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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2021 6:00am-6:30am AST

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get to a subscribe. you choose dot com, forward slash al jazeera english. the news in brazil protest is demanded. the president's impeachment over handling the pandemic. while in europe, crowds called for freedom during raleigh's against troy of our restriction. ah, other bronco and this out to their life. and joe, coming up, chinese shuts ports and councils, flights as it braces for a powerful life to make land full in air is already devastated by flooding. dozens of wildfire rage across the united states,
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turning the full moon orange 1000 kilometers away in demonstrates his across brazil, according to the impeachment of president j. both scenario over his handling of the coven. 19 police help highlight fight and take ethic crowds, who are also angry. about allegations of government corruption elsewhere, protests were mostly peaceful. most narrow continues to downplay the virus, even though the country has been frequently reporting daily. death told of a 1000 since general monica. yeah. kim has been at one of the person here and we are. there's a narrow, are there protesting about many things the government does playing of the cam been damaged. the president's warning of the health safety measure. the slow rollout of vaccines which has picked up in the last couple of weeks. but still brazil was
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the country that should not have had the problem because it is a country that is usually prepared for mass vaccination. and this did not happen at this time because the government itself was not pushing for the president was not trying to to put forth the message that people should say, said he was always going get a small flu. so these are the problems that were going on and also people here are that would be unemployment. there are 377. people have lost their jobs and every hours to the damage began to rupture. and there was the senate drove. 7 into the government of the band, which is when covering some corruption charges against health ministry insiders the drawer were drawing to buy overpriced vaccines. so they're all these
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factors that are contributing to these protests which are nationwide. it's been a day of unrest in europe, capitals, and he looked at protest is facing off against police. the laws aimed at containing the spread of virus electron. brian has this report, the gas and water cannon across europe, and growing anger. the corona virus restriction in athens, greek police tried to break out protests against compulsory cove at 19 vaccinations . salmon the crowd threw pedro bomb. the police responded with to rally outside the greek parliament was the said this month against mandatory inoculation to some workers including health care nursing staff. i'm in the gym. i did not actually move in. these are people that have thought about it and what their freedom the road with the say that
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a demonstration in paris that he guessed will be as protest as opposed to a government virus path faced off against bright police. it was just one of doesn't just mainly peaceful rallies across the country, which brought out more than a 160000 people. the french plan requires or health k work can be vaccinated for everyone else to prove their virus vaccination status. in order to inter restaurants and other cultural venues. why don't we need to wait a little bit before the french people can decide, and i feel we're being russian. it's only been 6 months since the vaccines were made available. and it feels like the french people are being forced with black male. i think a part of france is always going to be unwilling and blackmail and threats work both ways. i think systematic vaccination is to extreme and too risky, and i'm also very shocked by the extension of this to children. i think they have nothing to gain and we are taking too many risk to try and save our elders. similar
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proposal stocks approaches a neighboring italy. people chanted down with the dictatorship from august the vaccination certificate, but we needed to eat and restaurants and visit cinemas on thursday. the a you reported that 200000000 europeans have now been fully vaccinated over half of the adult population. but that they get full short of the blocks, even deeper st target seats for the summer in the united kingdom, thousands of people rallied in london again for the erosion of civil liberties. after the government's track and trace, it made more than $6000.00 people were told to isolate at home earlier this month. the corona virus panoramic is far from over night, the debate that house reopened economy while keeping everybody safe and happy. alex here blind al jazeera, australia new south wales is reported to death from covey 19 and 141 cases of local
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transmission their office. and he looked down, protest will turn into super spar events. the thousands of people defied restrictions on to 56 and sorry on saturday to demonstrate in 5057 people arrested some for 3 potty plants and paint and officers and police horses. small demonstrations were also held in melbourne, adelaide in brisbin, the covey. 19 delta variance is now spreading rapidly through the asia pacific region. the philippines is banding travelers from malaysia and thailand to try and hope that now people in manila have been here for vaccines restrictions have been imposed in the capital region and in some provinces until the end of the month. now also in the region, even remote island, nations that had remained isolated for much of 2020 a thing. infections rise and as tony chang repose from bangkok,
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bay face vaccine shortages, grieving relatives, watch as the body of their mothers remove from the hospital in fiji. the cause cove at 19 the pacific nation has seen a significant rise in daily cases in the past week to more than a 1000 a day and a rising death toll. the curve at $900.00 delta variant is now widespread in fiji, even though 70 percent of the population has received one vaccine chart. and there's widespread cooperation with the vaccination rollout benefit of everyone else. and they've got your family. busy and friends, the neighbors of some of the most remote islands in the world. many of the pacific nations have been under strict lockdown for the past year. and in some cases recorded 0 domestic transmission of cove at 19. but the delta variance has changed all that. and it's clear the only way out of vaccines. that's the only way i don't think goes. we have any other option than trying to actual anyone we can of course,
