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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2021 8:00am-8:30am AST

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and the struggle for except me, once upon a time in punch bowl, on our 0 i i her massive floods in india and china to wildfires across the north western united states. extreme weather continues to buffer the planet. ah, wrong. com. is there a light from holes coming up? us president joe boyd's office, up on his, on a 100000000 dollars in emergency assistance as the telephone makes major advances.
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why don't i do hope? i'm off. gone far as head outside the compound where the funeral jesus isolated president was being held and the trillion government successfully. nobody's to keep the great barrier reef off the u. n's endangered list. ah, we begin with a look at the extreme weather events taking place on at least 3 continents. huge waves of western united states on fire with a long and severe drought feeling the flames. the biggest is burning in oregon and it's destroyed an area larger than los angeles. in russia, days off to sending in 5 flights is the battle. blazes in siberia does not flooding in multiple regions. bridges have been destroyed, including on that collapse as a truck was driving across it. and heavy rains in western india have triggered
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floods and land slides killing at least a 100 people more than a 1000. people have been rescued and harassed states, but dozens of others remain missing. gillian wolf reports wading through water is the only way to and from home for these residents. but for many home has lost all meetings. didn't garcia? i had 3 vehicles. all of them got submerged in flood water. they are old damaged. the furniture inside my house and outside also got damage. i have suffered a loss of around $10000.00. financial loss like that will have a severe impact on the daily lives of people in the city of right now. with so many homes destroyed, these women are being forced to eat whatever they can find. and sleep on which ever dry surface is left. these views of flood waters rose to between 6 and 7 meters. that's the highest it's ever risen. all the properties of the residents are
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destroyed. they have nothing left to eat or drink. the unprecedented levels come after 24 hours of uninterrupted rain, which is cause officially river just north to overflow. the state chief minister is promising to do whatever it takes to help people through the disaster. that's why was we will do what do i did to save lives and property will not, the disaster has hit the entire state will not cool in the east to militia. in the west, the rains have been unprecedented. and we are facing an unexpected emergency filled up all with a combined rescue operation is underway with the army coast guard and national disaster response force taking part. and the indian navy has deployed helicopters to evacuate those stranded. it also has rescue boats and expert divers efforts to reach the thousands of people stranded are still being hampered by high water levels and landslides, blocking off major roads and cutting access to hundreds of villages,
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even for those whose properties have been spared. for now, there is another scare. go bodies double bond either. if the water is released from the dam today and the rainfall continues water, me and try our homes. red alerts have been issued with heavy rainfall expected to continue for a few more days, but saves further south are also facing dangers with rivers overflowing. seasonal monsoons provide more than 70 percent of the nation's annual rainfall, a lifeline for india's farmers who make up much of the country's economy. they also contribute to mass displacement with the impact on the growing worse by the effects of climate change. for residents of red novelty, those effects are already being felt. first, have him move on to 0. and so i phone is full cause to bring a heavy rains to taiwan and coastal china this weekend authorities and put some
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regions on high alert. the warning comes days off to record flooding and chinese province code, at least 51 people. a major cleanup operations underway in the worst hit city of john jo. other cities in the region are under red alert as rescue team search for survivors. turning to those wildfires in the u. s. now emergency services say that more than 5 and a half 1000 square kilometers are ablaze across the country. thousands of people have to evacuate the homes. honey, joe castro has more from washington. the view from inside an inferno firefighters narrowly escape this blaze, which has scorched 125 square kilometers in nevada. in california. it's one that least $83.00 large fires burning across the western united states. it is just so extremely hot and dry. fuels are at record or near record levels of dryness. the lack of moisture means everything is ready. everything is explosive. in northern
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california. the dixie fire has reached mega fire status, forcing people near lake el mano, to evacuate el, just trying to stay calm, not panic, and just, you know, fill up your car with gas and take care of the good business. i. the dramatic start of the u. s. wildfire season comes with the drought amplified by climate change. the dry conditions have helped fuel this fire in oregon, it's the nation's largest and responsible for the destruction of at least 70 home so far. the impacts so big it's creating its own weather pattern, sending smoke across country to the east coast, contributing to hazy sky lines as far away as new york city. hot temperatures and high winds are also responsible for the fires with little respite predicted as the american summer continues heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. both stephan is
