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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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your network al jazeera, unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from london broadcast. santa ana, me the this is al jazeera ah, hello, hello raman, watching the algebra news off like my headquarters here in dough coming up in the next 60 minutes. more than 100 people are killed and dozens of missing a heavy rains in landslides cause widespread destruction in western india. bearing for their lives. the dutch government faces criticism acting too slowly to help ask an interpreter to work its forces. and we find out why dolphins and turtles near
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the world's largest cold water reef, turning up dead on the shores of frantic out. i'm trying to get a rough go with the sport festival covey cases at the tokyo olympics, while on day one, the 1st gold goes to chinese shoots. a young cn will be live in the japanese tassel like this. our ah, welcome to the news. we begin with the devastating floods in india. now its military is reinforcing rescue operations and its western regions where the heaviest rain for july in decades has caused a huge amount of damage. more than 100 people in one to have died. more than half of them are killed in land slides. dozens more and missing. prime minister new inter moody says he's anguished by the loss of life. well julia wolf reports.
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wading through water is the only way to and from home for these residents. but for many home has lost all meetings didn't got a letter, i had 3 vehicles, all of them got some most and flood water. they are all damaged and the furniture inside my house and outside also got damage. i have suffered a loss of around $10000.00 financial loss like that will have a severe impact on the daily lives of people in the city of retina. with so many homes destroyed, these women are being forced to eat whatever they can find and sleep on. whichever dry surface is left be the flood waters rose to between 6 and 7 meters. that's the highest that's ever risen. all the properties of the residents are destroyed. they have nothing left to eat or drink. the unprecedented levels come after 24 hours of uninterrupted rain, which is called the fish the river just north to overflow. the state chief minister
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is promising to do whatever it takes to help people through the disaster. that's why those are the ones we will do. what do i take to save lives and property will not the disaster has heard the entire state will not fooling the east to militia in the west lanes have been unprecedented. and we are facing an unexpected emergency filled up all. a combined rescue operation is underway with the army coast guard and national disaster response force taking part. and the indian navy has deployed helicopters to evacuate those stranded. it also has rescue boats and expert divers efforts to reach the thousands of people stranded are still being hampered by high water levels and landslides, blocking off major roads and cutting access to hundreds of villages, even for those whose properties have been spared. for now, there's another scare bodies double bond either. if the water is released from the dam today and the rainfall continues water,
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me and try our homes. red alerts have been issued with heavy rainfall expected to continue for a few more days, but saves further south are also facing dangers with rivers overflowing. seasonal monsoons provide more than 70 percent of the nation's annual rainfall, a lifeline for india's farmers who make up much of the country's economy. they also contribute to mass displacement with the impact on the growing worse by the effects of climate change. for residents of retina, goody, those effects are already being felt. first, have him move on to 0. he says good. this is the emergency response coordinator for us in the state of mot, astro choice. now from the state capital mom. by good help you get this on the program. so i mean india is no stranger to floods, but the western coast has taken a real battering. how are you assessing the situation right now?
