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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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women, by the time he gets to paris in the next hill and picks, it should be an exact 5050 split. so the very came to push these new sport, one of the, the picture back. so me see, for these games where the skate part for example, is sets up right in the middle of time with the expectation that lots of young fans could go there and, and watch this sports. and of course, they're doing it all in front of, of empty seats. we mentioned that the high phone that's on its way already, that caused the cancellation of a couple of days of rowing as they pre owned the, the impacts that we'll have. but the surface is saying that quite happy because it may well produce some bigger ways to them. ok. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now, just are now typhoon in far is hitting heavily populate the regions of east in china. become days after flooding 4000000 people from their homes and killed at least 58 thousands of people have been moved to emergency shelters.
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typhoon is also hit taiwan, causing major damage. in some areas, wind gusts reached a $190.00 want to columns. and now, even though the, i have the storm say more than 300 kilometers out at sea afghans of ended the 1st night of occur few, all the 3 of the countries $34.00 provinces will be subject to new restrictions. the army is trying to hold for thought bon advance, which has seen the group make launch. tauriel gains. us defense secretary lloyd austin says he believes the government plans to consolidate. security forces will help qual latasha bond search. i think the 1st thing to do is to make sure that they can slow the momentum and then and then be able to put themselves in a position where they can re take some of the games that the taliban, that some of the ground that they've lost so i think,
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i think from my engagements with the afghan leadership, they are committed to that and. and so we look forward to, to them making progress, they have, they have the capabilities, i have a capacity to, to, to make progress and to, and to really began to blunt some of the taliban advances. turkey says 2 of the soldiers have been killed and 2 others wounded in northern syria. the vehicle was attacked in the bab area. the defense ministry says turkish forces immediately fired back. the leader of australia's new southwell state says she is disgusted by protests on saturday. hundreds of demonstrations were fined for breaking lockdown measures. the rough is the largest rally and sydney could turn into a super rather event the headlines its football rebels. now, not in america is a region of wonder joy,
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tragedy of violence. but it doesn't matter where you are, you'll have to be able to relate to the human condition away. no country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why i guess i'm going to, you know, some people the ones on the community foot emotional body joe body divided by the mean the i i
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listen to it back in november. so they both don't you know they come up come up to be done. good. good was i said this, you can do this. i'm either going to get it. i don't embarrass. can potter good one? she was at me on before she did all, buffy. be good. you are, it was on the one on, on, i'm on, i'm on the, the the, the
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the, it was a moment for the last coverage wasn't on the fed that don't just on the market. what would it be? what we owe. 2 about time said it's going if it is going to have a good 3 days, but you have to go from say just let it be a good afternoon, mr. this is
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wendy. did you did? did you need me to do? but i did. i meant by do it. that's good. good luck. because if you did not go on the tickets again, this would ms. all you gotta do. what do you got going on down to do do own mini mom who is such a bigoted low get us will. phillip,
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this is the only thing he said to me, but this will be digital bit mother. that's a lot like any. did i get on the same thing that i need? i want it, but you know, so anybody's ever done it when they did not complete the and yet, but yet, but it was supposed to give them a bit if you had to let the data be that fear that the big thing that you did not put me on the phone will come to the bottom of new some of it 1st like the name of the 5th. let me see if we can see me though
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it, it did it. it didn't like what the effect was supposed to do that if any of the m, it's a company that you're going to give you will be in the mid 5 may come from below. you get to the one that worked with leverick to pull it back. but if i live when they would have to do it from the the that the the the. 2
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going to, why is this year to know someone, what i can do is record because, well, if i don't, what i can use for that i will be on the bus is allegiance on be best and that i should waste don't come along, but don't call now don't see us in a jewel and more could you get on the phone? sure. you could do that. all the low one. the federal budge? well holder bottle. it was e t 40. well, this will be seeking a policy me door said lucy, familiar kneecamp was the 1st song group on the policy almost today due to just figure about issues about the shifted to this would be did minus the ryan possibly deal with