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a counselor, the climate counsel of australia and a climate change expert at the extraneous national university. he explains why extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. climate change is increasing the energy content of the atmosphere by trapping more heat. that means that the conditions are getting hotter, but it also means that other extremes, both ends drought, then you have the rain are also becoming more extreme. so this means that when you have drought, most of your drop couple with high temperatures, it makes forest really much more prone to burn, which is why we're seeing such dramatic and large fires now in western north america. at the same time, because the atmosphere is holding more water vapor, it increases the odds that will see extreme rainfalls, which are happening. of course in western india have also played china and europe just in the last week or so. so yes, there's a very, very good and strong body of scientific evidence to say that extreme weather events
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across the board are becoming more extreme because the climate change, they will become more common. the 16, the best and more severe. and the next decade or 2. that's because it's going to take us at least that long to get our emission trending down towards 0. so certainly up till 20302035. more greenhouse gases will accumulate in the atmosphere, which means more heat will be trapped and more severe weather will occur and will become more so more extreme. this means that we must prepare for this. we must learn to adapt to it and anticipating something we're going to have to live with at least for the next couple of decades. the u. s. government giving up only thought $100000000.00, the emergency assistance for refugees and displaced people. it includes those affected by reason, spike in the fighting is the taliban makes rapid territorial gains. the funds will also be used to help african interpreters have been working with us forces to leave the country. president biden has promised to continue support, who is african african counterpart. i shall connie,
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the interpreters male. so be able to move to canada. it's beginning a special immigration process for those who helped coalition forces. i've got interpretive and local stuff along with families will be allowed to enter and stay in canada. early on friday to tell about warn, there will be no peace enough. protest on until a new government is formed. a spokesman said the group will not stop fighting until present as tropical and he is removed earlier this week. the us is where senior general said the group that controls half of afghanistan's districts, despite having withdrawn most of its troops, the u. s. has still been carrying out as strikes to help the african government or diplomatic. it's a james base his life in cobble. james connie was on a phone call with biden, just tell us what happened the well, that being said, a significant new commitment from the us to afghanistan during this phone call between president biden and president ghani,
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president biden promising $1000000000.00 more now to support the ongoing operations of the african air force, then there's another 1000000000 to support the of the things needed for the african military. got things like i munition fuel and spare parts. there's also $700000000.00 to supply the money for the ongoing salaries of the african army. so money is important. you cannot win a war if you don't have the money to fight the war. ready but immediately and right now what the african government i think would like, is additional support from the americans themselves. robin support the african military and we have seen in recent days, the american military conducting s strikes, even though the vast majority of american troops of left this country only a small number, guarding the u. s. embassy. so these strikes have been taking place from outside of
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kind of stone and certainly senior african officials would like to see more of that at the moment to stop the taliban advance. we've seen in recent weeks that particularly concerned about kandahar province. i've heard from some officials that concerned that the the taliban might try and bounce an operation to actually try and take kandahar city, which would be a huge symbolic boost for this. how about if they were able to claim a victory over? i've got a son seconds to he, that's the nightmare scenario for the african government. what they're hoping to do now now eat is over, is to start pushing back on some of those taliban games. now james is the money that the u. s. is pledging to kind of song show support to the african government or a message to taliban or both? i think it's a bad message for both. certainly the money that's going to the african a military is, is showing that the u. s. is supporting the ongoing war effort of the afghans which
