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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2021 8:30am-9:00am AST

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if we consider the emissions of the big coal mine that have proposed and the gas developed and then we can become a much more important player globally. so our government really needs to step up and take con, change seriously. also the unesco world heritage committee is meeting in china to discuss a list of nominated sites. peru is trying to get the status for an ancient. so the observatory, the gen kilo observatory was built more than 2300 years ago. west of the and these mountain range is the oldest in the americas, proves already home to 12 hurt his fights. ah, that's all these that's help stories. heavy monsoon rains of triggered floods and landslides in western india killing at least a 100 people. the state of her australia is the worst hit at least 30 people as the listen. didn't got a letter,
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i had 3 vehicles. all of them got submerged in flood water. they are all damaged in the furniture inside my house and outside also got damage. i have suffered a loss of around $10000.00. these visa flood waters rose to between 6 and 7 meters . that's the highest that's ever written on the properties of the residents are destroyed. they have nothing left to eat or drink. a telephone is full cost to bring heavy rains to taiwan and coastal china this weekend, or thirties and put some regions on high alert. the warning comes days after record flooding and essential chinese provence code, at least $51.00 people. a major cleanup operation is underway in the worst hit city of john jo, us emergency services say more than 5 and a half 1000 square kilometers. are ablaze across the country. thousands of people have had to evacuate the homes. the 5 season is being made worse by long and severe drought. and the u. s. government is giving up on $100000000.00 in emergency assistance or refugees and displaced people,
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including those affected by recent spike and the fighting is itala bon makes rapid territorial gains. funds will also be used help. i've got interpreters they've been working with us forces. president biden has continued to support his african count spot, a shavani, and a phone call friday. a shortage of fuel to run generators in several lebanese hospitals is threatening the lives of patients. and economic crisis has led to power cuts that can last up to 20 hours a day. and a funeral has been held for a tease assassinated president, germany, or juvenile noise. he was killed at his home moon 2 weeks ago, just outside the compound where it is taking place, protest and violent gunshots, word and police, and fight. take us and rescue him in florida officially ended the site for bodies at the sight of a building that collapsed last month. at least 97 people not been confirmed. dead one is so unaccounted to those that headlines. the news continues. hey, on out there are off to mice and bob way and also you can keep up when i was 0 dot
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com something was going to change. anything really changed. this is systemic violence that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against that barrier. know what to say. so we are all saying we're looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line, when i was just there on the news, my name is parish i met and you play for why we're mission, i think again, you know, also play for what we're mission on the other one. the love with my family,
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my fun. make my create my rugby. my team is my wig. that's laser my with the thank is really important for me. it was clear i went to play, i'll play no t 20, good me. she's been putting, i'm drinking face and which means padre. pretty soon . that's playing both much,
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don't go on by the glue that the bull or the times is coming, goes did get your hit where you wanted to be. it was no way you wanted to book it up up over the top. make sure you bring maxima over the weekend. we are playing the video to 22 of them in the 5th, and we have games in this country. and this is also a good platform to select player for the initial side, which was good for, for us to prove it. and it was a good way to play with these something to play for me . so i need to remember how my to, i'm not what i mean wants to me at any moment too much fun, special a time young would you say me to do and i was wondering why my,
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for 11 the exposure to me. i'm going to the one will some guys which one on my idea been on the west much was one as a mighty big off. it would be easy. was it a? was i glad i it can be the cheaper. no, ma'am. i know, you know, we'll be in louis. i'm saying we're the one that i don't know why this was going to go linda gina and i was and still been ongoing for went by me and as j either me. i mean, i would be getting those im in for shut down,
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but then what else does is will do a tv. well, enjoy your amazon when i tv said neighbors, media allusion that i see was made and you want them to move by my phone by see what i nobody what, what i was when they said i live as it was a tv door and medicine and a number of ways and there is no the, my, i'm the g m a war and i was done with the, then these are what is your and i didn't wanna buy a tv that again will find my money. and all my shows was the one that, that i should get actually rhodes, someone that way, sooner than i guess she said i would never mind going from one another. i didn't lose the precious might i and a 1000000 interested in does this. i'm going to, i'm with the by the interested then we had one on 11 on the was
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when i've under, well, i know my 6 me a bible can give me a baby. the monday was promotional. i didn't know when to do a genuine push. i would need to shut down by wish, but isn't it? does is i go to the all is once a day mean? she actually do what i mean. i mean when it is it is dave as a she need ah ah, ah ah,
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i wait. wait, wait, go to my main bill to watch when no one and a while. but then i'm just going in the face of been wanting to do it. i think was data when we met, when we were playing, when we to give that. and as a book, to me know, i want to dream, we want to dream power young ladies to be involved because they life after sport. so you need to be punitive. well, the trained todd and, you know, training for mind i want to do this for a woman is
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a bit of a truck up because of the culture can say a woman is supposed to be at work or in the kitchen. or you have to get married but she had a goal. and that's why she's playing high. she's playing on the muslim high because she said i can do it as a woman. you don't look at your best, i think because i'm a woman, i cannot do it if the men can do it. women in doing the good. this one. let's be in mind. right. is that what now my do you know what are the, what the guy good god bless id i sat down. c and i get a very busy i'm not a good place to be of them. is
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it is wrong, but i'm going to do that, but i but not going to do what is known as this is why you did. it was good and i've gotta get a little room with ation. whatever me ah ah how long she would be or known as is it?