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subject to, to what is, what is safe with there is i don't really think there is any other way for us to, to get out of this crisis in van, out through the vaccine rollout has just begun quite a challenge in a nation of 83 separate islands as part of the global kovak specs a nation initiative. but who are to has now received several shipments. but with cases rising in the region many award, that won't be enough for 2000 tossers and it's not really enough for the hubbub. listen on all the. so we still need more packets in mainland southeast asia. there was a feeling that the worst of the pandemic was passed here in thailand. they only had $61.00 cove at 19 death in the whole of 2020. now, there are more than that every single day. vietnam was talented as another cove at 19 success. strict controls who kept early cases isolated and transmission well
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under control. now the vietnamese authorities saying thousands of new cases every day. a 3rd of the countries under lockdown conditions, and despite talks to produce vaccines domestically, at this stage, less than half a percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. tony cheng elders, their turkey's defense for history has 2 soldiers have been killed and 2 of his wounded an attack on a vehicle in the barb area of northern syria. the ministry said turkish forces immediately fight back. turkey had launched a cross border euphrates shield operation in 2016 to drive out eiffel and the syrian curtis white. the g 30 continues to hold sway in northwest syria and has a significant military presence that russell said don has more from a stumble. there are several of the turkish military posts across, scattered across east and north, i liberal,
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and from many of these various positions, the turkish army has retaliated, white peasy, possess steel. the techs are continually seems that there's a, there's also going to continue to the night. and so turkey has cleared these area in 2016 from isis, which was the 1st major turkish military incursion into syria. and since then, several times, turkish military pause had been targeted by d k. c off shot y p g. so these region, the region that to the y p g test form is also on the call to last, russia and the city and government. so in that sense, we can see that way p g in this position is protected by the feeding government and russia as well. but this turkish depressed ministry statement did not mention russia at all, because it's afraid that any, any escalation between turkey and russia could affect the deli construction
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individuals. it live where 4500000 people are leaving that any escalation could 3 get a new way. was refugees to over the church in which the company is already hosting more than $4000000.00 seating refugees in that sense. so to these attacks, how being carried by them 80 gm and anti tank guided missiles with many of the experts believe that this 80 jim's have been provided to y p g by the us saying, and the turkish this jessie's continued support to white teacher has been one of the main reasons for the friction between the u. s. a and turkey as well. so in that sense, to it is managing a very much delicate balance because white p, jeez, enjoying the support from both russia and the usa and turkey regarding these 2 companies as allies. so prison on july to t is going to with it. likely widget, more school, and it seems that this issue is going to be one of the main topic on the agenda.
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the meeting between present ad one and russia president that i didn't put him still ahead on al jazeera, the devastation in india as heavy monsoon rains in india trigger floods atlanta fly . people stand up for l g p t q plus rice in hungary, in the face of a repressive new law and hostile counter demonstration. ah hello no sir. you're whether a story starts in south america and we're going to see if we can break a record temperature in paraguay. a sophie on 34 degrees, the record 33.4. but there are some whether whiplash go in hot because by wednesday, just a high, a 14 degrees, well below the average of 24. further toward the south,
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we've got rain migrating toward the north. so santiago. what day for you? 12 degrees rain pulls away from the river plates. so conditions will improve in montevideo with a high of 18 central america. we've had some buckets of rainfall toward coast rica and panama. much of the same can be expected on sunday. the us gulf states looks like this. it's been unsettled over the last few days, and unfortunately that continues rain, new orleans, mississippi into southern portions of florida, tampa, orlando, miami, all dealing with the rain here. next, i want to take you to lake tahoe and look at what crews are up again straight now. battling these wildfires, this one only about 4 percent contained some spots where we have seen wildfires, for example in arizona, we're getting into our north american monsoon. so that rain is certainly helping landing canada where we do have some heavy rain pulling into the canadian province of quebec on sunday. the fun
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county with coff beyond and tourism, the world's richest men making a grab to control access to trillion. dollar space industry on taos, the new coal. why rich nations of emitted agriculture from climate change and how flowering call lives in iran? counting the cost? well, now just if you want to help save the world, needs into your elbow in, ah, the ah,
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your to go there. a reminder all top stories demonstrate is across brazil, according to the impeachment of president enjoyable snark, for handling, coded 19 and allegations of corruption. now there were some caches in top highlight that protest in other cities were mostly peaceful people in europe, in protesting to a government push the so called vaccine possible. they think it's an infringement on that. the liberties in paris, police broke up crowds using take turkeys has to of it's whole just have been killed in an attack on their, on the vehicle. and those materials are barbarian than the defense ministry said circus forces immediately fight back. india's military is stepping up rescue operations and the western state and her astra and other coastal regions, the heaviest july rains in decades of course, devastating floods more 100 people and died and many more are missing thought of hired has this report. calm after the chaos
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was an all too familiar scene across india. oh, it's hard for many to take in home in lives. destroyed. household items are all that's left. a reminder of how relentless the annual monsoon rains have been this year. and kita, the pain of loss, is just too much to bear with me because i can't see anything here in my house, my people, my neighbors. i cannot find anyone flooding in the last slide in this village in the states my roster. i have less people with nothing. john i got one. yesterday we didn't have the materials for cremation. it was raining heavily. we had nothing so that's why we dug a pit and buried everyone together. more than 100 people have been killed in just 2 days in my horror struck many more all missing power outages in several towns.
