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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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make america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind me. ah, ah, a rush to get to safe ground typhoon strike feast in china just days off the devastating flooding. ah, i'm sammy's day, dan. this is al, just here alive from dell hall. so coming up the you, i says afghan forces must flow with all the bonds of bonds in the government imposes a nighttime curfew. desperate for hell for needs, migrants from men,
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mom who flagged a minute rejected, but are facing corona, virus hardship and growing grief on a remote pacific island as it baffled to contain cope with 19 ah, a typhoons hitting heavily populated parts of east in china. it comes days after flooding forced a 1000000 people from their homes and killed at least $58.00 typhoon in far packed winds of more than 130 kilometers an hour. is it made landfall in the coastal province of georgia, june? thousands of people have been moved to emergency shelters and the typhoons forcing the shot down of transports in the region. authorities of canceled flights in the chinese commercial hub of shanghai and neighboring coastal areas. they also suspended railway services. large contain the ships been removed from yankee and
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port, one of the world busiest shipping centers. and the typhoon is also hit taiwan, causing major damage in some areas when god reached 191 kilometers. and now, even though the storm say more than 300 kilometers out to sea and more downpours are forecast in the philippines where the typhoon added to the heavy monsoon reign. 15000 people have been moved to safe round the manila. the government says it's having a hard time opening emergency shelters because of guidelines to prevent the spread of coven 19 officials say, years of illegal logging and nobel manson contributed to the devastation caused by the rain. let's get more on this now with our whether presented jeff harrington. he's here in the studio. is he looking any better now, jeff, any way you look at it, sammy, this is going to be a serious threat. so let's give you a snapshot at what's going on right now. a lot going on in asia pacific are the
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most serious one is typhoon in for look at this winds right now, a 120 kilometers per hour. that's the equivalent of a category one. hurricane and we're also tracking out tropical storm the partic, so that's a bit weaker, but this will likely have an impact to disruption on the olympics. so we're going to go over all of that right now. semi said right off the top rails canceled ports, closed down the airports, all because of this typhoon info. bead landfall, about 300 kilometers south of shanghai, wave heights in the east china see 10 meters high and storm surge. this is a big threat here. and potential has the potential to be deadly at 3 meters high, just being shoved into the shoreline. now we've been going over the different forecast models for shanghai specifically. let's remember, this is a city of more than 25000000 people to day rainfall a 160 millimeters, but the winds this will toppled trees. it will snap trees like twigs when you
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consider those winds will be pretty close to about 100 kilometers. here's the track, it's going to move west along the yangtze river valley. now if we look north at jung, joe, we know that area is still recovering from devastating flooding. there more than a 1000000 people displaced. it looks like the worst of it will stay south along the gangs, the river valley. harrison park. as we watch it monday into tuesday, it's looking like the bigger impact for this will be north of tokyo will go in for a closer look. tokyo will still feel the effects of it, but sammy again, the worst of it will be north of tokyo. i, thanks so much jeff. now, afghans have ended the 1st night of a curfew imposed by the government for the calls security reasons. all but 3 of the countries $34.00 provinces will be subject to new restrictions. fighting has started again after a quiet few days during the muslim either a holiday. the army is trying to hold autonomy. bon advance. us defense secretary lloyd austin says he believes the african government plans to
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consolidate security forces and major cities could help quell the on the bond search. and i think the 1st thing to do is to make sure that they can slow the momentum and then, and then be able to put themselves in a position where they can re take some of the games that the on the some of the ground that they've lost so i think, i think from my engagement with the afghan leadership, they are committed to that and. and so we look forward to, to them making progress, they have, they have the capabilities, i have a capacity to, to make progress and to and to really began to blunt some of the taliban advances. how did the magic editor james base has this update from cobble now? well, what is absolutely clear is that the african forces on paper should have the upper
