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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah the devastation of losing their homes, the death toll from the flooding in western india rises to more than 100. ah. hello and welcome mind peter w. watching al jazeera ally for my headquarters here and also coming up help from the us and canada to resettle afghan interpreters who worked with coalition forces
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shooting to go the 1st champion at the tokyo olympics. but there are more cases of coping 19 in the athletes. village and we'll look at why fi life on the world's largest cold water refill turning up dead on the beach. ah, the indian military reinforcing rescue operations in its west, in regions where the heaviest rain for july in decades was caused, devastating floods more than 100 people are known to have died. more than half of them killed in landslides. dozens more are still missing. the prime minister nor end ramadi says he's anguished by the loss of life. gillian wolf has more wading through water is the only way to and from home for these residents. but for
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many home has lost all meetings. didn't got a letter, i had 3 vehicles. all of them got some most in flood water. they are all damaged in the furniture inside my house and outside also got damage. i have suffered a loss of around $10000.00 financial loss like that will have a severe impact on the daily lives of people in the city of retina. with so many homes destroyed, these women are being forced to eat whatever they can find and sleep on which ever dry surface is left be the flood waters rose to between 6 and 7 meters. that's the highest that ever risen. all the properties of the residents are destroyed. they have nothing left to eat or drink. the unprecedented levels come after 24 hours of uninterrupted rain, which is called the fish the river just north to overflow. the state chief minister is promising to do whatever it takes to help people through the disaster. that's why those are the ones we will do. what do i take to save lives and property will
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not. the disaster has heard the entire state will not cool in the east to militia, in the west lanes have been unprecedented. and we are facing an unexpected emergency filled up all with a combined rescue. operation is underway with the army coast guard and national disaster response force taking part. and the indian navy has deployed helicopters to evacuate those stranded. it also has rescue boats and expert divers efforts to reach the thousands of people stranded are still being hampered by high water levels and landslides, blocking off major roads and cutting access to hundreds of villages, even for those whose properties have been spared. for now, there's another scare bodies double bond either. if the water is released from the dam today and the rainfall continues water, me and try our homes. red alerts have been issued with heavy rainfall expected to continue for a few more days,
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but saves further south are also facing dangers with rivers overflowing. seasonal monsoons provide more than 70 percent of the nation's annual rainfall, a lifeline for india's farmers who make up much of the country's economy. they also contribute to mass displacement with the impact on the growing worse by the effects of climate change. for residents of rationality, those effects are already being felt. first move elgin's era. i may just storm is lashing northern taiwan typhoon in for maitland fall on saturday, bringing heavy rain and strong winds its course widespread damage, bringing down houses and trees. typhoons threatening to bring more floods to parts of china, including the regions which have already been deluged this week. the laces wench and john, in the central province of hun, on heavy rain over night course, a river to best its banks rescue as a trying to move people to safety. so the serve
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a major clean up operations on the way in the provincial capital. jung joe parts of the city are still under water after record flooding there, at least $56.00 people in the region lost their lives. the cost of the damage has been estimated at $2000000000.00. emergency services in the united states say more than 5 and a half 1000 square kilometers an hour on fire across the country. thousands of people have had to leave their homes. heidi joe castro has more from washington. the view from inside an inferno firefighters narrowly escape this blaze, which has scorched 125 square kilometers in nevada and california. it's one of at least $83.00 large fires burning across the western united states. it is just like streamline, hot and dry fuels are at record or near record levels of dryness. the lack of moisture means everything is ready. everything is explosive. in northern california
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. the dixie fire has reached mega fire status, forcing people near lake el mano to evacuate. al, just trying to stay calm, not panic, and just, you know, fill up your car with gas and take care of the good business. i. the dramatic start of the u. s. wildfire season comes with the drought amplified by climate change. the dry conditions have helped fuel this fire in oregon, it's the nation's largest and responsible for the destruction of at least 70 home. so far. the impacts so big it's creating its own weather pattern, sending smoke across country to the east coast, contributing to hazy sky lines as far away as new york city. hot temperatures and high winds are also responsible for the fires with little respite predicted as the american summer continues heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. the us