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indian minute tree has already been able to help move nearly 85000 people to safe the areas that we have created. many people because of the increased water level in nearby villages. they were bought into different cuz i just find this. the pandemic is hampering the emergency response. is also really not because of all the reading ground. so government is frankly have another partner that all the while we are being in short because already like bank in the all those people need been booked. probably the worst isn't over yet. red alerts been issued and harassed for the next 24 hours. and further south, several states are also facing dangerous rivers. a flowing satellite
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algebra to join in our type who in, in far is approaching fast and bringing low rein, forcing ports, and air traffic to shut down. thousands of people have been told to leave their homes. parts of china still cleaning up off the torrential downpours earlier this week, which dumped 2 years worth of rain and just 3 days, at least 58 people were killed by the typhoon as taiwan and causing major damage. in some areas, wind gusts have reached 190 kilometers per hour. so we start the coast while on land that caused some damage including houses. the storm said more than 300 kilometers out to sea. now while far as continued to ravage the western united states, fire fighters have come from across the country to battle the blazes blamed on drought and reco temperatures. thousands of people have been evacuated and thousands more. preparing to leave hydrogen castro has more from washington smoke.
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gusting from the other side of the country turn the full moon over washington. d. c . orange on friday. wildfires to the west have now chewed through 5 and a half 1000 square kilometers of land. more than 70 homes have burned in thousands of people have been told to prepare to flee. i've got everything backed up by the door and i'm ready to go. as soon as the word comes until then i'm going to stay here and keep watering on. 5 fire fighters were injured in montana after a thunderstorm blue flames toward them. in oregon, weaker winds allowed firefighters to slow ablaze that has expanded by 6 kilometers a day. right now we're kind of securing the fire and pretty much upfront is, or you get the live action, bigger flames more more, he more general. and so far the fires have been limited mostly remote areas, but this blaze at the california nevada border now threatens
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a community of about $1200.00. we saw that you smoke over the mountain. smoke has made it difficult to fight the flames from the air. the california governor has nevertheless ordered more aircraft to be ready to join the battle. it's what little can be done in the face of extreme heat and drought. as the u. s. wildfire season burns on hydro, castro al jazeera washington. the vaccination rollers in the u. s. has been seen as the success of jo biden's term in office, but it's slowing down and targets are now being missed and that's causing a greater concern. as the delta various spreads across the country, gabrielle is on the has more from washington here in washington, dc. the nation's capital, about 53 percent of the residents here are fully vaccinated. that's pretty good compared to the rest of the united states. it's about 48 percent throughout the entire country. but the delta variant is spreading throughout the united states
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everywhere. increasing the number of people that are coming down with krona virus to pandemic. that is now being fueled primarily in 3 states. texas, missouri, and florida. just in the state of florida. it's accounting for about 20 percent of all new corona virus cases here in the us. they're troubling signs as well. and for example, in the state of alabama, only about 33 percent of the entire state population has been vaccinated. that has led the governor of alabama to say that basically they're blaming it on unvaccinated people in her state on why the caseload is also going up there. and in the state of new jersey, once one of the epa centers of the pandemic here in the united states, the governor announced there that 50 people about that were fully vaccinated. recently died from corona virus that's led to a lot of worry by many
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a recent poll by the associated press found that out of all the people unvaccinated in the united states, 45 percent of them say they definitely have no plans to get the jap, it's very troubling for the white house and officials here in the us who are basically dealing with trying to get more people vaccinated. but people that simply clearly have told people they just do not want to get vaccinated. lot of people just feel unconvinced that that is the answer for them. nevertheless, there is a lot of talk here in the united states, a bringing about bringing back mascot mandates throughout the country. so far it is being done on a local level. but the talk that it could be a federal mandate again, soon, but bottom line here is within the united states. this is now very much become a pandemic and vaccinated tons in air has received his 1st patch of 1000000 corona
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virus. vaccines from the u. s. is just one of the few countries in africa yet to begin back spacing. its former president, john michael hooley, who died in march, refused to accept a foreign office and vaccines for my hulu son who took the as present as now reverse tons. and he is official practice of denying the spread of 19 this will not be the last vaccine that comes from the united states. there will be additional vaccine coming to tanza near through generous donation by the united states government in the u. s. people present biden has committed to making 500000000 doses of vaccine available, available to the global community. and those will be coming in various tranches to chance in the through the ga, the initiative. dozens of israelis and protested outside the prime minister's residence of the call for everyone to get a vaccine. natalie bennett had one. those who don't would not need to show a negative test to attend public event, as well as seen
