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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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how does the things affect people we revisit places day, even when there are no international headline houses, there are really invest in that. and that's the privilege, as a journalist, ah, in demonstrations in brazil against president general sonata and his handling of the pandemic. ah, i'm back isn't. this is all to 0. live from also coming up to turkey. soldiers die into injured and attacked on a vehicle and northern syria. a nighttime confusing poster cause most of us can stand in response to intensifying taliban violence. heavy moons soon reigns in
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india, cause floods and landslides, killing more than 100 people. we're going to begin with protests around the world against corona virus restrictions in brazil, demonstrators took to the streets in several cities, calling for the impeachment of president jack. both sonata over his handling of the pandemic. but he's fired to tear gas at crowds. you're also angry about allegations of government corruption classes to place in. so paula, but followed mostly peaceful demonstrations across the country. both sonata continues to don't play the virus, even though the countries frequently been reporting danny deaf tolls more than a 1000 since january. why he and i can have, has been one of the protest testers here, and there's a narrow, are there protesting about many things. the government downplaying of the can been
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damaged. the president, scorning of the health safety measures the slow rollout vaccines which has picked up in the last couple of weeks. but still brazil was the country that should not have had the problem because it is a country that is usually prepared for mass vaccination. and this did not happen at this time because the government itself was not pushing. the president was not trying to, to put forth the message that people should say, said he was always going get a small flu. so these are the problems that were going on and also people here are upset with the unemployment. there are 377. people have lost their jobs and every hour the damage began to rupture. and there was the senate
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drove. 7 into the government of the band with just one covering some corruption charges against health ministry insiders the drawer were trying to buy overpriced vaccines. so they're all the factors that are contributing to these processes which are nationwide. claudio koto is a political scientist and he's associate professor of the good to you, vargas foundation. he says both and out of support continues to decline. what do we have is a continuous last lose call? s political support for the president, at least one 4th of the population, the student evaluating will stiffly or give hymns as political support even on the streets. but it's going down. and even when we consider the political class, there is also a decreasing his political support among the political pleasant. so it gets even
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more costly for him to keep the support among the congressmen. he still has several support at the congress and seems as necessary to obtain the least 2 terms of the vote, both in the house and in this, at the senate. and also now to have at least 40 percent of the support of the seeds, both in the house and the senate. it's impossible today to have those impeachment advancing to day. the demonstrations on the street are predominantly demonstrations of the political left in brazil. we have also some representatives of the political center or the progress of center, but we don't have yet to write on streets. there is a demonstration death as a capital for september by political right wing movement. but while it's a long time into there, and right now, what have is the political only residual spot of the political center going to the streets will demonstrate against the government. and so is not yet widespread mass
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movement on the streets. please, imperative use tear gas to disperse protest as who opposed plans for so called a virus passes in france some periods in say that against proposal, which would mean people have to prove their virus of vaccination status before they can enter restaurants or cultural venues more than 160000, their demonstrates against the covered 1900 measures across the country. parliament will vote in the virus passes this weekend. if you go to the bus, we are here mainly to protest against the hill past against the obligation of the hill past everywhere, because it's discriminatory. it divides the citizen. it divides people. that's why we hear what i think systematic vaccination is to extreme and too risky. and i'm also very shocked by the extension of this to children. i think they have nothing to gain and we are taking too many risk to try and save our eldon's across
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italy as some of those things also sport, angry demonstrations. thousands of protested in rome, naples and children chanting freedom and done with the dictatorship. a green past will be needed from the next month that you can rest, hold on cinema, among other indoor activities. i mean 55 percent of the population is vaccinated. while thousands of people have offered in full testing in london, demonstration city governments track and trace app is limiting their movements with more than 600000 told the self i said one week alone. the process come a week after most because on the virus restrictions and them do a lifted earlier sizes of streaming and defied covered 1900 restrictions to march against a lockdown. the kidney demonstrations cooking turned violent protests and police 57 people have been arrested. the throwing potted plugs and painted officers and police horses,
