you. such a lot. french was manuel macro is into heated for his 1st official trip to the overseas. totally a french polynesia, he visited health care staff and present that i work during the pandemic. later, he's expected to discuss the legacy of french nuclear tests carried out in the region from the 1960 to the 1990s. a recent study showed that france vastly under estimate of the impact on islanders health don't don't you're going to be doing them on the bottom. we expect the president to ask for forgiveness. just as he recognised the colonization that took place. and now jerry, as a crime, we also expect him to clear that it was criminal in a form of colonization. that's linked to utila power here in the pacific is not a question of money above all. they try to present us is permanent beggars,
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but this country needs to be pacified, be reconciled with itself and its people. the french state is to blame. while the french president has demanded an explanation from israel after an investigation revealed at spyware, was found on his phone, about a microphone, along with other french government officials, was reportedly hacked, using pegasus, spyware develops by the israeli based and as o group. 10 governments, including the united arab emirates, are alleged to have bolt the surveillance device to truck activists, journalists, lawyers, and politicians. until hemi, this line for us in western simm with the story, obviously you're following it very closely. a holdover and he's really is on the israeli government for answers but certainly it is a diplomatic nightmare for the israeli government is coming under a lot of international pressure. and now it was revealed that the french president
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emanuel mccoy, had had a phone conversation with israeli prime minister in the valley. bennett on thursday evening that we don't have any confirmation about that phone call from his office. but it was reported that manuel mac, who is quite angry by these revelations to find out that his phone was on that list of 50000 possible targets with the biggest this software. and then my new one would have us fairly bennett to make sure that there's an investigation that would be happening. that certainly is well, should look a bit more closely into a licensing at the moment than licensing for any of these sort of cyber weapon. companies are given by the ministry of the fence and all any contract that the company like and so, and there are several others that are based here in israel. they do exactly the
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same thing. well, any of those lies of, or any of the deal that guy has to be agreed upon by the ministry of defense. now, it seems that these really government is going to look into that a bit more closely. a committee from that is in the works to see out, to review really all the life of the licensing process goes on and to review really the scope of these companies, whether they should be able to sell that kind of software to any country in the world. or not, and so on. this side says it has only 45 clients. it would not tell you which countries it's live because it says that it has contractual national security obligations. they cannot deny, confirm. but we do know that the former prime minister benjamin need to know well and so officials were often unofficial trips with him overseas,
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tried to get into contracts and then also had contracts with coaches with him. israel did not have any kind of diplomatic b, it's saudi arabia. do you eat before the ab ram accords on my rock also before signing a deal? this certainly an international nightmare for this new government, and the ag of my whole being just one of many others hold up to lead me to western and thanks very much for the update. i extreme heat is the latest challenge facing athletes and organizers at the tokyo olympics. some competitors of collapse because of the conditions. while tennis players are being given extra time to recover between sense and witches in the reports and take you it's not just limpy and stealing the heat in tokyo.
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the locals make sure they get up early for their sunday morning game of tennis. on friday, a russian archer fainted. an intense heat midway through her events and tennis willed number one never jock, of ich said the sweltering conditions during his opening match with a toughest it ever experienced. i think some people from, you know, other color country is not good for playing outside in such a you know, very hot weather going singles is it takes over 3 hours or more. so it's too hard to play. i agree with him. organizes insist athlete help is paramount, but the daytime events are sometimes necessary for you. a lot of the competition schedule has been built where possible depending on the on the sport to to accommodate the.


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