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this event. will you still do to who will very small it's going to look to be with everybody that could you will have a talk dog to discuss salt. get to the really him the non dixon soon. the builder and anybody else have dental, keep us on that. we teach it, nick software, need a back, he'll do the mo, do for don't get all the players that could be really fast. as he sees workers, if that be a dvd ultimately he'd be, dd should wesley, but really do salt because he read, you know, juice do me to do problem to formulate lee killed to do me to do the problem. so in the 1st on the job that i feel the 1st 60, like with the well i,
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we can stuff in the most adjustable bed you is id it do show of she goes on the grade restaurants. mom was my last visit with somebody to get to the plus spend a 1000000 did look, but he told me to sunk creek if it, if any disk and controls for the 1st guy before i got yeah. can you see that she's on the mean. cecil new pseudo, a hog by lawson, iran or ryan. do you know it used to do saltado waste with a view up to it like could you help me with
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a visual some one in dallas. you want to put him on john when you pull me? said fit date of birth was all 3 of them on your plan. also imagine the the, the, the, the list i paid last week just to see if you chance to pass somebody on our jack, i'm sorry. to play with it. we stayed on 5th, is it? it's all going is it is an actual it think about him. you all this. i mean, the, i hope i do when
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you remove this, if you say about their disarmed to think of me on tennis, it's just wanna, if i didn't come to do that, we'll put this on new mobile anyway. it would almost liquor over it with you. so much have it don't the way to look at this philosophy. truth is you don't mean you just do you mid to look at why. why don't we don't use it all up this much on you for week me. see if we can get you mary. mary smith, this is awesome. awesome, wonderful massage is definitely not good. you know,
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follow on. could you do new poses is, is, is her seduction on could you, if, if tomorrow on an inverse chunk left football or some for him to be usual exterior, much let me all you consider him is a lot of the job. people who don't know the logic should get up. if you went to the seller's interest by taking my case, he did me because i could borrow them to gina. the value pair bonded up is one, the parent hon. locally here for the detail can do that with us, it can be located is how come to the end of allison loop. when you l exterior we support a loan, but is it more politicized? is it all you shall pretty, will continue to tell me that you need to clear the volume, continuous food. well for him, because he said or did or yeah, with a mo, mo, devona. and let's say you did, i'm pretty sure you will do it to them or not,
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but i shot the won't work. but let me, jake, with the image, i gotta stop and i can show them on a lot of our know was at a g o. patricia on the top of your bedroom. i did not get it on the market for one of your money the only other students who did the football to to so back who did the on the all it them. i said
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it the only that the even, it doesn't tell me the us on the job and of course you don't on today the school does a lot. if you love who sees the associate, you'd have a little guy this looks. he talked to charlotte, could you could tell them or do you feel on disability? well, young men should be said to do black push. this will be keep them at the prom civic cuter of don't policy. oh the love fellow to show you do the welcome do you see on the do background? i really desire to do it as
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a good was really i said he did buy into media there, but a company don't want to talk to you on that. if you are not married or mine anyway is to premier, you were not to move up. what is it going to make up the buyers oberon? go on to mrs. hill. i live present the lucky you with us. you cause i thought soft fatty to take your telephone guys, ship it, nobody did ought to walk it be done. some of the work that robot will be the best method through but young way that lucas you will prevail digital. but oh well, because you know,
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when the new bill updated in us will be considered very devonne lumber would present bubble d opposite. i swear to live and to come lucky city supreme court as you to see this is for miss rooms. that officer here with the va vocal is not as much does take you to come come, come look at all this. you don't do so on have what you know, 56 bit us or metal know that you don't digital bird delinquency. super like good. the well in your 50 be don't just get a gentleman will work,
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you know, low that goes on office or, i mean it will not you know, in the mail the way i don't like to go for no one do talk to them it. gotcha. did you all they don't on. i'm going to see you know, the dish. i'm if you do the movie or the autumn lucky john elite this. all that's left. i'm keep left matthew gender. was it he stopped laughing. ah, it alive. and you did so much what you did
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was not showing in our community. so you did not need to be do work. but the fact that a lot of this really was one i look, i don't do much good you. i'm and i got got to populate the not i'd like to see to spend so much time. it's about what he did go by and i fill up on it like that. okay. i think that work is dude, i think that when you start working flu started working on it. less art you've been . that was a lot but you have what was that working? well, i believe you'll get these. you know, they come on the got you robot eve. well, i mean, john of, you know, create, do go on up as a volume, much fun down. pretty much today to give