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hand. they have more people, they have more sophisticated weaponry. they have in recent days still have the support of the u. s. air force operating from outside of kind of chemist on what the u. s. military call over the horizon operation. but they really have got to turn the tide because of the momentum is on the taliban side. and it's not all about what happens on the battlefield. it's about public perception because in some of these districts where the taliban come to challenge the government, people who just handed down their arms. they thought, well, the taliban is where we're winning. we better surrender to them here and now. so the government not only have to come up with a new strategy to change things on the battlefield. they also have to come up with a new narrative for the afghan people to encourage morale among the armed forces and to try and get rid of some of the fear among ordinary africans. the reason behind the curfew is that in the past, in contested areas,
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the government hasn't had nominal control during the day, but it's been very different at night when the taliban come out and basically often own the night. so there is this curfew in force in 31 out of the 34 provinces was telling the we have reports from over night of the african government, telling us that in helman, province keep province down in the south. there were 25 taliban killed in an african lead, as strike and african air force as strike. but in kabul, which is one of the 3 provinces where there is no overnight care if you were getting reports that 5 african intelligence officers have been killed at the moment . those reports not being confirmed officially, by the government or by the taliban side. turkey says 2 of his soldiers have been killed and 2 others wounded in northern syria. the vehicle was attacked in the bab area. the defense ministry says turkish forces immediately 5 bag turkey launched
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across the border operation in 2016 to drive out iceland. kurdish white, the g fighters, turkey continues to maintain heavy military presence in northwest syria. get more this with the sole thought of the joins us now live from a stumble. so is this a routine operation, or is this being seen as a wider or broader pushed against the turkish military presence in the north of syria? well, some turkish just or lose another thing that seeing that 7 of the white p g members who have targeted turkish military posts yesterday have been neutralized . so this region, the above region has been cleared by turkey in 2016 from iso. it was the 1st major medical inclusion of turkey being to syria and since then took the military post which are scattered across to a north east and north or has been attacked by the y p g. but recently we have,
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we can see that white p g is using the frequency of attack over attacks over the turkish military post. so the 2 soldiers that are being killed yesterday by y p g had been taken into the hospitals in syria sort of in turkey. and today we are expecting the bodies to be delivered to hand over to the families and also the funeral is also to take place today. and there are so also a strain might this incident put on cookies relations with some of its allies. well, semi the, the, the place that the tech to, from as a ton of the fact that it's under the control of russian forces and sit in government. so in that respect, we can see that the, the russian, russia, and the syrian government are providing protection to y, p g. but in this statement that has been released yesterday by the minister of
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defense that hasn't been unimagined to rush at all because turkey fears that any escalation between moscow and i'm kind of cool in flu, has the belly constriction in it live, where 4500000 people are leaving in and an escalation called 3 get a new we will the refugees to turkey, which the company is already hosting, roughly around 4000000 refugees. and the government's total government is under the huge pressure from the main physician party in the country. another interesting point is that, i mean the attack has been carried out by a tgm, which many extras believe that has been provided by the u. s. c to y p g and the u . s. is continued support y p g has been one of the main reasons of the, the friction between ancona and washington. and can i say that the white p g is peak, a q seed off short and p techies on the total list in the u. s. the european union and turkey and the us issue, stop me to stop the, the support the why fi g?