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government is giving afghan us done $100000000.00 in emergency assistance for refugees and displaced people. now that includes those in affected by an increase in fighting at the taliban takes more territory. the money will also be used to help. thousands of afghan interpreters have worked with us will cease to leave the country. president joe biden has promised continued support for the afghan leader as rough connie. the interpreters may also be able to move to canada, and the government is launching a special immigration process for those who helped coalition forces other afghan staff and their families will be included in the program. and the taliban is warning. they'll be no peace in afghanistan until the new governments installed earlier this week. them a senior us generals that the arm group now controls half of the districts across afghanistan. despite having withdrawn most of his forces, the u. s. carried out and strikes to help the afghan government diplomatic edison
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james base has more now from carbon immediately and right now what the african government i think would like, is additional support from the americans themselves. robin support the african military. and we have seen, in recent days, the american military conducting air strikes, even though the vast majority of american troops have left this country, only a small number, guarding the u. s. embassy. so these strikes have been taken place from outside. i've gone a stone and certainly see your african officials would like to see more of that at the moment to stop the taliban advance. we've seen in recent weeks that particularly concerned about kandahar province. i've heard from some officials that concerned that the the taliban might try and bounce an operation to actually try and take kandahar city, which would be a huge symbolic boost for this. how about if they were able to claim a victory over? i've got a son seconds if he that's the nightmare scenario for the african government. what they're hoping to do now now eat is over,
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is to stop pushing back on some of those taliban games. the money that's going to the african military is, is showing that the u. s. is supporting the ongoing war effort of the afghans which the afghan government says, but basically defensive efforts to try to stop a taliban offensive. and of course, all of these things matter because there's no c spot in place. once you have a ceasefire in place and a conflict, it locks in the 2 sides positions the negotiating table right now though, it's a fluid situation and whoever has more territory has more leverage in the negotiations and the taliban feel that they are moving forward and progressing and making gains, putting them in a dominant position around the go see 800 table. the the 1st guild metal has been awarded at the tokyo olympics going to china's young
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ceos in the women's tend me to rifle competition. athletes from russia and switzerland picked up silver and bronze, and richardson's in tokyo, where corona virus is continuing to post problems for the teams. and the organizes . we've got at least 5 members of the check team or check contingent tested positive for members of the dutch contingent similarly. and that manifested itself in competition today when a check women's volleyball event was just to walk over for japan because the check team couldn't take part because of covet 19. and i think that's always been the big concern. people have had that it will affect the integrity of olympic competition. this isn't like, you know, for example, box a tyson theory test positive for the coven, ahead of a fight. he can reschedule it for later in the year. but it's not an option. i'm on the tight schedule we have for these olympics also in admission in the, in the i c briefing earlier today that the work problems getting testing kids to
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some athletes earlier on this week that they say has now been remedied. they're all test available for all who need it. athletes? i meant to be tested every single day. and they said this is the most tested community in the world. one of the thing that is worth mentioning, just in case the, the organize it didn't have enough problems to deal with. there was a tropical storm on the way already on monday, they rescheduled some of the rowing events to take that into accounts. remember, the rookie will cut back in 2019 as a typhoon, which pulls the cancellation of 3 games. i don't think he's going to be as bad as that. but yet, some more problems literally on the horizon for the organizes malaysia has reported its high as daily number of coby 19 cases and the start of the pandemic. the health ministry registered nearly 16000 new infections on saturday that comes despite the government tightening restrictions on movements and businesses, parts of southeast asia are experiencing a search fueled by the highly contagious delta variant. thousands of people in
