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last thousands of our programs award winning documentaries and to get new support. i did scribe. you choose dot com, forward slash al jazeera english. ah, me one way from sidney to power is frustrations with poet restrictions and vaccine policy spill over onto the street. the while in brazil, they've been out protesting against president of the navarro and his handling of the dentist. ah, oh i. marian lives in london watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. the more than
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a 100 people are dead in india off the days of heavy months in rain causes floods and land line. i'm watching fire the girls out there watching right now. how female athletes already breaking records at the tokyo and ah, hello, welcome to the program. we begin with the protest been taking place around the world against corona virus restrictions elise in the french capital powers of use tear gas to dispose protest as they are opposed to virus passes. clashes broke out following demonstrations against the plan for people to prove that the virus will vaccination faces in order to enter restaurants or cultural venues. far i, politicians, and members of the yellow, vast movements were also involved. similar protests have been held in cities across
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the country, which were 40. another 25000 cases on saturday. parliament is use of vote on the virus past policy. this weekend. if you go to the bus, but we are here mainly protest against the health paths against the obligation of the health class everywhere because it's discriminatory. it divides the citizen to 5 people. that's why we hear what i think systematic vaccination is to extreme and too risky. and i'm also very shocked by the extension of this to children. i think they have nothing to gain and we are taking too many risk to try and save our elders elsewhere in europe across a similar scheme. there is also sponsor angry demonstrations. people in rome as well as naples into your enchanted freedom and down with the dictatorship of plants for so called green pass. certificate will be needed from early next month to eat and restaurants and visit cinemas, among other indoor activities. many people gathered without worrying moss,
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but the turn out was lower than expected. and then thousands of people have been out protesting here in london against what they describe as an erosion of civil liberties demonstrates and say the u. k. government's track can trace app is limiting their movements with more than 600000 people. tell us self isolate in one week that was happened that happened earlier this month, which has come a week off the most karone of ours restrictions in england when lifted will in australia, people there have been riling against locked downs defying public health laws. in the middle of a growing outbreak, ah, these are the scenes in sydney demonstrations. quickly, timing violence has more than 3000, mostly lossless, protested, marched through the city center. 57 people were arrested with demonstrators during posted plants and painted offices and police horses. small demonstrations were also
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held in melbourne, adelaide, and brisbin. what we saw today, what 3 and a half 1000 very selfish both, it's people that thought that the law didn't apply to them. there is no doubt in my mind that one in the least one individual there today had covered it is statistically impossible for us not consider that. i'm hoping that we should 3 and a half hours on the fringe of the night. it was. i'm hoping that we have people before the court and i really hope we can get some charges and convictions out of today's work by the new soft walls place it's essential for people to get the message and i was calling for it to occur again next week. look up because these 400 offices will turn into 4000 if need be. well, in brazil, people there have been showing the anger at the president's handling of the pandemic and corruption allegations, thousands of people march through rio de janeiro against char, both scenarios leadership. he's continued to downplay the virus despite the country reporting daily death tolls of more than a 1000 most days since january. the senate is also investigating allegations of
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corruption within his government over vaccine payments. mass demonstrations have also been held in sao paolo, which was one of the hardest hit regions during the pandemic. protect is that call for president both noro to be impeached? holding suggest the president's popularity is now trailing behind form a left wing leader lula to silver is main opponent in next year's election. one, keiana king was at a protest in rio de janeiro. pastor here and there's no narrow are there protesting about many things the government does playing of the can damage the president's warning of the health safety measure. the slow rollout of vaccines which has picked up in the last couple of weeks. but still brazil was the country that should not have had these problems because it is a country that is usually prepared for mass vaccination. and this did not happen at