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as you pointed out that in law because we have not been kind of an unprecedented continuous rain for last 24 to 48 hours and we see that that was from mazda. and also part of monica. it's not only the blood rate landslide and also coupled with the land and the rain is also the high side. so at the same time, these are the big we'd get that also very high with the baby. we might have that. okay, well let's pick that mr. can be just a moment. how difficult is it your teens now to get to those isolated villages in areas, whether they be villages, all the urban areas, what sort of help you managing to get to people? so so what, and who in the beginning will make sure that the board, the indiana is wanting to get into an army. one good part is that from to the morning, the rainfall and the water has to be at the,
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at the same time the, the rolls we got not being approached or not being able to open the road. but that's still something related to the land life. and we are not able to reach those areas by the same side. i don't know. busy how many makes you pretty much the guy we think the we many children and the the population. so right now, as we say about the immediate needs that we are trying to reach somebody, be at the right need for any kind because they don't have anything, nothing bad thing. we went more than everything. so, and also the they are looking for get mail and also from so many companies to teach and indeed, so that immediate immune response to our needs should know what
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it would be. mr. could be that would be the case for any disaster. but in, in india's scenario, help that you can offer is obviously in tandem with what the military has available and the emergency services. so how difficult is it to coordinate way you go? what, who needs the, the resources more urgently. you mostly have to pick and choose areas or do you actually pick and choose areas depending on where you get the emergency call from? yeah, so the state government has running 24 to 700 rooms. so it is more like a standard coordination center. so then we got both, we stick blocks office and also the army and navy and also the every, all on the coming, all we call it as a recent report. so we're getting all the updates. we said the religious, authentic mostly damage rather than that. but as you pointed out,
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the 1st 24 hours when the rain happened, the 1st one finally becoming and that time, no one able to, we're not even on the not even government are not in your so the 1st 24 hour. what was the most difficult time and right now the 7 hour and it started including up. but the same guy got to sunny is that those the board are going to point to 7. the room. one room is working, but we have on board. i'm on the rainfall and the out of all committee and he lies . another problem which you touched on at the beginning of this conversation is that india is still dealing with the cova 19 problem. add to that more rain, add to that things like typhoid and malaria. and other waterborne diseases, compounds the problems for agencies like you and for the authorities. yes indeed. so it is more like what we call the market. and that is why we are also very
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dumb. it is also can really not become a big building brown, so frankly, we still have another developing that on that's what we thought of being in short already like bank in the all those can people get me being booked at the same time but, but he was not the so the didn't that are the already been going to going to being on the public. and so that one, and we can at this point, we'd also at the same time and also also kind of brought in the process of sending all these, what are the signs off? because the window, what the doctor says, that is, the more sign that the, any kind of valery depend on some. so we also buying rental supply the next and other we are so that we can not only manage all read but the savings and
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other what we can offer flood or any kind of like it's good, get your update. thanks so much for joining us. usa could be there for us from unicef in warm by thank. thank they just don't was also lashing northern taiwan. a typhoon in, fall made in full on saturday, bringing heavy rain and strong winds cause widespread damage bringing down houses and trees. the tiny thing is threatening to bring more floods to parts of china, including regions which we've already been deluged this week. the latest were enjoying in the central province and not heavy rain of night caused a river to burst. its banks refuse to rescue as putney halls are trying to move people to safety. let's get more on this. by joining weather presented jeff harrington. who tell us more what to expect over the coming days? jeff. right, so, so he'll let show you exactly where typhoon info is headed toward we're expecting landfall south of shanghai on sunday. so the team we've been going over projections
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here what shanghai can expect. and we're thinking, when goes about a 105 kilometers per hour winds only one part of the story. we also got to talk about that rain and we're thinking a $115.00 millimeters will be scooped up. keep in mind, this is just on sunday. we will see lingering effects as we head toward monday. so i'll play this out because you were just talking about the hell, some of the regions in china that have been just deluge young joe. but if we look at this, the truck is going to fall along the gang si, river valleys. so young joe wont get into any of this rain. want to pull out, give you a wider look because we are also watching some tropical trouble in the pacific on the par tech. and this could have an impact on the olympics, at least because we're seeing it steer toward tokyo. this is now on monday. if i take you toward tuesday, if this does become a typhoon, i could make landfall in and around the tokyo area. so we'll just have to watch and see about that one. next we're going to take you to india. uh huh. what a lashing it has got in particular the west coast, this feed him off
