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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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to human stories with political and economic tension driving them be ahead to the pope of the country to define the future. august on a job. oh i the anger and brazil is protested along the president's impeachment over his handling of the fundamental while in europe. crowds call for freedom during raleigh's against corona virus restriction. ah, i remember on comments out there a life from the french president, manuel mcroy arrives in the island of tahiti as press. it grows for an apology of
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a new testing in the pacific. and to new spoke w l m takes the most being called a historic day and the evolution of the game demonstrators across brazil, a colon for the impeachment of president jaya, both scenarios. they're angry at his handling of covey, 19 allegations of corruption, the economic crisis. monica on a kid report from reducing error. it's the 4th nationwide protest since mean thousands taken to the st. 22 brazilian states indigenous leaders joining forces with less wing party trade unions and social organization. calling for president jadem ball, some out of impeachment, the se brazilians must stand tall and break the silence. 74 year old. i guess we
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stopped by shot at the fab. staying at home in fear of the coven. 19 virus is no longer an option. is ill. the audio visa, we're fighting for our lives. in order to do this, we must impeach the president who has done nothing to protect us from the corona virus, but also from hunger and environmental destruction. there's growing dissatisfaction, the government's handling of the pandemic, which is now being investigated by brazil finish, also now was already being blamed for downplaying the danger of the corona virus and delaying the vaccine rollout in a country with the world's 2nd largest number of death by coven 19 investigation took a turn when congress started looking into accusations of corruption with government official negotiating over price. vaccines drove the study. people are now also
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protesting because they think that there is the risk to democracy. this poster here says if the people are out on the street in the midst of a pandemic, it's because the government is more dangerous than the virus. recent polls show that 6 out of every 10 brazilians asked think bull scenario is incapable of leading the country. and that he would be defeated next year's election by former president with the national ruler. the silver also not responded by following former us president donald trump script. this is thought i have already said that only god can remove me from the presidency. like the former us president, brazil president has already started telling his followers that the opposition is going to rig the election and that he won't accept the results if there is fraud. there's welcome to this regarding us. it's there in the us, military did not get involved and here they are involved. it's the 1st time since
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$98.00, the military are clearly involved in politics and they have turned the democracy . usually quickbooks, while it's usually and it's not, it's a constitutional issue. and the military has not have nothing to do with it. so i think there is a need need a trapped president. marcus, through this conjuncture is not life between both factions, old, for the military. the presidential election is still some way off, but on the streets of brazil, tensions are rising. monica now give, i'll just 0. we are narrow. there's also been unrest in several european capitals and he looked down. protesters faced off against police over laws aimed at containing the virus alex here,
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brian reports the gas and water cannon across europe and growing anger. the corona virus restriction and athens greek police tried to break out protests against compulsory cove at 19 vaccinations . salmon the crowd through pedro ball. the police responded with tea again to rally outside the great parliament was the 3rd this month against mandatory and elation for some workers, including health care nursing staff. i'm in the gym. i do not until you've actually moved. and these are people that have thought about it and want their freedom the road with the say that a demonstration in paris that he gets to be here as protest as opposed to a government virus path faced off against bryant police. it was just one of doesn't just mainly peaceful rally across the country, which brought out more than a 160000 people. the french plan requires or health k work can be vaccinated
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for everyone else to prove their virus vaccination status. in order to inter restaurants and other cultural venues. why don't we need to wait a little bit before the french people can decide, and i feel we're being russian. it's only been 6 months since these vaccines were made available. and it feels like the french people are being forced with black male. i think a part of front is always going to be unwilling and blackmail threats work, but i think systematic vaccination is too extreme and too risky. and i'm also very shocked by the extension of this to children. i think they have nothing to gain and we are taking too many risk to try and save our elders. similar proposal stocks approaches a neighboring italy. people chanted down with the dictatorship from august the vaccination certificate, but we needed to eat in restaurants and visit cinemas on thursday. the a you reported that 200000000 europeans have now been fully vaccinated over half of
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the adult population. but that figure full short at the block 70 percent target saved for the summer. in the united kingdom, thousands of people rallied in london again for the erosion of civil liberties. after the government's track and trace, it made more than $600000.00 people were told to isolate at home earlier this month . corona virus and demick is far from over night. the debate that house reopened economy for keeping everybody safe and happy. alex here blind al jazeera and the premier australia new south. well that says she's disgusted by similar protests on saturday. we saw hundreds of people find for breaking a look. measures the their office. the riley could have been a super spread event, the states to the st. for 40 to more deaths and 19,
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and 141 cases of local transmission. small demonstrations were held in melbourne, had laid em brisbin, and the covey 19 delta variance is spreading rapidly through asia pacific region. the philippines is fighting travelers from malaysia and thailand to try and hold that people and manila have been hearing up for vaccines. restrictions have been re imposed in the capital region and some provinces until the end of the month and elsewhere in the region. even remote island nations that remained isolated for much of 2020 a thing. infections rise and is toni chang report from bangkok they face a vaccine shortage. grieving relatives watch as the body of their mothers removed from the hospital in fiji. the cause cove at 19. the pacific nation has seen a significant rise in daily cases in the past week to more than a 1000 a day, and a rising death toll. the curve at $900.00 delta variant is now widespread in fiji.