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them a quick guess. you must have and you max out . but, but each more you market even mono or did, i don't believe that do for me, but a lot back it won't be as complex what it meant to get a little back when i do live. think you know, this was in the in the video. let's don't do much, but as soon as 30 give them new. i thought you might miss it, but if you got, if uncle marking, look at pretend as far as effective motor paid,
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i let me put it in for a minute because it did you hold on because it did, you know, did did them in the markets because i can see that but the one that most about what button stuff about that would be fine. let's see. i don't press next. you're not don't know. sama, i stay on the lap there. who can i put the doctors in the fall? still a barrier mother got sca. i log in to fucked and did my thing open. good luck. i will see the i feel if they fit bountiful. boone st. if i sit sick, i need to get this on the bottom that, that lab premier and you know, the la bang i've got to tell to come out and you'll get up a lot better due to the wrapping up. but it's not that's up to you. it may not that
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busy life to physical good. what does it look a burden of working? isn't it put that, is it a when a dental job? what is eliza? look what i thought the w. so do not with the bulk of the job listed in the very science life i lose so much love is to remove this well division . so i could take one to 2 so that if you put on the phone, so i'm going to find their room and be say see what this does limit, but we can is on the fall and me a question. is it a force on the bucket? ok. and then also when i go on to shoot, know would you be able to talk to me? they did because because there was a real foot bullet present on victor. do ross or somebody mom? she spoke,
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he cute or some le, to lead you. what i do not assume to do what i am much desolate found due to could you wish to launch or to what us on the record the me me
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the, the really i didn't know the model was most moves in on a pretty level of it. i think of a one, john, i think the do plans for, for, for valuable sort of be well enough because if use or was he was you saw song. so canada, bob, boston about us. if you got to reach if you'd like, when you come come come wash. it don't go from. welcome wasn't
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good. we got that. we didn't know what to do. women predicted eligible for mid think i got some 40 some pair come last month is a way that i'm not your football guy didn't about so to me less he did the bus in the near to new continuity the but nobody's met met. that gives us a 2nd, but it's actually just talking to dollars, you know, stella book, which on the policy did you do way this up with what i want that of
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a much good drama to get a buzz on that did. what would you say to just leave it on the updated and needed to know what i she said is that also city that is similar to cooperation was about the exception. and now she sought to dissolve because it is on this up to when that's when you go to an abyss, by the way of the don't fuss to be in prison bottom. but for
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him, i he added to the fashion, the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up for the love of his homeland football rebels. delves into the realm of footballing legend. rashid mac luthey for to the jury and national liberation front. with his feet, rashid mackenzie and the f l. n. team on al jazeera vaccines, a promising part out of the panoramic. but the implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world. already a clear gap has emerged between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to
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vaccinating their populations from the geo politics to the pure economics. the misinformation, the latest developments, what's going on here is very different. first off, the back thing comes in the form of a nasal spray. special coverage of the colona virus pandemic on a jessina. frank assessments is an argument for suggesting that the, by the ministrations are playing a long game. it's very much of a warm embrace. the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics, informed opinions, schools, and shelters of been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and the politics then, is that a life has been shaped by the vitamin, the in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on our jazeera, when a french soldier was murdered in a so called terrorist attack. in his mother retaliated with love,
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speaking out against intolerance and the nation, she travels the world with the result of a grieving mother who loved her son, but adopted a generation latifah, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, hello, rob and you are watching the news. i live my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes type in. in fact, it's eastern china, with wind speeds of up to 137 kilometers. now disrupting transport across the region. also the us says gun forces must flow the taliban advance as the government imposes a night.


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