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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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on out of the me, the al jazeera as a whole, me the demonstrations in brazil against president charitable sonata and his handling of the pandemic. ah, i know about this, and this is ally from dough have also coming up to turkey. soldiers die and 2 are injured in an attack on a vehicle in northern syria. a nighttime curfews impose across most of ghana style in response to intensifying taliban violence. heavy monsoon rains in india called
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floods and lines slides killing more than 100 people. we're going to begin with protests around the world against corona virus restrictions in brazil, demonstrators took to the streets in several cities calling for the impeachment. president j. annabelle sonata over his handling of the pandemic, bare police fire tear gas at crowds, angry over the corruption allegations. the clashes took place in south palo, but mostly follow the peaceful demonstrations across the country. both sonata continues to don't play the virus, despite the countries frequently reporting daily death tolls of more than a 1000. since january 1 can you not? here has been one of the protest. protesters here and we are, there's a narrow, are there processing about many things. the government does been damaged the
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president scorning of the health safety measure, the slow rollout of vaccines which has picked up in the last couple of weeks. but still brazil was the country that should not have had the problem because it is a country that is usually prepared for mass vaccination. and this did not happen at this time because the government itself was not pushing for the president was not trying to, to put forth the message that people should say, said he was always going get a small flow. so these are the problems that were going on and also people here are upset with the unemployment. there are 377. people have lost their jobs and every hour the damage began her rupture. and there was the senate drove. 7 into the government of the band,
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which is one covering some corruption charges against health ministry insiders the draw we're drawing to buy overpriced vaccines. so they're all the factors that are contributing to these protests which are nationwide police compilers of use tear gas to disperse. protestors who oppose plans for so called virus passes in france. some prison say that against a proposal, which would mean people have to prove their virus or vaccination status before they can enter restaurants or cultural venues. more than 160002 demonstrate that against the corporate 1900 measures across the country. parliament will vote in the virus passes this weekend. if only you see go to the bus, we are here mainly to protest against the hill paths against the obligation of the health class everywhere. because it's discriminatory. it divides the citizen. it divides people. that's why here,
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what i'm just calling is i think systematic vaccination is too extreme and too risky. and i'm also very shocked by the extension of this to children. i think they have nothing to gain and we are taking too many risk to try and save our eldon's lacrosse sicily as similar schemes also spoke angry demonstrations. there are thousands protested in rome, naples and children chanting freedom and down with a dictatorship. a green pass will be needed for me alley next month to into restaurants and visits, centers among other indoor activities and the 55 percent of its population is fully vaccinated. thousands of people have also protested in london. demonstrated say the government's track and trace app is limiting their movements with more than 600000 total self isolate. in one week alone this month, the process come a week after most because on the virus restrictions in england was listed. professor gabriel scully is president of the epidemiology and public health section
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of the royal society of medicine in london explains what's behind much of the anti vaccine and anti lockdown movements. i think these rallies are relatively small and all the way through the pandemic. we've seen small groups of people who have taken to the straits to express their opposition to various things that comes from different opposition. opposition to the faxing opposition to government interference. some believe that the virus doesn't exist. that covert 19 doesn't exist. there's some think it's a conspiracy from all sorts of people, including bill gates, international conspiracy, putting microchips in their arms. it's such a mixed package of, of opposition and, but, but relatively small. it isn't anything new. there always has been opposition to vaccine in history. i think we've got get faxing levels, vaccination levels up. there are some people who are hesitant,
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and sometimes they've got to reasons because they are often excluded from society. they don't trust governments or politicians or maybe even some health service people. so we've got to work at a local level to get that understanding and talk to people face to face about their concerns and try and answer their concerns. it's always in vaccination programs is always easy to get 506070 percent of people vaccinated. but with, with the, the variance we have no, we need a lot more than that to be vaccinated. really, to have population immunity and enable us to get the virus under control. earlier, thousands of strains defied covered $900.00 restrictions to march against locked on . the sidney demonstrations quickly turn violent as protested vote for these 57 people have been arrested for throwing potted plants
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and painted officers and police horses, smaller demonstrations, but also held in melbourne, adelaide and brisbin. what we saw today, what 3 and a half 1000 very selfish, both aids people that thought that the law didn't apply to them. there is no doubt in my mind that one in the least one individual there to die had covert. it is statistically impossible for us not consider that. i'm hoping that we should 3 and a half hours on the fringe of the night. it was, i'm hoping that we have people before the court and i really hope we can get some charges and convictions out of tonight's work by then you saw falls place. it's essential for people to get the message and i was recalling for it to occur again next week. look up because these 400 offices will turn into 4000 tons and he has received its 1st batch of 1000000 corona virus vaccines from the u. s. is just one of the few countries in africa the jet to begin vaccinating it. citizens. former president john michael, fully who died in march, refused to accept fallen offers of vaccines, some ice and knew who her son,