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the afghan government says, but basically defensive efforts to try to stop a taliban offensive. and of course, all of these things matter because there's no c spot in place. once you have a cease fire in place in a conflict, it locks in the 2 sides positions that then the go see a thing table right now though, it's a fluid situation and whoever has more territory has more leverage in the negotiations and the taliban feel that they are moving forward and progressing and making games, putting them in a dominant position around the, the g o c 800 table. so i think all of this was playing out militarily is relevant to the negotiations that are taking place in. doha paused at the moment, but expected to resume, but of course, there are many who believe that the taliban may only be negotiating for now, and if it doesn't get what it wants through the negotiation table, it may decide to pursue a military solution. well, let's talk about james,
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you've been covering those talks for very long time. you understand a lot of the players there and those talks, the taliban simply have a strong position. is that any room that the african government, the other groups have to bring the taliban back? to the table and get concessions out of them because it seems to me that the taliban are least calling the shelter. the taliban are right now in a strong position. certainly not, not just militarily, but in the perception of the people. and that's important in any politics, and particularly when you are in a conflict setting, it affects the morale of the troops. it affects the views of ordinary people who clearly are fearful of ongoing conflict and what's going to come next. so yes, i think it is a situation right now where the taliban have the momentum. and i think you could
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probably expect to see in the coming days efforts by the afghan government to try and reverse the situation we saw in the last 24 hours. they managed to retake one school district in herat province. i think they'll be trying to retake some of the more strategic parts of the country that the taliban have captured in recent weeks . that will certainly be the effort of the african government to try and consolidate their forces to make new gains. of course if it goes the other way, if it's the taliban that is still moving forward, the taliban are still stronger in any negotiations and may feel so strong. they feel they don't actually even need the negotiations. that's james, very difficult to get his cobble, always great to speak to fella, head on out. his era or our foreign minister travels to washington for talks. as smooth ended combat missions in the country, 1100 crisis hits, hospitals that are running out, feel, putting the lives of patients of risk. ah
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hello, nice to see you. there's no change across the weather in the middle east. we're still dealing with some high. he particularly around the gulf kuwait's, $49.00 degrees. we've got a slight shamal wind here, so we're seeing a northwest wind gusts about 4050 kilometers per hour. we do have some rain moving across much of yemen, and our southwest monsoon has given us some rain as we would expect to see in sola, for example, on saturday. next, i want to take you to turkey, where the black sea region has just been hammered with some heavy rain. we've also seen as a result of this land slides at home, going down right there. and unfortunately, it's looking like much of this heavy rain will continue on saturday, toward that southeast corner of the black sea. next,
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we're going to go to africa and check on the tropic street here, and we've got storms coming in going. but what's a bit unusual is the storms are lifting further to the north and falling across the sou hale region. so we do have some rain in the forecast for juba on saturday with a high of 32 degrees. further to the south. we had some soaking rains for the eastern cape port. elizabeth picked up 50 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours. but look at this on saturdays, things start to dry out and we've got some sunshine with the temperature of 21 degrees. the when a french soldier was murdered in a so called terrorist attack, his mother retaliated with love with speaking out against intolerance and alienation. she travels the world with the result of a grieving mother who love to son, but adopted
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a generation latifah. witness documentary on al jazeera. oh, the me. you're watching out. is there a reminder of our top story? heavy munson rains have triggered floods and landslide in western india, killing at least $100.00 people. the site. i'm not sure if the worst hit at least 30 people are still missing us. emergency services a more than 5 and a half 1000 square kilometers are ablaze across the country. the why fi season is being made worse by long and severe drought and the u. s. government is giving up on us on a $100000000.00 in emergency assistance for refugees and displaced people. it
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includes those affected by reasons piper. pike, in the fighting as a ton of on makes rapid territorial gain in haiti. gunshot. so her just president jovan murray says, funeral service was getting underway on friday. foreign dig into trees had to be rushed to safety. demonstrations have repeatedly turned violent since boys was assassinated at his home on july 7th. and the galico ripples even before the funeral of 53 rows. you have no ma, we've got underway. tensions in comp, patient run high protests seeking unanswered questions and angry with the nations ruling class took to the streets many here hoped we since funeral would help men to fractured nation. but instead of unity, that deep suspicion over who killed my we and why we the haitian people are demanding justice for the president. and we are saying that we do not agree to bury the president because they did not arrest the real culprit. we are blocking the