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a sharp rise impacts in spite $0.58. and his hope relation being fully violated. the delta various has both, the government really plays the measure and keep his attorney general says 59 people who took part in and he government protests have been prosecuted. their actions were described as disturbances and charges included public disorder and non unclosing, non serious injury or injuries. rights groups have more than 600 people were detained during and since the july 11th demonstration, that's when thousands of humans took to the street. the morning political change and protesting against for economic conditions. now thousands of people have marched in hungry, in opposition to an education law that they say discriminate against the o g b t community. the demonstration coincided with the annual pride parade of many taking part condemned nationalists, prime minister victor over the law put limits on what schools can teach about
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homosexuality. being challenged by the european commission which says it's intolerant and discrimination. the law is an outrage. it shouldn't be happening. we're no longer in communist telling us this is the you, everyone should be able to do freely. i was outraged by this law. this should not be done. it is wrong. i think this is nothing more than a diversion that tries to tear the country a part. i think it's a provocation because of the election in trouble for that because the asking them are generated by politics. as i think the majority of the society is inclusive. the more politics incite this society will turn around and people will turn against one another after a while, the hiding will return, and i do not want to have to wear a jewish star. many among us today feel as if we are carrying a stigma. a small gathering of people held a counter processed people are the so called hetero pride gathering challenge. it's less offensive salute a serv i by the last $100.00 less than half of hunger and gary and support the same
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sex marriage. afghans rooms the 1st night of a nationwide curfew imposed by the government. what it calls security reasons. all but 3 of the country, $34.00 provinces will be subject to the new restriction. fighting has started again after quite few days of the muslim, eat a lot of holiday. the armies trying to hold a taliban advance, which is the same. the group make large territorial gangs or diplomatic editor james base has this helped a couple. there's serious concern about the situation from africa officials. they have a regular morning security meeting in cobble with senior cabinet ministers and senior generals. it's normally chad by the vice president, but it has now been chaired by president ashe, rough ghani, and immediately following that meeting, the interior ministry as issued an important announcement saying that in many parts of afghanistan is going to be
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a night time curfew put into place from 10 pm until 4 am, which is the time of 1st prayers the curfew will take place in 31 out of 34 provinces. so the majority of afghanistan, but it will not take place in 3 large population centers. they are cobble the capital and the province around this 9 got ha, province to the east with a capital july alibi. and also in punch year, which is a province just to the north of cobbled bay for now will be exempt from this night time curfew. the reason for the curfew is not being given other than it's for security reasons, but it's been clear for many years that in contested parts of afghanistan, the government may control things during the day. but the taliban very much own the night. us defense secretary lloyd austin, says he believes the afghan government plan to consolidate its security forces, and major cities could help called the taliban serge. i think the 1st thing to do
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is to make sure that they can slow the momentum and then and then be able to put themselves in a position where they can retake some of the games that the taliban, that some of the ground that they've lost. so i think, i think from my engagements with the afghan leadership, they are committed to that and. and so we look forward to, to them making progress, they have, they have the capabilities, i have a capacity to, to make progress and to, and to really began to blunt some of the taliban advances. ah, that was hyphen approaching japan as made for good conditions for certain things, debut, and pick sport at so he gets hockey beach and ship brazil. it's hollow. fair yes,
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very eric came out ahead. in the men's rounds, he edged out local favorites. he retail horror by service advance to the 3rd round . and it's also the 1st time skateboarding is being contested at the gains niger, houston of the united states and japan's, that you told her, got me advanced to the men's finals karate and climbing a 2 other sports, being seen at the games for the 1st time, which the olympic committee says it will open them up to new communities, having the sports and these events in the olympic program is so important because around the world, it gives an increased focus in new countries that brings in new investment, new development into the sports in the $206.00, and sees around the world. it raises the profile in this helps the development of the sports in places like africa, asia, different parts of the world, obviously building on the areas where they are already incredibly popular and have
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a high profile. and being on the olympic stage, the broadcast, the attention that is on these athletes in the sports back into all parts of the world really will inspire further generations in the sports not only to be olympians, but also to engage in the local communities of the sports the there are, these are the top stories. demonstrators have taken to the streets in several brazilian cities colon 3 impeachment of president john bolton. alright. they're. 2 angry over his handling of the crone of ours pandemic and, and allocations of corruption protest in european cities continue as governance push back can also police in from you.


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