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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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hundreds of nautical miles away is environmental pollution of far greater magnitude, chinese and european deep sea trawlers scrape the ocean floor with giant nets in a matter of minutes, they kill and destroy everything in their path, including coral reefs. scientists predict that within a decade, ocean ecosystems will collapse because of a combination of rising temperatures. over fishing and schuman pollution with it will disappear the opportunity for humans to encounter new species of life. because for them, time may be running out. nicholas hawk al jazeera k are cynical ah, your top stories one more time here on al jazeera, india's military is reinforcing rescue operations in its western regions after the heaviest, rain for july and decades cause flooding and lens lights on the 100 people are
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known to have died and dozens more. a missing. the afghan governments imposed a curfew from saturday and $31.00 out of $34.00 provinces is aimed at curbing the recent increase in fighting. the taliban makes rapid territorial gains. the taliban is warning. they'll be no peace until the new governments installed james bay's with more now from cobble immediately and right now what the african government i think would like is additional support from the americans themselves. robin support for the african military. and we have seen, in recent days, the american military conducting air strikes, even though the vast majority of american troops have left this country, only a small number, guarding the u. s. embassy. so these strikes have been taken place from outside of kind of stone. and certainly senior african officials would like to see more of that at the moment to stop the taliban advance, we've seen in recent weeks. meanwhile, the us government has pledged $100000000.00 in emergency assistance refugees and
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displaced people in afghanistan. it includes thousands of afghan interpreters have been working with us. forces will also get some assistance in relocating. thousands of people in australia as most popular city have breached corona virus restrictions to protest against locked emissions. violence broke out in sydney, but he demonstrates isn't police who made several arrests. he said he's been locked down now for 4 weeks. the 1st gold medal has been awarded at the tokyo olympic games going to china's young ceos in the women's 10 meter rifle, competition athletes from russia and switzerland picked up silver and bronze. metals are also being awarded in fencing, judo and weight, lifting today. they're having more cases, a cupboard 19 inside the athletes village. those are your headlines. the news continues here on out to 0 after inside story. i will see you very soon for the moment. news,
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news, news, news. there's anger in liverpool after the english city lost the coveted unesco world heritage status. the human body is meeting in china to decide what fights should be added or removed from its split. but what are the criteria and this politics involved? this is inside story. ah, ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm hammered. jim john, in a huge setback for liverpool, the united nations cultural body unesco has stripped the english to the of its
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world heritage status. the decision came after concerns about development in the city, particularly along liverpool waterfront, being put on us goes world heritage list often leads to huge financial rewards through investments and tourism. but losing it could also have the opposite effect . the heritage list include globally recognizable sites including egypt, pyramids and the great wall of china, unesco committee meeting and china. this year is considering 17 other cultural and natural fights to add to its list this year. need barker has reaction from liverpool after unesco decision. it is the city that kept the british empire afloat . its 19th century edifice is a testament to generations of global trade and commerce. a time when britain ruled the waves for 17 years, liverpool is iconic waterfront stood alongside india's taj mahal and the great wall of china, the united nations world heritage list. but maternity brought changes that armed to
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every one's liking. in a recent meeting in china, unesco said new developments had ruined the cities historic skyline destroying liverpool heritage value. the city is one of only 3 to be stripped of its heritage status in the past. 50 years. the water from the and 12, the dog clowns. and they have been inscribed because they reflect their conveys history. all major. we're treading, city, paul, just from the 17 on 18th century. so feeling the dog, for example, of building high buildings and totally change the way it is best. see this history respect 7 and a half $1000000000.00 waterfront projects been cited as a cause for concern. so to has the plan to build everton football, clubs, new riverside stadium, dude by some of the act of cultural vandalism. and this is
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a huge area of land that's been earmarked for development. liverpool city leaders say that it is in comprehensible why unesco would won't they semi derelict don't shut off from the rest of the city to remain a wasteland for evermore. many liverpool feel. the cities being forced to make a binary choice between preserving his heritage status and reviving and developing, deprived, and derrick parts of the city. unesco. want this place to just stay as a post industrial ghost town. we can allow that happen as a city, the area that they stock is with it and is incorrect award, which is one of the most deprived wards, not only within liverpool, but in the entire country. the in all areas of course, much more to liverpool than it's unesco status to continue attracting tourists