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this time because the government itself was not pushing. the president was not trying to, to put forth the message that people should say, save. he was always going get a small flu. so these are the problems that were going on and also people here are upset with the unemployment there. 2 are 377. people have lost their jobs and every hours the damage began all the rupture. and there was the senate drove. 7 into the government, family of the pen demik, which is when covering some corruption charges against health ministry insiders the draw we're drawing to buy overpriced vaccines. so they're all the factors that are contributing to these protests which are nationwide. ah,
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more than 100 people have been killed in severe flooding after the heaviest july rainfall west and india has seen and decades down pole which has lost its several days as cause major mud slides with rivers bursting that banks and military ascending and reinforcements to look for the thousands who are still missing, thought a hierarchy has this report now. come off to the chaos with an all too familiar scene across india. oh. it's hard for many to take in home and lives destroyed. household items are all that's left. a reminder of how relentless the annual monsoon rains have been this year. and kita, the pain of loss is just too much to bear with me because i can't see
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anything here in my house, my people, my neighbors. i cannot find anyone flooding in the landslide in this village in the states. my roster. i have left people with nothing. john, i got someone yesterday we didn't have the materials for cremation. it was raining heavily. we had nothing so that's why we dug a pit and buried every one together. more than a 100 people have been killed in just 2 days in my car. i struck many more or missing power outages in several towns. indian military has already been able to help move nearly 85000 people to safe areas that we have created. many people because of the increased water level in nearby villages. they were bought into the for the, i just find this, the pandemic is hampering the emergency response gum. it is also really not because
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of all the reading grounds. so government is frankly, we have another partner that all the while we are being in short because already like bank in the all those can that people can me been the worst, isn't over yet. read alerts, been issued and harassed her for the next 24 hours. and further south, several states are also facing dangerous. we rivers, a flowing satellite, aus is 0. just a tiny to taiwan. now a typhoon has had causing major damage in some areas. strong wave, the coast typhoon info made line for storm brought down trees and damaged houses. have gas of up to 191 kilometers per hour at the no report of injury or death. and it's now heading for china, where it's expected to make land full on sunday. heavy rainfall is already in china's jung young province,
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causing flooding in several areas. days off the deadly floods in non provence to the northwest. a typhoon could bring as much as $300.00 millimeters of rain and winds of up to 155 kilometers per hour. airlines have canceled their flights and cargo ships have been ordered out of the area. or rescue is now trying to evacuate . villages who are caught up in the flooding before the arrival of typhon info. firstly, we need to eliminate dangerous situations. secondly, we need to speed up the awareness of potential dangers to ensure that people have transferred out the ghost the night of states. wildfires continue to rage in several states in the west and us in washington state drone for it shows the extent of the damage their so called road. apple fire is burned down trees and scorched the earth. largest places are in california and oregon, while in montana, 555 are in hospital a day after a thunderstorm, blew a fire towards them. while the extreme 5 also had an impact in space,
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this is fridays, full moon shining over washington, d. c. cost in an orange tent. the unusual color of the moon was not caused by the reflection of the flames, but by smoke particles interfering with how sunlight travels through the air. i did your counselors, my 1st in washington. so last year, hiding we were talking about fires, breaking records and being unprecedented. does it look as though this is fine even could be significantly was unfortunately that is what it looks like. mariam, if you look at the state of california alone, we are on pace. this wildfires season to surpass that of the last record breaking season by more than 1000 fires and that is just in the state of california. why is happening now? well, there has been his store and droughts and heat waves in the us and that is driven by climate change. now,
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if there's one saving grace thus far is that these wildfires this year have been contained to mostly remote areas. so we've seen a lot of homes, fewer than 100 at this point, and no directly tied loss of life. there are 5 firefighters who are now hospitalized after a thunderstorm, blew back the flames toward them. but no residents have been harmed as of yet due to these places. thank you very much from washington, the latest on that hydro. castro. thank you, heidi. watching out there a lie from london still ahead on the program. the afghan government has imposed a night on coffee in $31.00 out of $34.00 province has to come in violence. i'm liquid hawk instead. it goes fishing, kind of high. our office coast is what scientists describe as one of the world's largest cold water reef. po, to endanger species, but some of them are now washing up or short dead.
