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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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sport has been lagging behind. it is a bit of a boy's club is very obviously when you think about sports, very competitive, ambitious. oh, very male characteristics is always put women down. so now that we've got a sensation notify. ok. so why have we let this go on, on how we will not let this happen? again, alpha female is for, you know, i'm a, i remember getting my case. you know, i live in the next to them of the latest competition. and i let you pick it up with me about this big and i was thinking, how the hell am i supposed to play a sport in best? but it's all, you know, try to see the sexuality or, you know, copy a female athlete and not equal to, or just as well. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories rallies that runs away in from begin to run a virus help passes the measure limit access to public venue for those who have not
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been bankunited for testers, have also gathered in london against traffic, trying restrictions brazilians have been marching against president j both scenario and he's handling of the pandemic, the country senate. he's also investigating allegations of corruption with the new government linked to vac. same payment, monica yanna. kiev has more from the protest. protesters here and we are, there's a narrow, are there protesting about many things. the government downplaying of the can been damaged. the president's warning of the health safety measure. the slow rollout effect, which has picked up in the last couple of weeks. but still brazil was the country that should not have had the problem because it is a country that is usually prepared for mass vaccination. and this did not happen at this time. india's military reign,
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forcing rescue operations in the state of marashi after the heavy july rain in decades. course flooding in land live. more than 100 people have died and dances more. i'm missing a rock. prime minister says the people behind monday's explosion which killed it. 35 people have been arrested. it happened in the crowded area of santa cc, a suburb of the capital, baghdad. dozens of other people were injured in the blast. i saw had claimed responsibility hours after the attack, and iraq has agreed to supply lebanon with a 1000000 tons of heavy oil in exchange for medical services. lebanon is facing its worse to economic crisis in modern history, and the political uncertainty has worse. and after the recent resignation of prime minister designate, sat her weary that so from may stay tuned for people and power. ah,
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ah ah, ah. the greek island of symbols as long in the target for refugees and migrants trying to enter europe across the g and c. and the numbers that fall in recently because of cov, it fell taxes return. when the pandemic receipts, but what happens after they make it a show. in late 2020, a team of filmmakers went to investigate reports of atrocious conditions in the audience reception cam. this is what they found, i oh,
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i saw most as a small greek island in the gmc lying just 2 kilometers off the turkish coast. its capital bossy overlooks the picturesque bay a small town of $8000.00 inhabitants. it's well known for its beaches and cultural attractions. but behind this taurus paradise, it's one of the largest refugee and migrant camps in europe, all over 3500 men, women and children are living here waiting for the authorities to accept their
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asylum application. the camp is divided into 2 areas, me an official section and the jungle, an unofficial overflow zone. the greek authorities would not let us enter the official section. we were told this was due to covert 1900 precautions . although we saw hundreds of people come and go from account every day in the jungle, supposedly a public space, the police frequently tried to move us on several times, they took us to the station to check our credentials. after 5 days of filming the message was clear, you will not wanted anyone in the county. i thought you might take your time today
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might be again to come up with me. so what is happening here that they don't want the world to see me? the the in when i and you coming, this is children. 3 mom one. you mean this kurdish refugees fled the war in syria with his wife 2 children and his parents. they have been stuck here on some of the past 15 months. i was a student of the market in reverse, it was no nothing but his dog eating and sleeping
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sims and just hitting and flipping nothing. this is not life pretty. this family is no exception. all of them, regardless of nationality, are waiting here for their asylum procedure to be considered by the greek government. there are mainly african africa and syria over time. separate communities are formed in the jungle neighborhood based on the most common languages, arabic, farsi, french, and english. mm. originally, area was a military town. you can see how it looked on this archive footage from google earth. in 2016, it was 1st transformed into
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a center for migrants. but in 2019, there was a huge influx of new arrivals. mm. as the official zone is only designed to how 660 people, all the other migrants are crammed into tents or whatever makes you shelters, they can assemble themselves. there is little space. the $3500.00 habitant, so densely packed into an area of around 0 point to the square kilometers. ah, the official camp is largely made of preferred to shipping containers surrounded by barbed wire. it is supposed to shelter the most vulnerable people. one of them is neither a 25 year old african woman who fled a forced marriage and escaped from people smugglers. she wants to remain completely anonymous. how many people in a container like 8 and the few bade we have to use few bed
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and like to 2 people on one bed. however, you 2 people in the same bed and 2 people from the same for many different families. adults. if you don't want to stay there, then they tell you, go go to the jungle hurting one container. that was like 26 people. actually everything is possible to comp, everything is possible with 26 or even more than that. it is for, there was no way for us to verify this ourselves because we were denied entry to be efficient, come in, but migrants and, and jose have given us videos showing what conditions are like inside this isolation container is what covert cases are placed ah,