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in 10 i point to the economic value from having that status over the last 17 years. very little do i think we will lose investment or visitors because of losing the plaque. know will we be a will her to site know will will be a will class heritage city. yes. losing unesco status is undeniably a cultural blow for this historic city. liverpool will no longer be opposed to charge for preservationists, but this is a living city that is undergoing massive changes to transform some of the most deprived parts of the country, creating tensions between liverpool of historic past and its potential future. bulk al, jazeera, liverpool. all right, let's have a look at some of the sites being considered for unesco. is world heritage list of the 17 up for consideration 9 are in europe including the italian city of bologna,
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which wants its famous porticos. recognized. 2 are from south america, including the chin, children, mummies, and chilly. they were buried 2000 years before egypt, mummies and chilly once that known. but some locations already on the list, risk being downgraded. environmentalists are supporting a bid to put australia as great barrier reef on the danger list because of climate change. while ethiopia is 11th and 12th century rock hewn churches at lee bella, are in need of urgent restoration the. let's bring in our guess in liverpool. trevor skipton is member of the mercy side civic society and also liverpool world heritage steering group. in doha, i'm going to i'm a professor of history and anthropology at shawnee state university and also in liverpool. michael parkinson, honorary professor at the university of liverpool and ambassador of the heseltine
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institute for public policy practice and place a warm welcome to you all. and thanks for joining us on inside story today. trevor, let me start with you today. were you surprised at all by this decision by unesco to remove manchester from its world heritage lists and also can liverpool appeal this decision or is it final? right. the 1st thing is then has been coming for a while, so we weren't surprised. but we were a bit shocked that had been no real listening to the point that liverpool had made . i mean, i'm a member of the mercy, shy and civic society and i was an advisor of the safety at the time that it got interested status when that document was produced in 2004,
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it was based on the 17th 18th and 19th century history of the city and it was closely argued around a lot of detail in the subsequent years. people have looked at the so called buffer 7, which is the entire city center and started worrying about the skyline, the skyline of the city in august. liverpool. skyline is a 20th century skyline. when it was the, the 1st european city to build american skyscrapers alive, a building being the most famous and alive, a building we can totally sell his building in europe for 20 years. this isn't ancient history. this is the ongoing development of the city. the live a building was actually built in a form of dark and little post development. as a living city has cast as any very carefully recorded and notes. it's an ongoing
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process. little butlins, i represent the mostly scientific society. i'm very proud of the heritage. and i don't think any city has spent more money and time of looking us to charities for us. so it comes as a shock. but it wasn't a surprise. we knew we sort of saw it coming. michael, you wrote in a piece that liverpool had been treated unfairly in relation to other world heritage cities and its unique urban history of development has not been recognised . how in your opinion, has liverpool been treated unfairly compared to other heritage cities? well, the obvious example is london, which is gone. will cause a status on the top bridge and it's surrounded by some skyscraper world. but because it's in london, unesco, obtaining a very different line, they said 50 years ago and i've done nothing about it. so that's wrong,
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very clear difference in the united kingdom. the 2nd thing is, you know, most of us goes sites are the monuments so natural science. they're not very good in with cities. sickies and on the checks is not easy. it develops and changes. it has to it close and its heritage changes. and so you're not always have difficulty deciding what is right and what is wrong. it's true arthritis and in 2007 because it had to put a new bridge. so unesco is not very good on this. but the really key points on all this. some kids getting missed, this is not a question of do you like this filling all that building or the other building? it's mostly advises to ask her, said liverpool had all ready damaged irretrievably.
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outstanding, universal value off the site. that is simply not true. 10 years ago the city was gonna build shiny, lots of ice blocks. no one has been built actually in the site. there's a lot of buildings. and if you saw the movie that you are calling me yesterday, i peered in the start. this has been data for 50 years. so you're not to say, we're worried that you much damage the site, but they can't say you already have. so as a matter of fact, wrong on the other issue, which is the evidence football stadium. they've said if you feeling that you've lost standing universal value. well, i can tell you your movie showed the peer head and the 3 graces they all
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stand on in fil, doc. liverpool historically as always filled in docs that have it in addition, others who are going to build on stadium in a really unattractive part of the area. operating 10 percent of that 500 pound investment to invest in 2 major her for the falling. so the 3rd part, michael, i'm, i'm sorry, i'm sorry to interrupt you, let me, let me get back to that point you're making in just a moment because i want to, i want to throw a question on this way real quick. i'm a what we're talking a lot about the, you know, the processes that are involved in, in a site being selected as a world heritage site. what does that process like for obtaining unesco world heritage status? who initiates it? is it a very lengthy process and do politics play a role in it as well?