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who took over his prisoners. as no reversed townsend, he is official practice of denying the spread of covered 19 turkeys. defense ministry says 2 soldiers have been killed and 2 have been wounded in an attack on a vehicle in the old bob area of northern city. the ministry said turkish forces immediately 5 bags. turkey had launched across the border euphrates shield operation in 2016 to drive out eiffel and the city and tradition y. p g. turkey continues to hold sway in north by syria and times a significant military presence there. as well center has more from istanbul, there are several of the turkish military posts across scattered across east and north, unable, and from many of these various positions, the turkish army has retaliated, white peasy, possess steel. the techs are continually seems that there's, there's also going to continue to the night. and so turkey has cleared these area
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in 2016 from isis, which was the 1st major turkish military incursion into syria. and since then, several times, turkish military posts had been targeted by d k. c off shot y p g. so these region, the region that to the y p g test form is also on the call to last, russia and the city and government. so in that sense, we can see that way p g in this position is protected by the feeding governments and russia as well. but the turkish depressed ministry statement did not mention russia at all, because it's afraid that any, any escalation between turkey and russia could affect the delicate situation in the city of it live, where 4500000 people are leaving that and any escalation could 3 get a new way was refugees to over turkey, which the company is already hosting more than 4000000 cd and refugees invest. and
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so to these attacks, how being carried by them 80 gm and anti tank guided missiles with many of the extra believe that is 80 gems have been provided to white p g by the us saying, and the turkish, this jessie's continued support to white piece has been one of the main reasons for the friction between the u. s. a and turkey as well. so in that sense to it is managing a very much delicate balance because white p g 's enjoy and the support from both russia and the usa and turkey regards these 2 companies as allies. so prison on july to t is going to with it. likely widget, more school, and it seems that this issue is going to be one of the main topic on the agenda, the meeting between president ad one and russia president, but i didn't put him. but i tell you, this is a senior associate with the center for strategic and international studies, and he's joining us now from washington dc. it's good to have you with us on
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odyssey. so thank you very much indeed. what do you think the y p g intention is here to continually chip away at turkish forces? are they building up to something on a larger scale? i think the, the 1st be afraid is she had the operation was the 1st major minister operation that launched and it resulted in turkey, maintaining your presence in that potter known as syria. there are 2 other parts. you know that? sure. what's your, if you mean jesus and military forces? your 1st one i mentioned which is where you know, the major ministry presences. ready he also mentioned that russia and the syrian government where the us behind the way d g and that this would come up and not talk to moscow. i think it's actually much more the u. s. dimension of this report for the white g and y,
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p g continued attacks, or skirmishes where the church military not is going to be highlighted by the church government because it is a major issue between now washington and jerky. why is it considered our organization by quite jerky gay, because it was reported, but the u. s. has major relationship with the g even though they guys are j as a division service are very complicated situation. yeah, it does seem to be the split, doesn't there as you, as you, as you mentioned there that there's in the us seems to be trying to, to approach us on, on 2 different levels in a certain sense. does that give the y p g, a sense of confidence if you like, if it feels that it's got the support of the us, but it also has the backing of russia and it's operating within syria as well. connected with assuring government is very complicated because the sharon government has traditionally post autonomy for for the church. by the way,
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the g doesn't mean came an office in russia. it also has an office in, in washington, but the bulk of its military equipment that's coming in the united states and, and the us us to maintain your relationship with why could you in the context of sharing democratic forces, which the u. s. is always an assistant, was very important in the defeat devices, not jerky. here is as complaints in the us, many, many times about this relationship. nonetheless, the us are unwilling to give it out. and as you say, why did you ability to, to deal with moscow and washington and somehow find a working relationship also with sharing government strengths. but yes, the much stronger opponent, new developments are really good to get your thoughts on this. but until it is that we, we appreciate your joining us and i'll just to thank you very much. indeed i do still
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ahead on al jazeera protesters involved in cuba, anti government demonstrations earlier this month. and now facing charges we're going to live in has honor and doesn't want 5 in the u. s. northwest sense smoke as far as new york and constant on hugh and july's full moon. ah. ah. hello. notice here your weather story starts in south america and we're going to see if we can break a record temperature in paraguay. a sophie on 34 degrees, the record 33.4. but there is some weather whiplash. go in hot because by wednesday just a high, a 14 degrees, well below the average of 24. further towards the south, we've got rain migrating toward the north. so santiago. what day for you?