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a roster. so over the past 24 hours, 452 millimeters of rain. but, you know, if we actually look at the past few days, this area has gotten over a meter of rain. so we're seeing those scenes of putting a play out. so let me show you what's gonna happen on sunday. or there are red weather alerts in play, and so when we talk about these red weather alerts, it's just an indication that that is where the heaviest rain is going to fall. so the darker the color, the heaviest, the rain. and we can look for that to be around good rods, roger stuff as well. see those darker shades, but it has really been concentrated along that west coast of india. modrall struck your nazi rate down to carola bit a bit of a break as we head toward time on the do i search and i high of 36 degrees. so a lot of rain falling and still more to comes the hill. thanks very much for the jeff having to narrow whether percent. well, plenty more here on the news are including way rod. great,
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great violence on the street. the sydney is not going to present this plan with police. both of us are state cruise and heading to help our finance course and one of the numerous fires burning in the western united states that could all clenches it 2nd elim, pick gold medal with a surprise when on the road story. coming up with joe in on the us government is giving a gun on $100000000.00 in emergency assistance to refugees and displaced people and include those affected by a recent increase in fighting as the taliban takes more territory, those funds will be used to help thousands of ask interpreters have been working with the us forces to leave the country. president biden has promised continued support to the african liter. asher, af ghani. the interpreters may also be able to move to canada now whose government
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is bulging a special immigration process for those who helped coalition forces of the local staff and their families will be included in the program. the taliban has warned there'll be no piece of gun sounds until a new government is installed. well, this week the most senior general said the armed group not controls half of the songs districts, despite having withdrawn most of it's treated the us carried out and strike to help the ask and government for diplomatic editor james base is standing by 1st in cobble before we touch upon the interpreted james of it's a developing story happening right now regarding the safety of the country as a whole. yes, i've gotten officials increasingly concerned about the security situation. now there's a regular morning meeting of senior ministers in general's, normally presided over by the vice president. it was presided over today by president johnny himself. and following that meeting, we've had an important announcement from the interior ministry that is now going to
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be a few in afghanistan, most of afghanistan from 10 p. m. at night until 4 am. it's going to be in $31.00 of the $34.00 provinces. there are 3 exceptions. one is the capital city cobble and the province around it. there's also an exception for the province of 9 hall in the east of afghanistan, and also an exception for pension, which is a province just north of cobbles. so those are big population centers. they are not subject to this, but the rest of us got a song 31 provinces out of 34. you will not be allowed if you are a civilian to go on the roads, leave your home after 10 am. you will then be allowed out at 4 am, which is the time of morning prayer. now the reason for this i think, is quite straightforward in all contested areas in afghanistan for a very long time. that has been a simple fact. and that has been mainly during the daylight hours. the government
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is in control, but it's always been the case in these areas where there's contest between the african government and the taliban. the taliban have owned the night. james is talking about the various conversations that are going on between the us. and i've got a saw, and there was a conversation between gaudy and biden besset biden over money. yes, it was a conversation i think for the us to show support to afghanistan and to show that they are still here trying to send the message to the wider world. i'm sure they were trying to send a message to the taliban to talking about ongoing support to the afghan government saying that what the taliban is doing right now is a direct contraband called contradiction to the movements claims to support and negotiated settlement and stressing that the u. s. has on the table, a large funding plan for the african military. 1000000000 for the african air force
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is ongoing operations. 1000000000 for supplies for the african military. that's things like ammunition and fuel and spare parts and 700000000. that would be for salaries for the african army. so a lot of money that not all of it, new money, and that's more than $2000000000.00, nearly $3000000000.00 is subject to congressional approval. but i think it's important message to the african people that not being abandoned, but i think what the afghans really want right now in this delicate military situation is ongoing. u. s. s. support. we've seen that in the last few days, the u. s. dropping munitions in support of the african troops on the ground, but it's not clear how long the u. s. is going to go on doing that. certainly it's done it now that it's most of its troops left the country. but there is