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but do you see it says that y p g has been an effective instrument in his fight against iso and it will keep support in i so, so in that says, we see that white p g is enjoying the support from both russia and the usa, restrict you regard these 2 countries as allies, but the recent attacks from white p g scenes that is going to put more pressure on over the free relation between, between uncle and washington on the, on the other hand, took the president of paper. i don't know she's going to with it russia soon on july 30, and it seems that there is a tax the, the increase in that textbook y p g is also going to be one of the main topics to be discussed with the russian president vladimir put him. all right, thanks so much for sol. sorted out there. migrant workers from men mar, living in thailand's bold areas are facing increased hardship. locked down means
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the less work, leaving many to rely on donations. but people still flee to thailand, to escape from military rule back home, florence lew explains. there's usually no shortage of work or labor as for farms in pop products. strict in western thailand. many farmers here employ migrants from across the border in myanmar to work the field. but the surgeon corona virus cases in the 2 countries has made life more difficult for migrant workers. thailand has imposed a nighttime curve. you and travel restrictions. this lady who doesn't want to be identified had gone back to me on my last year to renew her passport. but she couldn't return to thailand, eagerly after the borders were closed and ended up paying brokers to sneak her back in illegally down on the loading marie, i'm in many migrant for me and my in trouble. now, many of us have to hide an escape to thailand, to find
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a job. some of us got caught and was sent to prison. more watson, johnny id curry, is also a migrant from me. and mom who has settled in thailand for many years. he helps run a local charity. there are a lot of children also come along with the parents and some parents. they don't have a document. so they had a lot of you know, issues to going around. and if the parents get arrested, the children will be left behind in a hot or in houses and who's going to take care of their children. he says, live here. it's also getting increasingly difficult for migrant workers because of corona virus restrictions, when a new infection is reported in a village, no one is allowed to leave unless they can show this tested negative for coven 19. many are unable to find work and have been relying on donation, but supplies as slowly dwindling as continued restrictions cause economic hardship for everyone else. the struggle for survival is also made was by
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a sense of frustration at what's happening back home. me my views, he said, you know, i want the me and my home touch relief and sun city and focus on helping the people from the crisis. i want democracy in men more than the country can move forward to develop. but there's no indication the generals in myanmar are ready to give up power. florence li al jazeera still ahead now just a show of military minds as russia put the naval fire power on display and taking it to the straits. the 1st ever olympic skateboarding gold medal is handed out of the tokyo game. ah,
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it has been particularly wet recently in the philippines in lusan, including in manila. and you can see why that's where the concentration of cloud is and therefore the biggest thunderstorms the same can be true is can be said feature around the south china sea that's affected vietnam. that's also true west and me and my but for borneo, java, for example. sumatra. it's actually relatively dry and has been for quite a few great days that is supposed to the dry season, but just hasn't shown as such. it, australia winters really dug in, that attempt has been dropping and we could have massive snow in the victorian house. has more to come. the wind is coming down this direction, but emanated actually from the cold surf. so it doesn't talk in any of the water from the land out of australia, a breezy and wet day in perth, on monday, the 20 degrees of time to get to choose day. the sun might be mobile $800.00 degrees. that camera holds on to only 14, and this is windy weather coming into adelaide and sydney coast or west victoria. but maybe news even gets it worst. maybe no surprise either the winds again coming
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in from the north. they emanated from the further south rest. this is wet or snowy weather, virtually for all of north and south on with maybe the exception of a sheltered christ church. ah, with a bag energy and change to every part of our universe. the, the, the change is all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business ah
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ah, combined kill watching out of time to recap those headlines. typhoon in far is hitting heavily populated regions of eastern china. it comes days off the flooding for the 1000000 people from their homes and killed at least $58.00. thousands of people have been moved to emergency shelters. afghans of ended the 1st night of a few of the 3 of the countries. 34 provinces will be subject to new restrictions. the army is trying to hold the autonomy bond, which has been the group make launch territorial gain. turkey says 2 of its soldiers have been killed and 2 others wounded in northern syria. their vehicle was attacked in the area, the defense ministry says turkish forces immediately find back.