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aah. hello nessie, right off the bat and update on typhoon info as it makes landfall south of shanghai on sunday. you know the team and we've been going over projections and here's what we think in terms of wind gusts over a 100 kilometers per hour. but we also got to talk about the rain and we think about a 115 meters of rain on sunday. so power outages will be a big concern and flash flooding as well as what else were watching in the pacific . this tropical trouble brewing the partic, this is now monday, look at this starting to impact tokyo. so potentially this could impact the olympics. and if it does become a typhoon, computer models are indicating a tuesday landfall off to india, our bon soon reins really lashing the west coast. we have red weather alerts in
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play for googe rods. roger stine, and that's where we expect to see just buckets of rainfall on sunday. next we're going to go to australia and we've got a cool pool of air toward the south, unsettled adelaide, melbourne, we've got some showers, but winds are really big factor in adelaide. i show the next 3 days, i got $5560.00 potentially up to 85 kilometers per hour on wednesday. you know, for new zealand we've got what weather moving in for both the north and south island. we'll be in the thick of it. by monday. the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity.
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we can make it work for you and your bill. ah, the ah . by watching algae or alive from london. take you through the main stories now, have been angry, protest in several countries of a corona virus restrictions protested in france and italy demonstrates against the introduction of pauses and menu. all people in australia has been out in protest against continued locked downs. and brazil, there is anger about the lack of regulation surrounding countries. prices. this was
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the scene is out power of the mass demonstrations against how president, pulse tomorrow has handled the pandemic. and our top story, this our is from west and india, more than a 100 people have been killed in severe flooding and land fight off the heaviest july rainfall that part of the country is seen. in that case. we now go to afghanistan because people are into that 1st night of a nationwide coffee. this has been imposed by the government for security reasons. but all 3 of the countries $34.00 says will be subject to the new restrictions. fighting has started again after quite a few days over the list of holidays. each of the army is trying to hold to taliban advance, which is seen the group made large territorial gains in the country. diplomatic editor james base. and this update from couple this serious concern about the situation from african officials. they have a regular morning security meeting in cobble with senior cabinet ministers and
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senior general. that's normally chad by the vice president, but it is now being chaired by president ashe, rough ghani. and immediately following that meeting, the interior ministry is issued an important announcement saying that in many parts of afghanistan, that is going to be a nighttime curfew put into place from 10 pm until 4 am, which is the time of 1st prayers the curfew will take place in 31 out of 34 provinces. so the majority of afghanistan, but it will not take place in 3 large population centers. they are cobble the capital and the providence around this 9. go ha, province to the east with capital gel alibi. and also in punch, which is a province just to the north of cobbled bay for now will be exempt from this night time curfew. the reason for the curfew is not being given other than it's for security reasons, but it's been clear for many years that in contested parts of africa. storm. the
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government may control things during the day. but the taliban very much own the night will be us. and now candidate say that they will resettle afghan interpreters, embassy staff, and their families is and situation deteriorates in the country. but in temperatures, who worked with the dutch army is still fighting to be relocated to europe. many fear for their lives. now the taliban appears to be gaining the upper hand. that lawson has more from the hey, this is the new base where making a new base the dutch government and making a new base c hoc work for that forces in afghanistan from 2007 to 2009. he arrived with his family and an adult and last april, after a lengthy and complicated procedure that took 2 years, still, fearing for his life. he does not want his identity to be re field. well, i feel for the other people that are still stuck over there during my time when i was working for this process to get out of a plan is ton and come to holland. it was still
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a little bit easier for me because the war was not that worse on the families that are stuck there are disconnected with each other so far. 94 interpreters who worked for dutch forces have been brought to the netherlands, but many are still enough county stan, fearing for their lives now the taliban is closing. in. in total, $273.00 interpreters worked for the dutch as part of a natal mission. men to bring peace and democracy to afghanistan. we know these people have targets on their head. so what i want to government to do is to make sure to have a list of the people who worked for them as long as they have valid travel document give to visa, get them on the plane, and make sure they are safe. but the minister of defense, as the discovery of faith documents, forces them to thoroughly check their identities. do not all of which were trying out utmost to speed up the process, but they will still be a check. and if this is not possible, and we'll still need to make sure these people actually worked for us on july for
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dutch troops left, i've gotten the stem lawmakers blamed the government for failing to evacuate the interpreter before that date. this, this belief among politicians here in the hague, that after years of pressure, the government has so far failed to fulfill its moral obligation to dos with the life of dutch troops. it is estimated thousands of people enough god, the son who held during the war and now in extreme danger, a neat away out form a local star for british forces recently held the protest in couple, urging the u. k. government to evacuate them. charles worked as an interpreter for them, but because he was dismissed his application for resettlement was rejected. he says the same happened to dozens of others as the candidate because they were meant to help us ignore the termination because that one would not see it. they would not look our definition. it will tell our researchers estimate that hundreds of former staff has already been killed by the taliban and tens of thousands are in danger.