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a question about whether it'll do it after the end of august, which was the original timeline for the u. s. to leave the country. so james is another pulse of money now also being offered to ask and it has been effected by the war or display studying where it's not coming from. well that says there's that there's a package among here, money here, which is 100000000 of direct new funds. and then there's 200000000. i think of of resources that will be redirected. and the worry here is, i think the humanitarian crisis that is already beginning to emerge. people are moving from the homes that being displaced within afghanistan, that being displaced beyond afghanistan. now we understand this funding will also be dealing with the interpreters. the u. s. has made a commitment to get thousands and thousands of those who have been working for the african military. sorry for the us military, out of afghanistan, and put them into safe places. it's still
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a lot of the details are not clear. and there's been a lot of varying reports on this. even the numbers involved, some reports saying it could be up to $35000.00 people, will be allowed these special visas. but it's going to take a very, very long time to process all these people. and although it's very good news for them and their families, if they are able to leave and they feel more safe than remember, this is a lot of people among them, nearly all of them educated afghans and it will just as i think the exodus of educated africans who are leaving the country, which also has a very negative effect on a country that seems such a crisis situation. change based thanks very much for the update james, our diplomatic editor in cobble. now the dutch government has been accused of not doing enough to help relocate. i've got interpreters and james mentioned who worked for its forces. thousands of afghans who help foreign forces and out at the risk of attack by the taliban. and the group makes gains around the country will step bass
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and has more from the hague. this is the new base where making a new page the dutch government and making a new base. c hoc worked for that forces in afghanistan from 2007 to 2009. he arrived with his family and an adult and last april, after a lengthy and complicated procedure that took 2 years, still, fearing for his life. he does not want his identity to be re field. well, i feel for the other people that are still stuck over there during my time when i was working for this process to get out of a fun is done and come to holland. it was still a little bit easier for me because the war was not that worse on the families that are stuck there are disconnected with each other so far. 94 interpreters who work for dutch forces have been brought to the netherlands, but many are still enough. county stan, fearing for their lives now the taliban is closing in. in total, $273.00 interpreters worked for the dutch as part of a natal mission. man to bring peace and democracy to afghanistan. we know these
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people have targets on their head. so what i want to government to do is to make sure to have a list of the people who worked for them as long as they have valid travel document . give the visa, get them on the plane, and make sure they are safe. but the minister of defense, as the discovery of faith documents, forces them to thoroughly check their identities. do not all of which were trying our utmost to speed up the process, but they will still be a check. and if this is not possible, and we'll still need to make sure these people actually worked for us on july for that troops left the guy and he's done. lawmakers blamed the government for failing to evacuate the interpreter before that date. this, this belief among politicians here in the hague, that after years of fresh, the government has so far failed to fulfill its moral obligation to dos with the life of dutch troops. it is estimated thousands of people enough god, the son who held during the war and now in extreme danger, a neat away out form
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a local star for british forces recently held the protest in couple, urging the u. k. government to evacuate them. charles worked as an interpreter for them, but because he was dismissed his application for resettlement was rejected. he says the same happened to dozens of others, actually because they were meant to help us ignore the technician because they would not see it. they would not look our definition. it will tell our researchers estimate that hundreds of former staff has already been killed by the taliban and tens of thousands are in danger. the nato, of course, always came to have gone on promising democracy, promising equality, and also promising human rights. quite a few of the people that have interviewed wonder where their human rights are. the dutch government recognizes that time is running out to bring everyone to safety. but the minister won't say when all interpreters who work for them and who want out will arrive here, steadfast and al jazeera,
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the hague. peter golden family son is the co founder of the suit. ha, lions and advocates for the protection of african interpreters under that local, engage, civilian staff, who worked for the british armed forces in afghanistan. josie, now from london, it's a reoccurring story. this must have been less than ready. the dutch contingent, for example, very small. the numbers of interpreters with quite large what 273, but the problem must be much bigger. the countries like america and the u. k, who had larger numbers of forces in the country. you. i think your, your colleague james and the board cited 35000 individuals looking to exploit the u. s. system. thanks roy, i mean a good way to, to, to be relocate. the us is also a whole lot of other employees such as main interpreted work directly, you know, not for a single country. it when whether you have responsibility for. ready the safety and