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the curve at 19 delta variance is spreading rapidly through asia. the asia pacific region. the philippines is banding travelers from malaysia and thailand. people in manila been queueing up for vaccines restrictions have been reimpose bare and in other provinces until the end of the month. elsewhere in the region, even remote island, nations that had remained isolated for much of last year. seeing infections rise, tony chang has more grieving relatives, watch as the body of their mothers remove from the hospital in fiji. the cause cove at 19 the pacific nation has seen a significant rise in daily cases in the past week to more than a 1000 a day and a rising death toll. the curve at $900.00 delta variant is now widespread in fiji, even though 70 percent of the population has received one vaccine chart. and
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there's widespread cooperation with the vaccination roland for the benefit of everyone else. and they've got your family. busy and friends, the neighbors a, some of the most remote islands in the world. many of the pacific nations have been under strict locked down for the past year. and in some cases recorded 0 domestic transmission of cove at 19. but the delta variance has changed all that, and it's clear the only way out of vaccines. that's the only way i don't think goes . we have any other option then try to rational anyone we can of course, subject to, to what is. so what is faith with there is, i don't really think there is any other way for us to, to get out of this crisis in vantage our to the vaccine rollout has just begun quite a challenge in a nation of $83.00 separate islands as part of the global kovacs vaccination initiative, but who are to his now received several shipments. but with cases rising in the
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region many award, that won't be enough for 2000 thought. this is not the really not for the heart of oblivion one or the. so we still need more packets in mainland southeast asia. there was a feeling that the worst of the pandemic was passed here in thailand. they only had $61.00 cove at 19 death in the whole of 2020. now, there are more than that every single day. vietnam was talented as another cove at 19 success. strict controls who kept early cases isolated and transmission well under control. now the vietnamese authorities saying thousands of new cases every day. a 3rd of the countries under locked down conditions and despite talks to produce vaccines domestically, at this stage, less than half a percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. tony cheng elders there than either of australia's most popular state says she's disgusted by protests on
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saturday. hundreds of demonstrations were fine for breaking, locked down measures. the raw fans, the largest valley in sydney, could turn into a super spread or event new south. while faith is reported to more depth from covey, 19 and 141 cases of local transmission, small demonstrations were held in the cities of melvin adelaide and brisbin millions of sydney side as they stayed home. they're the ones who are bringing an in to the lockdown sooner, not those who are putting themselves at risk, those around them at risk, particularly the place at risk. and that was a very selfish act. and i think it offended many, many fellows, sydney sanchez. people understand they were frustrated with locked downs, but that type of behavior doesn't help anybody. french president emanuel, my call is into haiti for his 1st official trip to the overseas territory of french
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polynesia. he visited health care staff and praised them for their work. during the pandemic beta, he's expected to discuss the legacy of french nuclear test carried out in the region from the 1960 s. so the $900.00 ninety's, a recent study showed france vastly underestimated the impact on the island. his health don't don't, you're going to be doing them on the bottom. we expect the president to ask for forgiveness. just as he recognized the colonization that took place. and now jerry, as a crime, we also expect him to declare that it was criminal in a form of colonization. that's linked to nuclear power here in the pacific. it's not a question of money above all. they try to present us is permanent, biggers, but this country needs to be pacified. be reconciled with itself and its people. the french state is to blame on their mcclellan is a correspondent for islands, business magazine. he explains why the nuclear issue will overshadow the visit. i
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think it's unlikely that president micron will talk about the issue of colonialism . even though the united nations general assembly relisted french polynesia in 2013 before the un special committee on the colonization of president, a macro hopes to raise the issues around climate change around the ocean management around economic and coven problems facing principal in asia. but the nuclear issue won't go away. and at the recent round table in paris, his ministry minister for memory said that there was no need for an apology. many molly people, the polynesians who staff, the test sites during 30 use of nuclear testing. one, not only an apology, but much better improved systems for compensation for clean up and remediation of the pissed sides and for medical studies on intergenerational affects that might
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affect their children in the future. they were a few protesters carrying flags on private land near the airport. but this is a sign that this nuclear legacy from the cold war era of nuclear testing is still a hot issue in french polynesia, particularly for opposition groups and the community associations. the represent workers who stop the test size, neighboring communities, and church leaders who see this says very much a moral issue that still outstanding in relations between the molly people and the french government. russia is putting on its annual show of naval strength, its displaying its state of the art warship, submarines, and weaponry in a parade on the never river and since petersburg and in the gulf of finland. president foods in is that the event navy day is a public holiday, but there are no spectators this year because of pandemic restrictions. thousands