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australia's most popular city have brings corona virus restrictions to protest against locked on meshes. their violent brawls broke out, and sydney and items were thrown at police officers. the police did shut down the city center and they made a number of arrest. sydney has been under lockdown conditions for 4 weeks now. while the state of new south wales were sydney's location, of course, is just reported. 163 new infections. that's the biggest daily rise in cases the government wants to speed up the vaccine rollout. limited supplies mean only about 15 percent of adults have been vaccinated. australia's federal government says it will send an extra $50000.00 doses to the state of the others, refuse to share supplies, order, or mind those other states and territories that last looked, we were common wealth. we work together and it disturbs me
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that would appear that all we've ever done to work together has justs, say me living costs saw come here on out to 0, but i don't, i do the oh, i'm done fine in haiti, interrupt the funeral that the president shelburne, l luis was assassinated earlier this month. also ahead why the un has decided australia's great barrier reef is not endangered for now. ah. starting this weather update in asia pacific and right off the bat i wanted to show you some of the scenes that we had been warning about near a, ty, pay trees down the clean up is now underway. these trees snap like twigs and
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flooding all because of typhoon info. so we look where it's go in now and look into make landfall south of shanghai on sunday. so now we know next in the line of fire will be shanghai, the team. and i, we've been going over some of the forecast models. we're thinking wingate's about 105 kilometers per hour rainfall, about a $115.00 millimeters, and that's for sunday alone. here's something that could impact the olympics, this tropical disturbance toward the pacific. no partic, now let me put this for just a few days. and as we look toward monday, we're starting to see some of the impacts of nepal. retech, but by tuesday could make landfall if it does become a typhoon further to this house. we're also talking about cool temperatures in australia, a suburb of adelaide, 8.9 degrees that made its cold is stay in 63 years. winds a big factor here for south australia, looking at gusts about 70 kilometers per hour, will end in new zealand where we're starting to see rain pushing for both the south
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and the north island. the with energy and change to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity, we can make it work for you and your business. ah,
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the me welcome back. you're watching sir. your top stories this half hour. india's military reinforcing rescue operations in his western regions. after the heaviest rain for july in decades, cost flooding and lens lives or the 100 people are known to have died and dozens more. i'm missing the us government has placed $100000000.00 in emergency assistance or refugees and displaced people in up chemist on includes those affected by a recent increase in fighting the taliban mix. rapid territorial gains and thousands of people in australia's most popular city had breached corona virus restrictions to protest against luptime measures. violence broke out and sidney between demonstrators and the police did make several arrest. haiti has bid farewell to president of an el luis, in a 7 or funeral service that was briefly interrupted by gunfire. foreign dignitaries had to be rushed to safety demonstrations calling for justice. i have repeatedly
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turned violence since my lease was fascinated at his home. and to galahad picks up the story. even before the funeral of 53 rolls, you know my, we've got underway. tensions in cap patient run high protest is seeking unanswered questions. and angry with the nations ruling class took to the streets many here hoped we since funeral would help men diffraction nation, instead of unity. that deep suspicion over who killed my we and why we the haitian people are demanding justice for the president. and we are saying that we do not agree to bury the president because they did not arrest the real culprit. we are blocking the entire northern department since the death, the presidents. i have not made any money. i dislike security concerns. dignitaries from across the americans gathered to pay their respects to the former president. as services got underway, gunshots rang out forcing dignitaries, including those from the us and the un to be rushed to the safety of the vehicles. the assassination of job number, we says, let this for you,
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all nation reeling. but on friday, those closest to him, paid tribute, visibly shaken. martino is still recovering from our injuries after the assassination corporate justice was more demo. that's why he's wanting to democratize a sin. how he's fighting for equal opportunities to enter the civil service. the come condemned bull to his haitian brothers. if you cross your arms and just look at the executioners, blood will not cease to flow. today. it is jovan alma. we've got to morrow. who will it be? it will be him, it will be may, it will be our research in the wake of my research fascination on july, the 7th, a core group of foreign nations back arial on re to take the reins is haiti's, new prime minister. the international community is pushing for elections, which haven't successfully taken place in more than 4 years, with a barely functioning senate and it dissolved parliament that will be an easy task. the launch haitian community here in miami,