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elsewhere the video footage is of the camps, other toilets and showers, all of them elaborated and filthy. i came in because they're not being cleaned the non disinfected. so which means the carry a lot of diseases and we, we have very many people who are using them. you can just imagine the curriculum is a 24 year old congolese national with the university degree. but he fled the country 2 years ago for security reasons. he says his biggest problem is having no control of his own life. that's only difficult mentally. he says not to fill us and i'm calling to tell, he has no more interest in fucking feel if we mutual, with this young face of lisa over the phone,
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lisa going through the official bus in a plane tells you just need new more for her class to share it tells you quite a long long you need to finish the dental music cooler levy. flip my pants in the, in the fall apart. and then what you, what you see, you basic conflict. your feel so much to show you the functionality and as far as i'll see when he pull for me for phone, call phone or it's on the phone and you don't to call that next to people. question was you know, can you, this will offer better, like you said movies for were movies nice. plus you swap the
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danica shaw, the pin, the visual concert covers it has to be as good as the med nicholas practicum. so long as any machine it is only bus. they do not want him to fall off the only thing going to charge you much. and if i should pick him up in columbus sunday morning leave, you know she'll be the miss smith. she plus the finest cancer can, if not the submit a form, it says to mail next months of waiting of uncertainty and such an overcrowded space. it makes the camp into an unstable and how to kick off call kick off the coffee function cooler. you know,
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clean the puts in the new policy if it's not the one of the, of course video shot by the migrants are in direct sources information. we have to get them verify to do this. we access the video metadata and use an extra to program which allows us to analyze the source code. we then find the exact date of the videos creation, the fight, and that last video took place on august 4th, 2020. that's not to be confused to the dates of the video transfer on our computer . this video was film the week before we arrive, what it rained a lot. the images show, the dreadful consequences for the camp. a few imagine what they find is most
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of the most part of the g, w. o . this man is senegalese, a stylist in his home country. he asked to speak with us on to the law in the money to the man right in the middle of biscuits, not right. if you don't want to come out, always put us down to put it costs down to the member a met us. it was not the liberty of fraud. yeah. yeah. but if you happen to lose, so putting so don't buffer it would be easy to set up.
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well, he's a camp authority and do provide free meals, but many here consider the inevitable. but i don't know if you don't, if the memo shot must be more than one. really great, you'll see some money. but if you decide you would try to put it in the doctor's department and you must process. the problem edible waste attracts rats that are almost as big as cuts. they tear through the tent walls to steal the food and sometimes bite people as they sleep. me. it's fortunate that so far the camp hasn't been overwhelmed by coven, because it's health care facilities seem woefully inadequate. the syrian family has been in some us for 16 months. they wanted to tell us about their children. since
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none of them spoke english, a neighbor was called to translate are you putting in the english? so what is the problem with the children? what was one of the shows the one on the rob them the problem? no. the big. i mean, we did 2020 kilos, went to see the how this was in 10 years old. oh, yeah. and i can do nothing for you. come talk more about the whole numbers. nothing comes big. go to be done. this guy's got a lot. does nothing because we do go and a dock. so in the camp. wonderful. only one doctor for 3500
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migrants with some additional care from n g o z and volunteers. and all of them are sounding the alarm on another issue. the declining mental health of those they see and then comes up and takes off. his sweater wants to show us his cause. it seems they are self inflicted. why? why blame thomas? you know your family farm. it is a good one. he came alone from syria to samus 18 months ago. the n g o that have switched up the wounds later confirmed. it's not the only case of self mutilation. they've seen desperation and frustration are driving some of
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the migrants here to extreme acts. oh, the several fires broke out in some of the 2020 of 3 that happened in the alternate to whatever needs to be caused by awesome. like, you know, migrants told us they'd been able to video these fires from close range using the same tools as before. we found gps coordinates in the videos metadata. we were able to verify the images are over fire in the summer camp. on november 11th, 2020 fortunately, no one was seriously injured and not fire. but it caused much damage, and many refugees lost what little property they had. what makes these qualities and unsafe living conditions for the more disturbing the since 2015 greece has received over 3000000000 euros funding to help at handle the influx of migrants,
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the bulk of that money, supposedly funding the management of the asylum and integration program ah, there's no question. the 3000000000 euros is a large sum, but the migrants on samus are puzzled why none of it seems to come their way up. i said why? that's like i said i was, i don't want to see a video. i was wondering, you know, up in your local can only have one that well, let's get on. the new show that on, on i was in dollars and i think the cellphone in the hollow kilo for completely on a cell phone ill we would have liked to raise some of the same issues with the greek authorities. and we tried for several weeks to obtain an interview or comment . they said they didn't have enough time to respond to us.