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the nato, of course, always came to have gone some promising democracy from one thing, equality and also promising human rights. quite a few of the people that have interviewed wonder where their human rights are. the dutch government recognizes that time is running out to bring everyone to safety. but the minister won't say when all interpreters who work for them and who want out will arrive here, steadfast and al jazeera, the hake, levenson development, kentucky. the defense ministry said that 2 soldiers were killed and 2 wounded in an attack on their, on the vehicle in northern syria. now metre, media report said that this took place in the city of bob and not area coding to the ministry. turkish forces immediately find back and watch them all as tall anti corruption, prosecutor, spread the country faring for safety, one francisco sandeval at the special prosecutor's office against impunity, but was controversial and fired on friday. the government accused him as constant
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abuses that his removal has been condemned by the united states. he helped bring down for president auto perez molina and was investigating people close to the carnita. alexandra jim, my tie, he's reported to have gone into ne, bring el salvador for his safety. thousands of people have been marching through the budapest in what could be hungry, the biggest of a prize parade. even though the l g. b t. community feels under threat from the government. organizers say the event doubled up as a demonstration against a new law which limits what schools can teach about homosexuality. critics, i conflate the gay community with filia around $10000.00 people, took part in the march, which with many condemning nationalists, prime minister victor o ban beer being commission is challenging the law saying it's intolerant and discriminatory. the law is an outrage. it shouldn't be happening. we're no longer in communist telling us this is the you, everyone should be able to do freely. i was outraged by this law. this should not
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be done. it is wrong. i think this is nothing more than a diversion, but try to cheer the country a part. i think it's a publication because of the election. i pointed to godaddy asking them, which is generated by politics. as i think the majority of the societies inclusive were more politics inside, this society will turn around and people will turn against one another after a while and the hiding will return. and i do not want to have to wear a jewish star. many among us today feel as if we are carrying a stigma. now, off the coast of senegal is the world's largest cold watery home to countless rat and endangered species lit on the threat with dolphins and titles washing up dead on what once prestige beaches. and as nicholas hoc now reports from the fishing town of k, r and our arguments over who's most to blame. deep in senegal, the territorial waters, 500 meters below sea level, are creatures that humans have not yet encountered. it is
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a canyon as long as the great wall of china, 400 kilometers, and 100 meters high. this is the world's largest cold water reef home to oysters, that are 30 centimeters long and 500 years old. here are the court of orange reef, each fish and endangered charge to meet it is at the edge of this precious ecosystem until now, undisturbed by human interaction. that while the national companies are preparing to extract billions of barrels of oil in the trillion cubic feet of gas, since the drilling began, endangered dolphins, turtles, and other sea life have washed up on the shore. fishermen by beer on fall has never seen anything like it and says it is a bad omen. also, if i feel pain and sadness, they like us, they like human beings. these are noble animals, the guide us when we go fishing while they lead other fish, that their death is a bad sign. goals, ministry of fishing,
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says oil and gas companies are not to blame it. think a technique using dynamite to fish may responsible for the death. while it is illegal, fishermen, i'm a watch shows his son how it's done. the device does not detonate in front of our camera. he says he doesn't want to be seen breaking the law. i've got a leg up on. if you're caught, you're in trouble. i covered the devices with type so it stays dry. otherwise it won't light up. when it's held tight, it's like throwing a small bomb in the water. the fishing ministry says the sound of the explosion alone is enough to kill animals on it's the worst type of fishing because it destroys the environment. and what's already a fragile ecosystem. scientists believe oxygen level in the ocean or dropping due to human pollution. this to may be causing females to suffocate in the water. this used to be a prestige beach where people used to come in swim the ocean,