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security of former employees, those say foreign ministry or different governments employed in local liberals. other government departments such as developments, nation state, building entities that high level and also private security firms who contracted local, liberal interpreters and other security to protect installations across the country . all of the now being at risk of having worked for, for, for, for me is a huge problem, very multifaceted, what we are seeing it being debated around in national parliaments right now. certainly across europe. and one wonders why the british, the dutch, the germans, even the americans, why they didn't fact. they said several months ago when president biden took office and made it very clear that he was going to start withdrawing troops around the
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middle of 2021. i mean, it's an excellent question. why indeed, and i think again, did apply for this problem lines with various governments and actually, you know, they could have been planning, but it's a long time again. they all, however, facing what challenges, i think it's fair to say that no foreign governments wanted to be extracted. and under the circumstances, nobody that or set the conditions to relocate stuck in this way or to need to because i think there was a long standing have that we would leave afghanistan intervention. and this is these, these, these boys civilians to thrive within that does not seem to be the case. so i think it's fair to say that these governments and scrambling to,
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to do with the situation that they are not originally accounted for. but i think you're right, that was to an extent in a predictable several months ago. i think lots of been taking several months to to put that response in place to live and either let's talk about the hearing now because he did problem with seeing right now. these current offensive by the taliban of the count to offend, saves by the government surrounding certain major city hubs. if we call and not a round, the whole of the country. this is not cutting transport links because not all of these interpreters and support staff live in the capital cobble live across the country, which is now you might say, making the problem even worse for those european western countries. but might want to pull those interpreters and support those support staff out of the country. that is one of the challenges facing in terms of trying to extract over in
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taxes. it's actually difficult to get a hold of them and to process that document may be employed civilians use that term, meaning labor is kitchen. all of these have been told what kind of most of them are in hiding. many of them have been ostracized on society and they cannot afford to live in so a lot of them are spread for want across the country are in finding essentially desperate to be to be allowed to leave the country. peter golden said, listen, thanks so much for joining us from london. i female athletes already breaking records that take carolyn picks. these games will be the highest of a percentage of women taking part. and the richardson has more from tokyo.
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the people might think them quite different if the lighting, the olympic holderness. friday's opening ceremony, japanese tennis, thought the army or socket is fast becoming the face of the tokyo olympics. and these games will set the new height, the female athletes 49 percent of all competitors or women. compare that to the tokyo games in 964. when the figure stood just 13 percent. it's a huge shop window, just promoting capabilities of women and girls. justin, of course get, get hidden terribly and balanced representation. you know, men and women in the media generally on high school sense media coverage is, is a woman else. when they more than ellen picks began in $1896.00, they found at pierre to keep it. so made a pretty blunt assessments on the prospect of women taking part. he said it was
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impractical. uncouth in proper and uninteresting, but women did go on to take part at the 1900 games and barriers have been getting broken down ever since. 9 additional mixed gender events are only tokyo schedule. and a big reason, new sports like surfing, sport, climbing, and skateboarding have been included is because of their appeal to both sexes. we'll get a new, a new audience. there'll be a lot of maybe millions of people around the world that have never seen searching before. and they'll get to watch it for the 1st time and, and hopefully we put on a show and, and yeah, i'd love to say that i was able to win a gold medal in the 1st year that was in the olympics. the us women's football team haven't just one full olympic titles. leading players have used their profile to fight for equal pay and social justice. women who go through the experience of discrimination or some other really have life experience like mental health issue.
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like feeling that the pressure is too much, they choose to speak out then, then they should be encouraged and supposed to do so and they should be listen to because these people speak from genuine and authentic experience. i want to fire the girls out there watching. right now, in the next 2 weeks, i soccer and thousands of of the elite female athletes of the chance to do just that. and the rich, it's an al jazeera tokyo well guidelines as there was higher potential and pick silver med list in babington from the athens games in 2004 joins me now from the british town of milton keynes in the u. k. i could help you with us on the program . 5050 representation thereabouts. it's been reached in the olympics. is it really a case that we can sort of take that box, shut the chapter and move on? i really hope so. it's great that we're talking about it, but want to talk about it just a little bit. i'd like to say.


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