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smaller demonstrations, also held in melbourne, adelaide and brisbin. what we saw today, what 3 and a half 1000 very selfish both aids people that thought that the law didn't apply to them. there is no doubt in my mind that one in the least one individual there today had covered it is statistically impossible for us not to consider that. i'm hoping that we should 3 and a half hours and infringement night is. i'm hoping that we have people before the court and i really hope we can get some charges and convictions out of tonight's work by the new saw falls place. it's essential for people to get the message and i was calling for it to occur again next week. look up because these 400 offices will turn into 4000 if need be. company has received its 1st batch of 1000000 corona virus vaccines from the u. s. it's just one of the few countries in africa the jet to begin vaccinating its citizens. former president, john margot fully who died in march, refused to accept foreign offers of vaccines. somebody who, who ha,
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son who took over his president as a reversed times in the as official practice of denying the spread of covered 90. this will not be the last vaccine that comes from the united states. there will be additional vaccine coming to tanza near through generous donation by the united states government and the u. s. people present biden has committed to making 500000000 doses of vaccine available, available to the global community. and those will be coming in various tranches to chance in the through the ga, the initiative took his defense ministry says 2 soldiers have been killed and to be murdered in an attack on a vehicle in the bob area of northern syria. the ministry said turkish forces immediately fired back. turkey had lost a cross border your freaking shield operation in 2016. to drive out i salon, the city and curtis y. p g. turkish and turkey continues to hold sway in northwest city and has a significant military presence there. sort of has more from
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a symbol. there are several of the turkish military posts across scattered across east and north, i liberal and from many of these various positions the turkish army has retaliated while peasy possess field techs are continually seems that this as also going to continue through the night. and so turkey has cleared these area in 2016 from isis, which was the 1st major turkish military incursion into syria. and since then, several times, turkish military pause had been targeted by d t c off shot y p g. so these region, the region that to the y p g test form is also on the call to last, russia and the city and government. so in that sense, we can see that way p g in this position is protected by the feeding governments and russia as well. but this turkish depressed ministry statement did not mention
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russia at all, because it's afraid that any, any escalation between turkey and russia could affect the deli construction in the city. was it live where 4500000 people are leaving that any escalation? could 3 get a new way, was refugees to over turkey, which the company is already hosting more than 4000000 refugees in that sense. so to these attacks, how being carried by them? 80 gm and anti tank guided missiles with many of the extras believe that is 80 gems have been provided to y p g by the usa and the turkish. this jessie's continued support to white pizza has been one of the main reasons for the friction between the u. s. a and turkey as well. so in that sense, to it is managing a very much delicate balance because white p jeez enjoy. and the support from both russia and the usa and turkey regard these 2 companies as allies,
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so prison adult where he is going to with it, likely with moscow. and it seems that these issue is going to be one of the main topic on the agenda. the meeting between present ad one and russia president that i didn't put him burned. there is a senior associate with a center for strategic and international studies. he says washington's involvement complicates the situation. i think it's actually much more the us dimension of this report for the white g and white de jesus continued attacks or skirmishes where the church military is going to be highlighted by the church. because it is a major issue between now washington and jerky y p g is, is considered to be our organization by jerking make k as was reported. but the u. s. has maintained a relationship with the wifi g. even though you guys are k as a service, vision service are very complicated situation. relationship with assuring government
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is very complicated because this year and government has traditionally opposed autonomy for, for the church. but the wifi g doesn't maintain an office in russia. it also has an interest in washington, but the bulk of its military equipment, company and united states and the us us to maintain your relationship with a wife in the context of a certain democratic forces which the u. s. is always assisted, was very important in the defeat devices. now, turkey here, as complained to the us many, many times about this relationship. nonetheless, us are unwilling to, to give it up. and as you said, why teachers ability to deal with moscow and washington and somehow find a working relationship also with sharing government strengths. yes,
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the much stronger opponents, namely the government or turkey. i still had an order 0 protesters involved in cuba as anti government demonstrations earlier this month and facing charges and fitting for afghan lines. the dutch government faces criticism for acting too slowly to help us canister interpreters who worked for its horses. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by cut on airways. hello, thanks for tuning in. we're going to start with the southwest monsoon and we take you to the indian state of buffer restaurant. look at this over the past 24 hours more than $450.00 millimeters of rain. that means over the past few days, we've seen over a meter of rain here. and there are bread, weather alerts for a good track west much of pradesh on sunday,