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i would say all threes is probably the answer. it's likely for there are 10 criteria used to be and i think 4 or 6 before and 6 actually for cultural heritage side. and then he was increased unified to 10 criteria, whether it's a natural light or a cultural heritage site. and the often the city itself will try to promote itself will promote a fit aspect or area that he wants to including wants to have added. they will work with the committee to, to, to make sure that it meets the criteria. but you're looking at liverpool, she's raising, i mean, i very much with what your, your to guests are saying. and i just, i mean,
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i know the visited liverpool and i'm a little full support to, you know, kind of what i think that it's because of every to them like and, but anyway, and sort of one most reached out to the point to fish. it's in a way to unfortunate that what ended up being the center piece, why they've got that designation in 2004, was the very docs themselves and the waterfront. obviously it's not just water french but, and that car is really very much as your your guests are in need of. we generation are in the living, vibrant, changing volume, growing city. and it's a real challenge for us. cities like live a pool and like president and elsewhere, to kind of hold that balance. and perhaps the biggest question should be,
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should cities, you know, put themselves in that should, are they better of maybe not having to carry the burden at least not in terms of, you know, an area like that. you know, like, like the don't care is and say ok, i'm going to build my image and then find themselves years down the road that they are unable to keep that promise. i mean, it's a difficult issue. i tell you something. trevor, a few moments ago michael in his answer started to talk about the new everton stadium that's being planned. unesco is said that it was not consistently consulted on changes to construction plans within that area of manchester. and they went on to say that these developments, including that planned stadium, resulted in serious deterioration of the historic site. what's your reaction to that? well, there is, there is a small area of controversy,
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a mattress that some of the water and brand new modem is removed. now as a spending a lot of money to make sure that all the decisions on the building of the stadium, technically reversible. so if you wanted to put aside back to the present situation, that will be possible. they, they, bates of the dock. it's going to be under the stadium being preserved before the stadium is belt, so that they could be technically reconstructed in the future. the, the main thing is that ever turn me a very closely with historical sizes, including historic england painstaking process. they put probably 50 or 50000000 out of the 500000000 costs. the same is directly related. as michael said before to conservation matches,
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as i can see of benefits for themselves in having conservation credibility or opening the site and the riverside to the public for the 1st time ever. isn't mash . it's a massive game. so the safety and fame bent over backwards, including lowering the higher the stadium so it's no higher than the nearby back to warehouse. so quite high. they've jumped through every hope you can imagine. but unfortunately, us and us go have turned a deaf ear to this. the stadium hasn't even started work on site yet. it's too stupid. take jump the gun. they haven't really listened. and they looked at the mountain and documents that evidently provided, evidently not short of money. they've been prepared to provide them money, not just for the new stadium, $53000.00 fans in the 1st phase,
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but also for a massive conservation work which was done otherwise. it's all part of her. it's all part of the same story. you develop your conserves and in the city we just go on living. you have to combine the 2. there's no other way and you asked at the beginning whether the scope for appeal. there's no scope for level to appeal because unesco of facing in the completely wrong direction. they know they've not listen to us. they say last visit the safety in 2000. that night was they already decided then that wasn't the sort of world heritage site that they really wanted. so i never post days where none but the beginning. but if you can, if you come to liverpool now, and you compare it with liverpool in 2004, the whole loop heritage side which include 6 areas which the docs north dock $71.00
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improvement is a comparable, including. so the most rigorous of conservation was not building tax in georgia. so like the album talk, trevor cannot build a trip. i'm family dog. i'm so i'm showing resist. jevar. i'm sorry to interrupt you. we are just starting to run out of time. i will get back to you. i don't know the points you are making, michael, let me go to you. trevor was talking about, you know, essentially how this is a, a very delicate balance when you're talking about a living city, wherein lies a world heritage site. let me ask you from your vantage point, how do you go about achieving this delicate balance of preserving the past, but also planning for the future. i mean, how should cities be able to celebrate and preserve their histories while also being able to rebuild? so they can prosper, going forward. ok, so we're going to speak quickly. i don't want to waste your time. heritage is not
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about buildings. it's also about cultural values. and so you build upon that, that's part of our heritage. we weren't designated to the buildings. it was because we were the center of the british empire and the city mentioned on the century. so it's a found values as much as been fixed, but said in terms of building come to that there is a mustn't dock warehouse was renovated 20 years ago. actually brilliant, huge subtraction. got a museum, a gallery in it. there are talk at the suddenly dog in the north stock side, a huge investment of one of the child and pulled them block. what you do is quality unesco is got to worry about it quality and what city need to do? it carried people with it as a consult as 50000 people 95 percent. yes. want consumptive people, they to, to values be all thing to do quality work and whether it's
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new or small. i then becomes a matter of tasting preference. i can mix unesco frankly to which you don't miss and care about your colleagues. i absolutely agree, frankly, we didn't want to lose his status, but now we are relieved. it has become a huge burden dealing with, you know, the transaction costs are too high. and frankly, the city cannot go on year off the being the public headlines because it fails to meet some unreasonable standards. they said 3 years ago. you must build nothing in the city until we approve your plans. that is sustaining. it's also the league. erica, that's my point, them all right, i'm going to, you heard michael there, talk about the cost of all of this when it comes to having a world heritage site, maintaining it. let me ask you how, how costly is it?