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paying close attention to the enfolding political crisis in haiti. many a shock, but my waste was assassinated that more than anything else that deeply concerned about the immediate security of the nation. they left behind the notre dame to haiti church in little haiti, motors gathered to pay their respects to the for the president. like all haitians, those gathered have more questions than answers, but with a nation's future hanging in the balance. thoughts turned to those they left behind having all these rumors and so many questions, none of which were answered, let a lot of people to number one fear for the security of the country as a whole. but of course, the fear for the security of their own families who are still in haiti. haiti sounds at a precarious moment as it lays its slain president to rest. the investigation to who was behind his estimation appears no closer to giving haitians the answers they seek,
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the country tension. we cannot leave the country with the people in the nation who got all the stand up for the country. a date for elections has not been set, security and stability for now a more pressing issues in this trouble nation. and the gala corolla, 0, miami, florida, rescue workers in the state of florida have officially ended the search for bodies at the sight of a collapsed apartment. building dozens of firefighters have been working 12 hour shifts and sleeping at the site. in surfside, near miami, at least 97 people are confirmed dead. one person is still unaccounted for, providing closure to families with the ultimate test of everybody here. and i think we, we did our best to do that to make sure that everybody knew that, that we were in it 1000 percent to make sure that they had to close, or they needed the us secretary of state. and to me, blinking has discussed a potential troop withdrawal with the iraqi foreign minister. was saying
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a pull out by the end of the could allow the us military take on an advisory role would likely include training and arming iraqi forces, fighting ice on the us. president joe biden is due to meet the iraqi prime minister must offer academy on monday. an advisor to the former us president old trump has been released on bail off record hearing building at thomas barrack is charged with working as a foreign agent. on behalf of the united arab emirates, he cheered donald trump's inaugural fund and helped get him elected. you'll have to wear an electronic monitor tag and surrender his passport. while awaiting trial, kristen sumi now from new york barrett is charged with trying to influence improperly lobby the u. s. president for he was working allegedly on behalf of the united arab emirates, as he was the chairman of president trump's inaugural committee in 2017. this was
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a substantial step and i unexpectedly taking place today. he is due to appear in person in new york courtroom on monday, but his lawyer is attempting to secure his freedom pending trial. prosecutors were very nervous about this because he is a very wealthy man, a business man with a private jet and citizenship in lebanon. so they wanted to make sure that his attendance in new york, on monday would be assured before letting him leave this federal detention facility while the investigation into his alleged influencing attempted influencing the president continues. he's also charged with lying to investigators back in 2019 who were looking into this president. trump is not in any way indicted with these charges. he's not named in these charges. prosecutors do allege that the defendant brock had an influence on president tom's foreign policy, however,
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and also that he was attempting to get a position as a middle east adviser in the trump administration. when all of this was happening, he was informally advising president. trump's official more than $140.00 palestinians have been injured and the occupied west bank during process against an illegal israeli settlements. hundreds gathered in the village of bitter throwing rocks and is ready. forces responded with gas and life. fire an outpost for jewish settlers with build nearby in may. israel examining whether it can be declared the land that belongs to the state. turkey's defense ministry is searching for survivors for a boat carrying $45.00 microns went down in the g, and it says the boat sank 260 kilometers off the coast of the holiday resort tunnel cas took his hosting 3700000 refugees. most of them are syrian many tried to reach turkey on overcrowded boats. the us has decided not to classify the great barrier
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reef as an endangered heritage site. despite evidence that it is under threat from climate change and coral bleaching, greenpeace is condemning the australian government for lobbying against it, being granted protected status. this is a product of one of the most cynical lobbying if it's a recent years in which truth has been sacrificed for the political appearances of an australian government that is doing nothing credible to tackle the number one cause of the process of very race which is climate change people of the world have every right to be mystified by a strong and government that the spot 55000000 is of a strong being burned in the great fires and 60 percent of the grades, very roasting impacted by the 3 massive bleaching events. record droughts, a 1000000 dead fish strategies. great. murray,
