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ok, welcome back. watching the news, our life in london, the main stories. now, i've been angry protest in several countries overgrown of arash fires. instructions protested in france and italy demonstrated against the introduction of passes to any money while in training in protest against continued lockdown. but in brazil, as anger about the lack of regulation surrounding the crisis, there are thousands of people march through sao paulo and we are due to nero's against president of the north handling of the pandemic. life seems coming to us from our policy and more than a 100 people have been killed in severe fighting and landslides off to the heaviest july rainfall west in india, 15 in decades. so we move shotgun us down now because people there are into that 1st night as a nationwide car few imposed by the government. so what it says is
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a security reasons. all 3 of the countries study 4 provinces will be subject to the new restrictions. fighting has started again after a quiet few days over them with the holidays. the de la la, the army is trying to hold to taliban yvonne's, which has seen the group, make large territorial gains out diplomatic as a james based on this update from combo earlier. there's serious concern about the situation from africa officials. they have a regular morning security meeting in cobble with senior cabinet ministers and senior general. that's normally chad by the vice president. but it has now been chaired by president ashe rough, gaudy and immediately following that meeting. the interior ministry as issued an important announcement saying that in many parts of africa, stone, that is going to be a night time curfew put into place from 10 pm until 4 am, which is the time of 1st pres the curfew will take place in $31.00 out of $34.00
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provinces, so the majority of afghanistan, but it will not take place in 3 large population centers. they are cobble the capital and the province around this 9 got ha, province to the east with a capital july le, bad. and also in punch year, which is a province just to the north of cobbled bay for now will be exempt from this night time curfew. the reason for the curfews not being given other than it's for security reasons, but it's been clear for many years that in contested parts of africa. storm. the government may control things during the day. but the taliban very much own the night. met matter on as women's rights activists and co founder of the feminine perspectives campaign. i talked to earlier and she said that even though the taliban is control of many rural areas, there is a growing sense of fear and panic. in the big cities. they have an every single in
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their comply and now they have limited woman's freedom of movement, which eventually means woman cannot work. woman cannot go to school at the same time. there are some news that they have. they have not allowed to have julio pre enjoyed the freedom speech they used to have. and then they were saying because they don't have a system of a proper government, for example, to supply the food to the soldiers to. c any of the company now if you can provide food for you to feel this will be even if they have food to provide it for them or not, they have to yes, may be a piece, but the thing is people don't enjoy anything, right? so tell me, what are the, what are the implications of the taliban territorial gains in areas beyond their
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traditional southern strongholds now pushing into the north and other parts of the country. what does that mean for the peace talks which of already been stalled and deadlocked? obviously they will use this is rich to claim that the controlling more now and they should have a saying what government should be monday. but the problem is not controlling any of the big. they're not providing any services and controlling. yes, they will leverages under both. but the question is can respond to that, give that governments i, i don't think so efficiently in for them, but i come from by the province and from there i know exact they call and this 3 they are compelling. now they didn't fight for
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that. government just be treated and then not done money call members and we truly deliver good. but hopefully government can kind of when we hear the situation can't be resolved on the battlefield. it will have to be through negotiations. the afghan peace prize ultimately has to resolve how power is going to be shared in the country. what happens to democratic institutions, the constitution? how will the rights of minorities and especially women be protected is, i mean, is that possible under the success of governance that the taliban wants to establish? honestly, not if we look at their government
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$996.01 keeps telling that. a they will, the woman died within the set of if on one moment government, but they have to provide new details about the government. they want how they want to allow, you know, freedom of speech. how do you want to know? my son has not given any medicines that they have, but then if you see that they have the they have control so far you are, they are controlling no, they haven't changed at all. they have, they are not respecting and need the mac crossteck values there of, or you don't see a single girl graduated from any of the villages there are controlling they have been controlling, at least for the past years. so that's, that's the fear. well, now we go to guatemala because the top anti corruption prosecutor has fled the