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no, but yeah, would you? yeah, no, no, no, no, i don't want to. i guess there's any. it's called, this is german. go to my going to was moving on. wait a month. but i, you know, my life and there i'm on my iowa by 1000000 best buy by a man for a was in the way. but then from that all my life to get a damage on the table that all window must all know what's going on. but what i need is, know what i was doing. i started for the when i actually said all i'm, i was there, i didn't know my mind as a a, b, c i y a warning go on,
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but we'll got up. i mean, i didn't die in for the one thing i knew when i, when i mean i've done all that clean as we go, dale is, is a big thing about yeah, i mean that, i mean when i'm done, i'm done. i'm done. i'm gonna wasn't good that's i want to go into the latency, but i see an invoice number with us. it would for me. ah, the whole group i wanted to do
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it will give them all i want to know what they lose. ah, was it was very nice and i imagine it would be less if you didn't want to move and the less where did he say they knew? i'm so when i'm,
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when do you agree with a player asked me why he was good to me for more minutes of the twin which you know, being the the did the create games and we had a sport growing sports to make sure that we are buying any challenge, you know, do what god bless you. i don't think i see was i think for a photo my practice or i will those who go into knows that i didn't get to you
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would you would be home. i was, i was this is which is what is it this isn't a busy needs would read on the oh yes, the if what again, again it does good to me what i think of living twice if they did, they did before used to do what approach are we going to use always do with it and we've talked about doing with live. the way you can play more, just give that goodness enough. i think we need to change anything. don't say to be a year to more than just maintain the thing that you have been doing over these
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games, or do i need to find an outlet said to find out to me is the last game just in was the more we stayed to find? i know what was in your mind, you start to because they want to pretty to find him please. just the last game. that's all. that's the way to know what time the little silly for them, but for the next year one would absolutely. nobody can see it on my national gal as you didn't away. this is when you go to any i, you know, go to this guy, sculpture and this guy figures and they don't want this. no one is and a wages guy problem goes with a day being this is not the time to do sunday. there's simon, i don't,
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i was here my show. ah, i think i should have my me. i stood in front of me. ah, i was just saying i'm all right because i was i thought i might
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add like a dark guy, but i don't want to make me break. i will need to get approved and get down myself. but anyway, when you get a minute, i'm sorry i was in the room. well, you know, just went up. they said i've gone but nobody got me and sometimes inside and getting was a big fin. like i know, i know by now,
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i mean when, when mom, why oh, why don't you mean sometimes when dealing with someone i use that way. i asked that the way i didn't have all the new ones when we managed to keep this on by. she was on my way to the
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way to jessica vegas. any more and i know going and i do. they don't when it makes it good. oh, of course, like i used to be late. this was initially, you know, like, you know, it looked like it was like scanning but i know they didn't go to god created his legs. emily, to me, me ah, what do you hopping? just put your side pulling or beating, just you put if you get a not that are taking too much the most, that we board the most deeply injured. you remember what i said,
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you said that you know the final and finally got visa. ending in the angles ended on my memory beds only go to canada, which is huge days if you want to give me a call with choose
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ah, a good job from open as definitely i think they put us in a good position. the good foundation we didn't expect that robin was completed seemed like a touch them away. they really went on with that. give us the news. i think we can, we will come big wouldn't give it to you guys. you know that neither would be, will they put us in the game. so i think you've got
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a bullet to come up with these can do this exactly what these guys have done if you were the use ah, use features ok. but it was the very 1st april was 121. it ran me me ah,
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ah ah, ah ah, the regular requesting a good victory over the ladies and gentlemen and for the play. this goes to
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whatever not i'm putting to bold with what i am, i don't get me when all the visit of the the with it. i think we played for 10 years. good 10 years for the mapping was it was way that it was for the life of the game. it was creating the flatter, done, but i was involved with the proving that well as it would do my my didn't leto and
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will be my house to be done. i'm going, i'm going, i'm jen bible, but i will grow close. i blue sky usually going to and a new jersey 0809. i don't really wage exhilarates to a dig the i'm a new media. do media. no, get the thing from where i am now. i think i would face more. you to lee on that for a few years. my main, my main goal, my dream, to play in the word car, to be doing my job. then after playing,
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i think my main goal is to be training. i want to be a good day. i should on my way, is rising by way. sometimes it's a place where things can be self my ways, all my ways, success rising by ways winning games. that's why the farmer finding harmony in pursuing his passions. my passions finding young and
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keeping cultural tradition nurturing the musical islands as his community had been playing to dream music filled in money, money to outside world tenzing, his family land. the most important thing that club brought to my mind actually starting doing this, hector begun the music. my son bob boyd. oh, now jesse iraq in columbia, in the mid nineties, coca fields covered whole stretches of land fall from the cities which were now on the high survey. and the end of the ninety's people were talking about the potential for me becoming an architect with the cobra is taking power. drug traffickers sought refuge in the jungle. the mountains well out of the states reach the far right militia is 20000 men. the united self defenders of columbia defies the gorilla. meanwhile, columbia has legitimate military, suffered ambushes by the fall. soldiers were abducted in that hundreds. the
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systematic killing led to the displacement of millions of people. the paramilitaries dictated because there's only 2 areas. the state couldn't never reach under pressure from the da, the criminals who came off the pablo escobar, 100 down the show. companies would underestimate, increase the . ready use my card unto the top stories on al jazeera, the heavy rains in western india have triggered floods in land slides, killing at least a 100 people more than a 1000. people have been rescued and my harassed estate. julian wolf, cripples. wading through water is the only way to and from home for these residents.


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