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even though 70 percent of the population has received one vaccine chart and there's widespread cooperation with the vaccination rollout for the benefit of everyone else. and they've got your family. busy and friends, the neighbors of some of the most remote islands in the world. many of the pacific nations have been under strict lockdown for the past year. and in some cases, recorded 0 domestic transmission of covered 19. but the delta varying has changed all that. and it's clear the only way out of vaccines. that's the only way i don't think goes. we have any other option then try to reaction to anyone. we can, of course, are subject to, to what is, what is safe there is i don't really think there is any other way for us to, to get out of this crisis invited us through the vaccine rollout has just begun quite a challenge in a nation of 83 separate islands as part of the global kovacs vaccination initiative
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. but our 2 has now received several shipments. but with cases rising in the region many award that won't be enough for the 1000 tossers. and it's not the really not for the heart of oblivion for, nor the so we still need more packets in mainland southeast asia. there was a feeling that the worst of the pandemic was passed here in thailand. they only had 61 cove in 19 death in the whole of 2020. now, there are more than that every single day they vietnam was touted as another cove at 19 success. strict controls who kept early cases isolated and transmission well under control. now the vietnamese authorities, a saying thousands of new cases every day, a 3rd of the countries under lockdown conditions and despite talks to produce vaccines domestically, at this stage, less than half a percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. tony cheng elders,
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their turkey says to the soldiers, been killed and 2 others wounded in northern syria. the vehicle was attacked in the albany area of the defense ministry, says turkish forces immediately fight back. turkey launched a cross border euphrates shield operation in 2016 to drive out i saw the syrian kurdish y p g. turkey continues to hold sway in northwest syria and has a significant military presence. russell further has more from a stumble. there are several of the turkish military posts across scattered across east and north, i liberal and from many of these various positions, the turkish army has retaliated white peasy, possess steel. the text continues. seems that it has also going to continue through the night. and so turkey has cleared these area in 2016 from isis, which was the 1st major turkish military incursion into syria. and since then,
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several times, turkish military pause had been targeted by d t c off shot y p g. so these region, the region that to the y p g test from is also on the call to last russia and the city and government. so in that sense, we can see that way p g in this position is protected by the feeding governments and russia as well. but this turkish defense ministry statement did not mention russia at all, because it's afraid that any, any escalation between turkey and russia could affect the deli construction in the city. was it live where 4500000 people are leaving that any escalation? could 3 get a new we were refugees to over the church in which the company is already hosting more than 4000000 refugees in that sense. so to these attacks, how being carried by them? 80 gm and anti tank guided missiles with many of the extras believe that is 80 gems
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have been provided to y p g by the usa and the turkish. this jessie's continued support to white pizza has been one of the main reasons for the friction between the u. s. a and turkey as well. so in that sense, to it is managing a very much delicate balance because white p, jeez, enjoying the support from both russia and the usa and turkey regarding these 2 companies as allies. so prison on july to t is going to with it. likely widget, more school, and it seems that this issue is going to be one of the main topic on the agenda, the meeting between present ad one and russia president that i didn't put him still ahead. there are devastation. india is heavy monsoon range trigger floods and lines like the new crack down in nicaragua, sledge at the rest of several presidential hopefuls before the november election.