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country fearing for safety. one francisco sandeval at the special prosecutor's office against impunity, but was controversially fired on friday. the government accused him of constant abuses, but his removal has been condemned by the united states. he helped bring down from a president auto perez molina and was investigating people close to the current $200.00 g m. i ty, he's reportedly he, he's reported to have escaped to neighboring el salvador will edgar or tease as the director of legal research or the libertine development foundation. join me live now from guatemala city. can i start by asking if there's been much of a reaction there amongst the general public, tucson to vowels? removal from his post and the fact that he fled the country with an hours of it happening well. many what amounts are highly disappointed by these decision procedures on the why that was the most visible phase of the fight against
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corruption apply that was undermined. in the last 2 years, we used to have a united nation back commission by the haven't corruption. and 2nd to some the one was, as i mentioned before, the, the main contributor to the commission and to the fight against corruption. so the general public is pretty much disappointed and that to the government is he now the 5th official is to be in a space of a couple of years to be in this situation. he's obviously faring for his own safety . but in fact, he was the fact that he was fired from his job. i mean, how much of a blow is this to anti corruption efforts in the country? it is a huge backlash against corruption. i mean, you know, public service and that's the country to last years. i mean, the former attorney general fled the country in 2019. i mean we are speaking
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a highly high, high profile public servant and another 3 per sectors of the same brand government . while the country other percentages where, you know, also investigating good corruption structures. and there was a relationship between corruption, drug dealing and organized crime. and they, the cases that they should have read, it's very powerful people and that explains what is happening to on the while now. and i guess given reason developments, they'll be able to function with impunity. absolutely. now they have the, you know, this is the like, the, like the master plan executed. they were trying to remove the particulars off you, you know, while you need was created by, by this commission, would come into the permission of the united nations. and you know that that unit
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was facing a lot of challenges, even legal challenges, some lawyers try to blocks and to, to declare illegal the special unit for investigating corruption. and now that time, the while the south, you know, all the bad guys are celebrating us, vice president come on hires with only recently in boston, modern, you know, from, from the u. s. perspective. they see it as being in the interest to try and address some of the root causes of political and economic problems to try and stem some of the underlying causes of migration from central america going to the u. s. what, how do you see the role of the us new international community in this? how can they support guatemala? i mean, the us is very important for us is one of our main life. and they have the picture very clear. you know, they made public statements clearly support in the conference calls and the wireless work. the thing is, i think the us lack enough tools to do to make
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a difference. we know pretty pretty well that they support his work and they are against invitation. but they are, they are weak, they only made public statement, but maybe they haven't, we have another strong tools that we can to make a difference. so i'm afraid this is going to be a very sad time for us, but they can do anything suddenly well and go ortiz, i appreciate you taking the time to speak to us on the news. our journey is that from guatemala, says he, thanks again. i pleasure. now want to town to some what's been happening in turkey because the defense ministry very saying that 2 soldiers have been killed and to have been wounded and an attack which took place on a vehicle in this area. in northern syria, in bob and ministry, said turkish forces immediately fired back as go straight to rest. so started his
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life 1st and stumble. any more details on the circumstances surrounding this attack? well, mary, i'm the touch minister of defense. i just confirmed to turkish soldiers had been killed and to seriously wounded. the also, the minister says that immediately after the attack they brought the y p g p, k, k c and also y p g under attacks. and that target have been successfully. she had so far, so there are several of the turkish military post crows scattered across east and north on april. and from many of these various positions, the turkish army has retaliated white peasy, possess steel. the that text continues. seems that there's, there's also going to continue to denied. and so turkey has cleared these areas in 2016 from isis,
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which was the 1st major turkish military incursion into syria. and since then, several times, turkish military posts had been targeted by d. k. c. it offered y p g. so these region, the region that to the y p g a test from is also on the call to last russia and the city and government. so in that sense, we can see that way p g in this position has protected by the feet in government and russia as well. but the turkish defense ministry statement did not mention russia at all, because it's afraid that any, any escalation between turkey and russia could affect the deli construction individuals. it live where 4500000 people are leaving there any escalation. could 3 get a new way for refugees to over turkey, which the company is already hosting more than 4000000 refugees in that sense. so also an interesting point, miriam, is that the to these attacks?