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because that is where the most intense rain will fall. next we're going to go to asia pacific and we saw quite the lashing for nearer type pay. and this is all because of typhoon in 5 trees just snapped like twigs and we've been dealing with flooding. so we track where this is right now. expect landfall south of shanghai on sunday and the team and we've been going over what we expect when goes about a 105 kilometers per hour and rainfall a $115.00 millimeters, that's per sunday alone. ok, we are also watching some tropical trouble in the pacific par tech. it could impact the olympics. i'll put this for now. we're thinking monday, we'll start to see the effects in tokyo. and if this does become a typhoon, it could very well make landfall on tuesday. further to the south, we've got plenty of sun across sumatra, and borneo and 4 java. look at this jakarta wall to wall sunshine on sunday with a hive. 31. sponsor cut on airways.
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something was going to change. has anything really changed? this is systemic. violent that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a way against variance. know what to say. we are all saying we're looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line. when i was just around i care about helping us engages with the rest of the world. we're really interested in taking you into a play. you might not visit otherwise and feel that you were there. ah, ah ah, the want, you know, just a reminder of our top stories are demonstrators are taken to the streets and
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several brazilian cities calling for the impeachment of president shatter both sonata, the angry, over handling of the panoramic and allegations of corruption that it be more protest in european cities as governments push from vaccine passport, but he's in front of us here. got to dispatch protested capital demonstrators there . say that against a green pass that would only allow vaccination people. 3 of the cobra, 1900 virus, inter restaurants and other indoor areas. turkeys defense ministry says to turkey, soldiers killed in an attack on their armored vehicle in northern cities, out bob area. the ministry said turkish forces and immediately fired back cuba. his attorney general says 59 people who took part, an antique government protests, have been prosecuted. their actions are described as disturbances and charges included public disorder and causing non serious injuries. rights groups say more than 600 people would attain during and since the july 11th demonstrations that
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from thousands of cubans took to the streets, demanding political change and protesting against poor economic conditions. well, let's talk now to read. lindsey who's a journalist based in cuba, with the news media organization, belly of the beast. he's joining us live from have on a good to happy with his read and understand the government had been holding a press conference around all of this. what were they saying? it was, there was a push back against what is really been the big story in the international news media. and definitely a been all of our social media in recent weeks, which is that number of people detain, which as you mentioned, may, may be over 600 according to let's compile by a list compile by journals and activists here. they or they did a press conference, it's quite rare members, high ranking members of the justice system generally don't talk to journalists but it. ready was clear, they want to sort of get, get their,
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their side of things out. a lot of the accusations against the government for people detained beyond the detention is that there have been some trials. they said have been summary trials without a lawyer. the this list that has been compiled more than 600 people detain, includes 14 people who have been sentenced to a between 8 and 12 months. and so they. ready at the press conference, there was the, the president supreme court as well as attorney general. and they, they sort of, they, cliff and they will not somebody trial. they said that they were brief trials and that they would fit the judicial process with ongoing. they would now go from municipal court to potential court if. ready if the people cues appealed, they also said these trials with public data that people had had access to lawyers and some said they chose not to to have lawyers. but at the same time they, they admitted there might have been mistakes made. and that these mistakes can be
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corrected so they. ready were leaving some room open. busy for, for people potentially being released but it's very. busy hard to stay. busy at this initial stage. ready or what will be the result of the, of the people of these trials, and what will happen to those people who are detain. as i mentioned just a minute ago that the protests were essentially about political change, but also about economic changes will be on the pressures that keep us facing at the moment. is there anything that the government is either prepared to do or, and indeed can do about either of those things yeah, it was interesting on. busy what 1st we should make clear because this has been a big news store the last couple weeks. all. busy around the world, but really the protests were basically one day, july 11th. there haven't been protest least significant protest since then. and been very quiet. the internet's been working why it was cut briefly that day. it's been basically working since that. but the day the protests, the chance were freedom and down with communism and insulting the present. and so.