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of people have marched and hungry and opposition to a law. they say discriminates against the l g. b t. community demonstration coincides with the annual pride parade, many taking part, condemned nationalist, 5 minutes the victor or once the law puts limits on what schools can teach about homosexuality. being challenged by the european commission which says it's intolerant and discriminatory. the law is an outrage. it shouldn't be happening. we're no longer in communist telling us this is the you, everyone should be able to do freely. i was outraged by this law. it should not be done. it is wrong. i think this is nothing more than a diversion that tries to tear the country a part. i think it's a publication because of the election in trouble for it to godaddy asking them which is generated by politics. i think the majority of the societies inclusive, the more politics inside this society will turn around and people will turn against one another after a while, the hiding will return,
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and i do not want to have to wear a jewish star. many among us today feel as if we are carrying a stigma and other presidential candidates has been detained in nicaragua, just days before registration for november's election opens on wednesday. no of today is a 7th presidential contender queues of undermining the sovereignty of the country. thousands of journalists, activists and opposition figures have been arrested or placed on the house arrest since june international watchdog organizations or condemning the crack bound saying it undermines democracy. tube, as attorney general says, 59 people who took part in anti government protests have been prosecuted. their actions were described as disturbances. the charges include public disorder and causing non serious injuries. rights groups say more than $600.00 people were detained during and since the july 11th demonstrations, that's when thousands of cuban protesters demanded political change and an end to
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the economic troubles. wildfire continue to ravage the western united states crews have come from across the country to battle. the 5 the fires of being blamed on drought and wreck, cold temperatures. thousands of people have fled their homes. many more are preparing to leave highly. jo castro reports from washington d. c. smoke gusting from the other side of the country, turn the full moon over washington. d. c. orange on friday. wildfires to the west have now chewed through 5 and a half 1000 square kilometers of land. more than 70 homes have burned in thousands of people have been told to prepare to flee. i've got everything backed up by the door and i'm ready to go. as soon as the word comes until then i'm going to stay here and keep watering on. 5 fire fighters were injured in montana after a thunderstorm blue flames toward them. in oregon,
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weaker winds allowed firefighters to slow ablaze that has expanded by 6 kilometers a day. right now we're kind of secure in the sense and they're pretty much upfront is, are you get the live actually bigger flames more more, he more general. and so far the fires have been limited to mostly remote areas, but this blaze at the california nevada border now threatens a community of about $1200.00. we saw that you smoke over the mountain. smoke has made it difficult to fight the flames from the air. the california governor has nevertheless ordered more aircraft to be ready to join the battle. it's what little can be done in the face of extreme heat and drought. as the u. s. wildfire season burns on hydro. castro al jazeera washington. ah,
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japan has one skateboarding 1st ever and then pick gold metal you to her to go me winning the main street event in the city way, learn to skate. some of the athletes complained that he made their boards hard to control in the final. japan is now 13 gold medals, and a storm approaching japan is made for good conditions for surfing debut as no limb take sport, so they get saki beach and sheba, brazil. the tallow ferrera came out ahead in the men's 1st round, caught a jay and climbing to other sports, competing for the 1st time. and the richardson is in tokyo with more on the new events. this is something v v i c is very cain. suppose they've got 5 new sports visa lympics. we've seen surfing and skateboarding today, and i'm one of the main reasons though. sports have included as well as some more mixed gender events is to try and get that gender balance. absolutely. at 5050 levels. the lympics, we got 49 percent of all the fleets taking part of these games being women. by the
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time we get to paris in the next bill and picks, it should be an exact $5050.00 split. so the very came to push these new sports, one of the, the picture back from see for these games where the skate part, for example, is sets up right in the middle of time with the expectation that lots of young fans could go there and watch this sports, and of course that doing it all in front of of empty seats. we mentioned the, the, the high phone that's on its way already that caused the cancellation of a couple of days of rowing as they preempt the, the impacts that we'll have. but the surface is saying that quite happy because it may well produce some big away to them. ok. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now just 0 now. typhoon in far is hitting heavily populate the regions of east in china become days after flooding forth a 1000000 people from their homes and killed at least 50.


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