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how being carried by them? 80 gm and anti tank guided me styles with many of the extra believe that is 80. jim's been provided to white p g by the usa and the turkish. this us, the continued support to white piece has been one of the main reasons for the friction between the usa and the turkey as well. so in that sense, turkey is managing a very much delicate balance because white p, jeez, enjoying the support from both russia and the usa and turkey regarding these 2 companies as allies. so prison on july to t is going to with it likely with more school. and it seems that this issue is going to be one of the main topic on the agenda, the meeting between present one and russia president that i didn't put him. all right, thank you are so said are there and it's tumble with that. now in all the news falling lebanon's government has struck a deal to import a rocky oil,
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even though it has practically no money to pay for it. instead, it will get what the energy minister claim was up to $400000000.00 was by bartering goods and services. countries in the throes of an economic collapse with frequent paralyzing power cars. the rocky oil can't be used in power plants and will instead be solar. it will be essentially sold for usable fuel, the 4 months supply will cost $11.00 and a year of goods and services, so that around half of the lebanese people are living the nice, the poverty line of the coast of san a goal is the world's largest cold water reef home to countless rare and endangered species. but it's under threat with girlfriends and titles washing up dead on what once prestige beaches. and as nicholas hoc reports from the fishing town of k r. there are arguments over who's most to blame. deep in senegal is territorial waters, 500 meters below sea level are creatures that humans have not yet encountered. it
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is a canyon as long as the great wall of china, 400 kilometers and 100 meters high. this is the world's largest cold water reef. home to oysters, that are 30 centimeters long and 500 years old. here are the court of orange reef each fish and endangered charged meat. it is at the edge of this precious ecosystem until now, undisturbed by human interaction that while te, national companies are preparing to extract billions of barrels of oil in a trillion cubic feet of gas. since the drilling began, endangered dolphins, turtles, and other sea life have washed up on the shore. fishermen by beer on fall has never seen anything like it and says it is a bad omen. also if i feel pain and sadness, they like us. they like human beings. these are noble animals, the guide us when we go fishing while they lead other fish that their death is a bad sign. clinicals ministry fishing says oil and gas companies are not to blame
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it. think a technique using dynamite to fish may be responsible for the death. while it is illegal, fishermen, i'm a watch shows. it's on how it's done. the device does not detonate in front of our camera. he says he doesn't want to be seen breaking the law. i've given you a leg up and if you're caught, you're in trouble and i covered the devices with type so it stays dry. otherwise it won't light up. when it's held tight, it's like throwing a small bomb in the water. the fishing ministry says the sound of the explosion alone is enough to kill animals. and it's the worst type of fishing because it destroys the environment. and what's already a fragile ecosystem. scientists believe oxygen level in the ocean or dropping due to human pollution. this too may be causing female to suffocate in the water. this used to be a prestige beach where people used to come in swim the ocean abundance with fish.
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look at it now. it's, well, it's like a dumb site, was the government installed electricity and the internet for communities living by the sea. there's no infrastructure to deal with the human waste and toxic chemicals there are being thrown into the ocean. but environmentalists say this is just the tip of the iceberg, because out of sight, hundreds of nautical miles away is environmental pollution of far greater magnitude . chinese and european deep sea trawlers scraped the ocean floor with giant nets. in a matter of minutes, they kill and destroy everything in their path, including coral reefs. scientists predict that within a decade, ocean ecosystems will collapse because of a combination of rising temperatures, over fishing, and human pollution. with it will disappear the opportunity for humans to encounter new species of life. because for them,
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time may be running out. nicholas hawk al jazeera, kyra cynical, slide 4 on the program, s 9 becomes a national hero and put off the winning his country 2nd. ever pick gold metal by war and that with gemma. a break. ah. talk to, i'll just 0, we roam. did you want the un to take and who stop to we listen. you see the whole infrastructure and being totally destroyed. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on our sierra. the former finding harmony in pursuing his passions, my passions, finding young and keeping culture, nurturing the musical talents of his community. had been playing to bring music
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from my new money to outside world tenzing, his families land, the most quality thing that club brought to my mind actually doing this, hector began the music man, mice and bob, we own our just the euro. the us is always of interest to people around the world. people pay attention to walk with on here, and i'll do this very good at bringing the news to the world from here. oh, i jam and now and thank you. mariam american beach volleyball player taylor crop, says the confined conditions in his toe kick, hotel room wearing him down. crab is in isolation after being forced out of the lympics following full positive curve at $900.00 tests. since arriving in japan,
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this whole week has been devastating. just one thing after another. and the worst part is what i found out i was positive and that i was going to be out of the games. the 1st thing i wanted to do is, you know, get out of here and get home. see my girlfriend, my mom and dad here. but i'm still stuck here in the room. and it's, it's not a great living condition. physically and mentally. china has made a strong thought and take care leading the medal tale after day one. the very 1st code of the games went to a young t n. u on the women's 10 me to add rifle events which went to your out had never won a major world competition. have nation. japan also struck gold on the opening day and it was in today the bus played as the sport. now we caught her when the mens is