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busy so forth, i love that to do with political questions and civil liberties and changing the government, changing the political system. but when talking to protesters, they're really the most. it seemed to be driven by scarcity and economic condition . there's not a lot the government can do about that. the government was, was even be for cobra came, was in a devastating economic crisis brought on in part by us sanctions coverage. and for a country that depends largely on tourism, the economy was which was crushed really further. so the government, they just don't have the ability to solve some of these problems, at least until it can get out of college and. and as long as the sanctions united states continue read, thanks very much indeed that's we lindsey, talking to us from havana. he'll afghans are into their 1st night a nationwide curfew imposed by the government for what it calls security reasons. all but 3 of the countries $34.00 provinces will be subject to the new restrictions
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. fighting started again after quite a few days over the muslim either lot holiday. the army is trying to hold to taliban advance, which is senior group make large territorial games. i did my to get it a james base, has this update from campbell, the serious concern about the situation from africa officials. they have a regular morning security meeting in cobble with senior cabinet ministers and senior general. that's normally chad by the vice president, but it has now been chaired by president ashe, rough ghani, and immediately following that meeting, the interior ministry as issued an important announcement saying that in many parts of afghanistan is going to be a night time curfew put into place from 10 pm until 4 am, which is the time of 1st prayers the curfew will take place in 31 out of 34 provinces. so the majority of afghanistan, but it will not take place in 3 large population centers. they are called all the
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capital and the province around this 9 got ha, province to the east with a capital july alibi. and also in punch year, which is a province just to the north of cobble they for now will be exempt from the night time curfew. the reason for the curfew is not being given other than it's for security reasons, but it's been clear for many years that in contested parts of afghanistan, the government may control things during the day. but the taliban very much own the night without government has been accused of not doing enough to relocate. african interpreters who worked for its forces thousands who helps foreign troops. and now at risk of attack by the taliban set, vasa has more from the hage. this is a new base where making a new base the dutch government and making a new base c hoc work for that forces in afghanistan from 2007 to 2009. he arrived
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with his family and an adult and last april, after a lengthy and complicated procedure that took 2 years, still, fearing for his life. he does not want his identity to be re field. well, i feel for the other people that are still stuck over there during my time when i was working for this process to get out of a fun is ton and come to holland. it was still a little bit easier for me because the war was not that worse on the families that are stuck there are disconnected with each other. so 594 interpreters who work for dutch forces have been brought to the netherlands, but many are still enough county, stan, fearing for their lives now the taliban is closing in. in total, $273.00 interpreters worked for the dutch as part of a natal mission, men to bring peace and democracy to afghanistan. we know these people have targets on their head. so what i want to government to do is to make sure to have a list of the people who worked for them as long as they have a valid travel document. give the visa, get them on the plane,
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and make sure they're safe. but the minister of defense, as the discovery of faith documents, forces them to thoroughly check their identities. do not all of which were trying out utmost to speed up the process, but they will still be a check. and if this is not possible, we'll still need to make sure these people actually worked for us on july for large groups left off guy and he's done. lawmakers blamed the government for failing to evacuate the interpreter before that date. this, this belief among politicians here in the hague, that after years of pressure, the government has so far failed to fulfill its moral obligation to dos with the life of dutch troops. it is estimated thousands of people enough got a son who held during the war and now in extreme danger. a neat away out. former local staff of british forces recently held the protest in couple, urging the u. k. government to evacuate them. charles worked as an interpreter for them, but because he was dismissed his application for resettlement was rejected. he says