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ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello from dell, her good to see you will begin this weather story in the middle east stand some of the temperatures around the golf. i q weights into the fifty's, 51, baghdad high 50 degrees on sunday. next we're going to pocket stuff because got to put this on your radar. we're seen the winds pick up toward the south, a karate. that means we could see some sand and storms in the days to come. especially when you consider wind gusts of about 5055 kilometers per hour next to turkey. and the black sea region has just been pounded by some heavy rain leading to scenes of flooding here. and unfortunately, the forecast on sunday shows more rain in the forecast rate here for this core door,
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but not as intense as it has been over the past at a while. it's stumble sunshine with a high of 30 degrees on sunday. okay, next to africa and we've got our strong storms right through ethiopia, pushing into south sudan on sunday, a juba, a high of 31 degrees. as we go further toward that south, you know, temperatures are quite cool as we had toward zimbabwe. hurry, 16 degrees bill awhile, 13 degrees. that's a good 10 degrees below average, but temperatures will bounce back as we head toward wednesday, but still below average. thanks for your company. sponsor, cut on airways. joined the debate. you do not have vaccines reaching those who are mostly nice and amplify your voice in allowed a diverse community and how an array of different stories, no topic, it's off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is an obvious discrimination in systematic discrimination of the play. people are thursdays for new, wasted, the stream where
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a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. ah, ah ah, out is there a reminder of our top stories? demonstrators across brazil, according to the impeachment of president john, both laura bass handling of coven, 19 and allegations of corruption. there were some clashes in some protest in other cities. one mostly peaceful people in europe have been protesting to as governments push the so called back being possible. they say, same frenchman on the civil liberties in paris. police broke out of the crowds
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using kick and turkey says, 2 of its soldiers have been killed in an air attack on their arm and vehicle and know the areas. bob area, the defense ministry, said turkish forces immediately fight french present and manual mcroy is on his 1st official trip to the overseas territory of friends. polynesia is expected to discuss the legacy of nuclear tests as well as the threat from the to the islands from the rising seas. france carried out nuclear in the pacific from the 1900 sixty's to lunch ninety's. a recent study showed friends vastly underestimated the impact on the island of health. many hope mccrory will offer to will offer to get compensation for radiation victims. now mic mcclellan is a correspondent for islands business magazine. he joins us by skype from nova. and the big question here is whether he's going to address the nuclear testing and the
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effect it had on the island is do you think he's likely to do that in any kind of meaningful way? i think many locals in french polynesia are expecting a formal statement on this question from president of micro during his fort i visit earlier this month. the french government hosted a round table in paris to address the legacies, health and environmental of 193 nuclear tests at motorola. over at alls. but that round table was boy covered by leading opposition politicians. and by the community groups that represent nuclear survivors, people whose health has been affected by the tests. so everyone's waiting to see what my chrome will say on this topic. now, colonialism by even by the former colo colonial countries, always been a tangled subject. it's not something that they want to particularly discuss,
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but in this case, when it comes to nuclear testing, they're going to have to do. but is it going to be wider than that? will there be an apologies for some of the actions problems did in to, for example, i think it's unlikely that president micron will talk about the issue of colonialism. even though the united nations general assembly relisted french polynesia in 2013 before the un special committee on the colonization of president, a macro hopes to raise the issues around climate change around the ocean management around economic and coven problems facing principal in asia. but the nuclear issue won't go away. and at the recent round table in paris, his ministry administered a memory, said that there was no need for an apology. many molly people the polynesian, to stop the test sites during the use of nuclear testing. one, not only an apology,
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but much better improved systems for compensation for clean up and remediation of the test sites and the full medical studies on intergenerational effects that might affect their children in the future. but they clearly, the friends are clearly very scared about all of their bands on protests, even before mcconnell arrived in the country, those optics, they simply don't want to see yes, the french high commission issued a formal decree banning a planned protest by community church and independent groups at the airport on his arrival this morning. they were a few protesters carrying flags on private land near the airport. but this is a sign that this nuclear legacy from the cold war era of nuclear testing is still a hot issue in french polynesia. particularly for opposition groups and the
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community associations. the represent workers who stuff the test size, neighboring communities, and church leaders who see this says very much a moral issue that still outstanding in relations between them. our people and the french government mcclendon. thank you very much, nick, that joining us from northern thank you very much. the that's how i feel, approaching japan is makes a good conditions for sir things, debut olympic sport at soon he gets hockey, beach and chip brazil. itala furry era came out ahead in the men's 1st round, he edged out the local favorites of japan's hero to a horror. boat service now advanced to 3rd round. and it's also the 1st time skateboarding has been contested at the games,
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not to houston of the united states in japan's use. ho hurry, go. me, have advanced to the men's finals karate and climbing to the sports, being seen for the 1st time. the olympic committee says it's a historic day in the, in the evolution of the games having the sport and these events in the olympic program is so important because around the world, it gives an increased focus in new countries that brings in new investment, new development into the sports in the 206, and sees around the world. it raises the profile in this helps the development of the sports in places like africa, asia, different parts of the world, obviously building on the areas where they are already incredibly popular and have a high profile and being on the olympic stage, the broadcast, the attention that is on these athletes in the sports back into all parts of the world really will inspire further generations in the sports not only to be olympians, but also to engage in the local communities of the sports as cross live to take you