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12 degrees? rain pulls away from the river plate. so conditions will improve in montevideo with a high of 18 central america. we've had some buckets of rainfall toward coast rica and panama, much of the same can be expected on sunday. us gulf states looks like this. it's been unsettled over the last few days. and unfortunately that continues rain, new orleans, mississippi into southern portions of florida, tampa, orlando, miami, all dealing with the rain here. next, i want to take you to lake tahoe and look at what crews are up against straight now . battling these wildfires, this one only about 4 percent contain some spots where we have seen wildfires, for example in arizona, we're getting into our north american monsoon. so that rain is certainly helping land in canada, where we do have some heavy rain pulling into the canadian province of quebec. on sunday. the news
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was a bank to every part of our universe, more small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you, and your bill ah, ah, ah, the data line of our top story, demonstrators are taken to the street from several brazilian cities,
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calling for the impeachment of president seattle sonata angry, over the handling of the pandemic, and allegations of corruption processing european cities as governments push from vaccine pos, force police in france use tear gas to disperse. protestors in the capital demonstrated further against the green pass that would only allow vaccinated people for you have the cobra 1900 virus, into restaurants and other indoor area to turkey. soldiers have been killed in an attack on the armored vehicle in northern cities. all bob area in 10, so tennessee shunning talking to s t f. positions from all turkey spaces north and east of a level. cuba, as attorney general says, 59 people who took part in anti government protests have been prosecuted. their actions were described as disturbances and charges included public disorder and causing non serious injuries. rights groups say more than 600 people were detained
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during and since the july demonstrations was from thousands of cubans took the streets, demanding political change on protesting against poor economic conditions. let's talk nor to read lindsey who's journalist based in cuba, but the news media, organization, belly of the beast, and he's joining us live from have on a good to have you with us again, read this seems to be the government pushing back after these protests yes, it definitely is, it was a press conference organized for the foreign press corps here, and it is quite rare for, for top ranking people in the human justice system to, to speak to the media. so clearly response to the, a lot of the international press coverage, a lot of what's going on, the social media, which has been focused on the people been detained. keep in mind that protest happened about 2 weeks ago. and since and the really the search been come internet is working. thank you very much. back to normal. there's. ready definitely more
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police presence in the street, but sort of as far as keeping an ongoing story related to the protests that did occur, it would be these, these detained people detain. and as he mentioned, rights group say that there are rather activists in journals. how to list more than 600 people detained. a lot of these are not verified. we don't really know how many it seems to be for sure in the hundreds. a lot of them, some of the accusations against the government or that i know lawyer has been provided to people who have gone to trial. there are the things have been summary trials and the government did push back against that. the president supreme court said that they were not so many trials that they were brief trials, but that they were sort of still in process because that the human judicial process, the, these would be decisions by municipal judges. and then they would go to a provincial court if they were appealed. he said they weren't firm sentences. he also give sort of gave some space for, for some of the decisions being reversed,
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saying that their mistakes may have been made and they could be corrected and the judicial process. i found that to be one of the most notable things because it left open. the possibility for some of these may be more minor offenses for people to be released. at the same time, they said they would prosecute more of the serious crimes to extend it. a lot of these are still being investigated. none those according to the authorities for today have gone to trial. yet, as you were telling us at the time when the protests were happening, it's very unusual for people to take to the streets in cuba, particularly over issues like this. is there any sense that the communist government there is feeling under pressure, that it may actually have to make some sort of concessions to try to appease people, to avoid the risk of protests happening again? well, the protests were driven in large part by economic conditions and scare cities.
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and there's not a lot the government can do about that right now. those were caused by, in, in part by us sanctions, in part by coded. and the, and the strain that's put on the economy and until the government can, can get through cove it and told sanctions might be lifted does not, they don't have a lot of room to work with as far as improving the economy or dealing with scarcity . they are making some progress with coven. i impact my 3rd dose. busy of, of the vaccine 3rd and final one recently. and that's the case for almost all adults in savannah. so hold on a may be fully vaccinated by the end of this month. it could lead to opening up the city, allowing flight backend flights, which route almost impossible to get a flight in or out of on it right now. and it might spark some economic activities as far as political concessions, which are demanded by maybe some smaller group of hardcore dissidence. and of
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course the u. s. government, i that seems like it would be unlikely, at least in the short term, always good. good to get your thoughts from this read. we appreciate it. thank you very much indeed. thank you. comalla top anti corruption, prosecutors fled the country saying he fears for his safety on francisco sandeval and lead the special prosecutor's office. but he was fired on friday, helped bring down the former president auto perez moving up. and he was investigating people close to the current leader and a 100 gm api. government accuses him of constant abuses he set of escaped to neighboring. el salvador cruz president, he legged federal kasteel, has received his official credentials, had been sworn in on wednesday. peruse electoral court handed over the papers that a ceremony in the capital lima. until a few months ago, kasteel was a little known union activist and a teacher from a rural area in the north. he's dismiss accusations by opponents,