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who is ultimately responsible for it? does unesco play a role in this? or is it more the country where the, where the site is, or is it a combination of both? ultimately it's the country. i mean it's the state that age because remember, yes, it is a club member space. so each stage is responsible for 5. now you nefco might have funded made or expertise or resources that can sometimes push to what some of the sites and some of the members say to help and maintain. but by and large, it's the responsibility of the members state itself to ensure that it sites are kept in good order preserved in the appropriate manner and to the standards require, especially if they are under the school heritage sort of designation. and that's how it's always been the in terms of the cost. yes. obviously it can be,
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especially the government support, you know, areas, urban centers and bigger ones and may have been times as likely, like like manchester and anywhere else in the world in rome, italy, rome, parents, these are very complex and difficult places to maintain a new car a huge resources, so it's a 3rd question to ask as well and say, you know, if it's a cost benefit analysis at the end of the day, and to look at which parts you want to preserve in which parts you might think. it's not necessarily. you know, it's more important to develop them and something like the docs. well, you know, it's up to the people of liverpool perhaps and make that decision not to buy the pyramids. we're not talking about palmyra and the template bell. we're not talking about much peach. we're talking about 920 century,
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lagging 18 by the 20th century docs. right. i, i don't know it for me. it's, it's, it's a pity that limit login to lose that. but i can also see the point that your guess we're making as well. right. trevor, are you concerned that liverpool is going to be losing investment or visitors because of losing the world? heritage status. now i don't think that will happen. i think it already been said liverpool. it's regenerating itself. it's. it was in a very dark place 2030 years ago. the safety was a shrinking safety. it was regarded as a basket case, but it has come back with a vengeance. and in the middle of that, renee johnson level is conservation of a history. that's why this is, is such a ridiculous thing to have and,
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but it's not important in terms of the, the label of world heritage site. it's requests simple as it's gone, but it's not going to make much difference. can i just make one more point relation to what michael said about london? london made an impulse and decision when it, when the tower of london and the palace of westminster were declared, well heritage sites. london refused to accept buffer zone around the liverpool problems have come because they were very wide buffer zone. and that's where all these told all it's all buildings. nobody's ever proposed a total building within the world to cite itself. so if we go back to the original document, we'll remove the word unesco from it completely, but we'll proceed on the basis of looking up to the heritage in the best way we possibly can. a new developments will provide some of the finance in the way with
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those to do that. all right, well, we have run out of time, so we're going to have to leave the conversation here. thank you so much. all of our guests trevor skipped. and i'm an awesome and michael parkinson and thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website, algeria dot com. and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha, inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. our handle is at a inside story from him, how much i'm doing the whole team here, bye for now. the ah, ah, ah, ah. ah,
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2020 the year of lockdown and social distance saying you can't reach across the screen and get someone. ali re explores one of the global pandemic biggest side effects loneliness, everyone who lives alone has been forced to be socially isolated for the 1st time ever highlighting its effects on physical and mental health and discovering unique ways of coping. controlling, being alone to get episode to of all hail the locked down on al jazeera, coveted beyond. well, the taken without hesitation, fulton died for carla finds out, and all this new babies were i did not think it's neglected babies to death. people in power investigate, exposes and questions they use them to be of our around the globe on al
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jazeera play an important role checking in with. ringback your face in, ah, i thought you all just there with me. so rahman endeavor, reminder of our top news stories. india's military is reinforcing. rescue operations in its western regions where the heaviest rain for july and decades is called devastating floods. more than a 100 people and known to have died more than half of them killed in land flights. dozens more of missing the prime minister of intermodal says he's anguished by the loss of life. i've got a son's government has imposed a curfew from saturday in 31 out of the 34 provinces is aimed at cutting the recent increase in fighting as the taliban.


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