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entire northern department since the death, the president. i have not made any money. i dislike security concerns. dignitaries from across the americans gathered to pay their respects to the former president. a service has got underway. gunshots rang out forcing dignitaries, including those from the us and the un to be rushed to the safety of the vehicles. the assassination of job number, we says, if this for y'all, nation reeling, but on friday, those closest to him paid tribute. visibly shaken, martine luis, still recovering from our injuries after the assassination corporate justice was more dim. will. that's why he's wanting to democratize a sin, how he's fighting for equal opportunities to enter the civil service. the come condemned bull to his haitian brothers. if you cross your arms and just look at the executioners, blood will not cease to flow. today. it is jovan movies to morrow. who will it be? it will be him, it will be, may, it will be our research in the wake of my research fascination on july, the 7th,
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a core group of foreign nations back arial unread to take the reins of haiti's, new prime minister. the international community is pushing through elections, which haven't successfully taken place in more than 4 years with a barely functioning senate and it dissolved parliament that will be an easy task. the launch haitian community here in miami, paying close attention to the unfolding political crisis in haiti. many a shock that my waste was assassinated that more than anything else that deeply concerned about the immediate security of the nation. they left behind the notre dame to haiti church in little haiti, motors gathered to pay their respects to the for the president. like all haitians, those gathered have more questions than answers, but with a nation's future hanging in the balance. thoughts turned to those they left behind having all these rumors and so many questions, none of which were answered, let a lot of people to number one fear for the security of the country as
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a whole. but of course, the fear for the security of their own families who are still in haiti, haiti, sans at a precarious moment, is it lays it slain president, to rest. the investigation to who was behind is this estimation appears no closer to giving haitians the answers they seek, the country tension. we cannot leave in a day and the country that the people in the nation who got into production. i was all sent the fin go for the country. a date for elections has not been set, security and stability for now a more pressing issues in this trouble nation. and the gala corolla, 0, miami, florida, ruskie works in florida of officially ended the search for buddies of the site building that collapse last month. dozens of 55 has been working 12 hour shifts and sleeping at the site in surfside, in miami, at least 97 people have now been confirmed. dead one is alone accounted for 11 on
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the facing. it's was crisis in modern history, unemployment and the currency crush. of decimated living standards and now on top of severe medicine shortages, hospitals are running out to fuel. the economic collapse has led to power cuts that can last up to 20 hours a day, and that's putting lives at risk. so in a call, the reports from beirut, these generators are a lifeline for hospitals in a country where state electricity cuts last most of the day, but they're running low on diesel fuel. lebanon is an economic and political turmoil, and the state is nearly bankrupt. doctors warned the health sector is close to collapse with all the what's going on with the shortages, whether in human resources, whether in medications, whether in supplies, and on top of that now fuel electricity and more of a case is coming in. i'm believable that the hospitals are still able to it's not just hospitals bakeries to say if they don't receive diesel fuel in a few days,
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they will have to close the state electricity company has all but stopped providing power. already the sector was crumbling from years of neglect, but in recent weeks rationing has been severe. we rely on candles. there is no electricity and i can't afford to pay private generator owners. many no longer can afford basic food since the local currency crashed. prices have increased by 50 percent this month alone. the price is very controlled by many factors, including the exchange rates for the dollar. depending on the black market prices for fuel and for diesel. we have market, we have to have electricity, 247. the black market has taken advantage of states subsidies on basic goods including medicine, many of which has been missing for months. many blame this for the crisis board 11 . something. when we stop that, i think they would be out the market was one of the number one and even if they
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were the subsidies, but they would, it's sort of a broad market. merchants have been blamed for hoarding supported goods or smuggling them to neighboring syria or other countries. mama lacey's element, we can't find any med since there is no electricity. food is so expensive. every aspect of life has been affected by the unprecedented economic and financial meltdown. water supply is likely to be affected by the collapse of the power grid. the united nations says water pumping could gradually seize within 4 to 6 weeks. the country is falling apart, its blamed on decades of corruption and mismanagement by a political class still in power. the solution many say requires a government ready to fight just that that who their elders, eda, beirut, your secretary of state and the blanket has discussed