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and then you said you come in some present. prescript wasn't sure. why did you you didn't need disease and stuff that you more surveil neville matter was that you've ever explicate? hold on? yeah, i wanted to let you clip there. my in de la la la la la la la salon, give us get on the phone, please. only you said no that don't comment on them as mom follows month and nothing changes, some seek comfort with their neighbors in this battered community. ah ah, the i
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in the night falls early in the summer camp after 6 pm, the atmosphere changes. for those with families, it's time to eat together if there's food in but outside the official zone, there's no light, the parts are empty and for some, especially for women and young people traveling alone, the darkness springs fear. this 19 year old haitian woman lives with her sick mother after fleeing the violence at home. now every night they hide in their tent suffered by let me know. not interested
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because there was a new physical foster on focus on fees so to ship. so i was thinking that he would value to a little, an even fit kamala, last year. lucretia on the, on my, on my list. the said, if you don't move that on the bus, so the for layla such fears became real a victim of human traffickers and turkey. she managed to escape and arrived in some was where she had to fend for herself. me how we think of
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you know, i was known given any day and i was given a sleeping bag, oblong, good, and told to go out there to look for a place like maybe the the easiest one. they told me go to your friends, but i never knew anybody here. a man offered to help and said he would put her up for the night. but it was a trap. i was the reason being, i hadn't never, i never had a place to stay. it was horrible, but i don't think i would love to talk about it. what she doesn't want to say is that 3 men took turns to rape her that night she took refuge with an n g o and reported it to the police. of course, they had to interrogate me several times, like asking me questions which were hunting me. but you know that is their job. why
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should i say in that is when they did give me a letter to go to the main hospital, they needed proof. and from there, that's when i was given a house outside the comp what happened to the people who make cognition and doing on board because. busy me my own self, i didn't recognize layla story is not unique. in 202040 sexual assaults, rapes were officially recorded in the summer county. but n g o c, that doesn't count for the many more victims who don't dare to go to the police. the feeling found enter that i would say a long a b c. question out of this with mr. aster as the muslim and it was policy it on and as will not teach better than if it's always all to bed really found. we sneak via from beams younger,
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takes one or 2 on when done how to venice in hudson for millions to, to proceed this this out as a fucking in on to tag in liska burnett has been in groups for 5 and a half years for the n g o global roots in normal times up to 300 migrant women, a day might take advantage of the safe space. now it's closed because of coven. patricia has the hon. this is done. vegas team also helped in kemp. i english 1st kind of fisher had small one come to feed a lot, the listening talking on some tongue, michael detailed, finished up season of thought, this kind of to let me demand of types. how long of a of to let me get into cannon. i'm actually shooting off nice, actually spar kicked off to sneak while i'm for hung hawk in order to get us keep him avita and keep ya as long as long would be the found on justin. mr. allison,
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other the other soon in the, in our you book on does him come on eastern game indian camp i'm taped? in the most serious cases, the victim used to have the possibility of being transferred to safe houses outside the camp. the greek government has closed them down to the voskus arc via phone that you only hear it keeps this noise came to us both bad. it's all on to pop this . alice talked when and so if you found somebody don't been getting nothing back to the new car since march 2020, the greek government has been building this new facilities. 6 kilometers from vasey . when it's open, sometime this year it will be a closed unit, and a 3500 migrants on some us will no longer be able to enter or leave the facilities make or send me the program. i won't look over yup. cannot associate
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me ciocca she can get heard from talking to look at parked in. i'm content only my heart and meet and feeling onto tea. dish in for 1000000 for some not me feeling lloyd and using the compton from taylor men in certain content . yeah, this is john jones here come up of the piece. plus layla was one of those returns. as far as she knows, she might see her unknown assailants every day. they don't know they're on, maybe they're watching me every day. and that is what is hard to me, you know. i just stare being hot every day, cry by myself alone. and this is not something that you can share with everyone you day with it. the conditions we've seen perhaps explain why the authorities didn't want us fill me on some us a new can might make a difference. but for now it's clear to the old one has done your credit.
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ah, i news news, news, news becoming a living legend to the young age with simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clown. the piece to the ivory coast posted by eric comes to football rebels. the life of drop by the football who succeeded,
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where politicians had not dropped the boy and civil war on i was just there there the young, virtually racing console, the dominating international competition. when i went a south korea's musical prodigy one out to 0. the latest news as it breaks agriculture production across the north nigeria, greens, a serial production about a 50 decline with detail coverage that demands the not you've been made. and you know, many times before now that allowed was desperate because they say that situation is much worse from around the world. and these external facebook systems, it's a government is following due process in the case and that authorities act against violations of law. i
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will just as a, you know, i branch please use water cannon to dispose, protest in paris against the government code. 19 health. ah, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up search for bodies in survivors after floods in land slides kill more than 100 people in west in india.


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