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darling bison system that still the strategy in government is one of the world's worst leg guards on climate action. well, selina ward is a coral reef scientist and a senior lecturer at the university of queensland. she says it's time for the australian government to take climate change. seriously. there's absolutely no doubt that the great barrier under the threat and the daughter is there it from all the a strained government organizations as well as all the universities making it very clear, very few still beautiful and we can still save it, but we are getting more frequent mess, bleaching events which will, which frequently result in large mortality on the rave. we have one quality problem for industrialized being the coastline of the great barrier reef, which adds to water quality problems. so if the threats we've lost considerable sections of the great barrier reef,
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and if we don't take very big dramatic action on climate change, we will get more and more bleaching events. and the rates will not have time to recover. the federal government has an appalling record on climate change. not only do we have aspiration for 0 emissions, not actual target. we government also chases new fossil fuel development, which i think in the current climate is absolutely unforgivable. so they are seeking new call. mine's new gas development and even using funding for renewables to try and say fossil fuel. so, well the strategy is a fairly small country population was. so our missions huge is a global plan. if we consider the emissions of the big coal mine that have proposed and the gas developed and then we became become
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a much more important player globally. so our government really needs to step up and take con, changed seriously near the coast of senegal and mortality of the world's largest known cold waterleaf home to countless, rare and endangered species is also where international companies are drilling for oil and gas. but local fishermen, se dolphins and turtles of washing up dead on the beaches. the shores of senegal, nicholas hank reports now from the fishing time, a kiosk. deep in senegal, the territorial waters, 500 meters below sea level, are creatures that humans have not yet encountered. it is a canyon as long as the great wall of china, 400 kilometers, and 100 meters high. this is the world's largest cold water reef home to oysters, that are 30 centimeters long and 500 years old. here are the court of orest reef each fish and endangered charge to meet it is at the edge of this precious ecosystem until now,
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undisturbed by human interaction. that while the national companies are preparing to extract billions of barrels of oil in the trillion cubic feet of gas, since the drilling began, endangered dolphins, turtles, and other sea life have washed up on the shore. fishermen by bureau fall has never seen anything like it. and says, it is a bad omen. also if i feel pain and sadness, they like us, they like human beings. these are noble animals, the guide us when we go fishing while they lead other fish, their death is a bad sign. clinicals ministry efficient says oil and gas companies are not to blame it. think a technique using dynamite to fish may responsible for the death while it is illegal. fishermen watch shows his son how it's done. the device does not detonate in front of our camera. he says he doesn't want to be seen breaking the law. i've got a leg up on um,
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if you're caught you're in trouble. i covered the devices with type so it stays dry . otherwise, it won't light up when it's held tight, it's like throwing a small bomb in the water. the fishing ministry says the sound of the explosion alone is enough to kill animals. and it's the worst type of fishing because it destroys the environment. and what's already a fragile ecosystem. scientists believe oxygen level in the ocean or dropping due to human pollution. this to may be causing mammals to suffocate in the water. this used to be a prestige beach where people used to come in swim the ocean abundance with fish. look at it now. it's, well, it's like a dumb sight. while the government installed electricity and the internet for communities living by the sea, there's no infrastructure to deal with the human waste and toxic chemicals there are being thrown into the ocean. but environmentalists say this is just the tip of the iceberg, because out of sight,
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hundreds of nautical miles away is environmental pollution of far greater magnitude . chinese and european deep sea trawlers scraped the ocean floor with giant nets. in a matter of minutes, they kill and destroy everything in their path, including coral reefs. scientists predict that within a decade, ocean ecosystems will collapse because of a combination of rising temperatures. over fishing and schuman pollution with it will disappear the opportunity for humans to encounter new species of life. because for them, time may be running out. nicholas hall get al jazeera k are cynical. ah, this is al jazeera,


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