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a potential treat withdrawal with iraq's forum and stuff. well, hussein the potential pull out and combat forces by the end of the year could allow the u. s. military to take on an advisory role. now that would include training and arming rocky forces fighting eiffel president joe biden is due to meet iraqi prime minister must have caught me on monday. a correspondent copy co hain has more from washington iraq. foreign minister came here to the state department to meet with the us secretary of state and they spoke to the media, but they didn't really make any news that's expected to happen on monday when her ex prime minister heads to the white house to meet with us president joe biden, they are expected to announce that they will take all us come at troops out of iraq by the end of this year. but the foreign minister has been telling the press that he still needs the us military to do intelligence and surveillance to do training to fly for air power. air power is in fact combat. and that's pretty much what us troops are doing in iraq right now. and sources in the putting on or say they don't expect that the numbers going to change very much right now. they have 2500 troops
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in you in iraq, but they're not always supporting the mission in iraq. they're also supporting the $900.00 or so troops, us troops that are in syria. so we are respect that mission is going to change very much. this is being seen widely as a political move to try and help the racks. prime minister in the run up to the next election. the law in bosnia has been changed to make it illegal for anyone there to deny the both in genocide, the 1995 massacre of 8000 muslim men and boys in several nature has been declared a genocide by 2 international courts. but some of the names of officials and refuse to accept the designation they can now face up to 5 years in prison. talked to ms. savage has more than sorry. in the recent years we've been witnessing a campaign of open and blatant genocide, denial both by the buzzing sales, but also republic of serbia. that's find the bugs in public. there was
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a push towards international community and it's office of high representative to bring into power a law that incriminate genocide, denial, which is basically what happened today. now there are 2 factors, probably the played an important role in this happening. first of all, there is in the recent years a more strong, a stronger us presence in the region, especially since the navigation of the by the administrator by then who was very involved involved in war in the ninety's when he was a us senator on the other hand, the incumbent, high representative, valentin ensco, is leaving off at the end of this month and in bosnia, this move this, bringing in to power this law is seen as a sort of a legacy move a legacy of his term as the high representative in bosnia for you and decided not to classify the great barrier reef as an endangered heritage sites. this is despite
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evidence shows it's under threat from climate change and coral bleaching. the activist group green pieces condemning the australian governments for lobbying against having it granted the protected status for the wards. a call real scientist i senior lecturer at the university of queensland. she says it's time for the australian government to take climate change. seriously. there's absolutely no doubt the great barrier is under the threat and the the data is there, it's from only a strain, government organizations. it's one of those universities making very clean, very few still beautiful and we can still save it, but we are getting more frequent mess, bleaching events which, which frequently result in large mortality on the rave. we have one quality problem . we're industrialized being the coastline of the great barrier reef, which adds to water quality problems. so if the threats we've lost considerable sections of the great barrier reef. and if we don't take very dramatic
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action on climate change, we will get more and more bleaching events. and the race will not have time to recover. the federal government has an calling record on climate change. not only do we have aspiration to 0 emissions, not actual target, but we government also aggressively chases new fossil fuel development, which i think in the current climate is absolutely unforgivable. so they are seeking new call, mine's new gas developments. and even using funding for renewables to try and fuel. well, the strategy yeah. is a fairly small country population wise. so our missions huge is a global plan. if we consider the emissions of the big coal mine that have proposed and the gas develop them, we can become a much more important player globally. so our government really needs to step up
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and take con, change seriously. also the unesco world heritage committee is meeting in china to discuss a list of nominated sites. peru is trying to get the status for an ancient. so the observatory, the gen kilo observatory was built more than 2300 years ago. west of the and these balancing range is the oldest in the americas, proves already home to 12 hurt his fights. ah, that's all these that's help stories. heavy monsoon rains of triggered floods and land slides in western india killing at least 100 people. the state of her australia, the worst hit at least 30 people are still missing. didn't got it. or i had 3 vehicles. all of them got submerged and flogged water. they are old damage and the furniture inside.


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