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the same happened to dozens of others, actually because they were meant to help us ignore the technician because they would not see it. they would not look our definition. it will tell our researchers estimate that hundreds of former staff has already been killed by the taliban and tens of thousands are in danger. the nato, of course, always came to have gone on promising democracy, promising equality, and also promising human rights. quite a few of the people that have interviewed wonder where their human rights are. the dutch government recognizes that time is running out to bring everyone to safety. but the minister won't say when all interpreters who work for them and who want out will arrive here, steadfast and al jazeera, the hake. india's military staffing rescue operations in the western states of marashi and other coastal regions. the heaviest july reigns in decades have caused devastating floods. more than
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a 100 people had died and many more i'm missing. so high that has this report come off to the chaos with an all too familiar scene across india. it's hard for many to take in homes and lives destroyed. household items are all that's left. a reminder of how relentless the annual monsoon rains have been this year. and kita, the pain of loss is just too much to bear with me because i can't see anything here in my house, my people, my neighbors. i cannot find anyone flooding in the landslide in this village in the states. my roster, i have left people with nothing. john, i guess i'm on yesterday we didn't have the materials for cremation. it was raining heavily. we had nothing so that's why we dug a pit and buried everyone together. money more than 100 people have been killed in
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just 2 days in my horror struck many more all missing power outages in several towns. indian tree has already been able to help move nearly 85000 people to safe areas that we have a good many people because of the increased water level in nearby villages they were bought into different i just find this. the pandemic is hampering the emergency response gum. it is also really not become of all the ground. so government is frankly developing that all the while we are being installed already supplied bank mach in the all those can people, can me been booked probably never going to be the worst, isn't over yet. read alerts, been issued and harassed for the next 24 hours and further south. several states
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are also facing dangerous rivers, flowing sorta height of algebra. one far as continue to ravage the western united states firefighters are come from across the country to battle. the blazes of records temperatures thousands of people to be forced to leave their homes. as many more expected to follow, jo castle has more from washington smoke. gusting from the other side of the country turned the full moon over washington. d. c. orange on friday. wildfires to the west have now chewed through 5 and a half 1000 square kilometers of land. more than 70 homes have burned in thousands of people have been told to prepare to flee. i've got everything backed up by the door and i'm ready to go. as soon as the word comes until then i'm going to stay here and keep watering on 5 fire fighters were injured in montana after
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a thunderstorm blue flames toward them. in oregon, weaker winds allowed firefighters to slow ablaze that has expanded by 6 kilometers a day. right now we're kind of in the sense and they're pretty much upfront is where you get the live action, bigger flames more more, he more general. and so far the fires have been limited to mostly remote areas, but this blaze at the california nevada border now threatens a community of about $1200.00. we saw that huge no come over the mountain. smoke has made it difficult to fight the flames from the air. the california governor has nevertheless ordered more aircraft to be ready to join the battle. it's what little can be done in the face of extreme heat and drought. as the u. s. wildfire season burns on hydro. castro al jazeera washington ah,
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the very 1st gold medal of the tokyo olympics has been awarded to china's young crime one the woman's 10 meter air rifle, competition. putting her country straight to the top of the metal table with 2 golds. the host nation also struck gold after now he said to cato, one, the men's, 60 kilogram judo, competition, ecuador, iran, south korea, and castle on among those with one gold a piece. ah, this is all, just these are the top stories. demonstrators are taken to the streets and several brazilian cities calling for the impeachment of president jack, both sonata. they're angry over the handling of the pandemic, and allegations of corruption. protests in european cities continue as governments push for vaccine passport police in front to tear gas to disperse protests in the capital. paris demonstrated say that.


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