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out to join our correspond andy richardson and i'm really hoping that you do actually have a skateboard or you can actually scapegoat these new sports, bringing new life into the we gave it a go and it was causing a few problems to the camera man. otherwise, i would have happily done not on a skateboard, no problem. steven brown. yes sir. and skateboarding one to 5 new sports at these games, other also known you mixed gender events as well. and that's, that's one of the big reasons that the sports got included. not just the fact that the younger people in urban as the i c rather quickly, some them, but also they appeal to both sexes. and that's one of the big pushes they have to make these agenda balance games. 49 percent of all last week. taking part of these games are women. by the time we get to parents 2024 at the target is to have an exact $5050.00 split. i think one of the rail tragedies, if you like,
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that's not so strong a word of these games is that the urban skate part for sample is built in the, in the middle of the day, was of course to have lots of young fans by watching this school for the 1st time, and no spectators are allowed. i mean, we were lucky enough as journalists to be allowed to go and see some events. and last night we went to see one of the real stories of the games, e k, rec hacker, the young japanese swimmer site part in her rely event. she's only 21 in 20. 19 she was diagnosed with leukemia. spent 10 months in hospital, her story and her recovery from that illness in her ability to qualify for these games is really captured the nation's imagination. unfortunately, her team didn't quite make it through to the final how different that might have been. if a whole venue would be that sharing her on, we spoke some japanese people was they said everyone is devastated that she didn't make it through. but within the venue, there was no means of anyone being able to articulate that sense. mental love for her. it was all greeted with with an eerie silence. and that's, that's really one of the real disappointing to these games. but it's not just the
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lack of funds those and there are very tough conditions in to make it difficult for the athletes. yet no joke of h playing yeah. today and obviously very experienced. well, number one tennis play, he said he made the toughest conditions he never played played in daniel methods. said something very similar. now a width, i'm going to get this right. width bulb. globe temperature is what is the metric organizers use here? it's basic combination of heat and humidity. it gets beyond $28.00 than athletes. that performance is effected. we're already hitting $30.31 in tokyo if it gets to $32.00, for example, then events. the transform will not take place so the athletes are struggling. we heard from a kit mcconnell earlier talking about 7 you sports coming and he also said in terms of the hates, that competitions do have to take place during the day in order to get through the
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schedule that counter measures are in place. but he does, except that the some players, these olympics aren't going to be on the richest and they're not on a scale board, but live from turkey. thank you very much. india's military is stepping up rescue operations in the western state of missouri and other coastal regions, the heaviest july rains and decades. of course, devastating floods more than 100 people have died. many more i'm missing, sort of hire has this report come off to the chaos with an old c familiar scene across india. oh, it's hard for many to take in homes and lives destroyed. household items are all that's left. a reminder of how relentless the annual monsoon rains have been this year and keep the pain of loss is just too much to
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bear. any because i can't see anything here in my house, my people, my neighbors. i cannot find anyone flooding into landslide in this village in the states and my roster. i have less people with nothing. john, i got someone yesterday we didn't have the materials for cremation. it was raining heavily. we had nothing so that's why we dug a pit and buried every one together. more than a 100 people have been killed in just 2 days in my car. i struck many more or missing power outages in several towns. indian military has already been able to help move nearly 85000 people to safe. the areas that we have that created many people because of the increased water level in nearby villages. they were bought into the for the, i just find this, the pandemic is hampering the emergency response gum. it is also really not because
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of all the reading grounds. so government is frankly, we have another partner that all the while we are being in already like bank in the all those can that people can me been probably be the worst isn't over yet. read alerts, been issued and harassed her for the next 24 hours and further south. several states are also facing dangerous. we rivers, a flowing satellite algebra, and other presidential candidates has been detained in nicaragua, just days before registration. and november's elections opens on wednesday, november, all right, is the 7 the presidential contender accused of undermining the serenity of the country. dozens of journalists, activists and opposition figures have been arrested or placed under house arrest since june international. what still,
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organizations are conducting the crack down thing? it undermines democracy. jennifer mccoy is the professor political science at georgia state university. he says, president ortega has been repressing competition ahead of that vote. this cannot possibly be a an honest and competitive election when most of the opposition candidates are either under house arrest or being detained. some of them with no contact with lawyers or their families. so almost disappeared. so it's unclear what, what it, what would it clearly does show is how insecure daniel or take it is about competition, but also help brazen. this is to, to wipe out the opposition before an election scheduled for november. he has done very and democratic things, including having the constitution change to allow his repeated
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reelections repressing protests, especially in 2018 with very harsh repression and relying on on a harsh reaction to any kind of descent or protest against his regime over the last couple of years so he's grown increasingly authoritarian ah, there and these, that help stories. demonstrators have taken to the streets in several brazilian cities calling from the impeachment of president john, both at all. right. they're angry over the handling of the current of ours pandemic and allegations of corruption. people have been protesting in european cities as governments push them back. seems possible. please him from you, take us to disperse crowds in the capital, demonstrate to say there again, a.


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