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60 kilograms competition is that it is from casa, those district craft need she, after she took gold in the women's 48 kilogram judah, the talk said one on a throat with 20 seconds left at the final against japan's food to lackey, it's how countries a 2nd ever elim pick metal. i was also a controversy in judo on the opening day and algebra and athlete being sent home after refusing to fight on israeli opponents setting. marina could have met the israeli in the 2nd round, but he decided to withdraw because of his political support for palestinians. he did the same thing at the world championships in 2019, and now faces sanctions from the international, judy federation. and i was serious olympic committee around grab their 1st ever metal in shooting and it was gold, java for rosie. when the mens and 10 meter at pistol competition 41 year old. he also works as a nurse back home. did it with a new and impact record school around 13 goes out the 2016 in rio,
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and i'm fixing to push very happy that i did my job on both sides as a nurse we battled the pandemic. and the last year was very hard. and as a shooter, i've worked a lot in the last 2 years for this moment, and i'm happy that we've achieved some success. and his results, i could say they don't have a secured and lim pick out once before these games, so they've now clinched best 2nd. thanks to cyclist, richard carfax, you on the mens road race total from champion. it's had a gotcha took from in a face to finish thailand's upon impact one path. the next one, her 1st gold in dramatic fashion in the women's 49 kilograms, like one day. she's called 2 points inside the last 10 seconds of the final to beat her 17 year old opponent from spain. that was the 1st time gold medalist in the men's ticonda competition to italian 20 wrote fee to winning the 58 kilogram final
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. and he's already looking towards his future olympics. he's very hopeful for future metals as well. now china is who g. we now have elim pick out to add to her wild championship goat. in the women's of 49 kilogram white category, she lifted as high as 210 kilograms. a new olympic caught another goal for china and women fencing soon the when defeated 5 time william p and anna maria ask you to win the competition. so now has the full set of metals off winning individual bronze and teen silva, the 2016 real games hungry. so aaron lagging, continued his domination in the same competition. the 20122016 champion became the 1st man to win its 3 limpid gold medals. and an individual fencing discipline and found the pat up with 17 year old, kim, new york to lead south korea to go in archery mixed team vents. they held off the netherlands to become champions. the countries now 114 of 17 gold medals and
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treating competitions that since the current format was introduced to the lympics in 1988. so very early stages than but here's how the metro table is looking china out in front with 3 gold medals and shooting weightlifting and fencing as you just heard that, that italy in 2nd followed by high japan, south korea, ecuador hungry iran costs and thailand, or with one gold medal each. so we've seen the 1st gold medal for japan, but there was some disappointment for the whole nation as well. and it just has more from yes and bad news. the home athlete co mora rated is one of the best mail gymnasts of old time. he was looking to win his full olympic title, finish his career on a high, but he didn't even make it through to the final of his offense and organized desperate. some good news involving humble impedances, they try and shift the narrative away from that other story line that won't go away . whether or not it really is a good idea to be hosting a games in the middle of
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a car with 19 demik japanese tennis superstars sucka who we saw a long thing, the colds and the opening ceremony on friday, she played in her 1st match on sunday there will be a huge amount of attention on her throughout these games. all could be the biggest event today was mens wrote citing right that finished i just over a 100 kilometers away from here. it's ok. what covered 19 restrictions are different, and i'm and is a good number of people out there supporting the cyclists and supporting these olympics. and that is really reflected in what we saw at the opening ceremony on friday, outside the stadium. yes, the word protest is there also people that to celebrate the stuff of the games. and as far as the eye sees concerned, they believe public opinion. not surprisingly, perhaps, starting to shift behind these games, we can feel the love, even if we don't have the spectators so. so that is, that is excellent. and just, you know, as an indication, the figure i gave you the very beginning of the press conference, 69400000 people have watched in japan alone have watched some portion of the sport
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so far. and that's before the games, even though properly began, will also have that briefing. they did say that having some problems with a shortage to testing kids for athletes a few days ago. but that had now been remedy. and as far as they were concerned, this elite bunch of sports men and women at the athletes village, all the most tested community in the entire world. i think that we did see really what these games are going to look like at some of the metal ceremonies here in tokyo. a bit of a stark contrast to what we normally see at the olympics. empty stands athletes with face masks on having to put their own metals around their necks to reduce the risk of infection. and if the, when enough problems and complications a tropical storm is on its way already, some events the monday have had to be rescheduled. it's not quite a tele, through the like of which affected so many games during the rugby world cup in japan in 2019 but more problems on the horizon for the organizes that focus vote
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for me. mario. oh, that's lovely. thank you so much. jenna. we're going to bring you more from the tokyo olympics in a couple of minutes time. i'll be back with a full button for you as well as a round up of all the days of the top stories. i will see very shortly. i for now me. ah ah, becoming a living legend of the young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch in the political clout the piece to the ivory coast. posted by eric comes to football rebels. the life of drop by the football, seated where politicians had not dropped by the orient civil war
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on i was just there was a bang energy and change to every part of our universe more small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity, we can make it work for you and your business. there the young virtuoso racing concent hold and dominating international competition. one 018. south korea's musical prodigy. one out to 0. did you know you can watch the english streaming light and i get 2 channels plus thousands of our programs award winning documentaries and you
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get to choose to scribe. you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah, me one way from sidney to power is frustrations with poet restrictions and vaccine policy spill over onto the street. the while in brazil, they've been out protesting against president of the navarro and his handling of the dentist. ah, oh i. marian lives in london watching al jazeera, also coming up on the.


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