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abundant with fish, look at it now. it's smells like a dumb sight, while the government installed electricity and the internet for communities living by the sea, there's no infrastructure to deal with the human waste and toxic chemicals there are being thrown into the ocean. but environmentalists say this is just the tip of the iceberg, because out of sight, hundreds of nautical miles away is environmental pollution of far greater magnitude, chinese and european deep sea trawlers scrape the ocean floor with giant nets in a matter of minutes, they kill and destroy everything in their path, including coral reefs, scientists predict that within a decade, ocean ecosystems will collapse because of a combination of rising temperatures, over fishing and schuman pollution with it will disappear the opportunity for humans to encounter new species of life. because for them,
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time may be running out. nicholas hawk al jazeera k are cynical. right? first gold medal of the tokyo olympics has been awarded. china's young john won the women's 10 me to rifle competition, putting a country straight to the top of the middle table with 3 goals. house nation also is drunk gold after now he's at the capital one, the men 60 kilogram, judo competition, ecuador, iran, south korea, and kosovo. are among those with one goal. the piece. there's already been disruption with a typhoon forecast hit japan on monday, forcing changes to the schedule. the stormy weather has excited stuff as though with hope system makes 12 on sunday. now, the number of covert cases linked the tokyo and pix has risen to 127 off to 17 new infections reported on saturday. the 1st full day of sporting action ended with china top of the metals table as we've just been hearing. but it's really the female athletes that are breaking records at this year's games, toko has the highest of a number of women taking part as an richardson reports,
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the people might be quite different if the lighting, the olympic coldness, friday's opening ceremony, japanese tennis or soccer is fast becoming the face of the tokyo olympics, and these games will set a new height. the female athletes, 49 percent of all competitors. all women compare that to the tokyo games in 964. when the figure stood, it just 13 percent. it's a huge shop window and just promoting capabilities of women and gowns, which often of course get, get hidden, terribly balanced representation. you know, men and women in the media generally on high school sense media coverage is, is wondering girls when they, more than lympics began in 1896. they found that he had a cubit. so made a pretty blunt assessments on the prospect of women taking part. he said it was
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impractical. uncouth in proper and uninteresting. but women did go on to take part at the 1900 games and barriers have been getting broken down ever since. 9 additional mixed gender events are only tokyo schedule. and a big reason, new sports like surfing, sport, climbing, and skateboarding have been included is because of their appeal to both sexes. will get a new, a new audience. you know, they'll be a lot of maybe millions of people around the world that have never seen before, and they'll get to watch it for the 1st time and, and hopefully we put on a show and, and yeah, i'd love to say that i able to win a gold medal in the 1st year that was in the olympics. the us women's football team haven't just won full olympic titles. leading players have used their profile to fight for equal pay and social justice. women who go through the experience of discrimination or some of the really have life experience like mental health issue
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and like feeling that the pressure is too much, they choose to speak out then, then they should be encouraged and supposed to do so, and they should be listen to because these people speak from genuine and authentic experience. i want to fire the girls out there watching right now in the next 2 weeks. i 2nd and thousands of other elite female athletes have the chance to do just that. i'm the richardson al jazeera, tokyo ah main stories now and has been anger in several countries. i'm a corona virus restrictions police in paris. you tear gas to disperse protests as opposed to the virus pass policy that's being proposed. clashes broke out following demonstration against the plan for people to prove the virus o vaccination status if they're going to and to restaurants or cultural.


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