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that is left we true liberal party and historical links to the shining pos. communist era. just put them in there. i completely reject the idea that we will impose some model taken from other countries. we are not chevy sters. we are not communists. we are not a female. and above all, we are not terry or someone that i me. afghans are into their 1st night of a nation wide curfew imposed by the government for what it calls security reasons. all but 3 of the countries $34.00 provinces will be subject to the new restrictions . fighting started again after quite a few days over the muslim, eat a lot holiday. now let me try to hold a ton of an advance, which has seen the group make large territorial games. diplomatic at a james base has this update from campbell. the serious concern about the situation from africa officials, they have a regular morning security meeting in cobble with senior cabinet ministers and senior general. that's normally chad by the vice president. but it has now been
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chaired by president ashe, rough ghani. and immediately following that meeting, the interior ministry as issued an important announcement saying that in many parts of africa, stone is going to be a nighttime curfew put into place from 10 pm until 4 am, which is the time of 1st prayers the curfew will take place in 31 out of 34 provinces. so the majority of afghanistan, but it will not take place in 3 large population centers. they are called all the capital and the providence surrounded 9 got ha, the province to the east with a capital july alibi. and also in punch year, which is a province just to the north of cobble they for now will be exempt from this night time curfew. the reason for the curfew is not being given other than it's for security reasons, but it's been clear for many years that in contested parts of afghanistan,
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the government may control things during the day. but the taliban very much own the night. emergency services in the united states say more than 5 and a half 1000 square kilometers and not on the crew. on fire across several western states, thousands of people have had to leave their homes. i jo castro has more from washington dc. if you just look at the numbers alone in the state of california, last year was the most severe wildfire season on record. and this year we are already on pace to surpass that record by more than $1000.00 fires in california alone. why is this happening now? well, we are seeing severe drought and severe heat waves across the united states that is due to climate change, mostly in part. and we are seeing these severe fires being lit by lightning by more natural causes. this is not something like in the past
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where a down power line, for instance, might spark a blaze. now there's, if there's one saving grace is that so far of the 5 and a half 1000 square kilometers of land that have been burned this fires season. most of it have been in forest land, and so there has been fewer than 100 homes that have been lost thus far. this fire season, and there are those 5 firefighters hospitalized now. but as far as loss of life, there have been 2 firefighters who died in a plane crash earlier this season that was related to firefighters, but not directly. so at this point, there has still not been a loss of life, at least not yet. extreme fires of also had an impact in space. this is fridays, full moon shining over washington, d. c. cost in an orange tint. the unusual color of the moon was not caused by the reflection of the flames,
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but by smoke particles interfering with our sunlight travels through the air. india's military stepping up rescue operations in the washington state of the hottest and other coastal regions. the heaviest july reigns in decades have caused devastating floods. more than a 100 people have died and many more missing. so hot out as this report. calm after the chaos was an all too familiar scene across india. oh, it's hard for many to take in homes and lives destroyed. household items are all that's left. a reminder of how relentless the annual monsoon rains have been this year. and kita, the pain of loss is just too much to bear with me because i can't see anything here in my house, my people, my neighbors. i cannot find anyone flooding in the land slide in this village in
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the states. my roster, i have less people with nothing. john i got some on yesterday we didn't have the materials for cremation. it was raining heavily. we had nothing so that's why we dug a pit and buried every one together. more than a 100 people have been killed in just 2 days in my car. i struck many more all missing power outages in several towns. indian military has already been able to help move nearly 85000 people to safe areas that we have created. many people because of the increased water level in nearby villages, they were bought into different. but i just find this the pandemic is hampering the emergency response gum. it is also really not because of all the reading grounds. so government is frankly, we have another developing that all the years that are being insured already like
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bank in all those gaps that people can even book. probably the worst isn't over yet. read alerts been issued and harassed for the next 24 hours and further south. several states are also facing dangerous. we rivers flowing satellite out there. a heavy rainfall has hit china's coastal province of shoes, yang, causing flooding in several areas. days after delhi floods in her non province to the northwest regions bracing for the arrival of typhoon in far, which is expected to make landfall on sunday that i phone could bring as much as 300 millimeters of rain and winds of up to 155 kilometers per hour, airlines have canceled flights with cargo ships ordered out of the area that i have whose head taiwan as well, causing major damage in some areas. strong ways of struck the coast or the stones
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brought down trees and damage houses with wind gusts up to 191 kilometers per hour . it only made a glancing blow in the island, the eye of the storm, more than 300 kilometers to see that have no reports of injuries or deaths. ah, the very 1st gold medal of the tokyo olympics has been awarded. china's young chung one, the woman's 10 meter air rifle, competition, putting her country straight to the top of the metal table with 2 golds. the host nation also start gold after now. he said to cato, one, the men's. 60 kilogram judo competition, ecuador, iran, south korea, uncomfortable among those with one gold a piece. ah, this is all. these are the top stories.


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